The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 16

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]

Lynn and Rob sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking about Lynn's apprehensions of the kids being involved in all of the extreme sex play with them. Lynn still seemed to have maternal fears and guilt about that, and they tried to talk through it a bit. Every time Lynn discussed these things with Rob, she felt a little better and some of the guilt was released. Rob pointed out that Bobby was learning to take a dominant role and Lynn agreed that she was aroused by that. Especially when Bobby wanted to hurt and torture her as his submissive.

Rob laughingly assured her that he didn't mind sharing her with Bobby, as handling her massive sex drive was probably more than one guy like him could handle. They laughed about that. Then Lynn brought up Kari again, and her fear that having sex would somehow damage her. If not physically, then mentally. Rob agreed that it was always a possibility, but he didn't see it happening in the other two kids and they'd been sexually active since they were Kari's age. And he pointed out that Sissy had stated that she was envious of her little sister being fucked already and wished that Rob had done her at Kari's age. Or younger. It was obvious that Sissy didn't regret any of their sexual activities. In fact, she seemed much more mature in that and all other areas, probably because of it.

"Hon, you know that personality/IQ test that we had Sissy take a few years ago? You remember they said that it was only a rough estimate, but that Sissy was at least one standard deviation above the norm. A minimum of 120, if I remember right. And I do, because she displays it to me every damn day! That's why I say she's twelve going on twenty. Or thirty. We probably should have Bobby tested too, but I think he'll be similar, but maybe not as high as Sissy. I don't know how young they can give the test, but I've heard of two year olds in Mensa. I've got a sneaking hunch that our little daughter Kari is going to blow the other two away. She's already exhibiting that. And Sissy has been instrumental in teaching her," Rob told Lynn.

"I know. They've absolutely amazed me. Sissy and Bobby can carry on conversations with Kari. I couldn't believe it. Apparently I've been tuning out my little daughter's conversational ability. I'm trying to get to understand her more, now. And I'm getting better at it," Lynn said, shaking her head.

Rob laughed. "Yeah, like when I wasn't fully paying attention to her and she got exasperated. She put her little hands on her hips and 'splained to me in very clear words that she was serious and wanted me to listen to her. No baby talk at all. Blew my mind. Then just as quickly reverted back to her normal talk. I think we'll disregard her at our peril."

"I've no doubt of that. I'm gonna try harder to understand and talk with her. Should I try to encourage her not to use the baby talk, do you think?" Lynn asked.

"I don't know," Rob said. "I suppose she'll outgrow it when she wants to. Right now, it seems that she wants to talk that way. I just let her."

"What about this idea of Sissy's that we home school Kari? What do you think of that?" Lynn asked.

"We already are. She's far above her age group and probably above first grade level. Maybe Sissy is right. Kari could he held back by having to progress at the level of other kids in public school. Or could be branded as a trouble maker if she's too advanced. Too bad they can't place kids by their mental and educational abilities rather than chronological age. Maybe home schooling would be a good thing. We'll have to research it a bit, I guess," Rob told her.

"I'll ask Sarah and Doctor Barb. They'd probably know about it. In the meantime, I'll get online and see what I can find out," Lynn said.

"You mean, between your surfing for more twisted porn?" Rob chided her.

Lynn blushed at his good natured jibe. "Uh, yeah. But I seem to think that you haven't had any objections to my porn surfing, yet, studly."

"You're damn right I don't. I love what you're doing. And what we're all doing. When I have a problem with it, you'll know about it. Right now, I'm just loving trying to keep up with my perverted family," Rob told her, grinning.

"Rob, can someone find out what I'm reading and downloading? I mean, a lot of the stuff is probably really illegal. What if they were watching what we were accessing?" Lynn asked.

Grinning, Rob said, "Honey, I think you forget what business I'm in sometimes. I set up our connection here at home to go through some proxies on our servers via VPN. They in turn go through several anonymous proxies, which strip all identifying information. That's why you might notice that it suddenly slows down for a while. That's when the proxies are overloaded. But with our high speed connection, it shouldn't be too bad. I suppose someone COULD trace our connection, but not easily. Plus the connection between here and our proxy servers is encrypted, so it's pretty secure between here and there. I wouldn't worry too much."

"So Sissy and I are pretty safe getting online, then?" Lynn asked.

"Well, other than those damnable faceweb and chatter sites. While our connection may be safe and encrypted, all the information you put on them is open to anyone to data mine. Which reminds me. I probably should talk to Sissy and Bobby about just that. They're smart and I think they'll be careful. But I'll talk to them, just to make sure."

The two continued their discussion of the kids and the perverted lifestyle that they were being introduced to while they ate some dinner. It was actually sort of different, being alone with all the kids gone. Lynn really missed Kari being there, but she did enjoy just talking to Rob quietly and in some other place than their bed all the time.

Lynn didn't want to get Rob too aroused as she knew that he would like to enjoy Gillian when she got there, so she didn't pursue any really sexy subject. They finished eating, did the dishes, then put on some clothes and sat in the living room, just enjoying being with each other and talking.

Storm's ruckus in the back yard let them know before the doorbell even rang that Gillian was there. Lynn got up and opened the door.

"Lynn!!" Gillian exclaimed and threw her arms around Lynn. They hugged and then Rob walked over. Gillian threw her arms around his neck and gave him big kiss. Then she pulled back and put a hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry. That was pretty forward of me, wasn't it. Damn! It's just that I feel like I've known you two forever," she said.

Lynn put her hand on Gillian's shoulder and said, "No problem, dear. We feel the same way. And I don't have any problem sharing Rob with anyone who would take the brush for me." She was referring to their adventures at the bar with Gillian. "How's it been at work since then? Did your customers enjoy it all?" Lynn asked as they walked into the living room and sat down. Rob sat in the easy chair opposite the couch where the two women were.

"That was so fucking exciting! Yeah, my tips have been a lot better since that night. If you want to do that again, let me know and I"ll put the word out to some of the regulars and they'll spread the word. You could have quite an audience."

"What about the manager? Or the owner?" Rob asked.

"The General Manager's a good guy. I've fucked him a couple of times. How do you think he got the job?" She grinned. It sounded like she'd gotten that a little backwards, but neither Rob nor Lynn tried to correct her. Or really thought much of it.

Gillian continued, "He'd probably want to be there to watch. He appreciates a good sex show. We just have to watch out for the liquor dicks." Seeing the questioning look on Lynn's face, she explained, "The liquor license guys. They're assholes, but we know who most of them are. It'd be a rare coincidence that they would be there, and all they'd do is threaten to fine us or suspend the license. Thing is, the manager'd claim he's not responsible for what a bunch of patron's do that aren't under his control. The employees are supposed to stop things like that, but if it was in the back room like the other night, chances are pretty slim anyone would know.

"The current night manager on the other hand is a macho dick. He thinks he's God's gift to every human with XX chromosomes. Fortunately, everyone knows that, and I'm safe. The shithead can't do anything to me and I'm the one who fucks the GM, not dickhead, so I'm fine there." She looked at Rob and asked, "How did you know that you could pull something like that at our bar?"

"Oh, I heard a few rumors through the grapevine that some people had gotten pretty frisky there sometimes and people didn't mind," Rob said, grinning. "Guess it wasn't wrong, huh?"

"No. That's why I like to work there. Good buncha people. Not the hoity-toity elites who couldn't say shit if they had a mouthful. Most of our clientele are really down to earth people. The guys'll go to strip clubs. The women mostly don't mind. When someone wants to do something a little wild, usually everyone has a good time and keeps quiet about it. It's not a regular thing. But it's never been as hot and wild as what you did. My God! I've actually been asked when we're gonna have another show like that. Even some ladies asked," Gillian told them.

Lynn said, "So it didn't cause you, personally, any problems then?"

"I did take a bit of razzing from a bunch of the regulars a little. I've got more black and blue marks from pinches on my ass then I ever have. But at least they're interested. And if they think they've got a chance, then the tips keep coming," Gillian said with a grin.

Lynn said, "I was really amazed when you took the brush. I didn't think you'd do that. And then letting me pull it out of you in front of everyone. You really surprised me. And a lot of others, maybe?"

Gillian said, "Yeah, I hadn't even thought about doing that kinda stuff there before. I mean, sure I did some wet tee shirt contests in college and let a bunch of guys grope me and stuff in public, but I'd never thought about doing pain stuff like you did. I gotta say, it really turned me on. I called a friend of mine when I got off shift and went to his place and fucked his brains out all night. My cunt was kinda sore from that damn brush, but thinking about what I did just got me hotter and hotter. The poor guy was pretty wrung out by morning, but he enjoyed it. Gave him some ideas."

Rob said, "A friend? Not a boyfriend?"

Gillian laughed. "No, sorta like 'friends with benefits' I guess. He enjoys screwing me and I like him screwing me, but we know that we're not going to be a couple or anything. More like business partners, you'd say. We went out a bit when I first met him, but there's no big woohoo. We just like fucking each other- and ummm, doing other things. He's got a good sized dick and knows how to use it. And he's a pretty kinky too. You'd probably like him. He's the one who got me into felching."

Lynn looked puzzled. Rob said, "Felching is what I suggested Gillian do to you after several guys had cum in your ass. It's sucking the cum out of a freshly fucked asshole. Then, of course, you know what snowballing is."

Lynn grinned and nodded. To Gillian she said, "I'm really glad Rob made me clean myself out extra special good so you didn't get more than their cum."

Gillian visibly blushed, but said, "Oh, I don't mind. My friend sorta got me into a bunch of stuff and rimming him and tasting his shit isn't really a problem for me. He really likes to do me." She dropped her eyes down and said very timidly, "In fact, uh, he, uh, sorta likes me to, uh, you know, let a little, umm, come out once in a while." She was obviously very embarrassed by the admission- at least to Rob and Lynn.

Rob tried to soothe her. "That's OK. We have some friends who are very into that. We're not much, but they ARE pretty wild. It's fine, we understand completely."

Gillian brightened up. "You do? Do they really do it a lot? I mean eat their shit 'n stuff? My friend has really gotten me into it and wants me to do it with him all the time. I thought everyone would be turned off by it."

Rob said gently, "But you're not, right? Turned off about it, that is." He glanced at Lynn as the girl shook her head no. "You sort of enjoy it don't you?" She nodded, still embarrassed. "Well, we'll have to introduce you to our friends then. I'm sure they would enjoy sharing with you."

Again the girl brightened up. "Damn, you two are awesome. I thought I was just really twisted and perverted doing some of the stuff we do. I've never even been able to talk to anyone else about it. Well, normal people."

Lynn sat next to the poor girl and put her arm around her. "Dear, we know exactly how you feel. We've had to keep some really deep secrets for a good number of years, too. It's just recently that we've found some others that share our kinks, so we know how that is. And we're here for you if you want to talk about anything. We certainly can't judge anyone else what with what we do. While we may not have really gotten into stuff like scat play, we're very open minded about everything."

Gillian suddenly started crying and threw her arms around Lynn. "Oh God, I'm glad you guys came into the bar and did what you did. I've been feeling like such a perv and I've been scared to even mention stuff to people. And here you are. God, thank you so much!"

Lynn held her for a while, then Gillian wiped the tears off her cheeks and "Oh, dopey me. I'm sorry."

Lynn said, "No, dear, it's fine. Really, you don't know how much we understand. Really."

Gillian looked at her and Rob and said, "So what deep, dark nasty things do you do that are worse than eating shit? I can't imagine anything more taboo or socially unacceptable than that."

Rob said, "Well, we can't really tell you everything right now, but if things work out good, I have the feeling that you'll find out at some point."

"Oh, so you need to know if I can keep your secrets, huh? Jeez, I can't think of anything harder to keep a secret than eating shit! 'Bout the only thing that people would consider worse would be if you were fucking the little kids."

Rob and Lynn didn't say anything and Gillian, being a smart young lady, picked up on it right away. "Oh my God! THAT'S your deep dark secret. You're pedophiles! Shit, unless you hurt them that ain't so bad. I mean, my uncle and I played around when I was a little girl. I still like to go visit him. Oh shit! I've never told anyone about that. God, he could get really screwed if anyone found out. You won't say anything will you?"

Lynn hugged the poor girl. "Dear, dear, now just don't you worry. We'll keep any secrets that you have that you don't give us permission to share with someone. It sounds like you and your uncle were very loving. We don't think there's anything wrong with that and we certainly won't tell anyone. But if you want to, you can share with us if it'll make you feel better. Once we get to know you a bit better, I think we'll be able to share some things with you, too. All I can say is that we are a very loving family."

"Oh God, I love you guys!" the girl exclaimed. "And I've always thought that I was the pervert. Now I find that there's others like me. Damn!"

Lynn said to her gently, still holding her tight, "How young were you when you first started? With your uncle, that is."

Gillian said, "Oh, I was about five I guess. Can't really remember. He may have done some things with me even younger than that, now that I think about it. I always loved my uncle. He smelled so good and I really liked it when he held me in his arms. I loved sitting on his lap. I'd feel his cock getting hard under me. I didn't know what it was at that time, but it was fun to feel it. So I started touching it and feeling it when it got hard. I'd climb down off his lap and he'd unzip his pants so I could play with it. It felt so neat to touch it and hold it. I don't know if it was the first time it happened or not, but I remember him spurting his cum out while I was rubbing it. It made such a neat fountain and got all over my hands. He had me lick it off my hands then lick it off his cock. Then after that, he'd let me lick his cock until he shot in my mouth or on my face. I really enjoyed it. He did too. I've loved the taste of cum ever since."

"He sounds like a nice, gentle man," Lynn said. "When did he first fuck you?"

"Well, I'd suck him off every chance I got. He kept telling me that it had to our special secret as everyone else would get jealous and make us stop if they found out. I sure didn't want that to happen, so I kept our secret. Over time, he'd sometimes lay me back and spread my legs, then stroke off until he came. He'd hold the tip of his cock right at the opening of my little hole and fill it up with his cum. He really liked doing that. I liked him to do it too, but I liked taking it in my mouth even better. I wished he'd just have fucked me then, cuz that's what I found I really liked!"

"What happened the first time?" Lynn asked her.

"He didn't really fuck me right away. He would cum in my cunt then put his finger in and work it all around. 'Stirring the pot' he called it. He'd work his whole finger into me and after a while he could get more than one in me without it hurting. It stretched me, but it didn't hurt. After he could get three fingers inside me, he decided that was big enough for his cock. So he very gently and slowly put it in me. He'd lubed me and his cock really good, so we were both really slippery. Then he just slowly pushed it in until he I was completely filled. It felt sooooooo good and it never did hurt at all. He fucked me like that from then on. I wanted him to do it all the time, but we had to be very careful to keep it a secret."

"How old were you then?" Lynn asked.

"Oh, 'bout six or seven, I guess. He did that for a while and I really liked it. Then he said he'd teach me a new trick. He lubed my little asshole up good and started to put his finger in it when he fucked me. God, how good that felt! I kept wanting him to do more, put more in me. He said he was afraid to hurt me and we had to be very careful doing it. I told him I didn't care, it felt good. He actually bought me my first vibrator so he could use it to condition my asshole to take his cock."

"So you like taking it in the ass, huh? Lynn really likes that too." Rob said smiling. "So he took you anally, huh?"

"Yeah, I was probably eight or nine. I didn't get to see him but once or twice a month so it wasn't like we had all kinds of time to fuck. It took a long time to build up. But the vib was about the same width as his cock and once he could get it up into me without hurting me, he figured he could get his cock in. I wanted it sooooo badly. He had to have had iron willpower to resist me. I wouldn't let him be for second without trying to get him to fuck my ass. He finally did it though and I went through the roof. I could actually feel him spurting his cum into my ass the very first time. He says I couldn't but I know I did. From then on, I wanted him to fuck my ass every chance we got. And I'd stick everything I could find up my ass to get that good feeling. Hair brush handles, candles, cucumbers, lotion bottles. Just about anything long and skinny and smooth I'd try it. I still get off better from ass fucking than I do cunt fucking. Don't get me wrong, I like taking it in either hole, but I really like it in my ass. I guess that's why I like what my friend does with me."

She saw both of their questioning looks and flushed beet red, but continued, "I really like him to stick his hand in me. Especially my ass. He's done some pretty nasty things to me, and I've loved every minute of it. He's put some really large things up me. I guess I'm lucky that nothing's ever got stuck. He's always been able to pull it all out of me. But it feels so good while it's up there."

Rob looked at Lynn and then said to Gillian, "Sounds like you and Lynn have some of the same tastes. Lynn is very anal receptive too. You like having your cunt filled to the extreme too?"

"Oh God, yes! I like sticking anything in there. That brush was the very worst I've ever taken, but it really got me turned on doing it. And thinking about doing all the stuff you did. Even the pain stuff."

Rob beckoned Lynn over to him and whispered in her ear, "Why don't you go put Monte all the way in and then come down and show her?" Lynn nodded and headed up to get the snake.

Rob said, "She'll give you a little idea of some of the stuff we like to do. But I'm glad to hear you like all this type of stuff. We're as glad that we found you as you are finding us. So, doing things like we did the other night won't get the cops called or get us thrown out of the place, huh? And you obviously don't mind participating in that stuff."

Gillian said, "Oh, I don't know how much I can participate in. After all, I've gotta serve those guys. But if you mean do I mind them knowing I'm a sex slut? No. I don't give a shit. I like doing nasty stuff. And like I said, the manager only wished he'd been there to see everything the other night. As long as we're cool, it's pretty safe."

"How long have you worked there?" Rob asked.

"Oh, about a year or so. Maybe more. I'm probably the senior one there, other than the cooks and one bartender. Other than the manager, I try not to fuck the other employees 'cuz it can cause problems when things don't work out. But I'd do a couple of the bartenders in a heartbeat, then start over again. But, my job's secure. I can't get fired, no matter what I do. But I try to keep my private life separate. I try not to get involved with the customers, 'cuz again that can cause problems. As long as they think I'm available and they've got a chance of dipping their wicks in me, everything's OK. The tips keep coming in. So I'll flirt with them and let them cop a feel once in a while, but I really don't want to get involved with any of the customers. Until you guys. God, I still can't believe what you did and how turned on I got. You're probably the first customers I've ever fucked. Especially Lynn. I'm no lez, but it just feels natural to swap spit or lick her cunt. I guess she doesn't mind either, huh?"

"No, Lynn isn't a lesbian either. She's very particular who she 'swaps spit' with, believe me. Well, other than fucking thirty or so strangers. But that's a different thing. She was supposed to offer herself to the men and get fucked. That was the whole point of her training that night."

"So you're training her to be a sex slut, right?" Gillian asked, grinning. "Would you do that for me?" she asked Rob.

"Uhhh, well, actually, it's more like Lynn is letting me let her be a sex slut. It's really what she wants, not what I want. I just help her get what she wants. What do you want? Why would you want to be trained?" Rob asked.

"I dunno. It sure has got me excited though. It's sorta like my friend has got me to do all kinds of pervy things. Like eating shit. It still blows my mind that that doesn't disgust you or make you toss your cookies. Hey, you told me the other night that you'd show me some of those internet videos. You know the ones with the animals and stuff. Can we do that?"

At that point, Lynn walked into the room, stark naked. Gillian looked at her in awe and said, "Holy shit, you are one gorgeous piece of female humanity. Damn!"

Rob smiled and said, "I think we can maybe do you one better than the video right now. How'd you like to have a taste of Lynn's lovely cunt?"

"God, I'd love it. Like I said, I'm no lez, but I can't get enough of you, Lynn," Gillian said.

Lynn sat down on the couch and laid back, spreading her legs. She crooked her finger at Gillian and said, "C'mere, have a taste of my cunt. I've got a surprise for you."

Moving over between Lynn's spread legs, Gillian said, "If by a surprise, you mean letting me lick your asshole and then shitting in my mouth, I'm totally up for that. I love it."

Lynn laughed and said, "Maybe a little later. I'd be happy to do it for you, but right now I've got a better surprise for you. Just get your tongue as far into my cunt as you can."

Gillian leaned forward, saying, "With pleasure!" and started applying her tongue to Lynn's cunt lips. Lynn held her lips open trying to gape her cunt as much as possible. Gillian licked and then stuck her tongue in as far as she could. The tip of her tongue touched something that she didn't think was Lynn's cunt. She continued to move her tongue around but couldn't figure out what it was.

She said, "OK, I know you've got something in there, but I can't get to it and can't figure out what it is. Gimme a hint."

Lynn put her finger in her cunt and fished around, finally grabbing Monte's head and pulling it about an inch or two out of her cunt. Gillian jumped up and squealed, stamping her feet and waving her arms. "Ewwww, it's a snake!! Oh! My! God!"

She just stood there shaking while Lynn stroked the serpent's head. Monte was as comfortable as usual in Lynn's cunt and didn't make any major moves to get away, which probably was good, as Gillian would probably have freaked even more.

Rob had gotten up and wrapped his arms around the poor girl. "I guess we should have given you some warning. I'm sorry. We thought from what you said you'd be interested in seeing this live instead of a video."

Gillian couldn't take her eyes off the snake in Lynn's cunt. She continued to shiver, but said to Rob, "No, I'm sorry. I've just never seen a live snake before, close up. I mean, I've seen garter snakes, but never a big one like this. How fucking big is that one?"

Rob said, "Lynn why don't you take Monte out and show her?" To Gillian, he said, "He's a ball python. Very tame, he won't hurt you at all. Our kids play with him. Our son has a smaller one of his own. So don't be afraid. They're really very harmless."

Lynn had most of the three foot snake out of her cunt by now and Gillian said, "Holy shit! That's a monster. How can you get all that into your cunt? Jeeeezus H. Keerist! I've never seen anything like it and I thought I was perverted. I know you told me the other night but it didn't hit me until I saw it. Day-um!"

Lynn had Monte all the way out of her now and had him spread down the front of her, showing Gillian its whole three plus feet of length. She said to Gillian, "Dear, it's OK, you can come closer. It won't bite or hurt you. C'mere." Lynn stroked Monte with one hand and held out the other to the frightened girl. Rob helped Gillian edge a little closer, taking his time, not forcing her. Slowly she finally sat down next to Lynn.

"Give me your hand, dear," Lynn said, taking the girl's closest hand. Gently she laid the it on the snake and moved it gently along its body. Shortly the girl was stroking it herself.

"That feels sorta neat," she said. "I'm sorry I freaked out. It was just a surprise."

Lynn said, "No problem, dear. We should have warned you I guess. But can you imagine the feeling of having this whole thing up inside your cunt? Feel it wiggling around, moving inside you? Feeling so filled up? Intriguing, isn't it?"

Gillian giggle and said, "Yeah, now that I'm over my original fright, it sorta feels slick. I mean, it's not slimy like I thought snakes would be. Feels like a really muscular arm, but with armor coating. God, how do you get all of that up inside you?"

"Here, I'll show you." Lynn said. She held her cunt lips spread open with one hand and started to feed the tail of the snake into her with the other. The girl sat there with her mouth hanging open, watching as three feet of reptile was pushed, inch by inch, in to Lynn's cunt. When only Monte's head was sticking out between her cunt lips, his forked tongue flicking out occasionally, Lynn stopped. "See. He fills me up pretty good. And it feels so nice when he moves around inside me. It's really a turn on."

"But you had him all the way inside of you. How does he breathe?" the girl asked, wondrously.

"He can survive for a while. They like warm, confined spaces. Here, watch." Lynn put her fingers on Monte's head and pushed him all the way up inside her. Then she gaped her cunt to try to let the girl see the snake inside her. Then she took the girls hand and put it over her pubic area and held it there.

Suddenly Gillian squealed. "I can feel him moving around! Or is that you? Oh, God that's neat!"

Lynn said "No that's him moving around. He's getting comfortable. It feels really neat with him moving inside me. You like it?"

"Oh, God, I don't know if I could take one up inside me but the idea is really turning me on. It's such a perverted thing to do. Shit, being fucked by a snake. I dunno. I'm gonna have to think about that one for a while." the girl said.

Lynn patted her hand and said, "No problem, sweetie. We're not going to force you into doing anything you don't want to. We just thought you'd like to see something maybe more kinky and perverted than eating shit. What do you think?"

"Oh God! I've thought eating shit was so awful and perverted that anyone would be disgusted by even the thought of it. I dunno, I don't think the snake is worse than eating shit, but I guess it comes close. Oh fuck, I can't believe you guys!"

Rob laughed. "Dear, we're not any different than you are. We're not deeply into eating shit. You're not into snakes in your cunt or ass. We all have different tastes."

Lynn was curious and asked, "Gillian, how do you like to do it best. I mean, eating scat? I've seen several videos on the internet of scat girls. Some take it directly in their mouth. Some smear it all around on them. Some eat it off of a plate. What way do you like it best?"

Gillian blushed furiously, then said, "My friend really likes to rub it all over us. Sometimes he'll smear his cock or a dildo with shit and then fuck me with it. That sorta turns me on. But to tell the truth, the smearing doesn't do as much for me as eating it. I mean, it's so perverted to know that you're actually eating someone else's - or your own - excrement. Have you seen the 'two girls one cup' online video?" Rob and Lynn shook their heads that they hadn't. "Well, it's two girls, Brazilian I think, that shit into a plastic cup and then eat it. It was so exciting to watch that. I've seen all kinds of videos of people being grossed out and disgusted when they watched it, but I just got turned on. They smear it all over them too, which doesn't do much for me, but watching them eat it and swallow it gets me just soooooo hot. My friend likes to watch it with me, then we do it. You guys have never tried it? I was amazed that you weren't disgusted by the idea."

Lynn probed in her cunt and pulled Monte's head out so he could get some air. She said, "No dear, we're not disgusted by most anything other than people hurting people who don't want to be hurt. I like pain. Rob does it to me because I like it. But we wouldn't think of making anyone else do it against their will."

Gillian stroked Lynn's tummy and breasts, then timidly slid a finger down to stroke Monte's head. "I sorta noticed that you weren't all that big about me taking the brush until I almost had to force you to. That really got to me. I mean, I wouldn't force anyone to eat shit either."

Lynn said, "Tell me, dear Gillian, why did you want to take the brush instead of me? I know it was hard for you to offer to do it, not being that into pain, but what were you thinking?"

"Lynn, I thought you were in so much pain and had so much done to you that night. I just wanted to keep you from having to undergo any more. I mean, you had ten needles in each tit, and been fucked in all holes by, like, thirty guys and then Rob was going to stick that damn brush back up into your tender cunt. I just really wanted to take some of the pain for you. I really wasn't thinking it through, I guess."

"No, dear, it was really touching. I think it's what really said the most about you that evening. You were willing to have pain inflicted on you to keep it from being inflicted on me. I think you've got a better understanding now of what a pain slut is. In fact, I've got a feeling that you wouldn't mind trying it out. You did pretty well with the brush, both going in and coming out of you."

"Yeah, it hurt like hell, but it did start to get me off. After I'd had it in me for a while, I was getting really turned on. Now that I understand what a pain slut is, I think I could start to be one. I got a feeling that you'll have to go pretty easy on me though. I'm not sure I could take twenty needles in my titties right away, like you do."

Lynn said, "Believe it or not, that was only my second time taking needles. The first time was only a couple of weeks ago. Or less than that, I think. Anyway, if you think you'd like being a pain slut, you're going to have to try it. It's such an adrenalin rush. It seems like I can cum forever with the needles in me. And it doesn't stop when they come out. There are some videos I have of women taking huge eight inch needles through their tits. Even large spikes being driven through them. And these women do it time after time after time. They gotta like it or they wouldn't do it. And I can tell you, I like it. I've got some fantasies that Rob's gonna have a hell of a time doing."

Gillian was rubbing her clit through her panties. "Oh God, you've gotta show me those! Maybe you can start me out sorta easy with just a few so I can find out if I like it or not."

"Gillian, dear, would you like to try a couple of needles out right now? We can be very easy and let you see if you like it. And if you want, I'll be glad to give you some scat to eat. I mean, I drank at least a gallon of piss the other night, including yours. I wouldn't mind giving you some of my shit if you'd like."

"Oh God, you guys are awesome. I'd really like that! The shit, I mean. I'm sorta worried about doing the needles. If you go easy on me, maybe we can try it."

Rob said, "I noticed the other night that you didn't drink any of the piss out of the pitcher. If you eat shit, don't you drink piss also?"

"Sure, by the gallon! But I just didn't want all those bozos to know that I do. Letting them see me take the brush was bad enough. Although... the tips have sure been a lot better since then." She grinned a big grin.

"So you don't mind drinking piss, huh?" Lynn asked.

"Shit, no. That's why I knew I could do the pitcher thing with you. You'd obviously been taking it in the back room by the gallon, so it didn't seem a stretch to give you a little as sort of a finale, you might say. I have to assume you didn't mind."

Lynn said, "No my dear, to the contrary. I was thrilled. It was truly a night cap to my humiliation and submission that night. You did it just perfect. We couldn't have asked for better if we'd scripted it with you. Believe me dear, we both just love you."

"You guys make me feel so good. If you want, let's try some needles to see what they feel like in these little titties. I don't have gorgeous knockers like you, so I can't take them straight in like you do, but I'm willing to try a couple to see what it's like. The idea of becoming a pain slut is really starting to get me going. Rob I hope you're going to be able to scratch my itch before I go, 'cuz I gotta feeling that the things we're gonna do is gonna get me hotter than a firecracker. I'm almost there now, just talking about this stuff."

Lynn said, "Well, if he can't, we've got a very nice Rotty in the back yard who I'm sure will be more than happy to jack hammer you with his doggy dick."

Gillian gasped. "Oh shit, I'd forgotten about that! I don't know that I want to take him right away, but I'd sure like to watch you do it. Maybe that will grow on me, like the snake thingie." She stroked Monte's head with a lot less timidity than before.

Lynn sat up, holding Monte's head between her legs. "I'm going to go put Monte back in his house. If you two want to get more comfortable, like naked, we can start with some fun when I get back."

Rob and Gillian looked at each other as Lynn walked out with the snake sticking out of her cunt. Gillian unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off, then unsnapped her bra and dropped it aside with the blouse. As she peeled down her skirt, she said, "Guess there's not much you haven't seen already. or at least felt. After all, you already fucked me the other night."

Rob was taking his clothes off and laughed, "Um, dear Gillian, if I remember right, it was I that was fucked by you. And I enjoyed you doing it immensely."

Dropping her panties, Gillian smiled a little guiltily and said, "Yeah, I guess I got a little carried away. But ya can't really blame me, watching what was going on. Lynn is so fucking hot!"

Rob was naked and he moved to her. Fondling her tight little breasts and tweaking the nipples with the barbells through them, he said, "I really like your piercings. Do you have any ones anywhere else?"

She said, "Naw, not yet. I'm sorta working up to it because of how much it hurt when I had them done. I've been thinking about getting my clit hood pierced, though. With a captive bead ring through it. If that goes well, then maybe I'll get some rings in my cunt lips. I like the feelings of my nipple piercings and I sorta want more if it didn't hurt so much to get them done. Say, the barbells won't cause problems doing the needles will they? Will they get in the way? I can take them out if ya want."

Rob laughed. "No, sweet thing, they won't get in the way at all. But if you want to try, we might do a clit hood piercing with a needle and see how you like it."

"Oh fuck, I didn't think about that! Ya know, I remember the adrenaline rush that Lynn talked about that I had when I got these puppies pierced. She's right. It hurt when he pierced them, but the rush kept me up most of the night. It was hard to resist playing with them. Maybe we could try the clit hood and see what it's like."

Lynn came back down with a whole tray of supplies. She sat it on the table and sat down next to Gillian. "I love your piercings, dear. I'm looking forward to getting some," Lynn said as she fondled and felt the barbells in the girl's nipples. "Mine have all been only temporary, so far."

Gillian sighed as Lynn fondled her nipples. She said, "Rob said that we might try doing my clit hood. I'm planning on getting that done if I can steel myself for the pain and as soon as I can find some jewelry for it. Maybe doing it with a needle might give me an idea of what it'll be like."

Lynn said, "We've got a friend who has her clit pierced. She's going to add a clit hood piercing pretty soon. She told me that she likes the clit piercing and wants to add the clit hood one for extra stimulation. You know, she's one of the ones who likes the scat play. I'll talk to her and see if she'd like to discuss it with you."

"What, the piercing or the scat play?" Gillian asked innocently.

"Umm, well, probably be both," Lynn said. "That's up to you two. But I think you'll enjoy each other. Her husband will probably like to do you too. So what would you like to try first? Tits? Cunt lips? Clit hood?"

"I dunno," the girl said. "Other than my nips, I haven't done this. What would you suggest?"

"Well, I was going to suggest that you could stick a couple in my tits to see what it's like, but you've already done that and watched it being done. If you want to, you can do it again though," Lynn said.

"God, I don't know! I want to do so much with you, but I'm really a little scared to start with the pain thing. Tie me down and do what you want to me," Gillian laughed.

Rob said, "Spoken like a true submissive. If you're serious about needing to be tied down or restrained, I can do that. We've not gotten into a lot of bondage yet. But I'll certainly be happy to make you feel forced to do anything if that helps. Let me go get a few things that might help."

Rob left the room and Lynn said to Gillian, "Tell me how you got into scat. What got you started?"

"Umm, my friend, Joey, was into it. He'd gotten interested in it and fantasized about it. It sorta became an obsession, I guess. He ate his own. He wanted me to try it. I remember that I had tried messing with my own shit when I was very young, but my parents were horrified. I guess it became sort of a taboo to me. You know, forbidden so it became attractive. When Joey first brought it up, I was sorta turned off by idea at first, then the sheer perversity and forbiddenness of it started to make me wonder about it. I mean, there's not anything that most people find more disgusting than shit. So I started thinking about it, more and more. I finally gave in when Joey wanted me to try it and I got really aroused doing it. After a while it just got me going just thinking about it. Then I started eating my own and felt so totally wicked doing what nobody else would think of doing. So we started experimenting. Like I said, mostly I just like the act of eating it. Plus taking it from somebody you're close to or care about makes it that much more sensuous. I don't know how to describe it."

Lynn said, "I've got a video interview with Veronica Moser where she describes how she got started. She said a lot of the same things as you."

"Oh shit, Veronica Moser is Joey's idol. He can't get enough of her. I've watched some of her stuff, but like I said, I just don't get very into the smearing around a lot. I'd really like to see that video if you could find it."

"Remind me later when I shit in your mouth" Lynn told the girl. Gillian squealed and said, "You mean it? You'd do that for me? God dang, you're awesome."

Lynn smiled and said, "Yes dear, I will. I've seen a bunch of the scat stuff on the web and it's sorta fascinated me how people like it. I've saved several of the scat videos just because it turned me on thinking about it and watching them do it. I'm not sure I'd want to be on the receiving end, but if you are really sure, I'd like to try it with you."

"Oh, I'm really serious, Lynn. Honest to God! Just thinking about eating your shit makes me start dripping. Here, wanna feel?"

Lynn ran her finger along the girl's slit, confirming that she was indeed highly lubricating. Lynn kissed Gillian and said, "You know, the ones that fascinated me the most were when they dumped on a plate and then ate it like a meal. That seemed the most, ummmm, incongruous and thus erotic. I mean, you've got a whole pile of scat and you sit there very civilized and eat it up."

"Jeez, that's what I love to do!! I'll take a huge dump on my plate, then sit down and eat it all down, like I"m having a fine chocolate mousse at great restaurant. Or I'll have Joey shit on a plate, then sit there in front of him and eat it all down. Then we'll dirty kiss each other. Oh Lynn, I'll do it for you in a second. Please let me do it?"

Rob walked back in the room and said, "Let you do what? What are you two planning?"

Lynn said, "Oh nothing. It may just be some girl-girl stuff. We'll let you know if we need your help."

Rob said, "OK, Gillian, I've got restraints and some other stuff. Do you like to role play the master/slave thing or do you just want to be tied up or restrained and feel helpless and forced?"

"Shit, I don't know. I'm sorry to put you to all this trouble. I can't make up my mind what I want you to do." Gillian said apologetically.

"That's fine, dear. We don't mind at all. Here, hold your hands out." Rob told her. She did and he used some soft rope to tie her wrists together. Then he had her lay back and he bound he ankles. Then he said, "We're not going to use a gag, because I want you to be able to let me know if it's too much. What's the first street name you ever remember living on as a child?"

Gillian thought for a minute then said, "Pacific! Pacific Avenue."

Rob said, "OK, your safe word is 'Pacific'. If something gets to be too much, you just say Pacific. That way, you can scream and yell to stop, or no it's hurting or whatever, but if you seriously get to your limit, you say Pacific and everything stops immediately. OK? You understand that?"

The girl nodded and said, "That's a great idea. I've always wondered how you told someone to stop when 'No, no' sometimes means 'yes, yes'. That's a cool way of doing it. So I can kick and scream and tell you to stop at the top of my lungs, but you'll only stop if I yell pacific, right?"

Rob nodded and picked up a small, 27 gauge needle from the tray. He pulled it out of the sheath and held it up. "So we should work on your cunt lips and clit hood instead of your nipples, huh?"

A fearful look flashed on Gillian's face as she looked at the needle. She swallowed hard and nodded slightly. Rob had Lynn swab the girl's labia and surrounding skin with silver antiseptic. After Rob cleaned his hands with it, he took the needle again and pulled the girl's cunt lip out. Holding it tightly stretched, he ran the needle all the way through it. Gillian let out a mmmmmmmmph grunt as it penetrated her. Then she looked down and saw the needle through her cunt lip.

"Jeez that's cool. That didn't hurt much at all. Do another one." she said.

Rob obliged her by running another one through the other cunt lip. She groaned a little more this time, but then said, "It hurts a little, but I'm surprised at how little. Maybe my titties are a lot more sensitive 'cuz it hurt like hell when he pierced my nips."

Rob said, "Remember, these are very thin needles. They won't hurt much, but you'll get the same adrenaline rush as if I'd used bigger ones and caused more pain."

Gillian was fascinated by this and said, "Hey, why doncha untie my hands? I wanna watch you do them. Maybe this time you can do one through my clit hood since the small needles don't hurt so badly."

Lynn untied the girl's hands and she sat up. Rob undid the ties on her ankles so she could spread her legs wide and give him access to her clit. "You sure you want to do the clit hood and not the clit?" Rob asked her.

"Fuck, I don't think I want to do my clit yet. Let's see how the clit hood goes. But you're right. I can feel the tingles a bit and it seems like my blood is racing faster. Guess that's the adrenaline rush you talk about. It feels how I think I'd feel if I was hyped up on drugs, sorta."

Lynn rubbed Gillian's back and said, "Now you're starting to feel what I felt when those needles went into my tits. I love the sensation of the metal sliding through my flesh. I don't now what it is about it. There's pain of course, but that sensation that causes the pain is so exciting. Pushing the needles through fast doesn't do as much for me as sliding them in so I can feel them going through. Taking all those needles the other night straight into my breasts was a real trip. I felt like I was on meth on the way home. I couldn't stop talking about it."

"The pain from the brush did a bit of the same thing to me. After you left, I was zipping around that place like Flash. I couldn't believe how alive I felt. I just thought at first that it was excitement from watching you, but now I see that the pain from the brush did it for me. Slick! Maybe I'll like becoming a pain slut."

Rob said, "Fight or Flight Syndrome. Your body feels the pain and gets all its defenses ready to either run or fight. Since you aren't doing either, you end up with all that pent up adrenaline pumping through your blood stream and no way to work it off. So you're buzzed."

"So that's how that works. Really slick. I think I'm gonna like this stuff. Go ahead and do my clit hood. I wanna see what kinda rush it gives me. Damn, I wish I had the ring to put in, then I wouldn't have to pay the piercer."

Rob grinned and picked up another small needle. He had Lynn swab the hood and clit area good, then stretched the fleshy tissue over Gillian's clit out. "Slow or fast?" he asked her.

"Do it slow this time. I want to see if I feel that same sensation that Lynn described," the girl said.

Rob placed the tip of the needle on one side of her hood, then started to slide it in and through.

"YEEEEEEOUCH!! Christ, that hurts! Holy shit! Oh, don't stop now. Get it all the way through! Quick!"

Rob had the needle through before all the words were out of her mouth. Rob put a small cork on the end of the needle as he had done with the other two. That would let them play with them a bit without worry about being poked by the sharp ends. Rob then took a hold of both ends of the needle and used it to pull out Gillian's clit hood away from her clit.

"Ooooooooooooooo, shit that hurts! But it feels good. It's making my cunt tingle. Damn that's not bad at all. I can feel the pain a bit but it's also very arousing. Damn, I'm gonna get the clit hood ring right away. Will you put it in for me, Rob?"

"I'd be glad to, hon." Rob said to her. "So you like it huh?"

"Oh, yeah, I like the turn on part of it. Once you get used to the pain, then it starts getting really erotic whenever you move it around. Plus, this is LOT better surroundings to do it than a piercing parlor." She smiled appreciatively at Lynn. "A LOT nicer! Rob, pull on the ones in my cunt lips. I wanna feel what they're like."

Rob kept his hold on then needle he had and had Lynn manipulate the ones in Gillian's labia. She groaned and moaned as the two moved the needles around. Gillian said, "God, now all I need is a huge fist pumping into my ass. Would one of you pleas fist me? Oh, shit it feels so good." She continued her verbalizations as Rob worked the needle in her clit hood and Lynn pulled and twisted on her lips with the other two needles. The girl was really getting off on it.

Switching to hold the needle by one hand, Rob grabbed the lube and dripped some on her ass. Then he started to work the fingers of his other hand into Gillian's spasming asshole. He got three fingers in almost immediately and with her continued pleas to shove his whole fist up her rectum, he worked the fourth in. Her ass sphincter was amazingly elastic. She urged him on to expand her further, so he twisted his hand around then slipped his thumb down and shoved his whole hand all the way into her hole.

Gillian screamed with pleasure. Rob started working his closed fist all the way out then back in again. Lynn watched in envy as he started actually punch fisting the hole. She marveled at how the girl's sphincter was so flexible and how it could take such rough treatment. Then she realized that she was almost the same way and loved the same thing done to her. She just hadn't had as much experience doing it as Gillian apparently had.

The girl had her legs pulled up, thighs on her chest with her arms around them, holding them tight to her. She was screaming for Rob to shove his whole arm inside her, to tear her apart, shred her asshole. He was doing his best to follow her instructions. Gillian was getting off on the rough treatment over and over, just like Lynn did.

Rob got an idea from a gay fisting flick he had seen years ago. He stopped punching in and out and started feeling around with his fingers. He found the opening to her colon and started to work his fingers into the opening. Gillian must have liked the feeling as she let out an even more eardrum piercing scream and yelled for him to shove his whole arm up her colon. He tried doing that and actually got four fingers up inside her colon. This had the effect of setting Gillian off even more, screaming and yelling and kicking her feet in the air above her. Lynn had to let go of the two needles she was diddling with and Rob let go of the clit hood needle to concentrate on fisting her. As Rob worked his hand up into her, Lynn grasped the clit hood needle and twisted it around, twisting Gillian's tender tissue a full 180 degrees.

This had the effect of stimulating the girl more and she renewed her screams and shaking. Rob could feel her ass and sphincter spasming tightly around his wrist. Lynn held the needle with the clit hood twisted around and then leaned down and licked the girl's clit with her tongue. This set off another nuclear explosion of screams, shaking, kicking, gasping and general good orgasming. Good?? Fuck, mind blowing!

Rob and Lynn didn't know how long they could keep this up so Lynn let go of the clit hood needle and Rob relaxed his hand and stopped moving inside of her ass. Gillian took a while to start to calm down and any small movement would set her off again. Rob pointed to her asshole and said to Lynn, "I could probably stick my cock in there and jack myself off with my hand. It wouldn't take much right now to make me cum."

Through her orgasmic fog, Gillian heard his comment and yelled, "Do it! Shove your cock in my stuffed ass and cum inside me. Fuck my ass with your cock and your hand. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase do it. Oh, shit it feels sooooooo good." She kept on with this line, so Rob moved up to where he could get his cock up to the girl's ass. He worked it in and soon he was actually stroking his own cock with his hand, both all the way inside Gillian's rectum. Lynn watched in wonder as Rob masturbated himself to orgasm completely inside the girl's ass. He spurted his cum while Gillian screamed obscenities and encouragement to continue to physically damage her asshole.

After Rob spurted his cum inside her rectum, he held still to let her come back down from her orgasmic frenzy. This girl was an orgasm machine. It took a while of being very still and not doing anything to stimulate her to get her to quiet down, as the smallest movement in her ass or around her cunt would set her off again. Rob and Lynn watched in amusement, thoroughly enjoying watching the young girl get off. Her faced was flushed and she had sweat beading her forehead and her hair was matted. Finally, she took a deep breath and let it out with a huge, long sigh of contentment. Lynn doubted that she was orgasmed out, but neither she nor Rob wanted to make a move to set her off again to find out.

From between her legs, Gillian looked at the two and said, "I fucking LOVE you guys. I mean it! I've had some strong cums before but this, this, this..." She was at a complete loss for words. Lynn leaned over and gave her a long tongue kiss then said, "You're welcome, dear. It may have been mostly all your pleasure, but it was ours too, giving it to you. You're quite an orgasmic young lady. And vocal too."

Gillian would have looked embarrassed if she hadn't been so happy. She said, "Yeah, I kinda get carried away. I'm sorry. I hope I didn't scare the neighbors. That was the most wonderful feeling I've had in... well, ever. I didn't know I could cum that hard. If your hand hadn't been been plugging me up, I probably would have shit all over, I came so hard."

Rob looked down at his shit smeared cock and some shit leaking out of the girl's still expanded hole around Rob's wrist and now softening cock. He said, "Well, I didn't stop all of it. It seems we've got a bit of a mess to clean up."

The girl's face lit up and grinning at Lynn said, "Oh, I'll take care of that for you. Bring that shit covered cock and hand up here. I want you to feed me. Oh FUCK! I'm gonna go again." She started shaking as Rob pulled his soft cock out of her ass without letting go of it with his shit covered hand. Gillian's anal membranes were stretched to the max. She screamed with another orgasm as Rob's hand and cock slid all the way out, leaving a gaping hole that closed very slowly, while the asshole's owner shook and moaned.

Lynn motioned for him to go ahead and get up to the girl's head. "She likes it, dear. And wants it. Stick your cock in her mouth and let her clean it off, the she'll lick your hand clean. Trust me."

Gillian was nodding and moaning to feed it to her, so Rob straddled her head and fed his cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked it and tried to clean every speck of her shit off of it. She was quite good at it and did a good job. Then she pulled his hand to her mouth and licked and swallowed every clump and speck she could get, continuing to orgasm the whole time. It was obvious that it really turned her on to eat her own excrement.

When Rob's hand and cock were mostly clean, Gillian asked Lynn to use her fingers to scoop whatever was around and coming out her asshole and feed it to her. After their previous conversation, Lynn knew the girl wanted it and she moved down to scrape as much shit from the girl's asshole that she could get, then tenderly fed it to her. Gillian greedily licked and sucked Lynn's fingers clean.

She looked at Rob and Lynn watching her and said, 'I'm sorry. I've embarrassed you! I'm such a dirty whore. I'm sorry!"

Lynn said, "No, sweetie, you did no such thing. We enjoyed watching you." Then she leaned down and kissed the girl, inserting her tongue to lick around her mouth. When she pulled back, Gillian said, "Ohmygod! You weren't turned off? You're not disgusted with me?" She had tears in her eyes.

Lynn stroked her forehead and said, "No dear, it's fine. We've not really done scat play before, but it doesn't disgust us. In fact, look at Rob's cock. He's getting hard again just watching you do it. And I don't really mind the taste, if what I got with that kiss is any indication."

Gillian smiled radiantly and said, "I can't fucking believe you two. I love you. No, what you tasted isn't a real example. I've gotten most of it down. Do you really, I mean, do you, like, want to taste it? You're not just saying that?"

"No, dear, I'm not just saying it. Remember what we talked about earlier. We've got some friends who are very into scat play and I've always been a bit curious. I just never did anything. But after drinking all that piss the other night and licking the dirty assholes, not to mention all the cocks that came out of my ass after they fucked me, I think I can take a little bit of it. It's never really repulsed or disgusted me. After you've had three kids, you probably get a little used to shit. Believe me!"

"Oh Jeeezus, Lynn that's hot." She blushed a bit. "Ummm, if you want, you can lick my ass a little if you want to try." Lynn looked at Rob, who said, "Get down there you hot bitch and clean up this dirty whore's asshole. Do it now!" He was getting hard again from all this.

Lynn moved down to the girl's ass and flicked her tongue over the tip of Gillian's clit to give her a thrill, which it did. Then she moved down and started rimming the shit stained hole, which hadn't yet closed all the way up after the stretching Rob gave it. Lynn stuck her tongue as far into the gape as she could and felt around. Her shit really didn't have that much of a strong taste. It certainly didn't disgust her and Lynn's clit was throbbing with the perversity and taboo of what she was doing.

Then she got a wicked idea. She pulled back and then stuck her finger deep into Gillian's ass, feeling around for any remnants left over. When she pulled it out, there was a little brown gob on the tip coated with Rob's cum. She made sure the other two were watching her and looking directly into Rob's eyes, as sensuously as possible she put the dirty finger into her mouth and sucked on it. "Mmmmmmmmmm, husband-cum covered girl shit. Delicious!" she said as she smiled at Rob. She noticed his cock erecting and throbbing. She stuck her finger into Gillian's ass again and swirled it around, then pulled it out and sucked it clean again.

Lynn moved up and gave Gillian a long, passionate girl-girl kiss. She felt around and grabbed Rob's cock, pulling him to her without breaking her kiss. She indicated that she wanted him to put his cock where they could both suck it, and Rob wasn't about to object to having two excited - and exciting - women working his cock with their mouths. While he doubted that he could cum again so soon, it sure would be fun to try. Maybe the Coolidge effect would kick in. Ya never know.

He knelt over them and gave them his now hard cock. Both girls licked and sucked on it, taking turns engulfing it with their mouths and tonguing it, then letting the other take her turn. In between they just sandwiched it between their lips and both licked and sucked it, occasionally tonguing and kissing each other.

After a while doing this, Lynn looked up at Rob and said, "Hon, I don't know if you can cum again, but if you can pee, could you piss in Gillian's mouth and let her drink it? I know she wants that." Gillian got an amazed look on her face like 'how the fuck did you know that', but didn't say anything, just opened her mouth and took Rob's cock in it. Rob had pissed in all of Lynn's holes over the years, having learned how to relax his urinary sphincter with a hard on. So he concentrated and soon his hot yellow pee was spraying into the girl's mouth. Lynn watched as Gillian kept her mouth tightly sealed around Rob's cock but hardly ever swallowed. Lynn realized that she was letting the piss just go directly down her throat without having to swallow, like a good pee slut learns to do.

After Rob had emptied his bladder, Gillian licked the tip of his cock with satisfaction, then said "OK, Lynn, you're next. I want so badly to drink your piss. Please give it to me." Lynn moved to straddle the girl's head and Gillian latched her mouth onto Lynn's pee hole. She wrapped her arms around Lynn's hips, and held her tight against her mouth. Lynn had to concentrate a bit to relax enough, as she was thoroughly aroused and excited by everything they were doing. Finally she was able to get her stream started and Gillian eagerly slurped it all down, tickling Lynn's pee hole with the tip of her tongue every once in a while, stopping the stream from the stimulation. This let Gillian swallow and get ready for the next mouthful when Lynn relaxed and started the stream again.

When she finally relaxed her grip around Lynn's waist, Lynn pulled away and Gillian said, "Thank you so much for that. It was delicious! You know exactly what I want. It's amazing."

Lynn smiled and said, "Slut to slut telepathy." Lynn sat back and said, "I noticed that when you were taking Rob's pee, you didn't even need to swallow, but with mine, you tickled me to stop the flow, taking it mouthful by mouthful. What's the difference? I want to learn."

Gillian smiled and said, "It's really easy with a man's cock to just let it spray down my throat. I like that feeling, too. I suppose if I could deep throat a guy and he could pee at the same time, it'd be neat 'cuz it'd be going, like, directly down into my tummy." She looked at Rob and said, "We're going to have to work on that, huh?" Then she continued, "But with a woman, it isn't as easy to just let it spray in. I can do it, but I really like to savor the taste, so I like to take it a mouthful at a time then swallow it down. I guess it's like guzzling down a beer and sipping it for the taste. Sorta the same thing. Both have their place."

Lynn said, "I'd never thought of it that way. And I'm gonna have to take yours now. And savor the taste." She leaned down and kissed Gillian upside down. "But we probably should get those needles out of you if we're going to do something else I have planned."

Gillian said, "Aw, I wish we could leave them in. I like 'em. I wish they were permanent ones. I'm gonna have to earmark some money to buy several rings. I want you to put them in me. I'd like to have, like, a ton of metal hanging off me. I've really liked my nip piercings and I'm glad I did them. I just haven't taken the time to get a bunch more jewelry."

Lynn said, "I understand, dear, but you can't go around with needles stuck in you. It's dangerous. Besides we wouldn't want you to get infected in your pretty parts, now would we?"

Gillian shook her head, but was obviously disappointed about having to take the needles out. Suddenly Rob flashed on an article he'd read years ago that covered metal allergies with piercings and had an interesting low cost solution to the expensive jewelry. At least for temporary purposes. He told the two he'd thought of something and he'd be back in a jiffy. He ran downstairs and found the package of special Norwegian fishing hooks that he had bought with this very idea in mind for Lynn. They were pricey as far as fish hooks go, but really cheap compared to stainless steel piercing jewelry.

Back upstairs with them and a few tools, he opened the package and took out the stainless steel fish hooks. "These are made of special high grade stainless steel, much like the needles and other things used for putting into the skin. You know, I think I could put the sharp point in the end of the needle that's already through your skin and use it like a follower, slipping the hook through the hole the needle has made. Then I can cut off the barb and the shank and bend it into a closed circle like a ring. You'd have to be extra careful with it, but it would be a substitute until you can buy a better captive bead ring or barbell to replace them. Interested?"

"Oh God, yes! Please! If there was anyway to leave the needles in, I'd do it. But that idea sounds like it would work." Gillian was hyped.

Lynn spoke up, rubbing her clit, "Or you could just push the fish hooks right through the skin and you don't need the needle at all. Mmmmmmmm, I'll take dozen or so, sir." She was frantically abusing her clit. Gillian was nodding in agreement.

Rob said, "They're really not a substitute for proper jewelry. They'll work for a while though. If you want to try, I'm willing to give it a go."

Gillian laughed and said, "Yeah, that's because you aren't getting those nasty points pushed through your cock." Rob grinned and nodded in agreement.

Lynn said, "If we're going to do any more skin puncturing, we need to clean up good. C'mon dear, let's go soap each other up in the shower." Lynn offered her hand to Gillian to help her get up.

"Mmmmm, sounds good. I can't wait to soap up those ginormous jugs of yours. You're going to have to fight me off to keep me from biting those nips" Gillian said.

Lynn looked at her and said, "Who said I'd want to keep you from doing that?" She had a big grin on her face. Gillian just squeezed her hand and shivered, saying "Ooooooooooo! Nice."

Rob went to the other bathroom and quickly showered, washing his cock thoroughly and his asshole good too. Then he went back down and checked everything. He tried experimentally to bend one of the fish hooks to see what it would take. It wasn't real difficult but it would certainly take some concentrated effort to do it and not tear the hole out while doing it.

It was a while before the girls came back down, giggling and looking freshly scrubbed. Both sets of tits look unusually reddened and clean. Rob said, "Are you sure you really want to do this? You have to realize that it might not be the best thing and it could cause an infection or reaction or some problem."

Gillian shook her head and said, "No, I'm ready. I've wanted to get a bunch of piercings done but I never really took the time for it. I've got a little set aside for a couple of rings, but then I have to have time to heal from the piercing. This way, we can try it and if it doesnt work, I can pull it out and let it heal up and try again. I mean, it's not that I'm trying make you do this to be cheap. I really want it and I appreciate what you guys are doing for me. And this is so much more fun than having it done in a piercing place. Like where I had my nips done. And Lynn explained about the silver solution being the best antiseptic. I'll use that and besides, I never had a problem with these ones. Ya know, maybe all that shit eating strengthened my system so I don't get infections easy."

Rob and Lynn looked at each other. Rob shrugged and said, "OK, as long as you know what you're doing. But I expect you to be over here on your days off so I can check to see that you aren't having a problem with them."

Gillian laughed a girlish laugh and said, "Yeah, you just want me over here so you can stick your fist and cock in my ass and jerk off inside me. I know your kind, buster!" She saw Rob grin. "And believe me, you're more than welcome to do that, too. I'll be over here every day before and after work if you'd do that to me."

Laughing, Rob had Gillian sit down and lay back on the couch. He knelt between her legs and got everything ready and close at hand. He couldn't help it that his cock was hard though. He said to Gillian, "I know this is gonna hurt. That can't be helped, but I'll be as gentle as I can."

Gillian looked at him and said, "Fuck that! I put off going to a piercer because of that for long enough. I'm a new pain slut. I want to feel some pain. I've got my safe word if it gets too intense. Go ahead and put as many of those suckers in me as you can. I want to have my cunt lips dragging on the floor there's so much metal in them." She grinned sheepishly. "Well, you know what I mean."

Lynn tweaked one of the girls barbells and said, "Yes, we do dear. And I share in that. I'm gonna get a bunch of huge holes punched in my cunt lips and put huge pieces of metal in them. I get wet thinking about all the torture things we can do with things like that."

"Oh shit, you're getting me so turned on, Lynn. We'll have to do it together! We can have a contest to see who has the most metal in their cunt lips. Oh fuck, that's getting me going. Give me a kiss!"

Lynn bent down and gave the girl a nice passionate kiss. When they broke, Gillian said, "You know, I never thought I'd be asking another female to kiss me or suck my cunt. But I love kissing you. You do it good. And you suck my cunt good, too."

"Well, I'm very glad that you approve of my technique, dear. We'll have to see how much we can refine it on you. And vice versa."

Rob grinned and said, "Are you two lovers ready? I don't want to interrupt your girl-on-girl stuff."

Lynn smiled and said, "Go ahead, stud. We'll hold off our lezzie stuff for a while."

"Oh, I don't mind. To the contrary! But we do have to concentrate on this a bit. It can be serious business if I don't get it right." Rob told them.

They agreed to pay attention. Rob put on some latex exam gloves to minimize any further contamination. Then he took the cork off one of the needles and put the point of a hook into the thin opening of the needle. He tried to pull the needle out and follow it with the hook, but it really took a lot more coordination than he could muster. He finally stopped in exasperation of not being able to do it like he wanted. Gillian was groaning with the pain as he had moved the needle around.

She looked at him and said, "Look, Rob. Why don't you just ram those hooks through me? I'm a pain slut, remember? It can't be any worse than putting a needle through. So I scream and yell. But I'll bet my cunt juices up when you do it. So go ahead, pull the needles out and just stick the hooks through and do what you gotta do."

She made a lot of sense to Rob. After all this wasn't a piercing shop and causing pain to a pain slut is the whole objective. So he grasped the needle he had been working with and pulled it out of the cunt lip. Gillian gasped and moaned, but tried to hold still and watch what was going on. Lynn said, "Would it be easier if you didn't watch? Sometimes that helps keep the pain down."

Gillian said, "Jeez, Lynn, I'm supposed to be a pain slut in training. I want to watch my cunt lips get pierced and shredded and bleed." She laughed. "Go ahead Rob, mutilate me. Shred those pussy lips and make me scream. I'm gonna have such a rush I won't be able to sleep all week!"

Gillian and Lynn were kindred souls. It wasn't the pain, but the getting off that the pain did for them. Both of them literally juiced up at the thought of the stimulation of the pain, now that they had both experienced it. Rob was sort of envious of them. He didn't feel that way at all about pain and probably never would. But he could empathize with them, which helped him help them.

Rob put a bit of tissue paper in the jaws of a pair of needle nose pliers to protect the smooth finish of the fish hook, then grasped the shank of the hook with them. After liberally swabbing the tiny bit of blood from where the needle had been pulled out and soaking the whole area with antiseptic, he put the point as close to where the needle hole was that he could and quickly pushed it through Gillian's cunt lip. She stiffened and screamed, then said, "Shit, that hurt a LOT more than those needles. Day-um! But it's not too bad. I'm excited that I'll have the new piercings that I've wanted for a long time. How many do you think I can take?"

"Uh, kiddo, we haven't even gotten this one finished yet. And the worst part is yet to come." Rob told her. She looked apprehensive, then relaxed and said, "Hey, what the fuck. I wanna be a slut. If I can take you punch fisting my ass and your fucking hand all the way up my colon, I can take this. Go ahead. Just don't mind my screaming in pain and crying like a little girl." She grinned at him.

Rob took a pair of side cutters and clipped off the hook right next to the barb. Now he had a pointless, barbless fish hook through her lip. He cut the eye off from the other end, leaving mostly a curved, smooth rod. Wrapping the jaws of another set of pliers, he gripped the two ends of the rod and started to bend it into a circle. Gillian moaned loudly from the pain she was getting from the hole in her, but held on tight and watched as Rob got it bent into mostly a circular ring. She was panting and shaking by the time he got to that point and there was still an eighth of an inch or better gap between the ends. Rob put down the tools to give his hands a rest and give Gillian some relief.

Panting and trembling, Gillian said, "Jeeezus H. Almighty fucking God, that hurts! It felt like you were tearing my cunt lip off my cunt for a while. If I hadn't been watching you do it, that's what I would have thought you were doing. But shit, it's gonna feel so nice when you're done. If I forget during my screaming fits to tell you, thank you Rob. I really appreciate this, despite what it sounds like when I'm yelling my head off. Maybe you should get some ear plugs for the next ones."

Lynn said to her, "So you want to continue, huh?"

"Oh shit yes! I'm excited! I mean, in spite of my sissy screaming and tears and stuff, I've wanted this kinda thing for years. I've never regretted my nip pierces. The only thing I regret is that I don't have more nipples to pierce. I've thought about getting a couple of more in them, maybe another barbell in each going vertically behind these two. If I could, I'd have a dozen and a bunch of them through my areolas, not just nipples. But like I said, I haven't been able to justify the healing time and expense. Well, actually, it's sort been like going to the dentist. You know you should, but you know it's gonna hurt, so you put if off. I get off on my nips a lot already, though. When someone sucks on them, it drives me through the roof, much more than when I didn't have them. Ya know the guy I was telling you about that manages the bar? That I fucked? Well, that I fuck occasionally. That's what gets him going. He just loves to play with my nips and barbells. He can spend hours fingering and licking and sucking on them. That's what got me fucking him. Well, I fucked him when he got the job, but I had my bra on then. Anyway... I wore a tee shirt without a bra to work one day and he saw the impressions of the barbells through the shirt. Hah, so did all the customers. I got hit on a lot that day. Anyway, he was fascinated with them and took me into his office for me to show them to him. I swear I spent half the shift with him sucking on my titties. If I ever want him to fuck me, all I gotta do is wear a thin shirt and no bra and he's right there. I like to have him throw me over his desk and do me from behind, but he'd rather sit in his chair and have me ride him cowgirl so he can finger and suck on the damn hardware. I don't mind though. I get off bunches of times from him doing my nips. God, I love them little pieces of steel."

It was obvious to Lynn and Rob that Gillian was definitely on an adrenaline rush. Her rapid, rambling talk showed it. She also could hardly sit still, fingering her barbells and rubbing her clit where the needle pierced her clit hood and squirming around. Rob and Lynn thought it was cute. They had really quickly grown to really like this sexy young girl.

"Damn, I'm babbling on, aren't I? I'm sorry. But I'm just so excited!" she said.

Lynn grinned at her and said facetiously, "No! We'd never have guessed that. Well knock me over with a feather!"

Gillian blushed. "I know. I'm an air head. But I really am excited about doing things with you guys, especially the needle play. And the new piercings. Even if they don't work out. It's all just getting me so aroused."

Lynn kissed the girl to shut her up. Well, and because it was nice and sexy and Lynn was very aroused, too. Rob started working again, and finally got the rod ends almost closed tightly together. He soaked a tissue with antiseptic and wrapped it over the cunt lip and the now circular steel rod.

Gillian looked down at him and said, "Rob, if you do much more fingering and touching down there, you're gonna really set me off and you'll have to fuck me. I'm sorry. I'm such a cunt. But I'm so turned on."

Lynn said, "I'm sure Rob would be more than happy to oblige you. I have a feeling he likes your little cunt. And ass. He's not been able to get his whole hand and cock in my ass yet. How long did it take you to be able to do that?

"Like I said, Joey has put some really large objects in me. I mean he made me sit on a two liter soda bottle and take it as far as I could in my ass." She made a circle with her thumbs and forefingers to approximate the circumference of the bottle. "What's that, about five inches or so? I think that's about as far as I can go. Both my ass and cunt have really been elastic. It didn't take much to stretch them both a little ways, then it was just a matter of expanding my horizons, so to speak. I can take both of his fists in my cunt and he's worked some really big things in there. He once put a deflated soccer ball in me, then pumped it up a far as I could take it. Then all night he'd add more air. Shit, I looked like I was six months preggo when he was done. He fucked my ass with it in like that. He said it made my ass really, really tight. Then he made me keep it in me for a long time. Like 'til the next day before I had to go to work. I couldn't even pee the pressure was so huge. God, it was so delicious feeling. I felt so empty when he took it out."

"How did you get it out of you. You couldn't just pop the fully inflated ball out, could you?" Lynn asked.

"No, he let some air out and I tried to push it out. Then he let a little more air out and I tried again. We measured it when it came out and it was probably a good six inches when it popped out. I'd like to do it again sometime."

"What else has he put in you?" Lynn's curiosity was really piqued.

"Oh, all kinds of things. Let's see. I've taken both of his feet in me at the same time. One in my ass and one in my cunt. That was interesting to do. Wire whisks, of course. Baseballs, golf balls, billiard balls. I can take four or five in my cunt and three in my ass of those pool balls. He says he wants to try for an eight ball cunt. Umm, what else? Shit, just about anything you can think of that's round or oblong and smooth. I've actually gone shopping packed full of stuff. Really odd stuff. He'll stuff short lotion bottles in my ass and try to get them worked in crossways, then add more. He says that as long as he can get his hand through my asshole, he'll be able to pull anything out of me. Oh, not long a go, he went for length instead of diameter. He has this rubber double headed dong dildo that is like two feet long. Eighteen inches at least. He worked that into me and up into my colon until I had the whole thing up inside of me. He made me lay there with it up in me while he massaged my asshole to close it up over it for the camera. Then he fucked my cunt. Then he put some billiard balls in my cunt and as many golf balls in my ass that would fit, and we got dressed and went to the mall. Do you know how fucking erotic it is to walk around in public, knowing you're literally stuffed with objects in both holes? Shit, it's amazing. He made me sit at the food court and squeeze the billiard balls out and then put them back into my cunt. Right in public! Oooooo, gives me shivers thinking about it. We've done even worse things, believe me."

Rob said, "You keep saying he made you do things. Does he actually force you to do them or what? Is he blackmailing you? I don't understand."

Gillian laughed. "No, no, nothing like that. We have a special relationship. We're both total perverts. But he's the more creative one, coming up with all kinds of kinky things for me to do. Like the mall thing. We almost got caught by security, but he ran interference for me and I snuck away while he kept them sidetracked. I'll have to tell you the details some time, but be assured he's not forcing me to do anything. He may be forcing things into me, which I like. A LOT! But he doesn't have to force me to do the stuff. I like it."

Rob nodded. "What's he do?" He grinned, "I mean, for a job, when he's not stuffing things in you."

Gillian laughed delightedly. "That is his job. Um, but I guess you'd say he's sort of an investor slash investment counselor. He knows a lot about foreign internet sales and things. I don't want to go into it all right now, but I'll tell you about it sometime. And some ideas I have that he can make us all some money with."

Lynn looked at Rob, then said to Gillian, "Us?"

The girl looked at both of them and then said, "Yes, us! I consider you my family now. I'd do anything for you guys, sexually or otherwise.

Lynn said, "Well if you're through being a pain slut for a while, we should get those needles out of you and make sure you're cleaned up down there, because I have something in mind for you."

Gillian was disappointed in only getting the one ring put in, but agreed with Lynn that they'd plan to go to the piercer or the mall and get some good jewelry for both of them, and let Rob put them in for them. The two girls again went up to the bathroom and Lynn made sure that the girl's labia and cunt were very clean and well saturated with the silver solution.

Lynn told Gillian what she had in mind to share with the girl. When Gillian heard it, she literally bounced up and down with glee. Then she hugged and passionately kissed Lynn.

Lynn explained to Rob what they were going to do for the young girl. She handed Gillian a dinner plate.

"Rob would you do me the honor of filling my plate first. Please, I really want this," Gillian said, holding the plate out to him.

He took the proffered plate and said, "Give me a kiss, dear Gillian and yes I'll be happy to fill the plate for you." Gillian smiled brilliantly and gave him a really passionate kiss. For a second Rob forget he had a plate in his hand.

The girl pulled from him and said, "I love you. Both of you."

Rob put the plate on the floor and squatted over it. He didn't know if he could do it. Shit on command, that is. It took some major relaxation of muscles, but eventually a huge turd curled out of his ass to land on the plate. Several smaller ones followed. Once he was done, he looked around for something to wipe with. Gillian anticipated this, saying "Stand up and bend over. I'll take care of the cleaning duties." With that she put her mouth to his ass and licked it clean.

"Mmmmmm, thank you, sir. Now your turn Lynn. Would you be so kind as to give me your shit too?" Gillian requested.

"I'll try hon, but I don't know if I've got much to give right now." Lynn said apologetically. She squatted over the plate and Gillian squatted in front of her. While Lynn tried to empty herself onto the plate, Gillian gave her a long, passionate kiss, holding her tight. Rob wondered to himself, "Damn! Why couldn't I get enticement like that?"

Lynn finally was able to evacuate her bowels and left a good sized dump on top of Rob's. She broke the kiss and said, "I think that's it, dear." Gillian said to her, "Great. Don't move." She slid the plate out of the way and laid down under Lynn, her mouth to Lynn's dirty asshole. Gillian stuck her tongue as far up Lynn's relaxed hole as she could, trying to retrieve anything that was left. Finally she licked the outer portion clean. Then she grabbed the plate and stood up, pulling Lynn up to her.

Sitting the plate on the table, she took the empty glass and held it between her legs, under her snatch. Soon a stream of golden pee sprayed out, filling the glass almost completely. Putting the glass on the table, she picked up another one and proceeded to almost fill that one up. She smiled apologetically and said, "Kinda full, I guess." Then she took a third and filled it up halfway, finally emptying herself.

Putting the glasses on the table, she motioned for Lynn and Rob to sit down. When they were all ready, Gillian said, "Dear Rob and Lynn, you don't know how much I love you already and how much you've done for me. You weren't disgusted with me when I told you my secret and now I want to share it fully with you, letting you watch me eat all of your shit. I do enjoy doing this and I especially, tonight, enjoy doing it for you."

She picked up a fork and swirled it around in the dirty brown filth. Then getting a good sized mouthful on the fork, she put it into her mouth, closing her lips on it. When she pulled the fork out of her mouth, it was almost clean, with only a sheen of brown on it. Gillian opened her mouth to show them the dirty mouthful, then chewed a bit and with an almost beatific smile, swallowed it down.

"It's wonderful! Rob, yours is a bit spicier or more flavorful, but Lynn yours is so smooth and creamy." She scooped up another bite, filling her mouth, showing it to them then swallowing it down. Bite after bite, interspersed with large drinks of piss, she winnowed the pile down. After each bite, she would lick the fork clean, to get everything she could. Her face showed that she sincerely was enjoying every morsel, as if it was the fare from the top chef at the finest restaurant.

It took a while to get most of the way through the pile, and two glasses of her piss. Rob was fascinated watching the young girl do this. Rob had seen scat videos, and while it turned him on to watch them, he had had no desire to taste it. Now, watching Gillian eat it down, he could see the true enjoyment on her face. And lust. This wasn't some paid bimbo whore trying to act sexy to get through a movie covered with shit and then vomit it up. This was like Veronica Moser who actually enjoyed doing it and would do it- and did it- just for the enjoyment... or wickedness, of course. That obviously entered into it.

For Lynn, her arousal was going through the roof. She had watched the scat videos, and even had shown some of her favorites to Rob and had to admit that watching the women do it turned her on... a LOT. It hadn't broken to the surface until recently, but she realized that she wasn't too far removed from this pretty young girl, as far as scat was concerned. Just like Gillian said about doing the dog, it might take some time to get used to, but Lynn could feel her kink rising as she watched her young friend fully enjoying herself. And wanting to do it for their enjoyment too.

When Gillian had about half the pile she started out with, she laid the fork down and took another drink of piss. She looked at Lynn and said, "I'm not sure if I should ask this of you, but I love you both so much. I'm still blown away that you haven't run screaming from me yet, knowing that I do this. But you know, the only thing that could top this for me would be if we could put the rest of this in my cunt and have Rob fuck it into me and then I finish eating it. I know that's asking a lot, but it would mean so much to me. God, have I told you how much I love you two?" All three broke out laughing at that.

Lynn looked at Rob and said to Gillian, "Darling, we really appreciate what you've said and done. You don't disgust us at all. Quite the opposite. And I'm sure that Rob will be more than happy to do what you want. He loves fucking you in any way possible. What's a little shit between friends, huh?" Gillian looked so relieved and happy at that.

Rob decided that Lynn needed a push to really do what she wanted. He was turned on by the two already and obviously neither he nor Lynn were disgusted at all with erotic scat play. Or watching Gillian eat it. So he stood up and moved over between the two. He took the fork and got a small gob on it and held it up for both to see. Gillian eyed it hungrily, not appetite wise but erotically. In his master voice, he said, "Open, Lynn." There was no hesitation on her part. He put the fork in her mouth and said "close". She closed her mouth on the piece of excrement, then he said, "Now share it with our new slut."

Lynn leaned in and kissed Gillian, and the two swapped the small piece of shit between them. Lynn had seen enough scat S&M videos to know what to do for them next. When she had the shit in her mouth, she stood up and leaned over Gillian, who tilted her head back and opened her mouth, waiting. Lynn dribbled the shit, little by little down into Gillian's mouth, making sure that Rob could see it all. When she was done, she kissed Gillian, then said to Rob, "Are you hard enough to shit fuck this little slut now, dear?"

"Shit, yes! to coin a phrase. You two sluts are amazing. I can't wait to see what happens when Sis... umm, when some others find out about all this." Rob realized he'd made a slip and hoped that Gillian didn't pick up on it. "How are we gonna do this?"

Gillian had certainly picked up on Rob's slip, but wasn't going to say anything now. She looked at Lynn and said, "Ideally, if you have one of those frosting decorating bags or something like that, we could use it to fill my cunt. Otherwise, we'll just spoon it in. I've done that a bunch. Messy but it works."

"Just what haven't you done with shit, young lady?" Lynn asked and laughed.

Gillian said "Not much. I've pretty much done it all, I think. At least all the kinkiest stuff I could think of. You don't know the half of it," she said cryptically.

Lynn started looking through the cupboards and found one of the cake decorating bags that she hadn't used in years. She got that out and between the two, they scooped all of the remaining shit into the bag. Once it was all in, Gillian picked up the plate and licked it clean with her tongue. She smiled and said, "Clean plate club, remember?" They all laughed at that.

Rob suggested that they go down to the basement where they wouldn't have to worry so much about making a mess. When they got down there, Gillian was looking around at the screw hooks and eye bolts installed, as well as the various implements that were visible from the last use. Rob hit the record button on the remote for the digital video cam which was setup in the corner with a good view of the whole area.

While Rob laid out an old chaise lounge pad on the floor and covered it with a plastic sheet, Gillian said, "You guys are getting into the slave sex thing, huh?" Lynn blushed and nodded. "I assume you've been hung up or tied up to these things?" indicating the eyebolts and hooks. Again, Lynn indicated yes.

Gillian flashed a big smile and said, "Shit, I hope you'll do me down here. I'm thinkin' this pain slut thing is something I wanna do more of. You'll have to go easy on me though at first."

Rob said, "I think it's a given that you'll be hanging up here soon."

Gillian HAD noticed the video camera in the corner and said, "Do you guys video yourselves doing nasty things? Can we do that?" Rob nodded and went over to the camera, which was already recording and pretended to set it up and start it going.

Lynn said, "OK, now listen. What we're doing is a one time thing. It goes against all rules of cleanliness. You never mix piercing and scat. But we know how much this means to you and I think that if you follow our instructions on sanitizing your piercings, you'll be OK. Like you said, your immune system has worked pretty good. Have you ever gotten a bladder infection from being shit fucked?"

"Nope, nuthin'." Gillian said. "And I've gotten it in most every crack and crevice possible. Eyes, nose, ears, cunt. I even peed some globs of shit out of my piss tube one time after Joey got pretty vigorous. But nuthin'."

Lynn nodded. "Good. That's a good sign. OK, can you get into the piledriver position on that pad?" She saw the look of puzzlement on the girl's face. "Ooops, sorry. Um, on your back with your ass in the air. Upside down bicycle." Gillian knew that one and assumed the position. Lynn said, "Rob, how about grabbing one of the speculums and opening her up. That would make it easy to dump it in her."

Rob got one of the plastic specs out. Gillian said, "Oooooo, doctor's office. I like those. Crank 'er wide open, Doctor Rob. Make it hurt."

Rob laughed and had Gillian lick the blades to lube them with her spit. Then he gently inserted the instrument in her cunt. When it was all the way in, he ratcheted it as wide open as it would go. Gillian liked it and asked, "Can you open it any more? I can stretch to six inches, at least."

Rob shook his head. "Nope, that's a far as it goes. Sorry. I'll order a horse speculum for next time. That'll crank you open to six or eight inches, I guarantee you." The look on her face between her legs was priceless.

Rob helped support Gillian in place and Lynn put the tip of the decorating bag down in the speculum, deep inside Gillian's cunt, then squeezed as much of the shit out of the bag as she could. Rob had her grab the flashlight so they could see down inside her and how much she was filled up. Gillian said, "Get the camera and do a close in shot of my cunt filled with shit. That'd be neat." Rob looked at Lynn, smiling. He went over to the camera and brought it back, shooting directly down Gillian's shit filled cunt. The flashlight illuminated the hole for the camera. Then he put the camera back where it could take in the whole scene again.

"Meet your new shit slut porn star, like Veronica. Too bad you didn't think about videoing what we did upstairs. I'd love to have a video of you piercing my cunt and me eating all your shit for Joey. And now this." Gillian said.

Rob asked her, "Aren't you worried about something like that getting out and people seeing it?"

Gillian laughed. "I've trusted you with the deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secret of my life already. I've got a feeling that I can trust you not to go putting it on UTube er something. Joey handles that stuff."

Lynn looked at Rob quizzically, wondering what that last meant. They both shrugged and filed the comment away.

Now that Gillian's cunt had been filled with shit, and videoed, Rob removed the speculum. The girl's cunt lips closed up with nothing looking out of the ordinary except some brown stains on them. Gillian laid down flat and rubbed her cunt. "It always feels so wicked to have my cunt filled with shit. I'm gonna love you pounding into it even more. Lynn, you can lick it up as it squeezes out of me if you want. As long as you share." Rob and Lynn looked at the girl and grinned.

"Hey, do you video you guys down here fucking your kids?" Gillian asked innocently. Rob and Lynn's stomach both did flip flops. The look on their faces must have given them away, because Gillian said, "C'mon, give me some credit here. I may be dumb but I'm not stupid. Too many little things I've picked up on. And I've told you my most private secret about my uncle and me that I've kept from everyone for years. You don't think I'm gonna go tattle on you, do you? Especially with you making a video of me being shit fucked. And loving it. I'll even eat a plate full again so you can record it. Or do an enema and mix it in the blender and I'll drink it. And let you record it all. Whadda I have to do?"

Lynn got down between Gillian's legs and started licking her clit. She said, "Welcome to the family, dear."

"Oh God, I love you guys. Rob stick that pile driver in my shitty cunt and mix it with your cum so Lynn can spoon it out and feed it to me. God, you guys!"

Lynn moved aside and pulled Gillian's cunt lip apart, using the one new makeshift ring and her fingers to gape the cunt open. The girl moaned and Rob positioned his cock over the entrance and then drove it into her. "YES!!! I LOVE IT!" Gillian screamed as Rob thrust into her. She yelled out a continuous string of such exclamations, interspersed with very loud screams as she hit orgasm after orgasm. It didn't take Rob long to be driven over the edge either, and he jerked into her as his cum joined and mixed with the shit in her cunt. Streams of brown were dribbling out around his cock and down her ass cheeks. Thank God for the Coolidge effect!

Rob pulled out of her and moved over above her head. Straddling her face, he fed his shit covered cock into her mouth, which she eagerly sucked and licked clean, swallowing it all. Rob was somewhat surprised that Lynn had taken his place and was licking the shit stained clit. When Rob's cock was cleaned, Lynn took a big long lick with the flat of her tongue, getting a goodly amount of what was leaking out of the girl's hole. Then she moved up and leaned over Gillian who opened her mouth and the two of them snowballed it back and forth until Gillian swallowed it joyfully.

Lynn sat up and then Gillian sat up. She looked right at the camera and said, "I want to eat the shit and cum out of my freshly fucked cunt right now. I'm a shit slut! I'm a pain slut! I love these people. I'll let them do anything to me and I don't care who knows it." As an aside to Lynn and Rob she said comically, "Well, maybe not my regular customers at the bar." Then back to the camera. "I don't care if they fuck their kids. I'll fuck their kids too. I'll do anything they want. Now get me the hell a spoon so I can eat this shit right out of my hot, dirty cunt! I love it!"

Lynn and Rob were cracking up after this little theatrical tirade, but they got her point. Lynn sat next to her and put two of her fingers in the girl's cunt, then pulled them out with as much shit and cum as she could get on it. Then she fed it to Gillian, who slurped it down. Lynn did this several times until Rob came over with a large wooden cooking spoon and handed it to the two women. Then he went to the camera, took it off the tripod and shot close ups as they stuck the spoon in Gillian's cunt, scooped out the shit and fed it to her. Gillian offered a spoonful to Lynn, who took it in her mouth, then kissed Gillian and fed it back to her to swallow. The two continued this way until Gillian stood up and spread her legs so Lynn could stick the spoon up into her and scoop the last out.

The last spoon that Gillian got out, she looked at Lynn and offered it to her. As before Lynn took it in her mouth and then started to swap it to Gillian. This time, the girl refused it and said, "No, it's yours. You swallow it. I've shown my absolute love for you. Do this for me?"

Lynn looked her directly in the eyes, then tilted her head up, putting Gillian's hand on her throat so the girl could feel Lynn swallow it down. Rob got in close with the camera and watched as Lynn's throat muscles worked as she swallowed. She started to gag but overcame it, then opened her mouth to show Gillian and the camera it was empty. Gillian kissed Lynn.

Lynn pulled back and said, "You stay right here on this spot, young lady. I've just done something for you that I thought I would never do in my life. Now I'm gonna have you do something for me." With that, Lynn got up and ran up the stairs. Gillian looked at Rob and said, "What's she gonna do? Well, doesn't matter. I'll do anything for her. Virtually anything. Have I told you guys yet that I love you?" She grinned and Rob laughed out loud.

"Dear, I think we feel the same about you, right now. But we ARE going to have to sit down upstairs and have a serious talk about what you figured out about our secret. We'll try to answer your questions, if we can," Rob said. Gillian nodded.

Lynn came back down holding something in her hand. She sat down next to their new found sex slut and took her chin in her empty hand. Looking her in the eyes, Lynn said, "OK, my dear, sweet Gillian. I've eaten shit for you. I didn't ever think that I'd do that as long as I lived, but you've turned me. Now I want to show you something." Lynn opened her hand to reveal two newborn pink and mostly hairless mice.

Gillian oooh'd and ahhh'd over them, playing with them with her finger. Lynn picked one up by the tail and dangling it, said "OK, open up, dear." Gillian looked totally shocked and started to protest. Lynn quieted her by putting her finger to the girl's lips. "Watch." With that she dropped the live baby mouse on her tongue, rolled it around like Karen did at the store, then flipped it to the back of her mouth and let it slide down her throat. She swallowed keeping her mouth open so Gillian could watch it go down. Gillian looked aghast.

Lynn said, "Darling Gillian, you eat shit and enjoy it. Like you said, what could be worse than eating shit? Well, these certainly can't be any worse and if you're going to be a total sex slut and sex slave for us, you're going to have to get over some squeamishness. Now open, or do I have Rob take the strap to your tits? After he nails them to a board!"

The poor girl was speechless at this turn of events. But Lynn leaned into her and gave her a gentle kiss. "Do it for me. I've eaten shit for you." Gillian couldn't find her voice, but she looked deep into Lynn's unwavering gaze and then slowly tilted her head up and opened her mouth under the dangling mouse.

Lynn dropped the hand with the mouse down beside her and kissed Gillian. "You don't have to do it. It was just something I wanted to see. You passed. You would have taken it for me. Thank you, dear. I love you too." She turned to Rob and said, "Shall we go upstairs and get cleaned up and then sit down to talk?" Rob nodded.

But Gillian suddenly yelled, "Wait one fucking minute! Give me that damn mouse. You got me all excited and ready to do something new and now you won't let me do it. Bullshit. I'm takin' that thing, no matter what. You ate shit, I eat a mouse. Fair trade. Gimme." Lynn was startled at the outburst but Rob just laughed out loud and said quietly to himself, "Game."

Lynn handed the little mouse to Gillian, who popped it into her mouth. Lynn thought she was going to swallow it down, but she didn't. Gillian rolled it around on her tongue, opened mouth, just like Lynn had, flipping it with her tongue. Then she took it out and holding it by the tail, said, "OK, lady spread 'em wide" pushing Lynn's legs apart. Lynn said, "Dear, I've already had adult ones run around in my cunt. That little one will be nothing new to me."

Gillian smiled an evil smile and said, "I'm not going to stick it in you, I just want to marinate it with your cunt juices and then mine and all the shit, THEN I'll swallow it down. So spread 'em, cunt." When Lynn did, Gillian wiped the little creature several times up and down Lynn's slit, getting it covered in her cunt juices, which were plentiful. Then she placed the mouse at the opening of her own cunt and pushed it up inside her. She stood up and found the dirty spoon they had been using and turned to the camera that Rob was holding.

"I've got a fucking mouse up my cunt! I'm gonna make sure it's well covered with shit and then I'm gonna pull it out of my stinking, shit filled hole and swallow it down. I'm doing it for Lynn because I love her. Now if I can just get the damn thing out of me. Fuck Lynn, scoop that little fucker out of me will ya, so I can eat it on down." Rob muttered under his breath, "Set."

Gillian spread her legs and Lynn disregarded the spoon and stuck two fingers up into the shitty cunt. She felt around until she found the mouse and pulled it out, holding it up for Gillian. The girl took it from her, holding it by the tail and looked at Rob. "Get a good closeup of this, will ya studly? I want everyone to see what a slut I am for Lynn."

With that she dropped the shit covered critter in her mouth, showed it to the camera then swallowed it down, tilting her head up and massaging her throat muscles then opening up her mouth to show it empty. Then she turned to Lynn and said, "Get up, slut!" With Lynn standing in front of her she grabbed each of Lynn's nipples and twisted them hard, making Lynn whimper a bit with the pain.

Gillian said, "Shit I'm gonna love watching these beautiful things getting tortured to pieces. I love you Lynn. I'll do anything for you. I'm your shit slut. I'll be your sex slut. And I'll be your sex slave." With that she kissed Lynn to seal the deal. Rob said quietly, "And match. Game, set and match." He grinned broadly at his wife.

The two girls went upstairs to shower and clean up again and Rob put the things they used in a covered bucket so he could clean them or dispose of them later. Thinking ahead this time, he took the video camera upstairs with him. Putting it in the living room, he went upstairs to the shower to clean himself up.

When he got back down, the two women were sitting, naked, in the living room, caressing each other's tits and talking. When Rob walked in, Gillian said, "Hey, Rob. So you fuck your daughters? How do you get that large cock into the little one?" She had a mischievous grin on her face.

"I see Lynn has decided that we can share OUR secrets with you, huh?" The girl nodded. "Well, I do it the same way that your uncle did you... very gently. And she has orgasms from it. Already."

Gillian said, "All I can say is I'm jealous. I just wish my uncle had started me that early. As it was, my family was super uptight and if they had found out what he had done with me, he wouldn't even have made it to jail. To this day... well, until today, anyway... some of my most fondest memories have been riding on my uncle's cock. I still love him so much for doing it. We get together when we can. He's about the only one, other than Joey, who knows my deep dark secret. Besides you guys now anyhoo. But I can't wait to meet your kids. Sissy sounds like a firecracker. Just like me at her age, probably. Does she eat shit yet?"

Lynn said, fondling Gillian's barbells, "Not that we know of, but the friends that we said that are into scat. That's where the kids are now. We asked them to take them for the evening so we'd have time alone with you. Now we won't have to do that. We can share them. Bobby's gonna want to fuck you and Sissy's gonna have a big sister, I think. I'm not sure I want to have them exposed a lot to scat yet. Just like everything else we've ever done, if they find out about it and want to do it, we'll teach them how to be safe and help them. After the time with you tonight, I feel a lot more comfortable myself with it, so I can handle it with them if it comes up."

"Lynn, I'll be right here if you need any help with that." Gillian said. "After all I think I'm a bit of an expert. Self schooled, maybe but pretty good."

"I'll say. You've certainly proved it tonight." Lynn said.

"So what other pervy things do you guys do? I mean, besides the obvious- fucking your kids and letting others fuck them. You said you got a dog. I've seen the snake thingie. And your torture dungeon downstairs. Needles and pulling a train in a public bar. Pretty much cover it?" Gillian was laughing.

Rob laughed along with her and said, "Nope. Pretty much covers it. Oh, Lynn fucks the delivery man and the real estate agent for the house next door. The kitchen staff at a high class restaurant. But other than that, pretty normal family."

Gillian patted the seat next to her and motioned for Rob to sit there. After he did, she put her arms around his neck and gazed into his eyes. "Rob, dearest. I really want you to know that I love you deeply. Not a romantic love like you and Lynn have but a sexual, spiritual love. I love the color of your soul. I love who you are and what you do to me. I just want you to know that I will die before I knowingly reveal anything that might hurt you guys. OK? I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to tell you that. I already told Lynn." She kissed him deeply.

After Rob had to come up for breath, he said, "Thank you dear. I don't understand how we can have just met you but have such a connection. We both love you. I love you the same way. We would never have let you in on any of our 'deep, dark secrets' if we didn't feel that way. We've kept our secret for years, too. And it's not that I'm doing it just so I can get another piece of ass. As you can see, I've got the finest in the world and wait till you meet the two girls."

Gillian said, "Rob, I can't wait to watch you fuck your youngest daughter. Maybe I can relive through her some of the things that I didn't get started on with my uncle until I was older than her. I dearly loved being fucked by my uncle as I'm sure your little one loves being fucked by you. Like I said, I can't wait."

Lynn said, "Tell you what. we'll let you hold her while Rob fucks her. Sound good? In fact the way we do it, he can fuck you and then fuck her and alternate. It's very nice."

Rob said, "We should probably show her the video of the real estate guy doing it like that."

Gillian brightened up. "Hey, yeah. Do we have time to show me some of those videos you promised. Like Veronica's and the spikes through the tits and some of those? Then maybe the real estate guy too?"

Rob said, "The only problem we've found with watching those videos is that you'll soon want me to fuck you and I may have reached my limit for the day. Maybe one more, if I'm lucky and the Coolidge Effect kicks in again. Otherwise you girls will have to pleasure yourselves all night if watching them turns you on. Besides, I've gotta get up and go to work in the morning."

"If I promise to be good, and Lynn and I only fist fuck each other, is that OK?" Gillian asked sweetly.

"I know when I'm being manipulated. OK, let's go," Rob joked. They headed to the computer room. Rob brought a third chair and they all sat in front of the monitor.

Lynn said, "What do you want to see first?"

Gillian answered, "Oh, you pick. You know them all. I'm sure I'll like anything. After tonight's activities, anyway." Clicking the mouse, Lynn opened her favorite videos folder. She didn't know what to choose.

She started with the dogs. First one was a girl who takes eight large dogs, one after the other and gets knotted by all of them. Then one of a Japanese girl who takes a dog orally, including the knot. Then one where a young girl milks a dog's cum into a glass then drinks it down. Gillian loved them. Especially the last one. She said she'd do that to the Rotty.

Lynn quickly cycled through some horse vids. Gillian remarked that it was interesting but she'd rather do it than watch it. So Lynn decided to go to the tit torture ones. The first one showed a woman with her tits squeezed with two brackets, then six, eight inch long spinal needles driven through each squeezed tit. Gillian couldn't believe her eyes. She wondered if it was trick photography. Lynn assured her it wasn't. Then she showed the one of the same woman, suspended off the ground only by ropes around her tits, and having a half dozen six penny nails driven into each of her swollen globes. The finale, which made Gillian squeal out loud was when an eight penny nail was driven into each tit through the nipple. Although they only went half way in, Gillian groaned and hugged her arms around her own tits when the dungeon master pulled, twisted and patted one of the nails embedded in the nipple.

Lynn stopped that one to let Gillian calm down. Then she played the one with another lady having an eight or ten inch spike driven vertically through each breast into a wooden board, after having both her nipples nailed to the board with three six penny nails through each nipple. Gillian was excited, frigging her clit along with Lynn, but she almost couldn't take watching such heavy torture. But Lynn pointed out to her that these same women had made the same type of videos over a number of years, so this wasn't a one off thing for them.

Next up was some suspensions. There was as series where a succession of several women were suspended in the air and whipped, held up solely by ropes around their breasts. Then one with a Japanese girl suspended by huge shark hooks through the skin of her back. Gillian said she didn't see anything sexual about that, but Lynn told her that she herself wanted to do a suspension like that, only with the hooks through her tits. Gillian's eyes got wide.

"I told you some of my fantasies were pretty extreme," Lynn told her.

Gillian said, "No shit!"

Lynn showed her some quick ones of live mice and fish swallowing. Gillian said, "Hah! I've done that one now! So that's where you got that?"

Then Lynn decided to show her the zoo lady. First up was one where she took a ball python about the size of Monte, or a little bigger, and put him all the way up inside her cunt, then lay there rubbing her cunt and getting off for a while, then pulling the snake out. Gillian said, "Huh. You do it better than she does. You get up and walk around and stuff." Lynn smiled and started another one where she takes two live mice inside her, then jumps around on the bed, and wiggles and squirms with them in her. Gillian was impressed. Then came the one with the large live gerbil. Again, Gillian thought that was hot. So Lynn showed her the ones with the frogs, then the worms.

Gillian said, "Finally! One that I might be able to do. Have you done worms, Lynn?"

"Sure, so's Sissy and so's Kari," Lynn said matter of factly.

Gillian almost shit. "The little one has taken worms in her cunt? Holy shit!"

Lynn said, "Well, she really wanted the snake and the mice, but we figured she's not ready for those yet. But we'll let you do worms with her if you want."

"Fuck! Outdone by a fucking two year old cunt. Give me a break! And here I thought my shit eating was gonna have the devil personally come and haul my ass to hell. God, I'm glad I met you guys."

Rob was stroking his hard on, but the two women hadn't really been paying much attention to him. That was fine with him as he was turned on and hard but wasn't sure how much he'd be able to perform if they both got really horny. It was just so erotic and felt good being hard.

The next one Lynn decided would be the one she and Kari starred in. She started it up and watched Gillian's reaction out of the corner of her eye. When Gillian first saw the little naked Kari, her heart melted. "Awwwwwww! Damn she's cute! I can see why you couldn't resist putting the ol' cunt sticker in her," she said to Rob. She reached over and helped Rob stroke his cock, but her attention didn't leave the video. When she heard the dialog with the real estate agent, just like Rob did, she started cracking up. When the three entered the frame, she gasped. "That's Marty!" she exclaimed. Lynn immediately shut the video down.

"No, no I wanna see it," Gillian said.

Lynn said to her, "Dear, this is somebody besides us. I really don't know if we should show it to you, especially since you know the poor man."

Gillian said, "Look, I'm not gonna tattle on anyone. Jeez! Marty's a guy that's come into the bar. Sometimes entertains a few people. Business people. He's a nice guy. I flirted with him a couple of times 'cuz he's a good tipper. And if he wasn't a customer, I'd do him in a heartbeat. But c'mon, I'm not gonna say anything any more than I would about your fucking the kids. Besides, it was getting funny."

Rob said, "You haven't heard anything yet. Just wait 'til after he fucks both of them."

Gillian said, "He fucked you BOTH?? Shit, I wanna see that. C'mon Lynn."

Lynn relented and started the video playing again. Gillian provided an interesting commentary. "Shit, is his finger up her hole? Damn that's hot...'information on the neighborhood or just want us'... God, priceless... fuck, he's licking her slit... holy fucking god, he's got his cock all the way in her... he made her cum, damn!...shit, Lynn he's doing you in the ass... man, lookit the arch in your back he's making, pulling your hair. Damn! That had to be a good rough fuck... holy god damn fuck, that little doll is sucking his dirty cock! Pure ass to mouth. From a two year old. Jeeezus Lynn, I can't even find words to express it. Hot damn!"

Rob broke in, saying, "But listen to the conversation now. It's hilarious. They couldn't write a sitcom better than this."

Gillian and Rob sat cracking up listening to the two talk on the screen. Lynn had to admit it was funnier now than when she actually was doing it. Most of what she remembered was the great fuck from a stranger. That and watching Kari get off on being fucked.

Gillian loved that part too. After the video ended, she couldn't stop talking about how precious Kari was and how neat it was to see her get off on being fucked. Actually, all three of them were hotter than a three dollar pistol, so they decided to move to Lynn and Rob's bed.

Once they were in bed together, Lynn on one side of Gillian and Rob on the other, Lynn stroked Gillian's breasts and said, "Gill, I want to watch Rob fuck you hard and then I want to suck his cum out of your fucked cunt."

Gillian thought that was an absolutely fabulous idea and that's what they did. Rob ended up bending Gillian in half, putting her knees beside her ears and plunging his cock into her hot cunt. Lynn got down and watched close up, then fondled Rob's balls and insinuated her fingers and thumb around the base of his cock. She was so thrilled when she felt his cock swell and throb as he shot his cum into Gillian's cunt.

Rob semi-collapsed onto Gillian who was still folded in half. As Rob softened, Lynn pushed him and his cock popped out of Gillian's cunt. Lynn told Rob to move up and feed his slimy cock to Gillian while Lynn sucked his cum out of her. They did that and enjoyed it, then fell exhausted alongside one another and just laid there, running hands over other's body parts. They finally did fall asleep but Gillian woke up in the middle of the night, horny and rarin' to go. She woke Lynn and together they attacked Rob, who protested that he couldn't cum again. Besides he had to get up to go to the office early. The two females said they didn't care about the latter and proved him wrong about the former.

When the alarm went off in the morning, Rob shut it off, kissed the two only semi-awake females and climbed out of bed. The two girls just rolled closer and snuggled together, arms around each other. Rob didn't bother to disturb them after he'd showered and got dressed, then went down stairs. He decided to forgo making coffee, figuring he'd get some and breakfast on the way to the office.

Driving along on the way to work, he grinned at the thought of what the two women would be doing with each other in bed about then. Probably not sleeping.

[Continued in Ch. 17]