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The Adventures of Cindy Lake

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2019

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Please bear with me.

Do you remember those cheap and trashy porn novels that were published by the hundreds in the 1970's and 1980's? I remember how amazed I was when the internet coughed up a treasure trove of those novels early this century. The problem was, many if not all of those novels were pretty bad - not bad as porn, bad as novels. They're short on plot, short on character development, short on intrigue, motivation, psychology, believability or literary value. Don't get me wrong - they're still pretty great!

Years ago I wondered if I couldn't take one of those trashy old novels and rewrite it with a real plot and real characters. I decided to try the idea on one of my favorites: "The Babysitter Takes Dogs"- written under the pen name Ted Leonard and published in the Pet Books series in 1986. That novel follows a young girl, Cindy Lake, of indeterminate age as she slowly and methodically discovers more and more of the joys of sex with dogs. Many of the sex scenes play out while Cindy is babysitting in various households and the book cCindyLakeCoverSmallulminates with Cindy inducting her good friend Linda Simms into the pleasures of canine intercourse. It's a short, fun read. But just like most of the porn novels of that period there's essentially no plot, no character development, no motivation and the descriptions of canine/female sex are very unrealistic and anatomically incorrect. (It was still a fun book!)

The novel you have in front of you: "The Adventures of Cindy Lake," is the result of my attempt at a complete retelling. Most of the basic story events of the the original novel are retained, but here those elements are twisted and interwoven into a much more complicated story. The new novel is much darker than the original. The descriptions of sex with dogs, while clearly silly and fictionalized, are meant to be closer to reality. Not surprisingly, a real novel with plot and characters, good guys and bad guys, love and hate, danger and rescue, is a lot longer than the original - over three times as long. The new novel is just over 90,500 words, or about 260 pages. (The orginal Leonard story was 26,000 words.)

I really hope you enjoy The Adventures of Cindy Lake. Because this novel has quite a few more primary characters than you would normally see in one of my stories, I include, for your convenience, a list of characters.

Now on to the story:

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Dramatis Personae:

Cindy Lake, 12, sexy but doesn't know it, our heroine.
Mr. and Mrs. Lake, Cindy's father and mother.

David Barrett, 18, popular football captain, PE class aide, Jenny's stepbrother
Jenny Barrett, 7, a prodigy, David's stepsister
Randy Barrett, David's father and Jenny's stepfather
Lisa Barrett, Jenny's mother and David's stepmother

Annie Turner, 7, Jenny's best friend
Jim Turner, Annie's father
Suzette Turner, Annie's bimbo stepmother

Laura Jenson, Annie's mother and Jim's ex-wife

Linda Simms, 14, one of Cindy's classmates, a popular girl

Frisky, Laura Jenson's Schipperke
Prince, Jim Turner's Border Collie
Jocko, another Border Collie belonging to a friend of Jim Turner
King, The Barrett family's huge White German Shepherd.
Various other unnamed dogs


Please let me know your thoughts about Cindy's adventures. If you include your contact information I'll try to respond. If the comment form doesn't work you can use the email link below. -Alvo

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