The Origin of Master PC

Imagine whatever you TYPE becomes reality...

That's right!  This was my original premise before I purchased my first computer in 1996, and only then did I replace the typewriter with a computer.  Some might remember a movie with John Candy called "Delirious" (1991) where he was able to make Emma Samms's character fall madly in love with him by typing it on a magical typewriter.  This was exactly what I had envisioned and had the idea in my head before I saw "Delirious", but it wouldn't be until 1996 before I put my idea down on paper by writing my very first draft of "Master PC".  Yes, that has always been the title.  Anyway, two years later (March of 1998), when I finally went on-line, I submitted the story to the BE Stories Archive, then to the a.s.s.m. group, and finally to the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive.  The reader response was overwhelming.  (See my Reviews Pages)

I must admit, I was pleasantly shocked at the response BUT then became disappointed because of how poorly it was written.  So, while the readers screamed for another part to this story, I vowed not to write it until I revised Part One.  It took me 8 months before I finally posted my revision and then in March of 1999, exactly one year from posting Part One, Master PC, Part Two hit the net called "Master PC - The Conclusion".  The response was once again MIND STAGGERING and I actually won a few awards!

Some readers caught on that I never planned on ending it with Part Two, and in the summer of 1999, I completed the story with Parts 3 & 4 and then opened up the UNIVERSE for all of the writers... and fellow authors have responded with some incredible takes!

At present time, I really have no intention of continuing the saga, although I recently undertook a major revision project and I'm very happy with my end product.  So happy in fact that I wrote a new tale (August 2003) inside the Master PC Universe called "Leftovers".

I have no plans for Adam Lowell and his cast of lovelies... which include his sister, Lisa... Lisa's best friend, Samantha, Adam's main squeeze, Heather... Heather's lesbian lover, Wendy... and college co-ed, Julia... But who knows what I might do down the road.

JR Parz