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First Published: 09 November 2017

Toby by Isabella

Story Code: m/f, f/f, M/f, Public Sex, Incest, Grandfather/Granddaughter, Underage, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

I was a normal, everyday, average teenager. I went to school every day, on time and homework up to date. It wasn't that I was a goody two-shoes, my school held a sword of Damocles over my head. I lived to run, if I was given one demerit for any kind of misdemeanour I'd be given a three month ban from representing my school or my county on the running track. Another reason that I never misbehaved in School was that my mother was always on my case, always looking over my shoulder to make sure that I was keeping on the straight and narrow.

My best friend Sarah Clarke cornered me at School between classes on the last day of term, "Do you know Toby Wildfire?"


"He was asking questions about you yesterday at the youth club!"

"What kind of questions?"

"He wanted to know if we knew whether you had a boyfriend, if you'd ever had a special boyfriend at school or around the village."

"Why would Toby want to know that?"

"No idea but do you actually know him, know him?"

"We're cousins or something I think."

"Why do you think that?"

His dad Pete is my dad's brother I think. When we were younger his mother used to look after me when my mother was studying for her degree."

"How come his last name isn't Adams like the rest of your family?"

His mum and dad didn't get married!"

"You mean Toby's a bast..."

I jumped in before she could get the bad word out, "Quite! But then out of the blue one day my mum went berserk and we stopped going round to their house and they never came around ours either."

"Toby was really surprised when you weren't at the youth club, every other teenager in our area was there, I told him that your mother never let you out to have any fun."

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After Sarah's comment about my cousin Toby I went home very confused, I couldn't remember anything about why my mother fell out with Toby's family, it all happened a few years earlier but the breakup was enough to cause a total schism in our family and no one in our house had spoken to anyone in Toby's house since. Because there was no school for the next seven weeks I went to bed late that night and fully intended to sleep past noon, just to prove to everyone that I was on holiday.

I was sleeping in my bedroom, the night had been hot so I'd slept under just my top sheet, my windows wide open as well as my bedroom door to try and catch any passing breeze there may be. Even though I'd gone to bed late, because of the temperature, it had taken a long time to get to sleep and my night had been very disturbed, Sarah's earlier conversation about my cousin's interest in me, apparently coming all the way to our village looking for me had also played on my mind a lot. Toby was on my mind so much that I got into a dream about him. I could feel his hand caressing my body in bed, I'd never had an honest to goodness dirty dream before and the feeling, the itch between my thighs, was the most outstanding thing I'd ever felt in my life before.

Something felt out of place, I never ever slept on my back, it always felt uncomfortable whenever I lay on my back so I religiously slept on my side or face down but in my dream I was on my back and as well as the intense pleasure between my legs I felt the tightening in my throat because I was on my back. I forced my eyes opened to a squint, Toby as sitting on my bed, he was level with my left hip, my top sheet was piled up on the right of my body and my nighty had been pushed up under my chin, leaving my body totally exposed and Toby's hands were exploring my body.

Was I just having a dirty dream? Was I actually awake and somehow, after many years of not seeing my cousin or any of his immediate family, he was in my bedroom, sitting on my bed fondling my body?

Toby's fingers drifted down from my breasts, over my belly and over the few hairs that had recently started to grow over my pubic mound. I could have been dreaming until Toby grasped my right leg, close to my knee, lifting and then pushing my leg away from him. I resisted at first but then allowed Toby to open my legs. I saw a smile cross Toby's face as I stopped resisting him. His left hand felt between my legs, exploring my gash, his middle finger finding my pleasure button and causing my hips to lift from my mattress and a groan of pleasure gurgling at the back of my throat. Toby was wearing football shorts and he had pulled one leg up, exposing his cock. He started to rub his cock with his right hand, my eyes opened slightly wider when I realised his cock was exposed and he was rubbing himself off with his right hand as he increased the pleasure he was giving me with his left.

Toby rolled his hips slightly and as he gasped and his body shook, he let fly, covering my hip and pussy mound with his jizz. He had been looking intently at my body in the build up to his climax and suddenly he froze, he was listening for something, he suddenly jumped up, grabbed my top sheet and pulled it quickly across my body, he ran on the tips of his toes cross the hallway from my bedroom and into the bathroom opposite, my door closed slowly, he'd caught the edge of my door in passing and it swung lazily, stopping just short of the frame. I heard footsteps leaving the top of the stair and treading in the direction of my bedroom. I pulled the front of my nighty down under my sheet,, my knuckles dragging through my cousin's semen covering my hip and thigh.

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My mother pushed my bedroom door open, I closed my eyes to slits and I'd rolled onto my left side, I saw my mother looking around my bedroom carefully, she must have been looking for Toby. She closed my bedroom door and crossed to the bathroom, I heard the bathroom door open and my mother gasp aloud. I jumped out of bed and ran to my bedroom door, and yanked it open. My mother was standing in the bathroom doorway, the door was open and Toby was sitting on the toilet with his shorts around his ankles. Toby didn't seem one bit bothered that my mother could see him sitting on the toilet with his meat and two veg on display and he made no attempt at covering himself.

"Please make sure that you lock the bathroom door when you use the toilet in my house Toby!"

My mother closed the bathroom a little harder than I would have expected her to and she stormed off down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed my dressing gown from the back of my bedroom door, I didn't often wear it but my nighty was very wet from Toby's spunk that he left over my hip and pussy mound. I was a second or two behind my mother arriving in the kitchen, just in time to hear her say, "...I'm sure he was in Elle's bedroom but when I got up there he was in the bathroom but he never locked the door! Why the hell did you agree to look after the little monster?"

"My dad put pressure on me to look after him while his mother's in hospital and his dad can't get time off of work."

"Well, you're on your own today, I've been called in to help cover for the expected problems with the anti-G8 protests! Don't leave the kids alone while you work on your damned car all day.

They stopped taking when I entered the kitchen to grab a slice of toast and a glass of milk, my mum looked over at me and said, "Make sure you lock the bathroom door when you take your shower Elle."

"I'm going cross country running with Sarah first, I'll shower when I get back."

Toby sat at the dining table grinning across at me as I ate my toast and drank my milk, he was bigger than I remembered, I had been taller than him when his mother used to look after me even though we were the same age as each other but now he was much taller than me, he was dressed in the latest England football kit, authentic right down to his trainers, well, apart from his socks.

"What are you doing today Elle?"

"I'm going for a cross country training run!"


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"As soon as I get changed."

I took my dishes into the kitchen and headed for my bedroom to get changed into my Lycra running knickers and matching top which was little more than a Lycra sports bra with tight sleeves attached leaving my midriff exposed, all in white with a red flash and my school's initials embroidered over my right breast.

My dad was reading his Haynes manual in the kitchen. He was almost as proud of the original condition manual for his 1974 Lotus Cortina as he was the car itself, even though the car was little more than a shell with an engine. My dad managed to drag his nose out of the book to look up at me, he saw Toby standing behind me, he smiled at me, "How long will you be out running darling?"

He was looking back in his book before I could answer him, licking his fingers to turn the page. I sighed softly to myself, "How long will you need?"

My dad flicked the page back again, "Errrm, would three hours be a pain darling?"

"No, I can do the long course I suppose, that should take me over two and a half hours to complete."

"Are you taking Toby with you?"

I looked over my shoulder, Toby was grinning at me, "Do you run?"

"Usually only when her father is chasing me!" Toby said it at little more than a whisper, not loud enough to break the squelch on my father's selective hearing.

I scowled at Toby's crass comment, "Come on then!"

I jogged from my back door with Toby dogging my footsteps far too closely for comfort, down the side of the house and down the drive to the lane. I turned left into the lane and jogged slowly down the slight hill towards the footpath that led across the fields that I ran every day. The field paths had been measured at one mile, three miles, five and eight miles so that I could choose how far I wanted to run each day.

Toby tapped me on my shoulder as I ran past the path into the fields, "Hey Elle, you've missed the turning!"

"Haven't, I've got to call for Sarah first."

"We don't need Sarah! She'll just get in the way!"

"Only the path from this lane to Back Lane has public right of way, we need Sarah because all the running tracks are over her grandfather's land."

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I knocked at Sarah's back door. She was waiting for me, dressed in exactly the same running kit as I was. We could have passed for twin sisters dressed the way we were, if her hair had been blond like mine no one would have questioned the fact. Sarah said hi to Toby and the three of us set off across Sarah's back garden to a gate that opened out two hundred yards along the path away from the lane.

We jogged the first mile at an easy lope, nothing too demanding, we ran past Sarah's grandpa's house and across the lane. We were now on privately owned land, as far as the eye could see, the land was owned by Sarah's family. Five hundred yards into the farm there was a barn, well, six steel girders holding a wriggly tin roof forty feet above the ground. Under the roof was half of the previous year's hay crop, it filled the floor area of the barn and rose to a height of twenty-five feet with a wooden ladder leaning against the hay.

Toby stopped at the foot of the ladder, "Hey Sarah, Does your grandfather mind if you mess about on the hayrick?

"No, just so long as we're careful, no matches, no smoking and don't leave anything behind that could hurt the livestock!"

Toby was half way up the ladder before Sarah finished her warning. I was jogging on the spot. Sarah stood looking at Toby's legs and bum as he clambered up the ladder. Her face suddenly turned red, she reached out and grabbed my arm, dragging me to her side without looking away from Toby's shorts, she whispered, "Look at that, he doesn't have any underpants on under his baggy shorts!"

I'd already seen Toby's cock once today and it was far bigger that time, "Well, we don't have knickers on under our shorts!"

"Yes, but our shorts don't have baggy legs, when we climb the ladder no one will see our 'Private parts'!"

"And are we going to climb the ladder?"

Sarah gave me an incredulous look, she sighed in exasperation, "Can you see the size of his cock and it's growing bigger with every step! When will we ever get the chance to get this close to a sexy boy again in the next three years?"

I shrugged my shoulders, I'd already been close to Toby once today, mind you, he had given me more pleasure in a few seconds than I'd had in living memory, and not just any single memory, all of my life's memories combined.

Toby scrambled off of the ladder and disappeared from view on top of the hayrick, a few seconds later his head reappeared over the edge of the top row of bails. Sarah's eyes opened wide and her face went a little darker red, I looked up again, Toby had obviously taken his T-shirt off as we could see his bare shoulders over the edge of the top hay bales. "Aren't you two coming to join me up here?"

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Sarah was up the ladder like a monkey, I was a little slower, there was a ton of giggling from Sarah and suddenly Sarah was looking down at me, her shoulders, like Toby's were uncovered, before she could chivvy me on, she was dragged back away from the edge and the giggling started all over again.

As I climbed the ladder the sound of Sarah's giggling stopped, I was in no real hurry but I didn't want to be left standing out on the track in just my running knickers and Lycra top. When my head rose above the last layer of hay bales I spotted Sarah and Toby right in the centre of the rick, Toby had broken two bails apart to give him and Sarah a soft bed to lie on together. I wasn't at all surprised by the fact that Sarah and Toby were both totally naked. Sarah spent as much of her time at home naked as she could, her mother never said anything about her proclivity to strip off at the drop of a hat but Sarah never went nude at home if her father was around.

I'd stopped climbing the ladder with just my head above the bails, Sarah was flat on her back and Toby's body was half covering hers, their lips were locked together and Toby's left hand was squeezing Sarah's right breast and his left knee over her right thigh, working hard to get her legs to open. I just stood there, halfway up the ladder watching my best friend making out with my cousin. Toby managed to pry Sarah's thighs apart enough to get his knee between them and as soon as he did, his left hand slipped off of her right breast and slipped rapidly down over her ribs, her stomach, her lower abdomen and finally, between her legs.

I had a perfect view of Toby's fingers exploring Sarah's vaginal area. There was something vaguely familiar about what I saw Toby doing with Sarah although there wasn't any chance that I'd seen anything like that before as I'd never had a boyfriend in my life before. Toby did something that made Sarah arch her back off of her hay bed. I remembered that earlier Toby had woken me in a similar way. I told myself that must have been what had triggered my memories of their act but no, I was wrong, it wasn't a feeling I had remembered but the sight, the sight of Toby's fingers exploring between a girls legs, but how was that even possible, I hadn't seen Toby in so many years, not since his mother had been looking after me while my mother studied...

"Elle, come over here, stop spying on us from that bloody ladder!"

Toby was now looking at me instead of kissing Sarah. I climbed the last few rungs of the ladder and stepped around the side of the long side rail, I stopped after just a few paces and Sarah pushed her upper body up on her elbows and she smiled at me.

"You girls have been best friends all of your lives haven't you?"

Sarah and I both looked at each other and nodded our heads, Toby had a sly grin on his face, "Do you ever practice what you would do with a boy when you're older?"

I felt heat in my face so I knew I was blushing, Sarah just grinned and nodded her head. She gestured for me to join her down in the soft hay. I walked slowly and reluctantly to Sarah's side and when I was close enough Sarah grabbed me and pulled me down at her side.

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"So, what do you girls get up to when you're practising together?"

Sarah giggled and pulled me into her embrace and she kissed me and as she worked my lips with hers she sought out my right breast, rubbing and squeezing through my running top. I was very reluctant to reciprocate, not because it was unusual for us to kiss and youch each other, it wasn't even that it was unusual to do it when one or other of us or both were naked, that was also a regular occurrence, more often Sarah than me being naked I have to say but what was unusual was that Sarah and I were being watched by Toby.

Toby leaned over Sarah and eased the bottom of my running top away from my ribs, Sarah felt the movement and her hand slipped under the tight Lycra and she continued fondling my breast skin to skin. Sarah and I continued kissing as if Toby wasn't there, he was working steadily to remove my running top. He had both of my breasts and Sarah's hand uncovered and he was trying to pull my right arm above my head so that he'd be able to pull my arm out of my sleeve. I froze slightly and Sarah pulled her lips away from mine, "Just relax; this is the most fun we've ever had on any of our holidays, ever!"

I relaxed and Toby pulled the cuff of my sleeve over my wrist and hand, it was just a second and my arm slipped free of its tight Latex sheath and my head followed just as Sarah leaned in again and pressed her lips against mine. Toby was rubbing Sarah between her legs from behind, I could feel the pleasure that Toby was delivering to Sarah with his fingers through her lips and breathing and as she closed into her orgasm the pressure she was using on my breast increased as well.

I felt a strange movement against my breast as Sarah was trying to excite my nipple enough to pinch it. I opened my eyes and saw Toby pulling at her wrist, trying to pull her hand away from my breast. He pulled her hand down over my ribs, over my midriff, down over my lower abdomen. It felt like Sarah was stroking her way down my body, rather than having her hand dragged down over me. Toby stopped pulling Sarah's hand just as her fingertips touched the waistband of my running knickers, "You guys play with each other down here as well as up on top?"

"Sarah's lips left mine and she looked down at where Toby had left her hand, "No, we usually just kiss and touch each other's breasts."

"Can you do to Elle what I've just done to you Sarah?"

Sarah wasn't exactly reluctant to touch me down there but Toby had extended her arm as far as it would go. Toby lifted the waistband of my knickers and Sarah's fingertips dropped down onto my lower abdomen from on top of the thin Lycra. Toby held my knickers away from my body as he and Sarah made eye contact with each other and then Toby started working with his other hand between Sarah's legs again. Sarah rolled her upper body slightly, her mouth covered my right nipple and as it did her hand slipped further down inside my knickers.

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As soon as Sarah's hand was inside my knickers Toby let go of the Lycra and started using two hands to excite Sarah. I'd rubbed myself the way that Sarah was doing to me hundreds of times before but my body's response was ten times as intense as it would have been if I were doing it for myself, 'Just like...' There was something in my past, something just like this, this feeling Sarah was giving me with her fingers. It was a long time ago so I must have been very young but, just like the feeling I'd had earlier when I saw Sarah and Toby playing together as I climbed the ladder, there was a familiarity buried deep in my subconscious from many years earlier in my life.

Toby gave Sarah a massive orgasm and as her body was working through the shockwave of pleasure wracking her body her own work on my body was suspended momentarily. Toby's hands were soon on the sides of my knickers and Sarah started to nibble at my nipple again and her fingers were working double-time between my legs. Within one or two seconds my back was arching off of the hay as all of my muscles went into spasm, Toby didn't miss a beat, as soon as my bottom lifted my running knickers were passing my knees.

Toby threw my knickers to one side and now I was just as naked as Sarah and Toby were. I was vaguely aware that Toby was rummaging in the tangle of his own clothes, I opened my eyes and looked over at him, he had his mobile phone in his hand. Toby was holding his phone away from his body and was looking at the screen. He wasn't happy with something, then he moved Sarah's legs so that he could see both of our pussies from his chosen position to take our photograph. "Elle, rub Sara's pussy like she's doing to you."

It was a bit of a contortion for me to help Sarah the way that she was doing for me and still give Toby the view he wanted of us for his photograph. I watched as Toby's thumbs flashed over the screen of his phone, he gave a triumphant smile as he pressed the final button before throwing his phone down on top of his pile of clothes before lying in the hay on my right. He started kissing me on my lips as Sarah continued working my breasts with her mouth and between my legs with her left hand.

Toby worked his body in closer, starting out with just his right knee over my left leg and eventually pushing Sarah's hand away from my pussy and her head away from my breasts as his left knee joined his right knee between my legs. His tongue was in my mouth and his hips were thrusting wildly against mine but his cock was way off target as he stabbed wildly trying to engage his cock inside my body. Sarah had moved so that she could watch the action between my legs from the best possible position.

Sarah soon realised that Toby would never make contact the way he was going, I felt Sarah's hand reach between us and she took a hold of Toby's cock, he stopped frantically stabbing around and let Sarah guide his cock into my cunt. I gasped as Toby's cock slipped deep into my gash. I was expecting pain, every girl expects pain as a man's cock opens her flower for the first time but there was no pain to speak of, just the discomfort of being filled so quickly and with so much force.

Toby pulled his tongue out of my mouth, "Hey Sarah, fancy getting my phone and snapping a few pictures of me and my cousin together?"

Page 8

Sarah giggled and jumped up; she stepped over Toby and me and headed for his pile of clothes. Sarah snapped a few long shots of me and Toby before she stepped in closer and snapped a picture close up to our hips as Toby lifted his body slightly so that Sarah could photograph his cock inside my cunt. Toby pushed his upper body away from mine and he went a little berserk throwing his cock into my body until he gave himself his second orgasm of the day.

Toby rolled away from me as soon as he had splashed down inside my body, Sarah still had Toby's phone in her hand, she squealed, "Wow, it looks just like cuckoo spit on tall grass in the spring!"

Sarah took a super close-up photograph of my gash and then she sat at my shoulder to show me the photograph of Toby's semen oozing from my cunt, it was white and frothy, Sarah was right, it did look just like cuckoo spit in the spring.

Toby was leaning across my body looking at his phone's screen as Sarah rolled backwards through the pictures that Toby had taken since we started fooling around, the last photograph with today's date on it was a picture of me in my bedroom, in my bed, with my nighty up under my chin and my body totally exposed, I was so obviously asleep and not posing for the picture. Toby asked Sarah if she knew how to link the photographs together into a slideshow, Sarah nodded her head, "Great, make all of the photographs together and text the file to my dad, he's in my contacts list as PA."

I was processing that little bit of information when his words lined up in my head, 'Slideshow!'. No, that wasn't the problem, 'Text message!'. Worrying but still no real big problem, 'Send to my father!' There it was, that was the problem! "Stop Sarah, don't..."

"Too late Elle, you should have said earlier, I've already pressed send, no way to get it back now!"

Toby said, "Hey Sarah, you like the taste of a boy's spunk?"

"I have no idea...why? You think you can go again so soon?"

Toby reached out and slipped his hand behind Sarah's neck, "No but I know where you can find some freshly made juice!" Toby pushed Sarah's head between my legs and she giggled as she began to lick my cunt, drinking Toby's semen out of my body.

As Sarah was driving me mad with her mouth and tongue I heard the sound of a big diesel engine belonging to one of the larger farm tractors coming close to the barn. It sounded like the tractor was passing right by the foot of the ladder when it shuddered to a stop, I always imagined those huge tractors were shaking like a dog fresh out of a stream when they turned their engines off. The silence was suddenly defining. I held my breath so I could try and listen for any threatening movements as the tractor had stopped very close to the bottom of the ladder. I had frozen to the spot waiting to hear the tractor start up again and continue on its way.

Page 9

I heard the sound of an incoming text message; I looked to Toby's phone but the sound of the incoming text message hadn't come from that direction...

"I thought that you kids would be up here, as soon as I realised that you girls were playing with each other on a bed of hay in the photograph that Peter Adams sent to me a few minutes ago!"

I almost snapped my neck as I looked from Toby's phone to the ladder and saw Sarah's grandfather standing on the ladder looking over in our direction, he took his mobile phone from his pocket and he opened the message as he climbed over the edge of the hay bales to join us on the top of the hayrick. He stopped just short of us and looked at the screen on his phone, he smiled and said, "Good old Peter, he started the message running again and turned the phone so that I could see the screen, "Did you take these pictures Sarah?"

Sarah grinned at her grandfather and nodded her head.

"Did you let Toby fuck you as well Sarah?"

Her grin widened, "Not today but I let him fuck me last night at the back of the youth club!"

Now my head was moving like I was at a tennis match, looking from Sarah to her grandfather and back over and over again.

"It's a pity that your dad is working away Toby, he's really disappointed that he can't get here today while things seem to have lined up so well!"

Sarah knee-walked over the hay until she was right in front of her grandfather, she reached for his wide, leather, belt and pulled it until it fell open, then she started to open his trousers as well, "How long do you have to play today grandpa?"

Sarah pulled his trousers and underpants down together and Ron stepped out of them, his cock was...well, it reminded me of one of his stallion's cocks, we often saw them in the fields getting excited as they roamed along the fence separating them from the mares waiting in the mext field to be covered.

Sarah was rubbing his cock with both hands wrapped around it, he looked funny with grey hair but black pubic hair.

"I've only got two hours for you today darling."

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Sarah was leaning forward, she stuck her tongue out and licked over the bulbous head of his cock as she rubbed her hands along his cock shaft, she leaned back to look up into his eyes as she continued to pump her hands up and down his cock shaft, "Can we try to get your cock in me again today grandpa?"

"I'll try darling but I think I might still be too big for you...perhaps Elle can take me in if I can't get in you, I'd much rather cum in a pussy rather than a mouth."

"Why would Elle be able to take you if I can't?"

"Well, I've seen Elle take Toby's father in her before and she was only a toddler back then."

I got a kind of flashback, I saw an image in my head, Ron was on Toby's mother, he was having sex with her and to see them I was looking out from under Peter's chest, Toby was watching both men fucking...Peter was on top of me...he was fucking me!

Sarah managed to stretch her mouth over the head of Ron's cock but she couldn't get past the widest bit so she moved her mouth, it looked like she was kissing along the length of his cock but she was actually leaving a thick trail of her saliva all over the outside of his cock. Once she'd finished painting his cock she fell onto her back, she grasped the backs of her knees and pulled her legs wide open, getting into 'Splits' position as Ron leaned forward, he reached under Sarah's bottom, lifting her as he pushed the head of his cock against her vagina.

Ron pushed so hard that Sarah just scooted out from under him, her head bumped into my hip and I stopped her going any further, Ron tried again but he knew that he was hurting her too much even though she wasn't complaining.

"Sorry baby, it's not going in, let Toby do you first, I'll empty my balls into Elle first and after Toby dumps his load in you, I'll try again."

Ron slipped away from Sarah's cunt and knee walked towards me as Toby took his place, Sarah gasped as Toby rammed his cock up her cunt, I suddenly worked out what Ron had said and as he grabbed my ankles I was trying to scoot away from him but he already had me held fast and now he'd stopped moving towards me and had started to pull me into him. "No, don't, tou can't be serious, you'll kill me!"

Ron's cock pressed against my pussy lips and as I braced myself against the expectation of pain to come, he lowered his hips and slipped into me with little effort and even less pain. I started to orgasm before his cock was fully in me and I was driven mad by pleasure as he got into his stride and pounded his cock into me.

Page 11

Toby took longer getting Sarah off and when he eventually climaxed again, his third orgasm in just a few hours, Ron was ready for him and he jumped away from me and took Toby's place between Sarah's legs. Even though Toby had opened her door and laid down a slippery carpet for Ron to slide along, even though Sarah was well greased, as Ron ploughed into her, she started screaming in pain but was begging her grandfather not to stop, she was desperate to get him all the way inside her body...and she wanted him to do it right there and then.

As Ron struggled to get his cock all the way in he looked over at me and winked, "Pity Peter isn't here, he got his cock in you in just one day and then he fucked you five times a week until your mother got sick and came to pick you up early, fortunately I'd just fucked Claire, Toby's mum, and was in the toilet washing her shit off of my cock when your mother walked in and caught you being fucked by Toby, all three of you in the nude...a good thing she didn't see me but a bad thing because I didn't get to fuck you myself."

Toby scooped me into his arms and pulled me onto his lap as we sat and cuddled, watching Ron finally get his last inch of meat into Sarah's cunt. Toby fucked me for a second time as Ron made a meal out of fucking Sarah.

Ron was bellowing out like a bull would as it fucked a cow to signify that he was climaxing into Sarah.

Toby had his fifth climax of the morning and Ron suggested that we should go home now, he looked at his watch, I've been here for three hours and June will come looking for me because I should have been home an hour ago. And I'm sure that you girls will be missed by now. I pulled my running kit on, Sarah and I were like twins again, we both dressed the same and both of us had rivers of semen running out of our cunts as we climbed down the ladder.

Toby went into the kitchen to get a drink while I went into the garage to see how much longer my father would be before he could sort out our lunch. Dad was under his car, I leaned over the front wing and looked down into the engine compartment, here was the scraping sound of the dolly he was laying on moving and suddenly his head appeared out from under the wheel arch. His hair ticking my ankles took me by surprise and I did a sudden star jump, up in the air with my legs wide open. As I hit the floor my dad looked up, I was already looking down, my dad's face turned instantly red and he closed his eyes and I realised why, as my legs sprang apart, Toby's drying spunk held the crotch of my running knickers against my left inner thigh so with my legs wide open my dad could see my wide open pussy hole.

Page 12

It was a good job that his eyes were closed as it happened because a huge globule of jellified semen dropped out of my body, jerked lose by the star jump, it landed with a soft splat in my dad's hair.

"I think you overdid the running darling, you need a shower, you have your shower first and tell Toby to have one after you and by the time you're finished, I'll be in to make lunch."

I guessed that my father would take more than an hour just to clean and put his tools away so when I went into the house and caught Toby drinking one of my dad's beers I just told him that I was going to take a shower, "My dad said he'd be in to make lunch in about an hour. I walked through the door into the hall but didn't close it behind me, as I climbed up the stairs I looked back towards the kitchen, Toby had moved into the doorway to watch me climbing the stairs. I went into the bathroom but didn't lock the door behind me, I was naked in a flash and as I stepped into the shower cubicle Toby opened the bathroom door.

I casually started washing my body as Toby looked on, I turned my back so that I could wet my back under the shower and when I turned back, Toby was just opening the shower door, he was naked again and, once again he was hard as iron. He joined me in the shower and as I soaped my body, he fucked me under the cascading water.

I was amazed at just how comfortable I felt being fucked by my cousin in the shower with my father just a few feet away...amazed at how easily I had transitioned from a girl who didn't look at boys...well, okay, I'd looked at boys but usually they had been attracted by my best friend Sarah, they only talked to me because they were waiting for their turn at Sarah and as I watched her taking a boy into her grandfather's barn for fifteen minutes of heaven but I didn't understand exactly what they meant by heaven...I started another orgasm, sex while standing up was fucking difficult, as I shuddered through my orgasm my legs turned to jelly and Toby had to press me against the wall of the shower to stop me sliding down onto the floor of the shower tray.

I'd gone from no experience of a boy to being comfortable with him in the shower and I'd been fucked seven times in just four hours. I left Toby in the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I walked down to the kitchen rubbing my body through the towel. My father was at the kitchen sink with his hands covered in 'Swarfega' trying to rub the oil and greece off of his hands, he looked over at me and smiled at seeing me wrapped in my towel, "Can you turn the hot tap on for me darling, your mother will have a fit if I get the taps dirty again."

I had to lean past my father to turn the tap on and as I did my towel fell open. My ear was right next to my father's mouth and as he saw my naked body and gasped, "It's a good thing that your mother isn't here, she'd give you a right bollocking and then kill me!"

Page 13

I wondered why my dad thought my mother would kill him for me dropping my towel but that thought was answered as I bent down to pick up my towel and saw the bulge in his trousers. I'd never seen my father undressed, never seen him in underpants or swimming trunks either, when we went swimming, he always wore swimming shorts so I had no idea what his body looked like but seeing the bulge in his trousers made me wonder just what he would look like naked.

Toby came down wrapped in a towel, he walked into the kitchen just after I'd wrapped my body up in my towel again, "Sorry Uncle Colin, I would have put my football strip back on before I came down but it's wet and stinking from my long run."

I knew that Toby was lying to my father. He'd taken his clothes off before he did anything strenuous and he had air-dried totally before he put it back on. My father looked at me and he smiled and winked at me, "Would you do me a favour darling, if I try to run that bloody washing machine I know I'll ruin everything I put in it, would you run Toby's football strip through the washing machine for me please?"

I went up to the bathroom, Toby's clothes were on the floor of the bathroom, I tipped the laundry basket onto the floor and picked through the dirty clothes, I found two very sexy pairs of knickers hidden at the bottom of the laundry basket along with a nighty that was little more than nylon netting, I held the nighty against my body, it was shorter than I'd wear in bed and it had to be my mother's nighty but that seemed very strange to me, I didn't think that my mother was a nighty kind of woman.

Even with my running kit as well as the sexy panties and nighty there still wasn't enough white clothes to make up a wash. I left the white clothes on the floor and put the coloured clothes back in the laundry basket and went to my parent's bedroom. As I walked in I got a bit of a shock, I knew that my parent's bed was a king-sized bed made up of two single box divans, the bases were joined together with metal straps at the foot and the head and the mattresses were zipped together...well, that's how they had been for the past fourteen years, today however, they were apart, my mother's bedside cabinet was between them.

I lifted my mother's pillow off of the bed, I spotted a pair of pink fleece pyjamas and matching bed socks, 'Now that's more my mother's style!' went through my head.

I stripped my mother's pillow case off of her pillow and pulled her bottom sheet off of the bed. I lifted my father's pillow, no pyjamas under his pillow, I wondered if he slept in his underpants or...a shiver ran through my body, should I really be wondering how my dad dressed in bed? As I stripped the pillow case off of his pillow I answered my own question, I'd just been 'Face to face as it were with his cock as my naked body had excited him,' At least he won't have to wonder what I look like in the nude, he's already seen me that way for the first time since I was a toddler'.

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I peeled his top sheet off of his bed and looked at the bottom sheet. It looked clean but for a small circle that looked a little like sand paper roughly in the middle of the bed. I stripped his bottom sheet and carried the bedding I was going to wash, I went to my own bedroom, pulled my pillow case off my pillow and looked at my bottom sheet there was a rough patch on my bottom sheet, I realised exactly what it was, it was where Toby had been sitting when he spunked-up over my belly, the rough patch that I could see was the run-off from my belly when I jumped out of bed when my mother came up.

I looked back at my parent's bedroom, that splotch of dried semen on my father's bed must have come out of my mother's puss while they were having sex, my new experience of sex had shown me that when a man cums inside a woman his semen tends to dribble down between her bum crack.

Another question formed in my head, if my mum and dad were still having sex...then why did they separate their beds?

I spread one sheet on the bathroom floor and dumped the rest of the bedding on top of it. I picked Toby's white England shorts, the front of his shorts was crusty with his dry semen. Now I was curious, I picked up a pair of my own white panties, I felt the crotch, there was no sign of any crusting, my mother's very sexy knickers were a different story though, both pairs had a very thick crust on the gusset. Curiosity overtook me again, I found a pair of my mother's usual knickers, full sides, full legs, light blue cotton and the pad of white cotton sewn into the crotch, not a mark.

I piled the rest of the washing onto the sheet and formed it into a bag shape that I hauled onto my shoulder and dragged it down to the utility room.

My father came in as I was carefully loading the washing machine's drum so that the three sheets wouldn't put it out of balance, he picked up my mother's white froth of nylon mesh, "Where did you get this?"

I gave my father my best 'Incredulous' look, "I mean, is it new, I've never seen it before."

He turned the nighty in his hands to look at the back, I could see a stiff patch at the bottom of the back of the nighty, that spot that would have been the drip-tray for my father's spunk when he was fucking my mother, he brushed the tips of his fingers over the rough patch, "I guess that it isn't your nighty then!"

Page 15

I shook my head, my father grimaced, "I wonder who she bought it for?"

He wasn't really talking to me though. My mother had been a police officer for ten years, she was stationed in Northampton for all that time but a year ago she took a promotion to Special Operations Unit Nineteen, they didn't have an office that they reported to every day, most of her work for the past year had been in London though but today she was in Wales, Finance ministers from the eight richest nations were meeting to discuss the financial crisis in Ireland, Italy and Greece. It was only a two hour drive from home and because things had been kept very quiet they were hoping that there would be no anti-government protesters at the hotel. My mother was expecting to sit in a local police station close to the hotel where the meeting was taking place and if everything remained quiet, half of the SO19 team would be sent home and the rest would remain on standby close to the hotel.

The phone rang, my dad pressed the speaker phone button so he didn't touch the handset with his hands as he'd put lotion on them to replace the natural oils that covering his hands with engine oil and greese and then washing his hands with Swarfega had taken out of his skin.


"Hi, I've drawn a short straw, I'm one of the team that has to stay over in Wales tonight."

"Do you have a change of clothes with you?"

"Yes, my 'Go-bag' was in the boot of my car from last week, fortunately there was no leak about the meeting so looks like we're going to have a quiet time over here."

"Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Erm, before you go, where are Elle and Toby?"

"Elle's in her bedroom getting a head start on her assignments for next term and Toby's in the living room watching TV."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow sometime!"

There was a click and my father switched the speaker phone off.

'Interesting...very interesting, no love, no darling, no small talk. I could understand that from my mother, she would be sitting in a small room with a machine pistol across her lap and nine burly men holding similar weapons but I'd heard my father making small talk on the phone to her before, he would have said "Hello darling" as soon as he realised that it was my mother on the phone and he would have parted with a "Love you darling" at the end of the call.

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My dad stood there for a moment pondering things before he took his emergency phone list from under the phone. He dialled a number, "Erm, hello, can I speak to Ben please? Wales...okay, thanks, sorry to bother you then."

My dad was tapping his fingers against his cheek and then he dialled another number, "Hello, can I...oh hi Alan, it's Colin...yes, her husband...I'm just phoning to see if you'd be interested in a barbecue, a surprise for her birthday."

My father was obviously suspicious about what my mother was up to, he'd called her section leader first and her section leader's wife had said that her husband was working in Wales but couldn't say why.

Alan had been at home when my father called him, Alan was my mother's partner, on an operation, Alan and my mother would have been joined at the hip, if Alan was off today, my mother would also be off but that was what we had expected, she was on a four day weekend before Ben phoned her last night and 'Stood her too' for their operation in Wales.

My dad phoned three more members of my mother's team, they were all at home as well, they all got an invite to my mother's surprise birthday barbecue.

My dad smiled at me, "What would you like for lunch darling?"

"Grilled cheese please!"

"With a nice thick slice of ham under the cheese?"

I nodded my head and then caught my towel as it slipped down again, exposing a little of my breast before I caught it. His grin widened as he saw my puppies pop their little pink noses out from under my towel.

I was expecting that after two slips of my towel my father would send me to my bedroom to get dressed properly but he didn't, he turned towards the living room, "Toby, is grilled cheese on toast with ham okay for your lunch?"

"Lovely thanks Uncle Colin!"

"Why don't you go in and watch TV with Toby?"

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I had put a generous heaped scoop of washing powder into the machines drawer as well as a level measure of the dry bleach powder, I'd set the temperature to forty centigrade and the spin speed to one thousand RPM so that my mother's delicate nighty and sexy knickers wouldn't be damaged. It was a hot sunny day outside and everything would soon dry in the slight breeze.

I walked in on Toby as he watched our TV, he'd picked one of the channels that ran music videos all day long. I sat next to Toby on the sofa, I could have sat on one of the other two comfortable chairs but I chose to sit next to my cousin.

Toby slipped his hand inside my towel, he pushed my legs apart so he could rub between my legs and get two fingers into my pussy. I was driven to an instant orgasm, I was looking nervously toward the kitchen door as Toby played with my body. His cock was once again standing to attention under his towel. My father carried two plates with our lunch on it into the living room, I pushed Toby's hand away from my body and struggled to cover my lap again. Toby and I were handed our plates and cutlery and my father made eye contact with me as my face reddened at being caught, I looked away from my dad to Toby, he wasn't embarrassed at all, he was cutting his lunch very nonchalantly. I looked back to my father, he winked at me as he said, "Has it been nice having your cousin around to visit today darling?"

My blush deepened, I looked at Toby again, he nodded his head at me and I looked back to my dad and nodded my head as well.

"Good, you guys used to love playing together when you were looked after by your Aunty Claire, I always loved picking you up after work so I could watch you two together."

I looked back at Toby, his face was split in two by a massive grin.

My father went and fetched his lunch and he sat opposite us in the arm chair, the towel was fine at covering my body when I was standing up...well, apart from two little accidents that is...the problem came when I was sitting back on the sofa, there was a lot of my upper thigh on show...and I wasn't sure exactly how much else my father could see from his chair, he filled his mouth with food and he winked at me again, "Why don't you relax darling, you look on edge, you're mother is miles away, she won't walk in and catch us!"

Toby chuckled, "Not like she did six years ago!"

After we'd finished our lunch my father collected our plates and said, "Why don't you two go up to your room Elle, listen to some music or something!"

My head was suddenly in a spin, my mother would have killed me if she'd caught me just wrapped in a towel in our living room after my shower if I'd been alone in the house but with my father and my cousin being around as well she would have killed me twice over and that would be before she saw Toby wrapped in a towel as well...she would probably have shit a brick if she'd seen the way we were right now. I'd always considered my father far more relaxed than my mother but I never expected him to suggest that two fourteen year olds go to the privacy of a bedroom when one was his 'Innocent' daughter and the other an obviously horny fourteen year old boy!

Page 18

I checked the running time on the washing machine, it had thirty minutes to run, I'd set my phone to count-down mode so I'd be warned the moment the washing machine finished its final cycle.

Well, as soon as we stepped into my bedroom the expected thing happened, Toby had dropped his towel on the landing outside my bedroom and my towel was pulled away from my body as soon as I stepped across my threshold. Toby was hard once again and had me pinned down on my bed as he did push-ups on top of me.

I was soon in heaven all over again and I'd lost count of the number of intense orgasms that Toby had delivered. I heard a sound outside my bedroom door and looked over as I gasped with the pleasure being pounded into my body. In Toby's hurry to get at me again, he's only half-heartedly closed my door and it had bounced open an inch. I gasped again, this time from shock as I saw my father bending down to pick Toby's towel up off the floor through the open gap. My father hung Toby's towel on my bedroom door handle and that act caused my door to open even more. I started to buck my body to shake Toby off of me, he worked even harder to keep me pinned down on my bed and then realised that I was looking at my bedroom door, he looked over at the door and then forced his cock into me even harder, "Don't worry, this isn't the first time your father has seen me doing this to you baby!"

My dad mouthed sorry in my direction and he started to close my bedroom door, "You don't have to stand out there Uncle Colin, you can come in and watch if you like!"

I gasped in shock at Toby's offer to my father...gasped even deeper when my father pushed my door open and stepped into the room...

9,500 words.

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