Title: Girl Scout Gang Rape
Author: Ernie Walker




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• • 1, 2  • •

Tina studied herself in the mirror as she got ready.  She pulled her blond hair back into a pigtail and smoothed the front of her Girl Scout uniform.  She had earned several patches this past spring, and wore them with pride! She won the right to lead her own troop selling cookies in a busy strip mall and looked forward to it.

"Tinaaaaaaa!" came the shout from downstairs as her little sister impatiently waited.  "Jeez," Tina said under her breath.  She couldn't believe only three years separated her from her twin sisters.  The two six-year olds were spoiled little terrors.

Tina threw open her door, and yelled back, "I'm coming." She grabbed her handbag and closed the door, giving the poster of Leonardo a kiss on the way out.  

Her two sisters, Cindy and Sandy were at the bottom of the stairs in the Brownie uniforms, holding their boxes of cookies.   Their mother was standing next to them in her robe holding a cup of coffee.  

Cindy and Sandy were identical twins with bright red hair and tons of freckles on their faces.  The only way to tell them apart is that Sandy now wore glasses, and Cindy preferred to wear her hair in ponytails.  The two six-year olds wore their Brownie uniforms and white tennis shoes.

"You sure you don't want me to go out with you, honey?" her mom inquired.

"Mommmm, I earned this.  I want to do it all by myself!" Tina said.  "Becky was allowed to go out last week, and Trish the week before, and she's three weeks younger than I am!"

"All right, honey, all right.  Just be careful.  And here," Ms.  Barnett said as she handed her eldest daughter her cell phone.  "Just in case."

Tina took the phone and put it in her handbag.  "Okay?" She sighed.  "We'll be fine, Mom.  We're only going two blocks to the mall."

"Be careful of the construction on the way," her mom warned.  "Be sure to cross the street with the light." Her worry may annoy her eldest, but her whole world was about to walk out the door without her control and she was very nervous.  Tabitha Barnett had forced her husband out after she had discovered disgusting pictures of little girls on his computer.  She didn't know where he got them, but she got rid of him before he could do anything to her little angels.   She didn't know where he was know, and she didn't care.  It had been two months since she saw him last, but as long as he wasn't preying on her daughters, he could do anything he wanted.

Tabitha swallowed carefully, and opened the door.  "You got everything?"

"Mom, we're only going a couple blocks.  I am meeting the rest of the troop in three hours in front of the Wal-Mart where I will check in with Mrs.  Snyder.  We'll be fine, okay?"

"Okay, sweetie.  See you tonight."

As the girls trotted out, Tabitha called out, "Call me with what you want for dinner, okay? Anything you want!"

"Okay mom!"

Tina and her two sisters started down their walkway and turned the corner to head up the street.

As soon as they were out of earshot of the house, Tina turned around quickly on her little sisters and laid down the law.

"Now, look here, you two.  This is my big chance to get a Leadership patch, and I am not going to let you mess it up.  If you do what I say, I'll make sure you get your Brownie Team patch.  If you mess me up, I will make you very sorry.   Okay?"

Cindy considered fighting about it right there, but Sandy had told her last night after bed time that they would have to listen to her.  That was what being a Girl Scout was, obeying the rules and doing what you were told.  Even if it was your evil older sister telling it to you.  Besides, Sandy had said that this summer there were lots of chances for the twins to get extra patches, that her Scout Leader had approached her about bonus patches.  "If we do what she said," Sandy told her last night," we would outrank Tina by the end of the summer." And that would be great!

"Okay, Tina.  We promise." Sandy started.  "We'll be good." Cindy finished.  Tina turned around and her little green flipped up and Sandy caught a quick site underneath.   Tina panties were white, and they didn't have any little designs on them.  She was wearing grown- up underwear!

She leaned over to her twin and told her this news.  Cindy blushed a little bit, and whispered back to her sister that she wasn't wearing any underpants and that was more grown-up than any old white panties! Now it was Sandy's turn to blush, because she was wearing her Mulan panties and thought she was growing up.

Tina hear the two little girls whispering behind her and decided to let it go.  She had made her point, and they wouldn't try anything.  She was sure of that!

They came to the corner and stopped.  Tina looked both ways, like she had been taught and waited for a time to cross the street.  Cindy lifted her box of cookies up further onto her chest, and Sandy moved the strap of her carrying case to the other shoulder.  When the traffic paused, Tina headed across the street, motioning for the twins to follow.

The sounds of the construction site started filtering over the traffic as they made their way through the intersection.   The nine year old stepped up onto the curve and waited patiently as her two sisters brought up the rear.  Looking at the site, Tina noticed there were several grown-ups working on various parts of the building.  Tina wondered if she might be able to make a first sale here.

A shrill whistle sounded, and several of the grown-ups at the construction site put down their tools and started to filter toward the half finished building, quickly moving away from the girls.  Tina had to make a quick decision...

"Come on.  Let's go sell some cookies..."

"But, Tina, Mom said..." Sandy started to protest.   She didn't like how the men looked...  they looked really big and scary.  She reached out and gripped Cindy's hand.  Tina turned around, glaring at the two little girls.

"Now look here, I am the leader, and I say we go here first.  Okay? We can sell a lot of cookies here and all we have to do is be cute, okay? Understand?"

The two twins looked at each other, and nodded.  They thought of being able to be promoted over their big sister and that pushed them forward.  "Okay."

Tina gave the two six-year-old the once over and grabbed a box of the cookies and headed onto the construction site.   As the twins tromped through the gravel behind her, Cindy kicked up dust as she went, sure that she didn't want to go over there, sure that something wasn't right.

"Excuse me!" Tina piped up as the elevator doors opened and started to load the construction crew.  The crew traditionally ate lunch in the half finished conference room on the fourth floor.  The men turned around and saw the three children walking up to them holding boxes of cookies.  "My name is Tina Barnett, and these are my two sisters.  Would you like-"

Jimbo stepped forward from the rest of the crew.  "Whatcha got there?" He reached down and took one of the boxes from Tina's arms.  "Thin Mints? Sounds good.  How much?"

Tina, recovering from the interruption, started again.  "Well, all proceeds go to benefit-"

"How much, girly?" Jimbo asked again.  A couple of the members of the crew moved around to get a look at the boxes of cookes - and the girls carrying them.  Joe, one of more wiry men, started around the other side.

"It's only $3.00 a box..."

"Wow.  That's a lot of money," Jimbo said, gesturing to his crew.  He knew that it was paltry - most of these workers were making ten times that an hour, but these girls didn't know that.  They probably also didn't know how sexy they were, with their skinny little bodies and their short skirts.  Jimbo felt his cock start to strain against his jeans as he looked their leader over.  Couldn't be more than 8 or 9, he thought, as his eyes roamed her pre-teen body.

"It's going to help us out..." Cindy said quickly, not wanting to loose the sale.  A couple of the other men came over to her and her sister, and Sandy moved the case off her shoulder and put it down on the ground, ready to make the sale.  Camp was a sure thing now!

The elevator doors opened.  "Here's our ride, ladies.   I have to go get my wallet.  You want to wait here?"

"Can we come up," Sandy asked.  Her troop leader had been sure to tell her that when you get a sale - do whatever you need to make sure that sale doesn't walk away.  She pushed her glasses up from her nose and looked up at the nice men.   Ted, standing to her right, felt his cock twitch in response to that angelic face sitting there, level with his crotch, her sweet mouth less than a foot away from his rapidly engorging cock.

"Sure, sweetie, sure thing." Jimbo said as he looked around.  He caught the eye of a couple of his workers and in a moment, they decided.  This was going to be a very special lunch.

Part Two - The Elevator

Jimbo looked to the four men who had went over to the twins.   He caught their eyes, and they knew instantly what was going down.

"Come on up." Jimbo and his workers, twenty-six in all, funnelled onto the elevator with the three pre-teen girl scouts.  It was a extremely large elevator - meant for carting equipment and lumber, but it was still fairly crowded.   The men made sure that the three girls found their way into the center.  

Tina and her two sisters stood in the middle of all these men.  Cindy felt a little worried, suddenly remembering that she had not panties on! She was standing there in the middle of all these grown-ups with a bare bottom! She felt her little face flush in embarassment and she hoped they wouldn't see.   She wished she hadn't done this!

Tina looked up at the man standing in front of her smiled down at her - but it was wierd.  It wasn't the first time Tina saw that kind of a smile.  It was the same smile that her daddy had given her two years ago when they used to play peek-a-boo.  

She missed her daddy.  He used to always let her cuddle him, curling up on his lap, and he would always have time to play games with her.  He invented the Peek-A-Boo game for her and only for her.  When Mommy wasn't around, she would go into her daddies office - where his computer was, and she would play peek-a-boo with the computer.  He told her about the other people who would be playing with her - looking at her through the camera and how they would love to play peek-a-boo - the special version - with just her.  She would lift her little skirt - or open her robe (or even pull down her shorts) when her daddy would tell her and the computer would beep!

Suddenly she remembered something about those games.  Whenever she went peek-a-boo, there was a click.  Now her daddy was gone and her mom wouldn't tell her what was going on.  Why daddy had to leave - Tina felt it had something to do with the peek-a----

The doors closed and the elevator lurched.  Tina was struck out of her memory by the grown-ups all around her.  Cindy and Sandy looked up at the men, they've never been this close to this many big men before.  They had spent time with their daddy and his brother, but it had never been like this.  Their daddy was a small man compared to these men.  It made Sandy scared.  The steel floor vibrated as the elevator went up a few floors.  

Cindy looked around to her sister who was looked up at one of the men.  She moved her eyes down and saw the man pants bulging out.  The man had something in there.  She noticed he was looking at Tina as he had moved to the bulge and squezed it through his jeans.  Cindy let out a gasp as she realized what he was doing - what he was holding.  She tried to moved over to her older sister to tell her what that man was holding.   She started to move and she felt a hand fall on her should.

Cindy looked up at the black man whose hand was holding her shoulder, holding her in place.  He was real strong, she couldn't move.  She turned her face up to him, and started to smile as the elevator reached it's destination.

The floor lurched strongly as the doors opening.  The men knew this was coming, but the girls didn't.  Before they could realize what was happening they were thrown off-balance and into waiting arms.

Tina fell forward, her face bumping into the jeans of the man right in front her her.  She felt the cool metal of his belt buckle touch her forehead and she moved her hand to support herself -

"That's right.  Touch me there," the deep voice responded.  Tina suddenly realized where her hands were and started to pull them away.  She heard her sisters scuffling behind her as she tried to regain her balance and felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist.

"What--" Tina started to ask when another hand reached around her head and pulled her into the grown man's crotch right in front of her.  Tina felt her teeth scrape the denim as the hands interlaced behind her head, forcing her teeth open, making her mouth engulf the bulge of denim in front of her.  She started to scream, but it was muffled by the engorged cock straining to release itself.

Cindy and Sandy fell in opposite direction at that same moment: Cindy to the left, Sandy to the right.  Cindy dropped her box as she fell onto the cold steel floor of the elevator - the men had moved to let her fall.  She hit her side on the metal and instantly hands were all over her - grabbing her.  Her first instinct was her strongest - to fight.  She didn't even know what she fighting against - but she fighting all the same.  But it was no use.  A pair of black hands grabbed her pre- teen white wrists and held them to the floor and two more men grabbed her legs and forced them up and apart.  She didn't register what was going to happen - only that she had no panties on! She bucked her legs to keep them closed, but the men pulled and seperated her legs.  The front flap of her her skirt fell up her her hips moved and then she heard it, one of the men had noticed she was missing her panties.

"Hey! This girl ain't got no drawers on!" Ernie stated as he gaped down at the preteen mons displayed before him.  It as perfectly smooth and soft, her girl scout skirt thrown up onto her stomach and her legs being held up and wide.  "Holy shit! He's right," Arnold said as he gripped the girl's ankle with both hands.  "Wooooo-heee! Jackpot!" And then the men started to laugh.

Sandy, didn't hear any of that.  She was still trying to figure out what was happening.  One minute she had been standing with her sisters selling cookies, the next she was up off the floor and being carried away.  She had started to scream, but someone shoved their whole hand over her mouth and nose, and she couldn't breath.  Her chest bucked as the air from the scream tried to get out, tried to release, to go somewhere - but was denied.   Her eyes bulged as she counted no fewer than five men surrounding her, carrying her away from her sisters.  

And then she felt it.  She felt a hand moved up her leg and hold her between her leg.  It gripped her hard, totally covering her pee-hole between her legs.  She could feel the fingers dig underneath the bands of the elastic as she was carried off into a large room and set down on a large metal object - she felt the fingers probe and pull - touching her down there - where no one has ever touched her.  She has only wiped her pee off - she hasn't even touched it, and now these men were sticking their fingers there and moved around her bottom.

And then she heard someone saw, "Fuck this-" and her Mulan panties - her favorite pair, the pair her Daddy had given her for Christas last year, were torn in half.  She could still feel them on, but now her pee- hole was exposed - open to these men as another pair of hands reached inside her blouse and ripped it open.  She strong hands course over her body, moving the torn fabric of her blouse aside, exposing her undeveloped chest.  Rough skin rubbed over her pre-pubescent breasts, pinching and squeezing her.

Part Two - The Elevator (cont'd)

Back in the Elevator, Cindy was surrounded by a group of men.  One was crouched near her head (she remembered his name as Jimbo) and others had forced her legs open and were using fingers on her, and in her.  They were putting them inside her pee-pee and in her bottom.  She felt the big men open her up, and force another finger inside of her - she didn't know what was going on.  Another of the men was licking her chest, biting her while he rubbed his thing.

They all had their things out - a few of them had completely taken their pants off, and the man between her legs was furiously pumping his thing.  He would spit on it and rub the spit all over the middle of it.

She felt two hands grab her hair and turn her head.  She saw Jimbo's pee-pee pointing right at her face.  He was moving his hand over his thing too.

"Suck it."

"What?" the little girl asked.  She wanted him to suck his thing? Put her mouth there? Jimbo moved closer and rubbed it on her face, over her nose and cheeks, opening her lips.  Cindy kept her teeth closed.  She didn't want to suck it - she didn't want it in her mouth! It was big and thick, and it smelled funny.  

"Suck it bitch." Jimbo said, but the six-year-old kept her mouth shut.  He thought about forcing her mouth open and slipping his cock inside, but she would bite him - and then he would have to kill her.  He would have to - no option.

"Hey Tony," Jimbo said and the man licking and biting her chest looked up.  "You got an o-ring?" Tony reached around to his belt, his mouth never leaving her chest (not really her chest - he was always biting her nipples - but why?) and grabbed a round plastic ring and handed it over.  Jimbo grabbed the ring and said, "Open up."

Cindy shook her head no.  She didn't know what he was going to do, but she was NOT going to open her mouth, not with the man's thing only three inches from her face.  Jimbo reached down and felt along her neck.  She thought for a second he was going to choke her for not sucking on his thing! Then she felt his fingers moved under her jaw start to press, and her mouth popped open.  But she didn't want her mouth open! She didn't want-

Jimbo quickly popped the o-ring into the pre-teen's mouth and watched her eyes as she realized what was happening.  First confusion as she couldn't close her mouth, no matter how hard she bit down.  Then understanding, immediately followed by horror as she realized what he was going to do.

"Take that as a lesson, girly.  When I want something - I get it.  And right know, I want your mouth." Jimbo grabbed her hair again, positioned the six-year-old's head over his cock - held it for a second to let her get the full understanding of what she was doing, and slowly moved it down.

Cindy felt the grown-up's pee-pee moved into her lips - inside the ring that had forced her mouth open.  The tip bumped up against the roof of her mouth and kept going.  Panic started to strike her as the man's thing drove slowly into her neck and she started to gag, her chest started to buck - she couldn't breathe.  She tried to lift her head off of it, but Jimbo's hands were too strong.  They kept moving her down, moving the thing into her throat.

Jimbo felt his cock moved past the ring into the child's mouth.  It was warm and wet.  Her first blowjob - his cock was the first one in her mouth and she wasn't EVER going to forget him! Even if she became a whore who sucked fifty cocks a night - this little girl would always remember his cock.  When his cock head moved into her throat and she started to buck, Jimbo applied a little more pressure and the gag reflex opened her throat, as he knew it would, and when it did, he drove her head down, till his cock was implanted into her throat.  She REALLY started to fight then - she couldn't breathe - of course she was going to fight.

"Your nose, you cunt, breathe through your nose." Cindy, at this point, was so desperate and confused, that she violently inhaled, opening her throat and sucking his cock all the way in - ramming her nose into his pubic hair.   "OH FUCK!" Jimbo yelled, surprised by this movement and loving every second.  He ground her face into his crotch for a few seconds as the child greedily inhaled and exhaled with his cock buried in her throat, then he lifted her off.

"That's a good little girl." Jimbo said to Cindy as he brought her head off his cock and turned her face up to him.  "Let's try that again."

Tina had no idea what was happening to her little sister.   She had been forced onto her hands and knees and was being held in place by two of the burly men, one on either side.   She felt a strong pair of hands probe underneath her Girl Scout skirt and reveal her white underpants.  She inhaled and screamed the loudest she could scream.  A powerful hand slapped across her face, dazing her, whipping her head so fast, her hairband flew off and scattered across the floor.  Another hand pressed between her shoulder blades and pushed her down into the cold metal floor.  The impact drove the breath out of her.

The hands rubbed between her legs and she felt fingers move underneath the elastic bands of the crotch - rubbing the cotton - rubbing her cunny! She felt her face flush read as this strange man prodded her.  Then she felt it - she felt fingers reach inside the cotton padding from either side and start to pull in opposite directions.  The fingers flexed - rubbing her labia lightly causing her to gasp - and before she could realize what was totally happening - her panties ripped in half, showing all the grown-ups standing around her most private part.  She tried to scream again, but the breath would not come - she could only moan as the man behind her ripped her white panties - her only pair of grown up underwear - from seam to seam, turning them into a perverse skirt.  Only thin bands of elastic remained between her legs as the cotton padding was torn apart and left to flap against her bottom.

She heard her sister grunt behind her - Cindy! Her six year old sister!

"Ohmigod - ohmigod - Cindy - run..." was all she could get out before she felt the fingers start to enter.   She wasn't sure, but she felt at least three starting to open her.  She felt an openness between her legs that she had never felt before, even when she used to play with her Daddy - when she would open her legs for him and he would take pictures of her - that was nice.  It was fun and made her giggle.  She started to remember the shocked look her daddy would give her anytime she really opened her legs.  He always seemed surprise that she could open her legs that wide, spread herself that far-

She felt a finger move up to her bottom and she wondered for a split second why.  Why would they touch her bottom, there was nothi- and then she felt the pressure.  The fingers continued to probe around inside of her (she felt them so far they touched her lid (her Mommy told her it was her hymen, but she like her Daddy's term better) and she feared they were going to open it.

"Hey, Jimbo.  She's fresh!" Al remarked, with two fingers driven up to the second knuckle inside the nine-year old Girl Scout.  Her took his other finger, stuck it inside his mouth and covered it with saliva - and he resumed pressing onto that oh-so-tight asshole.

"I'm busy - pop her yourself," was the response that Tina heard and her heart sank.  She had just started to have dreams about her love life - she hadn't even thought about losing her virginity yet - and here she was, forced down like an animal, with her bottom in the air, her panties in tatters, with a bunch of cruel men staring at her, probing her, stroking themselves into readiness.

Again, the mumble from behind her made Tina think of her little sister.  She moved her head to see what was happening to her innocent sibling and what she saw turned her stomach.

The six year old, her Brownie Scout uniform torn open revealing her prepubecent breasts, was turned on her side from the chest up and her head was being forced down onto the penis of one of the men, bobbing up and down furiously, his massive hands on either side of her head, with her bright red hair being used as obscene handles while he basically using her entire face and mouth as hole to thrust his cock.  He would yank her hair up, her eyes would wince as the cock pulled out of her undeveloped throat and she would gasp quickly, trying to breathe before he pushed her head back down, quickly driving his penis back into her throat, when she would mumble and gag.  Tina thought, why doesn't she bite him? That at least would make him stop! It at least -

And that was when she saw what was holding her sisters mouth open.  Then men had shoved a white plastic object into her mouth - she couldn't bite! She was forced to take thrust after merciless thrust deep into her jaw.  Tina saw her sister's jaw and neck bulge as the man repeatedly throat-fucked the six year old.

Tear streaks were pouring down her cheeks as the man cruelly used her.  She opened her eyes briefly as her head was yanked up and she caught the eyes of her sister.  The terror in her pupils was incredible as she tried to understand what was happening - why was this man hurting her? What did she do wrong?

"Ah, fuck! So fucking soft-" Jimbo yelled as he pulled her head up off his cock.  A long string of drool connected the childs mouth to the tip of his cock.  Her chin and upper lip were raw from rubbing into his coarse pubic hair.  "You are a natural cock sucker, kid.  A true natural."

Cindy looked up at him, dazed from the fierce oral assault she just endured, not understanding what he was saying.  He was calling his thing his cock - she knew that now.  She could feel her drool spread all over her face and her skin was raw.   She wondered what was next.  She looked over to her older sister again and their eyes met once more.  Then Cindy looked at the men crouched behind Tina.

He was pumping his "cock" - like all the men around them, but he was doing it right by her older sister's bottom.   And before she could warn her sister what was going to happen, the man grabbed the edge of her Girl Scout skirt and pulled her against him.

Tina felt the man's fingers loop under the waist of her skit, then she felt the pressure of his penis against her bottom.   Tina screamed with renewed vigor and another man used that opportunity to ram an o-ring into her mouth.  Her mind reeled at the concept of what both men were doing, but before she could fully process what was happening, she was filled at both ends with grown- up cock.

Al felt the head of his cock push and push and push into this preteen's asshole until it popped in, and the delicious burning of the unlubricated flesh aroused him even more.  He continued to push into her and felt the muscles inside her colon try to reject him - try to force him out.  No fucking way - he was too turned on to stop.  He threw his weight behind the anal rape of the little girl and felt his cock fall into her ass, pushing past the last sphincter muscle and opening it up to him.  

Tina would have gasped, but her throat was full of the man's cock as he rammed it down her throat.  She was able to stop from choking after the first strokes, learning quickly to breath through her nose, but it was still very painful - having this man yanking her hair, and driving her face into his sweaty crotch, having his cock thrusting in and out of her throat.   Occasionally, he would grind her face into his pubic hair and just leave his penis in her mouth, his balls rubbing against her nine-year-old chin.

Al and Jack continued to ravage the preteen as the men around them pumped their cocks.  Sometimes, they would thrust in unison, leaving the once-innocent Girl Scout devoid of cock, and breathing heaving after they pulled out.  They would lock eyes and nod, and they would both grab her roughly and fill her up, Al in her ass and Jack down her throat.  She would buck as the grown-up cocks would violate her, then settle down - prepping them for another assault.  Then they would alternate, one filling her throat, and when he pulled out, the other would drive his adult cock into her pre-teen asshole.

Part Three - The Elevator (cont'd)

Jimbo lifted Cindy's head off his cock one last time and stood up.

"Next!" Jimbo shouted jovially and immediately another of the grown men crouched where he was.  Cindy barely had a moment to catch her breath before she noticed the knees on either side of her head and the new man's large "cock" dangling over her face.  If she looked right up, she could see things hanging down between his legs, big and hairy objects not an inch from her eyes.  He, too, was furiously pumping his cock.

"How was she, Jimbo?" Bill asked, the big black man said as he stroked himself.  He looked up and saw Jose stroking himself still between the girls legs, her Brownie-scout uniform in tatters on either side of her body.

"What are you waiting for, Jose?" Jimbo asked when he noticed the mexican crouched between the child's legs, casually rubbing his cock up and down her thighs, moving closer to her bald, prepubescent crotch.

"I want her to see me fuck her.  Hold her head up." Jose stated simply.  Bill laughed as he reached down and scooped up the back of the girls head and nestled it next to his cock.   He grabbed a handful of her soft red hair, wrapped it around his cock and started stroking it.

"Hey, muchacha.  Hey, pobrecita...  you know what I am going to do to you?"

Cindy was still dazed from the vicious throatfucking she just received and looked at the sweaty man between her spread legs.  Her modesty was long gone, having had her privates displayed to these grown-ups, feeling their anonymous fingers groping her, exploring her little opening, touching her in places that she hadn't even touched herself.  She shook her head, unable to answer as the o-ring still pried her jaws open.

"I'm going to put this in you.  I'm going to fill you up with my cock," Jose said in his thick Mexican accent, and moved closer to the six-year-old's virgin opening.  Cindy started to move away, turn, anything and suddenly hands were holding her, pressing her into the cold metal floor of the elevator.  Her eyes opened wide as the very tip of his adult cock pressed into her pre- teen vagina.  She bucked her hips to get get away - anything - and Bill moved back quickly causing her head to fall, smacking into the steel grating under her.

Stars swam as she looked up as she the big black man lowering himself onto her face, feeling another hand under her neck, lifting it up, tilting her head back.  She could no longer see what was happening, the angle of her head only allowed her view the black man's feet and calves.  She felt the length of the shaft pass her lips and she tensed - getting ready for what she knew was coming.  She moaned low in her throat as the man between her legs, Jose, started to drive into her pee- pee.

The black man's balls rubbed her nose, as the shaft entered her mouth - her throat.  She started to gag as the thick member slid further into her and then she felt something bump inside of her.  She couldn't look, but the man between her legs had driven up against something inside of her - something hard blocking him.

"Oh yeah...  there it is..." Jose said, relishing the feel of his cock pressing against the young child's hymen.   He slipped out an inch and slid back in.  "You feel that, pobrecita? You know what this is?"

Cindy couldn't answer, full as she was with the black man's large cock, sliding in and out of her mouth and throat, gagging her.  She felt some saliva start to drool down her cheeks and into her eyes as her body reacted to not being able to swallow.

"That's your cherry.  You ready for this, chicquita? You ready to be a woman?" Jose asked, starting to get his rhythm up, sliding in and out of her pre-pubescent vagina.   Cindy didn't understand what he meant - be a woman? How could she become a woman? Ready for-

Then it happened.  Red hot fire as the man, Jose, tilted her up, grabbed her thighs, and forced into her, ripping her hymen to shreads and driving past the torn flesh into her child womb.  Her whole body instintively convulsed, bringing her head up, swallowing even more cock as her nose drove up into the crevice between the man's legs crouched over her.  She felt his penis start to slide back out, both moving out, vacating her, the one leaving her throat, letting it relax, and the one between her legs, inside of her, rubbing across the raw flesh of the torn maidenhead.

Violent sobs racked her.  She didn't know what was happened, she had done all her chores - she had been a good girl, now these mean men were hurting her, hurting her sisters...  why?

Tina heard her sister sob and tried to look over in that direction but couldn't see through the public hair that blocked her vision.  The man's cock was buried in her throat and his hands were on either side of her head, rubbing her up and down, feeling his cock move inside her throat, side to side, exploring her insides.  The man behind her, she guessed it was the same one, continued to ram his penis into her bottom, into her butt.  By this time, it was wide open.  She no longer could flex those muscles even though she tried, they wouldn't close no matter how much she wanted them too.  She felt liquid pouring down her upper thighs, she knew it was blood coming from her ravaged rectum.  She heard the men casually talking as the violently used her mouth and her butt-hole.  "Hey - I got an idea.  Let's switch." Al said, pulling his cock out of her ass.  "Move over, I want to give her a taste of this."

Tina wondered what was next - what could they think that would be worse than being raped by a bunch of grown men? She finally was able to breathe as Jack removed his penis from her throat.  She gagged, and spit up a fluid that she had never tasted before.  It was clear, and had come out while he was buried in her throat.

"Remember the taste of that, girly.  That's my pre-cum.   You're gonna get a lot more..." Jack said as he stood up and walked behind her.  While her mind turned that odd comment over, she saw a man move in front of her, his penis thick and hard.  She noticed that it had blood on it and suddenly she realized what the man behind her was thinking of.  He was going to put it in her mouth! Tina violently attempted to get up, and Al grabbed her by the side of the head and forced her back down.  "Oh, no you don't! You are gonna suck on this!"

"Nooo, lease, no..." was all she could say, her mouth forced open by the plastic ring.  She turned her head, trying to avoid the angry cock that was being thrust at her mouth.  It has been in her bottom! It has been inside her where she goes to the bathroom! He was trying to make her suck on it!

The cock grazed her right cheek, leaving a streak of blood and pre-cum across the nine-year-olds face as Al missed his mark.  He turned her head with his hands and held it tight as a vice.  She bucked strongly as his cock entered the ring.   She felt the wet tip enter her mouth, and her tongue reeled from the taste.  Her tongue moved from side to side of her mouth, trying to escape the invading member that had been buried in her bowels mere seconds before.  She recognized the shape of the head as it entered her throat, remembering what it felt like as it violated her bottom - how it felt as it pushed pass the muscles of her rectum, forcing them open.  

Al fucked her mouth for a few seconds, mercifully not forcing it into her throat.  Her tongue was driving him crazy! She was licking the head as he moved inside her mouth! What a slut! It felt incredible, the thought of forcing this child to suck on his cock after taking from her virgin ass - and to have her lick it like she was.  It was too much...

"Too much...  Ohhh, god, ooohh...  Fuck, oh god.." Al screamed as the pre-teen girl fought the cock in her mouth.   She had a brief moment to wonder what was happening before she felt it.  She felt the penis in her mouth, still covered with sweat and blood, pulse and expand inside the top of her throat and then expel something.  It was salty and bitter and slick.  It fired into her throat, filling her up.  She started to cough.  

"Oooo, Fuck, I'm commminnnng..." Al yelled as he shot another stream of cum into her, coating her throat with his jizz, his cock quickly coat with it, and it started pouring out.  He stood up slightly, angling her head as he shot some more cum into the child's mouth.  "Don't you spill it.   Swallow it, you slut, swallow!" With that, Al rammed his still cumming cock into the nine- year-old's throat and shot his last burst of semen directly down her throat.

Tina panicked.  She felt the liquid start building up in her mouth, felt it warm and sticky in the back of her mouth.  She moved her tongue around, still trying to avoid the cock head, trying to spit the liquid out - it was too salty, too bitter.   It made her gag - it was runny like raw eggs.  As she felt it approach her lips - she almost got it to pour out, the man realized what she was doing and forced her head up.  Her heart sank as she felt the fluid flow back in her mouth, around her tongue and down her throat.  She started to choke on the thick, slimy liquid and forced a swallow.  As soon as her throat opened, the man drove his shaft into her.  She could feel another spurt hit inside her throat and ooze down to her stomach.

"Aaaahhh, fuuuucck..." Al hollared again, as he released the girl's head and fell against the wall of the elevator.  His cock was still hard as a rock after that tremendous orgasm, and he could have gone again, but now he had to wait as Jason stepped into the place he had just vacated.  Oh well, he thought, we have all day.

As Jack saw Jason kneel in front of the Girl Scout, he felt his balls tighten as the pressure built inside his cock.  He continued to drive deep inside the child's ass - but brought his hand to the base of his cock and pinched it off.  Not yet, he thought.  I don't want to come just yet.  He removed his cock totally from the girl's ass, saw the muscles of her sphincter start to close and drove back in.  The small of the girls back flexed in reaction to his cock and he grinned.  He had been dreaming of doing something like this for years, and now was his chance - and he wasn't going to let it pass.

"Hey, Jose.  You almost ready?" Bill asked, pumping his black member in and out of the child's mouth.  He looked down at her head, bent at an almost unnatural angle, and his large cock moving in and out of her throat.  He felt his orgasm approaching.  The mexican between the girl's legs just grunted and nodded.  He obviously didn't have the control that Bill had acquired through years of rape.  "Let me know - we're gonna give this little girl a real treat." Jose grunted again.

Cindy's mind registered they were talking about her, but she was so disoriented at this point.  After having adult cocks thrust down her throat and up her pee-pee, feeling the pain of her broken opening and the rawness of her mouth and chin, she didn't know what was happening anymore.  She wanted so much to be far away - to not know what was happening.

"You hear me, little girl? Hey!" Bill said as he removed his cock from her throat.  She returned a dazed look to him.  "Oh, no you don't.  Wake up!" Bill called sweetly as he patted her cheek.  "Wake up, sweetie," he said as he moved around and crouched over the young girl.   He lightly tapped her face with his cock.  "Rise and shine." He started stroke his cock quickly.  "Hey, Jose, come here." The mexican grunted again, and pulled his cock out of the child's abused hole.

Cindy felt the tapping on her cheek and the friendly voice.   She realized that it was all a dream.  She was still in her bed! This had only been a dream.  She smiled as she opened her eyes and had a large black cock being stroked not two inches from her eyes.  Instantly, her world collapsed as the large man tapped the head against her nose, and move the tip against her lips - still held open my the gag.  She felt his fist bump aginst mouth as he stroked himself.  She looked up into his eyes.  "Ut are oo oing?" The small child asked innocently, not comprehending what was about to happen.

The image of the little girl, her mouth forced open my the plasic ring into a perfect O, and her eyes looking up at him were pushing him quickly to the edge.  He felt his orgasm approaching quickly, and it was going to be huge.  He'd been celibate for the past two weeks, and had been saving up his come for a bender tonight.  But no time like the present.  When the little girl asked her oh-so-innocent question, marred by the object in her mouth, coupled with the sad, questioning look in her eyes, proved too much for Bill's sense of control.  

"OOOOHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKK!!!" And, with that huge roar, he unleashed a torrent of semen that exploded all over the six year olds face.  The first jets shooting directly into her mouth, with the following spurts slamming into her nostrils, across her cheeks, in her eyes and up on her forehead.   His come filled her preteen mouth to capacity, causing it to overflow and pour down her neck.  The trails on her cheeks connected her freckles with white lines that bled down her cheeks and into her ears.  The last large gush, thrown up by the force of his masturbating, landed squarely on the bridge of her nose, between her eyes, landed with an audible splat and ran down either side, creating perverse tears of semen on the child's face.

Cindy felt the liquid start pouring into her mouth, biting and salty - like underdone eggs, and it quickly filled her mouth.  She started to cough it up, but then her eyes were pasted shut with the same fluid.  She didn't know what it was, but she knew it was squirting from his penis - she could see it.  She counted three shots before her left eye was blasted and another three before she was totally blind.  After that point, all she felt was the fist run over her lips another couple times, then a large drop hit her between the eyes and she felt the burning liquid run into her eyes.  It blocked her nose, her mouth and ran down into her ears.  It was salty and it didn't taste good.  It taste like sour, runny pudding - watery and gooey.  And it was gooey - like glue.  She tried to move her tongue, to force the extra liquid out of her mouth - she wanted to get it out, but gravity was pulling it into her mouth - into her throat.

"Oh, pobrecita! Oh, poor little baby...  you still thirty? You move your tongue like you want more," Jose stated as he crouched to the right of the childs face, the blood from her torn hymen proving an apt lubricant to his fierce jerking.  "You want my come, pobrecita? You want to taste my come?" Jose asked as he moved closer.  A few final strokes and suddenly his cock was spitting it's jism onto the right side of the child's face.  He painted her with his come, from her eyes to her mouth, and shot the last stream directly into her mouth.

Cindy heard the spanish man, the man who hurt her pee- pee, ask her a question, then she felt more spurts hitting her face, this time on the right side, from her eye to her lips and into her mouth.  This fluid was not as salty, more sweet - but still not pleasant.  It mixed with the black man's "come" as the spanish man called it as it splatted onto her face and mixed into her hair with the other man's "come." She felt it drip into her hair, down her neck.  She coughed once, and a gurgle of the liquid in her mouth, then it settled back down.  She had to breathe! Her nose was glued shut with that strange fluid and she had to swallow it! She got her six-year-old will power ready, and swallowed the mixed "come" of two grown men, of the two men who had violently used her.   She felt her throat open up and grab a large gulp of the cream and swallow, felt it slick down her throat on it's way to her stomach.  The brief air she got when she did that made her thirsty for all of it - to get it out of her mouth so she could breath! She swallowed as fast as she could - not mindful of the acidic, salty taste, or the gooey, slimy texture that coated her tongue and mouth, she just swallowed - until her mouth was empty.  Then she inhaled deeply - feeling the air instantly start to dry the residual "come" in her mouth.  

She felt a large thumb wipe her eyes and force more of the fluid into her mouth! They were making her eat it all! Again, the passage to her throat was closed, so she swallowed again.   This action was repeated over and over as the men around her scooped the come on her face and neck and she would swallow just as fast - to keep her air passage clear.

Finally - they stopped pouring it in.  Then she felt fingers - large fingers - in her mouth.  She opened her eyes and the black man was still crouching over her, and he was removing the ring from her jaw.  It popped out and she was able to close her mouth.  It felt raw, swollen, and tired.

"Thank you," the small girl moaned, trying to wake her jaw muscles up after being forced open for such a long time.

Bill looked down at the child - totally innocent of sex not thirty minutes ago who had now experienced things many women never experience their entire lives - and felt his cock twitch again.

"Don't thank me.  We're just getting started."

Part Four - The Forklift

Jimbo leaned over and scooped up the child's ravaged body, and tossed her over his shoulders, her bottom only inches from his face, her torso hanging down his back.

He looked over to Jack, who was pile-driving the other girl, pulling his cock all the way out only to force it back into her preteen ass.  The girl would pant and gasp every time he forced himself into.  "Hey, you want to finish that here, or you wanna come with us? I'm taking this one to go visit her sister - wherever she is," Jimbo said as he absent-mindedly fondled the preteen's abused vagina and still virgin asshole.

Tina looked up at Jimbo, still tasting the foul residue in her mouth, and suddenly felt her heart break.  Her six-year-old sister wsa thrown over the shoulder of this large man, and he established his control over her by fingering the child's opening.  Tina saw blood streaks on her sisters thighs and knew what had happened.  Those men had taken her virginity - had ripped her open and forced her into womanhood years before she was ready.  Tina started to sob as she felt the man behind her continue his rape of her butt-hole, continue forcing himself into her - faster and harder - until he shuddered and yelled, and she felt him shooting into her ravaged bottom, squirting his juices into bowels.  She felt the gooey slime pour inside of her, coating her bowels.  She found herself shocked that she was relieved it was in her mouth - how easily and quickly she accepted the concept of a strange man ravaging her bottom and dumping his semen into her bottom.

A hand grasped the back her her head and pulled her up.  "Okay - let's go find your sister," the man holding her from behind said as he forced her out of the elevator and into the half built building.  She noticed it was still daylight - she was shocked.  Tina could have sworn it had been hours she was in that elevator, when it could have only been thirty minutes at most.  She heard the men behind her, too many to count, picking up her things, looking through her purse.

"Hey, this little bitch has her mommy's credit card," one of the men exclaimed as he rifled through her belongings.   She felt anonymous fingers and hands grope her sore bottom, and probe around her front, fondling her nipples and her privates - between her lips while she walked.  She tripped once but the man gripping her hair held her aloft, and she spun around and saw the group of men following her, all of them in various states of dress, all of them had their pants off and the penis were all hard and pointing straight out.  She spun back around as they rounded the corner as saw a large piece of machinery - a forklift, with a smaller group of men surrounding it.   She saw a couple of the men moving their hips - the butts clinching as they moved back and forth.  She wondered briefly what they were doing when she saw her little sister's Eeyore tennis shoes propped up on the shoulders of two of the men, and she recognized the same muffled moaning that was coming fron Cindy the the elevator.

Sandy faintly heard something happening in the corner, but couldn't figure out what it was.  She heard several more voices and several laughs, but the grunts and growls of the grown-ups that surrounded her took all of her attention.  She had stopped trying to figure out why this was happening - her six-year-old mind grasped a key concept.  She could stop the pain these men were causing her if she did what they wanted.  It was much easier.  

She took her mouth off of the engorged "dick" of one of the men and panted.  Her jaw was beginning to get sore.   She looked up at the man crouched over her face who was violently pumping his thing up and down, whispering bad words to her - calling her things like "slut," "cunt," and "fuck toy." The man's penis was over her head and she recognized the symptoms of "the coming" as these men called it, the swaying of his hips.  She had already seen it a few times, as the streaks of white that covered her face and chest and privates proved.  She had tasted it already, had it shot into her hair and her nose.  It was also shot up inside her "cunt" and her "ass" and those grown men called it as they cheered each other on.  

The hips above her jerked once, twice, the man angled his pee-pee down.  "Open up, kid.  Open your mouth.  What do you say? Huh? What do you say," the man asked her, panting heavily, grumbling low in her throat.

"Can I have you come, daddy?" Sandy asked, several other streaks of jizz lathering her young face.  "Please, daddy.  I want it.  Please feed me your come." Sandy repeatedly by rote.  She had learned to say those words - even if she didn't understand them.  They made her say it - she knew if she didn't they would hurt her again, make her bottom hurt.   If she played with them, they didn't hurt her.  She didn't like playing with them, it still hurt when the forced their big things in her mouth, or between her legs, or in her bottom - but it didn't hurt as much as when they MEANT to hurt her.

"Daddy? Can I drink your come?" Sandy asked again, trying to look at the man in his eyes, trying to see up past his penis.  They liked it when she looked at their eyes and said those words.  They always looked surprised.  "On my tongue, Daddy.  Shoot on my tongue, okay?" Sandy said as she stuck out her tongue.  The man above her shouted, fell to one of his knees, and aimed his penis at her face.  She looked up into the hole at the tip.  She saw the first spurt come and felt it strike her cheek.  "My mouth, Daddy! Please!" Sandy yelled, trying to keep them from hurting her.  They didn't like it when she missed.  She moved her face over a little and rose a little and enclosed her little mouth over the fat tip and felt more spurts of the bitter cream strike inside her mouth and on her tongue.  She sucked strongly, and the man above her howled.  She knew it wasn't hurting him - they always yelled like that when she sucked really hard when they shot their stuff at her.  She felt another few spurts inside her mouth, and it puffed her cheeks out.  It was too much! He was filling her mouth and she couldn't swallow that much! She gulped furiuosly, felt the juice start to escape between her lips, over the head of the grown man's cock in her mouth.  She was desperately trying to keep all of his come in her mouth and swallow it no matter how bitter, how sour it tasted, because they liked her when she did that.

After a moment, the come stopped shooting inside her mouth, and she was able to swallow some more - bring it into her mouth and suck it down - coating the inside of her throat with the gooey cream, never minding the taste.  The man above her fell back and landed right above her head.  She felt the board she was laying on shake as he hit it with an exhalation.  

Jimbo watched the little show being put on before him - his co-workers ravaging the preteen Girl Scout, and her begging for John's come like a real slut.  He felt his cock get harder (a feat he didn't think possible at that moment!).  

"You guys, hold her and make her watch," the foreman commanded.  "I'm going to take this one and have some fun with her sister." Cindy felt her heart jumped in her chest at the idea of what this mean man might call fun.

"No!" Tina yelled.  "Please - leave them alo'" was all she got out before the man holding her hair punched her in the kidneys.  Two other men grabbed her arms and legs and held her against the wall as the leader took her younger sister and walked over to the group.  They held her in place, and when she tried to close her eyes or look away - they smacked her.  They wanted her to watch this - for some reason, they wanted to her to see what they were going to do to her little sisters!

The men had put a sheet of wood across the metal arms of the forklift and was able to raise and lower the slut to any position they wanted.  Currently, Tony was laying on his back, with the girl being forced to take his monster cock up her tiny ass, as one of the new workers - Jimbo didn't even know his name - continued pounding into the child's preteen cunt.   Her legs were being held open by Bobby and Ray, keeping them nice and spread.  The young girl was panting, grunting softly, with her facial features screwed up in a mixture of pain and wonder, at all the new things she was learning about how the world REALLY worked.  Of course, the countless streams of come, both dry and still slick, marred her young freckled face.   Her uniform was still on, dried semen visible in streaks across the awards patches the girl had worked so hard to earn.  Jimbo found himself surprised that the child could fit two grown up cocks inside of her - pushing her legs apart and opening her crotch to an obscene level.

Jimbo lifted the girl off his shoulder and looked at her.   She peered deep into his eyes, no doubt trying to figure out what he was going to do next to her.  He turned her around, so her back as pressed against her chest - still held aloft in his arms.  The child only weighed no more that sixty pounds - and easy feet for this construction foreman.  He nestled her into the crook of his right arm, and used his left hand to bend his cock up and run it the length of her slit, from her undeveloped labia and clit to her virgin as, all the while holding her fast to him.

Cindy felt the mushroom head of the man's thing probe her - moving all around between her legs - wondering when it was going to drive into her.  She looked at the large piece of machinery and saw her sister in the middle of a group of men, her legs spread wide.  Her face had stuff all over it and she was squinting everytime she was forced down, only to bounce back up again.  The man holding started carrying her toward her sister, continually wiping his thing back and forth between her legs, not pushing it in, just moving it up and down, across her pee hole to her poop hole.  When the man reached the large machine he tossed her forward, and she broke her fall by catching the edge of the board with her arms, and pushing her torso up, so she was looking right at her twin while she was being ravished.

Sandy looked at her twin as the men continued to pound their adult cocks into her young body, forcing her thighs and bowels open with the sheer size of the penises and power of their thrusts.  Her hair, this morning a bright red, was pasted to her face and neck with sweat and come.  Sandy felt her sister reach out of touch her, and pulled her fingers back at the flakey crust of dried semen that covered the six-year-old face and head.

Cindy reached out and embraced her twin, seeking comfort, trying to pull away from the man that was still rubbing his thing thing between her legs.  She moved her knees up onto the board and nestled her head into her sister's neck, unmindful of the smell and feel of the jism, both wet and dry, that coated her.

Jimbo took the opportunity to raise one of his legs onto the board, lift himself to gain leverage, and forced himself into the child's ass.  The young girl barely placing her head into the crook of her sisters neck before it was thrown back into a high-pitched scream as the adult cock ripped into her virgin butt- hole.  He felt the tip, the mushroom head that he had been wiping between her legs, press into the ring of her anus, and using the sweat and blood from her vicious fucking by Jose as a perverse lubricant, drove into her colon with his thick cock.  Her body buckled at the invasion, as each inch ripped past her sphincter, forcing it wide, opening her up.  With even moment, Jimbo pumped more of his rock-hard penis into the child, holding her fast, not letting her escape, determined to bury his entire cock into the Girl Scout.

She continued to scream at the incredible pain suddenly erupted in the lower half of her body.  Her bottom was on fire! This mean man was putting his thing where she poops! She felt her body try to fight it, try to reject the hard rod being forced into her, but it wasn't strong enough.  All at once, she felt her bottom open, giving up the battle, and the man savagely drove into her butt-hole.  She screamed even louder when she felt the hairy things hit her pee-pee for she knew that he was all the way inside of her! The thing that had been forced down her throat was now buried inside her bottom! And it hurt! It hurt!

"Owww - Ahh Mister...  please..  stop..  don't hurt me! Owwww!" Cindy screamed, her mouth wide open.  One of the men, Tito, who had been waiting for the girl's sister, waiting for his chance to fuck her twin's ass, saw his turn and grabbed the young girl by the back of the head and muffled her scream with his dick.  He felt it just slide right into her mouth and stop her scream.  The scream ceased and her throat started to close.  Tito knitted his fingers behind the pre-teen's head and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her throat, making her neck bulge when he passed her tonsils.

Cindy felt the man force his penis into her throat, felt her tongue drop into the bottom of her mouth, trying to hide from the invading object, trying to get out of the way.  She felt her nose ram into the man's hair at the base of his thing, that short, curly, coarse hair that all the men had, that hurt her face! She couldn't do this again! She had to do something...

Suddenly, Sandy got an image in her mind of teeth - she realized that Cindy was going to bite the man who was in her mouth!

"Cindy! No!" Sandy said in between deep thrusts from the men who were vaginally and anally raping her.  "Don't bite..  uh...  ow...  they'll hurt...  uh...  you!"

"That's right, kid," Tito said, keeping his cock buried in the child's throat, holding her head fast onto his cock.  He twitched his cock a couple times and felt it move inside her throat, felt her buck when he lifted it against her windpipe, buried deep inside her neck.  "You bite me, you won't live the day," Tito warned, moving the girls head from side to side.  The girl started to choke.  "Decide girlie.  I don't move until you agree not to bite.  Will you bite me?"

Cindy shook her head in a panic, she had to breathe! Anything so she could breathe! Her chest was on fire! Her bottom continued to be pounded by the man behind her, and this man wasn't letter her breathe! This time, at least, she would be able to close her mouth.  She shook her again, trying to make him understand she won't bite him again - she just needed to breathe.

Tito felt the small girl rub her face into his crotch, his cock buried deep in her throat, and smiled.  It felt incredible! So tight and wet! It was almost a shame to let her breathe - he would love to keep his cock in that smoothness till he shot his load right into her stomach, but he wasn't selfish.   He wanted his friends to feel this, and knew he had to back out.  He moved his fingers around to the side of her head, and eased her off, carefully feeling for the teeth to graze the skin of his cock.  He felt the shaft leave her lips, and the head pop up into her mouth as it vacated her throat and tap against the roof of her mouth.  He slid out, and the young girl gagged, a long line of drool falling out of her mouth.   She coughed lightly as he raised her head.

"You don't bite - we play nice.  Listen to your sister, okay?" Tito advised.

Cindy nodded.  She knew he was serious, as serious as the man driving his thing into her bottom was in the elevator.   She didn't want the ring back in her mouth.  Her sister's panicked reaction told her that they had no choice but to do what these men wanted if they were going to see their mommy again.

"Now, give me your hand," Tito said, holding the girl's face between his palms.  He felt her body moving back and forth as Jimbo continued to fuck her small, un- developed ass, forcing the two-preteen sisters to rub their chests together, to smear the semen of the men between them.  The girl on top, the one being anally raped by the foreman, lifted her hand and gave it to him.  He took her hand and placed it around his cock.  "Take your other hand and cup my balls." She look up at him, not understand.  "My balls, my balls, bitch.  These!" He moved her hand over his testicles, rubbing the hair and sweat around, feeling her soft baby-like skin touch him between his legs.  

Cindy realized what he meant by "balls," and used her other hand to cup the dark hairy sack between his legs.   It was very warm and moist, and Cindy could feel two small objects inside.  She momentarily became fascinated - forgetting the man who continued to slide his cock in and out of her tight little bottom (which was wide open now - the muscles having given up after the brutal thrusting from the grown-up behind her).  She moved her hand over the sack, feeling all around.

"Oh, yeah...  that's it.  That's real nice.  Now, open your mouth - stick out your tongue," Tito told her, and Cindy did.  She didn't want to be hurt again.  It was easier to do what they said.  She opened her little jaw - it was still sore from when her forced his way it, but she opening it anyway and stuck out her tongue.  Cindy felt him place the tip of his thing against it and start to stroke it quickly, her hand under his.  "Stroke me, like this..." She followed his tempo for a second and then he removed his hand, letting her do it.  She wanted to be sure and do it just right, so she moved her hand from the very bottom up over the ridge to the top and back down again, trying to match the same rhythm that he had showed her, wanting to make him happy so he wouldn't hurt her again.  She rubbed his "balls" some more, moving her hand back as far as she could, feel the hair all the way to where his bottom started between his legs, between the part of his butt- cheeks.  "Yeah! Stick your finger there! Yeah, do it!" She moved her middle finger, small and delicate up the crack of his bottom, and felt around for his butt-hole.  Finding it, she pressed her finger against it.  It resisted at first, then she felt it press out and accept her finger - sucking it in.  It was warm and moist inside there - much different from the outside skin that was rough and hairy.

She continued to stroke his thing as fast as she could, keeping the tip pressing against her tongue, while she moved her finger around inside his bottom.  The whole time, she felt the man behind her, holding her hips in place, pushing his cock all the way and all the way out of her butt-hole.  She felt so open down there! It was wide and open! She felt some fluid dripping down her thighs, and knew that it was blood - knew that she was hurt by that man - by all these men.  She stopped herself thinking of that as she felt herself start to panic again.  Just lick.  Just stroke, she reminded herself, just poke.

Sandy watched what her twin sister was doing.  Saw her stroke the adult penis on her tongue and move her fingers between the grown-ups legs to play with his bottom.  She wanted to help her sister.

"Tell him...  you want him...  uh...  to come.  Ow...  ow...   Tell him, Cindy," Sandy advised as she felt the grown- ups ramming themselves into her got faster and harder with their thrusts - she knew what that meant.  They were getting ready to squirt.  She wondered when they were going to pull out - they always pulled out and sprayed her - shot their sticky liquid onto her face and body - on her uniform.

"Come? Mister...  " Cindy started, mind reeling at trying to do so many things at once.  The man ripping into her bottom started moving faster, pulling out farther - lengthing his strokes as he pummelled her butt-hole - making each thrust more forceful - she felt the sack between his legs slap against her each time he filled her up, the hair coarse and prickly against her undeveloped cunny lips.  "Please...  come...   uh...  ow...  my bottom...  ow..  come, mister," Cindy pleaded.   Maybe he will stop if he comes.  She noticed they like to move faster the sooner they got to shooting their stuff.  She sped her hand up, moved it faster over his hard thing, and poked her finger faster into his bottom as she spoke to him.  "Mister...   come on my...  ow...  tongue...  in my mouth...  please, mister...   let me taste...  it," Cindy felt her eyes start to tear and a sob build in her chest.  Maybe this will stop if she can get this man to shoot his stuff in her mouth.  "Please! Mister...  please come...  I want it...  uh...  in my mouth!"

Tito felt the power of his orgasm approached, felt his come build up the length of his shaft.  He looked down again at the little girl holding his penis.  It looked obscene as it laid against this child's tongue, with her gazing up at him, pleading him to shoot his come in her mouth.  He noticed that she started crying as she tried to make him come - begging for him to squirt in her little mouth.  

Tito looked up at Jimbo and noticed his eyes rolled back in his head.  Jimbo was getting ready to fill this little girl's rectum with his semen.  Jimbo moved back one last time, tightened his grip on the child's waist, and rammed the full length of his cock hard into her ass and let out a mighty scream as he unleashed his orgasm into her bowels.

Jimbo felt as his cock started to pulse and throb, as his come worked it's way out.  One last thrust and he was going to fill this girl up to the rim.  As he buried himself inside of her, her ass reflexed and milked his cock, squeezing it as each squirt flew out of the tip of his penis and shot deep into her, filling her up.  Delicious waves of intense pleasure shook his big frame as he held the child fast and felt her ass muscles ripple around his cock as they tried to close around his member, forcing more semen up and out of his balls.   He felt the head of his cock get surrounded with come inside of her - knowing he had filled her with his come.

In her desperation to have the man in front of her come, Cindy almost forgot about the man behind her, even though he was still thrusting his penis in her bottom.  All of a sudden, she heard him gasp, grab her waist, and drive far inside of her, and then she felt it.  She felt his thing spasm, grow thicker for a second, and then started squirting that stuff.   She could feel it - it was hot and sticky and it was shooting deep inside of her, it was filling her up.  Right then, the man in front of her started to yell and then she felt something land on her tongue, covering her taste buds.  It was bitter! And salty! It felt slimy and sticky and it was shooting into her mouth.  She started to pull back - but it kept shooting! It went up onto her face and her nose.  She could feel it stick to her skin and ooze down her face.  The man moved and put it back into her mouth as the last couple streams shot straight to the back of her mouth and down her throat.  She gulped and swallowed it down, grimacing at the bitter taste.  

"Ohhhh...  oh...  yeah....  suck it...  suck it now...  suck it all out..." Tito told the child as he started thrusting his cock into her mouth.  He felt his come still in her mouth, still warm.  He used his cock to push the come back in her mouth, down her throat.  Tito felt her tongue roll around the head of his penis, trying to avoid his semen.  She obviously didn't like the taste of it - oh well! It felt fucking fantastic!

"Hey, Tito - watch this!" Jimbo said as he lifted the young girl, pulled her lips off of his cock, and removing his penis from her ass with an audible pop.  He turned her over and placed her down on top of her twin sister, the two six-year-olds now facing opposite directions, Cindy's pre-pubsecent crotch nestled right above her sisters come-stained face.

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