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Written: 11 July 2018

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Summer Hoilday 2018 Part 2
by Isabella

Story Code: M/f, M+/F, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex

Sarah stepped out of the changing room while I was still making up my mind if I was actually going to try the damned thing on. I saw the blood drain from Johnny's face, he turned ashen and sighed, "Oh...My...God!" under his breath.

I knew exactly where all the blood had disappeared to from Johnny's face, his cock was trying to escape over the waistband of his shorts. Looking at Colin and the shop's owner's faces, I knew exactly where Johnny had been looking when his cock almost exploded, Sarah looked like a supermodel in her bikini and she was modelling it for the three men to appreciate her body.

Dawn suddenly stepped into view at Sarah's side and copied her pose. Johnny's cock jumped again and he looked nervously in my direction.

"Okay...I'll try it on as well."

I ignored the fact that both Sarah and Daw's pubic hairs were showing all around their bikini bottoms, hanging out of the sides and sticking up over the top as well...I had to put that out of my mind or I'd never have stepped into the changing room, my bush was twice as big as both girls hairy pussies put together.

I stepped out, wide carpet of hair in all directions. I looked at Johnny, he looked very excited, he stepped past Sarah and Dawn, leaving them talking to Colin and the shopkeeper. I shook my head and whispered, "I can't wear this out on a beach...I'd get arrested!"

"Don't be silly, you could have gone totally naked on Turtle Beach."

"But what about all the hair?"

"I can look after that, I've brought plenty of disposable razors and shaving cream, I can sort the hair problem for you!"

I looked at Sarah and Dawn, they were both flirting, Sarah was flirting with Colin and Dawn was flirting with the much older owner of the shop.

I whispered, "We still have a problem, I don't think that Sarah or Dawn will leave the shop without their bikinis as well."

"That's no problem, it's only thirty Euros for all three."

"No, I know that, the price isn't the problem, the problem is that they will both need their hair slashing back as well."

Johnny looked shocked. "I can't...I mean, it would be wrong if I..."

"When they were younger, you changed their nappies, you washed them in the bath didn't you?"

He nodded his head, "Yes but they didn't look like that back then."

"Okay, I understand...well, it's a musketeer kind of thing, one for all or none at all!"

Johnny grinned at me, "Okay I'll play barber so long as you're there all the time!"

I managed to pry Dawn and Sarah away from the men and back into their old swimming costumes so that Colin could take us back to our hotel. At the front door Johnny offered Colin more money because of the shopping trip on the way back from the beach but Colin would only take the ten Euros as we'd agreed.

"How about tomorrow...Do you need a lift to the beach again?"

Johnny looked at me, I smiled, he looked back to Colin, "Yes please, how about nine-thirty in the morning, we'll need to go to the shop again to get supplies and I think you should pick us up at six o'clock tomorrow instead of four."

We had an hour to kill before dinner so everyone had a shower, I took first go and sat on my bed after...still dripping wet.

Johnny asked me, "How far do you want me to go?"

I giggled and whispered, "All the way..."

Now I was joking...playing on the phrase, 'How far do you want me to go!' as a sexual question rather than how much hair did I want off and before I could say that I was joking, Johnny had run his brand new battery powered wet and dry beard trimmer straight down my belly and pubic mound to my cunt, it wasn't clean shaven bit there was now a gap all the way down my pussy, it was like a negative Mohican.

I gasped, "I was joking...I was just going to have you trim it down!"

"Too late darling...sorry!"

By the time Sarah was finished in the shower I was denuded, not clean shaven but stubbly. Sarah sat there wrapped in a towel while her father used his disposable razor and shaving soap to take my pussy to totally bare."

I looked over at Sarah, "How do you want your hair, a light trim, just enough so that it doesn't show around your bikini bottoms?"

Sarah reached out and touched my pubis with her finger tips, "Can I have mine the same as mum's please dad?"

Johnny blushed at Sarah's request and he gave me a dirty if it was my fault that Sarah wanted a totally clean fanny. Johnny was working on Sarah when Dawn flopped down next to her and peeled her own towel open, Johnny handed me his clippers and said, We're running out of time, you'd better start Dawn off while I'm finishing Sarah."

After having Johnny shave me and watching him cutting Sarah's hair down I didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed about trimming Dawn down to stubble while Johnny rushed into the bath room for a quick shower.

I took a deep breath, plastered Dawn's pussy mound with shaving soap and I took a new disposable razor, I'd watched Johnny do my pussy and Sarah's so I felt that I could do it too. I was shaving Dawn and said, "Girls, I think that your father and I might need a little privacy tonight after dinner, would you like to go to the Katoteros Club for an hour before bedtime?"

Sarah gave an exasperated sigh, "MUM! The Katoteros Club is for kids under thirteen and the Catacombs Club is adults only, the letter we got when we arrived said that, they don't have any entertainment for thirteen to seventeen year olds!"

She was right, again, another disappointment about the holiday was that the brochure had said 'Entertainment for all the family', it had the Vrefos Club for children under nine years old, the Katoteros Club for kids between nine and twelve years old but it missed out a whole age range of teenagers between thirteen and seventeen years old.

"Sorry about that darling...I'll ask Colin's wife if there is anything for the teenagers like you and Dawn to do when I see her but...just for tonight...can you please go to the kid''s dance?"

Sarah put her hands on her hips and looked from Dawn to me and then, through gritted teeth she said, "Look mum, me and Dawn...we aren't the sweet little virgins that you think we are...we know all about sex, if you and dad want to get it on together, we'll pretend to be asleep if that's what dad needs to perform!"

Well, it had been a shocking kind of day and Sarah telling me to fuck her father while her and her sister were almost in the same room was the biggest shock of! 'We're not virgins!', what the hell, I know that I told their father that Sarah would be old enough to marry and start shelling out babies in less than twelve months but I had no idea that she was already...

"Wait a minute, many...what the hell do you mean, you and Dawn aren't virgins?"

"Mum, come on, grow up and smell the roses, I lost my virginity when I was twelve and Dawn lost hers the same week...she always copies what I do straight after!"

"Who with?"

"Mum, do you really want to know?"

Did I? Did I really? I nodded my head.

"It was Cousin..."

Johnny chose that moment to walk out of the bathroom and Sarah stopped talking. We're going to be late for...oh, you've done Dawn..." Johnny came over wrapped in his towel and looked at Dawn's pussy, "'ve done a good job there."

"I just did what I saw you doing!"

Sarah was stepping into a pair of bikini style knickers and she picked up the matching bra, "Mum, do I have to wear a bra under my shirt?"

"Not if you don't want to darling, it's your body; I think you're old enough to choose how you dress!"

Johnny was struggling to get his under pants on under the cover of his towel, I watched for five minutes and then pulled his towel away, "Just get dressed, they've seen a hundred naked men so far today."

Sarah and Dawn were looking at each other conspiratorially, as if they had yet another secret that they were about to spring on me, Sarah took a handkerchief out of her drawer and as she unfolded it, it turned out to be a top of some sort, long sleeved, white cotton collar and cuffs, white cotton patch pockets but that's where the solid material ended. The rest of the top was a wide open mesh, a bit like a string vest or fishnet stockings. I could see why Sarah didn't want to wear a bra under her top...a top that I'd never seen before.

"Where did you get that top from? I've never seen it before!"

"Uncle Peter gave me and Dawn one each when he heard that we were finally coming somewhere hot, he thought that we could wear them over our swimming costumes when we walked from the hotel to the beach."

Johnny had turned his back while he pulled his underpants on but hearing our conversation he turned to see what Sarah was wearing and he instantly tented his thin underpants. Sarah just smiled and raised her eyebrows at her father's reaction and then Dawn took her own shirt out of her drawer and put it on. I had a funny thought, well more like, 'It's funny that Johnny had no problem while they were problem when they were just wearing knickers but the shirt...Sarah putting that shirt on, that caused him to spring to attention in an instant'. Then it dawned on me, it wasn't the way they were dressed or not dressed, it was the thought of Sarah going out wearing that top, almost all of her breasts and upper body on display through the open-weave top.

Johnny pulled his trousers on quickly to hide his erection; he seemed to have spent most of the day with a hard on, "Why did my brother buy you girls those blouses?"

"He thought that it was time that we stopped dressing like ten year olds, he also told us not to show you them until we got here or you wouldn't let us bring them with us."

I could see that Johnny was about to explode, I took his hand and squeezed it, "Don't you think they look very adult dressed like that darling?"

Johnny looked shocked at what I'd said and as he looked at me with his best incredulous look I mouthed, 'Cool Daddy!' at him and he calmed down.

At dinner our table was the centre of interest for around half the men on our dinner sitting. Because of all the attention the girls were getting I was getting more attention than usual too, not that I'd usually welcome attention from men other than Johnny...but that was before the kiss with Nikos earlier, that kiss and watching a woman being fucked right in front of me by two strangers while her husband stood at her side looking down at her proudly. And I was revelling in the attention being paid to me by total strangers and basking in the attention being paid to my daughters as well.

After dinner, walking from the restaurant, Sarah and Dawn were hanging back a little, I think that they were walking slowly through the crowded room to maximise the attention that they were getting from the men as they walked past. We stopped at the lift to wait for Sarah and Dawn to catch up with us, I looked back and saw Sarah talking to a man who looked older than Johnny while Dawn stood a few feet away waiting for her sister. Johnny was distracted by a news sheet from England that had been pinned up on the tour company's notice board, all the news from home in English. Sarah shook her head and the man looked disappointed, then he looked over to me and realised that I was watching so he scuttled back into the restaurant.

When Sarah and Dawn caught up with me I asked Sarah who the man was.

"His name is Paul, he's from Nottingham."

"What did he want?"

"He was asking me what our names were and where we're from in England."


"He asked if we were going down to the Catacombs Club tonight...I told him that we got in really late last night and that we were going to bed early tonight...he invited me to go to the club with him if I wasn't too tired."

"I think he probably thought that you were over eighteen because of the way you're dressed."

"No, I told him that I was only fifteen...he said I was old enough to get in...he said that Dawn was old enough as well!"

I looked at Johnny, he'd reached the football scores on the news sheet so he was close to finishing.

I had a sudden thought, "Would you have wanted to go with him if you weren't so tired?"

Sarah nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Wasn't he a little old...he looked as old as your dad to me."

Sarah gave me a massive grin, "He's three years older than dad."

"And you would have been okay with that?"

"Mum, we're all different, we all have different've always preferred boys around your own age, me and Dawn like older men!"

I was suddenly taken back to the sand dunes...back to the woman on her back being fucked, she was older than me by a few years and I'd watched her being fucked by Nikos and he looked like he was about twenty-five years old and when she'd been given her choice from a line of fifteen men, she'd chosen a man who looked to me like he was under twenty. I'd seen him arrive while Nikos was fucking her...

Nikos came right back into focus, I felt his fingers stroking my arm, stroking my neck, up under my ear...I felt it all over again and the heat as his erection pressed against the back of my hand...then the kiss and that as his tongue slipped into my mouth his cock had rubbed all over my belly. A shiver ran through my body, his cock had been rubbing against my belly through my swimming costume today...but tomorrow...tomorrow if he did it again, his bare cock would rub against my bare belly...

"Okay darling, I've finished, shall we go to bed?"

'God yesssssss!' I blushed at that little thought

The music from the Catacombs Club was very loud in the lobby, it was even louder in the liftshaft, it seemed to be acting as a sounding board, a conduit for the sound from the basement up...all the way up to the fourth floor. We could still hear the music from the Catacombs Club in the fourth floor hallway, after the first ten bedrooms, five on each side of the hallway, there was a fire door, once that closed behind us the music was quieter by around twenty percent. There was a fire door between every ten bedrooms and by the fifth set of doors there was almost no music coming through at all. It was about the only good thing about our room being so far away from the lift.

Once in our room, Johnny opened the door out onto our balcony, the music rushed into our room like a tidal wave so the door was closed again and our room went silent.

It was only ten o'clock but because we were so tired after our long flight and late night the previous day we were really ready for bed. Sarah stripped down to her knickers and climbed into bed, Dawn ran out of the bathroom and jumped into the other single bed opposite Sarah's. I kissed both girls and said goodnight and turned their light out, then I joined Johnny in the main room, he had taken his shirt off and was digging pyjamas out of his drawer, are you kidding darling, it's too hot for pyjamas, we can't even leave the window open because of the noise coming from the Catacombs Club...we'd stand more chance of getting to sleep down there in the disco where it's cool than up here in all this heat as well as the noise!"

I stripped totally, it was actually the first time I'd actually got into bed with my husband in the nude, if we were going to have sex, Johnny would unwrap me once he joined me in bed.

Johnny stripped as well and joined me in bed. I turned the light out and the room disappeared into almost total darkness, the only shaft of light in the room came from the moon and it illuminated Dawn's bed. We lay next to each other on our backs but all I was offered was a kiss, I reached over and started rubbing Johnny's cock, he whispered, "Stop it, we can't...the girls...they aren't even asleep yet!"

I rolled onto my side and put my right knee over his right leg, I bit his earlobe and whispered, "I've been turned on for ten hours, if I don't get fucked right now...I'm going to explode!"

Johnny still didn't move so I rolled even further over onto his body and I took control for the first time in my life. I fucked my husband instead of him fucking me. I got my own pleasure and took Johnny past the point that he could restrain himself any further and he rolled me onto my back and started fucking me properly, I was just gasping through my second orgasm when there was a crack like the sound of gunfire and we were both pitched out of the bed and onto the tiled floor. We were still connected together on the floor and even though we'd been pitched onto the floor Johnny was so close to his tipping point that he tried not to stop fucking me even though we were on the floor.

The light suddenly went on, ", are you okay?"

Sarah was looking down at us on the floor at the side of our broken bed.

Johnny had to stop now, even though he was too close really and he reluctantly pulled out.

Johnny was madder than hell, he flipped the mattress off the bed and lifted the divan base, I'd assumed that we'd snapped the leg of the bed but when Johnny lifted it off of the floor, the whole of one corner was snapped off with the leg still attached. Johnny found that the bed had been broken in the past and a plank had been nailed across the break on the two sides.

Johnny rang reception and told them about the broken bed, he covered the mouthpiece of the phone, "We can have a room change to room one-oh-one right now if we want but the bed can't be fixed until tomorrow!"

"Room one-oh-one is too close to the night club, we'll never get to sleep down there. We'll just have to put our mattress on the floor for tonight."

Sarah buzzed into view again, "You could sleep in my bed, I can share with Dawn for tonight."

Johnny looked at the single bed, "It's okay for you and Dawn to share but me and your mum are too big to share a single bed."

"Why, you were on top of each other anyway!"

Johnny made a joke of trying to swat Sarah for her cheek.

"Stop, I've got the 'Child Line' number, I'll call Esther and tell her if you hit me!"

So we left the broken bed standing up against the wall and Johnny and I climbed into Sarah's bed and Sarah jumped in with Dawn.

Once again, Johnny was reluctant to continue with the sex, he wasn't happy fucking me when we were at the other end of the apartment but now, we were just two feet away from the girls. I was pulling and pulling and he was resisting the end I looked over to the bed that was illuminated by the shaft of moon light and said, "Sarah, are you asleep?"

"Yes mum, I'm fast asleep!"

"Dawn, are you asleep?"

"Me too mum, I'm fast asleep as well!"

Johnny reluctantly rolled on top of me, he stabbed his cock into my cunt and he started fucking me with long slow thrusts, it was nowhere near as good as it had been before the bed broke but after almost ten hours of sexual excitement, any fuck was better than none. We kissed a little and then there was a sound from two feet away, Johnny pulled his lips away from mine and he looked to his left, Sarah had kicked her sheet down and was lying on her back with her knees up and wide apart, her right hand was inside her knickers and her left hand mauling at her breasts. Sarah was masturbating herself and there was a mixture of a purr and a groan combined as she brought herself off.

I couldn't see the look on Johnny's face when he realised what Sarah was doing but I certainly felt it, his cock grew a little harder, a little fatter and a little thicker as he started to pump into my cunt more rapidly until he exploded in me. As I rocketed off into a massive orgasm Sarah rolled her head to the right and grinned in our direction and then we were all asleep. Not the most comfortable night's sleep but certainly one that brought us closer together as a family.

We woke early in the morning but then we needed to as we'd arranged for Colin to pick us up at nine-thirty and we had to have a big breakfast before we were picked up as we'd only be having a sandwich for lunch.

Johnny got into the shower first and while he was washing Sarah went into the bathroom and took a pee, I looked in, Johnny was looking down at Sarah as she sat on the toilet, naked with her knickers around her ankles. Sarah wiped her pussy dry with toilet tissue and she kicked her knickers off of her feet before standing up, Johnny panicked a little, "Don't flush, it'll make the shower go hot."

Sarah walked to the shower door and opened it, "Move over, we don't have time for us all to shower on our own!"

Johnny looked a little shocked but he did step aside and let Sarah share his shower with him. I was sure that at home, Johnny would have refused Sarah and told me to join Dawn in the shower but he was definitely off balance on our first foreign holiday. Sarah asked her father to wash her back and she washed his but that was the most physical contact they had in the shower.

I showered with Dawn and we, we did the same, I washed her back and she washed mine.

We three girls dressed in our bikinis, the girls put their see through shirts on over their bikinis; that was after all what their Uncle Peter had bought them for. I felt a little jealous when I saw how the girls looked wearing their very sexy bikinis under their see through shirts. The shirts reached down to just below the crotch of their bikini bottoms. And I would have loved to wear the same shirt as the girls and that was the first time I'd really admitted to myself that I'd love to show off my body the way the girls were doing.

In the dining room I spotted once again that our table was the focus of attention of most of the men in the room. I also noticed that most of the guests were single men or groups of men. There were some families but for the most part the families were still in bed while early breakfast was being served. Sarah was fetching her hot food from the buffet and as she was making her selection I saw Paul, the man who had invited her to the Catacombs Club the previous evening, he made a beeline for Sarah, he picked up a plate and walked along with Sarah picking up food, talking to her as they went down the buffet.

I watched with interest, Paul must have told Sarah a joke because she started laughing and her left hand patted his right forearm, he asked her something and she looked over at our table nervously. Sarah left Paul standing by the sausages and walked over to our table, "Mum, can I sit with Paul to eat my breakfast please?"

Fortunately Johnny had just filled his mouth so he couldn't speak, he would have jumped down Sarah's throat for suggesting something like that.

"Darling, we eat meals as a family...if you like...your friend Paul can join us, we have a spare seat!"

I think that Johnny was surprised by two things, the first was that Sarah had actually asked to go and eat with an old man and the second was that I seemed to know him, his name and that he was already a friend of Sarah', three things...the third was that I told her to invite him to eat with us.

Sarah returned to Paul and they spoke for a moment and while they were talking Johnny emptied his mouth and said, "Who the hell is Paul?"

"He's here on holiday from Nottingham and he asked Sarah if she wanted to go with him to the Catacombs Club last night."

"How the hell do you know about him and I don't?"

"Because Sarah told me that he'd asked her and that she told him that were were all having an early night so she couldn't go with him last night."

"But he looks as old as me!"

"He's three years older than us actually."

"How come Sarah tells you stuff like this?"

"Because I'm reasonable, understanding and compassionate and I understand how girls of her age think."

Paul apologised for butting in to our family breakfast, I leaned forward and offered him my hand, "Hi, I'm Vicky, this is Johnny, you already know Dawn I guess!"

Paul shook my hand and then Johnny's.

I ate another fork full of food and then looked at Paul, "You invited Sarah to the Catacombs Club last night but she's only fifteen years old, wouldn't that have caused trouble if the authorities checked peoples ages down there?"

Paul looked confused, Johnny almost gave a fist pump in the air as he said, "Didn't you know that Sarah was only fifteen years old?"

Paul suddenly looked shocked, "I knew how old she was when I asked her to go with me last night and tonight, I assumed that you knew that in Greece, a girl becomes a woman at thirteen, your Dawn can get married here if she wants to, they are both counted as adults, drink as well as sex. That's why there are so many middle aged men here...we all come for the girls!"

I finished my current mouthful of food, "Well, that explains why there is no club for the thirteen year old to eighteen kids, they all go in the Catacombs Club!"

Sarah didn't say anything but she gave me a hopeful look, I ate another fork full of food, "Would you like to go with Paul to the club tonight?"

Dawn beat Sarah to the punch, "Yes please mum!"

"I don't think that Paul was inviting you darling!"

Sarah took a deep breath and calmed herself down as much as she could before saying, "I'd like to go with Paul if I can mum!"

Paul smiled at Sarah trying to sound so adult while Dawn was almost bouncing around, "Dawn can come with us if that's okay with you, I don't actually have any sexual interest in thirteen year old girls myself but I'm here with three men who do like girls of Dawn's age."

Johnny almost choked on his food, he didn't expect a comment about sexual tastes from a total stranger at the breakfast table.

Paul turned to Sarah again, "What do you have planned for today Sarah?"

"Well, I kind of promised a German guy called Carl that I'd see him at Turtle Beach today if we went again."

Paul smiled, "Well, take my advice, make sure that he wears a condom, they tend to do a lot of partner swapping on Turtle Beach and there could be all kinds of STD's being passed around in the dunes!"

Dawn spotted Colin at the restaurant door and pointed him out to us. We said goodbye to Paul and he and Sarah had a little snog at our table as the rest of us walked to the door to Colin. I yanked on Johnny's arm and whispered, "I think as well as sandwiches we may need condoms when you go into the shop!"

Johnny gave me a sideways look and then he grinned at me, "Sounds like we'll need at least three big boxes the way things seem to be going around here!"

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