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The Adventures of Cindy Lake

- by Alvo Torelli, 2019

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Chapter Eight


Saturday, April 29, 8:00 AM, Cindy Lake's house.

"Dear Cindy,"

Cindy's hands shook as she began to read the email. All week she'd lived in dread of the next missive from the mysterious blackmailers.

"Come to 1587 Axton Road, today, 3PM. If you're not there on time, we will contact the police and the newspaper with copies of all the evidence against you. Don't try to hide, sweetheart - we're always watching!"

Cindy's heart chilled at the evil use of "sweetheart" in the note.

"Tell your parents you have a new babysitting job, darling. Tell them you may be late. We wouldn't want your parents worrying about you. See you at 3:00, princess. Don't be late."

It took Cindy a long time to stop shaking enough to go down for breakfast.

All day long Cindy's mind roiled with the same unanswered questions that had tormented her all week. Who sent the email? Who were her intimidating blackmailers? Could it be David Barrett? That seemed the only answer that made any sense. He knew about her, he'd said so when he took her into the locker room. But how did he know? It made sense that Jenny might have told him, after that terrible strange night she'd babysat with Jenny. Just thinking about that night sent chills up Cindy's body. She kept thinking about pretty little Jenny, how the two of them had kissed and how it had made her feel when Jenny was threatening her and making her do terrible things - things she admitted to herself that she had liked. Cindy blushed red with embarrassment just thinking about it.

But if David and Jenny were the blackmailers, how did they get pictures of her with Prince and then with Jenny and King? It didn't make sense. If David wanted to blackmail her, why did he come to her at school? Why did he suddenly grab her and abduct her to the boiler room - he could have made her come to him. The more she thought about it, the more Cindy was sure that David had been surprised by her, that tying her down and raping her wasn't planned, it had just happened. Cindy blushed deeply again as she relived the feeling of being tied to the bench, with David's big cock slamming into her ass. She blushed because she was so ashamed - ashamed of the undeniable fact that it had been wonderful, ashamed that she wanted David to come back and use her again and again.

Cindy stumbled through her day in a fog of dread. She managed to get her homework done, but stayed in her room all day, stewing over what was going to happen to her. A thousand times she told herself she wouldn't go to the blackmailers. A thousand times she shook with fear at the idea of the police knocking at her door and dragging her away in front of her parents. She saw herself splashed across the newspaper - Middle School Dog Slut Arrested!

The day seemed to go on and on, but the time to leave finally dragged around. As usual, Cindy's parents were absorbed in their own intense lives and they hardly seemed to notice when she told them she would be late. Shivering with fear, Cindy headed out to the bus stop.

One day earlier:

Friday, April 28, 10:00 PM, David Barrett's mustang.

"Oh! OH! OH!" Amy Sing grunted loudly with every vicious thrust of the big cock that was slamming into her tender pussy. She couldn't believe she'd gone from such dizzying happiness to such a terrible predicament in only a couple of hours. "Oh, ow, ow!" she cried as her back was smashed into the car's dashboard and her head hit the sloping windshield yet again. Why was he being so mean to her? Why did he keep calling her Cindy?

Amy Sing's week had started out amazingly well and then gotten better and better. On Monday she'd been the first ever freshman girl to make the varsity cheerleading team. She knew she was pretty enough to be with the older girls, even though she was only fifteen, but it was her combination of petite size and athleticism that had cemented her a spot on the team. She was already a better tumbler than three-fourths of the other girls, and she could do amazing tricks at the top of a pyramid. She'd loved practicing with the team and all the girls were really sweet to her, calling her their little sister and letting her hang out with them. Her social position had skyrocketed. And then the most amazing thing of all - David Barrett, captain of the football team, every girl's biggest crush, had seen her with her new posse and asked her out. Amy was ecstatic. She told everyone she knew.

The date was wonderful, at first. David took her to a nice restaurant and he talked to her like a real person. Amy felt more grown up than she'd ever felt. But some of the things David asked her were strange. Like asking her about her contact lenses. He said he was curious, couldn't she take them off, just to show him how. Then she took her contacts out and somehow the table got bumped and she dropped a contact and couldn't find it. Amy had to grope in her clutch and pull out her old pair of glasses to wear. Suddenly she felt much less pretty, but David seemed to get even more interested in her. Amy tried to tell herself that she hadn't really seen David bump the table on purpose. And then, as they left the restaurant, David touched her long blonde hair and asked her if she ever wore it in pig tails. Pig tails? Who in the world wears pig tails? But David was being so nice and he seemed to be really interested in what Amy would look like with pig tails. So she ducked into the restroom and quickly braided her pretty hair into to two pigtails that swept down the sides of her face and bobbed on her shoulders. As she came out of the restaurant to meet David, his eyes went wide with amazement, for just a second, before he helped her into his car.

Amy had never been to Lover's Point before, she was much too young and the boys her age didn't have cars anyway. It was very exciting to be going there with David Barrett. Amy could feel the sweat on her palms from the anticipation that she and David might get to make out. She should have noticed how David parked far away from the other cars, in a spot secluded by shrubs and trees, with only half as good a view of the city skyline as the other parking spots would have. She should have noticed the look in David's eye as he turned to gaze at her when he turned the car off, or wondered again why he'd maneuvered her into wearing pigtails and glasses. But then he was sliding across the seat and one hand was behind her head and another on her waist and she was so excited to be with the hottest and most popular boy in school. He kissed her and oh, what a kiss! Amy was mesmerized. She hardly felt her body shift, being lifted out of the way as David slid over into her seat.

Suddenly Amy Sing found herself sitting in David's lap on the front passenger seat of his mustang with the dashboard pushing into her back. Suddenly but far too late, worry began to grow in her mind, worry about where she was and what was happening? She was so confused. Things were happening too fast. Things were happening too soon. She wasn't ready for this! But he kept kissing her and his kisses were so wonderful! Wait, no, what was he doing? No, no, oh! His hand was inside her dress, inside her panties! "David, no, please, I'm a virgin! Please!"

David Barrett grabbed the little cheerleader in his lap even tighter. She squirmed in his arms, but there was nowhere for her to go. He knew what he was doing. He knew how to get a reluctant girl into the mood. He wasn't going to back away from her, not when she looked so much like Cindy, not after two days of thinking about Cindy without stop, reliving every moment of raping her in the junior high boiler room. He was gentle with the little girl in his lap, but insistent. He stopped her protests by pulling her close and kissing her again, deeply, patiently waiting for her to kiss him back again, as he knew she would. He knew how to get her juices flowing, how to build her desire for things she'd only dreamed of. And it was working. Amy shivered in his arms as he gently and expertly teased her little pussy. His other hand slipped up into her blouse and the nipples of her small breasts hardened quickly under his exploring, teasing fingers. She shifted her pelvis, giving him better and better access. Her inexperienced pussy was awash with desire. Oh yeah, she wanted him, she needed him. Listen to her moaning - almost like Cindy was moaning underneath David when he raped her!

The change from heavy petting and exquisite teasing to actual fucking happened so quickly that Amy had no chance to even struggle. Suddenly her panties were pulled aside and David was simply inside her. She managed only "No, no!" and then her cherry was ripped away. "Owwww! OW! OH!" But David had transformed from a gentleman to an animal. He was fucking her as hard as could, forcing his cock deep into the unused pussy as fast as possible.

"Oh fuck, Cindy, yes! Oh, damn, fuck you, fuck you, oh Cindy, CINDY!" David kept yelling Cindy's name as he fucked into Amy for all he was worth. He was slamming her into the dashboard and banging her head against the windshield, but he was oblivious. In his mind it was Cindy in his arms, even smaller and more vulnerable than the small girl who was really in his arms. "Cindy! Cindy! FUCK!"

Amy's dress and blouse were torn. Her breasts were bared and David gripped one of them painfully as he kept fucking the pretty girl in his arms. Tears streamed down Amy's face. Her first time wasn't supposed to be like this. She knew that David was fucking some other girl, no, he was raping some other girl. She understood now that he'd only taken her out because she reminded him of that girl. She was humiliated, unflowered and afraid all at the same time. He was so deep inside of her, slamming against her tender cervix with every painful thrust. She tried to beat at his chest, to escape his terrible onslaught, but he just pulled her arms behind her back, easily pinning them with one large hand. And then something even more humiliating happened. Despite the pain and fear, despite the humiliation, Amy had an orgasm. Her body betrayed her. An explosion of pure nirvana spread outward from her pussy and caused her to gasp in amazement and pleasure. Even though it wasn't her that David was really fucking, it was her that had to have the incredible experience.

"Oh fuck! Cindy, yes, yes, I'm gonna cum, yes, yes, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! Cindy! CINDY!!" David yanked Amy off of his dick, slamming her head into the roof of the mustang and then pulled her quickly back into his lap. A huge rope of semen arced out from his rigid dick, soiling the front of Amy's silky blouse and coating her bare chest. More ejaculate pumped out of the throbbing cock onto her panties and mixed with her pussy liquids to soak the thin fabric.

A few minutes later David was back behind the wheel of the car. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, damn it, I'm so sorry." David moaned quietly, gripping the wheel in his hands and looking straight out the window, anywhere but at Amy. Amy was huddled against the passenger door, crying lightly, trying to pull herself back together. "Cindy, I mean Amy, I'm sorry, you don't understand. Oh Christ."

Amy choked back her tears. Who was he really apologizing too, her or that other girl? What horrible thing had he done to that girl? But Amy was too confused and humiliated to lash out at David. She just wanted this all to be over, to go back to being a popular cheerleader. She was suddenly horrified that people might find out what had happened, so she pulled herself together as best she could.

"It's..., it's..., it's all right," Amy whispered. "I, I, I won't tell anyone. I'm sorry that I'm not her, whoever she is, I'm sorry. Please, please, just take me home now, please. I won't tell, I promise. We'll just say we had a good time, okay, please? Please, just tell people we had a good time."

David couldn't look at the little girl. He just stared ahead as he drove her home, never saying a word. He knew she wouldn't tell anyone what had happened. She'd be humiliated. And he wouldn't tell anyone either. He wouldn't tell anyone how he'd raped some poor little girl, dreaming that she was Cindy, dreaming that Cindy was the one he was holding tight, kissing, loving and, yes, forcing to do what he wanted. Damn it, what was he going to do?

Saturday April 29, 2:50 PM, 1587 Axton Road.

The city bus dropped Cindy off about a block from the address in the email. It was a part of town she didn't know and it made her nervous to be there by herself. But she arrived at the nondescript house on time. It didn't look like anyone was at home, but the door was slightly ajar and she tentatively pushed it open, peering around, already so nervous she could barely breath. "Hello, is anybody there?" Cindy voice was hoarse and quaking as she called out. She wanted to run away with every fiber of her body, but she was too afraid of her tormentors using that as an excuse to bring the police down on her.

Tentatively, Cindy stepped across the threshold and into the silent house. Immediately she had the feeling that someone was watching her and goose pimples stood out on her skin. She left the door wide open to let in as much light as possible and then stepped farther into the semi-dark room. A hallway stretched out in front of her and doorways led to other rooms on both sides of the vestibule she was standing in.

The door slammed closed. Cindy screamed and whirled around. She was in pitch darkness. A sudden scuffling sound whipped her head around to the left, but still she could see nothing. She groped for the front door, moving as quickly as she could in the dark. She had a terrible sense that she was no longer alone. Cindy found the door, but it was locked. She whirled around again at another sound from behind her. She screamed! Then something grabbed her from behind. Cindy felt pure blinding terror. A cloth went over her mouth and nose, she couldn't breath, there was a horrible smell and she was whirling around and around and around.....

Cindy came to by herself in a small brightly lit room with a high ceiling. As she groggily regained her senses it took her a few moments to understand her predicament. Her shoulders ached. Looking upwards, Cindy's hazy gaze followed her up-stretched arms to find leather cuffs on each of her slender wrists, and chains attached to each cuff ran on up to the ceiling. Suddenly fully awake and panicky, Cindy got her feet under her and stood up, taking her weight off of her arms. Looking down she realized she was naked.

Cindy twisted and pulled, testing the chains desperately. She could see how the chains were merely clipped to the wrist cuffs, forcing her to hold her arms upwards with her wrists just above her head. If only she could bring her wrists together she could escape, but no matter how hard she tried to pull, jump or climb, she wasn't strong enough to bring her hands together. In fact the amount of movement she was allowed was minimal. If she stood directly under the chains she could bend her knees to lower herself several inches, which she did in order try jumping up and bringing her wrists together. But it was a useless attempt.

With all the twisting and turning, Cindy realized she wasn't completely naked. There was a tight collar around her neck. Somehow, the collar was even more frightening than being chained from the ceiling.

"Hello Cindy, darling." The woman's voice that addressed Cindy startled her badly and she gasped, twisting and turning to find the source of the voice. For the first time Cindy took in her surroundings - a small room with a high ceiling and only one piece of furniture a few feet in front of where she was suspended from the ceiling, a cubical box, about two and a half feet on each side, with a padded leather cushion on the top. The room had only one door, which stood slightly ajar, beckoning Cindy to escape. There was no sign of a person anywhere in the room, but there were half a dozen large mirrors on the walls and Cindy realized at once they were two-way mirrors. She realized there were also mirrors on the ceiling and here and there on the floor, including one directly below her. The sense that any number of people could be behind those mirrors, watching her, drove her insane and she battled with her chains again. The woman's mellifluous voice, clearly disguised by some sort of electronic device, broke into Cindy's terrified struggles again. "That's right Cindy, struggle all you want, it's lovely. But we really need to get down to business now."

"What do you want?! Let me go! Please!"

"Now, now Cindy. It's time for you to tell us a little bit about yourself. And remember Cindy, dear, you don't want to lie to the cameras - the cameras always know a lie, so tell the truth Cindy."

Cameras? Oh god, the mirrors, there were cameras behind the mirrors, probably lots of them. There was probably a camera looking straight up into Cindy's wide-stretched pussy. The thought of that made her feel incredibly vulnerable.

"So Cindy, sweetheart, let's get started, shall we? Tell me dear, what's your name and how old are you?"

"Oh! Oh god, I, I, I'm Cindy. Cindy Lake. I, I'm twelve. Oh please, what are you going to do? Let me go, please. OW! OH! OWWWWWWWWW!" A horrible jolt of electricity raced through Cindy's body. It was wrenching and painful. Every muscle in her body contracted and her head flew back, eyes wide, as she screamed. The shock passed as quickly as it came, but left Cindy's body trembling. Cindy realized at once that the shock had come from the collar around her neck. She struggled to breath as her muscles began to relax again.

"Now then, Cindy, you see you need to concentrate on just answering the questions, don't you? Tell me again, dear, how old are you?"

"Oh, ah, I, I'm twelve. I'm twelve years old."

"Really? How lovely. And tell me Cindy, what do you do with yourself?"

"Ah, I, ah, I go to Harding Middle School."

"And what else do you do, Cindy?"

"I, uh, I babysit a lot?" Cindy cringed for the terrible shock, but it didn't come. She was saying what they wanted.

"Oh, how interesting. You babysit. Tell us Cindy, dear, what special things you like to do when you're babysitting."

"Uhm, ah, I don't know, I just, uh, I usually just watch TV or maybe read a AAAAGGHHHHH!!" The horrible shock coursed through Cindy's body again, then passed quickly away leaving her quivering and gasping for air.

"Really now Cindy, you don't want to lie to the cameras, do you? Tell us again, what is it you specially like to do when you're babysitting?"

Oh god, what did they want her to say? They want her to talk about the dogs! Oh please, no. Cindy turned bright red with embarrassment. But she couldn't stand another shock from the terrible collar. She had to answer them. "Oh, ah, I, I, I like to play with the dogs?"

"The dogs? Did you say dogs, Cindy? Oh wonderful. What is you like to do with the dogs, Cindy? Do tell us."

"Oh god, oh, I, I, oh! I let them lick me." Cindy couldn't believe how awful it felt to admit her transgressions.

"Lick you? Really. Where, Cindy, where do the darling doggies lick you?"

"Oh, no. Please? AAAGGHHHH!!" The shock was brief, but incredibly intense. "Oh god, oh, I, I like them to lick my pussy!"

"Oh Cindy, you naughty, naughty girl. You let dogs lick your pussy? That's just terrible. Why would you do such a terrible thing, Cindy? Why?"

"It, it, oh, it feels good."

"Oh my, Cindy, we're shocked. But if that's what you really like - having doggies lick your pussy, I guess we'll just have to let you have your way. Is that really what you want Cindy, is it? Tell me sweetheart, do you really, really want to have a doggy lick your pussy right now?"

Oh god, what was she supposed to say? Cindy was so scared. She just wanted to run away, run to her house and hide in her bed. But she didn't want to be shocked again. What was she supposed to say? "Oh, oh, uhm, I, I, I do. Yes, I want a doggy to lick my pussy?"

"Oh Cindy, you are such a naughty girl! I think we're going to have to punish you!" Cindy was horrified by the woman's words, but the terrible electric shock didn't come.

"What? No, no please!" Cindy saw the door to the room swinging open slowly. Her heart raced even faster as she thought of what might come through it.

"You know, Cindy, sometimes the best punishment is to give you just what you want, isn't that right? And oh, Cindy, we have a little surprise for you. Do you know what it means to be in heat?"

"What? In heat? I don't, oh, what?"

"In heat, Cindy. It's what you say when a bitch is ready for sex. It makes her smell a special way to the boy dogs, a very special way."

"Smell special? I don't understand?"

"When a bitch is in heat, Cindy, she smells very good to all the boy dogs and it make the boy dogs want to fuck her. They'll do anything to fuck her, Cindy, anything at all. They go crazy with wanting her. That's what it means Cindy. So we have a special surprise for you Cindy. We made you smell that way, isn't that great?"

"What? I smell like that? Oh god!"

"Oh Cindy, it's okay, you don't have to thank us. But look, here come your new playmates now! Oh yes, sweetheart, I think giving you just what you desire will be exactly the right punishment."

Two dogs came slowly padding into the room with Cindy and the door closed softly behind them. One was a huge and powerful Rottweiler, with a studded collar around his massive neck. His broad chest and shoulders and his large head made him look like a mountain of a dog and his face was unfriendly, his lip curled back in a snarl that showed frightening sharp white teeth. The other dog was a Standard Poodle, blonde and tall, but lean, with wiry, curly hair and long thin legs. He stood almost as tall as the Rottweiler, but he was much less massive.

Cindy's heart was in her throat. As she gazed down on the two beautiful dogs, she knew the blush of her embarrassment deepened at the same moment that her pussy contracted with desire.

The Rottweiler's head came up sharply as he caught Cindy's scent. Then the Poodle smelled her too, his ears lifted and his short bobbed tail wagged excitedly. Both dogs walked quickly to the poor suspended girl and circled her slowly, trying to figure out why this girl in the peculiar positioned smelled so wonderful. Watching the large dogs circle her and eye her like a piece of hanging meat drove home to Cindy how incredibly vulnerable she was. She trembled visibly, exquisitely, and her pussy was soaked with her own fluids. One of the dogs growled menacingly and she instinctively tried to jerk away, only to be brought up hard by the chains.

"Aahh! Aahh!" Cindy screamed as the big Rottweiler stuck his cold nose into Cindy's crotch, seeking out the source of the delectable smell of a bitch in heat. It confused him, but there was no denying the wonderful fragrance - it was a ready bitch in front of him, a girl-bitch, flaunting her pussy for him and begging him to take her. His long tongue shot out to sample the wonderful nectar that he could smell so strongly. Why wouldn't the girl-bitch hold still? "Aaghh! Oh, oh, oh god!" Cindy twisted and turned, trying to keep her balance at the same time that she clamped her legs tightly closed to keep the Rottweiler's long tongue away from her defenseless cunt. But he was so fast and agile and Cindy kept losing her balance and pulling up against the chains.

The Poodle wasn't be be denied the fantastic bitch he smelled in front of him either, even if the larger and more dominant Rottweiler was already going after her pussy. He came in from behind. His tongue darted into Cindy's ass crack and lapped upwards.

Cindy struggled uncontrollably as the dogs attacked her from front and rear. She grabbed the chains from her wrists and squeezed them tight, trying to lift herself upwards, away from the brutes. But she didn't have the strength to lift her own body. Both dogs growled in frustration and each tried desperately to pry her legs apart with long cold-nosed muzzles. Cindy fought, but she knew her fate was inevitable. Even as she struggled her mind remembered the wonderful feeling of a dog's tongue deep in her pussy, and her resolve wavered. Finally, she planted her feet firmly on the ground and opened her legs wide to the probing dogs.

Cindy screamed with pleasure and panic as the dogs went after her ass and pussy. In less than a minute she achieved orgasm, continuously squirming and tingling all over her body. The amazing sensations coursed through her body, driving to a higher and higher level. It was simultaneously ecstasy and torture. Every muscle in her body contracted, as if the collar were shocking her again, but it all came from the amazing tongues exploring her cunt and asshole. The Rottweiler like to push his huge tongue deep into Cindy's pussy and then pull it upwards, roughly torturing Cindy's clit for agonizing seconds. The Poodle alternated between sending his long tongue into Cindy's pussy slit from behind, then trying to force it into her tiny asshole. Cindy's screams went on and on. It was unbearable abuse.

For the longest half hour of Cindy's young life the dogs continued to torture her and keep her orgasm flowing at full tilt. Finally, close to the point of passing out from the intensity, Cindy heard a high whistle and the dogs backed off from her, growling at being called off, but obediently stepping back several feet before sitting on their haunches and staring hungrily at Cindy's suspended body.

The quiet but intimidating woman's voice returned to torment Cindy. "Cindy, darling, wasn't that a wonderful punishment? Oh, you naughty girl. Did you enjoy that? Did you?"

Cindy panted rapidly from her exertions. She was alarmed over what to say: yes, or no? Which would keep the voice happy? Which would earn her another terrible shock? "Oh, oh, I, ah, ah, yes!" She guessed and then tensed for the painful shock. But it didn't come.

"Good sweetheart, very good. You like being punished, don't you? Hmm?"

Oh no, what should I say? "Yes?"

"Very good darling. But Cindy, you've been very mean to the nice doggies, haven't you? They worked so hard to give you pleasure and you haven't given anything back. Don't you think that's mean, Cindy? You know what I mean, don't you Cindy?"

"Oh god, yes, yes, I know, I do. I know. Oh!"

"What Cindy, what do the nice doggies want?"

"Oh god, they, they want, oh, oh, AAAGHHH!! " Cindy had stammered too long. Even after the brief shock she didn't want to say it. "Oh god, please, they want to fuck me! They want to put their cocks inside me!"

"That's right Cindy, they want to fuck you. They want to fuck you so bad Cindy. But Cindy, do you want to fuck the doggies, hmm, do you? Do you want to feel the doggys' big cocks up in your tight pussy? Is that what you want?"

Oh god, no, they wanted her to say it. They wanted her to admit that she wanted to be fucked. Cindy was so humiliated, but she was too terrified of the collar. "Oh god! Yes, yes, I do!"

"You do what, Cindy? Tell us."

No, no, no! "I, I want to fuck the doggies." Oh god, she hadn't really said it!

"Really, darling, how wonderful."

Saturday, April 29, 5:30 PM, Jim and Suzette Turner's house.

"Oooh! I wish Cindy was babysitting us instead of your stupid old step-mom!" Jenny was furious, and her friend Annie shrank away from the fervor of her outburst.

Annie Turner and Jenny Barrett, best friends in the whole world, were talking in Annie's bedroom at her father's house. They were staying with Annie's stepmother Suzette, who as usual had been drinking hard since early afternoon and was now plopped down in front of the television, half comatose. At least she only drank hard on the weekends.

"I know, Annie, let's play a pretend game! Do you want to play?"

"What game, Jenny?" Annie asked with some trepidation. Jenny was usually the one to direct the girls' pretend play, and Annie often had to go along with things she didn't really like that much. But Jenny was her best friend and Annie didn't want to lose her, so she usually let Jenny have her way.

"Remember I told you what happened when Cindy Lake was my babysitter last week?" Jenny and Annie always told each other everything.

"Ooh, yeah, that was scary!"

"Yeah, it was scary, but I keep thinking about it. I just think about it all the time. Let's pretend, okay? Let's pretend that you're Cindy and I'm me and we can pretend that uhm, let's see, uhm, we can pretend that this bear is King." Jenny held up Annie's biggest teddy bear.

"Oh, really? Uh, I don't know Jenny. You want me to be Cindy?"

"Uh-huh! It'll be fun. Come here, I can show you how Cindy and I kissed!"

"Jenny, no! Wouldn't that be naughty? What if my step-mom comes in?"

"No, no, no, you're not playing the game right! And you know your step-mom won't come in, she's probably already asleep. You're supposed to be Cindy and you HAVE to do what I say, or I'll tell everyone about you and the dog!"

"Oh god, no!" Annie was horribly confused. Was Jenny threatening to tell about Cindy and the dog, or about Annie and the dog? Suddenly she wished she'd never told Jenny about seeing Cindy with Prince, or how that had led to Annie letting Prince lick her too. Suddenly she was very frightened by the tone in Jenny's voice.

"Come on, Cindy, do what I say or I'll tell on you!"

"What? Oh, oh Jenny. Oh, okay." Annie moved over closer to her best friend and new tormentor as they sat on the bed. "What, what do I do?"

Jenny tilted her head and leaned into Annie's face. She placed her lips against the other girl's mouth and ran her tongue along the soft flesh, slowly forcing her lips apart. She twisted her body to face Annie and slipped both arms around her, put a hand behind Annie's neck and pulled her tight as their kiss became more and more passionate.

Annie quivered, suddenly afraid of her friend. She didn't really enjoy the kissing, but she went along with it, kissing Jenny back and letting their tongues entwine. But the longer the kissing went on, the more Annie felt a warm glow growing in the center of her body. Without even realizing it she was hugging Jenny around the neck, holding on to her to keep the kiss going and going.

Jenny broke away from the kiss for a moment. Her eyes were closed and she rubbed her cheek against Annie's cheek as she whispered. "Oh, Cindy, yes."

Annie was taken aback. What kind of pretend was this? Jenny didn't really seem like she was pretending. But then Jenny started kissing her again and the warm feeling seemed more important than worrying about what was happening. Annie kissed Jenny back and let herself be slowly pushed back onto her bed.

"Cindy, uhh, Cindy!" Jenny moaned as she pushed her friend down onto the bed and lay across her chest at an angle. She kept her eyes closed, remembering Cindy's face and her wonderful naked body. She kissed Annie again and again, forcing her deeper into the bedcovers. And then she let one of her hands begin to explore Annie's small body.

"Mmmph! NNNN!" Annie tried to tell her friend to stop and and she tried to push her away, but the more dominant girl was also the larger and stronger girl, and Annie's endeavors were in vain. She was petrified as she felt Jenny's hand slip up along her thigh under her short skirt and quickly find its way inside her panties. She tried to scream, but Jenny's fingers were quickly exploring her tiny pussy, stroking the soft mounds before parting them and dipping into the forbidden inner cavity. Annie was so scared, but it also felt so good! Her mind reeled and she kept remembering the incredible feeling of Prince's beautiful tongue in her pussy. Suddenly she was no longer screaming or resisting. Annie kissed Jenny back with fervor, enraptured by the wave of pleasure surging through her small body. She shivered all over as Jenny found her little clitoris, moaning with pleasure through their tongue entwining kiss.

Jenny found a brand new pleasure in getting her little friend's body so hot and aroused. She thought about how wonderful it would be to touch Cindy's pussy, to make Cindy squirm under her fingers like her make-believe Cindy was doing. And her own pussy screamed for attention; it demanding a return to the wonderful night when Cindy had licked her into her first ever orgasm. Jenny had just made up her mind. She was going to demand that her make-believe Cindy lick her now. She was going to smother her make-believe Cindy's face with her little pussy and ride her until they were both screaming.

A loud crashing sound came from the direction of the living room. Both girls immediately came back to their senses, realizing that Annie's step mother really could have walked in on them at any second. There was an indistinct scream of rage, then a second loud crash and another scream of frustration, louder, "Fucking asshole!" The girls went back to sitting up on the bed, equally afraid, and hugging each other for comfort.

"Whoa, Annie, is that your stepmom? What is she doing?!"

"I think so. I'm so sorry. Sometimes she does this when she has too much to drink. Usually she just gets real quiet, but sometimes she gets real mad, probably at my dad, and then she throws stuff and acts like she might hurt me if I get too close to her." Annie was clearly terrified.

Jenny took a few deep breaths and pulled herself together. It wasn't Jenny's way to be afraid of things and this time was no different. Jenny knew how to transfer fear into anger. Anger is a much better fuel than fear for solving problems.

"Its not right! Its not right for a grown-up to behave like that, 'specially when she's supposed to be taking care of us. Cindy would never do something like that!"

"I'm sorry, Jenny, but she scares me. What can we do? Oh!" There was another great crashing sound as something shattered against a living room wall.

"You stay here," Jenny spoke firmly, but calmly. "But be quiet. I'm going to sneak out and call my brother. He'll fix it, don't worry. If you're scared, just lock the door and don't let anyone in unless they knock three times - that'll mean it's me. Got it? Quit being such a baby, god. I'll be right back."

Saturday April 29, 6:00 PM, 1587 Axton Road.

Cindy was still breathing hard, her cunny still tingling, her body still trembling with new-found fear. Was the evil woman really going to make her fuck the doggies? But how? She was still chained with her arms over her head. But then, to her surprise, she heard and felt the chains descending from the ceiling, getting longer and longer, until she could bring her wrists all the way down to the level of her shoulders. But there the chains stopped. For a moment she considered trying to quickly unhood the chains from her wrist cuffs, then run from the room. But she remembered the incredible pain the terrible collar could bring, so she stayed where she was, trembling like a leaf.

Then Cindy heard another whistle, two fast blasts followed by one longer tone. The Rottweiler got up from his position and began to circle Cindy again. Cindy realized her pussy was dripping in anticipation. Her body wanted this, it was betraying her, even though she was scared to death and mortified beyond belief. She wanted the dog to dominate and rape her.

Suddenly the Rottweiler reared up behind her and grabbed her around the waist. The huge dog was so big. Standing on his hind legs he was taller than Cindy who was considerably less than five feet tall. The dog's huge head came over her shoulder and he drooled onto her face and down her bare chest. He gripped her tight with his front legs, pulling her against his chest and forcing Cindy to take some of his weight as he danced behind her.

Cindy instantly understood why her chains had been lengthened and what she was going to have to do. She also understood that when she did, it would be obvious that she was helping the huge beast.

The dog was so big and Cindy was so small. But it was impossible for him to mount her when she was standing - the anatomy just wasn't right. And the brute was impatient! He danced about, with his front legs wrapped around Cindy's middle and his paws gripping the top of her pelvis. He pulled Cindy this way and that as he desperately tried to mount the girl-bitch. Cindy nearly lost her balance and she screamed, terrified of the chains. The dog growled in her ear, demanding her to submit.

Struggling hard against the dog, Cindy forced her way back a step, then another. She spread her legs, arched her back and forced her butt to stick out. She screamed again at the dog's rough treatment. But she knew what she had to do. She knew her fate was inevitable, that she was powerless to stop it, helpless in the clutches of the monstrous dog who was growling into her ear and thrusting his pelvis wildly. The last step of Cindy's ultimate submission to the big dog was to bend her knees and lean forward, losing her balance in the process.

As she fell forward the dog's weight came down on Cindy's back and the chains immediately pull tight, forcing her wrists back behind her. It hurt! The dog was so heavy. And he didn't waste a moment trying to mount her now that she was down in the proper position. He yanked at her hips and thrust his loins forward in a desperate rapid rutting. Every jolt sent pain through Cindy's shoulders and wrists.

Cindy felt the dog's hot precum strike her pussy, adding to the sopping wetness of her own lubricating pussy-nectar. She could just look down to see his huge red cock jut out from between her legs. It was huge! As big as King's. The dog was desperate to mount her but he hadn't found the mark yet. His cock was too far forward, parting Cindy's pussy lips as it rubbed back and forth wildly. He growled deeply at Cindy. She tried to shy away from him, but his hold on her was incredibly strong. Cindy knew she had to help him enter her or he was going to start biting her any second. Using every ounce of her strength, pulling desperately at the chains above her, Cindy did everything she could to arch her back even further, tilting her hips to raise her ass into the dog's frantic thrusts.

It worked! Suddenly the dog's huge cock penetrated Cindy's pussy. She screamed even louder as the brute immediately sank eight inches of slimy red meat into her abused body and feverishly pounded it in and out. He was already incredibly big inside of her, but almost at once his cock began to swell even larger, responding to the pressure of Cindy's tight cunt. The dog barked and barked as he raped Cindy, viciously pounding at her to get his swelling dog-penis buried as far inside her as possible. Cindy winced in pain as he slammed again and again into her cervix, but with every thrust she felt her own desire growing and growing. It seemed impossible so soon after her torment at the tongues of the horrible dogs, but her orgasm was growing again, getting stronger and stronger as she gave in to the mongrel's pounding.

Despite the terrible pain in her arms, Cindy's screams turned to moans of intense pleasure. "Oh, oh, yes, yes, oh my god, yes, yes, oh, oh, OHHH!" Her orgasm flowed over her young body even as the evil canine's knot suddenly swelled enormously inside of her tiny pussy, tying them together. "Oh god, help me, help, help, AAAGGHH!!" Cindy screamed in a combination of humiliation, alarm and incredible arousal. The Rottweiler filled her tiny womb with his hot seed. She could feel it heating her insides like hot coals. Cindy's mind was humiliated and confused, but her body loved the intense feeling of the huge knot deep inside her pussy, and she instinctively shuffled herself about in order to clamp her pussy muscles around the dog's penis and gigantic knot. Her body wanted to hold him inside of her for as long as possible, milking every drop of his precious seed.

Cindy couldn't stop her frantic moans of pleasure. The dog had so thoroughly dominated and raped her. But she turned bright red with mortification at the fact that there were people watching her - witnessing Cindy's depraved desire to be a dog slut.

The huge brute was done fucking Cindy. He'd shot his cum inside of her and now he was only interested in dismounting. But of course his knot was far too huge to be easily pulled from the small opening of Cindy's pussy, especially with her pussy clamped down so hard. The Rottweiler loosened his grip on Cindy's waist, but he didn't let go. There was nowhere for him to go. With both of them half-standing, he couldn't turn around to go butt to butt with Cindy, as his instincts told him. He could only wait until his huge knot deflated enough to pop it out through her tight pussy lips.

Cindy hung from her arms, eyes closed and mouth open, panting to recover from the incredible onslaught of the Rottweiler raping her. Her arms were on fire. Her orgasm had subsided to a dull throb, but refused to quit her as long as she had a huge piece of meet stuffed inside of her. Gently, Cindy tried to waddle forward, to get her legs underneath her weight before her arms were torn from her shoulders. The dog growled, but he didn't stop her. He hopped forward a step, then another and another. Cindy sighed with relief as she managed to straighten part way, getting the weight of the Rottweiler off of her arms even though he was still firmly tied inside her tight pussy.

But Cindy had forgotten the other dog. Suddenly she was pushed from the front, throwing her off balance again and putting painful weight back on her arms. The Poodle had reared up in front of her and tried to grab her waist too. He was trying hard to get a good grip and pull her to his crotch, but the Rottweiler was in the way, still pulling Cindy's ass back. The frustrated poodle danced on his powerful hind legs and growled at Cindy, frightening her anew. But he was unable to get any kind of grip on her. Instead he started licking her chest, laving his long rough tongue all over her perfect white skin. He tongued her nipples again and again. The sensation was extreme and Cindy couldn't help but respond. And worse, the Poodle's attack at her front, as he tried again to get ahold of her, caused Cindy to jerk back and forth on the Rottweiler's big dick.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, AAHHH!!" Cindy couldn't help but voice the incredible delight of her renewed orgasm. Then the poodle abandoned his attempt to grab Cindy's waist and instead through his paws over her shoulders. He switched to kissing her face, forcing his long tongue into her mouth. Cindy was so far over the edge of passion that she immediately began to kiss the dog back, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth. She could feel his cock jabbing at her thighs again and again, but there was no place for it to go. She was still filled to the brim with huge Rottweiler cock.

Then Cindy felt the Rottweiler really pulling hard to extract his knot from her cunt. The knot was finally smaller, only the size of a hardball rather than the softball sized knob that had invaded her tight pussy, but it was still deeply embedded inside her. She could feel him straining and straining and then, all at once, she screamed as the Rottweiler made a massive pull and popped his cock out of her. Thin cum poured down her bare legs and she nearly passed out.

There wasn't even a second's delay. With the Rottweiler out of the way, the Poodle was able to get his legs around Cindy's waist from the front and grab her ass with his strong paws. He pulled her ass forward, positioned himself between her legs and franticly tried to mount her. But it was an impossible position. The dog barked at Cindy, demandingly.

Cindy was scared of the poodle, but his demanding barks and growls went to the core of her being. She knew she had to help him. But how? If he would just get behind her, like the Rottweiler had she would know what to do. But he was adamant that he wasn't going to let go of the pretty bitch now that he had her. Cindy did the only thing she could think of. She leaned backwards, farther and farther until she was falling. Her arms screamed as they once again took her weight. And then she let her feet slide forward, around the humping dog. Instinctively, he pulled harder at her lithe body; his weight sank onto her chest and he nestled tight against her crotch.

The poodle slammed his huge dick into Cindy's abused love hole. He pulled Cindy tighter against his stomach, smashing her small tits against his chest fur. His cock was extremely long and it penetrated Cindy's well-lubricated pussy with ease. But like all the dogs, his goal was to get his dick as far inside his little girl-bitch as possible so that it would swell up and form the huge knot that would tie him to his prize. There was no better way to dominate your bitch and show her who was the true pack leader than to tie her to you, control her completely with your blazing cock, and fill her with your hot seed.

Cindy had just traded one doggy rapist for another, first from behind and now from the front. The Poodle jerked her around on his prick like a puppeteer. Her arms were on fire. The dog howled loudly in her ear and then he licked her face and lips with his huge rough tongue, kissing her and forcing her to kiss him back. He was frantic to tie her, ramming the full length of his cock in and out of her as fast as he could. And Cindy had no choice but to let him ride her, her body betraying her once again as her renewed orgasm kept her trembling from head to toe. Finally the dog maneuvered himself into the perfect position and he stabbed his long cock all the way into Cindy's body. "Oh god, yes, yes, oh, oh, OHH!" Cindy couldn't keep from yelling out, betraying the obvious truth that her body was immensely enjoying the dog's assault on her pussy. "Yes, yes, oh, oh YES!" She screamed for the cameras and her demented torturers to hear. Then the huge dog cock swelled inside her, thicker and thicker. The huge knot was formed near the base of the cock, filling Cindy completely. She was tied again and she felt the hot dog seed scalding her insides.

The Poodle was done with his bitch, but their awkward position forced him to hang on to her tightly as she hung from her arms, legs stretched out in front of her. Cindy moaned and panted in pain and ecstasy, waiting for her hellish orgasm to subside. Eyes closed, head back and exhausted, she didn't see Jim Turner enter the room and circle behind her. Finally, after an eternity, the Poodle's giant knot began to deflate and Cindy's pussy relaxed. The huge pole of slimy red meat slipped from Cindy's pussy and she felt a steady stream of dog cum and cunt juices pouring out of her, plopping to the ground and dribbling down both legs.

Cindy had barely breathed out her relief when a cloth bag was suddenly pulled down over her head, pitching her into inky blackness. She screamed and struggled, but a brief shock of the evil collar was enough to make her stop resisting. She felt a drawstring pull the sack tight around her neck and she shivered all over at the thought of what terrors could be coming next.

Saturday April 29, 8:00 PM, 1587 Axton Road.

Lisa and Randy Barrett spoke to one another in low whispers in the observation room behind the main two-way mirrors of Cindy Lake's make-shift orgy room. Jim Turner was busy getting Cindy down from her chains. He took his time with his task, taking advantage of Cindy's blind state to enjoy the smooth feel of her perfect white skin and a close-up view of her perfect little nearly hairless pussy, still swollen from the onslaught of the dogs and oozing watery dog jism. Each time he touched her she flinched away from him, but she resisted the urge to scream or fight.

"Damn it Randy, I don't see why we should share with him. Three hundred thousand isn't that much money, especially split three ways. And besides, he's a liability." Lisa's whispered voice was sharp and demanding.

"Don't get your panties in a twist. Jim's a good guy. Hell, he's the one who brought the little bitch to us, remember."

"So what? He just got lucky, that's all. And he was too stupid to keep her to himself."

"Yeah, but we need him. We need him to help with all the cameras and the editing. He's better at that crap than either of us."

"I don't give a fuck! After tomorrow you'll be done with the editing and then we don't need him at all. I'm not sharing the money with him, got it? We need that cash - hell, who is it that thought this whole scheme up? Who put up the cash for the cameras and the rest of the equipment? Who had the connections to make some real money off our little movie here, huh? We did, that's who, not that little fuck out there slobbering over that stupid little girl. Christ, you men are so weak. I am not sharing with him. Got it? Besides, look at him - he can't keep his hands off of her. He wants to fuck her so bad, he's going to do something stupid, I just know it."

"Hey, I want to fuck her too, and so do you damn it."

"Yeah, but we're not stupid idiot assholes who can't keep control of ourselves, Randy! Fuck, can't you see we've got to get rid of him? Christ!"

"Fuck! Okay, calm down. Damn, Lisa, you get so worked up. Okay, I'll think of something - get him out of the way somehow, I don't know, I'll think of something."

"Oh fuck you, Randy! I'll take care of it. I know how to deal with Jim Turner. Oh crap - look at him!"

Saturday, April 29, 8:00 PM, David Barett's mustang.

David raced across town in response to the desperate, angry call from his little step sister. It was the first time in days that something took his mind off of Cindy Lake. He had to be careful not to get a speeding ticket, but still he arrived at the Turner house in record time. Jenny and David weren't actually related to one another, since her mother was just his step mother and his father was just her step father, but in the three years they'd lived under the same roof the two step siblings had formed an odd but strong bond. David was extremely fond of his little step sister and he knew she was the smartest person in the house, even if she was terribly bossy. He thought it was cute.

David rang the bell and then pounded on the door impatiently.

"Ooooh! Handsome! Come on in lover." Suzette Turner was visibly drunk as she opened the door to David's insistent pounding. She was also only half dressed, in a flowing pink robe that was open in the front, revealing matching silk bikini panties and a very revealing bra.

In any other circumstances David would have been instantly interested - after all Suzette was only about twenty five, not much older than several of the girls he'd had relations with. But she stank of liquor and he was here on a mission. Jenny was in trouble. David came through the doorway and tried to push past Suzette.

"Ooooh, what's your hurry lover boy? Come to momma." Suzette's attempts to be coquettish were pathetic, but she managed to grab David by the front of his shirt and pull him into a half embrace. She had to go up on her toes to plant a big sloppy kiss on his the cheek as David deftly turned his head away from her.

"Fuck! Cut it out. Damn it, Mrs Turner, Christ!" David had to struggle to push Suzette away. She was like an octopus.

"Ooh, come on baby, don't you want to have a little fun?" Suzette pouted as she staggered back from David. "Come on lover, I'll get you a drink."

David took advantage of Suzette's short attention span and need for another shot of tequila to move quickly into the living room. "Jenny!" he yelled. "Jenny, I'm here, come on!"

Jenny burst out of Annie's room with Annie firmly in tow. She ran up to David and punched him in the arm. "Ooh! What took you so long! Get us out of here - Annie's mom is crazy."

"Ow! Damn, Jenny, calm down, I'll take you home. But what about Annie?"

"You have to take her to her mom's house, right now, okay?"

"Okay, okay, let's get out of here. This is really screwed up."

"Hey, what the fuck! Where are you taking those girls?" Suzette managed to sound indignant, even though her words were drunkenly slurred, but she couldn't quite seem to get herself up from the couch where she had sunk with her new drink. "Come on, lover boy, let me see what you've got in those pants, eh."

"Eww, gross!" Jenny grabbed David and Annie each by a hand and dragged them out the front door.

David drove in silence on the way to Annie's mom's house. At first he was too angry to trust himself to speak in front of the little girls and once he'd calmed down, thoughts of Cindy Lake filled his head again. Annie used his cell phone to call ahead and make sure her mom was home, and he was grateful to hear that she was there - he didn't mind having Jenny around, but he certainly wasn't in the mood to be baby sitting little Annie Turner for the rest of the night. He had too much to think over.

Saturday April 29, 8:00 PM, 1587 Axton Road.

Blindness was terrifying, but at least the man who pulled the awful hood over Cindy's head had taken her down from the chains. Her reprise from bondage was short-lived. Cindy felt the man put his arms around her, touching her all over. She shrank away from him, but had nowhere to go. He smelled of liquor and cigarettes and his hands were rough as they explored her body.

"Oh god, what are you doing? Please. Stop. Help!" The man held Cindy up from behind, with one arm around her chest, clutching at her right breast. His other hand found her crotch and he fingered her tender pussy, massaging her labia and pushing a finger inside the cunt, squishing through the remaining dog cum and pussy nectar. It dawned on Cindy that he was going to rape her and the thought was even more horrifying than what the dogs had done to her. Cindy struggled to get away from him, but he was far too strong for the little girl. He gripped her tight and increased his attack on her little cunt. Cindy could hear him breathing excitedly and feel his hot smelly breath on her back.

Cindy felt herself be lifted up and carried her for a moment before she was put down on her back on a soft surface - the padded box she had seen earlier. The man kept touching her, unexpectedly, and Cindy was certain that any moment he was going to do something even more frightening or degrading. She flinched when he stroked her left breast, sending an unexpected rush of energy through her body and leaving her nipple erect and angry. He touched her cheek, then her foot, then he slipped a finger into her sopping pussy again and teased her clit. With each touch Cindy tensed and fought her urge to scream, afraid of the terrible collar around her throat.

But eventually her tormentor got down to the business at hand. Cindy gasped when she felt him pull her left wrist down and clip it to the side of the box. Then she felt her left ankle being tied to the side of the box too. She panicked as she realized that she was being bound to the box, but it was too late to fight the man successfully. Cindy quivered as he locked her right wrist cuff to the other side of the box, pulling her arms and shoulders back uncomfortably on the narrow box. Then her right ankle was bound as well. Once again Cindy was bound in a nearly helpless condition, and there was no denying the thrill and arousal that ran up and down her spine at the realization.

Cindy lay on her back on the pad, afraid to move, but terribly uncomfortable. She had to arch her back because of her bonds. Her feet were off the side of the box, forcing her legs apart, with her butt at the very end of the box. The box wasn't very long. It ended beneath her shoulder blades, which were pulled back very tight. There was nothing to rest her head on and Cindy had to fight to keep her head up.

The man touched her again, on the sole of her foot, and Cindy jerked painfully. Then he licked her left nipple and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. She was left alone for a moment, blind and quaking, anticipating something horrible. She heard a zipper and then something touched her pussy, something bigger than a finger. Cindy tensed. She squeezed her vaginal walls as tight as she could. She wanted to scream. He was going to fuck her! She was so scared.

"Hey, asshole, cut that out! Finish the job and get your ass back out here!" It was the woman, Cindy's tormentor, and no amount of electronic distortion could hide the anger in her voice.

Whatever was pushing at Cindy's pussy went away and then, a few seconds later, the drawstring holding the sack over her head loosened. She heard the man walk quickly away from her, leaving her in dark silence. Cindy couldn't stop her body from trembling. She let her head fall backwards, twisting and shaking it until the awful sack fell to the floor. She pulled her head back up, straining to look around the room.

The Rottweiler and the Poodle were back. And they had two friends with them, a large German Shepherd and a Doberman Pincer, both of them very large and frightening looking dogs. Cindy thought she understood completely what was in store for her. The dogs wanted to fuck her - she could see it in their eyes. Her pussy pulsed with anticipation. But there were four of them! Cindy panicked. She lost control of her mind and thrashed at her bonds, pulling desperately in every direction, straining with every ounce of her strength. She was completely helpless. And then the words of Jenny and David both came back to her. Realizing just how helpless she was made her crazy with desire. It was the lowest moment of her life, understanding that she desperately wanted the huge dogs to rape her.

"My my, Cindy, you look so excited."

Cindy was startled badly at the sudden return of the evil woman's smooth voice. She gasped, but she held her tongue and kept from screaming.

"Tell me Cindy. Tell me what you want to do with all the nice doggy's I've brought for you."

"Oh, oh god!" Cindy's pussy was screaming into her brain, there was no denying it. And she was terrified of the evil collar around her neck. "I want them! Please. I want them."

"You want them to what, Cindy?"

"I want them to fuck me. All of them. Now!"

"Ooh, what a greedy little girl you are Cindy. But Cindy, you have to earn a good fucking. You haven't done anything to earn it now, have you?"

"What? I don't understand, please!"

"Just put your head back, Cindy, that's a good girl. The nice doggie's will take care of the rest. Enjoy Cindy, enjoy it all."

Cindy understood. It was too horrible to contemplate, but she understood at once what the evil voice expected of her. She was truly afraid, but she knew she had no choice in the matter and that just made it more exciting. Cindy put her head back, lolling it down below the table. Fortunately there was enough cushion to slightly pad the back of her head. Her pussy was aching, desperate for more dog cock. She knew she had to get fucked again, whatever it took. Cindy closed her eyes and called out to the doggies. "Here boy, come here," she said, knowing the terrible fate she was resigning herself to.

The Doberman was the first to respond to Cindy. He padded around to face her and he quickly lashed out with his strong tongue to lave her face and her open mouth. Cindy force herself to open her eyes to see which of the huge beasts had come to her and she stared into the upside down eyes of the large black dog with the long muzzle and the alarming row of sharp teeth. Pleas don't hurt me, she thought, quivering, and then she carefully entwined her tongue with his, kissing her newest lover and inviting him to continue on.

The Doberman enjoyed kissing and licking his new toy for several minutes, but he got more and more excited and his long cock slipped farther and farther out of its furry sheath. The little girl-bitch smelled so good, even at the end where her mouth was. She was ready to please him. She wanted him to dominate her and show her how strong and virile he could be. At length he was ready and reared up to mount her. Her arms provided the perfect paw-holds as he straddled her chest. The low box was exactly the right height.

Cindy saw the upside down dog face suddenly disappear, to be replaced by furry black stomach and a long bright red stick of red meat. She'd had dog-cock in her mouth before, but she knew this was going to be different. She knew that in her helpless position she couldn't stop the dog from fucking her in the throat. She was very frightened, so frightened that she had second thoughts and she began to fight against her bonds. But she was truly helpless. There was no escape from the intimidating red cock that was jerking frantically at her. Hot precum splashed on her face. Oh god, please, please, don't hurt me! Cindy opened her mouth and tasted the next spurt of doggy lubricant on her tongue. Then the cock was in her mouth, jerking wildly. She closed her lips around it. It wasn't nearly as thick as King's cock, but it filled her mouth.

The Doberman was in heaven. The feeling of the little girl-bitch's lips closing tightly around his throbbing dick was wonderful. But it was time to mate her, to dominate her and tie with her. He thrust his cock hard into her mouth. The long pole hit the back of her mouth, but he kept ramming it into her, forcing it deeper and deeper.

Cindy was suddenly in distress. The huge dog was in control and he wasn't going to just let her suck on the end of his cock as she had expected. He was going to fuck her and fuck her completely. She kept choking on his cock as he rammed it into the back of her throat, harder and harder. And it was swelling quickly, getting much thicker, until it completely filled her mouth. The hot precum stung her throat and made her gag, but she was powerless to stop him. She could barely breath and she squirmed uncontrollably to try to dislodge the huge cock from her mouth. But she lifted her head just enough, straightening her throat. And then poor, innocent little Cindy forced herself to swallow, to open her throat and let the huge cock down in. It was all the beast needed. He rammed his cock in, deeper into her esophagus. He forced her to deep throat his huge member and as soon as he was fully embedded in her, his knot swelled inside her mouth. Cindy felt the knot filling her mouth. Her jaw was forced open farther and farther. She kept gagging on the cock, but he was tied to her mouth and there was no dispelling him. And then the hot thin dog seed began to gush down her throat, forcing her swallow reflexes to carry the odious seminal fluid down into her stomach.

The Doberman was still pumping hot cum down Cindy's throat when she felt one of the other dogs licking at her pussy. She squirmed on the box at the wonderful feeling. Her pussy was on fire, despite the horror of the giant dog cock down her throat. The other dog licked her into a quivering mass of delight as the Doberman continued to abuse her face, but finally the Doberman was finished and he pulled his cock from her mouth and dismounted her. Cindy could barely lift her head, but she struggled to find out which of the magnificent beasts was giving her so much pleasure with his strong tongue. Even as she looked down along her own naked body, the Shepherd reared up between her legs and grabbed her firmly by the waist.

"Oh, oh, yes, oh my god, yes, yes, OOHHHH!!" Cindy screamed out her pleasure as the huge Shepherd entered her with his long thick cock. She was instantly in an ecstatic rush of orgasm. His cock was huge, wonderful and hot. She could hardly wait to feel the gigantic knot that would fill her beyond imagination. But Cindy wasn't to be allowed to simply enjoy the wonderful feeling of being fucked by the large Shepherd. There were two more greedy hound dogs impatient for another turn at the girl-bitch who smelled so wonderful.

The Rottweiler wasted no time. He reared up in front of Cindy and forced her head back down. In seconds his thick cock was in her mouth, stretching her lips wide. More experienced now, Cindy forced her face upwards, aligning her throat for the inevitable invasion of the Rottweiler's long dick. At the same time the Shepherd was pounding his cock into her pussy. He was so huge she felt he was going to split her apart. But she had to concentrate on taking the Rottweiler's long cock down her throat without being asphyxiated.

The two huge dogs knotted Cindy from each end within seconds of one another. Hot cum filled her body as she trembled in orgasmic rapture. When the Rottweiler was done with her he quickly abandoned her, but the Shepherd's huge cock was firmly clamped in her pussy, her body holding onto it as long as possible.

Eventually everything became a giant blur of fucking and sucking for Cindy. Every time one of the dogs dismounted her pussy she begged and pleaded to be fucked again. But for every cock in her pussy she had to pay with one in her mouth. The dogs who weren't fucking her would lick her everywhere, her titties, her feet, her armpits. It was intense added torture. She lost count of how many times she was fucked or had her throat filled with hot dog sperm, but all of the dogs were certainly fully satisfied by their new girl-bitch. For hours the savage dogs kept after, but eventually the exhausted girl could take no more. Her mind and her body were overloaded.

The final indignity was too much for Cindy. The huge Shepherd reared up between her legs once again. The other three dogs were licking her mercilessly, but she weakly lifted her head to stare into the Shepherds eyes. He had a tight grip on her. Her pussy was crying out to him and she felt him stab wildly at her with his raging boner. But the dog wasn't poking at her pussy. He was poking at her ass. Cindy's eyes flew open in surprise. She flashed on the image of David staring down into her eyes as he pushed his cock into her ass. Oh god, no, she thought, but she knew she had no way to stop the huge dog. His cock contacted her asshole and the sharp point entered her. He growled and readjusted his position, feeling that he was inside her, and then he lunged forward. Ten inches of massive dog-cock was forced into Cindy's anus. The dog didn't care if he'd found pussy or ass or mouth. He only knew that his cock was inside an incredibly tight hole and that it was time for him to mate his little bitch again. He rammed into her as hard as could, burying the length of his giant dick in her.

Cindy screamed and screamed, tensing and squirming with the last of her exhausted strength. But the huge cock went farther and farther up her ass, filling her completely. The dog's balls slapped against her ass and then, when he was completely impaled on her anus, he held her tight. Cindy felt the huge knot swell up inside her ass. It was too big. It was tearing her apart. She arched her back even farther as the pain swept over her body. She was going to explode. And then, as she felt the hot cum filling her intestines, mercifully, she fainted.

Saturday, April 29, 9:00 PM, David Barrett's mustang.

David and Jenny Barrett watched Annie Turner disappear into her mother's house. David still hadn't said a word, lost in his own miserable thoughts. Jenny was also lost in contemplation, but she wanted someone to talk to and she knew she could talk to David about almost anything. David started to cruise down the quiet street towards home.

"David, can I ask you something?"

"Sure sweetie, sorry, I'm kinda down about something. It's nothing. What did you want to ask?"

"Uhm, do you remember I told you about that girl, the babysitter - you know, Cindy?"

"Man Jenny, how could I forget a story like that?" David stiffened at the mention of Cindy. Suddenly his attention was riveted on Jenny. He decided to pull over to the curb and turn off the engine so that he could really turn and look at his little step sister.

"Well, uh, I didn't quite tell you everything about her."

"Huh, what more could there be? More than the stuff you saw her do with King?"

"Oh, David, I'm sorry, but you see, I sort of made her do that. And some other stuff too."

"What? What are you talking about?"

Jenny knew she just had to get the whole story out. She went on in a rush of words. "See, I knew about Cindy 'cause she babysits for Annie too and Annie saw her letting some other dog, like Prince, well, letting them lick her. And so I said I would tell on her if she didn't do what I told her to do - and that scared her real bad, so she did do what I told her."

"Holy shit Jenny, what did you tell her to do?"

"I told her I wanted to learn about kissing and so she kissed me and I kissed her back. And then I told her I wanted to see her let King lick her and when she did it, it looked really fun. And then I told her to do some other stuff, but it's not important." Jenny blushed deeply. She'd almost told David about making Cindy lick her pussy, but she was too embarrassed. He didn't have to know everything, did he?

"What stuff, Jenny? You're kind of scaring me here."

"Nothing, really, just some more kissing kind of stuff. But then King got all mad after he licked Cindy for a long time. Cindy said he wanted something from her, that the doggy's always wanted something more. So, I told Cindy to give him what he wanted - I told her, and she just kept doing what I told her. It was my fault David!"

"I don't understand, what happened?"

"I told Cindy to give King what he wanted, so she got down on the floor and put her hand on his thing - his big red thing - and then she tried to put his thing in her mouth. But something went wrong. Cindy got something in her eyes and she screamed and she knocked her glasses off. Then she was rubbing her eyes and she couldn't see and King got really mad. He scared me. I got away from him, but Cindy couldn't see and then King grabbed her and pushed her onto the couch. She was screaming and screaming. She didn't want him to do that. It wasn't like I told you before, Cindy didn't want King to do that, she was so scared. She was terrified. But I just stood there and watched - I watched him push his big thing inside Cindy. It hurt her really bad and then it got stuck inside her for a long time. It was my fault. David, I should have helped her."

"Oh wow, Jenny, wow. It was rape. You saw Cindy get raped by King. Oh man, that's not what you told me before. You just told me you watched Cindy from the hallway, that you saw her get licked and then let King get behind her and grab her around the waist for awhile. Man, I didn't even think you knew what that meant. Jesus, Jenny, you should have told me the truth! Oh man."

"David, I'm sorry. It was all so scary and strange. But now, you see, I keep thinking about Cindy. I miss her. I don't understand, but I really want to see her again. But I don't think she'll ever come back, not after what happened. I really wish I could see her again."

"Oh man, Jenny, that is so weird. That is just too weird."

"What is? Tell me."

"You see, well, I kinda got a confession too. Damn. You see, after you told me about Cindy the first time, I got real curious. I mean, like, it was weird knowing who the girl was that everyone at school was talking about and I just, like, had to see for myself. And you know, she's one of the little kids in the gym class that I help with. But I'd never really noticed her before. But now, like, now I noticed her, so I went to talk to her. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I just wanted to tease her or be mean to her, I don't know. But I started talking to her and she kept looking up at me like she does, and the next thing I know I was kissing her. I mean really kissing her and well, some other stuff, and I was kind of really mean to her. And then I got scared and I ran off."

"Wow, David. But then what?" Jenny let David slide on the "other stuff" comment, since she didn't really want to tell him what "other stuff" she had made Cindy do.

"Well, then, nothing, I just ran off. But I can't stop thinking about her either. I really want to see her. But she's so young - I mean she's like a little kid and I'm, like, a man, I'm eighteen. And she probably hates me and never wants to see me again, 'cause I was so mean to her. But Jesus, I really want to see her again."

"Why don't you just go to her house?"

"I did, but then I got worried. I mean, what would I say if her parents opened the door? They'd call the cops on me if I came looking for her. So I just sat outside her house, hoping I'd see her. But I don't think she was home. Her parents both got in a car and headed out all dressed up, and the house was completely dark. I'm pretty sure nobody was home. And then you called me and I had to hot tail it over to skanky Mrs. Turner's house to get you."

"This is so weird. We both want to see Cindy. We both miss her. We've got to do something about it."

"Like what?"

"Well, we could go to her house later when we're sure she's home."

"But I already told you, her parents aren't going to let a guy my age come looking for their little girl daughter."

"No, dodo brain! That's why you take me. You tell her parents that you're looking for a babysitter for your sweet little sister, see? That's all."

"Oh damn, that's a great plan. Jenny, you are so smart - what would I do without you?"

"You'd probably fall in a hole and drown, dummy. Let's go home. I want to plan how we're going to find Cindy."

Read on for Chapter Nine.


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