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The Fantasies Of Others
My Favorite Authors Of Erotica


What can I say? He loves me.
Make sure to read his Friday-inspired fairy tales.

One of the founding members of the Friday Knight Writers' Lounge


One of the regulars in the FKWLounge, Big Ed writes stories that tantalize and delight. Like hockey? Check out Two Minute Penalties.


Cat is one of my favorite new authors. You want romance? I highly recommend Mercedes, A Cat's Tale, and My Life.


This incredibly talented mistress of flash stories continues to inspire me. My favorites are The Memory Star and Til Death Do Us Part. Have the box of tissues handy.


Woodland sprite and friend to all. Check out The Price of Seduction, Eddies, and Ocean Mist.

Ed Houle

A new and somewhat sporadic author that I like to encourage to continue writing. Need a happy ending? Try Time and Trials, then its sequel, A Friend in Deed.

Frank Downey

What to read? Why Dance of a Lifetime, of course! His Naked in School stories are what inspired me to write.

Gary Jordan

Smokin' Hot Sex, The Chocolate Morsels Universe-- what's not to like? Make sure you check out his collection of Naked In School stories. It's the best around.


A new author with lots of talent. While his stories are excellent, make sure you check out his poetry. It's spectacular.

One of the founding members of the Friday Knight Writers' Lounge

Mr. Freeze

You want hot? Check out Bellaire Belles.

Net Wolf

Net Wolf is one of the most highly regarded authors of MC erotica. Read his award-winning stories CAMP: Ron's Journey and my personal favorite, Dragonseekers.


One hot, sexy vampire and his garden of warrior-women flowers; Kindred is a must read. The Taxman and the Muse? See just who it is that needs a little disclipline.

Paul Story

Need a massage? Check out Paul's stories on the subject and you'll need a cold shower. Cable, Claire's Detention, and The Catch are some others that will leave you squirming.

The Reverend Cotton Mather

Attend Sunday services at the Church of Erotic Redemption. My favorite sermon-- Sean Porter and his friends in Playing The Game. All three incarnations will insure your regular attendance.

Rod Ramsey

You want romantic? Silly and fun? Spank with B&D? Rod has got a little something for everyone. He very kindly recorded the events at my indoctrination into Musedom-- Initiation of Friday, JM(CE). My other favorites? Coming Home, Wedding Dance, and A Paddle For Becky.

One of the founding members of the Friday Knight Writers' Lounge

Jane's Sex Guide for Quality Original Erotica Jane's Sex Guide for Quality Porn

Jane's Sex Guide For Quality Erotica is a hand-indexed directory of links to porn and erotica. What does that mean? It means an actual person spent 30 minutes to 2 hours browsing the site before it was reviewed and indexed on The best sites have both original and quality ratings, good material that you won't find elsewhere.

Jane's Guide reviewed my website on January 7, 2004 and gave it both an "Original" and a "Quality" rating!


The wonderful organization that provides this webspace free of charge. Home to some of the best erotic fiction ever written.

Electronic Wilderness Publishing

Another great website to find some wonderful stories. Not all stories published here are erotica.

Stories Online

A huge archive of sex stories with one of the best search engines available.

Silver Clitorides Awards

The Silver Clitorides have only one category - Best Story of the Month. Any freely available story published on the Internet for the first time during the month in question is eligible. Take the time to nominate a story and vote.

Golden Clitorides Awards

The Academy Awards of Erotic Fiction, awarded only once a year. Any freely available story published on the Internet published from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004 is eligible.

The Fantasy Files Friday's Links Awards ASSTR Donations