Information and  Warning  on Subject Matter 

Some story codes: inc, young, anal, oral, bd, best, bi, caution, scat, ds, exhib, enem, fist, Mdom, Fdom, pedo, preg, preteen, sm, teen, tort, toys, veg, voy, ws, zoo [It would probably be shorter to list what the stories don't contain.]

This ain't Lawrence of Olivia or Shake o'Speare. It's stroke material. Porn, for gawd's sake. Or if you really have to be hoity-toity, erotic fiction. This ain't leeteratoor. Just fun people - and assorted zoo - doing their erotic things, gross perversions, taboo violations and, in general, kinky sex. If you don't like that, I have no control over your reading it. Or not. You are the one making the decision to read the stories. Remember, this is just fiction, just like what you watch on your teevee or read in most magazines or books. In other words, fantasy. It is not reality. It is not meant to be.

For those of you who like reading the above kind of stories, just skip all the rest of this and go back to the main page and start reading the stories. If you don't like them, fine. If you do, send me feedback.

For those of you who have major total, visceral, gut-wrenching adverse reactions to the subject matter listed above and still read my stories, let me offer a little basic abnormal psychology information. If you don't understand, you can look it up in any first year ab psych textbook.

Angry? Upset? A Word About Defense Mechanisms

Psychological Defense Mechanisms are used to protect the mind from anxiety, social sanctions or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope. In general, they are not unhealthy unless they lead to maladaptive behavior and the mental health of the individual is compromised. Most people can normally handle ideas or concepts that could be repugnant to them or cause them anxiety. Either they won't continue to expose themselves to the subject, won't seek it out or will dismiss it as digusting or distasteful or undesirable for them and generally avoid or ignore it. However repugnant, it doesn't become a "big deal" for them. There's no emotional investment.

What causes a problem and becomes a mental health issue is when a person uses defense mechanisms to distort reality or protect against strong emotions because of their own impaired ability to accept and recognize reality. Or to recognize the difference between fantasy and reality.

Strong emotions are often the key signal to the use of defense mechanisms. Rage or fear are commonly seen in those who have trouble coping with their hidden emotions and suppressed desires and they use defense mechanisms in an unhealthy manner. One indication is "flying off the handle" in a situation where a normal person would just shrug and walk away.

Deepseated unacceptable or "forbidden" desires and feelings can trigger responses such as fear, rage or anger. A person may feel, irrationally, that someone might find out about those feelings and they knee-jerk overreact as a defense. We see this often in children where they will overreact to something simple because they think they did something wrong or that they'll be punished, or "found out".

Let's look at some of the more common and simplest of the defense mechanisms and why they may be used.

Projection - This is a particularly insidious mechanism. The deep seated feelings or unwanted desires are projected onto other people or even inanimate objects and actually prevents a person from dealing with their own feelings. Unable to admit that they actually have the "unacceptable" feelings or emotions themselves, they project those desires onto others by, for example, saying "You're a f&%!#g pervert, a &*@damn child molester!" to the author of a fictional story about sex with or by underage children. They feel such rage and emotion because they can't cope with their own hidden or supressed feelings and desires. The key here is the emotion that is evoked in that person where a normal person with the same stimulus would just say "It's disgusting but hey, it's just a story". The normal adult would just quit reading the story or wouldn't seek those type of themes out in the first place. Nor even put themselves in a place that would expose them to such materials. Like visiting a porn story site.

Reaction Formation - This is an interesting mechanism as it turns the underlying desires into the exact opposite. For example, a person who has supressed or unacceptable desires for underage or young children seeks out stories with that subject matter, gets turned on by them and then will exhibit rage or anger that these themes are even "allowed" to exist and tries to make efforts to have them banned, removed or censored so they themselves cannot be tempted by them. They know that they are weak and want to have someone else, like the "law", to keep such things from them. Rabid anti-pornography zealots exhibit this pathological type of mechanism quite a bit as they foment rage and anger to pass laws removing what they consider offensive subject matter not only from their own access but from everyone else's also. It is interesting to note the minute detail and all encompassing knowledge about and fanciful exaggerations of ( not to mention large collections of) porn of all kinds that these very people have sought out and collected- far in excess or any normal person who is not obsessed with the subject- all ostensibly to "prove" how wide spread and reprehensible it is. "Oh, that's just research material!" Yeah, right.

Cognitive distortion - "Splitting" or thinking of things in absolutes, or black and white, likealways,never,every. Few things are so absolute and a person who uses this mechanism will refuse to see any use or value in something they have determined to be of "no good". You can't cite facts to such a person because they will refuse to accept anything but their (irrational) judgement on the subject. Can lead to a depressed personality. "Jumping to Conclusions" is where one draws a usually negative view of something without any, or at least very little, facts. This type of person will use fortune telling or "exaggerating how things will turn out before they actually happen", e.g. "If we allow people to own guns, there'll be blood running in the streets." Another type will use mind reading where they assume a "special knowledge of the intentions or thoughts of others", e.g. "If we allow stories like this, all the pedophiles will be raping our children in public". All this without any or very little factual knowledge about the subject.

There are other defense mechanisms - such as denial, displacement, dissociation, transference - and I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to look them up and see how they apply. But the basic fact is that a person who has a strongly negative emotional reaction (rage, anger, extreme disgust) to fictional stories with any particular subject matter - not to the story itself - is not "normal". They are compensating, or pathologically over-compensating, for their own inappropriate supressed desires.

In other words, someone goes specifically to an erotic literature (or porn story) site and, disregarding the warnings about subject matter, either seeks out or reads those types of stories that they find objectionable, like incest, bestiality, rape or pedo/underage. This person then has strong negative emotional reactions to them, as they knew they would. Then they take the time and make the effort to leave negative comments or fill out a feedback form with nasty invectives, usually poorly worded and typically misspelled, in their misplaced anger or rage. This is a person who is "emotionally invested" with the subject matter. If they could actually be honest, they'd admit they feel anger and rage evoked in them where the average, well adjusted person would only have a "ho-hum" attitude and go on with their lives, not wishing to waste time or effort on the subject.

Those angry people seem to have a difficult time distinguishing between reality and fiction/fantasy while a normal person doesn't have that problem. As an example of this, quite often they can't name the actor who plays the character in a teevee program or movie, but they know every fictional character's name and backstory. Being so detached from reality is really not a healthy way to go through life.

It is also interesting to see that the nasty comments are almost always illiterate. It's as if the emotional reaction is so strong that you can almost see the spittle dripping and the flush of rage in their face as they try to pound out their anger on the keyboard. Grammar, punctuation and spelling go out the window, if they even had a grasp of them in the first place.

If you find yoursef in the descriptions above, please seek help instead of trying to leave an incoherent, invective filled message regarding the stories you should not have read in the first place. All we normal people will do is laugh, snicker and point at your display of your own ignorance and intolerance, rage and mental derangement.

And you might also remember that some writers (ME!) actually use these subjects to purposely upset you while entertaining other more normal readers. It becomes a game to see how we can antagonize small minded people like you by just using words.

Plus, if you have read this and still feel the compulsion to, in your rage, string some words together in some semblance of stupidity, I'll be happy to post the best ignorant, illiterate comments made about the stories so all the rest of us can share in the hilarity and derision. I see no reason to keep your displays of your moronic IQ to myself. It's more fun to share.


Ole Crannon -- Giving you the Elbow

A recently received anonymous email:

You must be tragically insecure or a raging narcissist to keep posting the same meager number of stories nearly every day. My complaint of you is not that you are a lousy writer (and you are) but that you need the attention so badly that you bump other authors off the ASSTR recent story posting list so that you can see your own same postings day after day. Reviewing the past week's posting is awkward so I rely on the recent postings list once or twice daily to find new stories, not the same old lousy shit. Wake up and be a gentleman.

Since I've already answered similar emails before here, which denizens of the far left hand side of the IQ bell curve apparently can't find, read or understand, I've repeated the effort to fruitlessly educate about this subject. Not wanting to inflict it upon those who don't care, I've added it here. If you're interested, have a read, then send feedback to let me know how you feel about this.