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First Published: 07 November 2017

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Out of Balance Part 2
by Isabella

Story Code: M/F, F/F, M+/F, MM/F, Anal, Oral, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

We slept late, even though Johnny had a mountain of paperwork to do, we'd fucked into the early hours and three orgasms had really taken a toll on my husband's energy. We'd slept naked for the first time in our lives and when we finally got up, I put on a thin cotton dressing gown with nothing under it and Johnny slipped into underpants to sit at his desk in the smallest bedroom that he used as his home office. I spent what was left of the morning doing mundane jobs like the ironing and cleaning around the down stairs rooms. I was actually getting turned on all over again because I kept 'Falling out' of my dressing gown, not just because I kept falling out but because I was in the living room where anyone in the street outside could see me or even the neighbours across the other side of the street might have seen me from their own living rooms.

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I'd never really been a show off in my life before, I was actually very shy usually but then I'd never really tied people looking at my body with actual sex, mainly because I'd only ever had sex in the dark before the previous day with Angela and Ray and then, Ian and Paul, they had started fucking me in the dark but had soon put the lights on so that they could watch each other as they took me over and over again.

At mid-day I made lunch, just freshly baked bread and soup, the bread I'd made myself but the soup was cooked by Messer's Heinz and Co Ltd. I called Johnny down for lunch and we sat opposite each other to eat, my left breast popped out as I leaned in towards the table to take a spoonful of soup. Johnny opened his eyes wider as he saw my little puppy pop out, well, not so little...he raised his eyebrows twice suggestively and then his attention was suddenly drawn to the back window. I was about to heave my wayward breast back into my dressing gown when I looked at the window too. Robin, the guy who lived directly behind us was in his back garden, he was talking to his next door neighbour, another man, so there were two men just a few feet away from us, Robin would definitely be able to see me if he looked in my direction, I wasn't so sure about the other man.

I spotted Johnny's hand slip down to his lap as he looked from my exposed breast to Robin, his worn out cock was waking up all over again. Because of Johnny's reaction I decided not to put my tit away and continued eating my soup, as I rocked back and fourth to eat my soup my dressing gown fell open completely and the more that I exposed, the harder Johnny got.

At one point Robin went into his house and Johnny's cock softened, even though my breasts were still both exposed and Johnny didn't get hard again until Robin returned to his back garden and stood a good chance of seeing me sitting there with my breasts exposed.

By the time I finished my bread and soup my upper body was totally exposed, my dressing gown had fallen off of my shoulders. I could have adjusted my dress before I stood up to take my dishes away but I didn't, Johnny was so turned on at the prospect of our neighbour seeing my tits through the window, I guessed that he'd be doubly turned on by me exposing my whole body in the open.

I stood up with my arms at my side and my dressing gown fell to the floor, Johnny gasped and then he shot a quick look towards Robin in his back garden. Robin was facing our direction but he was looking down at the early vegetables that he was planting. Once he had the planting done he would place a removable cloche over the trench, Johnny stood up and moved in front of me, he wrapped me in his arms as I looked over his shoulder, my left hand was rubbing over Johnny's erect cock that was sticking out of the fly hole in his underpants, I whispered, "Robin's looking in at us now!"

Johnny's cock jumped in my hand like it was trying to escape.

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"Turn me round and fuck me on the table!"

His cock jumped even harder, almost escaping my grip. It took Johnny a while to make up his mind, he really wanted to do me...but he wasn't absolutely certain that he wanted such a close neighbour to see us doing it through our dining room window.

Johnny lifted me off the floor; he turned quickly and pushed me against the table's edge, I just lay back and he was in me in a flash, he was fucking me but he was looking up at Robin as he did. I could only just see Robin if I strained my neck, Robin looked upside down to me, he was trying to make it look like he was looking at something else but the bulge in the front of his trousers gave him away, no one gets turned on by gardening. Way before Johnny was ready to finish Robin ran into his house, he was still watching us from his own dining room still though, "Do you think Robin is wanking himself off as he's watching us?"

That was enough for Johnny, he fell on top of me gasping through his orgasm. After he recovered his breath I stood up and faced the window still totally naked for a full minute before I bent down and retrieved my dressing gown. Johnny reluctantly returned to his book keeping and I washed the dishes. I took him a coffee up at two o'clock, I was once again totally naked, Johnny thanked me for the drink, he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me, "It's going to cost us a fortune to heat the house enough for you to walk around dressed like this all winter long!"

"I could get dressed!"

"God no, I love seeing you dressed like this but for now...bugger off, I've got to earn us enough money to cover the heating bills."

At three o'clock Angela turned up with Sue and Emma, they were all over me, Johnny had heard the car outside, the only people he'd expected to visit in the afternoon was the police to talk about Monday night and because he thought that I might still be naked, flashing at Robin, he came down looking for his own dressing gown so he could answer the front door when it was knocked.

Angela and the girls hadn't knocked on the front door, they'd come straight around the back, Johnny walked into the living room as I was in an embrace with my three best friends. Johnny gasped and turned his back on the girls, Angela chuckled, "Don't worry about it Johnny, my old man wouldn't be wearing that many clothes if he was alone at home...a man should be able to walk around his own house in his underpants if he wants to!"

Johnny left the room through the door he'd come in by even though the fastest route to the utility room and his dressing gown was through the living room and dining room. He went the long way round and after he put his dressing gown on he came back via the kitchen. Johnny sat in his favourite chair wearing just his underpants and dressing gown, Sue sat in the other chair and Emma and Angela sat on the sofa with a space left for me. I was in the kitchen making coffee for everyone and heard a little of the conversation going on in the living room, there was a lot of speculation about the identity of the rapists and if it could happen to one of the other women in the village, I heard Angela say, "Well, probably not to me, I've had half the men from the village already since I moved here."

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I almost heard Johnny gulp even through two rooms, his voice was a little squeaky as he said, "Vicky says that you and Ray are swingers Angela."

I moved into the door way between the kitchen and dining room, I saw Angela looking in my direction, I held my breath in case Angela mentioned that she and Ray had already had a bite of my cherry.

"We don't broadcast it but it's no secret either, Sue and Emma have heard a lot of the juicy details of our lives here in the village...I'm the kind that can't help bragging about my conquests."

I leaned further into the dining room until I could see Johnny, I expected him to have a red face, what I didn't expect was to see his cock bulging under his dressing gown.

We drank our coffee and at four o'clock Sue and Emma walked home and Johnny went back to work in the smallest bedroom. I listened for his footsteps above to be sure that he was in his home office before I laughed, "I was shitting myself in the kitchen when Johnny asked you about swinging, I thought you might just drop me in the shit!"

"No, I guessed that you wouldn't want Johnny to know what we did before you were raped."

Angela made a sudden move on me, my dressing gown was open and she was making love to me, "You have to get back on the horse as quickly as possible, Johnny might not want to approach you for sex for quite a while after you've been raped."

"Just the opposite actually, he's fucked me more in the last twenty-four hours than in the past twelve months."

I had lifted Angela's dress up to her breasts and we engaged in a brief sixty-nine act on the sofa for fifteen minutes. Johnny walked from his office and that stopped our action in their tracks, he could be in the living room in just a few seconds and I didn't want to get caught with my head between Angela's legs.

I covered up and we sat like prim and proper housewives as the sound of the toilet flushing came from overhead, we both burst out laughing and Angela said, "I'd better be off home, Ray will be pining for sex by this time of day."

"Oh, before you go, because Johnny got so turned on at the thought of another man fucking me, I mentioned to him that Ray would probably be willing to fuck me while Johnny watched, Johnny was extremely turned on by that you may want to prime Ray, just in case Johnny approaches him but beats around the bush instead of just coming out and asking him!"

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Angela smiled at me, she kissed me and as she walked to the kitchen she said, "I can see we're going to have a little bit of fun with Johnny there, I'll get my head together with Ray and see what we can come up with."

I cooked dinner and we ate it totally naked, it was dark outside, our lights were on and our curtains were wide open. Johnny couldn't see if Robin was watching us but because we were so on display, Johnny was excited from his first bite to the end of his pudding.

"Let's leave the pots to soak and have an early night." Johnny winked as he said it, he was hard and he wanted to fuck me in the comfort of our bed.

As we walked out into the hallway the telephone rang, it was almost like we'd tripped a burglar alarm as we opened the door into the hallway. As Johnny was closest to the telephone when it sounded he picked it up, "Hello, zero-one-five-three-six...oh hi Angela I'll...oh, okay, how can I help you?"

I watched as Johnny deflated, his body stooped slightly, his chest deflated and his erection sagged as he listened to what Angela wanted

"Yes, I do have a contact at a company that prints T-shirts and does embroidery to fleece jackets...okay, I'll bring the catalogue with me and I'll bring Vicky to keep you company."

Johnny hung the phone up and shook his head, "Sorry darling but the darts team committee are meeting tonight at Ray and Angie's house, one of them came up with the idea of getting fleece jackets with the club's name embroidered on them and they want me to give them some ideas on price and style...Angie asked me to take you with me to keep her company while we're going through my catalogue."

Johnny was disappointed but my excitement climbed several notches. I knew something that Johnny didn't; this was probably the opening shot across Johnny's bow by Ray to get his hands on my body again.

I was even more turned on as I walked up the stairs, my inner body was spurting its lubricating juice into my vaginal cavity to get me ready for sex and by the top of the stairs it was starting to dribble down my inner thighs.

Johnny went into his office and found a sample T-shirt from the company that he'd mentioned on the phone to Angela as well as their catalogue. He was going to take the T-shirt in its wrapper but I said it would look better if he wore it, a tight white T-shirt with the logo of the printers over the left breast and the name of the company emblazoned across the back. he put on jogging trousers and boxer shorts while I was searching my underwear drawers for the skimpiest knickers that I could find. I settled on a pair of almost transparent bikini brief knickers and while I was looking through my collection of tops and blouses I spotted a homemade crop top, it had started life as one of Johnny's old football shirts, he'd been grabbed from behind as he ran up the pitch and it had been torn. I just cut the bottom of the shirt off level with the end of the rip, in my mind, Johnny could wear it over a T-shirt in the winter while he was running, I'd seen a film star wearing something similar in a film once but Johnny wasn't impressed so I tried it on myself. I thought that it would be useful on the beach to cover my shoulders when I was sunbathing in a bikini.

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I pulled the crop top on over my bare breasts, over a bikini top it looked sexy but not as sexy as it looked over bare breasts, without the support of a bra or bikini top the lower orbs of my breasts were peeping out below the top. I finished my outfit off with a white, micro-mini-skirt and black patent leather shoes with four inch heels. Johnny got his erection back as he saw the way that I had dressed, "You know that there will be five other men there don't you?"

I nodded my head.

"I don't think you'll know all the men that are going to be there, I think the dart's team committee has at least two men from outside the village!"

"Would you rather I changed into something less revealing?"

"No, I think you look great just the way you are, I was just a little worried that you'd feel embarrassed dressed like that with strangers in the room."

"I don't think I'll have a problem with strangers there or not."

At the front door, Johnny opened it and then closed it again quickly, "the warm spell is definitely over, the wind's blowing down from the North and it's turned bitter, we'll both need our coats."

I was a little disappointed, I wanted to walk through the village dressed the way I was, not have my body hidden under my long coat...well, the doors had been opened, It'd be summer soon enough and by then I could gather a few more sexy clothes to wear out and about the village.

We walked past the Royal Oak arm in arm on our way to Angela and Ray's house, I looked over at the front door and wondered if Johnny would like to stop off for a drink, I would have suggested it if it had been a Friday evening when there would have been a packed bar for me to show off to but today I'd just have to settle for showing off to the five men of the darts committee.

I saw a sudden glow of orange and was reminded of Monday evening as I walked back home from my fucking session with Ray and Angela. Even in the darkness I could recognise Ian and Paul from their differences in size, there were still in the area, that surprised me, they would have known that leaving me tied to the bed the way they did would mean that I'd be found, and if found, I'd have to report the attack to the police...had it have been me I'd have run for the hills.

Johnny knocked on Ray's front door, I would have called at the back. Angela opened the door, it looked like she was dressed in a tissue-paper dress, the wind blowing into her door pushed the thin material against her body, clearly showing the dark areola and rapidly swelling nipples under the cold draught of winter's wind. There was no dark triangle showing around her lower abdomen but then I knew that she was totally shaved down there, I did however see the darker shadow caused by the cleft opening to her vagina quite clearly showing through the micro-thin material.

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The door was closed and as Johnny took his coat off Angela wrapped him in her arms and kissed him 'Welcome' to her home on his lips. "The committee are meeting in the dining room, go through."

I took my coat off and Angela wrapped me in her arms, Johnny looked back as Angela gave me a much longer 'Welcome' kiss than she'd given him. As soon as the living room door closed Angela took my hand, lifted the front of her dress and pushed my fingers between her legs, "I've had to let four of them fuck me already so that they'll go home as soon as the meeting is over and leave you and Johnny for me and Ray to play with!"

My fingers were sticky with semen before they touched her pussy, the semen of four men running like rivers down her inner thighs. Angela forced two of my fingers deep into her cunt and then pulled them back out and lifted them to her lips, sucking my fingers deep into her mouth.

We walked down the passage to the kitchen, Angela opened the door to the dining room, "Do you want tea, coffee or beer?"

"Beer!" was the unanimous reply.

I looked through, I knew all but two of the men, Johnny was sitting facing the kitchen at one end of the table, Ray was at the opposite end, by the window with his back to the kitchen. Angela poured one glass of beer, she handed it to me along with a coaster to protect her dining table, "Take this to Ray, it'll be a squeeze to get past Ben and Alan but it'll give them a good long look at you, just take it slow and come back for another drink." As she said that Angela had a grin on her face and she winked her eye at me.

It was quite a big difference between Angela's modern house and my older property, mine had been built at the end of an era where people had staff to serve meals and so their dining rooms needed space for people to move around, these houses built in the twenty first century had very small dining rooms.

I took the glass of beer and coaster and stepped into the dining room, the gap behind Ben Kinch was very tight, Ben was a typical darts player, totally unathletic, heavy set with a beer belly. As I wriggled behind him my breasts were right over his head, he looked over his shoulder and looked up under my crop top. After I'd got past him, Ben looked over at Johnny and grinned at him, even from my angle at Ben's side I saw him raise his eyebrows suggestively. Alan Cunnington was slimmer than Ben but I took just as long to get behind him as I did getting past Ben. Alan looked up under my crop top the same way that Ben had and again as I passed him by he looked straight into Johnny's eyes. I could easily have just placed Ray's coaster and his drink on the table from the left as I would if serving food but Ray was right handed and he would have had to move the drink to his right hand side to drink it so I squeezed behind him too.

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Ray didn't look up under my crop top, he turned his face to the left to look at Alan Cunnington, then he leaned his head back slightly and my abdomen rubbed against the left side of his face. I looked at Johnny, he was totally turned on from seeing our mini flirting session. Once I'd crossed the midway point behind Ray's chair, he looked to his right so that he could brush his right cheek against my bare midriff.

I placed Ray's coaster in front of him and put his glass down on it, I was watching Johnny, he was watching Ray like a hawk, Ray moved his right hand off of the table and he reached down for my left calf. I stood looking at Johnny as Ray's hand stroked up the back of my leg, passed the back of my knee and reached the hem of my skirt. Johnny looked like he was on the edge of an orgasm as the tips of Ray's fingers disappeared from view under the hem of my mini-skirt. I was on the edge of an orgasm myself.

I was about to wriggle myself back out the way I'd got in but changed my mind, I crossed the end of the table and wriggled back behind the two men that I'd never seen before and, of course, my own husband. Johnny looked up as I wriggled behind him, exactly the same way that everyone apart from Ray had done, When Johnny saw exactly how much the other's had seen of my breasts he grinned up at me as well.

I returned to the kitchen, Angela had poured the other five glasses of beer by the time I got there and she handed me a second glass and coaster, "This is for Colin Smith, he's the one opposite Ray!"

I took my second glass of beer into the dining room, I wriggled in behind Johnny first this time, Angela followed me into the dining room and went behind Ben, she stood between Ben and Alan as she placed Alan's drink at his side and as she did, both Ben and Alan were rubbing their hands over her legs and bottom while Johnny struggled to divide his time between watching Angela and me serving Alan and Colin.

I made a third trip to the kitchen to collect a glass of beer for Gavin Walker and I'd actually served Gavin his beer and had my legs and bum fondled before Angela was finished with serving Colin. We both ended up in the kitchen together, Angela said, "You serve Ben and I'll serve Johnny."

Angela did her best attempt at flirting with Johnny but he just sat there with his hinds trying to hide his flagpole from Angela as he watched Ben slide his hand up the back of my leg and up under my mini-skirt.

It took a while and a lot of touching before we'd served drinks to all six men, lots of flirting and lots of giggling from me and Angela as well. We left the men to it, and returned to the kitchen. Angela closed the door and leaned her back against it, "Has Johnny ever shown any interest in lesbian scenes in films and on TV?"

"Not really...but then, before Tuesday, his sexual interests were way the safe side of 'Vanilla' and almost nonexistent."

"Do you think he'd like to see us fucking together before Ray fucks you?"

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A shiver ran through my body, starting at my toes and rushing up through my body up to the hair on my head. Angela giggled at the way my body responded to her sexy suggestion. We went through the dining room as Johnny was talking about the economics of buying the T-shirts, things like ten T-shirts of the type he was wearing would cost twenty pounds but that fifty shirts would only cost fifteen pounds more and if they ordered a hundred it came out at just over fifty pounds. Angela closed off the bi-fold screen doors between the dining room and the living room, the men's conversation dulled to a mumble through the doors and Angie and I sat on the sofa listening to some slow and sexy dance music, I watched as Johnny stood at the end of the table and modelled the T-shirt. After ten minutes Angela and I were dancing together to a love song. I watched as Ray took Johnny through to the kitchen for five minutes, Angela whispered, "Ray's telling Johnny about our usual after meeting sex session, he's asking Johnny if he'd like to stay and watch you and me having sex on the sofa while the committee watches or if he wants to take you home and leave me to have sex with the other five."

I was looking at the dividing doors as Johnny returned to the dining room and the four men of the committee that had remained sitting around the table while Johnny and Ray had their conversation in the kitchen. Johnny gathered his things and opened the door between the dining room and the living room, I saw him carrying his stuff as well as a rather large erection in his trousers, he gestured with his head towards the door leading from the living room to the front door, 'Well, it looks like it's all over, back to just me and Johnny again!' ran through my head.

Johnny was waiting by the front door with my coat in his hands, he looked very troubled, almost embarrassed and he seemed to have to launch himself into talking.

"We can go home right now...if you want to. Ray just told me that the dart's club committee have their meetings here at his house instead of at the pub as an excuse for the five men to to have sex with Angela after the meeting!"

"Angela has mentioned that to me in the past!"

"So you know what goes on here on committee nights and were still happy to come along with me?"

I nodded my head.

"The thing is, Ray was wondering if I'd like to see you and Angela playing together while we all watch, he's guaranteed that the other four committee members will leave without touching you after the show. So it's up to you, if you want to be watched having sex with Angela we can stay, if you don't fancy it, we can just go home now!"

I took my coat off of Johnny, he looked a little disappointed, "What do you want me to do? I'm happy to play with Angela, she's one of my best friends and I'm sure that it won't bother me to have six men watching me while I do but I'll only do it if you're sure that it's what you want me to do."

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Johnny's face brightened and he nodded his head, I just stood there holding my coat and he finally realised that a nod of his head wasn't going to cut it with me on something so important and he finally blurted out, "Yes, I'd love to watch you and Angela performing together!"

I hung my coat up and Johnny hung his bag of paperwork over the peg holding his coat. We kissed and Johnny pressed his cock against my bare midriff, the front of his trousers over his cock was soaking with his pre-cum because he'd been so worked up for so long. I rubbed his cock for him but he pushed my hand away, "Stop, I'll cum far too quickly and I'm worried that if I cum before you start I might chicken out and take you home."

I opened the living room door and stepped in, Angela was looking worried, she was biting her cheek nervously, I smiled at her and she brightened up, she ran across the room and hugged me, she kissed me on my lips and then she stepped past me, she kissed Johnny on his lips as well before side-stepping him and running up stairs. I thought that the plans had changed and that our lesbian act would be taking place in their bedroom instead of their living room.

I looked at Ray, he gestured with his head towards Colin Smith and winked at me. Another love song was just starting on the hi-fi as I approached Colin, he took me in his arms, Johnny had been promised that the men wouldn't touch me during the act with Angela but as I danced with Colin he was rubbing his cock hard against my abdomen, Johnny was watching us dancing like a hawk. Ray stepped up to us as we danced, he took my hand off of Colin's hip and positioned it on Colin's abdomen with my fingertips touching the waistband of Colin's trousers, Ray looked over at Johnny as he whispered, "Go on, make Colin happy!"

I pushed my land down the front of Colin's trousers and wrapped my fingers around his cock. As I rubbed him gently I looked at Johnny, Ray was at his side talking to him and Johnny's cock looked like it was waving because it was jerking so hard inside his trousers. I could hear Angela moving about above my head in her bedroom as I danced and rubbed. Colin was close to his orgasm when he pulled away from me and Gavin Walker took over the dance. I didn't need to be told, I pushed my right hand down the front of Gavin's trousers and started wanking him off slowly. It did seem strange that I'd been set up to dance and play with the men that I'd never met before, the two men that were from out of the village but then it dawned on me that Ben and Alan would see me around the village most days so they'd have plenty of chances to play with me or to have me play with them when I bumped into them in and around the village.

Gavin was closing in on his orgasm and he didn't look like he was about to pull away any time soon when the door suddenly opened, Angela walked into the room wearing a silk dressing gown and sporting an erection, Johnny was taken by surprise but not me, I'd guessed that Angela would be wearing her strap-on vibrating dildo to fuck me properly.

While I'd been dancing with Gavin and Johnny and Ray had been deep in conversation the other men had cleared the floor of the living room, the sofa had been moved to the long wall that separated the living room from the hallway, two standard lamps had been placed at either end with towels covering the tops of their shades. The large storage chest that doubled as a coffee table standing in the centre of the room had been moved in front of the fire, or where the fire would have been. The two easy chairs had been moved in close to the ends of the chest and Ben carried two dining chairs in and put them on the outside of the easy chairs. Angela pulled me away from Gavin and she started dancing with me..

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As we danced and kissed, Angela was rolling her hips so it was like dancing with a man, rubbing his cock against my belly and abdomen to show me just how hot he was for me and what he had to offer. I kept spotting Johnny as Angela turned and twirled me around on the carpet in front of six men sitting watching us in a straight line as if they were at a theatre. Johnny had his hand on his cock through his trousers, he wasn't masturbating himself, it was more using his hand to keep his erection hidden from the men sitting on either side of him.

Colin and Gavin were sitting on the top of the coffee table chest, Ray and Johnny were sitting in the comfortable chairs and Ben and Alan were sitting on the dining chairs. Angela wriggled her shoulders and her dressing gown fell to the floor, leaving her totally naked apart from the leather harness of her strap-on cock. Angela undressed me a little more slowly until I was dancing up close to the men totally naked.

Ray turned the main light off and the standard lamps on, there was a pool of light covering the sofa but little more and as soon as Angela pulled me into that pool of light the six watchers disappeared from view.

The first time I'd been with Angela she had made all of the running, I was almost as much a bystander as Ray had been. This time, because my husband and six other men were watching I was more of an active member of the act. Angela started out by dragging me along the sofa until my shoulders were on top of the armrest of the sofa, she stepped the other side of the arm and pulled my head back, she aimed the dildo at my mouth and simulated a man fucking my mouth and throat.

Our sex act moved at quite a pace, I wished that I could see Johnny, see how he looked, was he enjoying what Angela and I were doing together. After the mouth fucking ended I took the lead for a moment and used my mouth and fingers on Angela's cunt to get her off. It became very obvious that Angela liked to be in charge with another woman because she was bouncing around, trying to buck me off of her. I was almost thrown onto my back on the couch again and this time she pinned me down on the bed and rammed the tip of the vibrating dildo as deep as she could up my cunt and she fucked me with the vibrator turned on until I begged her to stop.

I got my breath back for a moment while Angela repositioned herself so that her knees were either side of my head and she fucked herself against my mouth for five minutes. Angela then dismounted and dragged me off of the sofa and onto my knees with my chest pressed against the seat cushion, then she fucked me with the dildo from behind quite hard and aggressively.

Things started moving faster now, Angela took me to a climax from behind and as soon as she was happy that I'd reached a full blown orgasm she changed positions again, this time she unbuckled the harness holding her fake cock in place and made me step into it, she tightened the buckles until they pinched the flesh on my hips and buttocks. She sat on the sofa and then rotated herself, she positioned her shoulders on top of the arm of the sofa. She pulled me between her legs, turned the vibrator on and then pulled me on top of her before letting her head fall back. As I fucked her with the dildo pressing against my pussy mound Angela gestured towards the men to come over.

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I didn't see who it was standing at the edge of the pool of light, just his cock as he pushed his hips forward and Angela swallowed it all the way down. I got a very close up view of the cock as he forced it into her throat before he started fucking Angela's throat. I just kept up rocking back and forth as Angela brought the first man off, as soon as he climaxed he stepped away and a second cock came out of the darkness. Angela was being driven mad by the vibrating dildo and my fucking it in and out of her cunt but she didn't let that stop her taking four cocks deep into her throat and getting all four of them off.

After her forth cock Angela pushed me away and lay panting for breath as she came down from her string of massive orgasms. The main light was turned back on, Ray was still sitting in his seat and Johnny in the other comfortable chair. Colin, Gavin, Ben and Alan were all standing by the door leading to the front door.

Ray hauled himself out of his seat and as he crossed the room to see his friends out of the house he looked over his shoulder and said to Johnny, "Help your wife out of that contraption for me please mate."

I stood up and Johnny unfastened the leather straps and pulled the harness off of my body. I danced with Johnny as Ray locked the front door and returned to the living room, we were kissing and doing a simple box step dance in the middle of the room for five minutes, we turned around and Ray came into sight, he was just pulling his underpants down and then he came up behind Johnny, "Can I cut in mate?"

Ray pulled me against his naked body, his cock pressed into my abdomen as we danced around the room, I watched as Angela climbed off of the sofa and took Johnny's hand, pulling him over to the chair he'd sat in to watch the lesbian floorshow. Johnny sat on the chair and Angela sat on his lap, she wrapped her arms around Johnny's neck and started kissing him, Angela pushed her hand down the front of Johnny's trousers as Ray pulled me down onto the sofa. I fixed my eyes on Johnny's, he had a massive grin on his face as Ray plugged his cock into my cunt.

Ray started out fucking me on my back on the sofa, then we switched and I was on top, I started out fast and furious but Ray slowed me down, "I've not taken a Viagra today so once I cum, that will be the end of it for the day!"

Johnny seemed to like watching me riding Ray on top, it lasted for fifteen minutes before Ray switched again and I was on my hands and knees with Ray behind me fucking me doggy style. Ray made one final switch, he stood me up and took me to the living room window, I was standing with my back to Ray, my naked body on show to anyone walking in the street outside as Ray took me from behind, fucking my arse rather than my cunt this time, I looked over my shoulder at Johnny, Angela had the front of his trousers and underpants pulled down and she was sucking his cock. Ray increased his speed and grunted through his climax. His cock softened quickly after he emptied his balls and my anal muscles expelled his cock even faster.

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Johnny turned down Ray's offer to fuck Angela before we went home. Ray made the excuse that he had a lot of work to do in the morning and that it would be better if we went home but Johnny asked Ray to remember us the next time he had a party planned.

Johnny picked up my clothes, I held out my hand to take them but he walked out into the hallway, he folded my clothes up and popped them into his shoulder bag, he handed me my coat to put on over my naked body. I walked out of Ray and Angela's front door wearing just my black patent leather shoes and my long coat with deep vents front and back to allow me to sit down comfortably.

We walked down the street arm in arm, the north wind had dropped and it felt far milder again, not as warm as on Monday but it felt warmer than it should have been on a February evening. As I walked along my legs kept popping into view through the deep vent in front, open because the last button on the front of my coat was around my belly button. I'd never thought about how much of my upper thigh came into view under my long coat before because I'd usually be wearing something under it to keep my body hidden from view. As we approached Zion Hill, Johnny checked his watch, "The pub will be open for another twenty minutes, do you fancy a night cap?"

I smiled at my husband; it crossed my mind that Johnny probably turned the offer to fuck Angela down because he wanted the chance to show me off to a few more people!

We went to the front door of the pub; Johnny pushed it open and held it open for me to pass him in the doorway. The bar was disappointingly empty, I thought at first, totally empty but I had missed two men sitting down by the dartboard. Johnny walked up to Brian the landloed of the Royal Oak and said, "Quiet this evening Brian!"

"Typical Wednesday evening mate, I'd be totally empty if it wasn't for the two guys from Glasgow. Workmen down here fitting a new lift in that student block being built on the way into Northampton but they won't be here tomorrow, they'll have done as much as they can before the roof and windows go in."

I stepped back slightly, one skinny and tall man, the other shorter, fatter and playing darts, 'Paul and Ian!' resounded around in my head.

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