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Written: 10 July 2018

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Summer Hoilday 2018
by Isabella

Story Code: M/f, M+/F, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex

I'd booked the holiday, a fortnight on Zakynthos, it was going to be a relaxing beach holiday. I'd chosen flights for my family from Luton Airport and the hotel was described as a small family hotel on the edge of a small fishing village, the photograph in the brochure showed a hotel that looked like it was about four rooms wide and four floors high, the picture also showed the road, a narrow beach and the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

The holiday didn't start out well, the flight was two hours late taking off. Storms over mainland France meant that our flight had to take a longer than planned routing to the south. We'd been told that we'd be flying over Spain and that Barcelona Air Traffic Control would pick us up over the Pyrenees Mountains. An hour later we were given an update, the storms had beaten us to the Pyrenees and Barcelona had handed us on to Madrid ATC and Madrid had yet again altered our route, we'd be flying over Gibraltar and because of that alteration we wouldn't have enough fuel to reach our destination with the margin of safety necessary under international aviation rules. Our pilot would be requesting permission to land in a Spanish airport.

In the end we actually landed at Barcelona after flying all the way around the Iberian Peninsula. Our planned four to five hour flight had already lasted seven hours and now we'd disembark in Barcelona, they would refuel the aircraft and replenish the food and drink and then we'd be allowed back on the aircraft, they allowed forty minutes to empty the aircraft, thirty minutes to refuel and restock and then fifty minutes to get the passengers back in their seats.

We were all given a free hot meal that had been brought on the aircraft in Barcelona and we flew with no further issues to Zakynthos, the only problem now was that instead of landing in the mid-afternoon, it was eleven o'clock at night by the time we touched down and past midnight before we reached our hotel.

There was a further if the flight wasn't bad we approached our hotel we were in Zakynthos city and I could see our small, family friendly hotel! The photograph in the brochure was actually the side view of the hotel and as we got closer I could see that it was actually a mega-hotel.

We were given the keys to our room, we were on the fourth floor in room four-nine-eight, it had been called a family suite with two, sorry, they weren't described as bedrooms but 'two separate sleeping areas'. The double bed was in the living room and there were two single beds in an alcove off of the living room. The hotel was a disappointment but the bedrooms were the biggest disappointment of all, absolutely no privacy at all.

Because it was so late when we got to our hotel we slept in late on our first day, we got into the dining room just two minutes before they closed the restaurant for breakfast, fortunately, once we were in the dining room we were allowed to stay until we'd finished breakfast.

Sarah, Dawn and I all wore our swimming costumes under T-shirts and micro-mini beach skirts to save time after breakfast. We also carried all of our stuff for a relaxing day on the beach. We went straight from the restaurant to the beach but when we got there we had our third disappointment. As we stood in front of our hotel's bar all we could see as far as the rocks at the end of the beach were people, our hotel had close to four hundred rooms which could have been eight hundred people or one thousand, depending on how many rooms had two occupants and how many had four. Johnny complained that the hotel's description in the brochure was false representation. The holiday rep was sitting at the bar getting well oiled and she jumped to her feet to find out what my husband's complaint was. He pointed out that the description of our hotel was a small, family friendly hotel on the outskirts of a small fishing village.

The rep pointed to the hotel that was behind ours, one street away from the beach, "That hotel has a thousand rooms and it isn't the biggest on this strip, that makes our hotel smaller. The fishing village is actually at the other end of our hotel grounds, Zakynthos City at this end of the hotel and the fishing village is at the other end."

Johnny was furious, "That still doesn't help us get a place on the beach!"

We all looked over at the beach, there wasn't enough free space anywhere in sight to lay a single beach towel down, never mind four!

"Well, if you want to go to an uncrowded beach, there is only one on this island at this time of the year, it's a free beach in a nature reserve, it's the beach where the turtles lay their eggs, there isn't any facilities there, no shops, no toilets, no buildings of any kind, not even a proper road going to it. I can get you a package deal with a local taxi driver, he'll pick you up here, take you to a supermarket to stock up on food and drinks for the day, they do all kinds of snacks and sandwiches. Then he'll take you to the beach; drop you off a short walk across the dunes from the beach. You tell him what time you want to be picked up and you pay him ten Euros when he drops you back here...if you're interested."

Johnny looked at me, I nodded my head, "Okay, can you ring him for us and do the deal, we'll need to be picked up at around four o'clock."

"You can arrange that for yourself, the driver speaks perfect English, he comes from Birmingham, lived here on the island for ten years, he married a holiday rep."

Her smile gave her comment extra punch. The taxi driver was her husband.

Johnny climbed in the front passenger seat of the car, it wasn't a marked taxi, just a normal car, Dawn climbed in the back first, Sarah followed her in and I took the seat behind my husband, I saw the driver tilt his rear view mirror down slightly...because Sarah was in the middle seat her legs were either side of the transmission hump and so her knees were forced apart and the driver was spending a lot of time looking at her legs and higher. I realised that Sarah knew that the man was looking at her because every time his eyes flicked to his mirror she would part her knees even wider, just the gusset of her swimming costume stopping him looking into her body. I looked at Sarah with new eyes, she was fifteen years old and I'd never seen her show any interest in boys before...and this wasn't a boy, Colin, our driver, was older than her father and she was 'Flashing' at him, as I looked over at her I realised that her nipples were really standing out and as it was thirty centigrade in the car it wasn't due to the cold.

We pulled up outside the supermarket, it wasn't a tourist supermarket, all the woman were dressed in black with headscarves on and the men were wearing jackets with waistcoats under, Colin turned and looked at our very short, almost see through skirts before looking at Johnny, "This is a very conservative area of the city, they don't see many tourists here, it may cause a stir if your ladies go in the shop dressed the way they are!"

Johnny looked over his shoulder at us, it was as if he'd seen us for the first time, he did a quick comparison look at the women coming and going from the shop, their dresses and skirts were heavy, black and reached down to their ankles. We hadn't intended on traveling dressed the way we were, our skirts were just intended to be worn around the hotel pool and beach areas, not in the town.

"Yes, I can see that!"

Johnny and I had a quick discussion about what to buy. Colin got out of the car and opened the boot, he had a large insulated shoulder bag that he offered to Johnny, "If you go to the freezer they sell bags of ice at two Euros, you can use one in here to keep your stuff cool and after a few hours, you'll have ice cold water to can borrow this cool bag and let me have it back when I pick you up later!"

Johnny thanked Colin and wandered off to do his shopping.

Colin got back in his seat and he turned to face us, he looked at me first and as he asked us where we were from in the UK he looked me up and down, he was making no secret that he was looking at my face, tits and pussy areas as we chatted and after he'd checked me out thoroughly he turned to Sarah and looked her over in exactly the same way that he'd been looking at me, he asked her what school she went to, what hobbies she had and his final question, "You missing your boyfriend already?"

I saw Sarah's eyes flick in my direction, her cheeks reddened a little, but I realised that it wasn't the question that had embarrassed her it was the fact that I was sitting next to her, I smiled at her discomfort and she seemed to shrug her shoulders before she looked back at Colin and nodded her head, "Yes, I won't see him for a month, he goes on holiday when we get home!"

Well, that shocked me a lot, I had no idea that she had any interest at all in boys, even though she was fifteen years old and had a well developed body I'd never seen her have any interest in anything other than her books and dancing.

Colin smiled at Sarah and then moved on to Dawn, Dawn was two years younger than Sarah but there was very little difference in their size or shape, they could almost be twins.

"Do you like reading and dancing too?"


I was looking at Dawn more closely now, she was making eye contact with Colin when his eyes were high enough and as he looked at her breasts they reacted to his looking and Dawn smiled, when Colin's eyes went lower Dawn opened her knees slightly until the door and Sarah's legs stopped her.

"Are you missing your boyfriend too?"

"No, I don't have just one boyfriend; I have lots of friends that are boys."

Colin suddenly turned back in his seat and he slipped out of the car, he seemed to sense Johnny coming out of the shop and was opening the boot for Johnny to put the full cool bag and two carrier bags as well, drinks and perishables in the cold bag and snacks in the carrier bags.

We drove along and even though Greek roads could be very dangerous places to be, Colin wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to what he was doing, he spent most of his time looking down at Sarah's legs and she was revelling in the attention.

Colin suddenly turned off of the busy main road and onto a dirt track, he drove another half a mile and he stopped, he got out of the car and pointed towards the sea, "Just follow the track, there's a low point where you can cross the sand dunes, you'll notice half way across the dunes that there is a path to the south, that's the place to go if you need a little privacy and don't forget, it's a free beach, there are no rules on dress...actually, there are very few rules on the beach at all."

The return time was agreed and Colin told us all to have a fun day on Turtle Beach.

It was a good half mile walk to the sand dunes, we crossed the low point and I registered the track that went off to the south in the middle of the dune line. On the other side of the dune there was lovely golden flat sand running in a gentle slope to the water's edge. There were four family groups on that stretch of the beach but further south there were more people, it looked like it was mainly men to the south and from so far away it looked like they were all naked.

We settled down to the arduous task of getting our Greek tan, dipping into the sea to cool down and back to our towels. As the morning passed into lunch time I spotted a couple, a middle aged man with a younger woman, walking hand in hand from the north, at the dip in the dunes they walked as if they were heading towards the road but they stopped at the path to the south, the woman stripped out of her bikini and then they walked along the path, climbing up into the dunes before disappearing into the heart of the dunes.

I heard a whistle to the south and ten or eleven men from the group sunbathing in the nude rushed into the dunes in the direction that I'd last seen the couple in the dunes disappear. I looked at my little group, the girls were both reading with their backs to the sun, Johnny was looking in the same direction that I had been looking. I returned my gaze to the dunes again, I could see a semicircle of heads, the men...not ten or eleven now, more like twenty men...all seemed to me looking down at the same point on the ground.

I looked back at Johnny and he grinned at me, he whispered, "I wonder what's so interesting up there?" he raised his eyebrows twice suggestively and he had to adjust the front of his trunks because he'd grown an erection. I let my eyes flick over at Sarah, she had spotted her father altering his dress for comfort and Dawn smiled before returning to her book.

I looked back at the group in the dunes, the middle aged man's head appeared, he spoke to one of the of the men, he handed him something and the other man dropped down from view while the middle aged man took his place in the line of men watching.

I saw four other men drop out of sight over the next hour and then the men suddenly drifted out of sight, the ten or eleven reappeared on the beach to the south, there was lots of back slapping and laughter, banter, that kind of thing.

Two minutes later the middle aged man and his younger female friend appeared at the low point of the dunes again and walked towards the sea, they were only a few feet away from us when the woman went into the sea, her back was covered in sand, the backs of her legs and the hair at the back of her head. She totally immersed herself in the sea and then, a little closer to the beach she squatted down and carefully scooped hands full of sea water into her vagina as she chatted with the man. All five in my group watched as the woman washed her pussy as she talked with her partner, complaining that the sand had got everywhere.

She pulled her bikini back on and the two of them walked back up the beach to the north.


"What Sarah?"

"I need to go to the toilet!"

"You can pee in the sea."

"No, the other!"

"I think that Colin hinted that we'd have to go in the dunes to get privacy..." I looked at Sarah's face, she was looking a little nervous, " want me to come with you?"

Sarah looked relived and she nodded her head.

Johnny handed me a little shovel, the kind that they sold in the shops to use with a bucket to make sand castles, a little spade and a pack of tissues for the clean up.

Sarah and I set off for the low point in the dunes and at the half way point Dawn joined us, "I need the toilet too mum!"

We climbed to the high point in the dunes where we could see for miles around and we were looking down into a depression in the sand, the depression where the couple had disappeared from view earlier and where I'd seen the heads of twenty men.

"Is this where we do it mum?"

"I think it's the most private place around."

We dropped down into the depression and stopped by the indent of a human back in the sand at the bottom of the depression, it looked a little bit like a sand version of a 'Snow Angel' where arms and legs had flailed during sex, and a foot away were five fresh condoms in the sand, five condoms and their torn foil wrappers. The condoms were very fresh, the sun hadn't baked them dry yet, their teats were still full of semen from the five men that had used them.

I pointed to the edge of the depression on the east side, the side away from the sea, "Over there perhaps!"

I used the little spade to dig two shallow holes in the sand, Sarah looked all around and pulled her swimming costume off, I could see that Dawn was considering just pulling her costume to one side but once she saw Sarah standing naked in the depression she followed suit. I have to say that I found it a little embarrassing standing over my daughters as they did their toilet, it had been more than ten years since I'd last watched Dawn using the toilet when she was a toddler...

A sound to the south jolted me back to the present, I looked up the side of the depression, a young man was standing on the path above us looking down, he, like my daughters was totally naked, I looked at Sarah, she'd heard him as well, the sound had been him clearing his throat to let us know that he was there, Sarah was squatting over the little hole I'd dug in the sand looking up at the man. I was in a real quandary, I didn't know what to do, the man wasn't being threatening, he wasn't being sneaky, he was just standing there quite openly watching two naked teenagers squatting in the sand.

I was running through what my options were, I had the little spade, I could threaten him, chase him away with it...I could shout out to my husband but he was a very long way away and the wind was coming from the sea so he probably wouldn't hear me...I saw Sarah smile at the man, I looked back up at him, he saw Sarah's smile and his cock jumped to attention, he started to stroke his cock slowly and Sarah gave out a little giggle.

"Mum...mum, I said I'm finished!"

I handed her a tissue, she reached between her legs and wiped over her bottom, she held out her hand again for a second tissue and finished cleaning her bum. I expected her to turn her back on the man and pull her swimming costume back on but she didn't, she took the spade off of me and said, "Should I bury the condoms as well?"

Sarah was standing facing the man at the top of the dune above us, she was talking to me but looking at him, smiling at him.

"Erm, yes, probably...yes!"

Sarah squatted down again, this time facing the man, her knees wide open and she scooped a condom up with the spade and dropped it in her latrine, she stopped in that position and picked up each of the five condoms individually and looking up at the man as she worked away. She also scooped up the foil wrappers as well and dropped them into the hole as well. Finally she filled the rest of the hole in with sand. To finish off she found a twig and pushed it in to the soft sand to mark the place she'd just used as her toilet.

I offered Sarah her swimming costume, she took it but she wasn't in any hurry to put it on.

"Finished mum!"

I handed Dawn a tissue and as I watched her, Sarah moved to the southern edge of the depression, looking up at the young man and smiling at him. He took a pace towards the edge of the depression and because no one said anything to stop him he took a second and was now on the downward slope into the hollow.

Dawn walked over to Sarah and looked up at the man, "Hi!"

"Hi...what's your name?"

"I'm Dawn, this is Sarah and that's my mother, her name is Victoria!"

"I'm pleased to meet you all, I'm Carl, I'm from Germany."

Dawn turned her back on the man and started to cover her mess with sand. I was in that state where my jaw was moving up and down but nothing was coming out."

"Hi Sarah, how long are you here for?"

"We're here for a fortnight."

He smiled and now he was just a foot away from her, "No...I meant today, how long are you going to be on the beach today?"

I felt Dawn pulling her swimming costume out of my hand, she was holding on to my arm to steady herself so I looked at her as she stepped into her swimming costume carefully trying not to get sand inside her costume.

"Four o'clock, Colin...the taxi driver...will be picking us up on the track at four o'clock."

"Oh good...perhaps we can have a chat later if you're still around."

The man winked at Sarah and he nodded at me and he walked to the north leaving Sarah hanging on to my arm as she stepped into her swimming costume. Nothing was said, Sarah marked Dawn's bog-hole in the same way that she'd marked her own and we headed back off to Johnny and our towels.

Johnny said, "Was everything okay up there?"


"I saw a naked looked like he was spying on you!"

"Oh Carl..." Johnny looked surprised that I knew his name. "...he just waited until the girls were finished and then he came through on his way to the north."

"You know his name?"

"It was Dawn, she introduced us to him and he told us his name..." I chuckled, "...he even asked Sarah if she'd still be here later when he gets back, he asked her if they could have a chat later!"

Sarah and Dawn had gone into the sea to wash the sand out of their costumes so they were out of earshot, "He asked Sarah if they could have a chat later? What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything, I think Sarah was actually flirting with him a little...I've never seen her show any interest in a boy before today!"

"Yes, but he wasn't a boy, he was a man from the looks of it."

I shrugged my shoulders, "Well, Sarah seemed happy...perhaps that's why I've never seen her showing an interest in boys, they were all her own age...perhaps she has a thing for older the woman in that couple that walked past earlier, she was at least twenty years younger than he was!"

Dawn shook her head, the ends of her hair flicking droplets of water over me and her father to announce her presence.

We settled down to lunch, tuna sandwiches and crisps. Johnny had even picked up cakes, Greece was too hot for cream cakes but butter cream made a welcome substitute for our beach picnic.

I was re-buttering Dawn's back with sun screen when I spotted Carl walking back along the beach this time, he was still totally naked and still hard, Johnny was rubbing sunscreen into Sarah's back and they both had their backs to Carl because they were looking at the comings and goings amongst the men to the south of us. We'd heard another whistle and seen the scramble of men to get into the dunes. I could see that Johnny was in a quandary, he had jumped to attention at seeing the men standing in their semicircle, Johnny could only imagine what the men were watching and what they were doing up in the dunes but he was also rubbing sun screen into his eldest daughter's body as his cock sprang to attention.

"Hello again Dawn...Victoria..." Sarah almost jumped away from her father and turned to look at Carl, he just nodded his head at her and smiled before almost whispering, "...Sarah."

Sarah looked at me nervously, I just smiled at her and nodded my head, she looked over her shoulder at her father, "Hi Carl, this is my father...Johnny Clarke!"

Carl offered Johnny his hand, without thinking Johnny reached up and shook Carl's hand, putting a huge pat of sunscreen into Carl's palm, Johnny apologised and offered Carl a tissue to clean his hand but Sarah jumped in, "Don't waste it, that stuff's six quid for a small, you can finish my legs off."

Johnny looked shocked as Sarah twisted on the towel and pointed her legs at Carl so that he could rub the sunscreen into her legs. Johnny's shock seemed to turn into annoyance as Carl knelt on Sarah's towel to rub the sunscreen into her legs, not down by her ankles but above her knees and Sarah was loving it, she even squirted a little more oil into Carl's hands and opened her legs wider for him.

"Darling, shall we go and walk our lunch off?"

Johnny looked at me suspiciously but agreed to walk with me, Dawn asked if she could come as well but I stopped her, "No darling, you stop here, I want to talk to your father!"

We reached the start of the path to the south in the dunes, Johnny kept looking back at Sarah, Dawn and Carl as I pulled him along behind me, "I don't want to go too far away from Sarah and that German bloke."

"Come on darling, I thought that you'd like to see exactly what's going on in the dunes!"

Johnny suddenly lost all of his concerns he had for Sarah and now he was pulling me up into the dunes. We got to the top of the dune to the north of the depression and we could see one man standing on the east side of the depression, a woman on her back in the middle where I'd seen the 'Sand Angel' earlier was a middle-aged woman on her back with a much younger man between her thighs fucking her arse off. To the west, fifteen men were standing around the edge of the hollow watching the action on the bottom of the dune.

Johnny squeezed my hand tightly as the young man bounced through his orgasm, as soon as he had filled his condom he pulled out and removed the sheath. The open end was knotted and the latex tossed on the floor right where Sarah had cleaned up five condoms ninety minutes earlier, joining two other condoms that were similarly knotted.

The man to the east asked if the woman had finished, she propped her body up on one elbow and pointed at the man that was third in the line of voyeurs from the south. The eastern man handed the young man she'd chosen a condom and invited him to join the woman on the floor. The chosen man looked to be around eighteen years old, even younger than the man who had just finished fucking her.

Johnny kissed my neck and then my ear, he whispered, "Pity there isn't any privacy at our apartment, I know exactly how I'd like to spend the nig..."

The man that had just fired his load into the condom was walking up the side of the hollow towards us, he smiled at Johnny and then at me, his approach had taken Johnny by surprise, he held out his right hand towards Johnny, "Hi, I'm Nikos, one of the few local men on this beach today."

Johnny shook Nikos' hand, I would say warmly but more reservedly I'd guess than warmly, "I'm Johnny from the UK and this is my wife Vicky."

Nikos dropped Johnny's hand and took mine, he brought the back of my hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Well, I'm guessing that you guys are new to all this or Vicky here would be on the sand next to Gretta taking part in the show...I also guess that you're more than a little intrigued by what's going on or you'd be running back to the beach calling the police on your smart phone!"

Nikos locked my eyes with his as he let my hand slip back to my side and he grinned. Johnny suddenly got a little nervous, "We're new here, we only got in last night..." Johnny looked nervously down to where Sarah and Dawn were sitting with Carl, "...we're here with our daughters!"

Nikos' hand reached out for my upper arm, he stroked up and over my shoulder, stepped over my shoulder strap and on to my neck, "Yes, I saw Vicky come into the dunes with your daughters earlier, they did everything right when it comes to using a savage toilet, not many people mark their spot to help future visitors."

My eyes flicked over to Johnny, he had a massive erection but was looking very confused, Nikos' hand had reached my ear and he looked like he was trying to pull my face closer to his, he'd also started to grow his own erection and unlike Johnny's erection, Nikos' erection wasn't hidden from view by swimming trunks and as it stretched out from his body at ninety degrees it was brushing against the back of my hand.

"We'd better go darling, the kids will be wondering where we've got to and we'll have to start packing up soon so we can go and meet Colin at the pickup point."

Nikos laughed, "Well Victoria...I do hope to see more of you next time you visit our beach..." Nikos then looked from my eyes to Johnny's, "...may I kiss your wife please Johnny?"

I saw Johnny's body jolt as if he's just received an electric shock at Nikos' request but he just nodded his head meekly.

Nikos finished pulling my mouth to his and we kissed for a very long minute, tongue and all! As we kissed Nikos pressed his cock against my belly oozing pre-cum...or perhaps...semen from his recent fuck all over my abdomen.

As soon as Nikos' mouth left mine Johnny pulled me away and we headed north. It was my turn to be nervous now, Johnny had been confused by his feelings and the erotic situation we were in. As we slipped down from the highest point of the dunes Johnny started laughing nervously, "What did you know...back there, the woman doing...fucking men while her husband or boyfriend watched?"

I looked over at him, "Well, very kinky...but...very big turn on!"

"And Nikos...what about him...what was it like to kiss him?"

"That was a turn on too, but only because you were there watching."

"So, you were turned on then?"

I nodded my head, "But not as turned on as he was."

I looked down at my the streak of Nikos' slime trailing over the front of my swimming costume like a snail trail. I spotted Dawn in the sea, she was splashing water over herself to cool down and then I spotted Sarah and Carl on her towel in a passionate embrace, 'Snogging' as the kids would have said.

I stopped Johnny and turned him so that his back was to the beack, I hooked my arms around his neck and pulled him down a little and raised myself up on my toes to meet him half way for a kiss.

"Now darling, don't be mad when you see Sarah and Carl...just remember...she's fifteen and next year she can legally get married and start shelling out babies and all she's doing at the moment is practicing!"

Johnny turned quickly and looked towards the beach and Sarah's towel.

"But that boy is naked!"

"Nikos was naked too and watching him kiss me turned you on."


Johnny was spluttering now, he knew he wanted to be angry but he also knew that I was right, Sarah was really old enough to have a boyfriend and the fact that it looked to me that she had been very discrete about her past much so that we had no idea that she even had one.

"Calm down, it's time to remember that you're a cool father who is happiest when his daughters are happy...right?"

He stopped, he made a deep sigh and then he nodded his head, he muttered, "Cool dad!"

Sarah was on her back, Carl was half covering her body and their lips were locked together, I could see that Sarah's left hand was trapped under his body and his cock must have been in her hand as he slowly humped his hips down, apparently into the towel if you hadn't spotted that Sarah's hand was there.

I cleared my throat and Carl rolled away from Sarah, he gave me a sweet smile and a slightly more nervous smile for Johnny.

"It's time to get sorted out, pack things away..." he lifted his head and increased his volume, "...Dawn, time to get dried darling, we have to go in a minute."

Sarah looked disappointed, "Dad, we should have arranged for Colin to fetch us at six o'clock instead of four!"

"We'll know better for next time darling!"

Sarah grinned, "Are we coming back here again?"

"Well, it seems to make sense, this beach is lovely and quiet where ours is manic, we'll definitely be coming back here."

Johnny looked at me and I blushed before looking up into the dunes, the fuck-fest was over and the voyeurs were spilling out of the dunes as the couple walked over the dunes towards us.

We packed all of our stuff and Carl walked with us to the track hand in hand with Sarah all the way. They stood kissing while they waited for Colin to arrive, Colin turned up on the dot of four o'clock, Carl gave Sarah a final passionate kiss while Johnny loaded our stuff into Colin's boot. Carl then kissed Dawn on her cheek and me...he kissed me on my lips...

On the drive back to the hotel Colin asked if we'd had a good day sunbathing.

I answered, "Well, we're not really used to sunbathing, this is our first ever foreign holiday so we're not really equipped for it."

I gestured to my swimming costume, we'd not bothered with the t-shirts or the beach skirts, we girls were just sitting in our costumes but Johnny was wearing his shorts on top of his trunks.

"So you didn't join in on the beach then?"

I blushed thinking that Colin was referring to the sex parties in the dunes, he was looking at my reflection in his mirror, "It's only nudity...nothing to get all embarrassed about! I mean, you could have just slipped your arms out of the shoulder straps of your swimming costumes and rolled the top down a little to go topless or a lot to get the sun on your lower back or abdomen...most women start out showing a little on that beach and by the end of the week they're totally happy being naked out on the beach."

Colin had to swerve to miss a car turning right because he wasn't paying attention to the road.

"If you're not happy with topless, you could always buy a bikini, I know where the best bikinis can be bought at the best prices...and if I take you there, I get points towards new tyres...even if you don't buy anything."

Johnny suddenly looked back at me, "What do you think...would you like a bikini?"

Before I could answer Dawn said, "Yes please daddy."

Sarah said, "Me too please."

I smiled, "Me three!"

Johnny turned to Colin and said, "Driver, to the bikini cave!"

Colin chuckled and took a sharp left to take a different route to the hotel end of the city.

Remembering earlier...when we were told to stay in the car because too much of our legs were showing, as we reached the small back street shop I said, "Should we put our T-shirts on?"

"No need, this is a tourist shop, they expect people to walk around in bikinis and swimsuits."

We arrived at the bikini shop and we all walked in with Colin so that he could get his gift card marked for taking customers into the shop. I'd looked for a bikini several years earlier but in the end the holiday wouldn't happen because of financial strangulation. I'd looked in all the shops on Kettering High Street, the knickers were so big that they would have reached my belly button and the bra part was so big that it almost reached down to meet the knickers, there would have been about an inch of midriff showing to the sun. They were so expensive that I'd changed my mind, I'd bought a one piece costume for a quarter of the price and after our holiday was cancelled I used the bathing suit to wear at the swimming pool.

What a shock I got when I saw the bikinis, the knickers were two small triangles joined at the points with a length of elastic connecting the bases together and the bra was two more points, the points looped over the neck as a halter top and the lower strap was again a thin strip of elastic, there wasn't an ounce of material all together. Well, that style of bikini wouldn't offer any protection at all, not from the sun and not from people's eyes, I held it up, "I may as well be naked as wear this!"

Johnny looked at it, he grinned and said, "It's only ten Euros, try it on!"

"They don't usually allow women to try bikinis on..."

Colin butted in, "They do here, they're so certain that women will buy them...or rather, that their husbands will buy them that they're happy for women to try them on."

Sarah took the bikini off of me and held it up to the shops owner, "Do you have this bikini in my size?"

He came over, opened a drawer and handed her one in her size and the same colour, Sarah sauntered off to the changing room and Dawn stepped up, she held out her hand to the man and he put another of the small bikinis in her hands too.

Johnny looked at me and said, "The girls seem game to try..."

He left his statement hanging, leaving me to fill in the, 'Pity you're not as brave as them!'

6,591 Words.

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