Master PC: Leftovers
by JR Parz


Dan McCarthy entered the condo stunned.  His cousin, Cash, who he hadn't seen, nor talked to in over a year, died the previous month in car accident, and strangely enough, made him sole beneficiary of his entire estate.  This included his condominium, all his belongings, and liquid assets of over two million dollars.  Shocked…?  That was an understatement as he had no idea his cousin had this kind of money.

As Dan walked through the condo, he was impressed with the size.  The place was huge with five bedrooms filled with expensive furniture.  To top it off, sitting on top of his new desk was a brand new state-of-the-art Dell Latitude X800 Laptop!

Just then the doorbell rang, prompting him to rush back to the living room and open the front door.  There stood the most incredibly beautiful young woman he had ever seen.

“Hi,” the woman greeted him with a smile.

"Hi… uh… can I help you?" Dan asked as he desperately tried not to stare at the woman’s incredibly large breasts.

"Is Cash here?" the woman asked; sounding anxious and nervous at the same time.  The woman attempted to peak around his shoulder to look inside, adding, “Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"I’m sorry… I… uh… who are you, anyway?" Dan asked with confusion as to why a woman of this caliber would want his cousin.

"My name is Heather Templeton, and I live at the Meadows Apartment Complex across the street.”

"Maybe you should come in for a minute so we can talk,” Dan responded as he opened the door wider to allow her a path.

Heather paused for a moment before she stepped inside, and he closed the door behind her before escorting her to the couch.

“Please, take a seat,” he encouraged her, and Heather sat down, looking nervous.

“Is Cash here?” Heather asked, looking restless and scared.
“I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Cash died in a car accident a month ago.”

Heather's face lit up in shock before her features turned to confusion.

"Were you close?" Dan asked Heather.

"We were," Heather whispered… and then she stood up.  "But not no more,” she stated with a smile, and then turned and left.


Heather walked as fast as she could in her high-heeled shoes.  Had the last six months really happened?

“Of course it happened,” she mumbled to herself, gazing down at the proof before her.  Her G cups bounced every which way as another reminder of the magic.

When Heather entered her apartment, she headed straight for her bedroom, and gasped upon seeing her reflection in the mirror.  While she had been laboring under Cash's spell, she never really took the time to focus on how truly incredible she looked and now stood there in stunned silence.

Heather possessed long wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a pair of boobs that put Pamela Anderson’s to shame.  What Cash had done was transform her into a living, breathing sex goddess!  The ultimate bimbo!  The adolescents wet dream!

Then Heather’s eyes lit up when she remembered Cash's rule that she wouldn’t be able to cum unless she had his permission.  Was this rule still in effect?  Heather had to know, so she quickly stripped off her tee shirt, springing free her incredible boobs, followed by her jeans and black thong panties.  She gasped at the sight of herself and then "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried out in ecstasy.

Heather came too on the floor… feeling more elated then she could ever remember.

"Heather…?" her roommate called out from the living room, causing her eyes to light up in alarm.  The last thing she wanted was her roommate to catch her masturbating, so she quickly redressed.
"Hi there," Jennifer greeted her from the doorway.

"Hi", she responded, blushing.  She was naked from the waist up and grabbed her tee shirt.

"Well?" Jennifer asked her.

"Well what?" Heather asked, slipping her tee over her head.  She saw Jennifer breathing deeply through her nose and she could feel herself responding to her.

“That smell is nice,” Jennifer whispered.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, wanting Jennifer to change the subject.

“You’re boyfriend… is he back?”

“No, he’s gone forever,” Heather replied, hating how wet she grew from the sight of Jennifer.

"What do you mean, he’s gone?"  Jennifer asked, stepping closer.

"Gone as in dead," she responded, smiling.

"Why are you smiling and where is that smell coming from?" Jennifer asked as she continued breathing through her nose.

Heather saw Jennifer’s nipples harden and realized with shock that her friend was getting horny.

"I feel so strange," Jennifer whispered as she brought her hands up to caress her neck.

Heather suddenly realized what was happening… her scent from her pussy was affecting Jennifer like an aphrodisiac!

“I’m… horny,” Jennifer whispered.

With a burst of will power, Heather rushed past Jennifer and out of the room.

"Where’re you going?" Jennifer called out to her.

Heather rushed to the bathroom and locked the door, then stripped off her jeans and entered herself.

"Unggghhhhhhh," she groaned while she finger-fucked herself and didn’t stop until she exploded to several orgasms.

After she was fully satisfied, Heather showered and went back to her bedroom.  Then she looked for something to wear.  Everything she owned was either too tight or revealing… and the only underwear she could find were sexy thongs.  She saw a few dozen pairs of low riders and realized she would have to wear this until she could afford to go shopping.
When Heather walked out to the living room, Jennifer was on the couch and flipping through a magazine.  They made eye contact and she could have sworn she saw Jennifer blush.  "Feeling better?" Jennifer asked her.

"Yeah, much better, and you…?"

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked, turning beet red.

Heather smiled and took a seat on the couch next to her.

"Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?" Jennifer asked her.

"Do you notice anything different about me?"
"You mean in the way you dress?" Jennifer asked, looking confused.

"No.  I’m talking about my physical appearance.  I mean... don’t you think I’ve gone through a lot of changes since we became roommates?"
"Not really," Jennifer whispered, looking more confused.

"Jenny... I used to have short dark hair instead of long blonde hair.  I used to have hazel-green eyes instead of these blue ones... and believe it or not, I used to be an A cup before these," she responded while cupping her boobs.

"You’re crazy," Jennifer responded.

"Do you remember the time I seduced you?"

Jennifer blushed.

"Did you ever stop and wonder why it was so easy for me?"

"I was bi-curious and wanted to experiment, why you bringing this up?" Jennifer asked, defensively.

"Bi-curious…?  I don't think so.  Were you bi-curious an hour ago?"

"Wha... what do you mean?"  Jennifer asked, blushing.

"I know you wanted me earlier," Heather responded.

Jennifer blushed again.

"Do you know why?" Heather asked.

"I...  I guess I’m attracted to you?" Jennifer whispered.

"Nonsense," Heather replied with a smile.

Jennifer just sat there staring at her.

"I know this because you aren’t attracted to me now, right?"

"I...  I'm not sure.  I guess not, but you’re right, I was earlier," Jennifer responded.

"You’re not attracted to me now because you aren't bisexual.  It was magic that allowed me to seduce you that one time… and it’s the same magic that made you feel horny for me earlier.”

"Magic…?" Jennifer asked, and the rolled her eyes.

"Yeah… I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Cash had access to a computer program called Master PC.  It allowed him to alter reality.”

"I don't believe you… and what does this have to do with seducing me?"

"Maybe this picture might help you understand,” Heather replied as she handed Jennifer the picture.  "That was me before Cash transformed me."

"And you expect me to believe this?" Jennifer asked.

"Look at the face... you know it’s me!" Heather argued, trying to make her understand.

"I'm sorry... it may look like you but as long as I’ve known you, you've always had those huge boobs and long blonde hair," Jennifer replied as she handed Heather back the picture.

"Look, that Master PC program is responsible for this and everything else that has happened.”

“Yeah, right,” Jennifer responded.

"Cash was a very sick man and I'm not the only victim.  He turned other girls into sex toys as well.  He made everyone of us look like bimbos and crave sex with him.  He also turned us bisexual and forced us to love it."

"Do you hear yourself?  Let's pretend for a second that you're telling the truth, when did this start?" Jennifer asked.

"About six months ago.  Remember Cody Wisk?"

"Yeah, I remember that creep.”

"Well, it started when you were out on a date with him.”

Dan sat stark naked in front of his new laptop.  The Master PC program was absolutely amazing and to think, it really worked!  Either that or he was losing it.  He had just given himself a complete physical makeover to include a six-pack, a very muscular physique, a handsomer face, and a major enlargement down below... and to think it all became reality by hitting the enter button.

Dan noted the file on Cash was empty and figured that his file must have disappeared when he died.  There were, however, other files... and they were all girls.  The youngest… sixteen… and the oldest twenty-seven… and one was the blonde beauty he had seen earlier.  Her name was Heather Templeton.

Dan brought Heather's file up and saw her 3D image slowly spin around in a 360.  She was dressed in a hot pair of jeans and a halter-top.  He wondered what she might have looked like before her transformation, but apparently Cash didn’t keep the girl’s original settings.  Given every girl that Cash had in his file possessed huge boobs and a curvaceous figure, he doubted Heather looked quite like this.

What Cash did do, surprised him.  He had placed a password on every existing setting; therefore he couldn’t edit the current settings of any of the girls.  This meant he couldn’t return the girls Cash did this to back to the normal.

Some of the settings were standard, like perpetual arousal, bisexual chemistry, and some trigger words.  It seemed like Heather was one of Cash's favorites because he used her frequently.  What Dan concluded was that Cash was a monster and forced his will on others.  It served him right that he was dead.

Unfortunately, Cash's death didn't set the girls as free as I’m sure they would have liked.  He could only imagine how it must be for these girls to function with their hyped up libido and transformed body.  His thoughts turned to Heather and he wondered if there was something he could do to help her.


Heather felt it was important that Jennifer know everything, so she started at the very beginning...

"I remember watching a movie and enjoying a night of peace and relaxation when suddenly I felt a strange compulsion to see Cash.”

"But we really didn't know him back then," Jennifer interrupted.

"I know… but I remembered where his condo was and the next thing I knew I was at his door ringing his doorbell.”

"Was he surprised to see you?"

"No, and that scared the hell out of me.  He expected me and told me to come in and I did.  When he told me to sit down on his couch, I did.  I couldn’t disobey him.  I couldn’t even argue.  When he sat down next to me, I remembered wanted to scoot over to put some distance between us, but I couldn’t move.  Then he gestured towards his laptop computer and that was when I saw the most amazing thing.  There I was in 3D, rotating around in a 360, dressed in the very same sweat pants and tee I was wearing."

“A computer program…?” Jennifer asked.
“Yes, he called it Master PC.”

"What happened next?”

"I tried to run but my legs refused.  I tried to scream but something prevented me.  Then the other thing started to happen… I was feeling horny… really, horny.”

“What do you have, some, and I knew the feelings weren’t coming from me and he was making me feel that way.  The only reason I wasn't scared then was because of how horny I felt.”
"Are you saying you had some subconscious desire to be with him?”

“No, I’m saying that I was feeling that way because of the program,” Heather whispered.
“Then what happened?"

"My boobs started to grow.  Seriously, I was an A cup before these things," Heather replied as she brought her hands up to cup her boobs.

“God to admit… you tell quite a story.  Incidentally, for as long as I can remember, you never wore a bra for those babies of yours.  Why?"

"Cash made it where my boobs wouldn't need support and would always remain sensitive to touch.”

"Oh," Jennifer whispered.  “So, did he make you fuck him?”

"That was the thing.  He made me want him.  I remember feeling so horny for him that my eyes begged him to fuck me, but instead he turned back to the computer and started typing again.  The next thing I know, my hair was growing out and turning blonde, my hips expanded, my ass became rounder and firmed up… and I swear my waistline tightened up.  Then he sent me home."

“So, when did you become his girlfriend?”

“The next morning I went to his place and begged him to take me.  I knew everything he did to me, yet I needed him so much it didn’t matter.  He sat me down, read me a whole list of rules, and then he finally fucked me.  I never came so much in my life.”

"I’m sorry, Heather, but do you really expect me to believe this?"

"Some of it includes you, so maybe you might want to consider it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Cash told me all girls should be bisexual and no sooner had he told me this, I started fantasizing about licking pussy.  He changed my sexual orientation and told me he provided I was now able to seduce even the straight girls.”

Jennifer blushed.

"Do you at least believe me a little?"

"It sounds crazy, but nobody can make up a story like this," Jennifer responded as then they hugged.  Then Jennifer suddenly pulled back as alarmed about something.

“Don’t worry, my seduction powers is tied to my scent and I need to cum before you would smell me,” Heather reassured her.

“Is that why--” Jennifer started to ask.

"Yes, there’s a pheromone in my cum that affects females like an aphrodisiac.”

"If this is true, then how come it only happened that one time before?"

"Cash didn't allow me to orgasm unless I was in his presence except for that one time he told me to seduce you.”

"The guy must have been a control freak, huh?"

"He made me appear like his lovesick girlfriend in public, and his personal slut in private."


Heather jumped when the phone rang.

"Hello," Jennifer answered.  "No," she added a second later and then turned to her, "It's for you."

"Who is it?" Heather asked, nervously.

"What's your name?"  Jennifer asked the person on the phone.  "He says he's Dan McCarthy and it's very important he talk to you.”

Heather stared at the phone for a moment not sure what to do.  The last thing she expected was to receive a call from some stranger.  Nervously, she took the phone.  "Hello, this is Heather."
"Hi, Heather, we met earlier at Cash's old condo, remember?" the guy responded in a pleasant voice.

“How did you get this number?” Heather asked, nervously.  She could feel her heart beating fast.

"That’s not important but what I need to talk to you about is.  Can you come over?"

"I...  I don't think that would be a good idea.  I don't really know you and..." she started to say before the man interrupted her.

"Heather, my sweet pet, I really need to see you as soon as humanly possible," the man responded before he disconnected their call.

Heather just stood there listening to the dial tone for a moment before she hung up the phone.

"Who was it?" Jennifer asked, looking at her with concern.

"He's lives in Cash's old condo and he wants to see me," she whispered as she headed for her bedroom.

"What for…?" Jennifer asked as she followed her.

"I'm not sure, but I have to go over there and find out.”

"Are you crazy?!” Jennifer responded.

“I have to… I have no choice,” Heather told her as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Is he making you?" Jennifer asked.

"Huh?  Oh... I don't think so.  I... I just don't want to give him any reason to in case he has access to that program," Heather replied.


Dan felt guilty that he triggered Heather, but he also felt incredibly excited when he heard the soft tap at the door.  There was no denying his erection at the thought of having this girl.

Heather stood before him looking absolutely incredible.  Thanks to a trigger word, she was totally under his power and he could make her do anything he wished.  "Come in and take a seat on the couch," he ordered her.

Heather glared at him and took a seat on the couch as instructed.

“You can talk freely,” Dan responded as he sat on the chair across from her.
"Why did you do this to me?" Heather asked, still glaring at him.  "Look, asshole; there’s no way in hell I'd be here right now if you hadn’t triggered me," she stated in an angry tone.

"I'm sorry, I knew if I didn’t trigger you that you wouldn’t have come," he finally responded.

"Does this mean I went from being Cash’s sex slave to yours?"

"Would you like that?"

"What the hell do you think?!  Of course I wouldn't!"

"Then you never have to worry about it happening.  I'm not like my cousin.”

"If you aren't like your cousin then how come you’re using the program on me now?" Heather asked.

"Only to get you over here… and now that you’re here, I’ll release by saying, Heather, sweet honey.”

Heather blinked a couple of times and then stood.  She gave him the finger and started for the door.

"Please, wait," he called out to her.

“Why?” Heather cried just as she got to the door.

Dan saw the tears in her eyes and felt sorry for her.  "I'm sorry, Heather.  I know you’ve been through hell.  I saw what Cash did to you and the other girls, but you got to believe me when I say I’m not anything like Cash.  I'm on your side.  What Cash did to you is despicable and I want to do everything in my power to make this new life you’ve been dealt easier.”

"Can you change me back?”

"No.  Cash password protected against modifying your settings.  You and the other girls are pretty much stuck as you are.”

“I’m really stuck looking like this?”

“It isn’t that bad, is it?” Dan asked.

“Of course it is!  How can you think I like looking like this?!”

“You’re gorgeous,” Dan responded.

“I’m a walking talking sex toy,” Heather mumbled.

“I can help you,” Dan offered.

“How… how are you going to make my life easier?"

"We can't delete, reverse, or modify his settings, but we can add to the existing ones, and I thought a nudge here and there might help you cope better.”

"What do you mean a nudge here and there?"

"Take your breasts for example, were you always that big?"

"Of course not," Heather responded, sounding angry again.

"I can't make them smaller, but I could make them feel natural to you and that way you’d accept them.”

"I don’t want you ever tampering with my mind," Heather responded with anger.

"Consent tampering is very different from devious manipulation.”

"There's a fine line if you ask me, and the answer is no.  I'd rather deal with these boobs knowing the truth."

"Then how about I allow you access to your own file any time you want?  I’ll allow you complete control over your own destiny.”

"Really…?  I guess that would be a start... except that I'm stuck inside a body designed to fuck, and I wasn’t aware of it earlier, but being in close quarters with you over this period of time has made me pretty damn horny."

"Yeah, I saw how Cash played with your libido.”

Heather walked over to him and smiled.  "Did you do something to yourself?"

"Yeah, I kind of gave myself a makeover," he responded, blushing.

"You did a good job," Heather replied, and then her eyes glanced down at his growing erection.

“I couldn’t resist there, also,” he mumbled, turning redder.

"Do you find me attractive?" she asked with a smile.

"Who wouldn't," he responded with a grin.

"Then lets say we fuck and talk more about this later," Heather responded.

"Are you sure?" Dan asked, with a spark of excitement, and he got his answer as Heather began stripping off her clothes while heading towards the bedrooms.  He got up and quickly followed, stripping along the way, and when he entered his bedroom, Heather was already stark naked on her back with her legs spread.

"Hurry up," she groaned as she began fingering herself.

Dan climbed onto the bed, in between her legs, and then thrust into her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Heather cried out as she wrapped her strong thighs around his waist.

Dan plummeted in and out of Heather like there was no tomorrow, eliciting squeals of ecstasy… and by the time he filled her with his sperm, Heather had cum several times over.
Later, as they lay cuddling on the bed, Heather appeared shy about what they did.  "I can't believe I lost so much control… I guess I must trust you.”

"I would never take advantage of you," Dan responded, smiling lovingly at Heather.

Then Heather suddenly frowned.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"How come all the controls Cash placed on me didn’t disappear with his death?"

"I don't know for sure, but if I were to guess I'd say that most of his control over you was tied into trigger words.”

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense... but what doesn't make sense is why I can't remember those words.”

"Cash made it where you would forget them the second you heard them.”


“Heather, my sweet pet, get up and do a dance for me,” Dan commanded.

Heather got up and started dancing as commanded.

“Heather, sweet honey,” Cash whispered, and Heather suddenly stopped dancing and turned red.

“You did it to me again, didn’t you?”

“Can you remember the trigger words?”

“No,” Heather replied as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“I wonder if writing them down would work,” Dan mumbled as he got up to get a pen and paper.  He wrote the trigger words on a piece of paper and handed it to Heather.

“Start dancing again,” Dan commanded.

Heather began dancing again.

“Heather, sweet honey,” Dan shouted out to her, allowing Heather to stop dancing.

"So, this is it… I'm subject to those words for the rest of my life?"

"That’s what it looks like.”

"That would mean that if someone were to gain knowledge of those words, then they could make me their slave."

"Yeah, it appears so.”

"Oh, God..."

"There is something I might be able to do, but the decision is yours.”

"What is it?"

"Only I know the trigger words, right?"

"What's your idea?"

"My idea is to set up a fail-safe way where once you hear the words, you would automatically feel compelled to call me so I can counter them.”


"Look.  If someone were to inadvertently say these words to you, it could be very embarrassing, not to mention dangerous.  So, I say we add a command to the trigger words that forces you to call me.  I, in turn, would return you back to normal," he responded.

"So, I need to go buy a cell phone, right?"

"I’ll buy you one.  Cash left me all his money, but you will need to carry it around with you all the time.”

"Okay," Heather whispered as she moved up along side of him.  She reached over and began fondling his balls and cock.  Seconds later he was hard again… and without saying a word, Heather moved down his body and guided his erect cock into her mouth.

Dan groaned.


Jennifer paced the room nervously awaiting Heather to return.  This whole thing was incredible.  Especially Heather's explanation for when she had seduced her.  She blushed as she recalled convincing herself that she was just experimenting.  She remembered how she played it off like it was normal and healthy for her age to be curious.  But if Heather was telling her the truth, then her whole experience had been artificially driven and that meant that the best sex she had ever experienced was all a fake.

Suddenly, the door opened and Heather walked in.

"Heather!" she cried out as she rushed into Heather’s arms.  "What happened?  Did he do anything to you?" she asked, after they broke apart.

"No.  Well yeah, but it was consenting.  He's the sweetest guy and nothing like his cousin," Heather replied with a smile.

"What do you mean, consenting?  Did you have sex with him?!"

"Yeah, but that was because of how horny I was.  Anyway, Danny allowed me to use him to get off," she added with a smile.

"Do you hear yourself?" Jennifer asked her in shock.

"Jenny.  Danny would never take advantage of me.  He even allowed me full access to my Master PC file.  I can't edit what's already there because of what Cash did, but I can add to the program and make my life easier to deal with.  Incidentally, did you know that Cash built a file on you as well and tampered with your memories?  I'm surprised as hot as you are that he didn’t do more to you.”

“This is crazy, Heather.  Suddenly you talk about this guy like he’s your new boyfriend, and you just met the guy!"

"Jenny, he fucked me at my request.  He was doing me a favor and you know what, it felt great and I can't wait to fuck him again."

"Oh my god, don't you see what this guy did to you?  He's already fucked with your head and you don't even realize it!"

"It's not like that at all… I must not be explaining myself right," Heather argued.

"He's got you!  He's done something to make you feel like this and he's got you under his control!"


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Danny asked Heather over the phone.

"No, but I don't see any other way… do you?  I mean she's driving me up a wall!" Heather responded with a sigh.

"I just don't like the moral implications."

"I know but I really believe that Jenny would feel much better if she didn’t worry so much," she replied, adding, "Did you know she threatened to go to the Police?"

"No, I didn't," Danny responded.

"She's really getting out of hand.”

"Too bad she doesn't have a boyfriend to occupy her time," Danny mumbled.
“That’s it!” Heather cried out with excitement.

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked.

"I’m not going to give her a boyfriend, but a girlfriend!" she responded.

"A girlfriend…?  You want to use Master PC to alter Jennifer’s sexual chemistry to like girls?"

"Yes, Danny.  Jenny's been a real pain in the ass and this way everyone wins.  How can this be a bad thing?"

"What girl did you have in mind?”

“Who do you think?”

“Well, I’m not going to be any part of this, so if you want to turn her into your pussy licker, then you’ll just have to execute the commands on her yourself," Danny responded.

"You got to understand, Danny.  Being bi means that I need a dose from both sexes," she added with a giggle.

"Are you sure Jennifer is going to be better off after you're done making all these changes in her?" Danny asked.

"I'm doing this for her," she re-emphasized.

“Yeah, sure you are.  Anyway, not to get off the subject or anything, but have you given any more thought to moving in with me?"
"Yes I have… and we’ll both be moving in with you, but we’re not going to move until she’s mine," Heather replied.

“Unbelievable," Danny mumbled.


Jennifer had been in a deep sleep when something suddenly woke her.  It was light out but still very early, and instead of rolling back over to go back to sleep, she got up feeling suddenly restless.  Thinking she was thirsty, she slowly made her way to the kitchen to get some water, and it was on the way back that she realized how horny she was feeling.

Jennifer tried shaking it off but then stopped outside Heather’s bedroom, and then gave in to the urge to peak in on her.  She smiled as she gazed at the sleeping beauty and wondered if she were dreaming of Danny.  Maybe she was wrong about Danny.  Maybe she should be less suspicious of him.  He certainly made Heather happy, but there was that nagging possibility that Danny was using his computer program to make Heather feel this way.

As Jennifer’s eyes scanned down Heather's body, she stopped to watch the movements of her breasts.  They were not only huge, but breathtakingly beautiful.  She blushed, recalling how much pleasure she felt at the one time she was able to make love to them.  The memory made her wet.  Then her eyes lit up at the realization that she was aroused!

Immediately, she sniffed the air around her to make sure she didn’t smell Heather's aphrodisiac-laced pussy.  Nothing… so why was she growing more and more aroused with the sight of her?

"Hi," Heather greeted her, making her jump.

"Oh!  You scared the hell out of me," she responded, having not seen Heather open her eyes.  Jennifer blushed when she realized she'd been caught staring at her boobs.

"I'm sorry," Heather responded, giggling.

"I... I didn't mean to wake you.  I'm the one that should be apologizing," she quickly replied.

"Don't be silly.  So, what brings you here in the middle of the night?"

"Oh.  Ah… a bad dream.  I was wondering if you were up," she quickly replied, embarrassing herself further with her lie.

"Then come join me," Heather offered, pulling back her covers and exposing her naked body.

Jennifer nearly gasped at the sight of Heather.  She was incredibly beautiful and the offer was so terribly tempting.

"What's the matter?" Heather asked, looking at her as if she were confused.

"Did you... ah... did you... ah... you know?" she asked, blushing.

"Why, are you horny?" Heather asked, looking surprised.

"No!" Jennifer lied, turning redder.

"Come on, Jenny.  You know I take a shower before going to bed each night and
I make it a point to masturbate before hand," Heather replied, adding "and besides, regardless how much I want to be with you, I would never take advantage of my best friend.”

Jennifer nodded her head and joined Heather, more worried about taking advantage of Heather than the other way around.  If Heather wasn’t releasing her pheromones, then why was she feeling so damn horny for her?

"Are you all right?  You seem tense," Heather asked her, causing Jennifer to turn around and face her.

Then it happened.  Jennifer wasn’t sure who kissed who, but suddenly they were kissing each other with more passion than she could ever recall.  Sexual desire tore through her like a firecracker and they made passionate love.

"I need you!" Jennifer suddenly blurted out when she came up for air, and Heather smiled at her and repositioned herself between Jennifer’s legs.

"You’re not kidding, you’re soaked," Heather responded as she parted her petals.  Then Jennifer cried out and came when she felt Heather’s tongue.


Heather smiled down at Jenny, having enjoyed the taste of her friend.  She could tell that Jenny had enjoyed her as well.  Jennifer was bisexual now, just like she was and in addition, Jenny would also discover an attraction towards Danny.

In retrospect; she wondered if Danny had anything to do with this.  Could he have engineered the whole thing?  Could he have done something to make her love and trust him right from the get go?  She remembered how it was her idea to make Jenny love her and how Danny argued against it, plus it was she that begged Danny to share Jenny with her.  Now, she wondered if he was all that innocent.  Could he be triggering her without her knowledge?  Then again, if Danny was innocent, then that meant that she was really falling for him.

Heather wondered how she would feel if she discovered Danny wasn’t innocent.  It wasn’t too long ago that she was appalled at how Cash played around with her emotions, but the fact of the matter was that Danny was a nice guy and treated her a billion times better than Cash.  So, if Danny wanted to indulge in her charms why should she complain?  Plus, didn’t he prove his trust in her by allowing her access to Master PC?


"Unnngggggggggggg" Jennifer groaned, while Danny thrust into her.

She couldn't believe it!  She was actually getting fucked by Heather’s boyfriend, while Heather sat on her face!  At first she had been worried about her attraction to Danny, but when Heather suggested that they have a threesome, her worries flew out the window.  It wasn't until she was basking in the aftermath that she realized Danny must have done something to her.  She considered breaching the topic with Heather, but it was evident that Heather was far too in love with Danny to look at things objectively, so she decided to confront Danny.

“You made me love you… didn’t you?” she asked, grinning at him.

"No, Jenny.  I didn’t tamper with you," Danny responded.

"Then how come I feel this way?" she asked.

"Look, I’ll prove I didn’t use Master PC on you by allowing you to use the program to command me to tell the truth," Danny replied.

She was surprised.  Could Danny and Heather's new lifestyle really be rubbing off on her?  Maybe she should stop worrying so much and start enjoying her new life.


Dan couldn't have been happier... and to think that he had both girls living with him without entering a single command.  Sure, he had slipped Heather a trigger word every now and then to make it easier for her to adjust... or how else would she voluntarily come up with the ideas regarding Jennifer?

Well, now after a month of their pleasurable relationship, he found himself scanning the rest of Cash's leftovers and this brought him to Theresa Peterson, a former fitness instructor turned high class stripper.  Given that Cash had turned her into a huge breasted nymphomaniac like Heather, plus reduced her attention span, it wasn't like she had any choice.

Dan decided to visit Theresa where she danced and wasn't at all disappointed.  He paid top dollar for Theresa to dance privately for him and she struck him as every bit as appetizing as Heather was.

It also seemed like Cash loved girls with big boobs because every one of them appeared to be 'Double D's'... which got him to thinking about Jennifer.  Jennifer's breasts were small and he wondered if she might like them to be bigger.  Maybe if she knew how much he liked girls with big boobs, she'd do it for him.

As Theresa teased his crotch with a lap dance, he returned his attention to her.  Theresa sported a sunny carefree disposition, which contrasted sharply with Heather's more conservative nature.  Yes... despite Heather's near nymphomaniac need, she still blushed before... during... and after sex.  Hell, she even turned red when she pranced around naked!

On his way back to his condo he decided that he'd invite Theresa to join his growing family.


"Hello," answered a sweet voice over the phone.

"Theresa?" Dan asked.

"No, Theresa's not back from the club yet, this is Sheri, her roommate," the girl responded.

"Oh," Dan replied, while thinking if Sheri was half as hot as her voice sounded, then she had to be a real hottie.  “Before I hang up with you, Sheri, would you mind answering a few questions?” he asked, smiling at the idea that popped into his head.  He had contributed part of Heather's happiness to Jennifer and he thought that Theresa should benefit from a similar arrangement.

"That depends on what they are," Sheri responded.

"How long have you been her roommate?" Dan asked her.

"Not for too long and it’s only temporary.  I'll move out once I get my own place," Sheri responded.

"Are you a hottie?" he asked as he felt his cock grow.

"I've never heard a complaint," she responded, matter of fact-like.

"Tell me, Sheri... do you go both ways?"  He asked, thinking that this might be the end to his questions.

"Not that it’s any of your business, but I'm strictly into guys," she responded.

"Did you know Theresa's bi?"

"Yeah, what’s your point?"

"Aren't you afraid she might hit on you?"


"Would you like it if she did?"

"I'm not into chicks, Mister," Sheri replied, and then hung up on him.

Dan wondered if she got angry from his last question or if she simply got bored.  Bottom line, Sheri sounded sexy as all hell and he wanted her.  He was so aroused at the moment that he was tempted to build a file on her.  He knew one thing for sure, a weaker man wouldn’t have hesitated to turn Sheri into his sex slave.

Strangely, Dan found the power to refrain and resist the temptation.  He refused to use Master PC for those purposes.  Now, of course, if Heather were to use Master PC to work things the way he wanted, then that would be a different thing altogether, and most certainly a good thing.  He was confident that Heather would find a way to justify turning Sheri into Theresa's bisexual lover and if they were to benefit from their new relationship, too, where would there be any harm?

"Hi, what's up?" Heather asked upon entering the den.

"I'm caught in a dilemma regarding Theresa," he mumbled in response.

"Theresa?  Who's Theresa?" Heather asked with confusion.

"Heather, sweet pet... let me explain my problem and how you're going to help me," Dan responded as he watched his favorite leftover fall under his power.


Theresa walked into her apartment drenched with sweat and breathing hard.  She had just jogged five miles and on her way to the refrigerator, she passed Sheri who was at the kitchen table.  "I know I stink, sorry.  For some reason I really sweat up a storm this morning," she stated before taking a long hit from her bottled water.

"That's all right," Sheri responded, while Theresa sat down across from her.

"I can't believe the reaction I get out there," Theresa mumbled, "It's like they never saw a girl jog before.”

"Maybe it has something to do with those," Sheri responded as she pointed to her cantaloupe-sized boobs.

“These?” Theresa asked as she glanced down at them.

“Did it ever occur to you to wear a bra?”

Theresa smiled, remembering a time when she didn't have boobs this big.

"I...  What’s that smell... nice," Sheri mumbled, suddenly looking dazed.
Theresa wasn’t sure what Sheri was talking about.

"Smells real nice," Sheri whispered as her right hand moved down underneath the table.

Theresa’s eyes lit up because she suddenly realized Sheri was becoming aroused, and this sparked her own desire!  Had she been wrong in assuming that Sheri was straight all this time?  Please be at least bi-curious, she wished to herself.
"Are you all right," she asked as Sheri's breathing grew heavier.

"I feel so strange," Sheri mumbled.

Theresa's peaked underneath the table and saw that Sheri was caressing the insides of her thighs!

"Feel so horny," Sheri groaned.


"And not only would I like you to come live with me, but I'm opening the invitation to Sheri as well," Danny told her over the phone.

"Oh, that is so sweet of you," Theresa gushed, adding, "Thank you so much.”

Theresa hung up the phone with Danny with a huge smile on her face.  Danny was so nice to her.  It was kind of strange how everything turned out.  First, meeting Danny at the club she danced at, second, finding out that he was Cash's cousin.  She remembered having slept with Cash on more than one occasion, and she felt sad to learn of his death.  Now, she found herself falling for Danny, almost like it was magic, and the next thing she knew he was inviting her and Sheri to move in with him.

"Who was on the phone?"  Sheri asked as she entered the room.

Theresa smiled at Sheri, enjoying her nudity.  She was looking as lovely as ever, and she especially loved how her small tits contrasted with her large ones every time they made love.  "That was Danny.”

"Oh, him again," Sheri responded, sounding very jealous.

Theresa sighed, wishing that Sheri wouldn't get jealous every time she heard Danny's name.

"I'm horny," Sheri declared out of the blue.

“You’re always horny,” Theresa responded with a smile, noting with pleasure how cute Sheri looked with her shaved pussy.  She could also see that Sheri was very wet.  "Anyway, Danny invited us to live with him and I accepted.”

"You're kidding, right?"  Sheri responded, sounding very alarmed.

"No," Theresa replied with a smile.

"But I thought we'd live together alone!"  Sheri cried.

"I think that you'd enjoy living with Danny if you gave him a chance," Theresa responded, trying to convince her sexy redhead.

"I don't want to live with him," Sheri stated.

"Listen, Sheri...  You used to fuck guys before we met, but ever since we made love that one morning you've become obsessed with me… and now the very thought of guys horrify you.  I'm betting that you'll find Danny very attractive."

"But I only want you," Sheri pleaded with her, tearing up.

"Enough!  Get your sweet ass inside your room and go make yourself pretty because we’re going over there to visit him," Theresa commanded, putting her foot down.
Sheri pouted, but did as she was told anyway.  Theresa loved watching Sheri’s ass as she headed off to her bedroom to change.


Sheri looked at herself in the mirror with a look of satisfaction.  She looked hot and she knew Theresa would be pleased with her.  She ended up wearing her tightest and sexiest jeans, a cut-off tee shirt that barely covered her perky tits, and high heeled boots.  She looked all that and a bag of chips.

"Damn!" she muttered to herself, wishing that Danny hadn't ruined everything.  Didn't Theresa know that she was in love with her?
Once again Sheri reflected on her life altering morning.  Once again it truly amazed her.  The shock that Theresa was able to seduce her still played on her, but more so was her new sexual obsession with her.  Theresa was right about her obsessing, but there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.  Why she had suddenly become the sub in this new relationship was another thing that didn’t make sense to her.


"You owe me big for this one," Heather told him with a giggle.

"I know, Heather... I know," Dan replied with a smile.

"What are you two talking about?"  Jennifer asked as she walked into the living room.

"Never mind that pretty head of yours," Heather responded and then kissed the sexy brunette.  Jennifer's confusion dissipated as she passionately kissed Heather back.

"Our new roommates will be here any second and I'd like you two to make them feel at home," Dan told them, and no sooner had he said this, he heard a knock at the door.

“Hi girls,” Danny greeted Theresa and Sheri.  “Heather… Jennifer… this lovely brunette is Theresa and the cute redhead is Sheri… and this is Heather and Jennifer."

Theresa appeared happy and excited, while Sheri looked confused and embarrassed.

"Now, let's retire to my bedroom to get to know each other better," Danny added with a grin.

"Strip," Heather announced with a giggle, and just like that Jennifer and Theresa began stripping.

"You, too," Dan told Sheri, who appeared reluctant.

"I don't think so," Sheri responded, looking quite shocked at what she was seeing.

"Don't be silly, Sheri... strip!" Theresa told her lover and that’s all it took to get a blushing Sheri to comply.

"Now, follow me," Heather instructed everyone and Danny watched as the girls walked out of the living room and down the hallway towards the bedrooms.

"Feel free to start without me," Dan shouted to them as he detoured to his den.  He wouldn't delay too long, given how horny he was feeling, as he was really looking forward to fucking Theresa and Sheri.

Heather had once again come through with the perfect solution by taking control of Theresa.  First, by altering Theresa's sweat to ensure Sheri would be easy to seduce, and then by rendering Sheri docile and in love with Theresa.  As he sat down in front of his laptop, bringing up Master PC, he could hear the girls groaning already.  He smiled, as he brought up the files section.  To date, he had yet to enter a single command into Master PC, other than the commands to himself of course.

Yet, he still felt slightly guilty, even though everything was Heather’s doing sort of speak.  He wondered if he could use the program to alleviate some of his concerns.

Maybe by lightening up his moral belief he could feel better about himself.  He wanted to type something but couldn’t bring himself to do it.  Maybe he could dupe Heather into altering him.  He wondered why he didn't think of this before.

Then he brought up the files on Cash's leftovers to see who would be next... and smiled when he came across a girl by the name of Jessica Spears, who sported shoulder length dirty blonde hair, a gorgeous face, and a pair of huge beautiful breasts.

"Danny!" Heather cried out from the next room.

"I'm coming," he shouted back in response.

"No, I'm coming… you hurry up so you can come!" Heather replied.

Dan smiled, really loving Heather as he powered down his computer.  To think, they were all his… Heather, Jennifer, Theresa and Sheri… and not one single command.

The end.

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