Adventures in Big Cock Lust: Part 7

by Ben Erato

(M+Ffg, Ff, cons, teen, preteen, exhib, inter, size, va)

Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex, including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ... READ NO FURTHER!

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Part 7: Teen Slut Training Manual

Saturday's fuck-fest, with Mitchelle's grand initiation to group subservience, deserves a detailed retelling. But before that, I should backtrack to our main focus for the weeks before, the slut training of lovely thirteen-year old Angela. By any standard, it was a textbook achievement, transforming the child's raw potential into pervert's gold.

In many ways, Mitchelle was a diversion from our unanimous fascination with our pretty little lover ever since her school friend Sheena had cast her our way. Sheena, who had been trained by her dad to be used by a small group of friends, was already a regular at the club. One of them, a pedophile named Tom had the most enormous dick you could imagine. Tom had spotted Angela at Sheena's birthday party and recognized her potential, a fact that he never failed to remind us. So Angela had originally been the lure to obtain Tom's monster cock for my size-queen girlfriend Andrea.

Having been sent a gift from heaven in the form of two eager sex toys, Darin, BT, Andrea and I had quickly learnt to appreciate the special thrill of sex with minors, and had greedily exhausted the pretexts on which to have Angela over for a few hours of fun. With her single mom unaware of her daughter's flowering and deflowering, we were anxious not to raise any suspicions. We suffered from withdrawal whenever our teen angel became unavailable. Soon, it was clear we had to work on a more permanent solution or get over our redhead sweetheart. Little Sheena, our precocious eight-year old slut, however, was always available. With her dad Mike more or less an absentee member of our group, she had full permission to be a BC club whore after school hours, and had on occasion been the sole item on the menu. Mike was happy as long as she gave him detailed accounts and brought home the creampie treats he got off on.

To make matters worse, the few times we were all gathered, Tom had begun to monopolize the two girls like some kind of cave-dwelling alpha male. Even BT found himself having to share Andrea with Darin and me, all of us looking longingly at the two utterly captivated captive sluts squirming captivatingly on Tom's knee. Sure, it was arousing to have ring-side seats to Tom's expert coaxing of the girls, getting them to say and do things that pushed at their limits of understanding and childish arousal, without actually making them cry or bolt. We all got off on it, but sorely wanted to be the ones that were teaching them the ropes. Andrea mostly served as assistant and fluff girl as we waited for our turns with the juvenile party girls. She goaded us to be he-men and take the pussies from Tom as she prepped our hardons with her supermodel mouth. No doubt, it was because Tom's monster black cock was unavailable to her as long as the two cuties were within his reach.

With her very first introduction to adult sex games, Angela had found a new identity. Nobody had ever known a girl to exhibit such a shy but genuine eagerness for our adult games as she did. Angela was eager to be used, but remained somehow heart-wrenchingly pure. Sheena by contrast, had been trained by her daddy to perform for men. She loved the attention it brought her and although she was a hot little cunt, I suspect her precocious orgasms were more theatrical than real.

Except for Tom, everyone felt a hidden concern for Angela, instinctively wanting to shield her from the self-serving adult sex lest it made her jaded before her prime— but of course, only after they had first gotten off. For me, it was more complicated. If it is possible to be in love with a child-woman a third of your age, I was in love with Angela. I even got that lovesick feeling when I didn't see her for a few days. I felt at once protective towards her, wanting to shield her from our adult perversions, and wanting on the other hand, to bare her eager mind and body to the pleasures of the flesh. But in the final balance, my occasional bouts of remorse about ruining her innocence were no match for the mind-numbing lust I felt upon hearing Angela hesitatingly plead for more sex: Oh please, please, can she be included in the next BC club happening?

How is it that some females manage to look pretty and virginal, and yet with one sly smile, blurt out the fact that they are dirty sluts? Those pretty eyes flash with a fearless hunger for cock. The kind of beauties that you spare from your sexual wants, thinking they're too innocent, too fucking pure— only to find out to your chagrin that they pulled a train for sleazes at a bus stop with a weak pickup line. Angela made one think of a preteen Andrea, cute as a button but with an unnaturally filthy mind, and innocent, devouring eyes that fleetingly assessed male potential with furtive crotch glances. You could see how Angela's budding desires properly attended to could make this little redhead cherub a sexual wonder, just like Andrea.

While her body responded with gratitude to our sensual abuse, Angela's mind, though eager, was visibly bewildered, unprepared as she was for our confusing, and bizarre ideas of sex, love, and exploitation. You could see it in her expression when some new kinky demand was made of her. She looked fearful, insecure, and confused, until her eagerness and own arousal won out in the end.

I saw it as my duty to perverts everywhere to enlighten her, make her sexually confident, and give her childish orgasms a more mature perspective by turning her on to the world of cultivated lust and fantasy fulfillment that would properly supplement her physical responses.

Andrea, Darin, and I talked at length about the consequences on Angela's life of sex training her at such a young age. In the end, we agreed that she was naturally horny and would soon go down the slut path anyway. Better we show her the way, than some manipulative dick-head boyfriend who could pollute her adolescent sexuality with emotional crap.

We were unanimous in wanting Angela to join the ranks of women who start early, and develop a deep, enduring, proactive lust for sexual experiences, of a type that is devoid of romantic sentimentality. Theirs is the sisterhood through the ages on a quest for the sublime in sex, an honest response to their own needs and those of horny males, whether familiar lovers, or total strangers. They are fucking priestesses, enlightened whores with superhuman desires whose fulfillment is always in the here and now, not in some distant promise of happiness.

Again, it had to be Andrea we enlisted to the cause of shaping Angela's mind and soul, and to bringing out the whore in the girl. Andrea of course, was the ideal role model for her, having nurtured her own lusts from an early age, feeding them with sex, porn, and obsessive masturbation. She had made sex the central part of her life, sparing no effort to satisfy her escalating sexual needs, using her hot body and filthy mind with startling creativity. Her upper-class slick had worked to her advantage in developing a devilishly complex power over men, and made her single mindedly predatory, using her charms to satisfy what were wonderfully deep and twisted cravings.

Acting on our far-sighted plan, Andrea suggested Mike 'hire' her as a baby sitter and tutor for Sheena, playing on his guilt about his daughter's early exploitation. For all his incestuos perversions, Mike was like any proud dad, concerned about his girl's grades. Already used to whoring his little girl while at the next moment making sure she was ready for school, he saw no contradiction in Andrea's bizarre suggestion, and jumped at it. With this credential as Sheena's tutor, she had Mike introduce her to Angela's mom Sharon to interest her in doing the same for Angela. Sharon too, was grateful for the chance to have some relief from monitoring homework and the opportunity to have some free evenings. Bingo! Andrea could now legitimately pick up Angela for two hours, three times a week.

The tutoring Angela received was of course, not what Sharon imagined. With a foot already in the door, Andrea wasted no time in extending the tutoring arrangement further. Like a well-meaning tutor, and with Mike's legitimizing permission for Sheena, she would call Sharon with offers to include Angela in various other activities.

"Hi Sharon, I am taking Sheena to the park as Mike is working late, would Angela like to join? I can pick her up and drop her off..."

"Hi Sharon, I'm going to the beach today and Sheena's been begging me to take her along. Maybe Angela could come along too. The two of them can run around, and I can work on my tan. Dont worry, I'll make sure they're safe..."

It was too easy. She would drive them to after-school dance and music classes. She would take them shopping. She would take them to the movies. Sure, some of these promised activities actually took place, but most of the time they simply provided an excuse for the girls to entertain the BC club gang, and to get the best of what Andrea had to offer— lessons in how to be world class sluts.

Andrea managed her dual roles beautifully, imparting hard-core sex education while also taking her official job as tutor to heart, making sure the girls really did improve their school grades. The two roles complimented each other, and the girls absolutely worshipped her, making her job easy.

Little Sheena's dad Mike was a kindred pervert and when he saw how his little whore improved in every way, including her sexual talents, he stopped asking questions about her whereabouts as long as she was with Andrea. Mike had never joined us for a club meeting, apart from being overworked, he preferred to be a voyeur, and extracted detailed accounts from his daughter of all our club sessions, and made the little slut promise to keep bringing him the creampie treats he seemed to subsist on.

Angela's mom; on the other hand, knew nothing of what was going on, and was dim enough to believe that Angela was still her innocent baby. Her poolman lover had been waiting for an opportune moment to get in the thirteen-year old's pants from day one, and had been getting close to success. Angela had begun practicing her newly acquired tease skills on him, and really begging for it. The day was drawing near when Angela would surely get them both busted, but for the present, her betrayals of her mom were still undiscovered.

Andrea and her teen protege made a sensuous pair as they would lie together half-clothed after an orgiastic BC club session. Slow-caressing each others sore bits, and fixing each others ruined makeup, they talked quietly in conspiratorial tones. Eager for early womanhood, Angela hung on her adult idol's every word, flooding her with whispered questions about the sex that had just transpired, and how best to try to actually be like the teen whore image we projected in our verbal abuse.

Like a patient elder sister, Andrea shared freely in response to the sex-curious child, about the nature of the kinky desires she was witnessing. She talked about her own, and about the cultivation and fulfillment of her own pussy-creaming sexual obsessions. There was an element of a female bragging in her narratives that had struck a chord with Angela, who listened with wide-eyed wonderment. Andrea was plainly getting off on arousing the girl with her outrageous stories. There was also an element of what can only be called a warped voyeurism— a horny vision of slut-making a young teen for us men that Andrea found sexually exciting. What other designs she had for Angela's nubile body we could only guess.

"Tell me, Angela honey, which part did you enjoy the most with Tom yesterday?"

"Ummm, okay. There were lots of things I liked, I like just holding his cock. Its way cool to feel how big it is, and warm, and heavy. I like to play with it for a long time. Its scary when it gets real big, but fun too. I love seeing all his muscles. I think he's really strong and can do anything to me. I dont mind when he pinches and slaps me, cause I know that he loves doing that to little girls. I like when he talks to me as if I am really sexy and hot, and when his cock throbs when he slaps or pinches me. I like making him horny like that, even if it means he is being mean to me. Y'know?"

"I know exactly what you mean, darling. You are just like me. We are what they call natural submissives. Men really like that. We could have been sisters, you and I."

"Really? You think we're like sisters? Wow, cool! I want to be just like you Andrea. I think you are so beautiful and sexy. Even when you are doing really dirty things and, they're hitting you and stuff. You look like you really enjoy it, and always cum. You're so cool to watch. I get wet when I'm getting spanked too."

"That's great honey! Yeah, I like aggressive men. I love to get fucked hard. And you? Do you like getting fucked in that pretty pussy of yours?"

"Uh huh! I think I like getting fucked a lot. I like being fucked by Darin and Ben the best. I dont like getting fucked by BT 'cause he's scary and does it too hard. I dont like getting fucked by Tom because it hurts too much but when I'm at home and stuff I always think about Tom's cock and playing with it. Is that weird? Should I like it hard, and when it hurts?"

"Not at all! Whatever you like is right honey. Maybe when your pussy is more used to it you'll like it hard too. The important thing is to love it, be a hot and sexy fuck. I wish you really had been my little sister sweetie, By now I would have taught you all about being really sexy and having fun"

"Oh please, Andrea, will you teach me how to be sexy like you? I see how all the men look at you and want to fuck you. They never even notice me unless they love little girls like Tom"

"Oh darling, you are very sexy and beautiful for a thirteen-year old. Okay, If you really want, I'll teach you everything I know about being a sexy slut with a hot pussy. That's what men like you know. There is a lot to learn if you want to be the best little girl slut for them. And if you really want to turn men on, you have to learn to be bold and nasty! You know that right?"

"No, teach me, ... pleeeze? I want to be a hot slut just like you, Andrea. I want guys to look at me and want to treat me nicely and want to fuck me. I'll do everything you tell me if I could be sexy like you and make them horny like you do."

"All right, darling. First of all, you have to learn to think sexy, talk sexy, and behave sexy. It doesn't matter that you are so young. In fact that's even more of a turn on for men, a little girl that is really cute and sexual. A hot little slut. See how sexy that sounds? A real hot, sexy little whore."

"Tom always gets me to say I am a little fuck slut and a hot little cunt"

"Uh huh, that's right. They want to know that you're aware about how they see you and that you like it. If you want them to get hard, all you have to do is use the right words. Always refer to yourself as a slut, cunt, or whore. Its not an insult, its just a way to turn them on."

"I know that already! I'm a hot little slut. I am a little whore. I am a sexy little cunt." Angela said in a sing song voice, rocking her head, and grinning childishly.

"Yeah, but you have to be serious, and really mean it too, honey. You have to really see yourself as a hot slut. And you must look them in the eyes when you say stuff like that, and picture doing something dirty with them. Its hard to explain, but when you're thinking nasty thoughts it shows. Men can tell when a bitch is truly hot. That turns them on more than anything, a female that wants sex so much that she will debase herself to get it. They love when we beg for stuff too, but I'll get to that later."

"You know so much, Andrea! What does debase mean? Can I debase too? Its easy for you cause you have a beautiful body. I dont have big tits like you do. I'm just a fat little girl— I'm not really sexy like you."

"Oh sweetheart, if you only knew how sexy you are! You have a very, very, sexy pussy. I actually envy you for your sexy, pink, teen pussy. Men get very turned on by shiny new girl-cunts. That's why you just have to learn to show it off right. And your tits too, are pretty and sexy. Some men like little tits even more than big ones. They go better with that sexy baby cunt. I'll teach you how to show them off too, maybe you can get nipple rings or a nice tattoo. That would be so cute! Its sure to bring out bring out the worst in every guy."

"Really? First, I wanna learn how to show off my pussy, cause everyone says its the best part of me. Can I shave it like yours too? Pleeeze?"

"Your mom will freak, honey. Anyway, it is pretty with that soft red fuzz. If you want to be sexy and learn how to show off your hot pussy, first you have to understand what men are looking for. Do you know what men want from pussies?"

"Umm, they want to fuck them?"

"Well yes, but... Lets see, suppose there were lots of pretty pussies like yours to choose from, which one do you think they would pick?"

Angela thought hard but could not think of an answer. "Hmmm. Dunno."

"The one that's the wettest and horniest of course, silly! The one that looks as if it wants to get fucked all the time the most."

"Oh yeah!" Angela said, the logic dawning on her and probably making an indelible impression. "I want to get fucked all the time. But, how do I make my pussy look wet and horny before even getting fucked Andrea?"

"Easy. You know how your pussy gets wet when you get spanked or fucked? Well, you can make it get wet and horny just from thinking about stuff too. The trick is that when you show your pussy to men, it has to look horny and talk to them and beg for their cocks."

"Wow! How do I do that?"

"You have to picture cocks and cum and fucking, and how pretty your cunt looks when it is getting fucked. When you think about stuff like that, your pussy will remember how good it feels and start getting ready for more. When you give it lots of hope, after a while it will start begging on its own, see?"

Angela was thoughtful, trying hard to personify her own pussy.

"And just to be sure they're getting the message, you should look at their cocks while you are showing it and do a little fucking movement. Like this!" Andrea demonstrated a subtle pelvic roll that ended in a little thrust.

Angela was thrilled at learning what was obviously a valuable secret that Andrea was sharing with her. After just a few tries she got the movement down pat. "Wow I think my pussy's getting wet just thinking about being sexy like that for guys!" she confessed.

"The other thing you must do to be a horny, sexy girl is to masturbate a lot. Your pussy needs lots of practice to get wet quickly just from thinking about sex. When you did it for us yesterday, it was really sexy honey. You have to do it every chance you get. You dont have to cum every time, just get it wet and keep it wet all day if you can. That is the real secret to being sexy. The rest of it will come naturally, and you'll find yourself being sexy without even trying."

"Really? Wow, I didn't know that! Should I think about cocks when I rub my clitty like Tom has me do?"

Tom had certainly put her on the right track already, but Andrea's was a more generous insight.

"That's only when you're doing it for others, darling. When you're alone, you just do anything that feels good. If it makes you horny to think nasty words, then of course. Me, I like to think about doing dirty stuff with really big cocks, for example. I always have a wet cunt from doing that. But you'll have to experiment and see which thoughts get you the horniest. Maybe you'll like to think about getting spanked by your mom's boyfriend; for example, or sucking a really nice big cock. Just let your imagination go, darling. Think about how you will make guys horny for you and wanting to fuck their cum into you. Imagine the dirtiest things you can, because those always give you the best cums."

Angela was excited because she had already discovered this on her own. "I didn't tell you before, but I did that when my mom's boyfriend showed me his cock when mom was in the shower. He'd just done showering and had only a towel wrapped around. He started to ask me about school and stuff, and his towel started poking out. I was staring at it. He asked me if I'd ever seen a cock before. I said no, and he asked me if I'd like to see. I said yeah 'cause he's really handsome so he showed me. He let me touch it, then mom was coming out so we had to stop. Then I went in my room and rubbed my clitty like I always do, but instead of thinking about the feeling, I was thinking about touching his cock and seeing it fucking mom. Then I imagined I was sharing it with mom... That's when I had my first real cum." She giggled. To her that was a long time ago, and she had come a long way since then.

"There you go! See how natural it is to imagine fuck stuff? Its easy and nobody has to know what you're thinking unless you want them to. When you have a great imagination, its like practicing for the real thing and knowing in advance how to make your pussy happy. Tell you what! Lets try to find something that gives you a super-cum right now. You masturbate. Pretend you're alone. Tell me what you're thinking about, and I'll show you how to make your thoughts be more imaginative and make you super hot. Wanna try?"

"Okay! But, wont it be better if you do it too?"

"We'll see. If I get horny, I'll join you, okay?"

Angela scooted her butt off the couch and pulled her skirt down. She spread her thighs wide, splaying her wonderful cunt, unabashedly laying a leg over Andrea's. She started to rub her pussy lightly, her eyes screwed shut. After a while she started describing the picture in her mind.

"Mmm.... I am sitting on my bed with Tom and holding his cock. It feels really nice, its really heavy, and soft. He's talking in a deep voice, and saying I am his princess slut. He's rubbing my nipples and squeezing them. It feels really good... Ahh."

"Yes darling, that's hot. Go on..."

"His cock is getting harder and harder and he's whispering, calling me dirty names. Now he's kissing me, pinching me, and pulling my nipples. Oooh!" Angela's fingers were picking up the tempo as they strummed her protruding clit. Her pussy was starting to lubricate and turn reddish with the increased blood flow.

Andrea leaned in close to her ear and stated whispering. "Okay, now continue your thoughts and add mine to them. Tom picks you up and takes you out to the pool. Your mom's not home. He lies back on the lounge and has you on top of him facing the sliding glass doors to the house. He starts playing rough with your tits and pussy, calling you a slut, a nasty little whore. His cock is sticking up between your legs, and you're stroking it with both hands."

"Ooh yess! Now he wants me to say I'm a cock slut, and I love his big cock... Ohh!" Angela's fingers moved faster.

"That's right. Now you look up and see your mom's boyfriend behind the sliding glass, watching you being Tom's slut."

Angela froze for a minute, trying to make the image fit. "But... he'll be mad... I can't..." she mumbled unconvincingly. Then, after another long pause her fingers started to move again. "Unhhh!" She had given herself the permission to unravel the improbable scene and had made it erotic for herself again.

Andrea watched her carefully, reading her strained face and continued when she saw Angela's mouth open in an 'O', signalling her sudden arousal at the outrageous situation in her mind's eye. Andrea knew she had already succeeded in her little experiment. The rest was easy. "He doesn't know you've seen him. You continue jacking Tom's huge cock and rubbing your clit against it, knowing how slutty you must look. When you take a quick look, you see that your mom's boyfriend has his cock out and is stroking it."

"Oh God! Unnhhh!" Angela's mind was fired with the vision, and her fingers flew; rubbing her clit in jerky circles. "Unhhh! Unhhh!"

"When he opens the door and starts walking towards you, you're not scared because his cock is sticking out of his pants and you know you've made him really horny. You say hi and give him a big smile, as if nothing were wrong, and spread your thighs wide and move from side to side so he can see your wet open cunt as it slides out from behind Tom's cock. You look him in the eyes and then down at his cock and then give him a naughty girl look. You feel like a real nasty slut doing that dont you? Your cunt is begging for cocks now, isn't it?"

"Ohhh! Yeah! I'm a... dirty slut! Unhhhh! I'm a little cock whore! Yeaaaah!" Angela's teeth were gritted. All kinds of previously isolated experiences were fitting together and making sense to her, now that she was in control of the images. Her body seemed to have found a new way to pleasure itself without any involvement from others. Andrea's narrative had opened a pandoras box of lewd scenarios that her mind was hungry to explore on its own. When Andrea continued, her mind followed the vision as if it were her own.

"Tom says hi to your mom's boyfriend— whats his name?" Andrea continued.

"Pe... Peter. Unhhhh! He's looking at my pussy for the first time... Unhhhh! Unhhhh!"

"Yeah, Peter's staring at your hungry, wet, baby cunt. He says hi back to Tom and asks him whether he can join in. Tom says sure; man. This pretty little whore just loves cocks. The more cocks the merrier. She's a bad, bad girl that needs an ass and cunt spanking for wanting to play with grown men's cocks!"

Angela was screeching as her fingers alternated between vigorous clit rubbing and plunging two fingers in and out of her wet cunt, an instruction from Darin that she had acquiesced to at the last BC club bang and found pleasurable. She looked moments away from a violent orgasm.

"Peter agrees and helps position you so Tom can spank your pretty cunt. Your ass is facing Peter who starts spanking you hard, saying you're a beautiful, sexy schoolgirl, but you're also a cock whore so you need to be punished. Then they both cum on your ass and cunt cause they look so hot when they are spanked red. That's right sweetheart, go for it now cum! Cum!"

Angela's screech reached an inaudible whistle as she hit her powerful orgasm, then turned into a panting that ended in shuddering sobs that lasted for ages. Andrea stroked her hair back from her sweat beaded forehead, kissing her sweetly and whispering "My sweet little baby, my sexy, sweet little girl."

Beyond the powerful orgasm, Angela felt as though she had been given the ultimate present, a super-heroine power, something that was going to be all her own, to use whenever she felt the need. Her gratitude to her mentor was immense. She turned and clung to her, burying her face in Andrea's soft bosom. After a while she started repeating over and over, "Thank you. Oh wow, thank you!"

That was the beginning of Angela's discovery of her own mind's unlimited ability to provide an exciting drama to her bodily sensations. She took to this new inner territory like a flea to fur, visibly enjoying our fuck sessions now with an intensity that made the rest of us feel jaded. Already, she had made the leap from being eager but bewildered to readily accepting everything because it was gratifying to others or herself. Her adolescent curiosity was now informed by an awareness of peoples inner needs.

It was thrilling to watch her sexuality grow with such expert guidance. Everyone tasted the fruits of Andrea's patient instruction in the slut arts of tease and fulfillment.

'Okay, lets pretend you're sitting in a chair in front of a guy checking you out, for example." Andrea would begin, having spent an hour dressing Angela in a pervert's fantasy outfit, seating her by her side on the couch, and having her mimic along.

"Spread your legs slowly, make it sexy and innocent. That's right, wider, show it, and hide it again. Very good, sweetheart! Now do a full spread, look him in the eyes, then look down at his cock, and lick your lips. Awesome! Now bring your feet up to the chair. Good! Spread really wide. Wider! Feel the air on your cunt? That means your hole is showing. Now, push your cunt out, hands behind your head... good! Now arch your back... and smile!"

Darin and I watched out of the corners of our eyes, picturing her doing that for strangers instantly producing raging boners for both of us.

The thing about thirteen-year old Angela that was so very special, was her Special Cunt. I had never seen a more beautiful and sexual looking thing in my whole sordid life. Her perfect, healthy teen pussy opened up like a fruit, a flower. The thing had a visual power, like a secret weapon. The minute you saw it in its naked glory, everything in the room, including you, would appear to be hurtling towards that glistening pink portal, to be sucked helplessly into its clinging abyss. Yes, we were all deeply in love with that perfect teen cunt.

But, while everyone enjoyed her flawless teen body equally, Andrea and I were of like mind (that's why I loved her so) in that we wanted Angela's soul, and heart too. To that end, we made sincere conversation, praise, and patient instruction the primary way of engaging with her. Angela responded by opening up, becoming more loving, more expressive, and really quick on the uptake. Soon, she had developed a sophisticated understanding of male sexual attitudes and was using it to great effect in her tease repertoire.

One memorable training session involved a trip to the mall to draw the upskirt perverts, with just the girls, and Andrea at a distance, for hands on training with pussy and ass shows. The objective was not only to tease, but to get good and wet from the excitement of doing it. Angela passed with flying colors, thrilled at the effect that she was having, following Andrea's earlier instructions to picture the stranger's cocks pleasuring her teen cunt. The redhead cutie in the short mini skirt with no panties was now likely the object of nightly jerk-offs for dozens of perverts and bored husbands. Andrea was the mom too busy window shopping to notice what her girls were up to. Sheena had a following, but Angela's million-dollar genitals stole the show.

Upon their return, Darin and I had her reenact the scenes with us as the mall onlookers. Our genuine reactions and lewd comments were a confirmation to Angela of the sense of power and control that she had experienced at the mall, and her association of it with the hungry itch in her drooling pussy.

"Did you like showing those men your naked thighs and cunt, Angela?" I asked, spreading her plump cheeks to show everyone the red wet hole.

"Uh huh. It made me real horny. At first, they were really shocked and all nervous, then they kept coming around and staring openly. When they would see me looking at their cocks, they always got hardons. Some of them had big ones, and were trying to show them to me."

"Would you have let them fuck you, you nasty little girl?" My inserted thumbs spread her hole obscenely.

"Umm... I dont know, but I was imagining it the whole time."

"You are a sexy exhibitionist whore, baby. Those guys sure were lucky to see a hot cunt flashing from a horny beauty like you. Next time, you can bring one of them back here for a proper show. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes please! I want to show them my cunt up close."

That deserved a slap to her ass and a soul kiss of appreciation from me, and an approving nod from Andrea.

"I want to get fucked good now. Andrea said I would when we got home. Please?"

Darin had his cock out and silently drew her onto it. There was a satisfied relief in her sighs, and her faraway expression told us that she was picturing getting fucked by her mall stranger's cock. Andrea and I smiled at each other knowingly. She was coming along just great.

Increasingly, we started to exclude the others from our sessions so that we could forgo the usual nonstop action for a more educational experience for our trainee whore, with extended discussions about sex, and our best porn to illustrate and keep her breathlessly horny through her training. Andrea, Darin, and I immersed ourselves with dedication to our goal of producing a fully cognizant slut out of Angela. Sheena, while too young to have truly biological imperatives, came along for the ride and learnt some tricks too. Together, our exclusive group formed a tight, loving bond that allowed us to infuse the young girl's minds with a motivated sexuality that culminated in the most imaginative fuck-sessions.

Andrea had long been charged with finding ways to get her preteen protege over to our apartment for fun and games on a more permanent basis. Andrea reported how over the past weeks, she had charmed her way into Angela's mom Sharon's life with her easy manner, and soon the two had done lunches and bonded over gossip and woman-talk.

Sharon had made hushed confessions about her lover, a handsome hunk who also happened to be her pool man. From her excited accounts, Andrea had learnt that Peter the pool guy was young, virile, magnificently endowed and had opened up new doors in Sharon's lonely life with his fascinating presence and an irresistible, dominant sexuality. He was clean-cut, tall, handsome, and successful— everything a single mom could wish for. She had amazed herself with her powerful response to his blunt seduction and forceful lovemaking.

To Sharon's dismay, despite the mutual passion, Peter had refused, when a week into it she had suggested he move in with her. He was tempted, he said, but just not ready to settle down. He was enjoying being single too much. He had bragged cheerfully about all the other women he was seeing. He was quite open about the fact that they were 'subs' he had sought out, and that they loved the bondage, and domination he was into, and that he was into sharing them with his friends.

Feeling sunk, Sharon had cried later, in jealousy and frustration. He made her feel so straight-laced. She swore she would have nothing further to do with him, but had been unable to resist him when the time came. Then, to make matters worse, she had noticed that he seemed to be showing an inappropriate interest in Angela. In her thirteen-year old daughter!

Despite the worrying signs, they had fun together. He was so attentive, she gushed, and so romantic, even if it was just about her body parts. She was falling madly in love with him was determined to get him to move in with her. She begged Andrea for advice about what she should do to get him to commit to her.

"I think he's in love with me too, but he thinks its all just about sex. How can I get him to see that we could make a great couple? Am I just being pathetic? Maybe he is just another typical, selfish user. A big waste of time. Help me Andrea! I'm ready to try anything to win him over, and I need some good female advice."

"Well hon, it sounds as if your Peter is a typical guy looking for excitement and sexual adventure in his life. The best catches are often like that, specially when they're getting ready to settle down. Its all about their sense of freedom and not wanting to be stuck in a limited sexual relationship. If you really love him and think he'll make a good partner, accept his sexuality. He'll love you for it. You need to show him you are no threat to his freedom. Hell, show him you are more fun than those other tramps he's fucking. Whatever you do, dont show any jealousy or he'll eventually dump you. Christ! You are a sexy woman, Sharon, let loose and show him your wild side and be a damn good lay. And with guys like Peter that means finding out what his fantasies are and making them your own. If you play your cards right, you'll have him hooked on you. Of course, you'll have to keep an open mind because with dominant types it can get pretty wild. I know dominant men. If I told you the stuff I do to keep my man happy, you'd be shocked. They want their women to be sluts and also remain faithful to them. Go figure!"

"Wow, you're really perceptive, Andrea. I know you're right, he's a good man beyond his sexual kinkiness. And I'm no prude you know— I really dont mind the spanking and rough stuff at all, I admit its quite a turn on for me! But what if he starts expecting to share me with his friends? I've never done stuff like that. I dont know that I could, I'm afraid I'll turn into some out of control slut and he'll end up hating me. And what about him gawking Angela? Whats that all about? Isn't that sick behavior? She's only thirteen! I can tell she's aware of it too, the way she's always hanging around and acting coy. Sheesh! I can barely have him to myself anymore, and I feel so inhibited with her in the house."

Andrea had done some fast thinking, and with a wink had offered to have Angela over for a slumber party with Sheena so she could have some privacy. Sharon was sooo grateful!

"With the house to yourself, you can go wild, darling! Go, get your man hooked on his prize slut! Show him he'll never find better!" Andrea had Sharon giggling with excitement as she offered detailed advice. "Invite him over and ask him to bring his friends. Dress slut sexy and tease them all mercilessly without giving anything up. Keep them guessing and hoping. When they start groping you, throw a virgin fit. Get them to leave. However you do it, get Peter on his own and have a wild passionate night. Get him to tell you his fantasies. Then confess to wanting those very things. If he wants to watch you do his friends— tell him how horny you were at the thought of having them all and how you've always fantasized about it. Think dirty. Talk dirty. Give him sexing he'll remember forever! Then cuddle up for the night... In the morning, have an honest talk over breakfast. Remember to tell him that you love him for awakening your sexuality, that you want him to take charge of your body, that you would love to experiment and do wild things for him. That you want only want to make him happy, but that you could only do it if he truly loves you and is willing to be your partner for life. You can sweeten the pot by reminding him that he'll be getting two females to take charge of. That as Angela's step dad he'll be responsible for her happiness too."

"Andrea! That's exactly what I am afraid of!" Sharon was shocked at Andrea's insinuation. "That would be like giving him a green light to molest Angela! He'll ruin her innocence! My God, what am I letting myself in for?"

Ruin her innocence? If only she knew. Angela could already teach her a thing or two.

"Oh Sharon, loosen up dear. Dont make a big deal of it. You can't stop guys from fantasizing about young girls, they all do it. You my think I am weird, but you're better of with a guy who cares about your girl. Angela really needs a dad, you know. The kid is growing up fast. A little petting is not going to hurt her. Better she gets it at home. Before you know it, she's going to be fucking guys anyway. He'll be a good dad for her even if he's a bit of a perv. You both need some male protection. And, you wont have to feel so inhibited having her around."

Sharon was thoughtful. Her eyes showed rekindled hope as she saw the truth in what Andrea was saying. "God! But do I really want to use her as bait? What kind of Mom would that make me?" She whined unconvincingly

"A mom that's giving a little girl the opportunity to prepare for life as a woman, the opportunity to grow up with love and guidance"

"Gosh, you make it all seem so right, Andrea! It all makes sense the way you say it. I've never done kinky stuff, but you're right it would be different if he were my husband. He is absolutely spellbound by that girl. He keeps hinting at stuff, and getting us all worked up. I dont mind the fantasy, but to actually include her?

"Oh, whats the harm? You know how savvy kids are these days. If it were me I'd rather that her first experiences were safe and loving. It will create a bond that you could never make any other way."

"I suppose you're right about that. That girl worries me though, I think she's been teasing him already. I can tell she is going to be hard to control when she discovers sex. I'm sure she's already hiding stuff from me. I suppose if it is just Peter she's fooling around with, at least I'll know what is going on."

She was slowly abandoning her initial knee-jerk motherly instinct. Having reopened a door to her own incestuous past, her faraway expression showed a telltale hint of arousal at the repressed images that were filling her head. A few minutes later, she burst out in giggles.

"Boy, with two of us to keep him horny he wont have time for those other sleazy tarts! Andrea you are a genius, dear. This sounds so sick, but I just know he would go for it if I throw Angela into the bargain." She had already accepted the outrageous idea. Conquest was within sight, and it would give her an irresistible enticement to offer Peter in exchange for a real commitment.

"But what if Angela freaks and hates me for not protecting her?" Sharon was now clearing the obstacles to her developing scheme.

"I doubt that will be a problem. Anyway, just leave that to me. I'll have a talk with her tonight and prepare her so she has the right attitude. She listens to me, you know."

"Gosh, would you? Really? I dont know why, but she absolutely worships you. You could do it if anyone can."

"Good, its settled then! I'll bring Angela home tomorrow dressed like daddy bait when you give me the signal." They both burst into giggles and laughter."

"Andrea, how can I thank you enough? You're amazing! If this works, I'll really owe you."

"I really want the two of you to be happy. That's all the thanks I'll need, darling."

That's how Andrea had not only procured Angela for Saturday night's scheduled BC club orgy but had also laid the perfect groundwork for her mom to appreciate her daughter's potential as man bait. If things progressed the way we hoped, Angela could be an official club slut with a mother's blessing and all the possibilities that held. Peter, we were confident, would fit right into the BC club scene. The long term picture was just too exciting to think about. After her report, Darin and I pounced on Andrea for a DP as our way of cheering Andrea's coup.

© 2007 Ben Erato