Adventures in Big Cock Lust: Part 6

by Ben Erato

( M+F, mF, inc, size, cons, breast, ir, sm)

Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex, including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ... READ NO FURTHER!

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Part 6: Michelle's Incest Confession

For the coming Saturday,we had scheduled an all day BC club meeting. The entire BC club gang- the two of us, Darin and his 'special guest' mom, Tom and BT, Sheena and her dad (who probably wouldn't attend), and of course Angela, would all be there.

Andrea had also lined up Steve and five of his friends from the university for what they were told would be a barbeque, with her, they hoped, as the raw meat. At Andrea's suggestion, we had asked Darin to bring his mom Michelle and arrive a couple of hours early, so that we could get her feeling comfortable, and primed for what was about to come. But as it turned out that precaution was completely unnecessary.

After his heartwarming account of his first incestuos experience with his mom, all we had talked about was the approach we should take in introducing Michelle to the club's activities. Darin's approach was that at worst, we could use blackmail to enforce her silence in case she freaked, about our club's underage members.

"Don't give her any cock in the meanwhile." Andrea advised, "Keep her desperate, and promise her the world after the party."

Thursday was another lovely day, warm and breezy. Darin called unexpectedly and asked if he could drop by with his mom who had taken the day off. We excitedly said sure, and a few hours later, he and his mom arrived from a champagne brunch in celebration of their new relationship.

They entered, making a striking, well-dressed pair, filling the hall with the smell of aftershave and perfume. She wore a smart skirt with a loose silk shirt and three-inch heels. He was all dressed up smart, in a white shirt and black corduroys, with shiny black lace-up boots. This was a new Darin we were seeing, obviously dressing to mom's taste.

We hugged and said our loud hellos, and I got my first look at the woman we had based our mommy slut character on. She did not look forty-six. Mature, yes, but surprisingly girlish and pretty, with cute, sharp features in a beautifully complexioned face. Her platinum blonde hair and wire framed glasses gave her a studious-but-sexy look that had me staring, but not at her face. This perfect Playboy caricature of a blonde bimbo librarian wasn't complete without the massive jugs on her chest.

Words cannot describe my excitement at seeing the treasures 'in the flesh' that I had tried to picture for so long. Amazingly, they exceeded even my hopeful imagination. It all made sense now, the fan club, Darin's possessiveness. I felt for poor Darin, coming of age, with those beauties constantly in his vision, but out of reach. I could tell right away, from the low start of cleavage, that they were perfectly shaped. The kind of tits that because they were so big, weighed down, leaving no swells to form cleavage, stretching the chest skin above paper-thin.

While I stood there, tongue tied, Andrea was bubbling with warmth and charm. She complimented Michelle on her looks and dress, "And my! looks like I'll have some serious competition!" she said jokingly as she did a little tit shaking shimmy.

"Why, thank you!" Michelle giggled and echoed her movements, to even better effect. After all, this was her specialty.

"Well! I never thought I would see Andrea outdone in that department." I said as we congregated to the living room.

"My mom's got the best tits in the whole world!" said Darin, reaching out and hefting one of them for us. A tantalizing swell appeared above her neckline from the displaced flesh. He was definitely tipsy from the champagne and obviously excited that we were at the start of the fantasy fulfillment we had played out so often. I hoped he wasn't going to screw this up by being too brash, but I needn't have worried.

"Don't be crude, baby. What will they think!" she said, slapping at his hand and looking at Andrea and me with a coy smile. I could tell from her body language that she was obviously pleased by his compliment. Darin had already warmed her up good. I imagined her hands on his erection, and his frank promises earlier.

Darin drew her into his arms and held her, staring into her eyes. "Mom, you promised to be a hot bitch for me today, remember?" we heard him whisper. She sighed and lifted her face for an open mouthed kiss, as his hand disappeared into her shirt to knead her breasts. She responded with a genuine intensity and her eyes remaining closed long after he let her go, a happy sign that the champagne high was good for her too. It was plain to see she was in love with her handsome, coarse, and virile son.

Taking her kiss as a green light, he turned her towards Andrea and me. "I wanna show my beautiful mom off to my friends, okay?" he said loudly, his speech a little slurred. He was squeezing her tits and almost pushing them out of the top, "I want to show off these tits so they can see what a beautiful bitch my mom is. It's okay Ben. We can talk nasty to mom, she doesn't mind, she's heard worse and gotten off on it. You just gotta hear her stories, dude, she's done some wild stuff. You'll see, She's the mommy-slut you said she was, dude!"

"Oh Darin!" This nasty compliment seemed to have quite an effect on Michelle. She was breathing heavily, turned on by his possessive confidence. Simultaneously, she was visibly self-conscious, despite all the prepping. She seemed to be aware of the guilty, incestuous, spectacle they presented, and her eyes would not meet ours.

Seeing her discomfort, Andrea took charge. "You guys look so hot together!" she said going up to Michelle and putting a hand up to her face, and cupping her cheek. "We're going to have so much fun getting to know each other! You should know I'm crazy about Darin's cock, and I bet you are too, so we have that in common already, right?" She kissed her quickly on the lips, pressing her breasts into Michelle's. "I have to tell you, Michelle, I happened to fuck this guy who knew you, and boy, he told me some wild stuff about you. Sucking off twenty guys! Even I've never done that!"

Michelle was a bit unsettled, she considered denial but remembering her promise to Darin not to hide anything, said instead, "Yeah, it was fantastic, darling! I must have come dozens of times."

You mean they fucked you too?"

"No way, I mean just from feeling the cum on my face."

There was an appreciative silence at the erotic confession.

"Mom's crazy about cocks all right! She's sucked lots of big cocks, haven't you, mom?" Darin said.

When she didn't reply, he took hold of a nipple and pinched it, making her jump. " Haven't you, mommy bitch?"

"Ouch! Yes...yes, I have!" Michelle giggled, "And you're a mean son of a bitch!" She laughed at her own humor, and we all chuckled. "I promised Darin I would not hide anything today, so yes I love cocks and I love cum. There I've said it."

"See what I mean? Mom's a nasty hot bitch, dude!" said Darin "You couldn't ask for a better BC club whore! She's a slut for cock cream. That, and having her tits group-groped, she loves that too."

I cringed again at his confident testing of her limits, but he knew what he was doing, judging from Michelle's mixed expression of embarrassment and arousal. She was overriding her instinct to be indignant. She knew she had to play along if she hoped for Darin to keep his promises. She was horny, and so she was also game.

"Then welcome to the club, Michelle!" Andrea was pouring four glasses with Dom from our Christmas party stash. We all clinked and cheered, and paired off, settling on the couches. I felt a rush of elation at how smoothly this was going.

Andrea was wearing a string bikini top; with a loose skirt so low you could see the shaved skin of her mound. A silver belt hung two inches above, on her sexy hips. She gave Darin an open mouthed kiss and a cock squeeze with his mom looking on. Michelle looked intently at them, and I sensed her envy as she watched the handsome young duo.

Andrea positioned herself in her favorite place, at Darin's feet, with her breasts against his knees and her hands in his lap, face upturned to accept the spit he liked to drool into her mouth.

I saw my chance and grabbed Michelle by the hand playfully, and pulled her to the couch roughly, so we landed close together, her breast pressed against my arm. Turning to her, I shook my head in mock awe as I continued to frankly ogle her breasts. She laughed, and with a quick look at Darin, lifted them up almost to her chin for me. Darin was watching with excited, sidelong glances as he and Andrea sucked at each other's mouths.

"Shake 'em for me, girl!" I said, hanging my tongue out and panting.

She giggled and setting her drink down, she brought her arms together and up under her chest, creating six inches of plump cleavage where once there was none. Then she raised her arms above her head, and with little movement, magically made the big orbs swing from side to side under her loose fitting red silk top. It was a perfected move, with a minimum of body movement. The globes hung in their slings, heavy enough for their movement not to be restricted by the industrial strength bra I could tell she was wearing. The best part of it, though was her coy "Ooops! I hope nobody saw" expression, which was very hot and sexy. She surely had a talent for tit tease. She made sure Darin was still watching as she continued to give me the tit flinging show without tiring. I realized after a while, she was waiting for requests for what to do next.

I leaned back, letting her see my positive reaction as it tented my pants. She broke out in a happy grin, and I couldn't help picture that sparkling face covered in spend.

"Bring 'em here, Michelle!" I commanded. "Bring me those beautiful mommy treats"

She turned and leaned forward eagerly, sighing and offering them to me without bringing her arms down. My outsrteched fingers grabbed crudely, sinking into the heavy, firm balloons, gripping them hard. It must have hurt, and her happy smiley mask dropped for a second and was replaced with a questioning, pleading look.

"What a hot pair of tits! They're begging for rough treatment." I said as if in explanation.

Darin's ears caught that, and he paused his spit swapping with Andrea. "Hey, Ben, I promised mom we would show her how we treat mommy-slut tits at BC club. All she's had is those lame fuckers at the university groping them. I gave her a taste last night, but like I told her, you're the master, dude! She's dying to find out."

I softened my grip and drew her close for a tender, no-tongue kiss. "Michelle, you are one beautiful woman. I want you to see how good your tits feel when handled properly by an expert. Come with me!" I took her hand and pulled her to the bedroom, standing her in front of our dressing table mirror. She looked in the reflection as I stood behind her and started squeezing her huge mounds through her shirt, going easy at first, before starting in on the more sadistic stuff. She responded perfectly, her smile breaking into submissive grimaces with the unfamiliar pain, but always returning to eager, smiles. I kept up a litany of crude comments about how hot her tits looked as they spilled out of her shirt with my clenching fingers.

"Just look at these big fuck handles!" I hissed in her ear, distorting their shape, and tugging at the big handfuls of breast meat. She watched, fascinated by my comments, as if seeing herself newly through my eyes.

"Okay, Now lets see them. Take the shirt off. No, take all your clothes off" I commanded, standing back and stroking myself. I almost stopped her when I saw the erotic sight of her overflowing black lacy bra. I wanted her to parade in those. "Later." I promised myself. "Now, release the snaps on your bra and get out of the straps, but let it stay there. Good! Now shake 'em free. Slowly! Oh yes, Michelle, that's a sight to behold. That is fucking hot!"

She loved my reaction, and made me a visual treat of her swaying globes again, before bending down to take off the rest of her clothes. Gone was her indecision. She was in her element, her face flushed with arousal, from the shame, and exhibitionistic thrill she got when first revealing her naked body to a fresh set of eyes.

Oh man, her tits were even more gorgeous than I had pictured. What the loose shirt had hidden, was that the huge breasts were hanging from a frail and thin torso that looked like they belonged on a skinny teenager. Her waist could not have been more than twenty-eight inches. But below that, it was like another body altogether. Her hips flared out suddenly into a huge, matronly rump and chubby thighs that again curved in to pretty knees and calves.

Despite being that big, her tits had conical tips. The nipples were thick, three-quarter inch berries, perched high, pointing up and away at a wide angle, with those huge swells below fighting and losing the struggle against gravity. The heavy tits hung to the sides, making half their mass visible in the mirror when she raised her arms above her head. O, sweet creation!

I could see right away that Michelle's hunger for male attention was directly related to her low self image. Aside from the great tits, her torso was shockingly thin, flaring out to disproportionately enormous hips and buttocks. Unsightly thighs is probably all she saw in her bathroom mirror. I realized with a shock that with all the stories about her wild parties, there was no mention of her getting fucked. It was all starting to make sense. Those beer drinking university morons and their pea-sized spring-break sex brains had seen and rejected everything below her tits.

Well, It isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I happen to love this germinatrix body type. Although her ass stuck out at the back like a counterweight to her tits, from the front, her super-wide, curvy hips and flat belly were quite pleasing. I could see laying my head down for a nap on that soft white pillow after a good fuck. Her pussy was nowhere to be seen, disappearing into a clean 'V' at the juncture of her plump thighs. All in all, with those prize tits, she was a sexy package.

More importantly, I knew intuitively that Michelle would take well to subservience and pain training. She had large breasts but gigantic needs and her sexual gratifications so far would pale when she discovered the far out pleasures we were about to introduce her to.

"My, you are a beauty Michelle, your son is right, you're one hot bitch!"

She blushed and squirmed as I reached for her tits, resuming the fondling in front of the mirror. Aaah! The indescribable, primal pleasure, of grabbing those soft, heavy, bundles of flesh possessively. To spend minutes, days, years! making a catalog of ways to pleasure and torture these big tits. Andrea role playing her was fun, but the real thing would be something else.

"Never had them man handled like this, have you Michelle?"

She was sighing rhythmically with my constant, rough, caressing, watching me intently to absorb the moves I found particularly erotic.

"No, never. But... Ooh, Oooh...Ouch! I never thought it would make me so wet. Darin told me he likes to hurt them and that's what I must put up with if I want his cum. I want to learn, Ben, I want to please him."

"He'll be really pleased, only when you learn to love it and ask for rough treatment. These are hot, sexy fucking tits, Michelle. The kind that make guys like us want to punish 'em for being so sexy. It's the ultimate compliment, you see? Show that you like the pain and see how men will love you for it. We just love submissive, pain loving sluts."

"Oh Ben! I'll do anything to make men hot for me. It's awful, but I need it all the time. I'm really addicted to their cum. I want Darin's cum so bad! But I just can't compete with all the young girls you guys have to serve you, can I?"

"Michelle, listen to me. There is nothing sexier than a mature woman that has the need for cock like you do. The young bitches are fun, yes, but it's all new to them, they don't lust for cock cream and dream about wallowing in it like you do. That makes you a very desirable woman, and with these lovely fat tits to offer, well, frankly, you have an edge."

"Really? You really think I can compete for men's cum even though I'm... I'm... so fat?"

"I'll be honest, Michelle. I happen to like a woman with fat hips and big fleshy ass, cause I am into spanking and dildo training, but most guys are turned off. That's why you have to provide something that makes up for it, something that makes you real special and makes you the center of attention, no matter how many hot bitches are competing for cock."

"Thanks for being so honest, Ben. I know you are really experienced. Darin really admires you. He told me at lunch, he wants me to be the kind of sexy mom that he's always fantasized about and that you and Andrea can help me because you guys understand him."

"I know what Darin wants, Michelle. I can turn you into his fantasy mom, but it's gonna take a lot of commitment on your part. You will have to be willing to be subservient, and not flinch from the extreme stuff. It’s not every woman's cup of tea, but if you stick with it and grow to love it, you will be the one that Darin, and every hot blooded male, wants to always have around for sex. I guarantee it."

"Oh please, Ben, teach me to be like that. I'm not afraid. I know it's probably going to involve pain, but I already feel as if I could get to like it. When Darin pushed me around and hurt my breasts last night, he was so excited. I was really wet and wanted him to fuck me, but I didn't dare ask. Isn't it awful, a mother wanting her own son to fuck her?"

"Michelle, I know you love cum on you and really get off on it, but what about fucking? When was the last time you got fucked properly?"

She was silent, and I saw her eyes were filling up. "It's been a while, Ben. I guess I'm too ashamed about my big ass to flaunt it, and most guys are only interested in my tits and cumming on me."

I really felt for her, and hugging her tight, kissed her deeply. She sobbed into my neck and kissed me back passionately. She was all woman, at once frail, and pillowy soft. My hands roamed the exciting curves of her hips and buttocks, rubbing and exploring every inch. She could sense my sincere enjoyment and sighed contendedly. As I intensified my groping, she melted into me and I knew she understood my signal that she could come to me for comfort. She felt wonderful, and I had a pang of guilt about the designs I had on this sincere woman.

My hand went between her legs and cupped her furry mound. I felt with my fingers that she had a large, womanly cunt, and dipped my two middle fingers into her sopping, velvety hole. She gave a sharp intake of breath as I found her pucker on the other side.

"Michelle darling, all your dirty wishes shall come true and more. You knew when you came to the BC club. your life would change, and you were hot and ready for it. I shall take you on a long journey from which you cannot turn back. Do you want this?"

"I'm ready Ben, haven't I proved it yet? I want to be used by you and my son, and anyone else you say, to please yourselves with, in any way you wish. I'll beg if I have to, if it will get me fucked by Darin's cock all the time. I want all his wishes, and all my cravings fulfilled. I want to experience new things, things I have fantasized about for years. I know what the tradeoff is, and what this makes me, and I am willing to accept it. A woman who has given up any pretense at self control- a sex slave. A mommy sex slave. That's what my boy wants, and this hot-bitch mommy wants to give him!"

"Good, Michelle, you are exactly the nympho slut we had hoped to turn into a BC club slave. From now on, you will become a submissive slut whose main focus is to allow her body to be used by men and women to act out their every fantasy. You will be constantly groped, tied, beaten, fucked, made to do the nastiest things, and your body always put on display for everyones enjoyment. There will be no consideration of what you may or may not like. You will be treated as a mindless toy, a freely available object for making dicks hard and cunts wet."

I had her on her toes, raised up by my ass and cunt grip. She was moaning loudly and practically pouring viscous cunt juice into my palm. This was pure gold. The bitch was creaming with her own final submission to her lusts. We were home, free!

"Michelle, you lucky slave cunt! When Darin sees what you are willing to do for him, he's going to be in heaven. You will be the perfect slut mom he dreams of, one that gives him the biggest hardons, that makes him want to fuck you along with the other girls, and keep you fed with cum all day. Isn't that what you want?"

"Oh God! Yess! I want to get fucked by Darin so bad. I want all his cum! I'll be the best slave slut for him if that's what he wants, Ben! I'll thrill him by being a slutty mom with no limits. I'll show him my true self, how much I crave his cum and to be used for his pleasure."

"Don't forget the pain, Michelle, you had better start liking it right away, and keep expanding your limits, 'cause that is something that will be dished out by everyone, Darin included. The more slutty your behavior, the more likely you will be punished for being such a whore and willing to do the things we have planned for you. When Darin fucks you, I know him, he is going to be brutal, once he sees what a horny, pain loving slut his mom is. Think you can handle it?"

"Ohh God yesss! You don't know me, Ben. I dream of that! I dream of being raped by his huge cock. He can hurt me if he gets off on it, he can beat me, kill me! Ohh, I don't know what's happened to me, Ben, I've snapped. I'm turning into a sex mad woman...Oh God, I am so wet, just thinking about getting fucked by my Darin."

"Okay, slave Michelle, lets see how quickly you will train. Lets start with those big breasts. Hands on your head! Elbows back. Stick your chest out. Now, say please hurt my tits, master."

I could feel her submissive anticipation as her head lolled back onto my shoulder. She tried, but the words wouldn't come out, so she just thrust her chest out instead. I grabbed her tits with her nipples in a firm grip and pulled them out until her tits were elongated cones, and leaning back, lowered her by her crushed nipples till they were supporting her full weight.

"Aaaaahh!" she yelped with the pain.

"Say it!"

"Pleasehurtmytitsmaster!" she squeaked out.

I took my time bringing her back up. My fingers were digging in hard to lift her full weight, she must have hurt like hell. Her nipples and areolae looked bruised and splotchy red, and she had tears in her eyes.

"Did it hurt, slave?"


"Did you like it? Did you like the pain?"


"Then say thank you. And call every man SIR from now on"

"Thank you, sir."

"Darin! Andrea! Come in here!"

Darin and Andrea were in the doorway in a flash. When they saw her naked, and saw what I was doing, they grinned excitedly. Darin stared at his mom's body, he realized that even with the sex they had, he'd never seen her fully naked. He came up to her and looked at her closely, turning her this way and that, inspecting her like a nicely wrapped gift. He turned her around roughly, setting her tits jiggling, to look at her big, round ass cheeks and creamy fat thighs. Michelle maintained a pained smile throughout, and was developing an allover blush as her greatest vulnerabilities were exposed.

"Darin, Andrea, I think we have a new BC club trainee slave."

"That's exciting news!" said Andrea.

Darin slapped his mom's ass in joy. "Wow, mom! Is it true? Are you really going to be a BC club whore?" He laughed at her deep shame and discomfort. Boy, he was raring to go.

"Michelle and I just had a long talk, and she has confessed her hidden, sinful needs to me. As we all know, she has tried, a little, to satisfy them. She has tried the party whore stuff, but even with all the cocks she's been sucking, she does not feel fulfilled. I'm not surprised. The bitch hasn't been fucked properly for years! We'll soon show her she's come to the right place, right Darin?"

Darin was giving her tits a cruel working over, turned on by the news of his mom's commitment. "That's right, mom, no more fucking games. No more having to cock tease your wimpy dates. Now you are dealing with us, and we know just how to satisfy a horny cunt like you." Turning to me, he said, "I knew you could do it, Ben. I just knew the bitch was ready!"

He inspected her inflamed, reddened tits. "Fuck! These look so nice all bruised. Mom, you make a fucking sexy slave. I am so happy that Ben and Andrea are seeing how sexy my hot mom is. Is your pussy all wet, mom? Did you like the treatment your tits got?

"Yes Darin." Then, remembering my instruction, "Yes, sir."

"Well done, slave. Now bring your hands down. Unzip Darin and take his cock out....good! Now step back, and repeat everything you confessed to earlier. You must make your son's cock hard, just by describing how you will be a slave slut for him. If you fail, you will get your first whipping, got it?"

"Yes sir"

She did as I said and stepped back, looking longingly at the cock dangling from Darin's fly as I stood behind her. Her task wasn't going to be too hard, Darin's cock was starting to grow with the anticipation. I brought my hand down and felt her pussy from the back. Her bush was soaked, and I could feel the wetness that had spread onto her inner thighs.

"Michelle has lots to confess, don't you Michelle?"

"Darin, honey, forgive me for being crude and honest. The time has come for you to know the full truth about me. I have made a decision to stop holding back, and stop fooling myself that I can go on denying my true slutty nature. Ben is right, I am no longer satisfied by the immature men I have been turning to for sex. I need a strong minded man, like you, to take charge of me. To show me what I am really capable of. I have strong needs, Darin. Always have.

"Ever since your dad divorced me for being serially unfaithful, I tried unsuccessfully to go straight and become a respectable woman and a good mom for you. But, I was always too weak, honey. My horny nature always won in the end. You grew up in the arms of a horny slut, son.

"Oh God, there were so many times when I was such a bad mommy-whore Darin, right in our home. Luckily you were still a baby, and later, too young to really understand what was going on. I was younger then too, and really slim and sexy. I was always getting attention because of my big tits, and I loved it, cause I always was an exhibitionist. I could cum just from creating a scene for men ."

Darin's snake was filling with blood and making little growing twitches.

"There were parties, honey. That's why you had a baby sitter. I would rush to get home after the party, to put you to bed. I would usually have cum on my lips when I kissed you goodnight. You always wanted to know what mommy was eating when you smelt my black cock breath. I was the most popular whore for a large group of black men. They passed me around for years like a piece of meat. You know how they are about blonde white sluts with big tits. I always had bruises and cock breath. That's when I first became addicted to cum parties.

"Just picture it, a young mother getting gang fucked and letting her baby boy see and smell the results. Oh God! Those were the best times, because those brutes really knew how to treat me. Your dad was too gentle with me Darin, that's what made me wander in the first place. I was like a fish out of water after marriage, son.

"You see, I had grown up abused. When I started growing these big tits, it was too much to expect dad and his poker friends to keep their hands off them. They were the ones who first showed me what a hot bitch I was although I was only sixteen. I believed them when they told me it was my fault that my body was made for sex, and that my tits were special and needed stimulation to keep them growing. I learned to carry trays with nothing on but high heels. I should have known that dad would wager my virginity sooner or later. After that he was giving it away on small bets. I would never have gotten through high school if not for headmaster Thomas. When I grew up and went to college, I was pursued by all kinds of men who assumed I had sophisticated tastes. They were all gentlemen like your dad, and I tried to be happy. But all the men I had looked up to until then had been crude fuckers, and they had made me feel good, by treating me like a whore, not a lady."

Darin's cock lurched and bobbed with his contractions, starting its ascent towards his belly. A drop of precum dripped off the angry looking head.

"When you were older, I tried to take you along to play with my men-friend's kids so you wouldn't be alone at home. Do you remember Trevor? And Lucio? And Michael? They all got to peek in and watch me getting three holed by their dads in exchange for playing with you. Later they would get a quick blow job as a reward before we said goodbye. They tried their best to get me to involve you, to make things simple, but I always refused.

"You were my special boy. When you were seven, I started feeling your cute cock and balls for comfort while you were sleeping with me. It was shameful, and I was so afraid you might wake up, but I couldn't help it. There were times when I would let you play with my sticky tits and hug you to sleep, and use their cum deposits to lube your little cock. We were just like lovers, baby. When you were twelve, and you were having 'wet dreams', I was having sex with you, without you knowing. I knew that you were getting used to my body. I loved your cock so much, and loved watching it grow from the regular attention I was giving it. I had to stop that as you got older, but I always kept my eyes on its growth.

I used to go crazy seeing how big your cock was getting, but I had promised myself. Oh, it was magnificent, but it was the only cock I could not have. How careless you were when you started masturbating, Darin. Did you do that purposely, son? You always made sure I caught you, or left your cum globs on things for me to have to suck up. I've been tasting your fabulous cum right from the start, baby."

Darin's cock was fully erect now, and pulsing, without any stimulation other than her hot confession. She had done it! But, she was not about to stop there.

"I thought I was being a good mother, all this time, hiding everything from you, but at the same time, I hated seeing us drift apart. I could see you were jealous, without really knowing why. Your cock must have missed my mouth, and you were too old for me to let you play with my tits anymore. I was getting fat, and getting dumped by my regulars as they found younger prey. I was really getting desperate, and running out of options, when I got that Librarian's position at the university. At last, I found an outlet for my frustrations, and started enjoying cocks again.

"Well, you all know the rest. When Darin confronted me, it was useless to hide anymore. The last few days have been agonizing, trying to decide how far to let all this go. But today, I can't pretend there is any other option. I have waited too long for the freedom to be myself, to feel your grown up cock in my incestuous cunt.

"Darin, it makes me so horny that you have grown up to be a powerfully sexual man, and have been introduced to some pretty far out stuff. You are the handsome stud son I always hoped you would become. In your heart, you always knew intuitively, what your mom was like. Now that you have proof, you probably want to make up for all the lost years. I know I will have to accept your terrible hidden anger towards me. Anger, for having denied you my slut body while allowing total strangers to use it. It's only fair I should accept your punishment for that. I only hope your anger does not make you reject me. I would die, son. After all, you will never want for hot sluts with that beautiful cock. I know that the only way I can compete for your love, now, is to be the extreme whore you want, one that has given up complete control of herself to him and his friends, one that is totally owned.

"Now I have made that decision, it will not be difficult for me, all I have to do is be the subservient slave slut I have been for so long when faced with the demands of dominant men. Oh God! You only have to see how wet my cunt is to know I am ready to serve, in every way. I grew up with rough treatment, boys, so I can learn to handle pain if that is part of my punishment for being a slut.

"I will be a good attendant for Darin and others. I am experienced in pussy and ass priming and cleaning up services. I will not disappoint. Oh yes, I know I know what he expects, Darin has already warned me. I am fully aware it might involve little girls. That will be a challenge, I have never done it before, but I can see myself doing it, eating cum out of their pussies and asses, specially if it is Darin's. As for black men, I know what they like, I can put on great performances for him if he likes, for large groups if that's what he has arranged. I hope he will get into that. Oh God, I am getting so horny just thinking about it. I''ll be in heaven if he wants to referee a gang rape of his hot-fuck mother.

"There, I've said it all. Does it disgust you Darin, that your mom is so degenerate? After the fun of using me sexually, will you still be able to love and respect me as your mom? Or will it just disgust you, make you despise me, or throw me out, like your dad?"

There was a tense silence, then Darin stepped forward and hugged her tightly, trapping his weeping erection against their bellies. "Oh mom, thank you for being honest! It's all I really wanted, to share everything in life with you. You are making me one happy, horny son. I can't wait to make all our horny dreams come true. I love you, mommy slut-whore!" Darin lifted her off her feet, carrying her as she went limp in his strong embrace.

"Oh Darin, you are such a man," she said when he released her, and greedily took possession of his pulsing erection. "Tell me what you want from your horny slave, baby."

In answer, he took hold of her hair and forced her onto her knees for the submissive cock salute that would be the metaphor for his sexual dominance, and remind her of her role.

Feeling his heavy cock on her face, Michelle groaned with joyous relief. At last! She had poured out her innermost secrets and her son had reacted the way she hoped. "Oh baby, I love your cock so much," she whispered into his balls dreamily with her eyes closed.

It was a beautiful, hot scene. Andrea and I held each other as we looked on, not wanting to interfere in the special moment.

Our sexual experiences since meeting Darin had been a continuous enactment of my deepest obsessions. The witnessing of dirty infidelities, the plundering of underage innocence, the uninhibited enjoyment of tits and cunts, and the unmatchable thrill of doling out painful abuse. And today, we had another addition, one that should provide yet another mind blowing element to our already-gratifying proceedings at the BC club: The white hot heat of incest- a hot, super-stacked, cum addicted, slave-bitch mother, fully committed to selling her sexual soul for an exalted place in her son's harem.

Saturday's meeting would be the best yet!

© 2006 Ben Erato