Adventures in Big Cock Lust: Part 1

by Ben Erato

(M+F, breast, cons, swing, Mdom, sm, size, oral, rough, va)

Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex, including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ... READ NO FURTHER!

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Part 1: Andrea's Big Cock Worship

Andrea was the most depraved and fun woman I have ever been with. For seven years, we pushed each others sexual boundaries constantly. It got to a point where our sexual urges were getting us in increasingly dangerous situations, and although we would periodically swear off our swinging lifestyle and talk ourselves into living a 'pure' life, the rest of the time the pendulum swung to the other extreme.

Filed away in my mind are all the great memories of our debauched times together. I also have millions... okay, thousands of digital pictures and video from our 'sessions' and video documentations of our fuck parties. It is a collection I am proud of, although I rarely show it off. I have no intention of posting on the net- an agreement the two of us (and our many lovers over the years) have made, and that so far I have honored. There is enough visual smut out there anyway, I have no desire to add to it. Pictures can never tell the whole story like words can anyway, so here goes:

When I first met her at a party it was lust at first sight for both of us. Andrea at 19 had the looks and body that turned everyone's heads, young and old, male and female, and I was no exception. I didn't think she would look twice at me, so I came on to her really strong, bracing myself for the worst type of rejection. "Hi! You've got great tits" were my very first words to her, and instead of telling me to fuck off, she stood there like a deer in the headlights, with her eyes cast down as though she'd just been caught doing something wrong and was being told off. I knew instantly from her reaction and body language that she had a submissive streak and was mine for the taking; the answer to my pervert's prayers. My dominant and over sexed nature moved in for the kill, and that first night we bared our souls to each other and found a terrific chemistry. Within a week, we got a flat by the beach, something we had both dreamed of. Once we started living together, we discovered that besides the mind blowing sex, we were a harmonious and well matched couple.

Andrea had the genes that were the fruit of generations of prize women picked by rich men for their exquisite bodies. Women who had spent their entire lives in leisure and pampering. She was from a rich Boston family that had squandered their inherited fortunes through apathy and vices. The family had spread out, and now Andrea was living with her sweet little grandmother while she went to university. She still had decent money from her inheritance and between us we had a pretty good lifestyle. You could see her classy background in everything about Andrea. She always looked fantastic, spending a good part of the day grooming, and was a great dresser. But, her main assets as far as most guys were concerned, were her knockout tits.

Andrea had tits that were perfectly shaped and huge. Despite being so big and heavy they had a springy fullness, there was only the slightest sag, providing a sexy wobble that was to die for. They also hung lower on her torso so that at certain angles she looked as though she might be just averagely endowed- and then the unexpected thrill of seeing those fleshy fruits that hung so heavily on her slim chest! Her tit skin was flawless and seemingly without pores, always cool and moist. Grabbing those beauties crudely, and kneading them hard like dough became one of the primary joys of my life.

Her other very sensual features were her pronounced lips, perfect teeth, and the set of her jaw. It's hard to describe, but somehow you instantly pictured her sucking your cock. Her fingers too were beautiful, like a marble statue's, and I never failed to get a hard on when I imagined them wrapped around a cock, specially large black ones. That such a beautiful creature had the lusting nature of a nymphomaniac was truly every guy's fantasy.

Andrea's gorgeous looks were a bit deceiving though. She looked classy, pure, innocent, fragile, and all the other things that made everyone want to treat her like a princess. All the more thrilling, that she was no delicate flower. Take her tits for example. No amount of rough treatment of those fleshy treasures was ever too much for her, and just when you thought she would cry out in pain, she would whimper "Ooh babe!" with that submissive pleasure that she got from having her tits hurt, raising her arms above her head, thrusting them out for more.

Besides our dom-sub games, our early fetishes revolved around Andrea's unending fascination with big cocks and copious loads. Just the words big cock or huge cock would make her get all weak-kneed. Those perfect, massive tits would rise and fall with her hyperventilating mind as the waves of lust swept through her. She could never talk about cocks or loads without her voice cracking and her face showing a strange mixture of eagerness, fear and excitement.

When she would relate stories of her encounters with men, we would both get a rush as she gave detailed but exaggerated accounts of cock sizes and cum quantities. I was endlessly jealous of these guys who had the good luck to score with such a beautiful, cock loving girl in her prime.

Unlike most women, Andrea was turned on by things that usually only men find arousing. Nasty talk, porn, ogling women and young girls. With her upper class diction, words like "fuck," "cock," and "cunt," rolled off her lips with unexpected obscenity. She loved the dirty talk, and responded with a moan when guys were abusive.

But on the whole, the best thing about Andrea in my book was her love of big cocks. When she had one that was particularly big in her sights, she was unable to stop staring. Her eyes would follow its every movement and once in her hands she would study it endlessly, marveling at it, hefting it, and dropping low to weigh and feel the balls. Even when she was sucking it, she would take it out every so often to study it again, wiggle it around, make it bob and generally worship it, making the owner feel like some phallic deity. My average 6 inches was less than exciting to her, but I made up for it by using huge dildos and conjuring up big cock fantasies for her. I was totally in tune with her cock fantasies, and she loved me for it.

She was a natural submissive, with a deep seated urge to be used and dominated, and an inexhaustible hunger for intense, body wracking orgasms. Verbal abuse was an aphrodisiac to her and she would follow the filthiest instructions with eager acceptance, and arousal.

"Show me that cunt" would guarantee a moan and a fully spread beaver, with delicate fingers pulling the lips apart without further instruction.

"Suck that big cock, you whore" would get a loud moan and a deep throat lunge.

A threat to "whip those tits" had the strongest response of all, she would involuntarily pinch and tug her nipples as if trying to imagine the pain.

From her first confessions of infidelity, barely weeks after we had met, it became clear that she could not be content in a monogamous relationship. After going through a painful period of wanting her to myself, I finally saw the light and turned my jealousy into a sexual fuel that in time we grew comfortable with and that made us soul mates at the deepest level. Soon, her solo experiences and chance encounters turned into planned trysts, with Andrea bringing her catch back to our apartment, preferably for a threesome, with me instructing and assisting. Later we would go over her seduction strategies and make game plans for the next time.

We tried large gang bangs a few times, but although we really enjoyed the chance to recreate scenes from our favorite porn, an apartment full of raucous men was too out of control and indiscreet for us. We found that single guys and the occasional duo were usually more willing to give her the kind of sex she craved, and could become regulars if they had the right equipment and attitude. Cock size was a crucial factor and Andrea had an uncanny ability to spot well-endowed men and boys.

The cock we had the most fun with, for the longest time, was a beauty on a young surfer kid we met on the boardwalk. How a 16 year old boy could have grown such a huge cock was a wonder to the both of us. Darin was a handsome kid with a swimmer's physique and long blond dreadlocks. He smelled of suntan lotion and weed, of which he had a constant supply.

The first time we saw him he was skating down the boardwalk with a cute preteen girl wearing oversized dark glasses, that looked precocious in her sexy outfit. Andrea was in her two piece bikini parading her magnificent body, turning heads as usual. As he skated past, Darin caught sight of her tits and nearly fell off his skateboard. We had a laugh and walked across to the sand to spread our towels. Andrea played in the waves while I sat watching the distant surfers.

A while later Darin appeared, without his girlfriend. He asked me for a light, and lit a joint which he then offered. We chatted about the waves and surfing, his eyes trained on Andrea the whole time. Andrea must have seen him because she returned, giving him her famous sexy walk and jiggling titties treat as she came up.

As I introduced them and we made smalltalk, his eyes kept darting to Andrea's tits while trying to look nonchalant. She noticed and put on a show, towelling her hair, making her big tits wobble about, almost popping out of her skimpy bathing suit. The poor kid's mouth was agape, and he looked like he was in pain. Andrea spread out on a towel, and I could see her checking out his crotch through her dark sunglasses. I looked too and could see a dangling salami cock outlined by his shorts. On its way to a hard-on, it looked disproportionately big, and I could sense Andrea's excitement as she looked up at him.

"Hey Darin, you're girlfriend is cute, man!" I said.

"Dude, she's my cousin... too young for me. I dont hang out with kids man! Nah, I'm single right now." he said trying to sound jaded.

"Come on don't tell me you're not doing her!" I laughed.

"Dude! She's only eight! Maybe when she grows some tits..." he laughed, eyeing Andrea's mounds.

"If its tits you're after, I'll trade you some grade A tits for some of that young pussy," I joked, dropping my voice. I could see the poor guy was trying to figure it all out in his head. Was I serious?

"I'm thirsty! Want to come by our place for some beer?" Andrea asked getting up. I knew just what kind of drink she was really thinking about.

"Sure!" He jumped at the offer.

Andrea and I quickly got all our stuff together, and the three of us headed off together to our flat. On the way, I struck up a good rapport with the kid and as Andrea walked ahead, giving him a rolling ass cheeks feast, I briefed him frankly about what lay in store if he wanted some fun. Needless to say, he was excited as hell and kept muttering "Damn, dude!" By the time we got to the flat, he had asked so many questions, he practically knew everything about our lifestyle.

By the time we got in the door, he had a conspicuous bulge from the anticipation. Andrea cooed when she saw it, saying "Ooh! Did I do that to you?" She took off her wet bathing suit right there, doing a slow turn for Darin who was transfixed. I got us some beers from the kitchen and settled on the couch to watch Andrea do her thing. By now they were entwined, tongues in each others mouths, Andrea greedily feeling his growing bulge, making sure she had guessed his dimensions right.

Darin was tall and handsome, and I felt a twinge of jealousy knowing Andrea had a special thing for these buff surfer types. The fact that he was so young seemed to make her more aggressive than usual. Andrea got down on her knees, her face inches from the tubular bulge that went halfway down his thigh. She stroked the huge sausage through his board shorts, feeling its outline and tugging at it. She put her mouth over the meaty log, stimulating him through the fabric and moving from the root to the tip, catching it between her teeth and biting up and down its length. She drooled spit into the fabric and sucked it back noisily. She was delaying the moment when she would actually see it naked, building her own anticipation.

Darin stood there mutely, a bit taken aback by the fawning, but loving the worshipful attention. He was obviously proud of his cock and had never received so much cock adulation before. When finally she started working his board shorts down; Andrea was trembling with excitement. As the root of his cock with the curly blond hairs came into view, she bit the knob again through the fabric, panting and teasing herself some more. She moved up and bit the exposed shaft, leaving the head trapped by the elastic. Even without the knob, his cock looked humongous, a good ten inches and thick as a wrist. Her mouth stretched to fit over the width, drooling and making guttural noises. She spent a long time laving and rubbing her face over the exposed cock, pulling herself into him by his ass, her fingers digging into his muscular buttocks.

Darin seemed unsure about how to be with Andrea, stroking her head gently as she knelt in front of him. I thought I better give him a hint.

"Just look at the cock slut" I said, shocking Darin who had no idea about the verbal abuse part of it.

"Go on, dude, grab her hair, treat her rough, she loves it"

"Yesss.. I love it!" Andrea let out a long moan of agreement. Darin meekly gathered her long blond curls, holding them anything but roughly, and pushed her face gently against his cock. Andrea responded by putting her hands behind her back and looking up at him fearfully as though he had just beaten her into submission. But, the kid just didn't have it in him, or hadn't gotten the confidence to really lay it on.

"This just wont do!" I thought.

Grabbing his board shorts, I yanked them down to his knees, the action causing his erection to spring up and whack his belly. Andrea gasped. I grabbed his cock at the base, and with my other hand I grabbed her by the hair roughly and snapped her head back. I lay his cock on her and started beating it on her upturned face, drawing moans from both of them.

Amazingly, Darin did not freak about me touching him. I suspect he was too young to be homo phobic and I think he was also relieved that I was taking charge and showing him what to do. This compliant nature was one of the best things about our new find, and over the next weeks and months Andrea and I would take charge of his young body, using it to fulfill many of our long held fantasies.

"Nasty cock loving whore-cunt! Is this what you want so badly? To get a face beating with cock before you choke on it?" I hissed.

I was teaching Darin the ropes, and Darin was responding well, his cock growing fully hard with his newfound awareness of male dominance. His cock pride was growing by the minute as he saw Andrea's utter fascination with his massive tool. It had a left curve to it from being trapped in briefs and being unable to lie between his legs due to its size. The shaft was narrower at the base and got fatter towards the head, ending in a peach sized knob. It had a heavy cudgel like appearance. I knew that Andrea, a cock connoisseur, was falling in love with this one and I didn't blame her, it was magnificent and mean looking. Andrea's moans had turned into "Jesus!" and "oh my God!" as she took in the power and beauty of her newfound toy.

"Open wide, slut, think you can fit this in your throat?" I continued.

"Oh yeah, make me eat it!" she looked at Darin imploringly.

Darin was beginning to get the picture, and seeing Andrea's wanton reactions, started to loosen up, although he still couldn't get himself to speak the nasty words forming in his head. I could tell that he was into it though by his changed expression. He took over the cock whipping, getting creative and thumping her on the cheeks, with his knob banging into her eye sockets. Andrea whimpered in lust, diving in to nuzzle his balls with that cute nose. I loved watching her in this state of total happiness.

Finally, she couldn't hold out any longer and brought her hands up to grab his balls, pulling down on his sack with both hands and catching the head with her mouth. She paused, took a deep breath and lunged forward, impaling her mouth and getting halfway down his shaft in the first go. That amazing pretty mouth was now stretched obscenely and her throat bulged to fit the giant head.

Andrea had perfected deep throating and was proud of her ability to take large cocks. In our fuck and fantasy sessions, she had dedicatedly worked to accommodate impossibly big dildos and cock shaped objects down her throat and had gotten to the point where things slipped smoothly down her throat without the slightest gag reflex. It was quite amazing to see, but nothing like seeing her with the real thing. Now she opened up and worked his cock down her until her nose was flattened against his pubes.

What a sight! She had taken that donkey cock all the way down effortlessly, almost too easily. I kneeled down next to her and felt her throat as it bulged around Darin's cock. She pulled out and then went down on it again slowly, giving me the show that we had often fantasized about. I could actually see the cock shape move down her gullet as it bulged out her lovely delicate neck. It went down past her adam's apple, and I got a thrill from imagining it working its way down her silky pipe towards her chest. I grabbed her hair and hammered her mouth over the last two inches of cock back and forth, smashing her face into his belly. She was making wet gurgling sounds, and her hands left his balls to work her pussy in that practiced motion I knew so well. Darin was making stifled sounds, still too inhibited to announce his building orgasm. Suddenly he pulled out, not understanding that he was expected to shoot down her throat, and started jacking his meat away from her face.

"Nooo! Cum down the bitch's throat man!" "Show this cock slave that you're her master!"I yelled through clenched teeth.

"Cock... Slave! I'm a cock slave! Ooh!" she muttered.

Andrea's fingers flew faster at her clit, and she yawned her mouth open with her tongue hanging out like the avid cock whores in porn movies she so envied. Darin accepted her invitation and stuck his cock in her mouth again. She turned her face sideways, making the head stretch her cheek out, another thing that she loved to replay in slow motion on the face fucking DVDs. I reached over and slapped her face smacking her cheek with the cock in it, giving Darin an unexpected jolt of stimulation which sent him down her throat again.

"Hold it there! This bitch's throat is loose from all the fucking it gets. Lets tighten it up!" I said.

I pulled off my leather belt and wrapped it around her neck. Darin was in to the balls once again, and on the verge, telling by the way his legs were trembling. I passed the belt through the buckle and drew it tight just above her adam's apple, pulling till it constricted her throat around his meat. Andrea lost it and made strangled sounds, one hand at her flowing cunt and the other twisting her nipple. My cock was aimed at her face as her desperate, bloodshot, teary eyes locked with mine.

"Swallow, you cunt, get the fuck food you've been craving, you degenerate cum whore!" I panted, ready to shoot

"Yesss... take it, cum whore!" Darin finally burst out.

" Your cock master is gonna choke you with that big horse cock in your dirty slut throat you nympho cock addict!" "Swallow it all, you fucking cock hound! Happy now, Andrea? Are you happy choking on your new cock, you nympho cunt?"

Andrea could only make a long muffled moan with her windpipe plugged, her wide mouth a grimace around the wide base of Darin's meat.

Well, that was it for all of us. With a chorus of strangled wails we all came together. My cum plastered her lips as they stretched around Darin's cock. It pulsed visibly as he shot his load directly down to her stomach. Amazingly, Andrea stayed in position, keeping his cock lodged as it swelled, like a dog's knot trapped in a bitch's cunt. She breathed heavily through her nose, fighting the instinct to get more air, until her breathing finally became less desperate. Darin was doubled over her, twitching with post orgasmic jerks, his cock still buried to the hilt down her working throat.

When he had finally softened enough to pull out, he did so in stages, shocking the both of us again at the massive length of meat that she had managed to bury in her delicate mouth. Andrea's deep throating exceeded anything I had seen in porn - she had taken that huge meat deep and just kept it buried there throughout, for a good 5 minutes! I was so proud of my slutty babe, as she was too. We all giggled uncontrollably for ages after the tremendous release, collapsing in a heap on the soft carpet.

That was the very first time with Darin. He would come by everyday to get his rocks off, and Andrea and I loved his easygoing boyish presence. He let us use his body without complaint and would put up with my instructions patiently. His magnificent cock had a life of its own, staying hard without stimulation for hours, and after shooting a huge load, was easily restored to an even harder state. Andrea was in heaven and never tired of her living toy. Darin had come into his own and surprised us with his quiet sadism towards Andrea, taking to heart my references to him as her cock master. We were grooming him to be the stud male and he loved the role.

Andrea started calling him "Master" whenever she was worshipping his cock, although she was really the one in charge. She discovered cock bondage, tying a leather thong around Darin's cock and balls tight, making it go purplish, and even meaner looking with veins popping out and increasing its size considerably. We photographed her with it in that state, taking close-ups of that brutish cock next to her perfectly made up face with slut red lipstick, the size of her dainty face making the cock appear even more monstrous. How beautiful and slutty she looked, with her master's cock pressed lovingly against her, or draped over her head from behind, the head between her mascara'ed eyes.

She loved attacking him lovingly from behind as soon as he walked in, pressing her ample tits into his back and reaching around to grab his cock, wagging it, whipping it in circles, lifting and dropping it and squeezing it so hard he would cry out. She never tired of it, cock and balls, balls and cock. I didn't mind, I was almost as fascinated with the kid's godly phallus. She would keep "master's cum" in her mouth for hours sometimes taking little swallows to make it last, or let it remain in globs on her face until it eventually dried. During these times she would parade around the apartment with her cum facial, doing mundane things, cooking or doing laundry, while Darin and I would chat or play guitars or just nap until we could get it up again.

Sperming Andrea at least three times a day each was average, although on some days we would do marathon sessions that would take up most of the day and we would hold out, concentrating on making her come again and again by various methods until she passed out. We loved tying her up and sticking huge dildos down her throat and cunt and ass, talking filth, and getting her to repeat filth under threat of pain. She always came like gangbusters when we would administer a whipping or spanking, threatening to do her serious harm. She could cum within minutes of a hard pussy spanking, thrashing around as one of us held her down.

Learning from example, Darin had come a long way, and had found his own well of fantasies centered around his sexy mom Michelle, who was a classy, beautiful, 40 year old divorcee, going out on dates with students at the university where she was a librarian and even bringing them home, although she never went beyond petting and teasing them mercilessly with her ample tits and long sexy legs. Darin was friendly with some of them and would get very upset when they jokingly talked about how hot his mom was.

Through our fantasy play he realized that, surprise! surprise, he wanted to fuck and abuse her for being such a slut tease. All this buried aggression he unleashed on Andrea, finally talking trash to her and being genuinely cruel, which of course, she loved. We made her dress up like his mom, with her rimless glasses and high heels, calling her Michelle for the entire day. We role played endlessly, getting her to confess to her secret depravity and then punishing her for it. Darin would "walk in" on her and me as one of her student studs, and heap abuses on her and throw her around, even beat her, before brutally "fucking all her whore holes!"

Darin had always been obsessed by his mom's tits so Andrea's big jugs became the primary focus of his love and abuse. In tender moments, she would "breast feed" him sweetly as he imagined his mom did, but these sessions would invariably end with him giving her tits a cruel working over which sent Andrea into ecstatic states. Tit torture was always a part of our play and a great source of arousal for Darin and me.

There was a joyful ease to our times together. The days rolled by, mostly in a decadent, pot enhanced sexual cloud. We lived for fucking, watching the most extreme porn we could find, and doing the nastiest things we could think of.

© 2006 Ben Erato