Title: Girl Scout Gang Rape
Author: Ernie Walker




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Sandy tried to think of what they wanted her to do - what more could they want from her! She had tried to make them happy so they would stop hurting her, but it never seemed to help.  They always wanted more! She saw the man to her right move his fingers into her sisters abused bottom, digging into her bruised butt-hole, moving deep, past the first two knuckles.  She felt her sister shudder on top of her as the grown-up probed inside her bottom with his thick, hairy finger.

Jimbo rooted around inside the child's ass with his finger - his wedding ring rubbing against the girls sphincter, and he felt around inside the warm, moist inside of the girl's rectum, he felt his cum that he shot into her ass a few seconds before.  He scooped up a healthy dollop on his fingers and pulled it out of her butt-hole, watching a strand of come, blood and sweat link the tips of his middle and index fingers with the bruised and abused opening.  The look on her sisters face as she pieced together what he was going was priceless.

He's going to make me eat it, Sandy thought.   The man's moved his fingers closer to her mouth, and she snapped her jaw shut.  She couldn't do that! She couldn't! It was too much! She saw the fingers come close to her, and she pursed her lips.  Her mind screamed No!.  She felt the hand of the other man, Tito, grope under her jaw and pinch.  Her mouth popped open and the big man rammed his fingers into her mouth and rub the come onto her tongue.

"Suck my fingers! Suck the come of it, you little whore! Come on, you know you want to!" Jimbo laughed as the young girl used her tongue to push the fingers out of her mouth, and only succeeded in licking them, spreading the come and blood around in her tiny mouth.  "She loves it!" She saw Tito push his fingers into her sisters butt-hole and bring out another bunch of come.  Jimbo held her jaw open as Tito fucked her mouth with his fingers, making her stomach turn at the taste and smell of what was being swabbed around inside her mouth.  

Cindy felt another pair of finger probe inside of her and take some of the liquid out.  She heard the men yelling behind her, telling her twin sister to suck it! Those men were forcing her sister to suck the juice out of her bottom! She opened her eyes, and watched the two penises continue to impale her sister's preteen opening, the lips of her undeveloped vagina gripping the hard shaft of the man who had forced his way into her, the blood streaks of her ruptured cunny still visible as it thrust in and out.  She felt a hand move onto her head, and turn it slightly, so her mouth was right above the top of her sister's little slit.  The man slid his cock out and without missing a stroke, slid it into her mouth.   She taste the blood and juices from her twin's privates.  The man slid it out, sighed, and pumped it back into her sister.   The action was repeated several times, each time accompanied by a groan, or a sigh, or a bad word, like "oh shit" or "fuck."

"You gotta try this action!" the man exclaimed, and Cindy saw the man who had his thing in her sister's butt-hole pull it out, and before she could move, the hand holding her head pulled her over and forced her mouth onto it! Right from her sister's bottom into her mouth! The taste was horrible! It was slimy and strong, and her head was forced up and down, up and down, first on one of the cocks, then on the other.   When she wasn't sucking on one, it would be placed inside her sisters cunny or her butt-hole, only to be removed and rammed inside her mouth again, down her throat.

Then, as Cindy had learned, the inevitable happened.  The men started moving faster, they started groaning louder, and she expected them to shoot in her mouth.  She readied herself for the brutal assault that her throat was going to have to endure one more time - but it didn't happen! The man driving inside Sandy's cunny, drove deep, shuddered, and screamed at the top of his lungs.  He must have shot his stuff inside of her! She didn't have to drink it like before! She was so happy at that! And the man below her - same thing.  He was in her bottom - and he left it in her as his stuff came out.   She knew because he screamed really loudly, "I'm coming! Oh fuck yes! Commminnggg...." and then they stopped moving back and forth and pulled out.  Thank God, Cindy thought.  She couldn't have done that again!

She felt hands grab her and lift her off.  They turned her around and let her head rest on the board that the man was lying on - between his and her sisters legs.  She was able to rest for a second as the men moved around her.  She looked up and saw the man's thing still buried inside her sister's bottom - but the man in her opening had removed and there was a little trickle of white stuff coming out - with the hole still holding itself open after being force-fucked by the adult cock for so long.  The men moved around, and she saw her sister's body being raised right over her face - then she realized.  She was going to have to suck it out of her sister's cunny! Her mind reeled at the concept - but she didn't act fast enough.  She felt her sister's body be forced down, and her crotch drop onto her nose and mouth - the moistness enveloping her lips and chin.

She could taste the slime as they rubbed her sister's privates all over her face.  Then the man took his penis out of her bottom and a large drop of come left her butt-hole, right above her eyes.  She felt it drop onto the bridge of her noise and get spread around by the men manipulating her sisters body - smearing it all over her pre-teen face.  It was gooey and sticky and was rubbed into her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and chin.  She had to breathe - her nose was blocked by the crack of her twin's ass.  She had to inhale! She readied herself and sucked in air deep.  The inevitable happened and her mouth was filled with the creamy residue that had gathered while she kept her mouth closed as long as possible.  It dropped into her mouth and she swallowed quickly - hoping to avoid the taste.

Her sister was lifted off of her and placed next to her - face to face.  The twins looked at each other - their face's streaked with semen, virginal blood that had come from each other's privates.  They saw the dried come, sweat, and blood collected in various places on their small six-year-old faces.   The two young girls - looked at each other in shock.  They had always enjoyed looking at each other - it was always like a mirror.  Now the girls didn't know what to think - what was more horrifying: the face in front of them or the fact that their face looked the same.

"Clean each other off," an anonymous voice said - and the two girls did.  They both knew what happened if they refused.  The carefully wiped, and licked, and sucked each others faces - the forehead, the eyelids, the cheeks, the lips of their sister, their twin, swallowing all matter of semen, blood, sweat, and whatever else marred their once-innocent beauty.  Eventually, their faces started shining with each others saliva.  Cindy and Sandy felt the caressing feel of the tongues and gentle fingers did wonders after the brutality they were forced to endure this morning.  

"Now - have you little girls learned your lesson?" Jimbo asked as he came over to them, both sitting up - their uniforms in taters.  Cindy's Mulan panties still ripped and torn - hanging only by a small remnant of elastic.  The girls nodded.  "And that lesson would be?"

"We let you do what you want," Cindy said.  "Anything," Sandy concluded.

"Only me?" Jimbo inquired - trying to entrap the girls.  They shook their heads in unison, their red hair - flowing freely not an hour again, now matted down by dried come.

"Any man." Sandy said.  "Anyone," Cindy corrected.

"Good.  Let's go teach that to your sister," Jimbo said, taking one girls hand in each of his and leading them off where their sister had been tied.

Girl Scout Gang Rape Part 5 - The Conference Room (M+/ggg, nc, cum eating, a2m, anal, fisting) by Uncle Ernie Walker

Jimbo held the two young girls by the hand and led them through the partially constructed building.  The workers all followed the semi-naked six-year-olds, their Brownie Scout uniforms in tatters.

He turned the corner and entered what would eventually be the conference room for a bunch of suits, but today was a pedophile's playground.  There was a large table in the middle of the room with several chairs around the perimeter of the room.  Several of the workers were relaxing in those chair in various stages of undress, all without pants, many completely naked.  Some of the men also stood around, watching the action on the table, stroking themselves.

The table was occupied by three bodies, two grown men - and the nine year that Jimbo originally grabbed in the elevator.   Her uniform was now ripped open and splayed out underneath her.  Her legs were wide open, with her forearms and shins taped together with duct tape.  The lower half of her body was resting on a large folded tarp that had covered the tape previously - the effect was that it pushed her preteen pubic area up and out, displaying it to her attackers.

There was a bunch of white cloth sticking out of the girl's mouth as she turned her head toward the door.  Jimbo realized that the men were using her panties as a gag, the girls face red with exertion as she continued to breath through her nose.   There was streaks over her face - Jimbo couldn't tell if it was tears or residue semen.  Probably both.

Tina noticed the leader of the men bring in her two younger sisters, and her heart broke all over.  The two innocent children that she had constantly teased - were now gone forever.  Cindy and Sandy stood there, mostly naked, with no effort to cover themselves, holding the hand of their attacker.  They looked, dazed - broken.  Tina felt another sob build up in her chest, and needed to swallow - but the cotton fabric in her mouth prevented it.

Brian and Ted were kneeling by the child's crotch, probing her, pulling at her lips, gazing into her opening.  The skin around the little girl's pubes was rough and swollen, after the repeated rapes that she had suffered this morning - it was also soaked with sweat, blood and semen.  Brian moved his finger down to the little asshole, and pressed the tip of his finger into the ravaged orifice.  

Tina mumbled into the crumpled panties in her mouth at the invasion into her sore bottom.  It hurt! She felt the grown man wiggle his finger into the abused opening and wiggle around as it went deeper.  Tina pulled her stomach in, trying to get away, to pull away - though in the back her mind she knew it was going to last, they would-

She felt a hand whip around her left thigh and pull her closer - and the finger drove into her bottom, past the raw opening, deep into her again.  She had felt much larger things up there today, but it always shocked her to feel something moving inside her there.  She felt the knuckles passing into her, and felt the finger flex around inside her bottom and it hurt, but not as bad as earlier - she was a little more open down there - she didn't tear like she did earlier.

"Watch this," Brian said and prepped another finger while his middle was still plumbing the bowels of this little girls asshole.  He spit onto his fingers and started to wedge his finger into the hole.  It started to stretch and Tina's head lifted up - her eyes registering shock.

Tina shook her head quickly, trying to plead through the panties rammed into her mouth - mumbling for the men to please not hurt her anymore - please - it hurts - it hur-owoww

"NNnggggggg...oooooooooo" was all she could manage, trying to get sound around the wadded up underpants in her mouth as the finger entered her bottom and tried to spread her open further.

Ted used his fingers on her lips and started rubbing them with his large, adult hand.  He gripped the lips, the tiny pre-pubescent labia, and moved them around, pulled them apart, trying to open her hole further.  He dropped his thumb on the little girls clit and started rubbing fiercely as Brian continued slipping his second finger into the girl's asshole.

Tina's vision clouded with the sensations of the man touching her button.  Her daddy only touched her button before - before these men hurt her.  Whenever, her daddy touched her button, she always felt good - felt little explosions all over her body.  Not this time - it was like a painfully bright light exploding in her head as the man rubbed his coarse skin over it, moving it around while opening her lips.  She also felt the other man continue to drive his other finger into her bottom and open it up.  She tried to move her arms, but couldn't! The position they were taped into prevented it, she couldn't move!

Brian finally succeeded in sinking a second finger into her ass, and was about to try a third when Jimbo came over with the tramp's two little sisters.  He brought them over to the table and stood them behind the kneeling men.  

"Cindy, Sandy?" Jimbo called.  "Look at your sister."

The two twins looked at their older sister, splayed out in front of them, being violated by the two grown-ups.  Cindy looked and could see inside her sister - right inside her bottom.  The man had opening it up a little bit and she could see the darkness that was inside Tina.

"Whose idea was it to come here today?" Jimbo asked, taking a risk.

"It was Tina's," Sandy answered.  At the mention of her name, Tina lifted her head, and looked at her two young sisters.

"We were supposed to go to the store like Mommy said, but Tina wanted to come here," Cindy continued.

"So it was Tina's idea to come and visit us.  Let me tell you a secret girls.  Tina wanted us to hurt you.  She said so." Tina's eyes widened at the lie.  Her mind rebelled at the concept that she could do such a thing - or that this man would say that!

Sandy and Cindy looked at the man in shock, then back at their sister.  Tina noticed their look and knew that they believed him! She started trying to scream through the fabric in her mouth, to plead her innocence to her little sisters - to do something

"She called us while you were getting ready.  She said she wanted to sell more cookies then you.  We promised we would buy enough from her that you would never catch up.  In return, she let us hurt you like we have been," Jimbo lied.

"But why did you hurt her?" Cindy asked.

Quick kid, Jimbo thought.  "It made us mad that she would do that to you darling little girls - but a deal is a deal.   So we made her pay for hurting you.  Now, it's your turn." Jimbo finished, proud of himself.

The young girls looked back Jimbo, wondering why he would say that if it wasn't true.  Grown-ups don't lie - they even get made when children lie.  Why would Tina do that!?

"You want to get back at her?" Jimbo asked, knowing what answer was going to come.

"Yes.  She hurt us - I want to hurt her," came Sandy's quick reply.  Cindy just glowered at her older sister - unable to think why Tina would hurt them so much - couldn't believe that she wanted to win so much that she would do that.

"See what this man is doing? It's hurting her - do you want to try that?" Jimbo asked, pushing the girls forward a little bit, so they stood surrounded by grown man and gazing between their grown sisters legs at the two openings between her legs.

Tina started shaking her head as her mind pieced together what these men were going to do next.

Cindy looked at her sister, with her "grown-up" panties filling her mouth, with the streaks of stuff all over her face - and suddenly got so mad.  "What do I do?" she asked.

"Touch her.  Right here," Brian answered, opening the nine-year-old's butt and moving his hands out of the way, to give the child an unobstructed view.

Cindy reached a finger forward and touched inside her older sister's bottom.  It was warm and bumpy - she could see where it was sore.  Tina moaned in protest at her sister's finger entering her and rubbing the inside of her butthole.

Jimbo leaned over to Tito, who was standing behind him watching this show.  "Get some of the motor oil." Tito nodded and left the room.

Cindy rubbed the edge of the opening with her forefinger and looked up into the sobbing face of her older sister, who was silently pleading her not to do anything.  Cindy noticed Tina's reaction when she touched inside her - how she would jerk up.  Cindy pressed hard down on a bump inside her sister, and Tina's head shot back.

Sandy stood looking at the display in front of her and said to the other man, "What do I do?"

Ted looked at the younger Brownie Scout and, using his free hand, placed the little girl's finger on her sister's raw clit.  "Rub right here, then put your fingers in here," he pointed out the girl's hole.

"In her pee hole, like you were doing to me?" Sandy asked.

"Yes, just like we were.  Do it fast and hard." Ted replied, feeling his cock get stiffer.  He felt it brush the child's leg standing next to him and he dropped his left arm to cup her buttock.

Jimbo noticed Tito return with the engine grease.  Without need to tell him, Tito went around the other side of the table and climbed up, sitting next to Tina's head, holding the container.

"Now, girls, listen up.  We're going to have a little contest." Tito started.

Cindy and Sandy looked up at the naked man sitting next to their older sister.  He was holding a yellow, plastic container.   It was just like the container that their daddy used to buy at the store for their car.

"I am going to pour this all over your sisters pee-pee and bottom, and I want to see who can first fit their hands into her."

Tina screamed at the thought, and started bucking about, causing both girls - who weren't ready for that move, to pull away their hands.  Brian and Ted reached out, and grabbed the young Girl Scout by the waist and pulled her close to the edge of the table.

"Now, give me your hands," Tito said.  The two Brownie Scouts reached out there hands as he opened the bottle.  He poured it over Tina's belly and crotch and watched as her younger sisters pooled the oil in their cupped hands.

"Get it all over," Tito reminded them.  The girls washed their hands in the slimy oil, streams and large rivers of motor oil running through their hands and pouring onto their sister's belly and between her legs.  Tina felt the cold liquid drop onto her, into her, and it caused her to retract.  

"Now, ready..." Tito called.  Cindy and Sandy got their hands even more covered with oil, scooping it up off their sister and the table.  Other men in the room had started gathering around the table and watched.  A few started stroking their cocks.

"Get set..." Tito followed.  Tina whimpered, unable to move, the blood gone from her arms and legs, the tingling all over her limbs as they had fallen asleep.  She looked and saw the men stepping up to the table, stroking their things, and the man sitting by her head put down the bottle of oil and poured some on his things and started stroking it.  She felt her sisters finger touch her down there and she looked at the two young girls.  

Both Cindy and Sandy were poised, ready to start, their hands glistening with the motor oil, waiting to force themselves into their older sister - ready to get revenge on her for letting this men hurt them.

"Go!" Tito called out and Cindy and Sandy went to work.

Tina felt both hands press into her crotch - one in her pee hole, one in her butt hole.  The slickness caused by all the oil slid the first fingers in easily and it shocked the young girl - she was so lubed up that the thin fingers of her sister just slipped right up inside her.  Then they started using more fingers on their hands - Cindy trying to press two into her bottom, Sandy going right to three - three! inside her! The walls of her opening started getting stretched, it was too slick - had no choice but to open further!

"Go...  go...  go..." the men started chanting as the two prepucescent Scouts tried to force their hands into their sisters' cunt and asshole.  Jimbo started stroking his cock - clearly having the best seat in the house for this unbelievable show.  His cock started getting hard - despite the strong orgasm he had not fifteen minutes ago when he dropped a loud into one of the twins asses.

Cindy got two of her slim fingers in her sisters bottom, pulled out, and unfolded two more, so all four of her fingers were placed at the ring of her older sisters butt-hole.  It started to close again, so she rammed all four fingers into the opening and was surprised to see them slip right in! The oil made it really slippery and she heard her sisters scream into the panties crammed in her mouth.  That must have hurt! Good.

"Go...  go...  go..." the chants continued - encouraging the girls to try harder, to race to see who could fit their hands in first.

Sandy watched her sister ram four fingers into Tina's bottom and followed suit in her pee-hole - taking out her fingers, and placed four right at the opening and forcing them in quickly, watching as the oil helped push the most of her hand into her sister.

Tina screamed once again, her groin stretched and was on fire as her two six-year-old sisters tried to force their hands into her - she was so open - spreading so far it hurt - had their hands inside her - all but their thumbs.  She started sobbing hard - in the pain and the shame, in the thought that her life would never be the same...

"Come on girls - try harder! I want those thumbs inside that cunt and ass!" Jimbo goaded the young children on, and the girls responded by pulling out their hands, folding their thumbs under and getting ready for another assault.

In the brief second Tina looked up at her sisters, and tried to plead one last time to not hurt her, to cry out with her eyes and muffled voice that she loved them - why are they believing these mean men? Please don-

Pain erupted in the Girl Scout's crotch as the two six year olds rammed their whole hands into her.  Cindy's folded hand slid up to the knuckles before it stopped for a split second as Sandy's fingers and thumb ripped into her pee-hole.  As soon as Sandy's fist entered, Tina felt Cindy's whole hand, down to her wrist, pop past the barrier and slid inside her bottom.  Fire exploded into her vision and Tina could take no more - she dropped away - fleeing from the pain.

Cheers erupted for the young girls as they buried their fists into Tina.  Jimbo looked at the image before him, the two children with the hands buried in the crotch and ass of their sister.   He could feel his orgasm approaching, working it's way up his cock.  He manuevered himself between the two girls and turned to one of them - he didn't know her name.  He grabbed her head and turned it around.

Sandy felt the man's hands on her head and noticed the man's large cock dangling in her vision as her face was turned around.

"Open your mouth," Jimbo said.

"But - I thought -" Sandy started to explain and noticed the man start to frown.  Remembering her lesson earlier, she dropped her mouth open and sat still, face looking up at the grown-up, fist buried inside her older sister, waiting for the liquid that she knew would be coming soon.  She closed her eyes as she readied herself for it.

Jimbo stroked his cock faster, felt the come moving up inside of him - getting ready to shoot out.  "Open your eyes, cunt.  Open your eyes and look at me."

Sandy, confused at what she had done wrong, why this man was going to make her drink his stuff again - she had thought he was her friend now - opened her eyes, looking past the cock sitting in the middle of her view, and the furiously pumping fist, and the sweaty naked man towering over her.

"Yes...  fuck...  are you ready?" Jimbo felt it getting closer, building.  "Keep it in your mouth - don't swallow it," he told her as his balls tightened...

"Yes, Mister, I want it," Sandy said and stuck her tongue out.  Then she saw his waist shake a little and the man threw his head back and roared and the thing in front of her spit up on her face.  The first strand hit her nose and started dribbling into her mouth as the next couple shot hit her cheeks, before the man forced his thing into her open mouth, pouring the salty, bitterly hot liquid onto her tongue.   She felt another squirt bounce off the roof of her mouth, and started the move down her throat so she closed her throat off, trying to hold the slimy stuff in her mouth.  Her cheeks poofed out, holding it in.

Jimbo pulled his cock out of the six-year-olds mouth, leaving her mouth full of his come.  "Kiss your sister - give it to her."

Cindy heard this and remembered the other room.  She went down on one knee - unquestioningly, and opened her mouth like the baby birds in the cartoons, waiting for her sister to drool out the man's gunk.  Sandy moved in, positioned her mouth over her twin, and opened her mouth.  A large glop of saliva and come fell out, and slapped right onto the child's nose and mouth, most of falling in, but a fair amount pouring down the sides and up her nose.  Then the girls kissed - moving the liquid back and forth between their mouths.

"You learn fast now.  That's good."

A groan for their sister stopped the twins kissing and they looked up at her.  "Remove your hands and sit her up," Jimbo commanded and the Sandy removed her fist first, then Cindy.  The child's pussy and asshole remained stretched after that workout, as the two girls started undoing the tape from their sisters legs and arms.

Jimbo leaned over to Ernie and told him to find the girls' cell phone.

Tina gradually came to, felt them remove their hands - but she was still wide open down there.  She could feel the emptiness, the openness and knew that she would never be the same.  She then felt the tape being removed from her legs and arms.  She couldn't really feel her limbs anymore, the blood had long since drained from them.  It was like happening to someone else - the feeling of the tape peel of the skin.

Her arms and legs flopped down as they were released.  The twins helped her sit up.  Tito moved to be sitting right behind her.  The young girl's head lolled forward - woozy from the ordeal she just endured.

Ernie came back in, holding the cellphone left in the elevator.   He handed it over to Jimbo.

Jimbo reached out and held the child's face in his hand and raised it up.  Tina looked at him with tired eyes.  He pulled the panties out of the her mouth, and she gagged and inhaled deeply.

"Are you parents home?" Jimbo asked.

Tina nodded slowly.  "Only my mom.  My parents are getting divorced," she replied.

"Really?" Jimbo smiled.  "What's your phone number?" he inquired as he put the phone to his ear.

Girl Scout Gang Rape (MFg,incest,nc,oral,anal,a2m) by Ernie Walker

Part Six - The Phone Call

The phone rang as Tabitha Barnett was just stepping out of the shower.  She considered for a moment answering it - but decided against it.  There couldn't be anything happening on a Sunday morning that would make her run through the house naked just to answer a phone.

She proceeded to dry off and starting wrapping her hair in a towel when the answering machine beeped on and the recording started - allowing her to screen the call.  She opened the bathroom door a little wider so she could at least identify the caller.

"Umm, Mom? It's me - Tina," a small voice came out of the speaker, sounding very distant and metallic.  Tabitha craned her head outside the bathroom door, wondering what her daughter could be calling about.  It had only been an hour since she last saw her - and she wasn't due to call in for about 3 hours...

"Mom - please pick up..  It's Tina," the voice pleaded.   She must be calling from her cell phone - judging by the background static.  Tabitha felt the hair on the back of he neck stand up as she left the bathroom and started her walk towards the phone.

"Mom - are you there? I need you.  Please, Mom.  I need you to help -" and her daughters voice was cut off.  Tabitha was now in full run, ignoring the towel falling as she reached the phone.  The desperation in her daughter's voice made her pick up her pace - something was wrong.

Just as she extended her hand to pick up the receiver - a man's voice came over the receiver.  Her hand froze.

"Ms.  Barnett," the male voice started - pronouncing Ms.  as Mizzzzz, the contempt clear.  "I suggest you pick up this phone unless you want all my friends to rape your daughters.  Again."

Her hand flew to the receiver and ripped it up.  "Who is this?" she demanded.

"The man who just ass-fucked two of your daughters," came the reply.

"This is not funny," Tabitha said.

"This is not a joke," the man countered.  "Now listen up, we have your little girls.  They are sitting here, in front of me and all my friends.  They are quite naked and looking quite sexy."

Tabitha felt her heart freeze at the thought of strange men doing things to her babies.  "Who is this?"

"Doesn't matter, Tabitha.  Yes, I know your name - I know where you live.  I've got all the information that I need," the man began.

"My husband," she interrupted -

"Is in the middle of divorce proceedings.  And if what Tina says is true at all, I believe he'd sooner see things my way.  Now, to the meat of the matter - why am I calling you? Why would I call their mother when I had her little girls? Can't be money - at least not yet.  Maybe after the divorce comes through, and you get the settlement for the house - maybe then.  But not now.  So, you tell me.  Why would I call you?" the voice inquired.

"Because you are a sick son-of-a-bitch," Tabitha replied, before she could censor herself.

"Now, see, you shouldn't have done that.  Just for that, I am going to make your daughter - your nine-year-old, innocent Tina, get on her knees and suck my cock while I talk to you," the voice stated.  "Tina - you know what to do."

Tabitha heard her daughter sob in the background, following by a few seconds a silence.  The man then inhaled and let a slight groan out.

"Your daughter sure can suck a good cock, lady." The phone was the filled with sucking sounds.  She had heard her daughter whimper in her sleep with the measles and with nightmares.  Tabitha knew that Tina indeed was on the other end of that phone - probably with that man's penis in her mouth! Tabitha felt her heart shatter and her knees go wobbly.   She collapsed by the bar where the phone was.

"Now, pay very close attention.  I am going to tell you why I called you.  Are you ready?" the man asked.

Tabitha could only whimper in response.

"I'll take that as a yes.  The reason I called is simple - I wanted to you know what I was doing to your daughters.   I wanted you to know - without a doubt - that I had your baby girls, and I had done things to them.  My friends and I have used them in way that would make career whores blush," the voice goaded, in between slight moans and groans, and sudden intakes of breath.

"I guess you could say I was cruel.  See, I understand your ex-husband.  Tina has told me about the little games he would play with her - and the way you forcing him out.  You took away their daddy - that was not a nice thing," the man said.  Then - away from the phone, she heard "Slow down, Tina - I don't want to come just yet."

"Why are you doing this?!" Tabitha demanded, her mind racing for what to do.  She hadn't ever even thought that such a thing could happen - and couldn't even begin to rationalize a plan of action.  She just stood there, naked, holding the phone to her ear, the towel long since forgotten around her ankles.

"Because I have always had a fantasy.  Well, I've always had lots of fantasies, but there is one that is very special that I want to share with you - and it will mean telling you why I called," the man started.  Again, the voice came away from the phone and she heard the man give instructions to her daughter to just suck his balls and asshole for a while.   Don't forget to stroke me, too.

"What is your fantasy," Tabitha asked, dreading whatever the answer could possibly be.  Obviously the man had no morals to speak of if he could force himself onto young children without a thought.

"Hold that thought, Tabby," the man responded.   He groaned into the phone.  "God damn but your daughter sucks a good dick.  Ya know, I really wish you could see her - big, blue eyes, framed by her golden hair.  Her soft cheeks puffed out as my cock slips into her mouth.  I don't know if you taught her this or not - but it is really quite something."

"Just tell me your fucking fantasy and leave me daughter alone so she can come home," Tabitha blurted.  This man was enjoying the anguish he was putting her through - she had to find a way to end it and end it now.

Whatever his fantasy is, I don't care, Tabitha thought.  Anything to get my daughter back.  Tabitha steeled herself for anything the man might say - but what came next chilled her to the very bone and turned her blood cold.

"She already is home.  We're on her bed right now," the man replied.

Tabitha felt her heart leap into her throat.  "I don't believe you."

"Why don't you come and have a look?" the man taunted.

Tabitha dropped the phone where she stood and bolted across the room and down the hallway.  She took the stairs two at a time in her panic and came to a screeching halt outside Tina's room.  The door was closed, as Tina left it nowadays.   The girl had just started keeping a dairy and was very protective of her privacy - a trust which she wouldn't think of betraying.

She listened at the door for a split second, then opened it.

The room was just as it was this morning, with one major change.  There was a large, naked man reclined across the bed, sitting on the end, with his legs draped over either side of her daughter's kneeling body.  Tina's shoulders flinched when the door opened, and she saw the back of the young child's neck go red with embarassment, but her head kept moving up and down, licking something, and Tabitha knew what even though she couldn't see.

The cell phone she had given her daughter this morning was laying on the floor.  The man must've dropped it while she was coming up the stairs.  He had Tina's pony tail gripped in one fist, guiding the girl's face in his crotch, moving it up, down and across, for her to lick and suck wherever he wanted to feel her tongue and mouth.  The other hand held a large knife to the girl's throat.  A sob escaped Tina's body, still clad in her Girl Scout uniform, but it was muffled by the man's balls that must have been in her mouth at the moment.

Tabitha's heart broke at the image, and only then became very aware of her own nakedness.

"Nice snatch.  I've always loved redheads," the man said as he pulled on Tina's ponytail and the child opened her mouth to accept his cock.

She couldn't bring herself to cover her nudity, her daughter's actions shaming her to the very core of her modesty.  She fell against the door jamb and started to slide down as conflicting emotions fought for control of her body.

"Now, where were we?" the man asked, sliding the girl's head up and down on his cock, feeling the tip go deep into her mouth and enter the top of her throat.  He would rest and pull up as he felt her gag reflex opening.  Didn't want to come to early, and he knew that if he dropped his cock into the kid's throat, come he would.

"Your fantasy," Tabitha whispered - already knowing what was going to follow.

"Well, as of this morning, I had several fantasies.   One was to throat-fuck a young girl.  Did that.  Another was to fuck a couple twins.  Did that, too.  The only other fantasy I have - currently that is - is to watch a mother and daughter fuck each other," the man said.

She shook her head slowly.  She couldn't do it.  She couldn't bring herself to even think about it - no matter -

"Before you refuse, I want to remind you that you have two other daughters, and they are younger than this one."

"Oh my god - " was all she could say before all manner of image flooded her brain of what her two babies could be going through.  "Where -" she started.

"With some friends of mine.  They're alive - and safe for now," he replied.

"Are they - did you - " Tabitha asked, unable to form the words.

"Fuck them? Oh yeah.  I fucked them - good and hard.   Even shot some of my come in one of their mouths - don't know which one.  You know, they look a lot alike," he said with a grin.

He started moving Tina's head further down his cock and into her throat.  The girls back flexed in response each time, her hands moving to his thighs for purchase, as she endured this slow assault on her throat.  She was crying actively now, her sobs hidden by the grown-up penis in her mouth and throat.   The man's coarse, curly hair between his legs had rubbed her chin and lips raw, and there were lines down her face where tears and left residue salt on her skin.

"You mon - son of a -"

"Ah-ah-ah.  Careful.  You don't want to insult the man who has a knife to your daughter's throat, now do you?" the man asked.

"No," was all she could reply.

"No, what?"

For a second she didn't know the answer, but then it came to her.  "No, sir."

"Wrong.  No, master.  Is that clear?" the man inquired.

"Yes," she said.

"Yes, wh-" the man started.

"Yes, master," she said, trying desperately to contain herself.

"Now, since you are already on your knees, I want you to crawl over here and lift your daughters skirt," he said, still moving her daughters head up and down on his cock.   She saw Tina grip his thighs in response to his command.  The young girl must be bracing herself for a nightmare.  Tabita felt her stomach churn, not knowing what to do but obey.

She fell forward onto her hands, and pushed herself into a crawling position.  She looked up and saw that Tina's uniform had been torn and the front was streaked with a variety of liquids.  In that split second, she knew she saw blood and her mind raced.  She also saw dried semen, or what must have been semen, for it was flaky and white across the girls blouse and vest.  

The grown woman crawled over the her daughter, and sitting back on her haunches, reached out and raised the hem of her daughter's skirt.  She saw her daughter's bottom and she felt her bile rise in her throat.  The last time Tabitha had seen Tina bare bottom had been only a week ago, when they went swimming at a mutual friends.  All three of her girls and changed with her in the booth and her child's bottom had been smooth, and unmarred by anything.

The sight before her now was not the same.  It was red, and she could see the bruised and torn sphincter.  There were streaks of blood and she also saw the same streaks of residue semen on her daughters crotch.  She sobbed in frustration, knowing what was coming.

"Lick her," was all the man said.  Tina's eyes opened wide and craned up to see the man whose cock was buried in her throat and saw he was looking back down at her.  She felt the knife edge against her through and knew she should move without his permission.  She also felt her mommy behind her and heard her sob.  A few seconds past and Jimbo pulled her head up, sliding the cock out of her throat and allowing her to breathe.

"Squat down further, give your mommy better access," he said as he pushed the girls had between his legs.  The child pushed her bottom up.  "Spread your cheeks, slut," he commanded and grinned as the nine-year-old reached around to her ass and pulled it open, displaying her ravaged ass to her mother.

"Lick her or a slit her throat, bitch," the man said.  Tina face was beind pressed down into the carpeted floor of her bedroom and she felt something warm and wet touch her bottom.  She knew without a doubt it was her mother's tongue - her mommy's tongue was licking her butt-hole! She felt her mom's ragged breath across the sensitive skin of her butt, and the wet, warm tongue moved around and she also felt her mom's teeth when she sobbed really hard.  Tina's mind whirled at what was happening.  This was worse that having all those men hurt her.  Having her mom lick her between her legs and lick her butt-hole - having mommy forced to do that was too hard to think about.

Tabitha's taste buds revolted at the taste of her daughter's ass.  She recognized the taste of semen from the times she used to let her husband come in her mouth, but there was more than one taste of semen.  She also tasted the blood from her torn hole, and Tina flinched every time her tongue made contact with her bruised backside.  She heard the man chuckle and looked up, over the tailbone of her daughter to the man still sitting on the bed.  He was leaning over, knife still held to her daughter's throat.

"Tell your mommy not to forget your pee-hole - isn't that what you called it?" the man asked.

"Yes, Jimbo.  It's my...  my pee...  hole..  Mom-mom- mommy..   lick it...  lick my pee-hole," and then she burst into fierce tears as her mommy's tongue slid down and touched her there - inside her - and her mommy's nose brushed her butt-hole.   Her mommy was crying to - she could feel the ragged breaths puffing her lips out down there.

"That's it.  Keep doing that.  Now, I'm going to let go of your daughter's head.  Don't you stop licking her cunt - remember your twins, okay?"

Tabitha nodded her head, keeping her tongue inside her nine-year-old daughter.  She would be able to endure this - as bad and horrible as it was - in order to keep her daughters safe.  She had to trust this man - she didn't know why she just knew she did.

Jimbo leaned back and started stroking himself, keeping the knife in his hand.  The show before him was by far one of the most erotic things he had ever even thought about, watching a sexy woman lick the raped asshole of her pre-teen daughter.   Despite two explosive orgasms already today, he could feel his balls tighten as another load got ready.  He held off - he knew where this one was going.

"Hey, Tabby.  Come here.  Lay up here on the bed," the man said.  Tabitha kept licking her daughter's ravaged pussy for few seconds, not realizing who he was talking to.   The man lifted one of his legs and kicked the small of the child's back, forcing her butt and crotch into the grown woman's mouth, banging her teeth against the sore crotch of her daughter.   She reeled back, and looked up.

"Come up here and spread your legs.  I want to show your daughter something."

Tabitha stood up and crossed, watching the hand with the knife warily.  She got onto her daughter's bed and lay back.   It was a little too small for her, and her feet planted on either side of the man's back.  She thought for an instant of kicking the man in the back of the head, but the smiling faces of Cindy and Sandy stopped her.  She could only hope they were alive and not too badly hurt by this madman and his friends.

Tina felt the man grip her by the ponytail again and lift her up.  Her body followed - almost used to this method of transportation.  She brought herself to a crouching height in front of Jimbo, who got up and moved between her mommy's legs and pulled her next to him.

"Spread your lips, mommy," Jimbo said, in a high, innocent voice, clearly trying to hurt her as much as possible.   Tina saw her mommy reach between her legs and pull them open.   She started crying again, completely embarassed by exposing herself like this to her daughter.

"That's the hole you came from, Tina.  Did you know that," he asked.

"Yes," the child responded quickly and quietly.   She had learned about some very basic biology last semester in science.

"You want to get a closer look? Maybe give it a taste," Jimbo asked.  Even though he was asking, Tina had learned that it there was no option.

"Yes, I do.  May I?" Tina requested.

"May you what," Jimbo responded.

"May I lick my mommy's pussy?" Tina asked.

"Call it her cunt, and you can," the man said, grinning.  His cock was throbbing, Tina could feel it move against the outer part of her thigh.

"Can I lick my mommy's cunt?" the child asked and leaned forward and buried her face into her mother's crotch.   Tabitha couldn't believe the exchange that just took place between her legs, and her senses overloaded at the feelings happening in her pussy.  Never really liking oral sex, especially having anyone between her legs - even her husband - had never thrilled her.  Now, she was forced to endure the feeling of her nine-year- old daughter's tongue writhing around inside her labia and over her clit.  The sensation was everything but pleasurable.  The man stood up and got behind her daughter.   She locked eyes with him over the head of her daughter licking away in her crotch.

The moment stretched on as he didn't move his gaze away.   He got into position, holding himself up with one arm - the hand with the knife balancing his body wait.  His other hand reached down and aimed his cock at her daughter's asshole.

Jimbo felt his cockhead slip around the asshole of the young child.  It was excellently lubed with blood and her mother's saliva, and the muscles had already been torn and were loose from the repeated rapes earlier.  Her sphincter popped open and almost grabbed the head of his cock with the slightest pressure.  Jimbo's eyes crossed a little bit as he dropped his weight and buried the full shaft of his cock into the pre-teen asshole.  He felt the rim grip the shaft and rub it as he slipped in, dropping all the way to his balls, which slapped against the child's bloody lips.

Tina's whole body reacted to being anally raped again, and her mouth moved up from her mommy's hole to her clit and bounced there as the man started thrusting in and out of her butt-hole.

Tabitha felt her daughters teeth scrape her clit and her tongue ram into her labia as the man shoved his adult penis into the young child.  The motion continued for what seemed an eternity, first slow and long, then speeding up.  She felt Tina whimper into the lips between her legs at the apparent pain of having her pre-pubescent frame pushed open by the large cock of the grown man.  She also noticed her daughter had slid her arms underneath her thighs and was holding on - leaving pressure marks in her flesh as she endured the assault.

The man started slamming into her daughter and Tina gave up all attempts at licking her mother, instead laying her head down by the pubic patch and riding the ramming motion back and forth.  Then, before Tabitha could even process what was happening, the man had pulled penis out of her daughter's asshole and was walked over to her, knife in hand.

"Suck it, make me come," the man said as he stepped onto the bed and dropped his full weight on Tabitha chest.   His cock bounced in her field of vision and tapped her nose and lips, leaving a residue and blood and other fluids from her child's ass.  The wind knocked out of her as his weight pressed down onto her lungs and she felt the knife get planted onto her neck.  He angle the cock head onto her lips and the smell was rancid.

"Think of Cindy and Sandy and suck my cock," the man said.  She opened her jaw and placed her lips around the head and felt him start to stroke it.  The taste of the head, only moments before buried into her daughter's bowels was unthinkable, her mind shutting it out, waiting for this man to shoot so maybe he will leave them alone and give her back her daughters.  She felt his fist ram against her lips and chin, jerking himself off.

She felt Tina get up off the bed, pulling her arms from under her thighs.  She thought quickly out to her daughter to run - unable to say anything as the foul cock was still inside her mouth and the fist slamming into her lips.

"Tina - don't you fucking...  do anything.  I got...  the knife to your mommy's...  throat, and I still...  have your sisters.  Come here...  lay down next to mommy..." he said, his speech breaking up with his imminent orgasm.

Tina walked around, and laid her head next to her mother.   She looked at her mommy, who had closed her eyes, and Tina saw the blood covered penis placed inside her mouth as Jimbo stroked it back and forth.  His hips moved and he leaned forward a little and Tina saw her mommy's cheeks poof out.  She had seen that already today and knew that Jimbo was dumping his stuff into her mommy's mouth.  Sure enough, after a second, a stream of the fluid peeped out of the corner of her mother's mouth and ran down.

"Hold it - hold it bitch.  Don't swallow," the man said, and Tabitha halted the motion.  She wondered why he would make her hold it - she thought all men liked it when you swallowed.

"Open up," he said and Tabitha opened her mouth, feeling the warm, gooey liquid filling her mouth, and her tongue covered with the salty taste.

"Lap it out, Tina," he said, and her daughter moved up and Tabitha felt her daughters tongue probe into her mouth - licking at the man's come sitting in her mouth.  Their tongues brushed and Tabitha felt her daughter lap some of the semen out.  The come would slosh out of her mouth and run down her cheeks or chin, and Tina would chase after it - trying to catch it all.  Maybe this time Jimbo would be satisfied.

The man got off Tabitha's chest, walked around the bed, and picked up the cell-phone.

"Play with it.  I got a call to make," he said simply, and mother and daughter licked each others tongues, letting their rapists semen move from one mouth to the other - both thinking that maybe this will be the end.  Maybe this will help save Cindy and Sandy.

While Tina and her mom swapped his come on the young girl's bed, Jimbo dialed the phone.

"Hello," the voice on the other end answered.

"Hi.  It's me.  We got to talk," Jimbo said.

Both mother and daughter looked up, semen and saliva coating their faces as Jimbo turned around and left the room - closing the door.

Girl Scout Gang Rape (M+,gg,lez,facials) by Ernie Walker

Part Seven - The Discovery

Tito took advantage of Jimbo's absence once the foreman took Tina back to her house.  He had left him in charge, and Tito wasn't going to waste it.  He was going to run a quick errand, and instructed the girls to keep the men hard while he was gone.  There was a special treat for them if they were able to do it.

Cindy and Sandy kneeled in front of a couple of the men each, massaging the large adult penises in front of them, trying to keep the men hard.  The two young children knew that there was more to come, even though they couldn't imagine what, especially the way Tito had left, not really telling anyone what he was up to.

Sandy sat back on her ankles, reaching up and stroking Ernie's fat, short pee-pee and she was playing with Tony's balls.   She had started to remember their names, and also knew that if she was nice to them, they wouldn't hurt her.  

"Tell me you like my cock," Tony said.  "Tell me you want to suck it."

"I want to suck your cock, Mister," Sandy said, knowing all too well what those words meant.  Not two hours ago, she wouldn't have known, but now she did.  "I love your cock, it's so hard," she said, trying not to sound scared.  They didn't like it when she did sound like she meant what she was saying, and she knew it would hurt unless they believed her.

"Did you like sucking on your sister?" Jason asked Cindy, and she rubbed his balls and put a small finger up inside his butthole.

"Yes, mister, it was fun," Cindy said.  She wasn't quite as good as Sandy, and she got a slap for it.  

"Mean it, you cunt! Try it again.  Tell me what it was like to eat out your sister!" Jason said.

Her cheek still stinging from the blow, she replied, "It tasted good.  I really liked putting my tongue up inside her pee-pee." She whimpered, "It was fun."

"That's better," Jason said, and the hand that struck her not two second earlier was now stroking top of her head, and the side of her face.  "I want to see that again," he said as he bent over and picked the child up and put her on one of the chairs.  Like a rag doll, he positioned her, lifting her legs and placing them on the arms of the chair, exposing her cunt and ass to the rest of the room.   "What's your sisters name?" he asked.

"Sandy," the young girl replied.

"Call her over her - tell her to eat you," Jason commanded.

"Sandy," she called out, and her twin turned her head, distracting herself from the dual handjobs that she was performing.  "The men want you to come over here and eat me," she said, and felt a smack on the back of the head.  The young girl sobbed.

"No, you stupid cunt, YOU want it!"

"Please, Sandy, please come eat me.  I want it," she corrected, hoping not to get struck again.  After the first few seconds passed, she knew she was safe.  That was what the men wanted.  "Please, eat me, Sandy.  Eat my little pee-hole," the young child said.

Sandy got up and went over to her sister and settled down between her legs.  She had seen her sister naked on many occassions.   They often bathed together, and changed clothes together.   But until today, she had never seen between her sisters legs, and she had only kissed her sister quickly on the lips.

Now, she looked between her twins' legs and saw her privates.   The two openings that she had down there, her pee-hole and her butt-hole, were both a little open, and there was still some residue blood and other stuff from the men and all the time they had spent with them.

"Spread your lips, Cindy, make your cunt nice and pretty for her," the man said over to her left.  It wasn't Jason this time - she didn't know what this man's name was.  But he was leaning up against the tape, slowly stroking his big thing in his hands, his eyes planted between her legs.  She moved her hands down there, and opened her pee-hole up, so everyone could see inside.  She felt the air inside her and it was a little cool, but it was okay.  "What do you say?" the voice asked again.

"Lick me, Sandy, please," the six year old said, and she watched as her twin leaned forward and put her tongue in her.  She felt it warm and soft slip into her, and it was wierd.  It wasn't painful like the men had been, but Cindy knew that this wasn't good.  Her sister should be doing this to her, but she had to, or these men would hurt them again.

One of the men, Cindy thought his name was Ernie, knelt between her legs too, and pointed at her down there, giving her sister instructions.

"Lick there," the man said and put his finger on her, right near the top of her pee-hole.  As soon as his finger pressed down, Cindy felt a shock.  It was like he had pressed a button on her, and it touched a nerve in her brain.  She couldn't help but gasp! And then her sister's tongue touched her there and it was even better! But it was wrong! These men were making them do this, but it did feel good.

"Yes," she said, not knowing if she meant it or not, "right there, Sandy.  Right there, lick it right there." It did feel really nice, and Cindy felt it get really warm down there, not the kind of warm from before, where the men had rubbed her really rough and made it hurt, but this was a good kind of warm, it started like a glow and it moved all over her down there.

The men stepped closer and they kept stroking their things, and Cindy felt that it scared her, so she closed her eyes and thought about the way her sister was licking her, and the way her tongue felt touching that little button and then she got the warm feeling back, and it was feeling good again.   She started whispering to her sister, almost thinking out to her twin to not stop, make her feel good, it took the pain away to lick her like that.  Cindy knew sometimes that if she thought really hard, Sandy could hear her, and so she thought as hard as she ever did for her sister to keep licking her, to not stop, to keep her warm.

Sandy could taste the men on her sister's pee-hole, and she could taste the blood, but after a little while, she could taste something else.  It was something different and she knew that she was helping her sister feel better.  She was making her sister feel good after so much pain, and it seemed to make her feel really good when she licked that little hard place just like the man had shown her.  So she licked that again and again, and when her tongue got tired, she would put her mouth on it and suck it and she knew her sister liked it.  She tasted another juice, this one coming from deep inside her twin, and it was joined by a thought that she knew it was good.  

Sandy felt that her sister was Thought-Talking to her, and telling her to keep going.  She had stopped talking nasty for the men, but they didn't seem to mind, they didn't hurt them.   They must like the way this looked, seeing one young girl do this to her twin must make them happy, cause they all got closer and stood around, so Sandy closed her eyes, and concentrate on licking faster on her sister's little button, sucking harder when her tongue got tired.

After a few minutes had passed, Cindy felt it start to get really tight down there, almost like she had to pee, but she didn't.  Her sister kept licking and sucking away really fast, and Cindy felt like it was a little wave deep inside her, so deep inside, but it was coming closer, it was getting bigger, Cindy thought it was like when she was at the beach with her family and they would play in the waves.  She thought she could hear the roar of the waves,but knew that was silly, but it was like a wave and it was building and getting stronger and then it got really tight and then it broke inside and her eyes flew open and she felt everything explode all over her in her vision and between her ears, and between her legs where her sister kept licking and it was yummy like a fresh cookie is yummy, and warm in her belly like nice hot chocolate but it was so much better!

Sandy heard her sister gasp and start to move out of control and the thoughts kept coming to not stop and keep going and how good it felt.  Sandy licked faster and sucked more and kept working on that little bump in her sister's pee-pee, and then her sister yelled out and her legs straightened, and she could taste something all over, and it was strong and it was sharp, kind of like how the men tasted when they shot their stuff, but this was much sweeter and it was coming out of her sister, but it wasn't pee.  It was good, and Sandy licked at it and tried to suck more out and Cindy gasped again, and Sandy knew that she was helping her sister feel good.

The young child's first orgasm pushed the men standing around to the edge.  The closest one, leaned in, stroking his cock over her moaning face, with her eyes closed and unloaded on it.  A large drop of come squeezed out and plopped down onto her right cheek, soon followed by one the dropped onto her nose and another right into her mouth.

Cindy felt the warm drops on her face, but she was miles away with her sister licking her down there.  She couldn't care at this point - she was far far gone and they could do what they want, as long as her twin kept licking her!

The next man stepped in, standing directly behind her, and shot onto her forehead, making a little pool of come that ran in a river down the bridge of her nose and onto her cheek as another man stepped into the side and shot onto the child's left cheek, a watery, diluted orgasm that sprayed over a wide area, giving the side of her face a coating of semen that reflected in the light.  Cindy continued to pant as a forth man stepped up behind her sister, strading her back and shot his come onto her belly.  She felt it run down in little rivers while Sandy continued to lick her.

Sandy knew the men were doing something, but the way she was making her sister feel was more important, she tasted the man's juices run down between her twin's legs, and didn't care.  She kept sucking and licking and making Cindy feel good!

Ernie, who was still kneeling to the side of the girls stroking his cock, partially stood up as his orgasm approached, and shot several streams of come onto the pre-teens spread thighs, and watched the jizz streak down.  Some of it got on Sandy's hand, where it was placed on the inner thigh of her sister, keeping her legs open and allowing her mouth to have access to the little pee-hole and the little bump in front of her.

Every time a bit of the men's juices would get near her sister's pee-hole, Sandy would lick frantically, trying to keep it out of there, away from her twin's happy button.  If she had to suck a large dollop into her mouth and swallow quickly, then that was what she did.  She was determined to keep her sister's pussy all to herself.

One by one, the men walked up, and shot their come, mostly load after load onto Cindy's face until the eyes of the young child were little pools of come, and rivers of male ejaculate ran down the young girls face.  Her mouth was filled every time she swallowed, or spit some out, another cock would step in to fill her pre- teen mouth with another hot load.  Her lips, cheeks, neck and chest were also coated, glistening in the light, as the earlier loads started to dry, giving a slightly yellow hue to the fresh come as it mixed on their bodies.  

Men who couldn't make it to the girls face, deposited their loads on her sister's back and in her hair, and on her butt, until both girls were covered with a sheen of come and sweat.

After the last man had shot off, and Sandy's jaw got to tired, Cindy closed her legs and slid down and embraced her sister, both girls very sticky and slippery with countless loads of adult semen coating their bodies, the cuddled for a second, unmindful of the men surrounding them, breathing heavy, resting for the moment.

Cindy tried looked at her sister, and couldn't open her eyes.   Sandy reached up and wiped the residue juices from her sister's eyes, causing fresh rivers of come to run down the child's face.  The girl opened her eyes, her eyelashes pulling at each other, the semen making a perverse kind of glue.  As soon as her eyes were open, the twins looked at each other, and knew, whatever else happened today, they had discovered something that they would never forget.  

The End