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The Adventures of Cindy Lake

-by Alvo Torelli, 2019

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Chapter Four


Friday, April 14, 8:30 PM, Jim and Suzette Turner's house.

Cindy had no desire to babysit at Annie Turner's again, indeed she was dreading it. Nevertheless, she stood at the front door of the house getting up the courage to ring the doorbell.

All week long Cindy had relived the horrors of what had transpired at the Turner's the previous Friday. She was so ashamed of herself and so afraid that people would find out. But at the same time she longed for the wonderful sexual feelings that her two accidental canine lovers had engendered in her - first cute, demanding little Frisky and then beautiful blued-eyed Prince. Throughout the week, try as hard as she could, she could never achieve the same level of wonderful sexual fulfillment; nothing she tried by herself could come close and she couldn't achieve the orgasms she didn't understand but wanted so badly. Cindy knew that her inability to control her desires was a dangerous thing, especially if she had to spend a long lonely evening with Prince as her only companion. He was so pretty and so dominant! It was a terrible idea to be babysitting Annie again, but her mother had innocently promised her services and she couldn't go back on her mother's promise.

A surprise greeted Cindy's ring at the door: a man instead of the expected Suzette. He introduced himself as Jim Turner, Annie's father. Cindy didn't know why, but she was instantly uncomfortable in his presence. He had a way of looking at her that frightened her, like he was going to do something unexpected or bad at any moment. She grew even more tense as Jim let her into the house and closed the door behind her.

Jim looked over the small girl. She wasn't what he'd expected. Behind her long bangs and heavy glasses he could see that she might be pretty. Her baggy and unfashionable clothing didn't give any clue to her age or body type. Mostly she was just small and looked young. "Are you old enough to be babysitting?" he blurted out rudely.

"Oh, Mr. Turner, uhm, yes sir, I'm twelve."

"Damn, you don't look twelve. You look about ten, yeah, ten at the most."

"No sir, I'm really twelve, I'm just small for my age. And I've had babysitting classes and first aide and everything. Do you want to see my certification card? You can't get one until you pass the class and they won't let you take the class until you're twelve, really."

"No. Keep your card. I believe you." Jim was gruff, bordering on harsh and adding to Cindy's sense that she was being interrogated. "I'm glad you could come on such short notice. But I'm surprised. A pretty girl like you, shouldn't you be out on a date on a Friday night? Don't you have a boyfriend who wants to take you someplace nice?"

Cindy gasped at the inappropriateness of Jim's rude question. She stammered before she could answer. "Oh, uh, no sir. I don't have a boyfriend. I'm only..." She trailed off in confusion and angst.

"What's the matter, you don't like boys? Huh? Maybe you like something else?"

This was terrible. Why was this grown man asking Cindy such forward and personal questions? Did he know something? "Mr. Turner, I, I, please..."

"Oh, never mind. Listen, Annie's already asleep." Jim was hardly lying about that - worried that Annie would get involved with Cindy's adventures he had given Annie a substantial dose of schnapps in some chocolate milk. She'd been giggly and silly for the first time in two days, then she'd gone sound asleep as he had planned. So there's not much for you to do. I've got to get going. I hope you don't mind the dogs, I'll just let them in now."

"Dogs? What!?"

"Yeah, dogs, you know, four legs, lots of fur. You do know what a dog is, right?"

"Oh, oh of course. But, I thought you just had Prince."

"Ah, yeah. Not tonight. I got my friend Jerry's collie Jocko here tonight. He and Prince are a team, brothers in fact, and I got them together to practice."

"Practice? What?" Cindy was honestly puzzled.

"Herding. They work as a team to herd stuff, like sheep, or cows. Hell, they'll herd just about anything when they're together." Jim was looking hard into Cindy's eyes as he said that the dogs would herd anything. She wilted under his gaze, knowing that something bad was happening, but not able to figure out quite what. "But you don't worry your pretty little head about it. They're good boys; they won't give you any trouble - not much anyway."

Cindy started to protest, but couldn't think of anything to say to keep Mr. Turner from opening the kitchen door. He let the two rambunctious dogs in and instantly Prince made a bee-line for Cindy, wagging his tail like mad and running around her. Cindy felt some of her anxiety melt away. Prince was so pretty and friendly and he obviously was very happy to see her. There was no hint of aggression or dominance in his behavior. He leaned against her small frame as she petted him and he licked her hand.

The second dog, Jocko, was another very pretty border collie, almost exactly the same size as Prince. His black and white markings were quite different, but the two dogs were extremely similar. At first he stood off from Cindy, but when he saw her petting Prince he approached her and let her pet his head. He quickly decided she was okay and then he too leaned against her to get more of the pretty little girl's attention.

"Well, I see you won't have any trouble with these two. You know Prince, I guess, and that there's his brother, Jocko. Looks like they think you're okay. So I'll be going now. People are waiting for me."

"Oh, okay, Mr. Turner. Um, have a nice evening."

Jim Turner grabbed his coat and keys and headed out to the garage. Cindy heard the garage door open and then a few moments later it closed again. She was alone.

She was alone with two beautiful and friendly dogs. For hours. As the silence in the house settled in on her and she petted the two dogs, her anxiety quickly returned, along with another feeling she recognized but couldn't understand. Desire. But Cindy did her best to pull herself together. She could get through this, she just had to be strong. The first thing to do was to go check on Annie, make sure she was really asleep. Then she could figure out how to survive her long evening without giving in to the strong emotions and desires running through her mind. Cindy headed for Annie's room, carefully closing the two dogs into the kitchen.

Annie really was sound asleep, Cindy even shook her lightly to make sure. It seemed odd that she was so out of it. Cindy wished that she would wake up and talk to her - it would give her something to do, to distract her from her other thoughts. She sat on the edge of Annie's bed and looked down at the sleeping little girl. She steeled herself, promising herself that she wasn't ever going to let a dog do any of those nasty things to her again, no matter how good it felt or how much she wanted it. She thought about Prince and his beautiful blue eyes that looked so much like David's eyes. Her pussy twitched as she remembered what Prince could do with his wonderful long tongue. But that was bad, she mustn't do that ever again! She was going to be good, a perfect young lady, from now on. Someday she'd get to have a boyfriend and maybe she'd let him kiss her, but that was all. No way was she ever doing those really nasty things with a dog or a boy, not ever.

Cindy couldn't just sit in Annie's room all night. She had to go out and face the dogs. She could hear them whining and barking to be let out of the kitchen. Reluctantly, but with a strong grip on her emotions, Cindy left Annie and returned to let the dogs out into the living room.

Friday, April 14, 8:45 PM, Randy and Lisa Barrett's house.

"I don't get it, Jenny. Why does x mean dollars? I thought x was days." David Barrett sat cross-legged on the living room floor at the coffee table. His math book and scratch paper littered the table. His seven-year-old step-sister, Jenny, sat on the couch looking down on his work.

"That was the last problem dumb-ass. Concentrate. I've explained this over and over. Every time you have a new problem you have to let x be something new. This problem is about figuring out how much money you have to put in the bank now so that you'll have a hundred dollars later, so x is money. It's always the thing you don't know." Jenny was trying as hard as she could to help her big stepbrother, but he could be so frustrating.

"But that doesn't make any sense. If I put a hundred dollars in the bank then I'll still have a hundred later. Why isn't the answer just a hundred?"

"Aaargh. You are so infuriating. You want to have exactly a hundred dollars later, not more. It's about how much interest you earn on your money - you know, interest, you've heard of that, right?" Jenny was turning red with frustration. Her cute little face was ruined by a horrible scowl and an angry wrinkled brow.

David looked up at his small sister and smiled mischievously. "Gotcha! Dumb-butt. Ha! I already know the answer, it's ninety-six dollars, see?"

"What? Oh, you big moron. Ooh!" Jenny punched her brother in the arm. "Okay, you got me."

"Sorry, Jenny, I couldn't resist. You're such a good math helper. I think I really get this stuff now. I'm sure I'm gonna pass that stupid test on Monday."

"Well, you'd better, I've spent enough time helping you with your homework. And I have homework of my own you know!" Jenny pouted, sensing that her time with David was probably going to come to a close now that he didn't need her to help him with his math.

"Yeah, right, second graders have lots of homework. You are such a liar." David smiled at his pretty seven-year-old sister again. "So, what do you want to do now, watch some TV or a video?"

"Don't you have a hot date with some girl, dodo brain?" Jenny got her hopes up that David was really going to spend some more time with her.

"Nah, I didn't feel like it."

"But you always have dates on Friday and Saturday. What's going on?" Jenny was truly puzzled.

"Oh, I don't know Jenny. Lately it's just, like, well, I just don't think the girls that go out with me really like me all that much. I mean, it's like they want to be with the big quarterback, not me. Does that make sense? Christ, why am I asking you? You're only seven."

"Hey bird-brain, I may be seven but I can kick your butt and you know it. Besides, who taught you all your math and kept you from flunking biology? And I think maybe it does make sense, those girls wanting the quarterback, the team captain, 'cause they think it'll make them cool and popular. Even in the second grade everyone wants to be cool, remember?"

"Yeah, I guess it's natural. But I don't like it. I mean, I like the sex and all, but I want a girl to like me for who I am. Oh crap, I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry." David was totally flustered and he blushed right up to his ears as he tried to apologize to his little stepsister for mentioning sex.

"Oh grow up, David," Jenny slugged her brother in the arm again. I'm not a baby. I know you do stuff like that with those girls. Most of them are such airheads, what else would you do with them?"

"Really? Damn."

"David?" Jenny was suddenly very serious.

"Yeah, what?" David was wary of the tone in Jenny's voice.

"Um, well, when you do that with those girls, you know, do it, um, ah, what's it like?" Jenny was stammering over her words. It wasn't like the little girl who was usually the most confident person David knew. "Do you kiss them? What's it like when you kiss them? Do they like it? What else do you do?"

"Jesus, Jenny, that's kind of personal. And you are way too young to be asking questions like that. God. I am not having this conversation with you. If your going to ask questions like that, I'm outta here."

"No, no, David, please. I'm sorry. Stay here, we can do something fun. Do you want to watch something? Please, please, please?" Jenny put on her cutest little girl face and pleaded with her big brother to spend more time with her.

"Okay, okay, let's watch something. What do you want to watch?"

"Yeah! Let's watch Xena!"

"Xena? God, Jenny, that show's so corny." David moved up onto the couch to sit beside Jenny and put his arm around her for some quality television time.

"I know, it's dumber than dumb. But Gabrielle is soooo cute."


Friday, April 14, 9:10 PM, Jim and Suzette Turner's house.

Prince and Jocko bounded into the living room and immediately raced around, checking out the situation. They were both excited to find themselves alone with pretty little Cindy. Prince quickly approached Cindy, but this time he reared up to plant his paws on her short shoulders. "No Prince, no! OH!" Prince licked her face before Cindy could push him away. Then she felt Jocko's wet nose pushing along her inner calf as he tried to get his head up under her long skirt from behind. Cindy whirled around to get away from him, but Prince reared up and grabbed her around the waist, trying to hump her. Cindy twisted out of his grip and stumbled backwards, only to be lunged at from another direction by Jocko.

Cindy realized that the dogs were herding her, like a sheep. Suddenly both dogs were also growling and nipping at her and she immediately understood that she was no match for the two of them together. A thrill of panic and excitement spread through her body and her sex box throbbed with unwanted anticipation. Oh my god, she though, I can't stop them. They can force me to do what they want! Oh god!

Prince lunged at Cindy. She whirled and tripped, falling to the carpeted floor in front of the couch. Jocko nipped near her face and she threw her arms up to protect herself, scared out of her wits. Prince's cold nose was under her skirt and he slobbered on her panties and whined frustratingly. He licked and licked at the cotton cloth separating him from the wonderful smell of Cindy's now-oozing little pussy. Cindy tried to push him away with her knees, desperate to get her legs closed so he couldn't get at her, but Prince nipped at her painfully and then slathered her undies again. All the while Jocko was alternately growling and trying to lick Cindy on her face, her neck or her chest as she tried to fend him off with her arms.

Licking at the little girl-bitch's panties was too frustrating! Prince pulled his head out and barked out his demand for her to rid herself of the offending garment. Jocko backed off for a moment and then joined in, barking noisily.

Cindy knew exactly what the terrible dogs wanted. How could they be forcing her to do this? Not again, no! She quickly climbed back to her feet. But the thrill of submitting to the two demanding beasts was calling to her, taking over her young brain and body. She tried to resist the insistent commands. "Hush, hush, please, you'll wake up Annie. Please Prince, hush," Cindy admonished the dogs. And Prince did stop barking, with Jocko quickly following his lead. But Cindy stood there trembling, staring fixedly into Prince's perfect blue eyes - the eyes that could be David's eyes. They were commanding her. David was commanding her. The breath caught in Cindy's throat and she shuddered violently as she slowly unzipped her long skirt and let it drop to the floor. She gently placed her fingers into the waistband of her panties. What was she doing? Why was she so terrified and excited? Why wouldn't David let her go? Why did he look at her like that? No, not David, Prince. Her underpants were slowly pushed down her hips and thighs and then dropped to the floor with her skirt. She pulled her bulky sweater over her head and discarded it, then did the same with her simple blouse. Cindy stood trembling and completely naked in front of her pair of beastly lovers.

Prince and Jocko lunged at the naked girl simultaneously. She stumbled back and fell to the floor again, her back against the couch. Both dogs pushed their heads between her legs and began to lick at the luscious smells calling to them. Cindy was instantly overcome from two long rough dog tongues bathing her inner thighs, her ass cheeks and then her vulva and her clit. "Oh, oh god, oh, oh," she moaned as she spread her legs wide for the two canine tongues. Within moments she was writhing. She reached out to her sides to grab the couch cushions, pressing her heels into the carpet so that she could lift her ass off of the floor and give the dogs better access to her pussy and ass.

Prince had been waiting all week, impatiently, for his little girl-bitch to come back and submit to his will and his cock again. He was so excited and ready, his cock was fully distended from its little sheath and demanded to be forced inside the bitch at once. Prince knew what to do. He reared up and put his forepaws on the couch one on each side of Cindy's pretty little head. He straddled her body and began frantically thrusting at Cindy, striking her repeatedly in the chest and neck, squirting warm precum on her milky white chest to run down onto her small breasts. But he wasn't managing to mount her! He growled his demands. GRRR! Now bitch, now, take me, GRRRRR!

Cindy suddenly found herself with Prince's chest in her face and his throbbing cock poking at her chest. She knew what he wanted. She heard him demanding her to serve him. The thrill of being dominated ran down her spine and burst out through her love box, just as Jocko redoubled his efforts at roughing up her tiny clit. "Oh god, Prince, yes, yes!" Submitting to the beast was heavenly and even as Cindy slid down farther to position her face at the right height, an orgasm spread through her pussy like fire, a fire stoked stronger by Jocko's demanding tongue.

"Here Prince, here my love, oh, oh, MMPPHHHH." Cindy's lips surrounded the wildly jerking rod of red meat and sucked it in, allowing the wonderful cock to slide along her tongue and down her throat. She reached behind Prince with both hands and held him to her, helping him thrust into her young mouth. She kept her lips tight around the shaft, doing everything she could to maximize the feeling along every inch of her lover's doggy penis. With every thrust of the dogs loins another squirt of pre-ejaculate filled her mouth and seared down her throat. With every thrust the cock grew thicker and filled more of her pretty little mouth. And all the while her orgasm continued unabated. She shivered from head to toe, submitting totally to her lovers' demanding needs.

It didn't take long for Prince's cock to become engorged with blood. He was in heaven as his little girl-bitch sucked his large pecker and let him frantically fuck her cute face. Soon the racquet ball sized knot swelled up inside Cindy's mouth, nearly choking the tiny girl. She knew her lover was going to fill her with his disgusting hot sperm. But Prince pulled his huge cock from her mouth at the last moment and the vast load of semen coated her face and lodged in her hair. Blast after blast of the hot nasty fluid jetted out onto her head and body.

Something completely new had taken over Cindy's mind and body. Jocko's incredible tongue was driving her insane and her orgasm was getting stronger, but serving the demanding Prince was just as much a part of the intensity of her emotions. Cindy opened her mouth wide and greedily drew Prince's engorged muscle back into her mouth, sucking at it to taste and swallow as much of his salty seed as she could. She was rewarded with a whine of pleasure from the black and white beast, sending a surge of adrenaline through her small body. Prince barked and thrust hard at her face as he milked every dram of his seed into her little girl-bitch mouth.

Prince finally pulled his cock from Cindy's mouth and dismounted her, but Cindy had no chance to try to deal with all the cum coating her face and body. Prince was instantly replaced by Jocko. He growled and nipped at her ear. Cindy's submission to the canines was far from over. She had no choice but to guide Jocko's swollen prick into her mouth. He was smaller than her Prince, but only slightly and he was even more desperate and violent than Prince, pounding his cock into her mouth as hard as he could. A few moments into her second face-rape, Cindy could feel Prince back at her vulva, licking at her with long, lazy swipes that were easily sufficient to keep the wonderful torment of her orgasm going strong.

In fact, the orgasm was beginning to be more than the poor girl could stand. The feelings were too intense. The dogs had controlled her, tortured her, for far too long now. Ecstasy gave way to an odd kind of misery. She wanted to scream "no, no, stop, it's too much, please!" But her mouth was completely filled with hot dog cock. Jocko's burning long red meat kept slamming into her mouth and squirting precum down her throat. Cindy became desperate. The feelings from her pulsating pussy, her ravaged mouth and her overwrought brain overwhelmed her. She wanted to please her new masters, but she was drowning physically and mentally. Her pleasure had become a torture, unbearable.

When Jocko's knot finally swelled up and he unloaded his steaming dog-jism into Cindy's mouth she truly thought she would drown. She frantically pushed him away, only to receive several more huge squirts of warm liquid on her face and her small, jiggling tits.

The intensity of feeling that crashed outwards from Cindy's overly stimulated, inexperienced cunny continued unabated. It had become completely intolerable and she nearly screamed out, "no, no, please stop, please, please, oh god, please, I can't take it, oh god, PLEASE!"

Friday, April 14, 10:00 PM, Big Jo's Bar and Grill.

"Why does he keep pacing like that?" Randy Barrett spoke to Suzette Turner over his drink. "Hey Jim, what the fuck is up with you tonight?"

Jim broke out of his thoughts and returned to the reality of the bar. "Nothing man, sorry, I just got a lot on my mind. You about done honey? I think we ought to head home pretty quick. I'm not sure about that babysitter of yours."

Suzette looked down into her drink at the mention of Cindy. She was still shocked over her treatment at Jim's hands when he found out she'd used Cindy's services the week before, even though she got excited when she remembered the intense experience and the brutal spanking. Even now, she could barely sit down. But she'd been even more shocked when Jim suddenly announced that he was going to hire Cindy again, tonight, and told her to meet him at the bar at nine. "Gee, Jim, I really want another drink first. Can't we stay a little bit longer?"

"Yeah, man, have another drink. What's your hurry?" Randy enjoyed looking at Jim Turner's pretty wife, especially in the hot get-up she was wearing.

"One more, then we go home." Jim was torn. He desperately wanted to get home to see if his plan had worked. Would he have any evidence on his hidden video cameras? Surely the little girl had had enough time, if she was going to do anything nasty with his boys. But he should be patient, maybe she wasn't done yet. He'd let Suzette get a little drunker before he took her home, then she wouldn't be a problem when he was checking the camera footage.

Friday, April 14, 10:15 PM, Jim and Suzette Turner's house.

"Oh god, please, please, stop. Please Prince, no more, I can't take it. Oh god, oohhhh." Cindy was desperate. Her incessant orgasm from the dogs' incredible tongues was too much. It was torture.

But the dogs were far from done with their new girl-bitch. Prince continued to lick at the desperate girl's cunny and Jocko licked the jism from her chest, his strong tongue ravaging Cindy's tender, sensitive nipples and adding intolerably to the tortuous orgasm that was driving her insane from its never ending intensity. Cindy had to make it stop! She was weak, but desperate. Using all the strength she could find, she lashed out, pushing Jocko away. She twisted her body wildly, driving Prince away from her poor tortured pussy. Finally, finally, nothing was stimulating her. A wave of relief came over her as the orgasm began to subside.

But the angry dogs were on her at once, first one and then other, lunging at her from everywhere and trying to climb onto her. It was frightening all over again. What did they want? She had serviced both of them; she had disgraced herself for their pleasure. Couldn't they leave her alone? Cindy whirled one way and then another as she felt one or the other of the dogs trying to get a hold of her or snap at her face or shoulders. Cindy could barely keep track of where the two dogs were, they were so fast. She scrambled this way and that.

Cindy rolled to her knees, trying desperately to get up and run from the dogs. But Prince was on her in a flash, he wrapped his strong forearms around his bitch's young waist and held her in the proper position. Cindy felt something wet stabbing at her pussy and she realized what was happening. The dogs were vying to see which one could put his cock into her pussy! Oh god, no, not that! That would be the worst thing of all. Cindy nearly screamed and she twisted her body wildly to get away from Prince.

It seemed like there must be six or seven dogs, not just two. They were everywhere. She fought them off with everything she had, but one or the other of them always seemed to be able to grab her from behind and poke at her pussy with his hot cock. Cindy struggled and battled, but she tired rapidly and the dogs seemed to have an endless supply of energy. And frighteningly, they got more and more aggressive as their frustration with the girl-bitch grew. Growls turned to nasty snarls and Cindy had more than one angry welt from a nip that found its mark. She grew more terrified by the second.

Oh my god, oh my god, they're going to win. They're going to put their things inside me! Oh god, no, please. Cindy prayed for help even as she realized she was going to have to give in. Would it hurt? Would it be as horrible as she was so certain it would be? She didn't want to have a doggy baby! How could this be happening to her? But even the extreme fear associated to these questions couldn't mask the surge of excitement that raced up Cindy's spine at the thought that she was helpless in the face of the canine onslaught, that she was going to have to submit to their depraved desires.

Cindy was too exhausted. Prince got a firm grip on her from behind and he pulled at her hips savagely. Cindy wanted to twist away one more time, but Jocko was right in her face, snarling. Her arms gave out and her shoulders fell to the floor, smashing the right side of her face into the carpet. She felt Prince thrusting wildly at her from behind. His hot precum was coating her snatch and ass, dribbling down her legs. Cindy tried once more to push up and get away, but Jocko snapped at her and she buried her face in her arms for protection. Every muscle in Cindy's body tensed in anticipation.

Prince thrust wildly at Cindy. He had her on her knees, but she was too tall and she kept weakly wriggling to get away from him. He growled deeply to demand her obedience and he sensed her fear, mixed with her desire to submit to him and let him mount her. Still she struggled, complicating his efforts to find her pussy. But the real problem was one of size. As small as the little girl-bitch was, her mating hole was too high. With instinct and unbelievable arousal pressing him on, Prince tried to climb higher behind her, scratching her legs and digging into her waist for a better grip. He howled his frustration when he felt his engorged cock briefly make contact with her wet hole - only to fall sideways off of Cindy's back and roll over on the floor.

Before Prince had a second chance to mount Cindy, Jocko was on her. Like Prince, he clutched her in a vice-like grip and tried to scramble up her legs to get his raging boner into her cunt. He managed to get an awkward purchase, standing painfully on the calves of her legs, stretching upwards on the tips of his paws. Jocko' thick red cock stabbed desperately at the pretty little bitch and he howled.

No, no, Cindy thought. She was almost out of energy. She tried to move and Prince nipped her painfully on the back. Then she felt Jocko's slick cock rubbing at her. It was rubbing through her pussy lips and then up through the crack of her ass, rapidly pumping up and down. Oh god! If he got it just a little bit lower it would go in her love hole. She wanted to scream. Help! Help!

Jocko couldn't get his dick inside the small girl-bitch no matter how hard he tried. But rubbing it against her vulva and anus felt wonderful anyway. It was warm and wet and the bitch was quivering with fear and excitement under his dominance. It was almost as good as raping her. He kept at her, frantically trying to enter her, but never getting the right position. His knot swelled as he rubbed it again and again through her pussy lips and then his dog-cum erupted outwards, arching up over her ass and coating her back. More and more of the hot semen squirted onto her back and ass, trickling down quickly over her sides. Jocko barked loudly as he emptied his balls over several seconds. Finally, finished with her, he dismounted.

Cindy sagged even farther. She knew the dog had spewed his seed all over her and her humiliation and submission seemed total. But at least the awful dog hadn't managed to put his penis inside of her. She was still a virgin. She had given herself to the dogs, willingly at first, but she hadn't let them commit the ultimate sin.

Cindy was so exhausted. Her ordeal must be over. But suddenly Prince nipped at her inner thigh. She flinched and screamed and drew her leg away from the painful bite. Prince nipped at the other thigh. "Owww!" Cindy yelled, not realizing what the smart dog was doing.

Then Prince mounted his girl-bitch again. Her ordeal wasn't over at all. He had forced her to spread her knees much farther apart, lowering her sopping twat to the perfect height. The clever dog grabbed her around the waist and forced her to bear his weight. She tried feebly to struggle away from him, but Jocko growled and nipped at her, forcing her to stay still. Prince thrust at her and felt supreme satisfaction as the tip of his throbbing penis pushed in past her outer pussy lips, finding the wet inner perfection. Finally he had her! She was his bitch. He was her master and he was going to have the ultimate satisfaction of her complete domination!

Oh god, this is it. He's going to do it. He's going to put his cock in my pussy! Cindy's panicked mind raced with all the horrible consequences of being dog-raped. She was convinced that she would get a baby from the terrible defilement. And she knew that once they had raped her her life would never be the same. Everyone would be able to tell. Everyone would know what she had done! But once again she felt an exhilarating sensation of anticipation course through her spine and into her pussy. She was completely at the dog's mercy. She had no control, no will of her own. She could only do what the terrible beasts wanted her to do! Oh god, oh god, here it comes! Terror, anticipation and excitement crashed over her in equal parts. She felt the tip of Prince's pulsating frenzied cock find the mark and just barely enter her pussy. The next few stabs missed her twat but then he entered her again, just parting her young nether lips. She knew it was inevitable now. She tensed her entire body for the moment that would change everything.

Suddenly the two dogs jumped away from Cindy and ran for the kitchen. Startled, and no longer clutched in Prince's powerful grip, Cindy collapsed onto the soft carpet. Her confused and stressed mind barely registered a sound from far off. It was the sound of the garage door opening. The Turners were home!

Read on for Chapter Five.


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