Summertime at Grandpa Dicks- Chap 8A

by Ole Crannon

Warning: No Sex, Mother/Daughter,
If any of this will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

Life had certainly gotten interesting in the last few weeks. Having my own pre-teen sex slave and lover was unbelievable, but then having her seduce her own father and bring him into our circle of perversions was astonishing. Then finding another family with another twelve year old that wanted in on the same kinky things was even more mind blowing and I was getting hard pressed to try to stay one step ahead of things as they were unfolding. And it takes a lot to blow my perverted mind, but it seemed to be getting close.

Then Karen wanted to bring her mother- her uptight, strait-laced, sex abhorring mother - into the perverted circle. I had very heavy misgivings about that and Karen had talked many things over with Claire, but they hadn't come up with a definite plan to get Karen's mother, Faye, involved in our sex play. I thought from what I'd seen of the woman the first time I met Karen in the grocery store, and then from what other things I'd learned about her that she was pretty much a lost cause. Not that she possibly couldn't be converted, or blackmailed into silence. It was just that the opinion I had of her wasn't highly positive. But I guess I underestimated Karen. A lot! And also, maybe her mother.

All of the following has been put together from conversations with and by everyone. I'm sure there are details that I don't know, but here's what I've put together.

After Karen and Ralph had their first sex at my place, Ralph couldn't keep his hands off his nubile daughter. (I certainly know, and can share, that feeling.) Of course, Karen had just as much desire for her father to fuck her as much as possible. She really loved him very much and after being 'tutored' and awakened by me, she just wanted to show and share that love with him sexually. As she had for some time.

Ralph agreed that they should stay away from each other in her mother's presence, since that could cause some major difficulty. It was hard for Ralph, as he wanted to feel and touch his hot, sexy daughter's body as much as possible. But around the house, Karen immediately started to wear less and less. Or actually nothing when her father wasn't around. At first, she was scolded and admonished by her mother and told to "put some clothes on" whenever Karen paraded around with little or nothing on. Usually nothing. Which was almost constantly. But it quickly got to the point where Faye would just sigh and shake her head when she saw Karen naked yet again. On Karen's part, she would let her mother see her naked as much as possible and would often give Faye a hug and a kiss on the cheek, telling her she loved her. And rub her bare body against her mother.

Karen actually walked into the bathroom while Faye was seated on the toilet one afternoon and started a conversation. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during some of those encounters, but they were recounted for my benefit and amusement later on by all the parties.

Faye was sitting on the toilet as Karen walked into the bathroom naked. Faye said, "Karen, would you please put some clothes on?"

"Why?" Karen asked her. "Nobody can see me, 'cept you. I don't like wearing clothes at home. Isn't it the one place we're supposed to feel free? It doesn't embarrass you, does it?"

Faye said, embarrassed, "Well, no, but... well, yes it does. You shouldn't prance around naked. You should cover up."

"Why?" Karen asked again. "Mommy, you made me. Why should you be embarrassed to see me? Is there something wrong with my body?" Karen twirled around to show all of that developing and exquisitely formed body to her mother, who just looked at her, embarrassed.

Karen cupped her little budding breasts with both hands and pinched her nipples with her fingers, letting out a sigh of pleasure at the feeling- and the little bit of pain. "Are my breasts too small? They're getting bigger. I love feeling them. Mommy, feel them and make sure they're OK."

"What has gotten into you?" Faye asked rhetorically, shaking her head. "I'm not going to feel your breasts, Karen. I'm not supposed to do that kind of thing."

"What kind of thing, Mommy?" Karen asked. "Aren't you supposed to help me and tell me all about growing up and my body and stuff like that? And sex things?" Faye had a sudden pang of guilt followed by embarrassment at that last point, as she HAD studiously avoided any mention of sex around her daughter. Or anywhere, for that matter. "I mean, Mommy, I've seen pictures of you when you were my age and you were beautiful. I want to be beautiful like you were when you were twelve. I want my breasts to grow big like yours are. Mommy, will mine get as big as yours?" Karen was continuing to rub, pinch and caress her little titties.

More than a bit red faced, Faye said, "Honey, I don't know how big they'll get. I guess it's in the genes, and you'll grow into whatever size you're supposed to have."

Karen paused, then said, "Mom, do you like to have your nipples pinched? Pinched 'til they hurt? I think it feels soooooo good."

"Karen!! What's gotten into you? Lately, all you seem to want to do is run around without any clothes on and now you're talking about hurting your nipples. What's wrong with you?" Faye asked exasperatedly.

"I don't know. I just like feeling sexy. The way it makes me feel inside. You know, down here." Karen dropped a hand down to her crotch and ran a finger through her bare slit.

"Oh God, honey, you're starting to have your female hormones running through you. You're going to start feeling like that and probably start chasing boys. I guess I was your age when I started getting that way," Faye said.

"Did you chase boys and want them to touch you and do things to you?" Karen asked innocently.

"Well, I guess I did. A little. But my mom and dad, your grandparents, were very strict. I couldn't run around the house naked like you do. I had to be properly dressed all the time. When I had feelings like you do, I had to go to church and pray that I'd get over them. We weren't allowed to even discuss anything sexual at home. Or anywhere," Faye related.

"Oh, Mom! That's awful. You couldn't play with yourself and make yourself feel good?" Karen asked, spreading her legs a little wider and rubbing her clit with her finger. "Like this?"

Faye blushed and exclaimed, "Karen!" Then she softened and said, "Uh, no. I wasn't supposed to do anything like that. Good girls don't have those feelings and don't do things like that, I was told."

Karen grinned inwardly and said, "But you did, didn't you? You liked touching yourself and being touched, didn't you? Oh, Mom, I want to feel good and I like to feel sexy. How can that be wrong if it doesn't hurt anyone and feels good?"

"Yes, honey, I did like it. And it does feel good. But I couldn't let anyone know that I was doing it. Especially not as blatantly as you are now. My God, girl. Have you no modesty?" Faye asked.

"Nuh-uh. Don't think I do," Karen said. "I like to feel this way. I like to make myself feel good. I don't mind if someone sees me naked or sees me doing things. In fact, Mommy," Karen said conspiratorially, "it makes me feel that much better when someone is looking at me or watching me. Like now."

The conversation was really making Faye uncomfortable. She could hardly bring herself to look her daughter in the face, but she did feel a bit of a thrill watching out of the corner of her eye as Karen rubbed her clit. It was so... naughty.

"Karen, will you please stop it. We shouldn't be doing this. Talking about these things. It's not proper," Faye said.

Dropping to her knees in front of her mother, Karen said, "Well, who am I supposed to talk about these things with? I guess Claire could tell me about sex. And Janelle 'n me could try to do some things. Would that be better? Or I guess I could talk to Daddy."

Faye ignored that last part while instinctively correcting her daughter. "You mean, 'Janelle and I', not 'me'. Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I guess I should be the one to talk to you and guide you through this. It's just that it was so hard for me and I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. Sex wasn't discussed in our family. At anytime. So I really had to learn everything for myself. So I guess no matter how embarrassing it is, I should be the one that you can talk to about it. Certainly not your father." She paused then asked, "Have you and Janelle done anything? Together?"

"Oh, we've fooled around a little bit. She knows a lot about sex. She's even done it," Karen told her mother, wondering just how much she could reveal about Janelle and her family.

Faye gasped in astonishment. "My God, she's only twelve, like you. And she's had sex? That's awful."

"Nope. She likes it. What's awful about that?" Karen asked in her best little innocent tone.

"It's too young!" Faye exclaimed. "She's too young to have sex!"

"Well, obviously not. She's done it already, so she can't be too young," Karen smugly pointed out.

Faye said, "Physically, yes she CAN have sex. It's just that she shouldn't. She's too young for that."

"Why, Mom? Why is she too young. She likes it. I'd like it. What's the problem if it feels good and you like it?" Karen asked.

'Oh, honey, she could get pregnant. She could get a disease. All kinds of things. She could be hurt," Faye told her.

"Mom. We've had health ed at school. Jans hasn't had her period yet, so she can't get pregnant. I know that. And what kind of disease? If she's careful who she does things with and they don't have any disease, she wouldn't get one. Like, we know that stuff from health class. And if it makes her feel good, how could she be hurt? Unless she likes being hurt..." Karen said cryptically.

Faye didn't pick up on that last meaning right away. She was still trying to process the fact that her innocent young daughter knew all this stuff and was unabashedly discussing it with her. Naked. While Faye was on the toilet! Also naked!

Reaching for the toilet paper, Faye said, "Karen, dear. Can we talk about this someplace other than the bathroom?" She wiped herself, stood up and flushed. "I'm sorry, but the bathroom isn't the place for things like this." She reached for her robe.

"Sure, Mom," Karen said, but stopped her mother from putting on the robe. "But can we stay naked? I like it. Besides, you're beautiful naked and I like looking at you."

'Honey! That's not right. I mean..." Faye trailed off as Karen took the robe from her hand and hung it back up on the hook. She took her mother's hand and without saying anything, led her to Karen's bedroom. When they got there, Karen plopped herself down on the edge of the bed and patted the spot next to her, indicating that Faye should sit down there. Still embarrassed being nude in front of her daughter, Faye sat down with a sigh.

"Mommy, you know I love you and Daddy, right?" Karen asked. Faye nodded. "If it doesn't hurt anybody, why can't I be naked in front of you?"

Faye didn't answer immediately. She thought and then said, "I guess there isn't anything really wrong in us girls seeing each other's bodies. It's just different than the way I was brought up. But I'll try to get over it, for you. You can be naked in front of me if you want."

Karen threw her arms around her mother's neck and hugged her. "Oh, thanks, Mommy. I hate putting clothes on around here."

"But you can't let your father see you without clothes. That's just not right," Faye told Karen.

"Why not? Why is that different that you seeing me naked? He's my daddy," Karen said.

"Yes. Well. It's different with men. Especially with fathers. You're not supposed to let him see you like that. It could cause problems."

"Why? Janelle's family hardly ever wear clothes at their house. Her dad sees her naked all time," Karen stated.

"My goodness!" Faye exclaimed. "And she sees him without clothes too? And just how do you know this, exactly?"

Karen figured that she may have let too much out of the bag, so she said, "Well, Jans tells me about it. I mean, she likes it and it's no big thing."

"And she sees her father... uh, without anything on?" Faye asked.

"I guess so," Karen said. "I mean, if they go around without any clothes on, then she'd have to see him, wouldn't she? And he'd see her."

"I guess so," Faye said, astonished. "Uh, what do they do? I mean, doesn't he, you know... uh, get excited seeing her?"

"Excited? I don't know. Why would he get excited?" Karen asked, hoping to sound as innocent as she could.

"Well, men can get excited seeing nude women. And girls. And Janelle is a very beautiful girl. And if she's already having sex..." Faye's words trailed off with her thoughts furiously flashing oh-so-wicked images across her mind.

"Oh, you mean like he'd get turned on and want to have sex with her because he saw her naked?" Karen asked, grinning to herself inside. She loved where this conversation was going... right where she wanted it to. "Yeah, she really is sexy. Especially naked."

Faye was brought out of her fantasy by Karen's words. "You've seen her naked? I mean, what do you girls do over there?" Faye asked.

"Yeah, we like to be naked. She's got a hot bod and she says mine is too. Do you think so?" Karen asked, again trying to sound innocent.

"Uh, well, I've tried not to notice. But yes, you're getting to be a very lovely girl. I'm sure you'll have all the boys chasing after you in a few years," Faye told her.

"Oh, they do that already, since I started getting these," Karen said, cupping and rubbing her breasts. "They like 'em. But I do too. But the boys are so obvious and immature. I really would like someone older."

Faye gave a sharp intake of breath. "Oh my God! What do you mean by that?" she asked.

Karen smiled and said calmly, "Well, I just want someone that will touch me and excite me and make me feel special. All the boys want to do is feel me up 'n stuff. I really won't let them touch me."

Faye sighed and said, "Well, I'm glad of that."

Karen grinned and said, "Yeah, I'd rather have a teacher or a older man do it. You know, touch me and feel me and make me hot and excited. They know how to do it right."

Again Faye gasped at her daughter's words. "Karen!" she exclaimed.

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" Karen said rather than asked. "The boys just want to feel my boobs. A man would know how to touch them and get me excited and make love with me."

"And haul you off and rape you!" Faye exclaimed. "Or worse!"

"Aw, Mom. My teachers wouldn't do that. Especially if I wanted them to touch me and do things. Why would they rape me if I wanted to do it?" Karen asked.

"My God! Karen! You haven't done anything with your teachers have you? Or have they done anything to you?" Faye asked, worried.

"Naw. They haven't done anything. Although there's a couple of them I'd like to have do something to me," Karen grinned.

"Karen! I can't believe you just said that," Faye exclaimed. "What's gotten into you lately?"

"Mom, I want to have sex and feel good. I just don't see anything wrong with it, if it's something I want to do. I can see your point about rape 'n stuff, but that's not what I mean. I want to touch and be touched and enjoy it," Karen said.

"But you're too young for that!" Faye exclaimed. "It's not right."

"Mom, how old was Gramma when she got married? How old was great-Gramma?" Karen asked.

"I don't know what that has to do with anything. I think mom was sixteen or seventeen. Grandma was, uh..." Faye did some mental arithmetic in her head. "Oh, God! I think she was around fourteen," Faye said.

"See. They weren't too young. And I'll bet they fooled around before they got married. I know I would. And in history class, we studied about how girls get married at twelve or even younger in some places," Karen said, making her point.

Faye said, "Yes, but that's not today and that's not you. You're not supposed to have sex until you're much older. And married!"

"But what happens if I don't want to get married, but I want to have sex all the time? What's wrong with that? Why do you have to be married to have sex? A lot of people aren't!" Karen said.

"But that's not YOU! If everyone else wanted to jump..." Faye started in.

Karen finished it for her, "... I know, jump off a cliff. Well, if I wanted to jump off a cliff, then I'd be like everyone else. I don't know that I'd be like that. I mean, there's gotta be something in it for me to do it. So why, just because everyone else is getting married, do I have to do that. Can't I be different and just have sex and enjoy it?" Karen was happy to point out the logic that her mother started with.

"Honey, that's different. You're supposed to get married and then have sex. That's just the way it's supposed to be," Faye told her.

"So I'm supposed to jump off the cliff 'cuz everyone else is?" Karen asked.

"No, I didn't mean that. I mean there's certain rules and laws. You just can't go around wantonly having sex anytime and anywhere you want to just because it feels good. My God, think of what would happen if people did that!" Faye exclaimed.

"They'd be a lot happier," Karen said. "Mom, Janelle's one of the nicest and happiest people I know. Her whole family is. The girls that I know of that are having sex or fooling around are all having fun. Some of them are pretty trampy, but at least they're having a good time. I don't see the problem."

"You're supposed to have sex with someone you love. Fall in love, get married, have sex. That's the way it's supposed to be," Faye said, feeling that she was losing this debate and not really believing some of what she was saying herself.

"So if you love someone, then you can have sex with them. Right?" Karen asked, setting up the trap in her mind.

"Absolutely. That's how it should be. You love someone, then you can have sex with them," Faye told her.

"So I love Daddy. Can I have sex with him?" Karen asked innocently.

"NO!" Faye almost shouted, exasperated. "He's your father. You can't have sex with your father."

Karen knew that wasn't at all true, since her Daddy and she had definitely HAD sex and both had enjoyed it. But she understood what her mother meant... "shouldn't" instead of "can't". Karen liked where this was going so far. "I don't understand, Mom. Isn't having sex with someone showing that you love them? After all, they call it 'making love'. Isn't that the whole point?"

"Yes, but... well, not incest. There's reasons for that. You can end up with deformed babies," Faye told her.

"But Mom, I can't even get pregnant yet. I haven't started my periods. So why should that matter? And even if I could, there's birth control, so there wouldn't be any babies," Karen pointed out.

"Yeah. And not everyone knows about or uses birth control. I can assure you of that," Faye said.

Karen said, "Mom? Did you and dad, you know, like do it before you got married?"

Faye flushed a little more and hesitated. Then she said, "Uh, yes we did. You're living proof of it."

"Mom!! You mean that dad got you pregnant BEFORE you were married?" Karen exclaimed.

Exasperated by the tack the conversation was taking, Faye resignedly said, "Yes, honey, I was pregnant with you when we got married. Our parents were not happy about it."

"Whatsa matter. Weren't you in love? Didn't you want to get married?" Karen asked.

"Oh, honey, we were so in love. That's why I got pregnant. We were... uh, 'doing it' because we loved each other. At least as much as two young kids can. And then I got pregnant. Our parents weren't at all happy about my getting pregnant, especially mine, being so church going and all. But they knew we loved each other and we got married, just sooner than we'd planned is all," Faye related to her.

"Oh Mom, I think that's so kewl! Dad was boinking your hot bod and knocked you up. I'll bet Grampa just about had kittens!" Karen giggled.

Faye let out an embarrassed laugh. "Well, he was none too pleased. But your dad and I had been going together for a while. And he'd been 'boinking' me, as you said, for a while. Both our families knew we were in love and that we wanted to get married, they just wanted us to wait until we were older. You sorta threw a monkey wrench into those plans."

"So I was an 'accident', huh? Did you ever regret it? I mean, getting pregnant with me?" Karen asked.

"Oh no, honey! Just the opposite. We've loved you forever. Well, your dad was pretty scared of what Grampa would do to him when they found out, but he was just as happy about it as I was. I mean, we were young and we were scared, but we were in love and you're the result of that. Neither of us have ever regretted it one bit. Don't you ever think that!" Faye exclaimed.

"OK. Mom? Is dad the only guy you've ever made it with? I mean, did you do it with any other guys?" Karen asked her mother.

"No, nobody else. The only person who ever 'boinked' me is your father," Faye said, grinning at the use of her daughter's terminology.

"Didja ever want to? Like do it with another guy? Maybe some handsome stud that got you turned on?" Karen asked, smiling.

Faye didn't answer right away. She finally said, "I'm completely satisfied with you and your father. I don't need anyone else."

"That's not what I asked, Mom. Wouldn't you like to have some hunky stud throw you down on the bed and make mad passionate love to you? You know, make you all wet and cum?" Karen asked her mother.

"Since when do you know all about that stuff? Just what have you been reading? What are they teaching you in that 'health' class?" Faye asked.

Karen put her arm around her mother's shoulders and said, "I've been learning lots of things lately. Almost none of it in health class. Or school. But I do know that I love sex and want to learn more about it."

"Oh God, Karen, I wish I could help you with that," Faye told Karen. "I'm not that experienced. Obviously. And still, you're too young!"

"But I'm not, Mom. And you can help me by letting me," Karen said.

Faye looked at her daughter. "You mean, letting you have sex? I think not, missy. Just get that idea out of your head right now. We shouldn't even be having a conversation about it."

"You mean, about sex or about me doing it?" Karen asked. "I'm gonna learn about it somehow. You already know the consequences of not doing it right. I mean, I'd love to get pregnant and have a baby. A bunch of the girls at school talk about doing it together. But I can't even get pregnant right now, so I couldn't do that. But I could have sex. Right?"

"Karen, you can't. You shouldn't. I mean... my God! These girls are talking about having babies? How old are they?" Faye exclaimed. She was doing a lot of exclaiming in this conversation.

"They're my age. Some are a little older. Some of 'em have started their periods. Some of them want to have a teacher get them pregnant. Others have other people they want to do it," Karen told her.

"That's illegal! It's... it's immoral! It's wrong! If I'd known this, I'd have you pulled out of that school in no time and stick you in a convent," Faye said, exasperated.

"Oh, then the priest or minister could get me knocked up. That's what happened to one girl that a friend of mine knows. Her parents would send her away to a convent, but that's where she got pregnant." Karen grinned at her mother.

"Oh baby! I'm sorry. I just want you to be safe and happy. I'm sorry I said that," Faye said, hugging Karen.

"It's OK Mom. But it just shows that I'm gonna learn about sex somewhere. Wouldn't it be best if I did that with someone who loves me and wanted to protect me?" Karen asked.

"Yes, of course. If you're going to do it. But you're too young!" Faye reiterated her main point.

"But I'm not, obviously," Karen said. "I get turned on and I want to learn about sex things. What's wrong with that? As long as someone loves me and will protect me from the bad stuff? Wouldn't you want to help me and make sure it was all right and that kinda thing?"

"Well, of course, honey. But you're only twelve. You're too young to start having sex," Faye told her again.

"Obviously I'm not, because I want to all the time and there's all kinds of girls my age who are having sex. Like Janelle," Karen said. "So I'm obviously not too young."

"But you're my baby!" Faye said. "I don't ever want to see you hurt. I love you so much."

"Then I'd think you'd want to help me and make me happy. Having sex would make me happy. Learning about it would make me happy. How could I get hurt if it made me happy?" Karen asked.

"Honey, you just don't understand. You're too young," Faye reiterated, although she was definitely weakening in this argument.

"Were you too young when you started boinking with dad?" Karen asked.

"I was much older than you! And look what it got me into," Faye exclaimed, then realized that she didn't actually mean it the way she said it. "I mean, I got pregnant with you before I should have. If I'd known better..." Her words trailed off.

Karen picked up on that and said, "Then I wouldn't be here, huh, Mom? Is that what you mean?"

"No, honey! Not at all. Your daddy and I love you and wouldn't trade having you for anything. I just mean that things can happen that you don't plan on and they can change your life," Faye told her.

"That happens all the time, Mom. But if you're worried about me getting pregnant, then when I start having periods, we'll get some birth control. That'll take care of that," Karen told her. "But do you mean that I'm not supposed to enjoy what you and dad enjoyed? That I'm not supposed to have the pleasure of sex until I'm older and married?"

"Yes. I mean No!. Oh, I don't know what I mean. You've got me so confused. Karen, I don't want to see you hurt, is all," Faye said.

"So if I could have sex and not get hurt, that'd be OK with you?" Karen asked.

"No! You're too young!" Faye said again.

"Mom, you're getting to sound like a broken record," Karen told her mother, remembering a phrase Faye used when Karen was younger and arguing the same thing over and over, before CD's. "I'm not too young. There are all kinds of girls my age having sex all the time. So it can't be my age. And I know of a lot of them who aren't being hurt. They love it. Now some of them who're just getting boinked by guys for the fun of it and then getting preggers. Yeah, they're gonna have problems. But if I have you and Daddy to help teach me and keep me safe, what's the problem with learning about sex? And having sex? If I don't get hurt? Don't tell me you wouldn't like to watch some hunky guy all over me and boinking me? Wouldn't that be erotic?"

"KAREN!" Faye almost shouted. Then she realized that her daughter was purposely pushing her buttons, and settled down. "My goodness, just what have you been learning already? You certainly don't sound like the innocent daughter I've known all these years."

"I'm not innocent, Mom. I've been good little Karen and gone along with all the people who want to jump off that cliff. I've just decided that I don't want to jump. I want to have fun and enjoy myself and learn all about things like sex. And yes, I've been learning already. Janelle and I have done some things. We're not lezzies, Mom, but it's fun doing things. I love Jans as a friend and want to share that love with her. If I love others, what's wrong with sharing that love with them? If I don't get hurt?" Karen asked.

"Believe me, you're going to get your feelings hurt when it comes to sex," Faye said. "Some boy will try to tell you he loves you just so he can get his thing into you, then he'll dump you for the next girl that comes along who will spread her legs for him."

"So if I just use him to have sex with and don't love him, then I won't get my feelings hurt, right?" Karen asked, pursuing her brand of logic.

Faye laughed and said, "Then you're called a whore or a slut, or mattress back. Don't think that doesn't hurt."

"Mom, I know girls who're having sex and most people don't know about it," Karen said. "They're not called nasty names and they're not being hurt. In fact, they're some of the happiest and most popular girls I know. Sure, there's a couple of dumb sluts who'll put out for every male that looks at them, and they aren't happy sometimes, but that's their fault. Their decision. If I wanted to be a slut, I wouldn't care what anyone said. I'd be happy to put out for any guy!"

"Karen!" Faye said. Then she laughed. "But I knew some of those kinds of girls, too. The boys called them 'round heels'. They sure were popular, I have to admit that."

"And you didn't want to do that? Have sex with all the good looking guys?" Karen asked.

Faye giggled and said, "Well, there were a couple of boys that I liked looking at before I met your father, but once I had him, I didn't need anyone else."

Karen grinned and said, "Cause he was boinking you when you wanted, huh?"

"Well, not at first. We just kissed and petted. You know, I let him feel me up. And I'd feel him up. Could he ever get hard!" Faye said. Then she blushed and said, "My God, I can't believe I'm talking about this with my own daughter."

"I love it, Mom! So, you were a virgin when dad put it into you, huh?" Karen asked.

"Well," Faye said, blushing furiously, "I'd sorta broken my hymen with some things, so it wasn't like he broke it and hurt a lot. In fact, the first time we did it all the way was in the back seat of his dad's car out on Moon Road. It didn't hurt much at all and started to feel really good. For both of us. So I know what you mean by sex feeling good. And it only got better from there. We learned a lot about each other and enjoyed 'boinking', as you say, as often as we could. Which wasn't very often, as we couldn't get away from our families that much. Not like today's kids where everyone has a car and can go wherever they want to." She got a far away look on her face, smiling a little smile. "I remember your dad bringing me a single daisy that he'd found just before he came over to our house. It was kinda wilted and pretty much past its peak, but I just loved it. I think I've still got it pressed in one of my old books. Your dad really got it good that night."

"Oh Mom! That's so romantic!" Karen exclaimed, hugging Faye to her. Then she said, "So, you and daddy did it a lot then? How long was it before you got pregnant with me?"

"I can't say we did it a lot, but we did it every chance we got. I don't know how we managed to avoid getting me pregnant, but it was probably a year or year and a half before he planted you inside me. I wish I knew exactly when and where it happened. But we were so young then. It was all just a blur. We were in love, after all," Faye said wistfully.

"So how old were you when you first did it?" Karen asked.

"Oh, I was probably about fifteen, I think. Your dad had just gotten his driver's license. I wasn't eighteen yet when we got married," Faye said.

"So you were getting boinked when you were about three years older than I am now?" Karen asked.

"Karen! That's crude!" Faye said, but with a smile. "Yes, about that. Maybe a little more. We'd played feelies for a while before that, so my first time was probably about fifteen. But that's much older than you are. Three full years."

"So when you were twelve and getting hot with your hairbrush handle, wouldn't you have liked to have someone who could've taught you all about sex and made you feel good?" Karen asked with a grin.

"Karen!" Faye exclaimed again. "I can't believe we're even talking about this subject. And you, you're being so crude. Where did you learn to be like that? And just what have you been doing with your hairbrush handle?"

"We're really good friends, me and Mr. Hairbrush. And Mr. Shampoo Bottle," Karen said with a grin at her mother's look of exasperation. "And you don't know what crude is, Mom. Believe me. But like I said, I've been learning some things and I really like being turned on and getting off. Nothing wrong with that, is there?" Karen asked.

"Oh, honey, I guess not. It's just that you're so young. You're still my little girl," Faye said.

"But I'm growin' up. A lot." Karen cupped her breasts again and squeezed them, getting a funny look from her mother. "So if I found someone special that would take care of me and do it right and wouldn't hurt me, it'd be OK to do it?"

"What's gotten into you? Karen, I don't want you to be thinking about sex or having sex. You're just too young," Faye said again.

"But Mom. If you'd had someone to talk to and someone who'd love you and wouldn't hurt you and help you with the sex, wouldn't you have done it at my age? C'mon, Mom. Truth. Like if you had a little older version of dad, who you really loved and knew he'd do everything perfect? Wouldn't you have done it?" Karen pressured her mother.

Faye looked at her young daughter for a minute, thinking. Then she said, "I suppose I would have if my mom and dad hadn't been so strict. You know, I had plenty of boys giving me the eye then. Just like you, I'd started to blossom and the boys would come around. I did sorta like the attention." Faye stared wistfully out the window for a while, then said, "Except dad, your grandpa, was so strict. I couldn't have a dress that didn't come way below the knees and they all had to be up to my chin. It's a wonder the boys could even tell that I was developing, I always had to stay covered up."

"How did you meet Dad? Was he one of the ones that was giving you the eye, wanting to boink you?" Karen asked.

"Your father was the perfect gentleman. He didn't act like some of those other crude boys did. He didn't try to paw me or raise my skirts up to see my legs. In fact, he once got after a couple of the boys that tried that. No, I'd noticed him before he ever said anything to me. He was a grade higher and a year or so older. But when he did notice me, he was very nice. I liked his smile. Still do." Faye told Karen.

"So you fell in love with him when you saw him? What about him? What got him going after you?" Karen asked.

"I don't remember exactly. It was at a school thing. I wasn't allowed to go to dances until I was sixteen, so it had to have been around school. We just kinda got together I guess," Faye said.

Karen hugged her mom and said, "And I'll bet he wanted to boink you from the first time he saw you. I've seen some of those pictures of you back then and you had a killer bod, Mom. I'll bet dad got hard just looking at you."

"Gracious! I don't know what's gotten into you! All this 'boinking' and now getting 'hard'? How do you know all this stuff all of a sudden?" Faye asked Karen.

"Mom, I'm not a child. I know about men's things and how they fit into our things and how it feels good. I know that when a guy sees a hot girl who turns him on, his thing gets hard. That's what it's supposed to do, isn't it? So he can put it in you," Karen said.

"And how do you know about men's things? And how it would feel inside you?" Faye asked, wondering just how much her pre-teen daughter had actually experienced so far.

"Uh, well, I've seen pictures of 'em and, you know, read about it. After all, we do have sex ed at school. And the girls talk about it," Karen told her. "As for how it feels, if it feels half as good as my hairbrush, Wow! So if I could find a guy who would be very good to me and treat me right, could I do it? You know, have him put it in me?"

"Karen! Are you trying to upset me? How many times do I have to tell you..." Faye started in.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, 'I'm too young'. But really, when you were my age, if you'd had a guy like Daddy who would have been nice to you and made sure not to hurt you and loved you, would you have let him do it? If you hadn't had to worry about strict parents 'n stuff?" Karen persisted.

"I think your dad would have been too young then. An older, considerate guy, like he is now, maybe. Someone mature enough to consider my feelings and what's best for me. I suppose I'd have wanted to then, so I can't really blame you. And everything nowadays is sex, sex, sex. Not a minute goes by when young girls aren't bombarded by suggestive images. It's no wonder you want to try it," Faye said.

"Mom," Karen said seriously. "Why don't you and dad do it more? I mean it's still fun and feels good, doesn't it?"

Fay exclaimed, "Karen!!" Then she softened and said, "Oh, I'm just an old woman with the house to take care of and a kid who's driving me nuts with worry about her having sex," Faye said with a tired smile. "Look at me. This saggy old body?"

"But Mom! You're still pretty. Especially when you smile. I know dad loves to boink you. I'll bet if you did up your hair and put some nice clothes on, you could get him hard and wanting to get you into bed in nothing flat," Karen told her.

"You really think so?" Faye asked.

"Sure. I'd love to make him hard and have him boink me. You can do it," Karen said with a grin.

"Karen! That's your father you're talking about!" Faye exclaimed.

"I know. And I'll bet I can get him hard for you, too. He likes seeing me with hardly anything on. Don't think I don't know what he does with you after he gets a little peek. I can hear your headboard banging the wall." Karen had a big grin on her face at her mother's look of total astonishment. "If Grandpa and Gramma didn't mind you running around the house with nothing on, would you have done it?" Karen asked.

"I don't know. They were always so strict, I don't think I ever gave any thought to doing that," Faye answered.

"Well, I like going around without a stitch on and I don't care if Daddy sees me. If you don't mind, I'll get him good and hot for you and you two can go have a marathon session if you want. OK?" Karen asked with a grin.

"Oh my God! You're serious, aren't you?" Karen nodded solemnly. "I've seen how he looks at you. And I can't blame him. You've turned into a very sexy girl," Faye said.

"OK. So I can give Daddy a little peep show and get him ready for you, then you can push him down on the couch and jump his bones. That work for you?" Karen asked smugly, knowing she was further shocking her conservative mother, but enjoying doing it. "Look, Mom. It's not like I'm gonna steal Dad away from you. He loves you. I love you. I love him. What's so wrong if we show it to each other while we're here in the privacy of our house? Besides, us girls can wrap him around our little fingers with sex. Can't we?" Karen grinned.

Faye looked in wonder at her twelve-going-on thirty year old daughter. "You're actually serious, aren't you?"

"Yup. I love you guys. It doesn't bother me to see you both naked. Or watch you do sex stuff. Besides, that'd help me learn. But I just can't see any problem in us being a loving family, like Jans and Claire and Ron. They're really kewl," Karen told her.

"My God! Just what have you seen and what have you done over there? I don't know if I'm going to let you go there anymore if it's going to corrupt you and have you thinking about sex all the time," Faye said, not jokingly.

"Mom! All they do is act normal around each other. Jans hasn't been boinked by her dad, if that's what you're worried about. But they don't have any hangups about always being covered up either. I've seen Claire naked. Jans and I see each other naked all the time. It's no big deal!" Karen said seriously.

"And what about Ron. Have you seen him without any clothes on?" Faye asked.

"Oh, once or twice. If he doesn't know I'm there, sometimes I can sneak up on him and get a peek. It's not like he parades his hard thing around for me to look at and play with!" Karen said. "Although I wish he would. If it's OK with you."

"Karen! My God!" Faye said. "And Janelle sees him naked? And hard? Oh my God, I can't even believe I said that!"

"What's wrong Mom? Sure, Jans sees him all the time. He gets hard when he see sees her naked. Or me," Karen said.

"He's seen YOU naked?" Faye almost screamed.

"Sure. No big deal. If Jans and I are playing with each other or just laying around without any clothes on, he'll maybe walk by her room or see me when I go to the bathroom. I mean, c'mon, Mom. It's not like I parade around naked specifically for him, just to get him hard so he'll do things to me!" Karen said, although that last part was not completely truthful. But she wanted to get her mother used to the idea and ease her into doing other things. "You've seen those nudist magazines and documentaries, haven't you? It's all pretty natural. Nobody is running around trying to get someone to have sex with them," Karen said. 'Although I think I'd like that!' she thought to herself.

"So they're like nudists, huh? Naked is normal?" Faye asked.

"Yup. Pretty much. I like it," Karen grinned. "So how's about we try it here and see if Dad doesn't get hot and want to do it with you?"

"I can't believe we're having this conversation! And both of us without a stitch on!" Faye exclaimed.

"Feels good, doesn't it. Kinda sexy?" Karen said, grinning. "But natural," she added hastily.

"It is kind of... stimulating. But I'm not sure you should go around without clothes in front of your father. After all, he's a typical male," Faye said.

"You mean he gets hard lusting after my tight, young little body, huh?" Karen said, grinning. "That's OK. I like the idea of men wanting to look at me. As long as it gets him hard and ready for you, you won't mind, will you?" Karen asked, trying to further set things up. If she could get her mom OK with her being naked in front of her dad, then she could work on the next step.

Faye gave it some thought. Seriously. More than Karen thought she would instead of dismissing it out of hand. Then Faye said, "Well, we'll have to see what happens. I'm afraid he'll want to jump on you if he sees you without anything on."

'YES!!' thought Karen. Out loud she said, "Oh, don't worry about that. You just get ready for him to jump on you. Take a shower, put on some perfume, do your hair. But don't put any clothes on! That's the whole point. OK?"

"I'm not really sure about all this. It seems to be a bit much. But it would be nice to feel sexy and wanted again." Faye stood up. "I'm going to go take a shower... no, I'm going to take an nice long bath." She smiled and turned, heading for the bathroom again. Being quite overwhelmed by Karen's behavior... and words, Faye made a quick detour to the kitchen where she unsteadily poured a little wine in a glass to take with her to sip while in the bath. To steady her nerves, she told herself. After a couple of rather large sips, Faye then headed to draw a bath, her mind whirring with what Karen had said and done. And the humiliation she felt of being aroused by it all.

In her room, Karen thought, 'GOT IT! Now I've gotta go let Dad know.' After she heard the bath water run and her mother had time enough to get into it, Karen ran to the phone and called her Dad's work number.

"Daddy, It's me!" she said when he answered. "Don't say anything. Just listen. I had a long talk with Mom. It's gonna take me a little more time, but don't be surprised when you get home. And whatever you do, don't act like it's anything out of the ordinary to see me naked. Just go along with me and if you get hard, just take Mom on the couch, right in front of me. Don't worry if she protests. Just do it. 'Kay?"

"What's going on, angel? God, if you're naked when I get home, I'll HAVE to fuck somebody! I can't wait to touch your lovely body again. I've been thinking of nothing else but what we did together. It's been my dream come true. I love you, honey," he told her.

"I love you too, Daddy. I can't wait to feel you in me again. Oh, I've wanted this too, for so long. But tonight, just make sure you don't do anything with me, at least at first. Give Mom all the attention. It'll work out, believe me. I'll tell you more later on. I love you, Bye," Karen told him.

"Love you too, kitten. 'Bye." Ralph said.

[continued in Chapter 8B- coming next]

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