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The Adventures of Cindy Lake

-by Alvo Torelli, 2019

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Chapter Seven


Saturday, April 22, 9:15 AM, Cindy Lake's house.

Cindy woke up slowly, groggily coming to her senses. What a terrible and frightening dream she'd had! The worst of all the horrifying dreams she'd been having for the past week. She was so stiff and tired. As she rolled over to bury her head back in her pillow and escape back into sleep, she realized just how terribly sore all of her muscles and joints were, especially her hips and pelvis. The sheets running across her skin alerted her to the fact that she had gone to bed nude, which was very odd. In fact she couldn't remember going to bed at all. And there was something stuck to her thighs like thin dried paint.

Oh god! Cindy came fully awake as the horrible truth crashed over her. It wasn't a dream! She really had gone to the Barrett's to babysit. She really had done terrible and illegal things with little Jenny Barrett. And she really had been raped by Jenny's huge dog, King! She could see King in her mind as clearly as if he was standing in the room with her - his hard black eyes and long muzzle, his huge rough tongue and even more enormous cock, his strong muscles rippling under his beautiful white fur. Panic took over Cindy's mind and body as all of the momentous details of her night at the Barrett's crashed back into her memory. Oh god, she'd been raped, by a dog. She was probably pregnant! And the things she had done with Jenny - oh god!

Cindy had to get out of bed, immediately. The thought that she had dried dog-cum coating her thighs was too awful to contemplate. She had to get it off! She threw her covers back and leapt out of bed, then groaned from her sore muscles. Some of her memory was jogged by the pile of her clothes, left carelessly when she'd crawled into bed and cried herself to sleep.

Walking felt strange and painful, as if her legs were too wide for her body, but she hobbled to her bathroom and turned on the shower. As soon as the water was warm enough she plunged in, lathering her body over and over to rid herself of the odious cum on her skin. Tears streamed down Cindy's face as she stood under the stinging hot water, unable to keep from reliving the nightmare of her time at the Barrett's over and over. She saw Jenny's pretty little face. She felt Jenny's kisses on her lips. With each renewed detail of her painful ordeal, Cindy became more and more aroused. She relived the terrifying, yet also delicious feeling of helplessness as King gripped her waist with his strong paws and held her down with his weight, forcing her to submit to his depraved desires. He was so strong, so beautiful, so demanding! Electric thrills went up and down Cindy's spine and her pussy was on fire! She used the soap to lather herself yet again, running her fingers through her abused cunt and teasing her small clit, trying desperately to attain the release of another orgasm. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about kissing Jenny and lapping her tiny bald pussy. She couldn't help moaning as she could almost feel the amazing torment of King's huge cock pounding deeper and deeper inside of her.

But no matter how hard she tried, Cindy's efforts to find the release her body craved were in vain. Fearful that her hot water would run out she was forced abandon the shower, immensely frustrated and unfulfilled.

Toweled dry and with her hair brushed out in front of her mirror, Cindy started to calm down, but her head was still spinning. She pulled on baggy clothes and prepared to go downstairs to face her family, wondering if they would be able to tell that she was no longer a virgin. Did she look different? The girl looking back at Cindy from the mirror looked very different to her, but then Cindy knew so many terrible things about her. Would her mother be able to tell? And what about pregnancy? Could she really be pregnant from the doggy? The question nearly made her faint and her heart raced uncontrollably in her chest. She had to get control of herself before she went down to breakfast.

Just as Cindy stopped shaking enough to leave her room, she heard the sharp ping of an incoming email on her laptop. She clicked on the message, not recognizing the address.

"Dear Cindy - Good morning, sweetheart. Sleep well? Are you ready for the police to come knocking at your door? Any minute now they may be coming for you!"

What? Cindy blanched. The police? Oh my god! She read on in the unexpected email.

"What do you think the police will do with a little girl who does so many terrible, disgusting and illegal things? So many charges, Cindy: child endangerment, child molesting, bestiality. My, my Cindy, you really are in a pickle. They're going to lock you away for a very long time. We wonder what they do with girls like you in prison? And what will your parents think? What will your parents do when everyone knows what you did? Oh my."

Cindy was shaking from head to foot as she read the horrible email. Who could it be? Why were they being so terrible?

"But maybe we won't send the police; we haven't decided yet. Maybe you'll just have to do something for us instead. Maybe we just need a little time to figure out exactly what you can do to make up for all the bad things you've done, something to keep us from telling the whole world. Don't try to hide or run away, Cindy, we know where you are - always! We'll contact you again in a few days, or maybe we'll send the police. One or the other, we just haven't decided. And just so you know how serious we are, Cindy dear, here's a little sample of what we have on you. Enjoy the pictures, sweetheart; we know we did."

Cindy could barely control the trackpad of her computer to click on the attachments to the email. Oh my god!! The first picture showed Cindy with her legs spread as Prince shoved his tongue deep into her pussy. The look on her face made it clear that she was in heaven. In the second picture Prince's cock was buried in Cindy's mouth. The third and fourth pictures revealed a different kind of terrible behavior, Cindy and Jenny kissing, passionately, and then worse, Cindy's tongue buried deep in Jenny's pussy. Cindy knew what the final pictures would reveal before she even clicked on them: King licking Cindy to a massive orgasm and two striking pictures of Cindy being raped by the enormous dog.

Cindy sank to the floor, shivering, and curled into a ball. Oh god, what was she going to do? The police! Her parents would be so angry, disappointed and humiliated. She might have to go to jail! What do they do with twelve year old girls who have to go to jail?

Eventually Cindy managed to pull herself together enough to stand, barely. It took all of her will to keep herself moving and head down to the kitchen. She still walked with an awkward gait and every step was painful. It was particularly hard to keep from trembling and she was so afraid her parents would notice. Cindy was shocked when her mother seemed to notice something completely different.

"Oh Cindy, look at you!" Amber Lake cocked her head to one side, sizing up her young daughter with a confused look, "you look so, so, I don't know. You just seem different. Oh Cindy, you're not interested in some boy are you? Oh my, my little girl is getting so grown up."

Cindy turned bright red and her mind raced. Her mother could tell! But she didn't have time to deal with the idea that her mother had an inkling of her new condition. There was a loud knock at the door and Cindy screamed, "Aaagghh!" It was the police! It was the police! OH NO!

Thankfully, it was only a delivery.

Thursday April 27, 11:00 AM, Harding Middle School

Each passing day was a nightmare for Cindy Lake, and Thursday was no exception. Her muscle aches had subsided, but she was still a nervous wreck. Every time the door bell rang or the phone rang her heart leapt into her throat at the thought that the police had finally come for her. To make matters worse the rumor mill at school was in overdrive. Somehow everyone knew for certain that the girl who had been doing nasty things with dogs had upped the ante and actually let a dog fuck her. All of the girls talked about it constantly, making up all kinds of terrible stories and pretending they knew who the real girl was. The rumor's claimed that it was a sixth grader - Cindy's class, and this extra piece of information felt like a collar slowly tightening around Cindy's pretty neck. Cindy did her best to contribute to the gossip, like anyone else, lest she be singled out as a likely suspect. But it was hard for her. Every new fact or supposition she heard held a potential terror to add to her confusion and anxiety.

"Oh my god, you'll never believe what I overheard Jackson Randolph and his friends talking about on the bus!" Linda Simms was surrounded by a group of girls in the hallway, and Cindy listened in from the side, trying to hide behind the door of her locker. "You know Jackson's a junior and his daddy's a detective, a cop, so I'm certain it was all true!" Linda continued.

Cindy was only half listening to Linda's newest story. Her mind was on the fact that she was probably going to see David Barrett later, in gym class. Despite everything that had happened to her, she couldn't stop thinking about David. She also frequently thought about David's little sister, Jenny. The pair kept invading her daydreams and her nightmares, no matter what she did. In her nightmares, David, Prince, Jenny and King would change one to another, always demanding her to do things, but usually abandoning her at the wrong moment, frustrating and humiliating her. But Cindy's body and mind just ached for the older boy and knowing that she would see him at her P.E. class was a torment on top of everything else. Would he notice her? Would he talk to her? Something in Linda's prattling conversation pulled Cindy back to reality.

"So, if the girl gets caught, by the police, then she'll get sent to juvey. And the sentence is really long, like nine months or maybe even a year and she won't get to see any of her friends or her family because they keep her in solitary confinement, not that any of them would probably want to see her, ha! But that's not the worst part."

"Oh! What could be worse than a year in juvey?" Alexia was totally into Linda's story.

"Well, here's what Jackson said. He said that there's a special wing of juvey that's built right next to the police department's dog kennel." Linda lowered her voice to a whisper and all the other girls, including Cindy, leaned in close to hear. "And when they have a girl who's been, well, you know, with a dog, then they put her in a special cell that has a secret passage to the dog kennels." Linda paused dramatically and looked all around her fascinated audience. "You see, every night the girl has to do it, with a different police dog! That's how they keep the dogs happy."

"Oh god! No!" Cindy lost her composure for a moment as she reacted violently to Linda's awful revelation. Several other girls expressed similar sentiments, or just blurted out "ewwww", but only Cindy screamed out loud and all the girls turned to give her a moment of hard, suspicious looks.

"But Linda, wouldn't the girl get pregnant if they did that? What would they do then?" Alexia suddenly blurted out. Like Cindy, she seemed to believe Linda's story word for word.

Cindy flashed on her own sickening horror at possibly already carrying King's unwanted progeny. Without thinking she let slip her deepest fears. "Oh god, wouldn't that be awful, getting pregnant from a dog?"

Linda Simms paused and looked from Alicia to Cindy and back again and she burst out giggling. "Oh my god, you two, how stupid can you be? You can't get pregnant from a dog." She laughed uproariously and many of the girls joined in, although half of them didn't really get the joke. "And besides - it's all a joke. There's no special cell next to the dog kennels. Jesus, what a couple of idiots."

Alexia and Cindy both blushed deeply and Alexia mumbled something about knowing it all along, claiming she was just playing along. Linda gave Alexia the cold shoulder, but for Cindy she had a parting comment. "You really are such a freak, Cindy. Maybe you're the girl? No, a little baby like you wouldn't have the guts. But I'm sure you wish you were the girl, don't you?" Linda laughed again and was joined by most of the other girls. Even Alexia nervously joined in the laughter.

Cindy was horrified. The gang of girls had come so close to learning the truth about her.

The bell finally rang and Cindy didn't hear much of the rest of the conversation as the gaggle of young girls moved on towards their next classes. She trailed them in a fog, trying to keep from shaking. She failed to notice the pointed looks Linda Simms gave her as Linda walked away down the hall. Cindy had been so sure that Linda's awful story was true, that they were going to lock her away and make her have sex with a different dog every day! And unlike the other girls, she really knew what that meant. Every cruel moment of her rape ran through her brain - and humiliatingly it made her little cunt spasm and get moist. But the story about the police dogs wasn't true. And she wasn't pregnant - at least according to Linda, she couldn't be. She quivered with relief and horror at the same time as she walked aimlessly down a now empty hallway.

Someone stepped out of a dark alcove directly into Cindy's path and she stumbled into him, nearly knocking her glasses off of her face.

"Hi there, I was hoping I'd see you."

Cindy came back to the real world with a start, fumbling with her glasses. In her fog of worry she hadn't watched where she was going and now she was looking up into the beautiful light blue eyes of David Barrett. David Barrett! Her heart leapt in her throat and a dizzying wave of deja vu enveloped her. She stood directly in front of him, almost touching him, and the wonderful scent of his body filled her nostrils and sent a thrill through her body.

"You're that babysitter girl, right?"

David managed to move even closer to Cindy. She knew she was going to faint. The bulging muscles of David's arms and chest rippled under his tight t-shirt, just in front of her face. He was so close she had to lean back to look up into his face. "Uhm, uh, yes?" Cindy managed to barely whisper her reply.

"Yeah, hi."

"Oh, uhm, hi."

"I just, you know, wanted to talk to you. I see you in your gym class all the time, but, like, I can't talk to you there."

"No, no, you can't, oh, uh, but..."

"Its just that, well, you know, I think you're kind of cute. I mean, I know you probably never even noticed me, 'cause I go to Jefferson and you go to Harding and well, like, you know, I'm kind of older than you. But, I don't know, I just thought if I told you, that..."

"Oh, oh god. I've noticed you. Really, I have. I think, I think, I, I..." Cindy's tongue felt like it had knots on top of knots.

"Wow, really, that's cool. 'Cause I like, sort of think you're cute, you know, you're ah, well, you're hot."

"Oh! I, I, oh god." Cindy could barely breath up against the tall boy who looked down into her eyes and gave her a dazzling smile.

"So, like, I was just wondering if, uh, maybe you'd like to ditch class and hang out with me. We could like, talk or something."

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. He wanted to hang out with her? "Oh, oh, uh, um, sure. Ah, sure, but, won't they miss us, I mean how....?" Cindy couldn't believe she was going to ditch a class. She never missed class.

"Oh, it's cool. I skip class all the time over at Jefferson. Anyways, 'cause like I'm the quarterback, they don't ever do nothing. What's the matter, don't you want to have some fun? Are you afraid to ditch class? "

"Oh, no, no, I don't know, I want, but, oh...."

David leaned his six-foot frame down and kissed Cindy, right on the lips, with one hand behind her neck to support her head and another placed just beside her small right breast. He lingered for a few seconds, long enough to send a shock through every pore in Cindy's body - a powerful jolt that bounced around her anatomy and settled squarely in her tight pussy, leaving her trembling. Then he pulled back and looked down into Cindy's eyes and her body felt like it would melt.

"Wow, babysitter, you really know how to kiss." He gently took her glasses from her face and Cindy blinked in surprise. She was almost faint and David slipped his arm behind her back to support her small body. His strong arms encircled her and she drew in a deep breath of his musky odor. "Damn, babysitter, you're sexy for a little girl. I had no idea."

"OH!" Cindy gasped as David slipped his hand lower and gripped her ass through her thick dress. He kissed her deeply, his tongue parting her lips and exploring her mouth. He lightly bit Cindy's lower lip, pulling the red flesh out and letting it snap back.

Cindy's back arched as David spoke in a whisper punctuated by small kisses that started at her ear and slowly marched down her neck, across her throat and back up the other side. "Oh, babysitter, I had, no idea, a little girl, could be, this hot. Damn it, I, want you, so bad!"

A stinging thrill exploded through Cindy's body. David wanted her! And she was just a little girl. He was the older one, he knew what to do, he would show her! All of Cindy's terrible fears and anxieties receded away. The whole world disappeared. There was just David, kissing her, holding her, wanting her.

David kissed her on the mouth and Cindy kissed him back with everything she had. Their tongues entwined and David crushed her petite frame against his strong chest. Cindy's arms went around David's thick neck and he held her effortlessly, carrying her fragile body somewhere. Cindy came up for a quick breath of air and realized that David was carrying her into the boiler room - where she'd never been before. It was absolutely off limits to students. But she went back to kissing David as he carried her deeper into the forbidden room.

Cindy found herself lying on a bench and David's large hands explored her body as he continued to kiss her intensely. She would have moaned with unexpected pleasure as he traced his hands along the contours of her small breasts, but her mouth was too busy kissing him. Cindy gasped as David's mouth left hers and her heavy sweater was lifted over her head. Her blouse was quickly unbuttoned, revealing her perfect breasts to David's appreciative gaze, before it too was pulled off. When David went back to kissing her, her back was pressed down into the cold metal bench and she squirmed with pleasure at the feel of his hands exploring her naked breasts, teasing her tiny nipples to hard erections.

Cindy almost told David to stop when he unzipped the side of her long skirt. But she couldn't speak. She didn't dare. She wanted him so badly. He kissed down her neck and onto her chest, teasing her little nipples with his tongue and teeth at the same time that he wrenched off her shoes and pulled her skirt down, dropping it to the side of the bench. She gasped out loud when he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly slipped them off her body. Cindy was naked but for her socks, in the forbidden boiler room, with an eighteen year old boy she barely knew - but it felt right, it felt wonderful. David wanted her. He was kissing her and touching her. Oh god, her pussy felt so good where he ran his fingers through it. Cindy's arms went tight around David's body, which had somehow also shed most of its clothing. He was so strong and powerful. Cindy was in heaven. Her eyes were closed and her legs were open, her pussy was dripping wet with arousal and desire.

"Oh babysitter, yeah, damn! You have such nice little tits. Do you like that?" David licked Cindy's small nipples and she could only moan in ecstasy. "Man," he said between licks and small teasing bites of her nipples, "This is wild. I had no idea I'd get so turned on by a little girl. Fuck me, you are so sexy! Especially for a dog fucking little bitch-girl!"

Cindy's eyes flew open and she looked straight into David's hard stare. Her world crashed back down around her. He knew! Oh god, he knew!

"That's right dog-girl, I know all about you." David crooned to her in a soft tone. "Did you like it when those doggies licked your pussy? You did, I can tell, you liked it a lot."

Oh god, what was happening? Cindy felt sudden overwhelming panic. David knew about her and the dogs! She began to struggle against him, shoving at his chest and arms, trying desperately to get up from the bench and escape. "No, no, I didn't, please!" Cindy pushed as hard as she could but the strong young man easily held her down to the bench.

David kept up his teasing croon as he grabbed each of Cindy's wrists and pulled them downwards, underneath the bench, straining Cindy's shoulder's back. "No, I think you really enjoyed getting your pussy licked." He easily held both of her wrists together with one hand. "But I think you liked it even more when big old King pushed his big red dog cock up into your pussy, didn't you?" Cindy felt something wrapping around her wrists and forearms. "Did it feel really good when he broke your cherry, huh, did it?"

David wasn't holding Cindy's wrists any longer, instead they were tied together tightly under the bench. She was helpless! She struggled wildly. A wave of intense electricity coursed through her body as she fought at the tight bonds. David started kissing the side of her neck again, licking her and working his way down towards to her tits with his mouth. He teased one nipple with his hand and touched her pussy with his other hand. Cindy went berserk. Her reaction to David was ten times greater than before. Her back arched almost to the breaking point and she let out a moan of incredible pleasure.

"Holy shit, babysitter!" David was taken aback. "You like that don't you? You like being tied up. Holy shit, that is so hot! I am so fucking turned on. Are you ready? I don't think I can wait. Oh fuck, do you want me? Do you?"

"Oh god, yes, yes, please, oh, oh!" Cindy reacted wildly again as she felt David parting her pussy lips, dipping his finger into her and spreading her pussy juices all around, even down to her ass.

"Damn, you are so hot." David rubbed the knob of his cock through the crack of Cindy's small pussy. "You like being helpless, don't you? Tell me!"

Cindy's heart clutched in her chest, but there was no denying the feelings coursing through her. Her confession to Jenny that she enjoyed the excitement of being dominated flashed through mind. She could barely speak, but she knew she had to answer David. "Yes, oh god, yes."

"You can't stop me, can you? I can do whatever I want. Does that make you excited? Do you want it? Well?" David's cock was throbbing with excitement. The whole length of his manhood gleamed with Cindy's pussy juices as he stroked it along the outside of Cindy's tiny slit, teasing her pussy mercilessly. He was so turned on by the little girl and her reaction to being bound and dominated - it was far beyond his wildest dreams of erotic arousal.

"Yes, David, I'm ready. Don't hurt me, please, I can't stop you, I can't, please, now, please!" Cindy struggled against her restraints, the sensation of helplessness driving her to higher and higher levels of arousal.

David moved the head of his cock to the extremely small entrance to Cindy's ass. He pressed it against the tiny sphincter, applying a steady pressure.

"David! No, what are you.....?"

"Oh yeah, dog-girl, that's right. I want you too, but I want a virgin, not some sloppy dog seconds! Oh fuck, man, this is going to be so fucked. Oh, yeah, oh man, uggh!" He grunted as he pressed his hot dick against her small anus.

"Aagghh! Aagghh! OH! Mmmppfff." Cindy couldn't help but scream as David's cock tried to invade her ass. He covered her mouth with his hand to gag her. Then he suddenly forced himself inside of her, embedding the head of his cock in her tiny anus. He looked down into the beautiful face of his young captive. Her large round eyes stared back into his, showing alarm and excitement in equal measure. He could tell that he didn't need to gag her any more, she wouldn't scream, and he moved his hand down to get a better grip on her small waist.

David paused, stunned by her beauty and her vulnerability. He gripped her with large strong hands and he thrust. "Oh my god, you're so tight! Oh fuck, oh fuck." David pushed into her again and again, forcing his thick cock deeper into her bowels. "Babysitter! Dog fucker! Oh, Jesus, yes. Fuck!" Cindy's ass was almost too tight to penetrate, but David kept stroking viciously, penetrating deeper and deeper until the eight inches of his dick was buried inside her ass. He pounded her as hard as he could and watched her small breasts bounce up and down with each violent thrust. Her small body seemed like it should crumple under his wild onslaught. Cindy's eyes were screwed up in pain from the torment, but still he slammed his dick into her over and over.

Hot tears ran down Cindy's cheeks. She moaned and grunted with every brutal thrust of his cock, but the intense barrage on her ass, combined with total domination of her mind and body, was having another affect all together. Finally, after days and days of frustration, even through the mortification of being fucked in the ass, the orgasm she so desperately needed crested, coming on harder and harder. Cindy arched her back and cried out, straining upwards against her bondage. Eyes open again, she thrust her hips at David, meeting his gaze and meeting each of his savage thrusts with one of her own, fucking her own ass on his big throbbing cock.

"Damn, damn, I'm going to cum, oh man, babysitter, yes, oh fuck, fuck, FUCK! FUCK YOU, YOU BITCH, OH, YOU LITTLE GIRL-BITCH! OH! OH! OH!" David emptied his balls deep into Cindy's small ass. None of the girls he'd fucked before had ever given him an orgasm of such amazing intensity. He was nearly insane from having the little girl in his complete control, forcing himself on her and watching how she loved it, how strongly she reacted to his to big cock up her ass. How could a little girl, a mere child, be such an incredible fuck?

David looked down on the beautiful body that Cindy usually hid behind baggy clothing. She was panting heavily and glistened with sweat, exhausted from the intensity of their encounter. Her body was perfect, her small tits immaculate, her almost hairless pussy unbelievable. The sight of his slowly deflating dick in her ass sent shivers down David's spine. Cindy looked into David's eyes with her beautiful blue child's eyes, her face a mixture of adoration for the boy she was so enamored of and horror at being so brutally raped. A revelation hit David like a lightening bolt: Cindy Lake was amazing and he wanted her more than anything he'd ever wanted.

David didn't really know why he had pursued the little girl. Maybe it was just curiosity, wanting to know more about the girl everyone was talking about. Ever since Jenny had confided in him that Cindy was the girl everyone was talking about, and he'd realized he knew who she was, an overwhelming desire to goad her, to tease her and maybe even take advantage of her outrageous situation had seized him. But he wasn't supposed to rape her. What had come over him? She'd bewitched him. He was so confused.

David wanted her, all of her. He knew it for a certainty. Her pretty face looked up into his eyes - frightened to death, but seeing him, the real him, and wanting him back, wanting him to do whatever he wanted to her. Her body and face were so beautiful. This new sensation of desire was dizzying and overwhelming - David wasn't prepared for it. Why did this little girl, and all the things he wanted to do her, scare him so badly? He pulled his limp dick from her ass and shakily dressed himself as fast as he could. He had to get away from her. He couldn't feel this way about such a young girl - and he'd done unspeakable things to her! Why didn't she say anything? Why didn't she scream at him or try to get away? Why did she have to be so beautiful and so fucking sexy?

Before David fled he grabbed Cindy's underpants and rammed them down into his pocket. He didn't know why. He reached down and unhooked the belt that bound her thin arms. Then he was gone, leaving her alone in the dim boiler room.

Read on for Chapter Eight.


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