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Finding Love
Sometimes falling in love isn't about finding a new lover. Sometimes it's about letting go of the past and making the most out of today.
11/06/04 Codes: No Sex, True (862 words)
Sharing a little quality time with my lover. Or am I?
09/01/04 Codes: MF Oral (1,015 words)
Modern Day Fairy Tale
Nina is in love with Eric and Kasia -- her best friends, who are married to each other. Is there any way for her dreams to come true?
03/15/04 Codes: MFF Cons Rom Oral Anal (4,180 words)
Winner of the March 2004 Silver Clitorides award.
I'm Not Scared To Take A Dare
A young woman takes a dare and learns a valuable lesson.

Written for the Seuss Fest in the Friday Knight Writers' Lounge
01/25/04 Codes: MF Cons Ins (929 words)
Christmas At The Beach
Tina spends Christmas at the beach. She doesn't expect to fall in love. How will Shawn react when he learns her secret?

Written for the FD Writings 2003 Christmas Story Fest.
12/22/03 Codes: MF Cons Rom (3,239 words)
How I Wrote My Christmas Story
Point of View 2: Amy's Return
What happens when Amy realizes she made a mistake?

Written for the 'Sing Me a Story' Festival.
12/08/03 Codes: MF Mf First Cons Rom (3,620 words)
White Flag
Rebecca loves Drew. So why is she leaving him?

Written for the 'Sing Me a Story' Festival.
11/28/03 Codes: MF No Sex (880 words)
Friends & Lovers
Lindsey and Josh have been best friends since they were 13 years old. Josh wants to be more than friends. Lindsey is afraid to try. Will Josh ever convince her they can be friends ... and lovers?
11/10/03 Codes: MFF MF Rom Oral LtSpank (18,100 words)
Point of View
Not all things end with happily-ever-after.
11/06/03 Codes: MF No Sex (417 words)
The Birthday Gift
Mitch just wants to relax on his birthday. Unfortunately, his birthday is on Halloween. After the hordes of trick-or-treaters are gone, a mysterious gift makes his birthday a memorable experience.
10/31/03 Codes: MF Cons (1,175 words)
The Distance Between
A boy and a girl in love. He goes to Georgetown. She attends Penn State. Can a long distance love survive? Ian and Michaela are about to find out.
10/20/03 Codes: MF Rom Coll Cons Oral (3,645 words)
This story was a collaboration with Frank Downey and originally appeared in his Yahoo! Group, FDWritings.
Always and Forever
When love is no more, how do you handle it?
09/20/03 Codes: MF Trag (452 words)
Reviewed by Crimson Dragon
Good Morning, Babe
Coffee and a blow job - what a way to start the day!
09/12/03 Codes: MF Oral Cons (1,035 words)
Coffee with Dad
How do you take your coffee? Black? Cream and sugar? Find out how I take mine and why. A tribute to my dad.
09/05/03 Codes: No Sex True (670 words)
When Cat is reunited with Luke at her best friend's wedding, her world is turned upside down in the space of twenty four hours. Can an old flame really be Mr. Right? What will Emma have to say about it?
08/28/03 Codes: MF Romance Cons (7,605 words)
Co-Winner of August's Silver Clitorides award.
Elevator Ride
An erotic literature convention, a malfunctioning elevator, and a horny young woman combine to make one lucky man very lucky indeed.
08/27/03 Codes: MF Cons (845 words)
To Be A Man
I had a dream last night and it was wild. Let me tell you all about it.
08/19/03 Codes: MF Cons (296 words)
The Game
A female poker ace takes on her toughest opponent. Can she win the game tonight? Inspired by the World Poker Tour.
08/19/03 Codes: MF Cons (634 words)
The General
Samantha is a thirty year old college student who is struggling to overcome her past while falling in love with her male roommate. Along the way she manages to earn a rather unique nickname.
8/12/03 Codes: MF Rom Cons Oral Exhb (12,766 words)
Co-Winner of August's Silver Clitorides award.
What Happened Last Night
A silly discussion on an erotic author's discussion forum inspires a young woman to take drastic action on her unsuspecting husband.
08/07/03 Codes: MF Cons Oral (2,015 words)
Reviewed by Crimson Dragon
The Fantasy Files Friday's Links Awards ASSTR Donations