Imagine... the ability to bend reality with a computer program!  Ironically, when I introduced this story to the Internet back in March 1998, it was not only my FIRST story, but it was also my most well received one!  Hence, the creation of the Master PC Universe, where a whole slew of other Internet writers have offered their "take" on the concept!

My story involves Adam, a high school senior, who discovers this new magical computer program... and immediately he uses it on his sister!  After altering her both physically and mentally, he turns her into his pleasure slave and then goes on to his sister's best-friend.  Down the road he includes Heather to his harem and that is when he gets careless... resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions!  This story is rated XXX-I due to the incest and explicit sex!  This story won BEamer Awards for the Best Novel, Best Continuing Series & Best Science Fiction Story in 1999 and what you are about to read is my revised edition.

Master PC, Part 01
Master PC, Part 02
Master PC, Part 03
Master PC, Part 04

Here's just some reviews on Master PC...

"I was just writing you to congratulate you on a terrific story, Master PC.  I read it at BEarchive on the web and loved it.  The story was very entertaining.  I look forward to reading your other stories.  This story was one of the best that I have ever read!" Joseph, 23 Mar 98

"Hi.  For quite sometime now, I have been waiting for the second part of your story "Master PC" to appear.  After what felt like forever, I just figured that you had given up on that story and moved on to something else.  A few weeks ago, however, I saw that you posted a revised version of the story.  I assumed at that point that a second part was quickly to follow.  As it hasn't appeared, I wanted to write you in order to inquire as to its status.  All I can say is that it is a story I have enjoyed very much.  I can't encourage you enough to please get that story out there.  We've waited a long time now to read it!!" Martin, 10 Dec 98

"Is anyone else counting the days towards the release of Master PC2? Heh heh, sorry couldn't resist. Anyway, on to my point of the post.  I just wanted to say I love the stories here, and I hope you write more of the Transgender variety. I feel that you have a real flair for them. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. There aren't many good Mind Control/Transgender/ Breast Expansion/shrinking woman story sites out there." Rincewind, 18 Feb 99

"Master PC: The Conclusion, eh?? Don't believe a word of it....  A nice story and an especially nice way to ensure that there can be a sequel. I can see at least two ways to go...  If you ever find one of those Master PC discs, do send me one. Mind you, with my luck it would need a Pentium to run." Boris Ludmenkov, Writer, 2 Mar 99

"Hi, I have read your stories (Master PC 1&2) and must say, they are really hot stuff.  I really loved the first part, (although I had minor moral scrutinies), but could not accept the ending of the second part. It was OK to punish Adam for what he did, but his victims had fun in their roles. Samantha did something else.  Being selfish like Adam, she condemned him to everlasting torture by trying to delete the program. It was cute to write that she didn't read the last news on the screen. This left an escape for a third part exept bringing in some new device. I have added to this mail a modest proposal how the story could continue, leaving the end open to your disposal. I't love to read more of your works, so please continue..."  Yours, K.-K. Harden, Germany, 13 Mar 99

Regarding Master PC:  "That was quite a twist for an ending.  The kid got what he deserved but it gave me cold chills.  A beautifully written and highly erotic story from start to finish." JDG, 15 Mar 99

Regarding Master PC:  "Great story but a garbege ending.  Me and a couple of dozen other readers are pleading for you to revise the ending."  Axeman, 15 Mar 99

"Thank you for sharing your story, Master PC. I enjoyed it very much, because it is so well written and flows very smoothly. You really have a knack for character development. I must admit that I was disappointed in the ending --  not in the way it was written or anything like that -- and you certainly have every right to write anything you wish.  Adam's fate, although well deserved, seemed too extreme, that I felt sorry for him at the end.  You have a great talent, and I hope you continue to write. I will definitely keep my eye out for more of your stories.  Again thanks for your hard work."  Ben, 16 Mar 99

REVIEW POSTED ON THE PLUME DISCUSSION BOARD IN BEARCHIVE:  Review of Master PC, Part 2 "Reading over Master PC, Part 2 for the second time, I came to realize one simple fact:  If ever I want to read some of the best and worst of what breast expansion fiction has to offer, I need look no further than the name JR Parz.  I wish I didn't have to state what is already obvious to most people, but I fear I must.  JR Parz is a master of mind manipulation. The ease at which he turns a seemingly uneventful situation into a powerful battle of wills is unrivaled. It's frightening when you realize just how morally wrong it is to control someone's thoughts. I guess the only thing more frightening is the fact that Parz actually uses this stuff to elicit an erotic response from his readers. I think there is no better example than when the main character of Master PC (Adam) seduces one of the girls in his school (Heather). The ensuing spectacle is probably one of the most disturbing yet erotic scenes you'll ever read in a BE story. This is JR Parz at his finest.  Content-wise, there is just very little to complain about. You might find a few minor spelling and grammar errors here and there, but you probably won't notice after the first chapter. There's just too much going on. One of the easiest things to overlook about Master PC, Part 2 is the extremely "polished" feel of the story. There is a LOT of attention to detail, and no character goes without his or her share of story time. I hope I'm not the only one that has noticed JR Parz has a unique writing style that keeps improving with every story.  As the name suggests, Part 2 is the sequel/conclusion to the now famous/infamous Master PC. Don't, however, read this story expecting more of the same. Part 2's plot takes a slight detour from the original's frantic pace. The story moves quite a bit slower, and it spends a lot of time back-pedaling, going over the specifics of the previous story (and generally tying up a few loose ends.) At some points, the details get a little tedious (almost to point of being tiresome). You won't get as intense as you did while reading the first one.  The only real weakness that I can see for this story is also (strangely) its greatest strength. I've always felt that getting inside the characters' heads, finding out theirthoughts and feelings, is a more powerful form of erotic storytelling. Too many authors pass up the opportunity to strengthen a sex scene or BE scene by telling the thoughts and emotions of the characters involved. MPC, Part 2 outshines all other stories in this category. You know what every single character is thinking and feeling throughout the entire story. The only problem is that Parz went a little overboard. The story spends so much time dwelling on the individual thoughts of the characters that the action sequences seem too few and far between. I can already see the more superficial readers "panic-clicking for porn." Oh well.  In closing, I came away from MPC, Part 2 very satisfied. I think a lot of people miss the whole idea of what the word conclusion means, but Parz seems to have found it. Sure, there will always be those people that refuse to read anything labeled "Part 2," but I urge those people especially to read this story. I guarantee you'll remember it long after you've read it. The ending alone is worth the price of admission.  PS. Oh yeah. Thumbs up."  Leviathan, writer, 17 Mar 99.

"Regarding your Master PC story...  I just happened across it, and I just wanted to say I fucking loved it!!  Most of the Breast Expansion stories get really freaky, but you kept it at a nice, erotic level.  Also, I liked how you explained what all the characters were thinking as they acted on the commands of the programmer.  Great story.  Kudos.  And the ending?  Fucking mean.  It was great;  you are a good writer; I'll give you that, (and that's coming from a writer, himself).  Keep up the good work.  I also wanted to note that a unknown screen popped up while Samantha was deleting the program.  Could this make way for a Master PC 3?  I would love to read it.  Just a suggestion. =)"  Thinker, 30 Mar 99

"Good story (Master PC), poetic ending i must admit, you did write in the inability to delete the Master Computer CD though wich kinda leaves the story openended. Could be interesting if you finish it, leaving readers in suspence is cruel, but perhaps i can help:  (I don't know if you know this or not) shutting down MacroShaft WinBlows while in the Operating System and not at the "it is now safe to turn off your computer" is dangerious cause it can hurt it. perhaps the Master program could go insane and strat throwing around random commands or something, thats up to you as the author to descide. Course you could e-mail me the Master Computer program and i could creat some really great stories for you, hehe.  Well one can dream, anyway keep up the good stories."  Omega, 6 Apr 99

"JR,  Master PC III was awesome!  I'll bet this one was fun to write.  Your characterization seems to get better with every story.  I especially like your subject matter.  We seem to have alot in common in that area in regards to female female stuff! Very arousing.  Damn, I need to get me one of those programs. If only it was that easy."  Trent Wolf, Writer, 19 Aug 99

"'jr:'  I really liked the first one (Master PC, Part One): a real set up for not only continuing chapters, but also about the folks who wrote it, and why they did it, etc., etc. The second part (Master PC, Part Two) was really good turnaround, and as a feminist i kinda like it when hogs get fat, but pigs get slaughtered, if you catch my drift.  The third part (Master PC, Part Three) was, sadly and honestly, a disappointment. The writing was on par, and there were some well-blocked scenes, but it was too... too easy, I think. (Also not as much coitus as I'd have expected, but that's a different matter.)  I'm writing this hoping that you add a little more complexity to future chapters or same-universe stories, not to whine about what you've written, which is above par for the genre... <g>  I hope you have more, and I'd like to know if you mind "loaning" out the universe you created for me to write stuff. Look for my first MC story, "Consecration," to debut on Simon's site in the next few weeks.  Yours in written heat."  "Ploni". Writer, 23 Aug 99

R&D's Review of Master PC, Part 3: Adam's Back!  "JR Parz is one of my favorite authors. I admit it. He has a real talent for writing erotica, and he's one of the few writers that can combine that talent with good characterization and a story plot. I measure most stories by how easy they are to read, and Parz' stories always read at a fast and enjoyable pace. With Master PC, Part 3 I found the same level of quality and enjoyment that I usually find while reading his stories, with a few exceptions.  Part 3: Adam's Back! picks up a few months after the events in the last story. We find Adam Lowell in a depressed state, still unable to have sex with his gorgeous, nymphomaniac girlfriend, Heather, and still unable to use his Master PC program to change himself back. It's a sad state of affairs until Adam's sister Lisa and her lesbian lover Samantha decide to take a trip to the beach. Story hero that he is, Adam seizes the moment and figures out a way to once again gain control of the reality-changing program. And just in time to fix his broken libido and satisfy that girlfriend of his.  One thing you will notice right away is that this is a new Adam that you're reading about. In the earlier stories, JR Parz set Adam's character as the clear villain his actions were completely lust driven, and he cared very little for the people he was 'playing' with. Now that Adam has had a bit of 'down-time' he's a changed man. The new Adam actually has a touch of compassion and rationale to him; he seems to have developed feelings towards Heather that go beyond the lust stage. In addition, Adam makes some changes his body, which he's never done before. I was a little disappointed to see this kind of role-reversal in Master PC. As the hero of the story, Adam has lost that bit of edge that made the first two stories stand out so much.  Overall, I see this chapter as more of a filler than a complete story. It sets up the events for Part 4 quite beautifully, but the ending leaves us hanging a little too much.  It's an enjoyable story, but it's not JR Parz' best. I look forward to the next part. ! ! !  Rally Kat, 25 Aug 99

Referring to Master PC 4 :  "I have to tell you, I LOVE the revisions - and the author's comments along the way as well.  I agree that some good movies have the main characters do dumb things, and I personally feel that this particular plot could go on and on ad infinitum.  Example:  How come he never rewards a guy friend by giving him a(n) hypnotic penis?  (another "mistake" in the making)  I just enjoyed the whole thing - just the right mixture of control and eros.  thanks for a classic."  greg, 9 Nov 99

"I really enjoy your stories in the BEArchive! Especially your Master PC-stories! But I have a couple of  questions:   1. Will there be MORE Master PC-stories? (I REALLY hope so!!)   2. Will you create/write new BE-series?" Frank, 13 Nov 99

"Hey JR, Zeroboy yet again :)  -  The end of Master PC as it is written has left some people (including me) chommping at the bit for more. But it ended better than any story could. If I may I'd like to write some spinnoffs on the Master PC based on it's great open ending, and if it's kewl with you; then all you other fans reading this in the review secion should do the same! Istead of just reading someone elses fantasy, you can take it in your own direction!  WOOHOO!  Again JR love your work, thanks for your time and generosity!"Zeroboy, 13 Nov 99

"JR, Just got finished with Master PC 4, and of the whole series, I think this is my favorite. Why? Because of all the non-stop action. Starting with the moist opening scene with Wendy and Heather. When I read stories, sometimes I like to see a great opening sex scene, and this fit the bill nicely. You didn't waste time getting to the good stuff. Next, I really enjoyed the dialogue exchange between Adam and Julia, culminating in one of my favorite scenarios, a nice blowjob in a car. (Maybe next time more detail on the oral). Later, I liked Samantha's reaction to Adam when she came out of her bimbo mode. Something about the charater being outraged by what's been done to her makes it more erotic for me. Don't ask me why.  Finally, the ending was brilliant. It leaves a universe wide open doesn't it? It will be interesting to see if other writers pick up the ball and run.  Overall, very entertaining. What more can I say?  Now I'm itching to read more about my favorite series, "The Agency." Hurry!", Trent Wolf, Writer, 22 Nov 99

"dear sir:  i loved you master PC story, the possabliltes are endless! i hope you don't mind. but, i used the computer program storyline for a new story i'm writing.  i'm enclosing a copy, a very rough copy that i'm working on.  please tell me what you think and let me know if i can use the prepsisiton in my story.  i've sent a copy to ataraxia at the IAR for reveiw.  thank you and i look forward to hearing from you."  j. sessums, writer, 6 Dec 99

"mr parz...  i got a chance to read  your story (Master PC) about a year ago, and i loved it...all the way up until the hero got put down (in Master PC, Part 2).  but, thats ok.  not that big of a deal, its just a story right?  he wasnt really a bad guy, just a little manipulative.  but i digress...i just recently read it again, and much to my surprise, found ANOTHER two chapters!!! ended it perfectly...  thanks for a wonderful read...  zak, 28 Jan 2000

"Dear JR Parz,  I love your work and especially your Master PC series and idea. I admire your willingness to release your work to the public. I began to write my own series in the Master PC Universe back when you first posted part 1 of your series. I had no intentions of ever releasing this story but now that you have opened up the idea for others I am think of releasing my story. I am going to review and fix it up and in the near future would like to ask you to be my editor in the matter or if you are busy pass me a long to someone you kow that would be willing. I just hope I will do the original series justice. I am thinking of also starting a whole new series beside my already written one. The new series deals with someone who puts in a command wrong and develops this sense of justice and decency and goes around finding abusers of the programs and deals with them accordingly. It is like attacking someone's story but it is just an idea I think would be fun. I am may write this series and keep it separte of other branch off writers. I have often wondered as well, if the user is the Master's representative. Then who is the master? Could we explore that aspect, having the Master come to a person. I am just bursting with ideas. I am basically brainstorming aloud and taking to much of your time away. I would like to hear from you and to tell you to keep up the good work.  Your Fan."  SirFury, 26 Feb 2000

"Greetings, Master Parz.  I have written a story your Master PC universe, and I wanted to submit it to the resident deity of said universe for approval.  It is entitled 'Apartment 218--A Master PC Story' and is attached as two SimpleText documents to this e-mail.  If you have no objections, I'll submit it to the EMCSA next week."  AMOWAT, writer, 30 May 2000

"I enjoy the "Master PC" premise.  May I have your permission to use it? I will not sell it or any part of it. If anyone offers me any cash, I will point them to you.  All I want to do is write a story to entertain others.  I will post it only on The Erotic Mind, if he lets me.  I guarantee it will be worth adding to Master PC line."  Tom, 16 Mar 2002

"I have been reading Master PC ever since i found it a few years ago. Since then i have made an attempt to read all of them i could find, including that monster of a story by Xanthos Pendragon. (Btw, i believe yourself and him to be some of the better net writters i know.)  But i seem to always find myself unhappy with the endings. The whole universe of Master PC is filled with unlimited power, and usually ends up with man with lotsa women and rich. I am glad you finished your story when you did, I suspect it was because you actually saw it as "Finished", but i could be wrong. What i am getting at however is that I, a computer engineering major in college, wish to write my own Master PC story. Now by no means am I an english major, nor do i even enjoy story writting, but, i do enjoy a good story, and i believe I have a hook that might prove to be interesting, while not ending in the powerhungry god senario.  And since you are the original master of the Master PC universe, i felt i should relate this to you...  Do you have any opinions?  This story will be the first i ever wrote for publishing, even if it is to a sex forum, besides regular english papers. So any comments suggestions would be highly appreciated." Nick, 4 July 2002

Mr. JRParz, I'm really sorry to see that you've had your stories removed from the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.  I'd enjoyed reading your work, and your Master PC has become a classic and the basis for many other writers' creative efforts.  I myself had just begun writing another chapter in the Master PC universe. If it's not too much to ask, are your stories published anywhere else online, or are you removing your web presence entirely? Dave, 28 Sep 02

Dear JR Parz:  It is my pleasure to inform you that your story, Master PC, has been nominated for a Black Dragon Award.  This award is given by the members of the Electronic Wilderness Publishing website.  In order for you to be eligible for voting, however, we need permission to post your story on our site for the length of the voting cycle (4 weeks).  At which time, you may ask us to remove the story if you don't want us posting it.  You may feel free to deny us posting permission.  It will, however, disqualify you from the award, due to the awards rules.  Please get back to me with a response as soon as possible, please.  If you wish to review the rules for the BDA, you can find them on our site.  Thank you for your time, and good luck! The EWP Admin, 6 Feb 2003