Summertime at Grandpa Dicks- Chap 6

by Ole Crannon

Warning: Consensual Sex, Extreme, Female/Female, Blowjob, Oral, Scat, Older Male / Young Females, Young
If any of this will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

Karen had discussed at length how she wanted to get her Dad over to my place and what she wanted to expose him to. He apparently was very smitten with Janelle, especially since she had started 'blossoming'. Karen had her friend work her full blown sexy charms on him and got him to agree that he did want to fuck her. The two girls agreed that once they got him ready to do that, Karen would get his cock in her first, and Janelle would take seconds.

Claire's husband Ron felt that he would possibly put a damper on the 'festivities' if he was there and it ended up that he had some business that he had to take care of at the same time that Karen planned to get her dad here, so it was just Claire, Janelle, Karen and me. Ron was disappointed though that he would be missing watching his young daughter being fucked by two other guys, but Janelle promised him that she would make their first time doing it together very well worth the wait. He still hadn't fucked his young daughter and I was really amazed how he could possibly resist her. She could make sex exude from every pore of her scrumptious young body.

With Ron's blessing for us all to have a great time, Claire and Janelle came over and we waited for the other two to show up. Karen had talked -- or seduced -- her father into this by telling him that he would get to fuck Janelle at my place. Janelle turned on her wattage and he melted completely. This was after Karen had followed her dad into the bathroom when he had gone in to take a piss. She stood in the doorway, smiling at him and he had a bit of a problem getting his stream started. As soon as he did, Karen moved next to him and took his tool in her hand and leaned forward to engulf it with her mouth. Naturally, Ralph's sphincter slammed shut and turned off the stream immediately. Karen looked up at him and with her most innocent, daddy's little girl voice, told him that she wanted his piss and to please give it to her. Then she put her mouth back over the head of his cock and waited, looking up adoringly at him.

Ralph tried to mumble some objections about how he couldn't do this and she was his daughter, blah blah blah, but Karen wasn't going to be refused. She looked him in the eye and told him she wasn't going to let go until he gave her all his piss. With his little head, which was in her mouth, doing all the thinking, you know where that led. And Karen had a good grip on his cock and since Ralph wasn't really totally averse to doing it, he eventually started getting some short spurts into his daughter's mouth. Then he finally was able to loose his full stream and watch as his naked twelve year old daughter swallowed it down as fast as she could. When he dribbled to a stop, Karen licked the remaining drops from the head and beamed up at him.

He had not noticed Janelle slip into the doorway and was watching the whole thing, frigging her clit furiously. Karen told her dad that she really loved doing that and wanted to do it more. Then she looked at Janelle and told him that if he wanted, they would arrange it so he could screw Janelle if he wanted. Her father again tried to protest, but the girls would have none of it and he finally agreed. Especially when the two knelt down and took turns slurping on his hard cock together. Karen said he and they both enjoyed their playing and sharing his cum as it didn't take long to bring him off. Karen said she looked up at him and told him that there was "much more" of that that he would be enjoying with the two of them if he wanted.

So it was that Karen and her father were on their way over to my place, Ralph figuring that he was going to get to fuck Janelle and maybe get some other oral work from the two girls. In spite of what Karen said, I was still worried that her father might not take everything as well as she thought he would. One of the things I did was to setup two of my video cameras in somewhat hidden locations, which would record everything that went on in the living room, with the remote controls in my chair. Then if he ended up with misgivings, or 'buyer's remorse', I'd at least have a record of him with Janelle, if not her mother Claire, and possibly with his own daughter, Karen. With that, I felt that I could be assured that he would find it to his advantage to not turn any of us in.

We heard the car pull up the long driveway and stop in front of the house. Claire and I went into the kitchen and I bent her over the counter and started working my cock into her very juicy and accommodating cunt. She was quite excited about what was going to happen and wanted me in her. Janelle was going to greet them at the door naked, but then thought better of it and put on some sheer black stockings, high heels and a totally see through black nightie. Claire had done her daughter's hair and put a very little bit of makeup on her and she looked like a sixteen year old whore. Which is exactly what she wanted to look like. But damn! What a vision of pure sex she was. If Karen's dad didn't almost cum when he first saw her, it wouldn't take long before he did, the way she looked.

Karen had her arm around her dad when they rang the doorbell. Janelle waited a few seconds then opened the door to the totally stupefied male and her best friend.

"Hi, Mr. McDonnell. C'mon in. We've been waiting for you." she said in her sexiest voice and grabbed Karen's dad by the hand and led him into the living room. "Mom's in the kitchen getting some Dick cream."

Claire heard this and called out, "Hey, Ralph, slip into something comfortable, like Janelle, if you want. I'm sure she won't mind."

Janelle had already started on loosening Ralph's belt and pants and wasn't wasting any time getting them down around his feet. Karen unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off saying, "Yeah, daddy, you don't wanna be too overdressed for this." Once she had his shirt off, she took off her blouse and dropped her skirt. She wasn't wearing anything else other than her sandals.

Karen's dad was beyond mind-blown by this point. All he could do was just stand there and let the two sexy twelve year olds undress him. When Janelle pulled his boxers down, she moaned with pleasure at the sight of his hard cock and took it all in her mouth, sucking and licking it. Karen knelt down and the two shared it between them a bit, then they guided Ralph to the couch and pushed him down on it.

The two leaned over his cock and licked and sucked on it. Then Janelle looked up at him and said, "You've got a lovely cock, Mr. McDonnell, and I really want it in me. But Karen's first. You get to fuck her and then you can fuck me. OK?" Karen moved up to beside her dad's head and whispered to him, "Daddy, I love you so much and I want this so much. I want you to put it inside me and make love to me. I want it more than anything else. Will you do that for me, daddy? Will you make your little girl happy by putting your thing up into her and shooting your cum into her? Will you, Daddy? Please?" Karen still hadn't gotten the hang of using any crude terms, but the sentiment still came through loud and clear to the poor guy, who just mumbled some weak protests.

Janelle reached over and caressed Karen's exposed little cupcake titties. Janelle flicked Karen's nipple and he could see it harden even more than it already was. Ralph just numbly nodded at her and she kissed him, hard, while Janelle went back to working on his hard cock. Then Karen moved down and straddled her dad, and Janelle held Ralph's hard cock in her fist and helped position her friend's hairless slit over it and then guided his hard rod into his daughter's already moist cunt. While Janelle held his cock at the entrance of her friend's cunt, Karen said, "Daddy, I love you so much!" With that she dropped down on her father's cock, driving almost half of it into her. Ralph gasped loudly from the sensation. Karen then raised up slightly and dropped down again until the hard rod bottomed out against her cervix. Karen moaned loudly, then looked at her dad and said, "You're all the way inside me, Daddy. It feels so good. Do you like that?"

The poor guy could only nod his head and groan, as Karen started to grind her hips and move up and down on her dad's cock. He had to be in total mind blowing heaven with that talented little cunt enveloping his hard cock and knowing that it was his own little twelve year old daughter's cunt. His hips thrust involuntarily up into her as she ground down on him. Janelle moved up and started whispering in his ear, "Feels good to have your hard cock up in your daughter's cunt, doesn't it? You like her bouncing up and down on it, don't you. Go ahead, fuck her. Fuck her hard. Fuck your little daughter until you spurt your hot cum up into her tight little cunt. I'll let you watch me suck your cum out of her hot little cunt after you'll shoot it up into her. C'mon, give it to her."

Karen had her head thrown back, mewling with the pleasure her dad's cock was giving her. She ground her hips around and bounced up and down for a while before squealing from a long orgasm. Between his hot little daughter's cunt and Janelle's sexy taunting, Ralph finally felt his balls start to contract and his semen shoot up his flesh tube, into his daughter's hot, tight cunt. Karen threw her head back and screamed, then shuddered. Finally she fell forward on top of her father. Janelle kissed both of them as they came down from their orgasms. Janelle said, "Boy, you two sure do that good. Sure you haven't done this before?" She grinned.

Claire and I had come in from the kitchen where I had been stroking in and out of her cunt, the both of us just enjoying listening to what was going on and enjoying each other.

When Ralph finally got a little bit of his senses back, he hugged his daughter to him and said quietly, "Damn, honey, that was about the strongest orgasm I've ever had. You sure are something! I love you so much."

Karen lifted her head up and looked at her dad and said, "Daddy, I want you to do that to me all the time. I love having you in me." She snuggled against him.

Claire, naked as a jaybird and looking spectacular in her nudity, moved over into Ralph's vision. His eyes widened when he saw her. She leaned down, letting her huge jugs hang over him and stroked his forehead with her hand. She said, "You've got quite the little minx there, doncha Ralphie? I'm sure you're gonna just love fucking the hell out of her. And my daughter wants you to do the same to her, don't you dear?"

Janelle nodded and said, "Yeah, Mommy, and I can't wait to feel his cock plowing into my ass. The harder the better. You'll do that for me, won't you, Mr. McDonnell?" Then she cupped her nice little titties through the sheer black nightie and said, "And I want you to bite these real hard while you fuck me, too."

Poor Ralph was completely overwhelmed, as he had been from the start. All he could do was look from one to the other of the three sexy females and just wonder what kind of heaven he'd found himself in. Finally he managed to squeak out in a weak voice, "So is this what you've been teaching my daughter, Claire? Kee-rist, it felt like my ass was being pulled out through my cock." He smiled at his daughter and gave her a squeeze. "I'm sorry for the bad language, dear. It's just that this is all too much to handle, almost."

Claire stood up and said, "No, your precocious little slut has been learning all this on her own, with the help of Humbert here. And I hope these two young trollops will leave enough of you so that you can fuck me good once in a while. That is, if you want an old hag, like me."

Ralph turned his head to look at her and said, "Claire, you are one of the most spectacularly beautiful women I've ever seen. I thought that the first time I met you. Are you serious? You actually want me to fuck you too? And it's alright if I fuck your daughter?"

Both Claire and Janelle laughed. Claire said, "If we can pry you away from your little slut there, yeah, we'll both be taking you on. But from what Karen has said, I think she's going to want to monopolize your time a bit. She has some hellacious plans and she wants you involved in them. Hope you're up to it."

When Claire mentioned me, he had looked up at me then down at my hard cock. I wasn't sure what was going through his mind as he looked at me. Now he looked at his young daughter. Karen said, "That's right, Daddy. I'm learning to be a sex slut and I want you to help me. I want to be your little slut and I want you to do all kinds of things to me. Will you do that for me, Daddy?" This last was said in her little girlie, pure as the driven snow, daddy heart melter tone.

"My God, Karen, what have these people gotten you into?" he said to her.

"They haven't 'gotten me into' anything, Daddy. I've just learned how nice sex is and I want to do all kinds of sex things. Nasty sex things. And I want to do them with you. I love you so much and I just wanted to show you that and share it with you. You aren't mad at me, are you, Daddy?" she asked in her little girl, sugar sweet, pouty voice.

"Oh God no, honey. I'm just so... um, flabbergasted. I never thought about you in this way." He paused, then said, "Well, I have to admit that I love you very much and I HAVE thought about touching you and doing things, but I was really scared. I'm still scared but damn, that felt SO good. But, what if your mother finds out. She'll kill me and send you off to convent school." Ralph said.

Karen smiled and kissed him and said, "No she won't, Daddy. I'm gonna make sure of that. In fact, would you mind it if all three of us could share making love with each other?"

Ralph's mouth gaped open and he said, "You mean, you and her. Like lesbians?"

Karen raised up a little, glanced at Janelle and said, "No, Daddy. I'm not a lesbian. I've just learned to share with those I love. Like Janelle. Here, watch." She put her arm out to Janelle, who moved over close to them and spread her legs wide. Karen inserted two of her fingers into Janelle's cunt and worked them a little, then pulled them out and put her arm around her friend's hips, pulling Janelle's moist, almost dripping cunt to her mouth. Karen licked the slit and tongued Janelle's clit, making the girl moan with pleasure. Karen did this for a little bit, while Janelle enjoyed her ministrations. Then Karen pulled back and said, "Remember, Daddy, Janelle promised to suck your cum from me? Well, watch." With a grin on both Janelle's and Karen's faces, Karen pushed herself up then raised off of her father's semi-hard cock. She threw her leg over her dad so she was facing Janelle, and gave her friend a wide spread beaver. Janelle immediately jumped between Karen's legs and started licking the cum that was drooling from her slit.

Karen slowly scooted down far enough so she could take her dad's cock in her mouth and started to give it a spit shine. She looked up at him and smiled. "Mmmmmm, love the taste of your cum, Daddy!" Then she went back to licking and sucking on his cock while Janelle tried to vacuum the cum out of Karen's cunt.

Claire meanwhile moved over and leaned over the back of the couch and said, "C'mon old man, get that hard cock back in my cunt again while these two enjoy Ralphie's cum." I moved over and plunged into her warm, welcoming box. She wiggled her hips happily.

Ralph just laid there, watching the two girls work. The sight and feel of his nubile young daughter sucking on his cock started having its effect and it started getting harder again. Karen just smiled and kept up bobbing her head up and down on it, while Janelle tried to get as much of Ralph's cum out of her cunt as possible. He moaned with the pleasure of it.

After a while, Janelle sat up and leaned over to give Karen a sloppy kiss. Then she grinned, looked up at Ralph and said, "You like that, Mr. McDonnell? You like having a nasty sex slut for a daughter? 'Cuz we can be even nastier, any time you want."

Karen smiled and said, "Right. We're gonna wear you out, Dad."

Claire was bent over the couch, right above him and said, "You bet. You haven't seen nothin' yet, Ralphie. You in on our little pervert's group? Uhhhnnn, uhhnnnn." She grunted a couple of times as I rammed into her hard.

Ralph looked at her, then at the two young girls. He said, "I don't know if I've died and gone to heaven or what. But if it feels this good, I'm in. I just have a hard time imagining my sweet little girl doing... well, what she's just done. My God!"

Karen got a real mischievous look on her face and said, "Claire, will you come around here so I can taste you? Gramps, bring her around here, but don't pull out yet."

I took a hold of Claire's hips and we waddled, coupled together, around the couch to where Karen was. The two girls giggled at the funny sight. Karen turned Claire so her cunt faced Ralph as she was bent over, then said, "OK, Gramps, pull out of her." I did and Karen immediately sank her tongue into Claire's dripping wet snatch. Karen made a big show of licking up and down the older woman's cunt lips, then darting her tongue as deep as she could into the hole. She did this a few times, then smiled at her father. "You like that, Daddy?"

Janelle had her hand around Ralph's hard cock and she said, "Oh, he likes it! I can tell."

Karen then made a show of licking and wetting Claire's brown rosebud, getting Claire to moan with pleasure. Then Karen said, "OK, Gramps, plug her good." I moved forward and rubbed my cockhead against Claire's asshole, then pushed with steady pressure until I slipped inside her. Claire groaned with pleasure feeling my cock enter her, and pushed back hard.

Karen said, "Ram her good a few times, then pull out so I can taste it." I knew what she wanted so I stroked all the way in and out several times, then pulled my cock out and let Karen engulf it with her hot mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times, then pulled back and looked at her father and said, "You like watching me suck dirty cock right out of Claire's dirty hole, Daddy? Because I want to suck yours after you put it in her or Janelle's hot, dirty holes." Then she had me enter Claire again and stroke some more, then pull out so she could suck me again.

She looked at Janelle as she did and Janelle said, "Oh, he likes that. He's hard as a rock. I'm gonna really enjoy your dad's cock in my ass, Kar. And you can suck my shit off your daddy's cock when he pulls out of me, too." She stroked Ralph's cock a bit, and said, "I think he really likes that idea, Kar. Cocks don't lie."

Karen got up and moved up to her dad. She said, "So, Daddy, will you make me your little sex slave and make me do all kinds of dirty sex things like that?" She kissed him. "I really want to be your nasty little slut and have you make me take guy's things in all my holes. Make me suck them and let them do all kinds of perverted things to me. Will you do that, Daddy?"

Janelle squeezed his hard rod again, as if to let him know that she could tell if he lied or not. Ralph swallowed hard and said hoarsely, "Ummm, I don't know what's gotten into you, sweety. God you're so sexy! I'll help you do whatever you want. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it does turn me on to see you do nasty things like you just did. I don't know what you've done with my old Karen, but I'm getting to like this new one."

Claire said, "Ralphie, you haven't even seen her get started yet. When she tells you what she wants to do, it'll blow your mind. But as long as us girls have your nice hard cock, we won't care what happens to your mind." She laughed, then grunted as I plunged back into her asshole.

Ralph said, "I think I'm afraid to ask. How 'bout you give me some time to wrap my head around the fact that I've just screwed my own twelve year old daughter, then watched her perform nasty sex acts with you all. I think that's more than I can handle right now."

Karen moved over to put her cheek against his and said, "Daddy, I love you. Don't think you've done anything bad. I want you to do it. I know what I want. I've thought about it and I want you to share it with me. OK?"

Ralph kissed her and said, "I'm sorry, honey, it's not you. I just feel so guilty for doing what I did. It's not your fault at all."

Claire broke in and said, "Damn straight it ain't her fault for you feeling bad, Ralphie. Don't be so uptight and straightlaced. Your little girl wants to share her love of sex with you. Let her. It'll be good for both of you. And you can protect her when she does some of the things she wants to do. Lighten up and have fun. It's gonna be a wild ride. And we'll all be right here to help you." Ralph groaned as Janelle engulfed his whole cock with her mouth and cupped his balls with her hand. "See. You like what MY little twelve year old daughter is doing. Enjoy it. It's fun to share sex, isn't it?"

Ralph could only groan with pleasure. Karen stood up and whispered to me, "Put it in my rear and do me so Daddy can see it."

She turned around and bent over so I could do it. I had pulled out of Claire, so I rubbed my cock along her wet slit to make sure it was moistened up, then put it against her puckered hole. She pushed back and relaxed, and my cock slowly slipped into her asshole. I held still for a while to let her get used to it, then started to move in and out a bit. When I thought she was ready, I pushed all the way forward until I was all the way embedded into her. Karen groaned with the pleasure of being filled up and moved her hips a bit. She moved so her dad had a good view of what was happening and then she said, "Look, Daddy. This is what I want you to do to me." I pulled almost all the way out, giving him a good look at her little asshole tightly wrapped around my cockhead, then jammed my cock deep back into her. She grunted and said, "It feels so good to have my rear all filled up. I want yours in me more than anything." I started stroking hard in and out of her and she turned to look at me over her shoulder and said quietly, "Let me know when you're gonna cum."

Her tight little asshole felt so good. I kept stroking in and out of her, and she ground her hips to force me as far in as she could get me. Ralph could only lay back and watch as Janelle spit shined his hard cock. He was breathing hard but having just cum not long ago in his daughter, he was surprised to feel that he could possibly do it again this soon. I plunged into his little daughter's asshole until I was about ready to shoot off and I tapped her ass to let her know I was ready. Karen pulled off quickly and whirled around, kneeling down and taking my hard cock in her mouth. She made sure she was in profile so Ralph could see everything. Then she sucked hard until I started to shoot into her mouth. After the first spurt, she pulled back just far enough so that her dad could see the cum spurting into her mouth. She put out her tongue to catch all of it on it. After about five good spurts, she had about all I was gonna be able to give her.

Karen moved away from me and turned to show her daddy the mouthful of cum she had. Then she smiled and motioned to Claire get down with her. Claire immediately knew what the little slut wanted to do- to snowball - so she knelt down and turned her head up so Karen could drool the scum into her mouth. Karen did that, then they swapped positions and swapped the cum again. When Karen had it all back in her mouth, Ralph groaned and stiffened, thrusting up into Janelle's mouth. After several thrusts, Janelle turned and faced Karen. The two then kissed and swapped spit and the very little bit of cum back and forth until they both swallowed. Karen looked at her dad and beamed. "Did you like that, Daddy?" she asked sweetly.

Janelle said, "Oh, yeah, he liked that. It wasn't much but he came again, not long after he had shot into you. Mmmmmmmmm, Mr. M, you taste so yummy." She pulled off the negligee and started to sexily strip off the black nylons.

Karen moved over to her dad and hugged him. He finally sat up and pulled her to him. They held each other for a while, then Ralph said, "I don't know what you all have done, but this has been the nastiest, sexiest thing I've ever seen or done! I love you, kitten. I always will, no matter what you do. Wow! This has been amazing."

Claire moved over to me and said, "I know you're too pooped to pop now, but maybe we can come up with something else to get me off. This has made me horny as hell. Got any ideas?"

I said, "Go sit on the couch and let me go check my toy box. I may have an idea." She went to the couch and I went into my bedroom and got an inflatable butt plug out of my toy box. It wasn't the biggest one, but it would do for what I had in mind. I went back out, holding it behind my back. I had Claire kneel on the couch, leaning over the back of it. Then I lubed up the plug and her asshole. She groaned as I massaged her hole, which shortly before had been violated by my cock. As I pushed the plug against her rosebud, she moaned and relaxed and it slipped part way in. I worked it around and in and out until the widest part slipped inside her sphincter. Janelle watched in awe.

"Oh shit, that feels good. Fills me up good." Claire said.

I said, "Just wait. This isn't all. Turn around and sit down and spread your legs." She did this and I had Janelle get down between her legs and I lubed Janelle's hand up good. When I did this, both of them realized what I had in mind and both got big grins on their faces.

"I'm gonna fist you, Mom. So hard you'll need that thing in your ass to hold your shit in." Janelle said sexily. She didn't ever have any problem using coarse language that made Karen blush. After her hand was well lubricated, she started to work her fingers into her mother's cunt. She got four in and then twisted and turned, pushing to get them in as far as possible. When Claire was loosened up enough, I showed Janelle how to fold her thumb into her palm and helped her push her whole fist up into her mom's cunt. Claire groaned loudly as it slipped all the way in. Janelle pushed and pulled, twisted and turned her hand to stimulate her mother as much as possible. It didn't take long before Claire was squealing in delight. Then I motioned Karen to join us. Claire had her head thrown back and her eyes closed and didn't see me lube Karen's hand up. I whispered to Karen, telling her how to slip her fingers in along side Janelle's wrist. As she started doing it, Claire's eyes shot wide open and she looked down at the two girls. Then she looked at me and grinned, put her head back and closed her eyes, letting herself go with the pleasure.

It took a while, but Karen got four fingers into Claire's hole along side Janelle's wrist. I bent down and took hold of the two girl's wrists and started guiding them in and out, getting more of Karen's hand in with each plunge in. Ralph just sat, watching the whole thing with his hand on his cock and a shit eating grin on his face. Finally, Karen's hand slipped in alongside Janelle's. The two girls squealed with delight and started whispering and fisting Claire's hole. One would pull out a bit while the other pushed in, and then vice versa. Claire was whipping her head back and forth, moaning with pleasure. I started pumping the bulb attached to the plug, inflating it in Claire's ass. Both girls grinned as they felt the pressure it added to them.

I whispered in Janelle's ear and she leaned down and started licking her mother's clit with her tongue. Claire squealed with delight and started shaking. The two girls just kept up their fisting and took turns licking on Claire's clit. Over ten minutes or so, they brought Claire to several screaming and shaking orgasms. Finally she said, "Stop you two. I can't take it any more."

The two girls slowly pulled their hands out of Claire's sopping hole. Her juices had squirted several times and their arms were covered, as well as their hands. As they pulled out, I inflated the plug even more. I said to Ralph, "You ever fisted a woman's ass before? C'mere, let's try it." The two girls squealed in delight at the idea, while Claire tried to protest against it. But she didn't make any effort to keep it from happening.

I slapped Claire on the thigh and said in my master voice, "OK, slut. Get up and bend over the back of the couch. Now." Claire did as she was told, and ended with her ass sticking out at us, filled with the expanded plug. I grasped the end of it and put pressure on it to pull against her stretched membranes. Her sphincter bulged out with the pressure. I had Ralph lube his hand good and put it next to the plug. Then I deflated the plug and pulled it out quickly, grabbing his wrist and showing him how to push into the gaping hole of Claire's ass. It took a little work but we got his whole fist up inside her rectum, while Claire just squealed. I slapped her ass a couple of times and said, "Like that, slut? You like being filled up with Ralph's fist?" Claire just moaned louder.

The two girls were watching this with wide grins on their faces. I had Ralph start working his fist back and forth, pulling out almost all the way, then punching back into Claire's rectum. She groaned and whimpered "Harder. Push harder, dammit! Oh, pleeeeeeze!"

After a while, Ralph was actually pulling his whole fist out of Claire's butt, then punching back into her with a lot of force. Karen and Janelle got down and knelt on each side of him, watching with fascination as Claire's ass took a hard pounding. Karen grabbed her dad's cock and started stroking it for him and he looked at her and smiled, all the while keeping up the in and out of Claire's ass.

After Ralph brought Claire to one screaming, shaking orgasm, Janelle grinned at me and started working her hand along her mother's cunt. She kept it up and kept pushing until she had four fingers back inside Claire. The stimulation of the two of them got Claire off again, this time screaming louder and louder and shaking her head violently until she collapsed over the back of the couch. The two gently pulled their hands out of her holes, grinning. Janelle threw her arms around Ralph's neck and gave him a big, passionate kiss. Then she said, "I'm gonna like fucking around like this with you, Mr. McDonnell. You're fun!"

Karen joined the two in the embrace and said, "Yeah, Dad, it's gonna be fun doing all kinds of sexy things with you. I want your fist in my rear too."

Ralph said, "My God! If today is any indication, I'm gonna be hard put to keep up with the two of you." He looked at me and said, "And you, Grampa Pervert. Just how much of this has been your doing? And how long have you been corrupting my daughter?"

I would have been worried at the words if he didn't have a big grin on his face. I said, "I only met your lovely daughter in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. I haven't really done a lot. I've just been trying to keep up with her. And Janelle. And now, Claire." I grinned at him.

Karen said, "Oh, Daddy, Gramps has just been helping me learn about sex. I really like it. REALLY! A LOT! Now you can help me learn too."

Claire had finally gotten a little of her senses back and turned around, collapsing in a sitting position with her legs splayed wide open, both gapes showing. She said, "My God, old man, you keep surprising me. Those orgasms were amazing! Thanks Ralphie. I'm glad you're getting into the swing of things. Now if we can just seduce your wife, maybe we can convince you two to get into our swingers group. But even if you don't, we all can have some good times. Like today. Are you glad your daughter talked you into screwing her?"

"Damn, Claire" Ralph said. "Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine any of this. But I sure am glad that my little kitten has turned into a sex dynamo." He hugged Karen to him and said, "Honey, I've always wanted to hold you and touch you and make you feel good. I think I did want to screw you, especially since you started to blossom in the last few years. But I couldn't let myself do anything other than fantasize about it. Oh, honey, you've made me feel so good! And the rest of you, too. I'm just still blown away."

"Any tinges of anger or jealousy watching me fuck your little girl, Ralph?" I asked him gently.

"Uh, yeah, at the very first. Then I saw the look of happiness on her face and I started to get turned on. Well, I already felt about as hard as a fence post, but it was pretty erotic. I can't explain it. I guess seeing my little baby getting screwed by someone did set me off there, but I got over that. And hey, what's this thing about her calling you 'Grampa' anyway?"

+Karen jumped in and said, "Daddy, you know how much I loved Grampa. When he died, I was really sad that I'd never see him or talk to him or sit on his lap anymore. When I met Grampa Dick in the store, he reminded me of Grampa a lot, so I asked him if I could call him that. That's all."

Ralph said, "Wait a minute. Did Grampa ever do anything with you. Like touch you or do sexual things with you?"

Karen shook her head 'no'. "He didn't do anything like that. I just really loved him and loved being around him. I wish he HAD done something, now. I think I would have liked it. But he never did."

He looked at me and said, "So you're 'Surrogate Grampa' huh?"

I said, "No, I really don't think so. Your little girl has a real strong grasp of reality and knows what's fantasy and what isn't. But I don't mind being called that. It makes me feel how much she loved him. And that's a good thing."

Ralph hugged Karen to him and said, "Sweety, I just don't know what to say. You're not even a teenager yet and here you're doing things that I've seen some adult women unwilling to do. God! You're just amazing." We other three all nodded in agreement with him.

"So it turned you on to see me doing it with someone. Watching someone do nasty things to me, Daddy?" she asked in her sweet little girl voice.

"I'm ashamed to say it, honey, but yes, sorta. I mean, I was surprised. And, I guess, a bit jealous. Plus, you're my little girl and I wanted to protect you from everything. But I guess, after a while deep down, it did turn me on seeing you. I hope you don't hate me for that." Ralph told his daughter.

"Oh, Daddy, no. That's what I want. I want you to like seeing me do things like that. I want you to like me being a sex slut. I want to be one. And most of all, I want to be one for you and let you see how much of one I can be," Karen said to him, her voice breaking a bit.

Ralph said, "Honey, I don't know how much of that I can do, but I'm so turned on by what's happened today, I'm willing to see how much I can do it for you, if it will make you happy."

Karen turned to me and with a very serious face said, "Gramps, can you get your cane and show Dad and Janelle what we did the other day when Claire was here? I want to show him what I can do."

I said, "I don't know if that would be a good idea, dear. We don't want to overload his poor mind with so much at once that he blows a gasket, now do we?"

She got a fiercely serious look on her face and said, "But I WANT to show him. Will you do it?"

I looked at Claire for some support, but she just grinned back at me and said, "Maybe we can show Janelle what I did the other day too. You can do it to both of us again. What's the matter. Scared?" I could see she was taunting me.

I asked Ralph, "Have you ever seen any S&M stuff? Like caning or whipping?"

He looked a little sheepish and said, "Well, I've seen some when I surfed for porn. Yeah. I'm familiar with it."

"Daddy! You watch porn stuff? I didn't know that!" Karen exclaimed.

Ralph kissed her and said, "Apparently there's a lot you don't know about me, kitten. Yeah, I'm familiar with all kinds of porn. If I have to admit it, I rather like it."

"Oh geez, Gramps is gonna have to show you his collection," Karen squealed. "He's got a lot of good stuff. All kinds of things that I want to do."

"So you've been corrupting my twelve year old with porn, huh?" he asked me, then grinned. "I may just want to see some of that. We may be able to trade some."

"Well your daughter has become an insatiable nymph and she's been going through my collection. She's using it for her PhD in Slutology. And so far, she's graduating with honors." I laughed.

"Oh Gramps, we haven't even gotten started yet," Karen said. "But go get your cane. Please?"

I asked Ralph, "Think you can bear to watch your little one take a few strokes of the cane?"

He looked at me and said, "I don't know. You know, I don't ever remember having to even spank this child. So I just don't know."

Claire said, "C'mon old man. I'm feeling up to it too. And Janelle should see it. After all, her father approved, remember. So it will be easier for her to see it now than having to explain the marks later on."

Janelle exclaimed, "Mom! What are you talking about, What marks? You're not serious about getting beaten are you?"

Claire looked at her with a slight smile, then got down on the floor in front of me on her knees, put her hands behind her back, which emphasized her stupendous tits and said, "Please, Master, will you give your slave the pleasure of feeling the bite of the cane?"

I resigned myself and motioned for Karen to get down beside Claire, which she was quick to do with a big grin on her face. I motioned for Ralph to come with me and he followed me into my room. I turned and said, "We need to talk real quick. Obviously you aren't too put off by screwing your daughter. I have to tell you that I really love her deeply. As much as I can and she seems to feel the same way about me. I hope you aren't upset by that and what we've been doing."

Ralph said, "It's probably not something any father would instantly feel comfortable with, but she does obviously care for you. And for sex. Jesus! I can't believe my little girl is such a slut. You know, I've wanted to do things with her since she was six or seven. Or even before. But I've been too scared to even touch her or even let her think I wanted to touch her. And then this last week or so, she's just turned into a nymph. And I've fantasized many times about Janelle over the last few years. But my wife would have literally and figuratively ripped my balls off if I'd tried anything and she found out. Not to mention being reported and ending up in jail."

I nodded. "Believe me, I'm quite aware of those things. And so are Claire and Ron."

He continued, obviously relieved to get some of it off his chest, "And Claire! Fuck, what a prime piece of ass! I almost came the first time I met her. I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits! Shit, I've fantasized about her more than about our two daughters. And that's saying something." We both laughed.

I said, "And just think. Now you'll be able to make those fantasies come true."

"FUCK! I can't believe this," he exclaimed, happily. "What did I ever do to deserve this? FUCK!"

I hated to bring him down with some more serious things, but he did need to be brought up to date in a very short time. I said, "Ralph, I know Karen is your loving daughter and some of this may be hard for you, but she's turning into quite a strong willed sex slut. She likes sex in every possible variation. I realize that she's only twelve, but she's a lot more mature than that. You've done a good job of raising her. Now I've only known her for a few weeks, but oh how interesting that short time has been."

He smirked and said, "I'm starting to realize that. But as much as I love my daughter and do have the feelings for protecting her, I must say that in the past few weeks there's been an amazing change in her. Now that I know what's going on, I can see why. I'll try to get over my protective parental feelings if I can, if you'll help me."

"Ralph, I love your daughter like she was my own. I want to protect her, like you. But I also want to help her with her sexuality and fantasies too. I'll help the both of you in any way I can. If you will trust me a little, I think everyone will come out ahead. But you and I need to sit down and have a serious talk. Soon. For Karen's benefit."

He nodded and said, "I agree. I'll arrange some time in the next day or so. Is that good?" I nodded. "So what are we going to do now? I can't believe that we've got that fan-fucking-tastic body of Claire's to use. She actually wants you to beat her?"

I said, "Yes. She's a bit submissive, like Karen is. They both seem to be wired so that pain in a sexual situation turns them on. You said you've seen it in porn videos."

"Yeah, but I never thought I'd ever meet one in real life. And gorgeous Claire to boot! Jeez!" he marvelled.

"So you've been exposed to some kinky stuff then?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, BDSM, watersports... ummm, some bestiality, incest..."

"Pedo," I said.

He flushed, then said, "Uh, yeah. But I haven't been able to find much of that. Do you have any good stuff?" Then as what he said hit him, he laughed. "Shit! Here I've got my twelve year old daughter and her friend to do anything I want with. What the fuck will I need pedo porn for?"

I got the cane that I had used the other day, plus a riding crop and said, "We need to get back to the girls. Now, follow my lead and don't let your parental feelings get in the way. Karen wants this and she wants you to like it, very much. Can you do that?"

He said, "Uh, I hope so. I'll try. Jeez, if I can focus on Claire, maybe that will help."

I smiled and we returned to the living room. Janelle's eyes widened when she saw the cane. I tapped Claire and Karen with it and said, "Foreheads down on the floor, sluts." The two immediately bowed down and put their heads on the floor, exposing both of their fine asses. I looked at Ralph and swished the cane through the air. He just looked at me and nodded slightly. I held out the cane, offering him the first cuts, but he shook his head. So I positioned myself behind and beside Claire and took a good swipe at her ass. The cane swished through the air and landed solidly with a crack. Claire gasped, then said, "Thank you, Master. May I have another." This time I put some muscle into it and made a good hit on both cheeks. Janelle's hand flew to her mouth to stifle a gasp. Claire groaned, but said the same thing again, asking for another. I knew from the other day she could take a lot more, and would guide me. I moved over so I could target Karen. I brought the cane down with medium force, striking both her tight butt cheeks. She squealed, but said "Thank you, M-m-m-master. Another one, please." I looked at Ralph. His mouth was agape.

I landed another one on Karen's cheeks and she screamed, then asked for another. I moved over to Claire and said, "Show me where you want the next one, slut." Claire moved her hand and pointed to her cunt. Janelle gasped again. I took aim and brought the cane down directly on Claire's cunt lips. She squealed a little bit, then asked for another. "Same place, slut?" I asked her. She nodded her head, so I let fly with another, even harder blow. It was hard for her to stifle her scream, but she did pretty good. Her voice wavered a little bit when she asked for another one. I raised the cane and gave her a good one right between the cunt lips on the tender membranes. She screamed out, then said "Thank you, Master." No asking for another one.

I moved over to Karen and landed another one on her little cheeks. She squealed and thanked me. I then had them kneel upright as they had the other day. I tapped Karen's little budding titties with the cane and said, "Hands behind the back, slut." When she had her hands behind her, I gave her a hit that got one breast. She squealed, then said thank you through her tears. I moved over to Claire and tapped her breasts. Claire lifted her hands and held her gorgeous breasts out as she had done previous session. I gave them a couple of light taps then swished the cane, striking both of her breasts. She stifled a scream and said, "Thank you, Master. Another one, please."

Janelle cried out, "No, Mom! You can't. He's hurting you! Stop it. Please, stop it." She was in tears. I motioned for her to come stand next to me. I put my arm around her and hugged her to me.

I said, "Janelle, dear. Remember when there were some things that Karen wanted to do that you didn't like?" She nodded, looking at the red welts rising on her mother's breasts. I said, "This is something your mother wants to do. You may not like it and you may not want it done to you, but don't interfere in someone else's pleasure."

Through tear filled eyes she said, "But what's so pleasurable about being hurt? I can't understand that."

"You don't have to, dear. All you have to do is remember that something you don't like may give others pleasure. Even if it's pain that causes the pleasure. Now stand beside me and let me do this for her. OK?" Janelle nodded, but obviously wasn't convinced.

Claire said, "Janelle, it's OK. Please." She lifted her breasts up again for me to aim at. I adjusted my position and brought the cane down again hard. It hit the top of both breasts. Claire screamed with pain, then said, "I'm sorry, Master, for my lack of discipline. I'll do better. Another one, please."

Janelle sobbed "No, Mom!" I moved so I could get a good horizontal swing and brought the cane across, striking right on Claire's nipples. Both of them. She stifled a scream and hefted both breasts and asked for another one. Janelle gasped. Again I brought the cane across and got another good hit, this time just below both nipples. Claire screamed, then held her breasts out again. I moved over to Karen and Janelle knelt down and kissed her mother's breasts, wanting to make them feel better. She didn't realize that the caning had turned Claire on and kissing her nips just made her mother hornier.

I offered the cane to Ralph. I could tell he was intrigued, but had a hard time bringing himself to do it. I said "Ralph, your lovely daughter is going to want a lot worse things done to her. You better get over it and realize what I just told Janelle applies to Karen. OK?" He nodded and stood up. I pulled him a ways away and said quietly, so Karen didn't hear, "She'll direct you with her answers, like Claire did. Just listen to what she says. OK. Now start easy and work up like I did."

We moved back to Karen and he swished the cane through the air, getting a feel of it. Then he said, "Are you sure about this, sweety? I mean, really sure?"

Karen beamed up at him, nodded and said, "Yes, Master. May I have another one, please."

Ralph turned slightly then took aim and brought the cane down on her little budding titties with a very light force. It stung probably, but didn't hurt like mine did. Karen said, "Thank you, Master. May I have another one. Harder." She tried to hold her little buds up like she had seen Claire do. This limited Ralph's striking area, but he brought the cane down medium hard on the tops of her little breasts. She gasped, tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you, Master. May I have another one. Harder."

I stepped in and said, "Stand up slut." Karen did and I grasped both of her little nipples and started squeezing and twisting them. Karen took a sharp intake of breath but didn't say anything or pull away. Without letting go, I said to Ralph, "She's learned to take a good bit of pain as you can see." I pulled harder and twisted, making Karen moan with the pain. We'd done this before, but it was new to Ralph. I said, "OK, feel her slit." He rubbed his finger along her slit. "Feel how wet it is?" He nodded. "She gets turned on by this. She's learning to be a pain slut. Just a beginner, but she's learning. Now, put some effort into it for her. OK?" I pulled Karen down by her tortured nipples so she was kneeling again, then l let go. I said, "Now, put some welts on her. She needs it. And you need to learn how to do it."

I thought for a minute that Ralph might throw up or slug me or bolt for the door, but then he straightened up and took a breath. Karen had her eyes downcast and when he brought the cane down hard on her titties, she let out a scream. But then she thanked him again. But she didn't ask for another this time. I took the cane from Ralph and said, "That was a good one." To Karen I said, "Stand up, slut!" She did and I showed Ralph how her juices were almost running down her legs. He nodded, numbly.

I stood and moved to Claire. "One more for good measure." I said to her. She nodded and held her breasts out again. Janelle got out of the way and I brought the caned down about as hard as I could, cutting across the tops of both breasts. Claire screamed and dropped her hands, then said, "Thank you, Master. I deserved those."

Janelle went to her mother and tried to touch the welts on Claire's breasts, but Claire grabbed Janelle's hands and said, "Honey, those hurt. Don't touch them. But you can kiss my nipples though. That does feel good." Janelle immediately bent down and started licking and kissing Claire's nipples.

I took Karen's hand and had her stand up. I hugged her to my side and said to Ralph, "You've got quite a daughter here. I've got a feeling that it's gonna be hard for you to do things like that to her. But she may want it, so don't be surprised. I'll help all I can."

Karen said, "Oh, yeah, Daddy. That was nice. It hurt really good. Was it hard for you to do that to me?"

"Yes, kitten, really hard. But it was a good lesson. I don't know how you stand it or why you want it, but I'll try to do anything that makes you happy. If I can't, then I'll have to turn it over to your surrogate grandfather here," he told her.

I said, "Believe me, it isn't any easier for me. I love this little girl more than you know. But I've had a bit more experience than you have. Although it still doesn't make it any less stressful for me, knowing I'm causing pain to our little baby."

Karen stomped her foot playfully in mock anger, huffily put her hands on her hips and said, "I'm not a little baby. I'm gonna be a nasty sex slut, whether you two like it or not." Then she kissed both of us and said quietly, "Thank you both so much!"

Claire piped up and said, "Hey old man, you left some nice marks. But this doesn't... ahhhh, honey that feels so good... ummmm, this isn't gonna... ohhhhhh, God, Janelle, don't stop licking there... ah, anyway uh, we're still on for a good session, right... ahhhhh..." she trailed off, enjoying the pleasure of her daughter licking and sucking on her nipples. Then she moved over and laid back on the couch and motioned for Janelle to climb on her. They got in a 69 position and went at each other's slits. Ralph just watched, awestruck.

Karen looked at her dad watching the two females and she kissed him with a smile on her face, as if to say 'watch this'. Then she went over and got down to share Janelle's cunt with Claire. It wasn't long before all three were moaning with pleasure. I looked at Ralph and said, "Don't ever forget that we are quite expendable to them. They like us for our cocks, but I'm never really sure."

Karen heard me and said, "Don't worry, Gramps. We won't replace your cocks."

Claire piped up and said, "But don't make us get our vibrators out. Besides, old man, I think it's as much what's between your ears as what's between your legs. And I mean that as a compliment."

I said, "Taken as such. You ladies go ahead and do your thing. We'll just sit here and enjoy." Ralph and I sat down in the chairs. And watched.

After a few minutes I said to Ralph, "Let's let the ladies have their fun. C'mon into my office where we can talk." I got up and he followed me into a room that I used as an office. It had a desk and a couple of chairs. We sat down.

I said, "Ralph, I know this is blowing your mind and is a little much to take all at once. Karen, and the rest of us, didn't really know how to ease you into this. So you like what's happened so far?"

"Like I said before, it's a lot to take but it's not much different than some of my fantasies." he said. "I mean, I've wanted so bad to make love to Karen for years. I've thought about it and thought about it, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything for fear of hurting her. Or being caught and put in jail, away from her. So I've probably been a bit more distant to her than I should have been. You know, protecting myself. Now that I know that she wants it too, I love her that much more. And I can actually make love to her. God, that's a good feeling."

I said, "And you don't have a problem with watching someone else, like me, do things with her?"

"I get sorta mixed feelings, I guess," he said thoughtfully. "I've actually had fantasies about Karen and other men, or at least boys." He flushed and hung his head. "And animals. I mean, nothing that would hurt her, but I just mentally put her in some of the porn movies I've watched. I felt rotten when I thought about it later after I'd jacked off, but while I was really aroused, it was something that I thought about. God, I must be a rotten father!"

"Not at all. Karen and I talked about those kind of things and I told her that I fantasized about my daughter when she was young. And I had the same fears as you- hurting her or getting put in jail. But I would have dearly loved to have been able to help her learn about sex and make love to her, like you're going to be able to do with Karen. You're a lucky guy, really," I told him. "And it sounds like, from what Karen wants to do, that you're fantasies may come true. You're gonna be able to watch her fucked by other men. And animals. Yes, she wants to do that. Plus, as you've seen, she's wired to be a pain slut, so she's gonna want to do S&M type stuff. And as you found out, she loves watersports-- and much more. If you're up to it, you're gonna be able to watch her do some rather extreme things. Are you gonna be able to do that? Can you take it?" I asked.

"Wow! When she grabbed my cock last night while I was taking a piss and took it in her mouth and had me piss so she could drink it all down, I was totally mindfucked!" he said. "And Janelle was watching her do it. Fuck! I've fantasized about doing all kinds of sick things to Janelle. Even worse things than to Karen." He hesitated, thinking. "I don't know. I had some pretty conflicting feelings. But I get turned on watching it happen with her. It may take me a while to adjust to all this, but if I didn't know I was going to hell for all these things, I'd think I was in heaven with it happening to me."

I grinned and said, "I really know what you mean. Well, you're gonna have to get a grip on your parental feelings, because Karen is going to test them for you. One of the things she wants to do is be sold like a whore to some strangers and be used and abused by them. Up to and including rough sex. Possibly even more." I could see his cock starting to harden and throb as I described this. I motioned to it and said, "Apparently you're not averse to those things."

He looked sheepish and said, "Actually, that's been in some of my fantasies. To watch her being fucked by men and tortured and used. I thought I was just weirdly perverted. I felt guilty as hell. I really tried to put them out of my mind. I can't believe that my little girl actually wants those same things. Shit!"

"And she wants animals too." I told him. "Don't forget the dogs and ponies."

"Holy Fuck! How'm I gonna let her do that?" he said. "I mean, I've watched some pretty nasty animal stuff, and gotten off on it, but... Karen?"

"Yeah, Karen. She wants to do it." I told him. "Claire may be able to help a bit with that. She's had experience... with dogs, at least."

"You've gotta be shittin' me!" he said. "My God, she's the woman of my dreams! She's not only knock out, drop dead gorgeous, but she does it every which way plus S&M and animals. Jay-sus!"

I smiled and said, "And don't forget her lovely, very sexy twelve year old daughter that wants to fuck your brains out."

He put his head in his hands and laughed, then he said, "And if my wife finds out, I'll be behind bars for two lifetimes."

I said, "Tell me about your wife. I saw her in the grocery store with Karen when I first met her. She seemed to be a bit... ummm, how do I put it..."

"Dour? Frumpy? Brusque? Unfriendly?" he said. "Yeah, I know. The last few years, she's retreated into her holy roller shell and let herself go. It's takes a major effort to get her to have sex once in a while. You know, she used to be pretty good looking. I really love her but I don't know what to do about her. She's gained a bunch of weight and doesn't really take care of herself any more. I'd really like her to be more into sexual things... or at least alright with Karen and me, but I don't know..."

I commiserated with him and said, "I don't know what to tell you. Except that Karen has something in mind and Claire is gonna help her. Just be ready and don't be surprised when something happens. I don't know what, but just be prepared." He nodded. I said, "OK, we'll need to stay in touch so we'll know what's going on. You won't mind spending some quality time with Janelle and Claire will you?" I grinned.

"Fuck, I really feel bad about cheating on my wife. But damn, these cunts are HOT! Hell, how're we gonna be able to take care of all this pussy? How do YOU do it?" he asked, grinning. "They'll wear the both of us out! But I'll try to make all the time I can available, though."

I shook my head indicating I didn't have a good answer to that then said, "Well, we should probably get back to all that fine pussy and see if they've worn themselves out a bit. Are you able to fuck one of them again? I can probably get a hardon but I don't know if I can cum again for a while." I stood up.

"I don't know," he said grinning, "but I'm willing to give my all for the cause." He followed me back into the front room where the three girls were all sitting together, giggling and talking.

Naked Karen jumped up and ran up to her dad and threw her arms around his neck, rubbing her little cupcake titties against his chest and straddling his growing hardon. "Daddy! I love you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she squealed.

"What's that all for, sweety?" Ralph asked.

"For being my Daddy and my lover and letting me be your perverted sex slut!" she told him and kissed him.

Janelle came over and grabbed his hardon through Karen's legs and said, "Yeah, Mr. McDonnell. I'm gonna like this cock in me. A LOT!"

Claire came over to me and said quietly, "Have a good talk? Is he with the program?"

I said, "I think he will be. It seems that his and Karen's fantasies have a lot in common." She raised her eyebrows in a questioning look. "And they included your little minx of a daughter too. Hope you don't mind that."

"Naw, it'll be good for her to have another adult to fuck. In addition to her father. I'm gonna like watching that happen." Claire said.

"Oh, and he IS a bit taken by you, also. He apparently has had some fantasies about your body since he met you," I told her.

"Hell, he should've said something. I'd have fucked him long ago if he'd given any indication." she said.

"Well, you know how difficult it is to fight taboos," I said. "He's been afraid to say or do anything that would cause any trouble. Which probably fueled the wild fantasies. He's ready to have his wife join in the fun, but doesn't know what to do. Or how to do it."

We moved over to the other three as Claire said, "I guess I'll have to help Karen figure out how to go about that. I've been thinking about a few approaches and I'll sit down with Karen and we'll come up with something. And Janelle will help too."

Hearing this last, Janelle piped up and said, "Hey, Kar, why don't we do some of our hot girl-girl stuff and let your mom catch us? We could invite her to join us." She grinned wickedly.

Ralph said, "Now, girls, don't get too wild here. I think your mother would be totally embarrassed if you did that."

Claire said, "You know, Ralph... that might not be a bad idea. At least they could find out if she's at all interested. After all, it would be better than for her to find them being fucked by a boy, or boys. Or you, Ralph. Exploring each other might not be so bad. Let me think about this a bit. Meanwhile, which one of you studs is recharged enough to fuck one of us? Ralphie? You up to it?"

Karen said, "Yeah, Daddy! I'd like to see you do Claire. That'd be fun to watch. Maybe Gramps and you could do one of them double perpetrations on her."

The three adults broke into hysterical laughter at that, with Karen looking puzzled at them. Claire said, "Honey, that's a great idea and I'm all for it. Except that it's 'penetration', dear. But you know, I'd like to see Janelle take both of them on. She's given everyone a lot of pleasure but hasn't really been rode hard today yet."

I said to Ralph, "Whatta ya think. You up to double teaming this sexy little piece of ass. While her mother and your daughter watch and cheer us on?"

Ralph had a shit eating grin on his face and just nodded vigorously. Janelle jumped up and down in excitement, then ran over to the couch. She said, "Which one of you takes my cunt? Get over here and lay down." I walked over and gave her a kiss and laid down on the couch, my hardon sticking up in the air. Janelle jumped on me and sank down on my cock without even worrying about using any lube, she was so hot to trot. She sighed with pleasure as my cockhead hit her cervix. She bent over and looked over her shoulder at Ralph expectantly.

Claire grabbed the lube and put some on Ralph's cock. Karen put some on Janelle's ass, reaming the little hole out with her finger to get it ready. Janelle groaned with pleasure at the intrusion. It felt neat to me to feel her finger pushing against the flesh partition, too. When Karen pulled her finger out, Janelle said, "Well, c'mon get that thing in me. And I want it hard. REAL HARD."

Ralph knelt behind her and Karen helped guide his cock to Janelle's little brown hole. The girl squealed with delight when he penetrated her, pushing back at him as much as she could without dislodging my cock from her cunt. As he sank his whole length into her rectum, she laid down on my chest with a pleasurable moan. I could thrust my hips into her while she ground her cunt on my cock and Ralph plunged in and out of her tight asshole.

We all got a rhythm going after a while and Janelle started moaning, "Fuck my ass! Ram it into me hard. Tear my tight asshole to pieces. C'mon, harder. Jam that nasty thing into me. Make it hurt, dammit! Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck that feels good!" It didn't take a long time for her to reach a climax and I was about to cum from bumping into her cervix. I couldn't hold it any longer and I pushed up into her hot cunt and started spewing what little was left in me. Ralph soon grabbed the girl's hips and rammed into her hard, spurting his cum into her bowels. Karen just screamed and mewled with the sensation of being double penetrated and had several orgasms.

The three of us pretty much collapsed together. Karen was right next to us and whispered into her father's ear, "Watch, Daddy. If you'll pull out of Jans, you can watch me suck you and clean your dirty th...uh, cock. You'll like to watch your little sex slut daughter suck your dirty thing right out of her friend's rear, won't you? I wanna be your slut, Daddy! Please?"

Even though Karen needed to work on her dirty talk, Ralph couldn't stand it and kneeled back and slowly pulled his cock out of Janelle's rectum. Karen grabbed his dirty cock at the base with one hand and with the other, stuck a finger in her friend's now gaping hole. She worked the finger around, getting it covered in cum and brown juices, then pulled it out and said, "Look at what your little slut does, Daddy." She put her scummy finger in her mouth and licked it clean. Then she smiled at him and bent down and took his cock in her mouth and cleaned it thoroughly.

Ralph's cum and the girl's ass juices were drooling out of Janelle's ass and down over her cunt and my cock. Claire knelt beside us and used her finger to scoop the juices up and put them in her mouth. Then she pushed Karen and Ralph far enough back so she could get her mouth to her daughter's gaping asshole and started to lick and suck like a Hoover. As soon as she had most of it cleaned up, she pushed Janelle forward so my cock popped out. Claire pounced on it with her mouth and sucked it good before turning her attention to her daughter's seeping cunt. I couldn't see what was being done, but watching Ralph's face while he watched Claire was priceless. He was completely smitten by the gorgeous woman and the perverted things that she would do. I knew he was going to really enjoy fucking Claire. A lot.

It took a while but finally we all quieted down and tried to relax. Janelle said, "Damn, that was good. I'm gonna really enjoy having that cock in my ass a lot, Mr. M." Karen slapped her playfully and Janelle said, "That is, if I can pry you away from your slut daughter." We all laughed at that. I suggested that we could use my showers to get cleaned up. Janelle and Claire called dibs on taking Ralph in with them if Karen didn't mind. She said no, not this time and she and I went into the shower off my bedroom while the three of them used the main bath shower. I lovingly soaped up Karen's tight little pre-teen body and then she did my pasty white, saggy body. I was glad that she didn't care if I was physically an Adonis or not.

After everyone got out and dried off, we all agreed that our sexual exertions had made us hungry and we could all use some food. So Claire and I moved to the kitchen and fixed a meal for all of us, while the two girls 'entertained' Karen's dad. Actually they giggled and fawned over him until the food was ready, as he was too worn out to do much else with the two nymphs. At the table, we sat and talked and rather enjoyed each other. Not that we hadn't already done that, but this time we all just talked, instead of jumping each other's bones. We spent a pleasant hour or so that way.

After we had eaten and were feeling quite good, I talked the two girls into letting Claire, Ralph and I have some time for a private conversation together. I whispered in Karen's ear that it would be to her benefit and she agreed and convinced Janelle. So us three adults moved to my little 'office' and I shut the door. The two girls sat at my computer and started going through my porn files.

When we were seated I asked Ralph, "Are you sure you're going to be able to handle Karen's desires for extreme sex? Can you watch her being fucked by other men, or even animals, and not get upset or over protective? You had better think hard about this now as it's not gonna get any easier."

Claire nodded in agreement with me. Ralph looked serious and thought for a minute before he replied. "Uh, I don't know. Right now, I'm so fucking happy to be able to make love to my precious daughter that it's almost all I can think of. But like I told you, I've had some pretty far out fantasies about her, which were probably as far from 'fatherly' as they could get. When I watched you start to fuck her ass, my immediate instinct was to grab her and pull her away and protect her, but I soon started getting really turned on at the sight of your hard cock ramming into my little daughter. I guess I'm gonna have to work out some of those parental instincts for protection if she's going to do what she seems to want to do."

"Good," I said. "Because you don't want to have a complete mental breakdown watching her do what she wants to do. You can protect her, but she's gonna be doing some awfully perverted things and you'd better be ready for them."

"You mean, like the animals?" he asked.

Claire laughed and said, "Yeah, Ralphie, like animals. But that's only the start. You watched us take the cane tonight. I hope it turned you on because it's gonna get a lot worse than that. I can help with dogs a little bit. I'll try to help with anything else too."

Ralph looked at her somewhat awestruck and asked, "Ummmm, you... you... uh, you've done it with dogs? I can't believe it! God, I'd love to see that. Sorry, Claire, but I really would. You're just absolutely gorgeous and watching you with a dog would be a fantasy come true."

"Oh, so you've fantasized about seeing me being fucked by dogs, huh?" Claire teased him. "What else have you fantasized about me, huh, Ralphie?" She put her hands under her large breasts and tweaked the nipples with her fingers, licking her lips in exaggeration at Ralph. The poor guy was barely able to even croak out an answer and his cock was getting rock hard again.

"God, Claire... I... ummmm, well... no, not with dogs, but... ummm, well yeah, sorta," he stammered out. "I mean, I've seen some porn videos on the internet with dogs and I've thought about being able to fuck you... but... well..." His voice trailed off.

Claire laughed and got up and moved over to sit on his lap and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him then raised up and reached down to put his hard cock into her moist cunt, then sat back down. "You mean, like that, Ralphie?" she asked him, teasingly, fully aware of the effect she was having on him. "You'd like to see a big dog cock in me where you have yours now? What kind of a perverted, dirty man are you?" She grinned at his combination of discomfort and pleasure. He didn't know how to respond.

Claire ground her hips around on his cock, hugging her huge breasts to his chest. She said, "Ralphie, I'll be happy to let you watch me take a big, nasty doggie cock in my cunt any time you want. Would you like that?" Ralph gulped, then nodded. "And would you like to see your lovely, young daughter fucked by a big, hard dog cock and filled with his hot doggie cum? Huh, Ralphie, would you like that too?" Grinding down on his cock, she licked his ear and stuck her tongue in it, then whispered, "And watch a huge hard dog cock fuck your precious little daughter's asshole and knot her, spewing his hot doggy cum up into her bowels? You'd like that, wouldn't you Ralphie?" She wiggled her hips and Ralph groaned as he felt his cock contracting, trying to spew some cum up into her cunt. Claire continued grinding on his cock a bit, then looked at me, grinning. She said to me, "I think Ralph will be able to handle Karen and the dogs from what I feel spurting in me. We'll have to see about horses and some heavy pain, but I think he'll do OK." She gave Ralph a sloppy kiss.

Ralph was breathing hard and his face was flushed. Claire had certainly pushed all of his hot buttons and brought him to orgasm quickly. Especially after he had cum already not a whole long time before. Claire just stayed sitting on his lap, holding him to her and smiling.

"I'll help him as much as I can," Claire said to me. "I rather like being fucked by him."

Ralph finally gulped and said, "God, Claire, I'll do about anything for you. I'm just so blown away by my little girl's sexuality. I've wanted it but have denied it for so long. I'll have to work through my guilt feelings, I guess. But making love to her is the most wonderful feeling."

Claire grinned at me, then said to Ralph, "Well what am I? Sliced liver?" still enjoying giving him a hard time.

"Oh, no, no, Claire. My God, you're fantastic. I'm sorry. No... uh, you... you... oh shit!" he stammered out, language clearly escaping him, it not really dawning on him that she was being facetious.

Claire stroked his hair and said, "Settle down, Ralphie. I'm just kidding. I know you love your daughter. I love my Janelle and we really enjoy doing things with one another. And soon, she'll be getting fucked by her daddy too. She's wanted that for a long time. And now I'm kicking myself for not letting her. So you just enjoy your little girl and help her learn and do what she wants to. She's a really good kid."

"I know she is," Ralph said. "And I'll help her be a sex slut if that's what she wants. God, this is like my fantasies coming true."

I finally said, "Well, we're gonna help you, Ralph. I think you're gonna do OK. Now, seeing that Claire's got a cunt full of cum that needs to be cleaned up, why don't we call those two sluts in here and let them do it. I don't think they'll object at all."

Claire grinned and yelled, "Hey you two sluts, get your little asses in here. You've got a messy job for you to take care of."

It didn't take any time at all before the two girls burst in the door, grins on their faces. Claire said, "Ralph seems to have filled me up with his yummy cum and I think you two should be the ones to clean it up. Janelle, you get his cock when it comes out of me, and Karen you're going to make me very happy while you lick your daddy's cum out of my cunt. OK?"

The two young sluts nodded, huge grins on their faces, eager to follow Claire's directions to the letter. Janelle got down on her knees, ready to take Ralph's cock in her mouth as he pulled it from Claire's cunt. Karen stood next to them, ready to do her part. Claire slowly lifted up off of Ralph, swung her leg over her daughter's head and then backed over to the chair she had been sitting in. She scooted her ass forward and lifted her legs up, putting her arms under her knees to give Karen a good spread. Karen immediately dropped down and started to work, licking the little bit of cum and a lot of the juices that was drooling out of Claire's hole.

Ralph had his head laid back, thoroughly enjoying Janelle's oral ministrations. Karen was making sloppy noises, licking Claire's twat. She looked over to me and said, "Grampa, you can put it in my rear if you want. I'd really like that while I suck my daddy's cum out of Claire."

I grabbed some lube and moved over behind her. With my cock nice and slippery, I rubbed it around Karen's little asshole, then pushed it in a little at a time. She moaned with pleasure as it slipped into her, but she kept up her tongue work, licking Claire's hole and clit. Once I was all the way into her, I started stroking in and out with long, slow strokes. Her young, tight ass felt so good on my hard rod.

Karen seemed to be enjoying the sensations I was giving her and she moaned into Claire's cunt, and would alternately bite and nibble on Claire's clit, then try to stick her tongue as far up into the woman's cunt as she could. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying each other.

I could have gone a while before I came if I tried to hold off, but I figured that the other's wouldn't last that long, so I grabbed Karen's hips and held her tightly as I stroked in and out, purposely trying to build my climax as quickly as I could. It didn't take long before I was spewing my cum into my lovely pre-teen lover's ass. I held her hips tight to me as I finished spurting.

Karen had gotten Claire off by biting her clit and Janelle had Ralph's cock cleaned quite well. He was in seventh heaven from her oral skills. If he hadn't just cum into her mother, he would have been able to cum into the girl's mouth as she did get him back hard again with her oral work.

I held onto Karen's hips, keeping my cock in her as it started to soften. Karen had gotten about all the cum out of Claire that she could get, and she pulled back and looked over her should at her father, who was smiling.

"Daddy, watch me. I want to do this for you when you do it in my rear," Karen said to him. She slowly pulled off my cock and quickly turned to take it into her mouth. She held one hand over her ass, trying to keep my cum from draining out, or catch in her hand any that did. After a few long licks on my dirty cock, she said, "Jans, you can get under me and get what drains out if you want." Janelle laid down on the floor and worked her way under Karen to start licking the drool from Karen's hole.

Karen looked up at her father and said, "Daddy, I like being the dirtiest slut I can be. And I want to be one for you." Then she went back to cleaning my slimy rod. Ralph just watched her, grinning, then said, "Baby, you ARE the dirtiest slut I've ever seen. I love you." Karen smiled proudly around my cock in her mouth at him.

Janelle was licking and slurping at the cum dripping out of Karen's asshole. She enjoyed being a slut too. But she did stop licking long enough to pipe up and say, "Yeah, you're a slut but don't go shitting into my mouth like you like me to do to you." Then she went back to licking again.

Claire watched the two with a smile on her face. It would have been a very erotic tableau even if you didn't know the relationships of the four participants. After everyone calmed down and relaxed, I suggested that we should get cleaned up again. Everyone agreed and this time Claire and Janelle called dibs on me, taking me to the main shower while Karen happily took her father with her into my smaller bedroom shower.

Claire and Janelle revelled in washing me all over. Claire rubbed her soapy body and gorgeous tits up against my front while Janelle got behind me and insisted on working several slick fingers up into my ass, to make sure I got all clean she said. It only got me hard again and the feeling of her fingers rubbing on my prostate was indescribably good. Her mother seemed to know what her daughter was doing and tried to see just how far down my throat she could get her tongue. I didn't mind what was happening at either end. It didn't take long for the water to start getting cold, even though I've got two water heaters, and the women squealed and rinsed off quickly, then got out. I followed them and turned off the water. We helped each other towel off and then joined up in the living room.

Karen sat on her dad's lap and Ralph hugged her to him. He said, "Wow, I can't thank you all enough for everything you've done today. And I really love my sexy little daughter. I can't believe this is all happening."

"Oh, Daddy, I love you too," Karen said, "I'm so glad we can now love each other like I've wanted to. And I do so want to be your sex slut."

Claire was sitting on the couch with Janelle next to her, who was lovingly running her fingers over the welts on her mother's breasts. Claire said, "You two are going to have to be very careful all the time so you don't let the cat - or pussy, in this case - out of the bag. Karen, you need to be aware at all times just what kind of trouble you can get your father into if someone finds out what you two are doing. I'm not trying to scare you, just make sure you're aware of it all the time. But it is so nice to see you two enjoying each other so much. I know Ron's going to be so happy fucking every one of my little girl's holes finally." She stroked her daughter's hair and smiled at her. "I'm sure I'm gonna have a hard time getting fucked with him having her cute little body available to his every hardon." She grinned.

"Oh, Mommy, you know that I'll share with you anytime. In fact, I want the three of us to do it all the time, cuz I love you both so much." She looked over and gave me a nasty grin and said, "'Sides, you'll have dirty ol' Gramps to keep you busy, too. I just don't know if I can stand to watch you being hurt again like that."

"Honey, you just don't realize what a bit of pain does for sluts like Karen and me. I guess you're just not wired the same way, so we won't try to convince you to do it, but Karen and I can really get turned on doing that kind of thing. Your father knows about it and he agrees that he isn't the one to do that kind of stuff with me. So once in a while, I guess ol' Humbert here will have to oblige my perversions." She smiled over at me.

Karen looked puzzled and said, "Who's this 'Humbert' you keep talking about?"

Ralph, Claire and I looked at each other and smiled. Ralph said, "Oh, sweety, it's sort of a joke that us adults would only know. You're not old enough yet to be exposed to certain... uh, racy literature, like "Lady Chatterley's Lover" or "Autobiography of a Flea" or "Fanny Hill". Or "Lolita", whose main character is named Humbert Humbert and who falls in love with a... ahem, very young girl like yourself. Claire's just making a little fun of the difference between your older mentor here and your ages." He gave his daughter a peck on the cheek.

Karen said, "Oh, that's why I've heard young girls being referred to as Lolita's. Do you have any of those books, Daddy. I'd like to read them and learn about those things."

"Uh, I guess it wouldn't be any worse than what you're already learning from porn videos. I don't know if I still have any copies of those ones or not. I'll have to check. Claire, would you have any of them?" Ralph asked.

"Yeah, Mom! That'd be neat to read some of those. Like learning about ancient history," Janelle said, seriously.

Claire groaned and said, "Dear, that's NOT ancient history. I read some of those when I was your age. That's not been that long ago."

"Sure, Mom," Janelle snickered. "If you say so."

Claire reached out and pinched one of Janelle's nipples and said in mock seriousness, "I'll have you know that I'm NOT that old. I was very young when I had you. Just a young girl."

"Owwww!" Janelle yipped at the nipple pinch. "OK, you're not old. Damn! But can I read some of them? It sounds like fun."

"Yes, dear, you can read some. In fact, I'm overjoyed for you to be reading any literature of any kind, rather than sitting on the computer or texting on your phone or watching YouTube videos. Any reading at all will be good for you. I'll see if I can find some of them. You and Karen can share if we can find them."

"Oh, goody! Daddy, I want to do everything that they do in those books. OK?" Karen exclaimed.

"Uhhh," Ralph said, his mind racing through what little he could remember of some of those that he had read. "We'll have to see."

"Just don't give her 'The Story of O', Ralphie." Claire chortled. "Then you'll really be in for it. Although, you know, from what you said, you might just like that." She grinned lewdly at him. Ralph blushed.

"O what?" Karen asked. "What story is that from?"

"Oh, shit, Claire, you HAD to mention that one, didn't you?" Ralph said, truly exasperated. To his daughter, he said "Uh, sweety, maybe you can leave that one for later. 'Way later."

The pre-teen competitive drive in Karen was awakened by that comment and now Ralph would never be given any rest until she found out what it was. I decided to try to help him out a bit. I said, "It's a story about a woman who is very submissive and enjoys a bit of pain, like you and Claire do occasionally. It's not a big thing. In fact, you'll probably soon end up doing more of it than what's in the story. It's quite old, too. Sort of."

Karen got up off her dad's lap and moved over to mine. She put her arms around my neck and said, "You'll get it for me, won't you Gramps? And you'll do EVERY thing in it to me, won't you? Even if Daddy won't, you can. Right?"

"Uh, dear, it's been so long since I read that one," I told her. "In fact, some of the videos you've seen have much worse in them. But we'll see what we can do for you." Karen smiled at me and gave me hug.

Ralph looked relieved. I suspect that even his wildest fantasies didn't include doing those things to his loving daughter. Claire said, "You and me got almost as good a whipping today as she gets in the book sometimes. Like Humbert said, it's pretty old and his dirty videos are probably much more extreme than 'O' is nowadays. But since the two of us enjoy that kind of thing, maybe we can do some of the stuff together. Plus, if I remember much of the story, it's more about the psychological submission of 'O' rather than the physicality. Besides, if you're going to do the needles and things, that'll be more extreme if I remember right."

Ralph sat bolt upright and exclaimed, "NEEDLES??!! Holy fucking shit, you're not going to use needles on her, are you?"

Karen jumped up and went over and plopped down on his lap, throwing her arms around him and giving his a big kiss. She pulled back a little and said, "Yes, Daddy, I'm going to have needles stuck in my little titties." She put one hand under one of her little breasts and flicked the nipple like she'd seen Claire do. "And maybe my cunt lips. You'd like seeing me do that, wouldn't you, Daddy? Will you push those sharp needles into my little tits and make me scream. Please Daddy, will you do that for me?" She gave him another sloppy kiss. Ralph was still surprised but weakening.

Ralph looked at me and said, "When you talked about that kind of stuff, I thought you meant hard sex and maybe whipping like you did earlier. I didn't realize you were talking about piercing and things like that. Damn, honey, are you sure about that?"

"Yes, Daddy, I am. I want to be a total slut and I want to be used and hurt. Badly. I want to try to have needles shoved into me and things like that done to me. I want to try it all. I'm serious. I want you to sell my body for money. I want to be hurt. Whipped. All that stuff. I don't know if I'll like it, but I want to try it all. You'll help me, won't you Daddy?" She hugged him and kissed all over his face. She whispered in his ear, "I want to be your dirty whore, Daddy. Yours."

Claire and I could see the torture on his face. He had not truly realized the depth or extent of his young daughter's desires. It was starting to dawn on him just how far she wanted to go. Not just normal fucking with him, but much more deep, dark, perverted, twisted desires. His parental instincts were in high gear and he realized that he was going to have to push them aside if he wanted to make his daughter happy. He looked at Claire and me and we could see the conflict.

"Don't worry, Ralph," I said. "We'll be right along side you to help. Karen wants some unusual things, but nothing that hasn't been done by someone else already. And we'll make sure she's safe, won't we?" Claire nodded, agreeing with me too.

Ralph hugged Karen to him and said, "My darling baby girl. I don't know if I can do everything you want. You don't know what you're asking. But if these two will help me, I'll do what I can to make you happy."

Janelle piped up, "Karen you're such a slut! I'll stick needles in your tits. I've already shit in your mouth. Just don't expect me to have all that stuff done to me. But I'll watch ya."

Claire gently slapped her daughter on the arm and said, "Janelle! Watch your mouth."

Ralph looked at Karen, his mouth open. Karen said, "Yes, Daddy, I've eaten Jans... er, stuff. I want yours when you're ready, too. I want to show you how much I love you. There isn't anything much more than that that I could do to prove it to you."

"Baby, you're just totally blowing my mind," Ralph said. "I came here with the expectation of maybe getting to bang Janelle, and letting you watch. Then I end up fucking you, and Claire, and Janelle and watching you get caned. Now you want me to do things even more extreme than that. Honey, you're gonna have to give me some time to adjust to all this. Don't forget, you're my sweet baby girl and I'm supposed to protect you, not do nasty things to you. I'm sorry, honey, but this is just a bit much. I'll admit I've had some fantasies with you in them, but they were never this wild."

Karen hugged him to her and said quietly, "And I want to go beyond your wildest fantasies. I'm gonna be your super extreme fantasy whore and do things you couldn't imagine. I like the idea of that. It turns me on so much. And to know that it's my very own daddy who's doing it makes me even hotter. And dirtier. I love you so much, Daddy. I just want to be able to show you how much. And more."

"I don't know how I'm gonna survive this, kiddo. Believe me. But I do love you so much too." He looked at Claire, then at me. "I don't know what you did to get her into this, but shit..." He couldn't finish the thought.

Claire said to him, "Ralph, this is pretty much Karen's fantasy and ideas. Don't go blaming yourself, or us. We didn't do anything other than just participate in what she wanted to do. And we'll continue, if she wants. I've had some pretty far out fantasies that I've gotten to make real over the years, usually with the help of my hubby. Karen is just starting a lot earlier than I ever did. Janelle doesn't have the same fantasies, but we've given her the freedom to try sexual stuff and I think she's been pretty happy and well adjusted for it. I think Karen's path is gonna be really different, but she's learning and experiencing things that maybe we haven't, but that's her decision. Sometimes I regret not being able to do some things I would have liked to do. You don't want Karen to have any regrets because of something she DIDN'T get to do, for whatever reason. I gotta admit, they're a little more extreme than mine but, hey! Who woulda thought that I'd take on a dog or two?"

Janelle exclaimed, "MOM! You've done it with dogs? You let dogs fuck you? That's kewl! I wanna do try that. Can I?"

Claire expression was priceless. "Oh shit! I didn't mean to let that slip out. Damn! No, Janelle, you will not fuck dogs."

If there was one thing that I had learned about these two twelve year old minxes, it was that you didn't EVER tell them that they couldn't do something. I could see Janelle's face harden and set. "So, it's OK for you to fuck dogs, but not for me? What a hypocrite! My mom, the hypocrite dog fucker. Why can you do it, but I can't?"

Claire immediately realized that she had stepped in it, to turn a pun. Ralph was very relieved that the attention had been directed away from him. Claire said, "Now, dear, hold on. I'm sorry. I didn't mean you couldn't, ever. I mean... damn... Humbert, help me out here."

I grinned and said, "Don't drag me into this. I'm looking forward to watching you take on a dog. I know Ralph is too. A horse would be fun to watch you with, too. You know you like it. You'd like to see Janelle take a dog on. C'mon, admit it."

Claire glared at me with a look that would shrivel any man's balls. She said to Janelle, "Honey, I'm sorry. It's just the parent instinct in me. If you were older, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But, damn... it's just that... well, I don't want you to get hurt. Maybe when you're older..."

Janelle said, "What's the big deal. I've been fucked in every hole already. Daddy's gonna fuck me too. Why can't I have a dog fuck me. It can't be that bad. Can it?" She leaned over to whisper in her mother's ear, "Tell me, was it good? Did you get off on having a doggy dick fuck you?"

Claire knew she wasn't going to win this argument. She said, "Jan, honey, I'll see what we can work out. Just don't let your dad know about it yet. And yes, I loved having that dog cock pound into my cunt. I got off a lot. It was amazing."

"So you'll let me do a dog?" Janelle asked. "What about what he said about doing a horse? Are you gonna do that? I'd like to watch you do that, Mom."

"You would?" Claire asked her. "You'd like to watch me take on a horse? Really? That idea doesn't disgust you?"

Janelle said, "Yes, Mom, I would. No, it doesn't. And if you like it, I'd like to try it. I'd love to see how much you can get into your cunt. And I'd love to lick the cum out of you when you were done, too. You know I love to suck Daddy's cum out of you." She hugged her mother.

Ralph said quietly, "Damn! I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a porn writer's fantasy."

Karen hugged her dad and said, "You are, Daddy. Isn't it great? And I want you to watch me do dogs and horses, too. Wouldn't that be so kinky? You can help guide the doggy into me. Oh, I'm getting so turned on just talking about all this stuff. Hey, you can make a recording of it and we'll put it on the internet. That way, everyone can see what a dirty slut I am."

Ralph said, "I don't know what's gotten into you!"

"No, Daddy. It's what I want to get into me. And one of those things is this." She raised up a little and guided Ralph's now hard cock into her tight cunt. She sat down on it and wiggled her butt, smiling at him.

He said, "Honey, all this talk about doing perverted things may have gotten me hard, but I can't cum again so soon. You've worn me out already."

Karen said, "That's OK, Daddy. I just like the feeling of you being inside me. It feels so good knowing that it's my own daddy who's filling me up. Thank you, Daddy! You're wonderful."

Ralph kissed her tenderly and then looked over at me. "I guess I've got you to thank for this, huh?"

I said, "Nope. It's all that little nymph that you're filling with your cock. She's the one whose idea this was. I just lucked out meeting her in the grocery store and falling in love with her."

Karen gave me a warm smile and said, "I love you too, Gramps. Or should I say, 'Humbert'? And I'm happy to be your very own Lolita."

"Yeah, Humbert," Claire laughed. "Two hot, fucking Lolitas and one old, broken down, dog fucking mother. You've done pretty well for yourself, you old fart."

Ralph said, "Damn, Claire. Don't sell yourself short. You could give any of those younger cunts in the skin mags a run for their money. In fact, one of them did a spread on housewives/mothers and you could have them all beat. Well, except one of them. God, she was nice. But you're her equal with the body you've got. Damn, I'll be happy to do you anytime I can tear myself away from my lovely daughter here."

"You mean Michelle in that housewives spread in the bunny one?" she asked Ralph. He nodded, surprised. She said, "Yeah, she was absolutely stunning. Yummmy. I would've done her myself and I'm straight. Well, pretty much." She playfully pinched Janelle's nipple and Janelle slapped at her hand, giggling. Then they kissed.

"So you're OK with all this, Dad? Everything?" Karen asked Ralph. She wiggled her hips sensuously.

"Darling daughter, I'm slowly getting OK with some things. With your wonderful, warm cunt wrapped around my cock, it makes me hardly able to think about anything else. God, I love you so much!" Ralph said to her lovingly. "I'm so happy we did this."

"Daddy, we can take the time to do a lot of things. But there's one thing that I want that we don't have a lot of time for," Karen told her dad. "Now don't freak out, please. But I told Claire and Gramps that I wanted to be sold for sex before my thirteenth birthday. That's not a long time away."

"What do you mean, 'sold for sex'?" Ralph asked a little warily.

Claire laughed and said, "I told you, Ralphie, that this was just the start. Your little slut daughter wants to be prostituted out. Whored. To turn tricks. To be fucked for money."

"Yeah, Daddy. I want you to sell my body for money. I want to be a dirty whore. I want to have a bunch of men do it to me, really hard. I want them to hurt me and make me do it every way possible. I know you won't like that but it's something I want very much." Karen hugged her shocked father to her.

I said softly to Ralph, "We've discussed this and we can't figure it out either. But then, again, we can't really figure out a lot of things she wants to try. Claire may know some people to help us though. Claire?"

"I know a couple of girls who turn tricks sometimes," Claire said. "They're in our swingers group. I'll talk to them and see if they can help us out. Maybe they have some ideas. I do know that there are a lot of twelve and thirteen year olds being picked up at bus stations and turned out as prostitutes, so it's not that it doesn't happen. The hard part is not getting found out and arrested for pimping out an underage girl. Karen, we've talked about this before, so you know how much trouble you could get everyone into trying to do this."

Karen said, "Yeah, I understand. But those girls aren't doing it willingly. This is something I want to do once and I'm not gonna complain or turn anyone in. And besides, the cops can't torture me into telling anything. If I can take needles and whippings, they can't do worse to me than that."

Claire laughed and said, "She got a point there. Wouldn't you just love to see a cop try to cane a twelve year old girl into a confession. Hah! She'd own the place."

"You've got a point there." To Ralph, I said, "And from what I've gathered, we might be able to make a good dent in Karen's college fund if we can find the right 'Johns' to sell her body to. Twelve year olds can go for some good money. Too bad she isn't a virgin, or it would be a lot higher."

Karen wiggled her hips on her dad's cock and said in her little girl voice, "But gee mister, I've never had one of those things in me before. It's so big. I don't think it will fit. You won't hurt me, will you mister?"

Claire busted out laughing. I grinned insanely at Karen's coquettish little play acting. Ralph even grinned. Claire said, "You know, there's a couple of tricks of the trade that the girls have told me about that some teen and pre-teen prostitutes in some countries use to make guys think they're getting a virgin. After that little exhibition, I don't doubt that Karen might be able to pull it off with the right guy. As long as she can get them thinking with their little heads, instead of their big ones. It would be fun to try. Karen, we're gonna have to work on your acting a little, but that was pretty good. Where'd ya pick that up, anyway?"

"Just watching TV. And some of the porn videos." She put her finger in her mouth and took on this innocent look and said in her sweet, little girl voice, "Don't you believe I'm a virgin, mister? Gee, just 'cuz I've got my daddy's big thingie up inside me? Really, I promise I'm still a virgin, mister." She smiled innocently.

"Fuck, I'm not gonna be able to believe another thing you ever tell me, kitten. You're so bad," Ralph said, laughing. "God, I love you. You're so bad but you feel so good." He kissed her again. Karen wiggled her hips to grind on his cock. He moaned with pleasure.

Claire and Janelle were cracking up. Janelle put her finger in her mouth, mimicking Karen, and said sweetly, "Yeah, sir, my sister n' me's never done any of them sex things. You'll be real gentle with her, won't you? She's never done anything like this before, mister. Please don't beat her and whip her and stick pins and needles into her and make her eat my shit. Pleeeeeze mister."

All three females were cracking up. I couldn't help but grin along with Ralph. He hugged Karen tight and said quietly, "Honey, I hope you realize what you're getting yourself into. This may be fun to laugh about, but you could get hurt or worse."

"I know, Daddy. That's why I need you to help me. And keep me safe. I can't tell you why I need to do this but I do. I want to do a whole lot of things. And I want you to help me do them." She ground her hips on his cock, making him groan again with pleasure.

Claire laughed and said, "See what I mean by thinking with the little head. She'll lead you around by your cock, Ralphie."

Ralph grinned and said, "I know. And I love her so much I don't even care."

We sat around and talked again for quite a while, then Ralph said he had best get back home and got dressed. "Are you coming with me, kitten? Or do you want to stay here 'til tomorrow? I'll fix it with your mom for you if you do."

Karen hugged him and said, "Yeah, I wanna stay here with Gramps tonight, if you don't mind. I have something special I want him to do for me. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you so much and I'm so glad we can do all these things now."

"Me too, kitten. You just amaze me. I love you." He kissed his daughter tenderly and they hugged together for a long time, then he left.

Claire and Janelle had gotten dressed while Ralph was leaving. Claire said to me, "I'd love to have you fuck me a couple more times, but I don't think you have it in you old man. Besides, we wanna leave a little something for Karen, don't we?" She grinned at the two of us. "But we've got your father to drain, don't we Jan?"

Karen kissed Janelle and Claire goodbye, promising to call later or tomorrow. After they left, Karen turned to me and gave me a big hug. I said, "Honey, I hope you don't expect me to be able to cum again anytime soon. After all this, I'm gonna have to recharge, big time."

Karen took my hand and led me into the house. She had me sit down in a chair and then sat on my lap. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Gramps, there's something I do want you to do for me."

I said, "Anything, sweetheart."

"After you have time to recharge, I want you to take me to bed tonight and just make love with me. Nothing kinky, or crazy or anything. I just want you to hold me and make love with me and let us make each other feel good. You don't mind do you?"

I looked at her sweet, innocent face and said, "Honey, there's nothing I'd like better than that right now."

Karen laid her head on my shoulder and just sat there in my arms. It felt really good. My own warm, little twelve year old lover giving herself to me. It just couldn't get much better than this.

We sat there for a while then decided to get some dinner. After we had eaten, we talked a bit about what had gone on and how her dad had taken everything. She told me how good she felt about being able to make love to her dad now, like she had wanted to for some time.

We cleaned things up and got cleaned up ourselves, then Karen took my hand and led me to the bed. We got into bed and just snuggled a while, then watched some TV. It was very enjoyable just to hold and caress this lovely, young slim pre-teen body and feel her pressed against me. I played with her nipples a little and she stroked my cock, sometimes putting it between her legs and rubbing her whole body against me, telling me how much she loved me. Then later on in the evening, she whispered in my ear, "Grampa, make love to me."

I started by kissing her all over her face- eyelids, ears, nose, cheeks, lips, chin. I worked my way down to nibble and suck on her tender nipples, then trailed kisses down her tummy to end up at her hairless slit. I spread her legs and licked her clit, then put her legs over my shoulders and started tonguing her slit, poking my tongue in and out. After I got her mewling with pleasure, I moved down to her little tight rosebud asshole. I spent time licking and tonguing her asshole, then gently inserted a finger in it, wiggling it around and keeping her moaning with pleasure.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and moved up to place my cock at her by now sopping wet cunt. With her legs still over my shoulders, I slowly entered her warm hole, pushing all the way in until I bottomed out against her cervix. Leaning down to kiss her, which bent her completely in half since her legs were over my shoulders, I pushed hard against her cervix and held there. Karen squealed with delight and said, "Oh, God, Gramps, harder. Push harder. Make it hurt so good."

I pulled back almost out of her, then stroked back in until I bottomed out again. She screamed with pleasure from the pain. I ground my hips around, pressing hard into her. I could feel my cockhead making circles around the mouth of her cervix. She was mewling and moaning, telling me how good that felt and to keep it up, harder. It felt so good for me too and I continued to pull back and then stroke into her, pressing hard against her cervix. I wanted to stimulate her rather than hurt her, so I didn't beat it into her, instead gently stroking then pressing and grinding. Karen screamed with orgasm several times before I got to the point where I had to stop before I came.

I let her relax and put her legs down, still keeping my cock in her. Then I laid on top of her, resting my upper weight on my arms and started to slowly stroke in and out of her. I continued this until she had another orgasm and I almost started to cum. She felt so good. Keeping my cock inside her, I rolled us over on our sides and lifted her top leg up, slowly stroking into her again. This let us relax and just enjoy the feelings of loving each other. I just enjoyed looking at the beautiful creature that was letting me fuck her.

I put her leg down and put my mouth next to her ear and whispered, "You want me to do your ass, sweety?"

She nodded and said, "Oh, Grampa, I'd really like that a lot."

I pulled out of her and grabbed the lube from the bedside table. Karen was oozing her cunt juices and I could probably have just used those, but I wanted to make sure she felt good. After lubing both of us up with her laying on her stomach, I pulled her to a kneeling position and gently spread her cheeks and rubbed my cock against her asshole. I worked it slowly into her until the head slipped through her sphincter. She gasped with pleasure at the stimulation. She had really become quite anally oriented in the past few days.

Once in her, I started slowly stroking in and out, pulling almost all the way out, then plunging completely back in. After several strokes like that, then I'd hold hard against her and grind my hips in a circle, my prick moving around in her ass. She mewled and squealed with pleasure and had another good orgasm, her body shaking and legs stiffening. I continued to do this until she started to shake again and I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled her hips to me hard and grunted as my cum spurted into her bowels. She too shook with an orgasm as I pumped into her.

Finally, I collapsed onto her, and we both collapsed on the bed, spent. My head was next to hers and she turned her head and kissed me, and whispered, "Thank you. That was wonderful. Exactly what I wanted."

I pulled her with me as I rolled us on our side, keeping my cock inside her while it softened. As I felt it slowly slip from her ass, she rolled over and jumped out of bed, running to the bathroom. She came back with a glass and held it under her while squatting over it. She let the cum drain out of her ass into the glass. She had a grin on her face as she did it. Then when she had about all that was going to drain out, she sat the glass on the table and climbed on the bed, taking my slimy cock in her mouth and cleaning it of her brown shit stains and my cum. She happily lapped and sucked until I was clean.

"Grampa, watch. This is for you," she said, taking the glass with the cum in it and squatting over it again. She strained a bit and finally a brown turd dropped down into the glass. She held it up and looked at it, then tried to swirl it around in the little bit of cum, which didn't do much. Then she laid down next to me and said, "Grampa, or 'Humbert', watch what you've taught your little Lolita to do."

With that she lifted the glass and tilted it up to her mouth, letting the piece of shit slide out into her mouth. She chewed a bit and swallowed it down, surprisingly without gagging or choking at all. Then she drained the remaining cum out of the glass into her mouth, swallowing it. She sat the glass down on the table and turned to me and said, "It would have been better if that was yours rather than mine. So, what do you think of your new slut?"

Knowing just how much she had just done for me, to her surprise I leaned over and kissed her. I said, "You're an amazing girl, sweety. There are adult women who couldn't do what you've been doing this last week. I love you so much."

"I love you too..." She paused dramatically. "Humbert. I'm happy to be your Lolita," and snuggled up against me. I put my arm around her and held her tight. We stayed like that for a while, just enjoying each other, then I suggested that we get up and clean ourselves up. She said, "No, you stay right where you are. I'll take care of everything. You're my lover and I want to do it for you."

She ran to the bathroom and I heard water running. She came back with a warm washcloth and lovingly cleaned my cock and balls with it. Then she bent down and gave it a tender kiss on the head. She went back to the bathroom and cleaned herself up, then came back to bed. I noticed that she had used the mouthwash and smelled 'minty fresh' again. We kissed and held each other and fell asleep that way.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and started to get up to pee. Karen woke up and pushed me back down on the bed and said, "No, lover. Let me do this for you." She crawled down and took my cock in her mouth and held it there, patiently waiting for me to start to piss. It was hard but I finally decided to go along with her and relaxed enough to start my stream. She gulped down as fast as she could, and I tried to gauge when she had a mouthful so I could stop and let her swallow, then fill her up again. When there was no more to give her, she let my cock slip out of her mouth, then kissed the head again. She crawled back up and snuggled close to me, whispering in my ear, "Thank you for that. I love you so much." We fell asleep again, holding on to each other.

[continued in Chapter 7]