This is easy to figure out. Stories with three or more parts that are not part of the Crimson Witch Chronicles are kept here, which means that stories for the Single Stories page may get moved here if they get enough chapters. Since I tend to like certain characters in stories, I should have a lot migrating from the other page, but not all.

Lost Dog
Another example of not knowing where the story was going to end up when I started, I found the progress quite amazing. I really liked the characters and their relationships (and implied relationships). I think this is a family that is worth visiting again.

Chapter 1 - added Dec 8, 2005
(Bestiality [dog])
Synopsis: Leah finds a dog, Rowlie, wandering around in the park by her house. She takes him home, only to find out he's a very well trained dog indeed!

Chapter 2 - added Dec 8, 2005
(Slight Domination, Incest [father/daughter], Anal, Oral, Bestiality [dog])
Synopsis: After being discovered in a rather comprimising position with her new found friend, Leah goes to face the music, only to find the conversation goes much better then she and her father could have hoped.

Chapter 3 - added Dec 8, 2005
(Anal, Domination, Incest [Father/daughter])
Synopsis: Leah's boyfriend stops by, and Leah discovers that, after the day she's had, sex with him will never be quite the same! And when Rowlie's owners come to pick him up, she realizes nothing in her life will ever be the same.

Greg and Jenny
Here's a fun one - this series offers a slower build-up and character development, which I really enjoyed. Greg and Jenny are fun and completely wild - and the best part is, they are just beginning their amazing adventure together, so it's a series all about self-discovery and sexual experimentation as a young couple delve wholly and totally into their wildest fantasies, making their most extreme desires come true. Sounds like something that should be on some Saturday afternoon special, huh? Or some after school or Lifetime movie?

The Proposition - added June 8, 2005
(Oral, Rimming)
Synopsis: Jenny is out at a bar with some friends, when a stranger makes her a surprising offer. And more surprising, she actually desires to accept!

The Walk Home - added June 13, 2005
(Oral, W/S, Piss Enema)
Synopsis: Sequel to The Propostion, Jenny and Greg, quite a bit drunk, are stumbling home from the bar. Unable to make it much further without an accident, Jenny is convinced to go behind some bushes to relieve herself. Or course, Greg had more in mind then just her comfort.

The Mess - added July 12, 2005
(Piss Enema, Heavy Scat, Rimming, Vomit)
Synopsis: Sequel to The Walk Home, Jenny and Greg finally make it back to Jenny's house, and boy does Greg have some nasty ideas in mind for their first evening together!

The Kidnapping - added Dec 29, 2005
(Minor Scat, Anal, Gangbang, Domination, Heavy Watersports)
Synopsis: Following The Mess, there is a kidnapping. Who gets kidnapped? And why? Read and find out! Also, discover how to settle a check at a restaraunt without paying! Not only erotic, but helpful financial advice as well.

Unlikely Master
Dealing with one of my more . . . odd? Sick? Vile? Awesome?. . . kinks, this series probably isn't for everybody, but is sure has appealed to a lot of people cause I do get email about it. Some people like the domination aspect, others are more into the nasty scat action, but what every it is you like about it, you aren't alone! I hope you enjoy it!

Unlikely Master 1 - added December 15, 2004
Unlikely Master 2 - added December 15, 2004
Unlikely Master 3 - added April 15, 2005
(Domination; Humiliation; Bestiality; Heavy Scat; W/s)
Synopsis: Kaitlynn has the most unlikely of masters, but they both get exactly what they want out of their relationship. Things begin to change, however, when someone else finds out what they are doing.
Preamble: Now three of at least three, all of these are designed to have a surprise twist. Maybe I succeed, maybe not, but they deal with a subject that is very rarely broached in much erotic literature and even less in actual porn: animal shit-play. If you know of any stories or porn that deal with similar matters, let me know!

Master Davis
Davis is a rather brutal master. He commands obediance and respect from his slaves, and her's one sick bastard. A couple of these stories migrated from the Singles page when I realized it was Davis who was in them. He snuck in really early in my stories. I guess that's because he is such a large part of who I am.

The Davis stories are, for the most part, not in any order and do not need to be read in any order as most are not linked to each other. When they are linked, it will be denoted by a number in the title.

Stings - added Dec 5, 2005
(Bondage, Suspension, Forced Lactation, Pumping, Brutal Tit Torture, Insects)
Synopsis: Davis's Pain Slave things she is being taken to the dungeon for a routine milking. She is there to be milked, but there is nothing routine about it.
Preamble: I got this idea while writing my blog for the last story, Bites. I see these two as being very different - not just that one has crawling, biting critters, and the other has flying, stinging ones. It's the concept behind it. In Bites, the slave had no idea why she was hanging there, what she was doing, why her master had left her, what was in store for her. The appearance of the insects was a surprise, their feirce biting a shock, and the nest beneather her - well, it was the shock value of it that makes it in that story, I think. This one, the slave knows from the beginning exactly what she is dealing with, and through it all has that tension, that fear, that anxiety about her plight. She knows what dangers lurk for her, and sometimes that is even worse. I'm not sure how I did conveying her fear in the story, but in my mind, that anxiety is just as appealing as the pain itself.

Bites - added Dec 1, 2005
(Bondage, Suspension, Stretching [tits and nipples], Brutal Torture, Bestiality(?) [Insects])
Synopsis: A slave finds her self alone in the woods, bound tights and hung from the branchs. Unfortunately for her, that's just the beginning of her plight.
Preamble: The kink has been there for a long time - I love the idea of naked females covered in crawling, creeping insects, just swarming all over and inside. It's been in my mind since I was very young, before I realized the sexual aspects of the fantasy. It would probably be sadistic enough just to cover a slave with harmless insects - the disgusting tickling sensation as they crawl all over her, the knowledge that they are pouring into her cunt and ass - but add pinching, biting insects and it just gets real nasty!

A Walk Through the Woods - added March 8, 2005
(Brutal Torture and Pain, Domination, Stretching)
Synopsis: The first appearance of Davis by name in a story. He takes a slave for a little walk in the woods, much to her discomfort, and leaves her there a while.
Preamble: This was actually started before Buying a Toilet Slave. The other one just got done first. And it was while writing that one I realized the Masters in both were the same person, though I decided to keep him unnamed in the other one. I also realized he was the EvilSadist and I knew then just what Monique was getting herself into. It will be torturous to be sure!

Buying a Toilet Slave - added Jan 31, 2005
(Anal; Heavy Scat; Vomit, W/S, Humiliation, Domination, Incest, Underaged)
Synopsis: A slave is getting tried out by a potential buyer in a role she has never had, that of a toilet slave.
Preamble: Someone needs to film this, I swear. I recently received some requests for some more scat-themed stories, so here is one. Hope all you scat fans out there enjoy it as much as I do! When I started this, I didn't know who the buyer was, but as I wrote the story, I realized he is a character in another story and is set to star in a few more that are in the process. He is actually what I would be were I to completely let myself go and indulge my dark desires. Grey unleashed if you will. You'll be seeing some more of him in the future, and trust me, this is him in a very giving mood.

EvilSadist - added December 15, 2004
(Domination; Pain, self-inflicted; W/s; Stretching)
Synopsis: Monique is making a deal to have her fantasy come true. Here she gets a glimpse into her future.
Preamble: I enjoy reading Adult Personals - I love seeing what people want and desire. When women say they want a master to use them and abuse them however their master sees fit - no safewords - well, I find that quite exhilarating. I have seen a few women ask for the same thing Monique asked for; this story - and the series that will follow - is born from how I would like to make their dreams come true.

The Lisa Saga - A Fanfic of Sorts
Lisa 1 - added December 8, 2004
(Anal; Humiliation; Light Scat)
Lisa 2 - added December 18, 2004
(Light Scat; Bestiality)
Lisa 3 - added December 18, 2004
(Heavy Scat; Vomit; Creepy-crawly; Rape; Humiliation; Impregnation)
Lisa 4 - added December 18, 2004
(Heavy Scat; Vomit; Impregnation)
Lisa 5 - added December 18, 2004
(Heavy Scat; Vomit)
Synopsis: Inspired by a story from another author, this tale follows the adventures of Lisa, a young woman whose boyfriend's kinky desires end up adding a little something special into her life.
Preamble: The Lisa Saga. These started from reading a couple of Arthur Saxson's stories:
Alison and the Lust-Crazed Army of Sentient Poo Monsters, and and the sequel: Alison and the Poo Monsters 2: Screwed By Poo. As you can probably tell, I really liked them. Part 3 is where the Sentient Poo Monsters come in - obviously, I used the intelligent, mommy loves them kind. I would recommend checking out Arthur's stories first here.

Shari Takes a Moment - added December 15, 2004
Shari Tells a Story - added December 15, 2004
Shari Goes to a Party - added December 15, 2004
(Anal; Heavy Scat; W/s)
Synopsis: Shari, a college senior chemical engineer, has been having a rough semester. She thought that her lovely Friday after noon was going to be spent just taking it easy. It turns into the night of her life as old desires are rekindled.
Preamble: Shari's the type of girl I wish I had known in college. That kind of kink, that level of desire - I could definitely go for that! Man, what I wouldn't give to have these stories made into a movie!