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You have found the number one site for erotic stories of sexual discovery involving preteen children.

I must stress that the subject matter you will read here is purely fictional and is the product of my overactive imagination. In real life, the actions described here are considered child abuse, and are condemned by most societies.

DO NOT try to act out any of these fantasies. If you're tempted to approach a child for sexual reasons, PLEASE seek help. Your actions WILL ruin the life of that child and may also deprive you of your freedom.





Update - May 2007

Unfortunately time is still the enemy. In the last ten months I have only been able to write two new storys - The Ranch and Libby's Penance. I'm making no promises on when I'll be posting more storys. If I did you can be sure it would take another ten months! I can only appologize to my fan club and I'll try to work faster.

A big THANK YOU to those who send feedback, your comments are welcome, good or bad. Its not possible to reply to everyone, if I did I would spend all my time writing emails and not stories.

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