The Kidnapping

Note: This is the sequel to The Mess. If you haven't that story, you should start there.

Jenny stirred, her body rocking to the soft motion of a car gliding easily down the highway. No stops, no slowing, just lazy movement. It was so warm and comfortable, she could barely open her eyes. She was just too relaxed to even think about waking.

But why was she asleep in the first place? She was so drowsy, it just seemed natural, like an afternoon nap on the couch, but where was she going? She took a deep breath and tried to remember how she got in a car in the first place. She could remember last night, she was at a bar with her friends, and she got paid to suck a guy's cock. Greg's cock.

Remember how he had surprised her by showing up made her smile, and as the rest of the memories returned, the walk home from the bar, and the mess they had once they had gotten back to her house, not only was she smiling, but her cunt was getting all hot and wet again, too. Her legs stirred, rubbing her thighs together, which only seemed to raise her lust even more.

She recalled waking up this morning still covered in filth. Greg had woken her by coating his cock with a healthy smear of shit and sticking it into her mouth. The shock of taste brought her round in seconds, and she was sucking him in earnest without hesitation, the exotic flavor of his dick getting her horny instantly. He played with her still-dirty pussy as she blew him, and got her cumming a few moments after he shot his load into her mouth. She had greedily sucked down his cum and continued to lap at his shaft, licking away the musky flavor of shit. And while she was coming, another flow filled her mouth, and Jenny drank that down too, swallowing several mouthfuls of dark, bitter piss before he was done. What a lovely way to wake up!

She remembered going to the shower after that. They both did, and got even messier before they got cleaner. Jenny was dying for a morning piss, after all, and they both still had enough left over to get each other truly dirty. They must have been in the bathroom for over two hours - and it took her another half hour to get the smell out of the room. She was glad her roommates wouldn't be back for another couple weeks. She almost felt bad for doing something like that in their common bathroom, but it had been too wonderful to really be upset about, so she didn't dwell on it.

Greg had cleaned up her bedroom, which mainly involved throwing out all her covers and sheets. It had been most certainly been worth ruining them too, and Greg had told her not to worry about the loss.

He mentioned going out for breakfast. Was that what they were doing? Had this morning's activities exhausted her so much that, as soon as she got in his car to go get breakfast, she had fallen asleep? That didn't make sense - after all, this was a college town; there were hundreds of places to have a good breakfast within a ten minute's walk. Where would they be driving to? She didn't recall getting in a car at all.

Her arms were beginning to get sore; she was lean on them for some reason, but when she tried to reposition her hands to her lap, she couldn't. She tried again, and failed. She roused herself more, struggling to get more comfortable in her seat, and as she slowly became aware, Jenny realized her hands were bound behind her back. That realization woke her even more, and she sat up in her seat.

She was naked, her wrists bound behind her and her ankles tied together. She was in the front passenger seat of Greg's care, and he was driving down the interstate.

"Finally woke up, huh? Good." He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head down into his lap. Using his knee to guide the steering wheel, he used his other hand to unzip his jeans and pull half-hard cock out.

Greg pushed her mouth down onto his cock, and Jenny began to suck on his semi-soft dick, thinking he wanted a blow job. She realized he was wrong when the first jet of urine struck the back of her throat. She sealed her lips around his shaft and started swallowing as quickly as she could. It was more difficult in this position, and he was pissing so much harder into her mouth then he had this morning, but she managed to drink the salty fluid down without dripping anything onto him.

When he was done, Greg pulled her head off his lap and settled her back into her seat. "Had to piss for over an hour now. Was about to take my chances and do it while you were asleep."

Jenny was still numb from the shock of waking up tied up, and then being forced to be Greg's personal urinal. She was now becoming aware of the other cars on the interstate, and the reaction of the drivers and passengers as Greg passed them by. It was apparent they were all getting a good look at her naked tits.

"Where are we going?"

"Lots of places," he replied.

"Why am I tied up?"

"I'm kidnapping you, Jenny."

She was confused by that. On one hand, he was someone she had just met after knowing him online for years. He could be some stalker psycho and maybe she should be scared. After all, she did know fully well what he liked, and that alone should have been enough to cause some sense of fear. But, still, it was Greg. He was a close and dear friend. And even though she knew what he liked, she would have gone along with any of it anyway, so it didn't make much sense.

"I would have come with you willingly."

Greg nodded. "I have no doubt. But this keeps things very simple, doesn't it? There are no delusions that you are my traveling companion - you aren't. You are my captive, my slave, my toy. You get no say in where we go, what we do. You don't even get to go home. You are mine, now."

Those words ran through her head over and over again, and with each pass through her mind, she got more and more turned on. She was beginning to pant as her heart quickened and her pussy flooded. She rubbed her thighs together hard, loving the teasing sensation, but wishing she could get something more substantial.

"Sounds like you need a hand." Greg pulled something from his pocket, and with a flip of his wrist, he was holding a blade. He reached behind her and cut the tie holding her wrists together. "I have no doubt you have already resigned yourself to ownership. You won't run away on me. You need me too much now."

Jenny didn't say a word; she didn't need to, nor had she been given permission to. She did, however, take the release of her hands as a signal that she was allowed to touch herself. She spread her knees, giving her fingers access to the wet cunt between her legs. She pinched her nipple in one hand, and slid the other down to her clit. At her touch, her pussy exploded. She rocked in the seat as her climax took her higher and higher; she was only vaguely aware of the show she must be putting on for other motorists, but it turned her on even more to think they were watching her cum.

After her orgasm faded, she slumped in the seat, exhausted. Greg grabbed her hair and once more pulled her head into his lap, only this time he was fully hard. He shoved her face down on him, and she started sucking immediately, and cupping his balls in her hand.

Greg went back to minding the road and driving the car, letting Jenny do her work on his cock. "What a fucking slut," her murmured, and she only moaned in reply.

* * * *

Jenny sat across the table from Greg. She felt a little revealed, since she was wearing only a simple sundress and nothing underneath. The dress barely came down past her crotch and the neck line plunged so low, her tits were practically hanging out. The waiter seemed to notice and appreciated the view.

Greg was ordering, but the waiter wasn't paying much attention, just enough to write down what he was saying. Greg hadn't let Jenny even look at the menu; she figured ordering her meals for her would be part of his ownership of her, and that was fine with her. It did mean that she had nothing to fidget with while the waiter blantently oogled her boobs.

"And I don't feel like paying," Greg stated as he finished his order.

The waiter's attention was back on him in full, as was Jenny's. "I'm sorry, sir, what was that?"

"I said I don't feel like paying for my lunch."

"I don't understand."

"It's very simple. I order my meal, she goes into the back with you. And you, and anyone else in this place can do whatever you want with her, while I have my lunch. And when I'm finished, we both go. I think that will cover my bill, yes?"

The waiter looked back at Jenny, lust in his eyes as he appraised her like a piece of merchandise. "Yes, that would cover your bill completely." He didn't even both to ask Jenny if that was alright with her; he just took it on fact that this was something Greg could offer.

"One condition," Greg added, and handed the waiter a slip of paper.

The waiter read it. "But anywhere else?"

"Anything anywhere else is just fine."

"You have a deal!"

The waiter held out his hand to Jenny, and she took it, and allowed herself to pulled to her feet.

"Jenny, one last thing. You aren't allowed to cum."

It startled her that he was telling her that, but she nodded as the waiter led her away from the table. He took her through the kitchen and into a back room - a worker's lounge of some kind. There was an old, worn sofa and a couple chairs, and a desk with random papers strewn across it. The waiter, Timothy according to his name tag, dropped his pants and told Jenny to suck his cock.

Jenny got on her knees and took his flaccid cock into her mouth, enjoying the feel of it coming to life between her lips. She thought back to the previous night when Greg had propositioned her at the bar; she hadn't recognized him, but had agreed to meet him in the men's room and suck his cock for money. Her first time as a whore, and now she had little doubt that it was not going to be the last.

Already her body was on fire with lust. She had been turned on last night, but that was very much different then now. Not only was this time for much less money than last night, but it wasn't even for her. It was for Greg that she was whoring herself out, and he hadn't even given her a choice in the matter. It turned her on like she couldn't believe.

It had it's effect on Timothy as well. He was cumming in her mouth in a matter of minutes, grunting like a stock pig as he unleashed his load in her mouth.

She was still swallowing when the door behind her opened up. "Hey, Tim! Table 5 is - what the fuck!"

Timothy held his hand up, letting him get his breath back before replying. He pulled back and slip his cock back into his pants. "Some guy is paying for his meal with her. Tell everybody, anything we want, just, well - ", he pulled the note from his pocket and handed it to the intruder.

A grin spread over the new-comer's face. "You tell them! I'm getting my shot in now. No way I'm taking sloppy seconds."

"Whatever. I'll tell everyone on my way out." Timothy was out of the room, leaving Jenny on her knees, looking up at the new guy.

He grabbed her under her arm and hauled her to her feet, spinning her around so that she faced the desk. As he pulled her hem up above her, he chuckled, "God, what a slut. Not even wearing underwear!"

He pushed her down, forcing her to lean on her hands on the desktop as he spit into his hand and smeared the 'lube' onto his cock. He pressed his dick against Jenny's shit-hole and began to push.

Jenny grunted from the pressure on her anus - this one had no experience fucking ass, she was sure of that. She relaxed her asshole and pushed back against him, wanting nothing more then to get his dick inside her bowels as quickly as possible. Fortunately for her, she had spent years fucking her rear, and as easily able to accommodate his cock inside her.

She felt like a total whore now, and her cunt was drooling with desire. She wanted to reach down and rub her clit while he pummeled her ass, but she wasn't allowed to cum, and she was sure that that would be the end result if she did touch herself. For now, she would just have to deal with the fire spreading through her body. She fucked back against the intruding cock, trying to milk the cum from this waiter's balls. At the very least, having his dick inside her wonderful.

Soon, they were not alone in the room. Two other waiters had joined them, and where watching Jenny get her ass fucked with great interest. Both had their cocks out and where jerking away from the scene.

"Hurry up, John."

"Yeah, stop hogging."

"Fuck off - I was here first!"

"Dude, hold up a sec." One of the two sat up on the desk and scooted in front of Jenny, presenting his cock to her. "This bitch can suck and fuck at the same time."

Jenny moaned with desire as she bent low to take his cock in her mouth. She sure could suck and fuck at the same time, and it only got her hornier to do so. She loved the feeling of having a dick in her ass and in her mouth, both pounding her from front and rear at the same time. The third waiter pulled the dress straps from Jenny's arms and yanked her dress down around her waist so he could play with her dangling tits; mostly he was pinching her nipples and yanking on her like she was a cow he was trying to milk. God, it turned her on.

The waiter behind her gave one last deep thrust, and then began to pump her rectum full of his sperm. He held her hips still for several moments, and then pulled out. "There. You guys have fun with her." Then he was gone.

"Let's get her on the ground. We can both fuck her that way," the guy playing with her tits said.

"Good idea!" Jenny didn't say anything, but she thought it was a great idea. "You want her ass or her pussy?"

"Pussy, man. No way I'm fucking her ass after John's been in there."

"You gotta wrap if you want to fuck her fuck her pussy."

The other waiter whipped a condom out of his pocket. "I'll just pick up more before my date tonight."

"Sick bastard!"

They laughed as they pulled Jenny up and then laid her on the cold tile floor. They treated her like a doll, nothing more. So far, no one had even spoken to her. Maybe that was the condition they were under, to just use her. It was hot to be treated like nothing more then a fuck toy for these men. She had fantasized about it before, but actually experiencing it, there was just no comparison! She had never so desired cock like she did right now, and she was getting everything she wanted!

It took a few tries to get everyone in the right position, but soon one of the waiters was on the floor beneath her, and she was on her hands and knees, his cock stuff inside her sloppy cunt while his co-worker slid his thick dick into her reamed asshole. Lubed from the leaking cum and already a bit opened, his entry into her ass was much more pleasant and easy then the previous one.

Soon, both men worked into a rhythm, ramming their cocks into both her holes at once, over and over again. The one beneath her couldn't move as well, and his strokes were much more shallow, but deeply satisfying none-the-less. The waiter fucking her ass, however, was ramming his shaft in and out of her shitter for all of his worth, really letting her have it, and making her moan with pleasure.

Jenny could feel the orgasm mounting deep inside of her, and it had been growing for some time. She had thought she would cum as soon as both her holes where filled - and if not, surely soon after. She often fucked her ass and pussy with her toys when she masturbated, and it always brought her to the most fabulous climax. But now, something was holding it back, just beyond the brink. It was swelling, like a living thing inside of her, and yet, she could no reach it. It was maddening, being on the edge of something she knew would be so powerful. Her entire being yearned for the pleasure of it, but she was continually denied. Was Greg's power over her really so complete? Could he prevent her from cumming just by saying that she could not?

"Fuck, he wasn't kidding!" Another man entered the room, and elderly gentleman in his forties, maybe older.

"Fred! Feed this slut some cock - she's hungry for it!"

The man was at her face in a moment, shoving his cock into her mouth. Jenny never even saw it, but she felt the long thing making its way down her throat. God, he was huge! He was bigger, by far, then any of the toys she had ever played with. She wanted that monster tool up her ass, she wanted to feel it stretching her fucked hole even wider, feel it forcing itself deeper then anything had before.

"Fuck! This slut can suck!"

"You should feel her ass, Fred. Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

"Oh her face, man," the waiter stuffing her cunt said. "Don't ruin her ass for everyone else."

Fred laughed and pulled back, making room for the ass-fucker to shoot on Jenny's face. "He's got a point."

"Open up, bitch," he said as he aimed his cock and gave a few more jerks, spewing his load onto Jenny's cheeks and in her mouth. She surprised them all by leaning forward and sucking his cock into her mouth, sucking away the ass juices and dirty cum that slicked up his shaft. "God, what a whore!"

Fred was already behind her, feeding his thick cock into her asshole. Loosened as she was, and as juicy as her anus had gotten, Jenny grunted from the effort of taking Fred's cock into her rectum. He was filling her body up like nothing before - as wide as the plug Greg had used on her the night before, but much longer, he was reaching places inside of her that had never been touched, and it was driving her wild. She continued sucking the cock in her mouth until he was completely flaccid and then he left.

The waiter beneath her came soon after. Jenny had to get off of Fred's cock to let the other one out from under her. She could feel her asshole trying to close up once it was empty, but to no avail. She was gaping open - and all she wanted was to fill her shit-hole with Fred's cock once again.

Fred laid Jenny on her back on the tile, and lifted her legs high in the air, peeling her ass off the cold floor enough for him to stab his thick meat into her rear passage once again. The waiter who had just cum peeled off his condom and squeezed the contents all over Jenny's face and tits, like he was drizzling frosting on a toaster strudel.

Jenny laid back on the floor, enjoying the deep, full feeling of Fred's cock slowly sliding deep inside her body, and then pulling free again. He seemed go deeper with every stroke, reaching newer parts of her body, and fill her with lust. She reached down and rubbed her swollen clit, amazed that she still could not cum. She would have stopped immediately had she thought it would make her; after all, she didn't want to disobey Greg, but she knew that no matter what she did now, she would not cum from it. She was horny as hell, but completely frigid, too!

She looked up just in time to see a bald cunt descending on her mouth - the pretty hostess who had shown her and Greg to their seats when they came in. "Lick it, bitch. Make me cum!"

Jenny had no experience with cunts, other then her own, but she latched her mouth on to the wet, pink flesh and lapped away at the sweet juices that flowed from the hostess's pussy. Her efforts were met with moans and sighs of pleasure, so she assumed she was doing a good job and just continued with what was working.

"God, Fred! That's one huge beast you have there!"

"You want some of this too?"

"Oh definitely! You can fuck me with that monster anytime!"

Fred chuckled. "Next break, you're getting it then."

The girl just moaned her hungry. Jenny was glad that she was loosing neither the cock in her ass nor the pussy in her face. She was enjoying both too much for that. Soon, the hostess was mumbling, not moaning, and Jenny saw a bare of legs next to her head. It seemed another worked had joined them, but elected to use the girl on her face rather then trying to get to Jenny.

Fred started bucking harder and faster, plunging his cock deep with each stroke. "Fuck yeah!" He pulled out at the last moment and sprayed his cum all other Jenny's belly and tits and the crumpled up dress that hung in a loose loop around her stomach.

"Watch it," the hostess hissed. "You nearly hit me."

"You'll get yours in a couple hours," Fred teased as he climbed up off the floor, letting Jenny's legs fall unceremoniously to the tile.

"I look forward to it," the hostess replied, not even a hint of a joke in her voice. She returned to sucking the cock presented to her and Jenny kept lapping at her juicy cunt.

She could hear the man getting blown. She knew he was about to cum, and then she felt the hot splatter of his semen landing on her body. He didn't move for some time, and Jenny thought maybe the hostess was getting him ready for another round, when she felt the stream hit her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" the hostess sighed. "God, that's fucking nasty!"

Jenny smiled to herself - if only this girl knew what nasty really was. It sure as hell wasn't getting pissed on. The stream stayed on her bare pussy for a while, teasing her slit as the warm liquid rushed over her sensitive skin.

"Piss on her," the hostess whispered, her voice deep and raw.

The stream traveled up Jenny's body, moving slow to truly drench her skin and soak through the dress around her middle. It was a gentle stream, no force behind it, just a relaxed flow of warm golden liquid on to her body.

The girl on Jenny's face was going nuts, however, huffing and panting like a bitch in heat, and her moans only got louder as the stream of piss rose higher on Jenny's body. She close to cumming with the spray reached Jenny's tits. The stream was splattering all over, and Jenny could taste the salty sweetness of pee on the girl's skin.

"What the fuck! Jesus!" Another man's voice from the door. "That's fucking sick!"

"Yeah, asshole - we didn't even get to fuck the bitch!"

Jenny heard them storming off, apparently disgusted by seeing her getting pissed on. However, it didn't seem that everyone held the same opinion of watersports as those two. Without warning, a second golden stream connected with her body, right on her pelvis. She spread her legs wide and raised her hips into the stream, giving her showerer a clear shot to her cunt, and he took it, washing if piss up and down across her slit. It felt so fucking good to have him peeing on her juice box; Jenny knew it would have made her cum, if she could.

The first pisser had move, she guessed, and now he was shooting his faltering flow right onto her chin and lips and tongue, and onto the hostess's pussy as well. It was pouring all over the other girl's crotch and raining down on her face and into her mouth. Her cheeks were soaked in the warm liquid, and the flavor mingled with the taste of womanness

The hostess came at last, her body shaking. She barely made a sound, but Jenny could tell that that was a particular amount of effort on her part not to scream. Jenny kept lapping away as she came, though she was disappointed when the golden stream ran dry, robbing her tongue of the sweet nectar. When the hostess finally had enough, and her orgasm was ebbing, she fell back on her ass just above Jenny's face.

Her face ucovered, Jenny could finally see the man still pissing on her cunt, though she only glimpsed his face for a second before he redirected his piss onto her face and in her mouth, causing her to close her eyes. He was a young one, sixteen at the most, and dressed like a dishwasher.

He didn't have much left, not even giving her a mouthful before he was out, but Jenny dutifully swallowed it down. She wiped her eyes. The hostess was still sitting next to her head, but the first pisser, the one she never even saw, was already gone.

"On your hands and knees," the dishwasher ordered. He was calm and collect, forceful. She did so, finding herself kneeling in a large puddle of warm liquid. Her hair was soaked and dripping, her dress totally saturated. She was facing the hostess, her ass in the air towards the dish boy. "Lick her clean."

Jenny leaned forward and licked up the golden streaks and droplets still lingering on the hostess's naked flesh. The girl was moaning with every touch of her tongue against her skin; Jenny knew she was need that rendezvous with Fred in a little while - this girl was going to be dying for more by then.

After a few minutes of slowly licking her skin and then gently cleaning the girl's wet pussy, the dishwasher ordered Jenny to clean off the floor. The hostess dressed quickly and scooted out, things getting a little to nasty for her. And while Jenny lowered her lips to the floor and sucked up the puddle of piss, she heard a few more employees come into the room, get disgusted by the sight before them and leave angrily. She was disappointed that no one decided to piss on her ass while it was high in the air and add to the pool she was trying to clean up.

She had gotten the floor as dry as she could with her mouth, piss was still dripping from her body, so it made the whole endeavor rather difficult. "Good enough," the boy stated. "Fix your dress. God, what a dirty cunt you are."

Jenny rose to her knees and turned to face him. She settled her dress, pulling the straps up over her shoulders and smoothing down the hem as best she could. Soaked through just about everywhere and wrinkled as hell, it was difficult to get it straight, and it clung skin-tight to her body. Her nipples showed right through it where it clunch to her tits. It felt so nasty, having her clothing drenched with piss; she absolutely wreaked of it, and it only turned her on more.

"Now suck me off, fuck hole."

He was slowly jerking his cock before her eyes; it made her mad with desire, and she launched herself hungrily as his cock, taking the whole length in her mouth in one shot. "Fuck yeah! You really know how to suck dick, you fucking piss whore." His words made her purr.

He pulled out just before he came. The thick glob of his semen landed on her nose and ran down her cheeks and over her lips. He shot the rest of his cum onto her wet tits. Most of began to slid down her slick skin, down her chest and tummy. The rest hit her dress and marked her clothing.

She definitely looked the part of the slut, she was sure. She certainly felt it. She had never been so turned on in her life, never so wild with lust. Her pussy ached to cum, pulsed with every beat of her pounding heart, begging for climax, but she could do nothing to satisfy her desire.

Timothy was behind the dishboy, standing in the doorway. He seemed to have no desire to come into the room. "Len, take her out the back, would you? Her . . . the guy with her already pulled around to collect her."

The boy nodded and grabbed Jenny by the arm, roughly escorting deeper into the break room to a door in the back. He threw the door open then shoved Jenny out of it. "Time to go, twat. Get the fuck out of here." He slammed the door in her face.

Greg was waiting by his car, which was parked on the other side of the street across from the back exit. Jenny waited on the sidewalk until the cars stopped - she got a few honks and cat-calls from passer-bys who could see her tits through her soaked dress. She wondered if anyone could see the cum on her face and boobs, or if it was apparent that she was soaked through with urine.

She rushed across the street when it was clear and around to the passenger side door of Greg's car. The window was open, but the door was locked. "Fuck off!" he told her. "You ain't getting in here like that. Bitch, you trying to ruin my car?"

She stood there, stunned. He glared at her. "Get the fuck out of the dress. It's dripping wet."

Jenny looked around at the cars driving by, but she didn't really have much of a choice. She pulled the straps off her shoulders and let the skimpy thing fall to the sidewalk, leaving her naked for everyone around her to see. At least Greg's car was between her and the road, giving her a good deal of cover from most of the traffic.

Greg reached down and pull the trunk release. "There's a towel in the trunk. Get it and dry yourself before you get in. Make sure to wrap it around your head - I don't want your hair dripping on my seats."

Jenny walked around to the back of the car, once more putting herself in view of everyone driving down the street. There were a lot of honks and calls how - she was completely naked behind Greg's car, toweling off. He was watching her in the rear view mirror, so she went slow to give him a show. At last, she pulled her hair up and wrapped the towel around her head as instructed and walked back to the passenger door.

It was unlocked when she tried the handle, so she climbed in. Greg didn't offer her any cloths to cover up, and Jenny asked for none. She didn't ask where they were going next, or even how his lunch was. She just settled in and tried to ignore the burning fire in her loins, the mad desire for climax and release.

Yesterday, she was a virgin. Today, she had just fucked a few guys and ate out a girl in the back room of a restaurant to pay for a meal. She couldn't help but wonder what tomorrow might bring. It made her even more horny just thinking about it.