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Written: 12 November 2017

Role Play
by Isabella

Story Code: M/F, M+/F, m/F, M/m, Public sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Role Play

Johnny and I have what I should describe as a 'Normal sex life', well, from talking to my friends about it we do. There is just one slight difference between what Johnny and I get up too and what my friends tell me they do and comes about because of the difference in our sizes, I'm very petite and Johnny is a six foot four inch tall rugby player. Johnny works abroad for three months at a time and before he leaves on a tour of duty he likes to do a little role playing when we have sex on our last night together. We had tried all kinds of scenario; I had a nurse's outfit, a prostitute's outfit, a PVC cat suit and a gymnast's unitard but because I was only four foot ten inches tall I didn't look convincing in any of those outfits and Johnny actually preferred me to wear his sister Mary's old school uniform. The last time her school uniform fitted Mary she was twelve years old, so it gives you a clue as to just how petite I was at twenty five years old.

Johnny had been running around like a mad man all week so we had missed our usual opportunities for loving, he had been trying to get everything sorted out before his flight on Sunday over to New York, trying to clear Saturday evening for our usual playtime, I had taken his school masters gown to be dry cleaned and had brushed his mortar board clean with a damp sponge. I was in the bathroom on Saturday afternoon, body smothered in depilatory cream from my neck to my toes when I heard the phone in Johnny's study ring.

I froze; no one ever rang Johnny on his business line on a Saturday, especially not the day before he was due to go away for ninety days on a sales tour. I stood, waiting for the cream to melt the hair covering my body away from its roots, trying to ignore the terrible smell and just listening to Johnny using his best 'business voice' while talking on the phone, not a hint from his voice as to the exact nature of the problem or even if there was a problem but from the weight with which the phone was slammed down in its cradle I knew it was something big.

Johnny opened the bathroom door and stood there looking from me to the freshly laundered and crisply ironed schoolgirl's uniform hanging above the towel rail, "I'm sorry darling, they're going to announce to the market on Monday that we've sold off the heavy engineering wing of our business to the Chinese."

That didn't sound too bad to me, that part of his business wasn't a huge money maker so it wasn't like the end of the world, "So, what does that mean to us?"

"I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter to rewrite my pitch and hope that I can sleep on the flight to America.

I was very frustrated from a week without any loving contact at all and now my hopes of a 'Pay day' were being dashed and I had already started my preparation routine to turn my twenty-five year old body into a twelve year old 'look-a-like', I'd even styled my shoulder length blond hair into bunches high up on each side of my head. Johnny was stroking his cock, "Let me get started on my presentation, you finish off what you're doing here and we'll go out for dinner at the Italian in Kettering."

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Johnny left me to finish my preparations; I pulled on my shower cap and stepped into the shower cubicle. I washed away all the hairs from my body, a waste really as Johnny had already told me that he would be working all night long on the changes to his sales presentation.

Once I was clean I wrapped my body in a towel, picked up the hanger with my school uniform hanging on it and went through to my bedroom. I hung the uniform back in my wardrobe and started looking through my clothes to pick out something suitable to wear to dinner, We had been role playing for six years so far and I'd only been outside the house once while dressed up, that was the last time that we role played, I wore my whore's outfit, Johnny had driven me into town, parked in a car park and as we sat in the car talking through the scenario we were going to play out, a man pulled up in a car right next to us and he sat in his car looking in at me.

Johnny was saying that I should walk out onto the High Street from the pedestrian exit and Johnny would drive past me, stop, reverse and wind down his window and ask me how much for full service. I was sitting there nodding my head when Johnny looked over at the man in the other car. I was just about to open my door, "Stop...I don't think you'll get as far as the High Street...not the way that bloke is looking at you."

I looked over at the man and he grinned at me. "I could just tell him to piss off if he approaches me."

Johnny was still fussing about the dangers of being in the unlit car park at eleven o'clock at night and being separated from him.

"Would it excite you if he did try and pick me up?"

Johnny didn't answer with his mouth, he answered by tenting his trousers up away from his lap.

"Shall I go and offer him a blow-job for twenty quid?"

That was it, Johnny opened his trousers and pushed my head onto his lap, forcing his cock into my mouth. The guy in the other car just sat there and watched as I gave my husband an orgasm with my mouth.

I pondered my options, I could still dress as the schoolgirl, Johnny might not have the time he would have liked but we could have our dinner and if he was turned on enough I could give him oral sex as he drove us home...that option would do nothing for me...nothing to assuage my frustrations but it would send my husband off on his tour with a happy memory of our last evening.

I dressed in a white cotton bra, white cotton school knickers, chavvy nylon blouse, tartan wrap over skirt with a large decorative safety pin to hold the bottom hem closed at the opening, knee length white nylon socks and black Clarks sandals with no heel to speak of. I'd bent the housing of the large safety pin so that if it was strained it even slightly, it would pop open.

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Johnny pushed the bedroom door open, "Are you ready darl...I didn't think we had time to play this time, I thought that we were just going out to dinner!"

"I have to wear something, I thought you'd get a kick out of me being dressed like this while we are in the restaurant, if anyone is being nosy I'll call you daddy or Uncle Johnny or something, I promise not to keep you away from your work for too long."

Johnny grinned and shook his head as he collected his car keys and led the way to his car, my final act before leaving home was to slip my school blazer on and pick up my violin in its black, hard shell, case. I needed a reason to be in a school uniform on a Saturday evening so I was playing the role of a schoolgirl playing an instrument in her school orchestra at a concert and being taken to a restaurant after the concert as a treat by my father or uncle.

We parked on the London Road car park, the one I was going to walk through the last time we played our sexy little game but didn't complete the scenario because of the man watching us too closely. We walked through the car park and I started getting into character, I started bouncing slightly and skipped rather than walked and I started jabbering the way I'd seen over-excited twelve year old girls do in the past.

At the Italian restaurant I spotted the four empty tables, I also spotted a middle aged man who was eating his pasta but watching me like a hawk as I fidgeted with my violin case as we waited for the waiter to come and seat us. Two people left the table across the aisle from the man who was watching me as the waiter was directing us towards a table at the back of the restaurant.

I grabbed Johnny's hand and stopped him, "Daddy, can we sit by the window please?"

Johnny looked at the waiter and shrugged his shoulders, the waiter gave an exasperated sigh but turned around and guided us to the table that had just been vacated. I sat on the opposite side of the table from the man who was watching me and Johnny sat on the same side of our table as the man. I placed my violin on the floor by the window and looked over at the man who was still watching me closely, he was looking at my knees and when he finally looked up at my face I gave him a sweet smile before turning to look at Johnny and then I started talking about my imaginary concert, I asked Johnny if he'd spotted an error i'd made during a violin concerto. Johnny was imitating a very bored father, I guess he would have been extremely bored if he'd just sat through a school concert for any length of time.

I saw the man opposite lean back in his seat slightly, he was looking down at my knees under our table, I was fidgeting my legs under the table, lifting my heel and dropping it back to the floor over and over again. Johnny placed our order for food and drinks, we were going to share one large pizza between us, he was having a bottle of beer and he ordered me a chocolate milkshake. As Johnny ordered, I turned slightly sideways in my seat and opened my legs as wide as they would go, I flicked my eyes momentarily at the face of the man sitting, he had just put a fork full of pasta in his mouth and as he chewed he looked down at my legs and smiled, I opened my legs a little wider and the safety pin opened just as I'd planned and my legs opened wide enough for my knickers to be on show. The man almost choked on his food as I retrieved the safety pin from the floor and fiddled it back into place, holding the wrap over bottom hem closed.

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Johnny saw exactly what I'd done, he also saw the reaction of the man looking at me, his choking as well as his trousers tenting up under his table. Johnny told me that he was going to the toilet, "And while I'm gone try and sit still, people don't want to see you fidgeting about while they eat!"

I was watching the man out of the corner of my eye, he followed Johnny with his eyes all the way to the toilet and as soon as the door closed behind Johnny I saw his face at the little window set into the door, Johnny wasn't going as far as the toilet, just getting out of the way to see what happened next. The man turned to face me again, "Have you been to a music class?"

I looked at my violin case at my side and then over to the man, "No, it was a concert, my school's orchestra was playing."

Are you a soloist or just one of the backing violinists?"

"We don't have solo in our orchestra, just first and second violin sections."

"And are you a first or second violinist?"

"Well, today I was in the first violin section, by Monday, I could be a second or even be given the job of turning the sheet music for the pianist!"

"That bad huh?"

"I did go a little wrong, my dad didn't even notice but my music teacher will have heard."

I watched the man turn his bill over and write something on its back, "I love listening to school orchestras, the next time your school has a concert could you give me a call on this number please, My name is Brian by the way."

He passed the slip of paper over to me, I took it and popped it into my blazer pocket without even looking at it.

"How old are you by the way?"

"I'm twelve."

"What year are you in at school?"

He's testing me here, "I'm in year seven."

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"What school do you go to?"

"Southfield School for Girls."

"All girls, that's a pity, I think students have more fun at mixed schools, what's your name darling?"

"I'm Claire Whitfield."

I looked at the toilet door, Johnny was still watching us through the little window in the door, he put his thumbs up and I nodded my head to Johnny but because Brian was looking at me I knew it would look out of place for me to suddenly nod my head for no apparent reason so I said, "Yes, I think it would be more fun in a mixed school as well."

"Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

I made a show of seeing Johnny coming back, I looked over at Brian and nodded my head and smiled coyly. Brian left the restaurant and Johnny burst out laughing, "You seemed to be having a long conversation with that guy!"


"Brian, you got his name then?"

"Name and telephone number."

Did he ask you how old you were?"

"Yes, I told him I was twelve."

"Did he give you his phone number before you told him your age?"

"No, after."

Johnny grinned and shook his head. "How far would you have gone if I wasn't here?"

"I wouldn't have been here dressed like this if you hadn't been here darling."

"No, I know that but it's as horny as hell to think that dirty old bastard is probably in the public toilet by the car park right now jerking off while he thinks of getting his hands on you."

"So, what would you have wanted me to do with him...if you weren't here that is?"

Johnny had to adjust his dress to lay his cock down so it wasn't up so prominently, "I'd have to give that some thought, I'm really turned on by the thought that he wanted you, thinking that you were only twelve, I wouldn't have thought there were men like that in a small town like Kettering!"

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We ate the rest of our meal discussing different scenarios that could play out with me dressed as a schoolgirl, Johnny wanted to fuck me of course but he was even more turned on at the thought of seeing me with a man who was trying to pick me up.

"How far would I have to go if a man did pick me up?"

"Well, kissing of course but if you tell him that you're still a virgin he wouldn't push you to go too far I'm sure."

"So...what, just kissing and a hand job...kind of thing?"

"God...I'd love to see that darling!"

"How about kissing and perhaps a blow-job as well?"

Johnny's body jerked, "God, I almost cum then, that would be so sexy to see you sucking some dirty old man when he thinks you're only twelve years old!"

"Pity Brian has gone already, I could have gone to the toilets in here, I'll bet he would have followed me to grab a quick kiss in the passageway leading to the toilets."

Johnny's body jerked again and he grinned at me, "So, after we finish dinner, where do you want to play? In the car park like last time or wait until we get home?"

"Why not both, you can give me a quick blow-job in the car park, I'm so turned on it won't take you many seconds and then we can go home for an hour in bed before I get back to work. My taxi is booked for four o'clock in the morning, anything that's not finished tonight I'll just have to finish off in the hotel's enterprise zone and pay them to print my handouts for me."

We finished our meal and instead of waiting until the waiter came to ask us if we wanted anything else Johnny decided to save fifteen minutes by going looking for the waiter to pay the bill. I kissed Johnny and said, "I'll be looking in the window of the lingerie shop around the corner on London Road!"

I picked up my violin and left the restaurant, I stood looking at the sexy knickers and bra sets, it was a little pointless really though because the sexy lingerie shop didn't sell things in sizes small enough for me, I was just wishful thinking window shopping.

I spotted a man's reflection in the shop window as he walked behind me on the usually deserted street at this time of the evening. I spotted him again, he'd walked about thirty feet past me and turned around to walk back again. In his reflection I saw him sidestep to get a little closer to me, "Hi, if you're going to busk, I'd say you'd be better off around the front of the restaurant on Little Barton, hardly anyone walks down this road at this time of night."

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I turned to face the man, I looked him up and down to assess what kind of threat he posed to me, "No, I'm not busking, I was playing in a concert in Luton earlier, I caught an earlier train than I expected and couldn't let my dad know to pick me up earlier."

"Looking at the sexy knickers while you're waiting?"

I giggled, "Be a few years before I'm big enough or old enough to buy stuff like this!"

"Which set would you buy if you could?"

I pointed out the most skimpy and sexiest set in the window, "It's seventy-five pounds though, take me fifteen weeks spending money to buy that!"

"Can I ask what your name is and how old you are?"

I looked up towards the corner of Little Barton and London Road, I saw Johnny standing there looking down the road towards me, he'd stopped as soon as he saw me talking to the man.

"My name's Claire and I'm twelve years old."

"You could get a sexy underwear set like that a lot sooner if you were prepared to do a little work for it."

"I can't get a part time job for at least eighteen months, and only then if my head teacher is willing to give me a permission slip."

"There are better ways to earn a little cash than delivering newspapers or stacking shelves at Tescos!"

"Like what?"

"Well, you could be nice to a man like me for half an hour, you could earn around a pound a minute and have a bit of fun into the bargain."

I gave him a suspicious look and took a step away from him, I was wondering just how much my husband could hear of our conversation until I saw him push his hand down the front of his trousers to stand his cock up so it wasn't sticking out in front of him so much, he could obviously hear enough to be totally turned on.

Because I hadn't answered him he spoke again, "Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

"Not officially, my parents think I'm too young."

"Are you still a virgin?"

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I nodded my head.

"Well, if you want to stay that way it will reduce the amount men would be willing to pay you for fun, have you ever touched your boyfriend's cock with your hand?"

I made it look like I was pondering what to say, I was turning my upper body from side to side while keeping my feet still the way a young girl would if they were embarrassed. I decided not to say anything, I just nodded my head and thought of something really embarrassing and my cheeks flushed a little.

"Have you ever kissed his cock?"

I didn't think this time, I just shook my head.

"Well, if you'd be willing to play with my cock with your hands I'll give you fifteen pounds to help me to cum!"

I looked all around and then looked thoughtful again, I could just make out Johnny's hand moving up and down inside the front of his trousers, he was almost masturbating himself, "Where?"

The man looked up and down the road, "Well, the toilets are closed at this time of night, how about this shop's doorway?"

I looked over at the doorway, it was recessed by three feet from the pavement so no one would see us. I stepped into the doorway and put my violin down on the step in front of the shop door but behind my legs. He stepped in front of me, "Take my cock out."

I unzipped his trousers and pulled the front of his underpants down, eased his cock out and then I stopped and just looked down at his cock and then up into his eyes, "I'm a bit worried that I'll do what you want me to do and you won't give me the fifteen pounds!"

He dug in his pocket and handed over fifteen pounds and after stuffing his money in my blazer pocket I lifted his cock again, he was spewing pre-cum from my first touch and I started working my hand up and down his cock. I was looking down at his cock as I masturbated him as if I wasn't used to doing that kind of thing to an adult man, he lifted my face up, leaned in and pressed his lips against mine, ""Do you let your boyfriend look at your tits?"

I nodded my head and as I kept up a steady pumping on his cock, he quickly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled the front of my bra up over the tops of my breasts. As he leaned in to suck on my nipples I saw Johnny move in a little closer, he was watching me wanking the stranger diagonally through the window display.

My customer started to lift up onto the tips of his toes and his body shook as he closed in on his orgasm, he danced from one foot to the other as he gasped, he leaned in to me, pressed the head of his cock against my bare ribcage, his cock almost reached my tits as he was so much taller than me, his semen reached higher though, hitting me under my chin with the first two blasts.

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He kissed me again as I took a tissue from my pocket and wiped away his semen before pulling my bra back into place and started fastening my blouse. As soon as I was covered up he thanked me and stepped out of the doorway, as soon as he started to move Johnny started walking and he bumped into the man as he stepped away from me. The man was walking towards the toilet in front of London Road's car park and that was the way that Johnny was walking so he couldn't just stop and walk back to me.

I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and dialled Johnny's number, he took the phone out of his pocket and said "Hello!"

"Did you like that?"

"Oh my God yessssss!"

I looked down the street, Johnny was still on my side of the road and the man I'd wanked off was crossing the road towards the car park. My customer met up with another man standing in front of the car park. "Your new friend is telling the bloke he's standing with all about you, he's just told him to offer you twenty quid to suck his cock."

"What do you think, it's getting a little late for me to play and still stand a chance of you having your fun and doing all the work you still have...i managed to get an earlier train dad...I couldn't get through to you in Luton and my phone wouldn't work on the train, I'll wait by the car park, just get here as quick...I know that it's only a car and not a jet plane daddy and I know that I'm here an hour earlier than I said...okay...see you later, bye!"

The man that my first ever customer as a schoolgirl whore had spoken too was standing looking in the shop window as I spoke to my pretend father, as soon as I stuffed my phone back into my pocket and picked up my violin he stepped into the doorway in front of me, I managed to see my customer was still standing in front of the toilet block watching his friend talking to me.

"Hey, is your name Claire?"

I nodded my head.

"A little birdie tells me that you might be willing to play for pay!"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'll give you twenty quid for a blow!"

"I'm not sure."

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"Well, either twenty for oral sex or thirty-five for full sex, I'm not interested in hand relief, I can do that for myself."

I stood looking like I was thinking about his offer, "Twenty-five pounds!"

He shook his head, "No, oral is only worth twenty pounds, take it or leave it!"

I thought a little longer and finally nodded my head, "Where, it's a bit dangerous to do that here, I nearly got caught last time, a bloke walked past just as I was doing my blouse up."

"The toilet block!"

"I thought that the toilet block was closed at this time of night."

"We don't need to go inside the toilet. The passageway that leads to the toilet's doors to stop passers-by from looking into the toilets will be private enough!"

I followed the man down the road towards the man that I'd wanked off just a few minutes earlier there was a sign to the ladies on the left hand side of the building. There was an eight foot high wall forming an open three sided box around the toilet block, the man pointed down the left side of the building. The street was dark anyway because there were so few street lights but the back alleyway behind the toilet was as black as pitch. There was a little light above the passageway from the sky above and as I waited for my new customer to come down the passage from the other direction I looked up and saw Johnny's head over the top of the wall, he was obviously standing on the top of something on the other side of the wall to see over it. I could hear the two men talking in front of the toilet block, "Okay, all clear!"

I was expecting one man to come down the passage but instead there were two of them. The man that I had wanked off was behind the one who wanted a suck.

"Money first please!"

The alleyway was suddenly lit up, the guy I'd already wanked was using his phone as a torch, 'At least Johnny will get a better look and if things go wrong he'll be able to react a lot faster.' went through my head.

I was given the money and added it to the fifteen pounds I already had in my blazer pocket.

I reached for his zipper and started to set his cock free, "Strip off first, give me something to look at as I get revved up!"

"How much?"

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I'd kind of asked that question as in, how much will you pay to see me naked, I looked up at Johnny's face looking down on me, he wanted me to strip off in front of the two men so I took the get out offered when the man said, "Totally naked!"

I moved away from the men a step, "Not my knickers, I'll take the rest off but not my panties!"

"Okay...but I want to at least see your cunt before we start, you can stay over there to show me."

I undressed slowly under the torch light, I hung each item of clothing I took off over the metal grill that closed off the ladies toilet at night and when I was just wearing my knickers I stepped another pace away from the men before I pulled the front of my knickers down to show them my bare pussy.

"I was expecting a few hairs at least!"

"My hairs down there are bright red, not sun bleached like the hairs on my head are, they showed through my leotard when I was doing ballet classes so my mum said that I could use her cream to get rid of them!"

"That's a pity, I do like to see a few hairs on a young girl's pussy! Right, come here and suck my cock!"

As I walked closer there were two bright flashes from the phone being used as a torch, he'd taken two pictures of me wearing just my knickers, I let my eyes flick up to the top of the wall and saw Johnny grinning down at me. I pulled the guy's zipper down and reached in his trousers to pull the front of his underpants down as I'd done earlier to his friend. This time it was different, as I pulled his underpants down he opened the top button of his trousers and both his trousers and his underpants slid down his legs to below his knees.

I had his cock out in the open, I leaned in and licked his cockhead, I was holding myself in place with my left hand resting on his right hip and had my right hand wrapped around his cock pumping him up and down. "Open your mouth, take my cock in your mouth."

His friend said, "She's never given oral before, only wanked her boyfriend off, and me earlier of course."

I was deliberately making a balls-up of sucking his cock to try and prove to him that I was new to all this sex business. I was quickly taught how to suck a cock. I kept looking up to make sure that Johnny was still happily watching me sucking the man's cock. After about ten minutes I noticed that he had gone, there was a sound on the path leading to the rear of the toilet, another photograph had been taken, another bright flash and, "What's going on here guys?"

I recognised Johnny's voice, I knew that I was still safe but I pulled my mouth off of the man's cock and reached for my clothes, I was pulled back and he forced his cock into my mouth again, "Nothing to worry about mate, just having a little fun."

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Johnny came past the man holding his phone as a torch, he looked around the other man's body, "If you want her to suck you it'll cost you twenty quid."

"I don't need her to suck me off, I can get myself off!"

Johnny unzipped his trousers and started wanking himself off, I shuffled past the other man and as I put more effort into my sucking and rubbing the man holding the phone shuffled past the man I was sucking and started wanking himself, copying my husband. I was swallowing thick juice as Johnny let fly all over my right cheek, he aimed his second jet at the back of my head and his third hit me between my shoulder blades and at that moment my left cheek was plastered by another dose of spunk from the man with the phone light.

I was left almost naked behind the toilet block as Johnny and the other two men walked back to the road. I didn't have any more tissues, I'd used them all earlier in the shop doorway, cleaning the spunk off of my ribcage and neck. I just pulled my blouse on and it felt really disgusting as it pressed into my spunk covered back. As I carried on dressing I heard the men talking out on the street, "I haven't seen you round before, are you a new boy at Saint Peter's House?"

Johnny replied, "No, what's Saint Peter's House?"

"We're not supposed to talk about it to locals but I guess you're okay, they snuck the place in under the radar when the Liberals were running the council, it's a half way house for 'Cucumbers' out on licence!"

"What's that mean?"

"Cucumbers, people who run the numbers."

"You bookies runners?"

"No, it's what they call men in prison who have to apply for 'Rule forty-five' to keep them segregated from the general prison who have been sent down for rape and other sex crimes. When we get out after serving half of our sentence, they fit us all with these ankle trackers, we have to stay in Kettering, live at Saint Peter's House and we have a ten o'clock curfew. So we have to be back in Saint Peter's House by ten o'clock at the latest or we'll be returned to finish our sentence."

I walked out into the street at that point and saw the man I'd just sucked off with his foot on a low wall, showing Johnny his tracking anklet. I walked back up to the shop that I'd looked in earlier and spent a few minutes looking at the underwear in the window as the two men walked away from the toilet, towards Saint Peter's Avenue on their way back to their halfway house. I checked my phone to see what the time was, it was nine fifty-five and they had to be in by ten o'clock so the hostel had to be reasonably close to the toilet.

As soon as they were out of sight I walked back to the car park and over to Johnny's car in the darkness. Johnny was cowering in his seat as I slid into the car, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...don't hit me, I couldn't help myself! I couldn't resist joining in and splashing you like that! I wonder if that bloke Brian was from the same hostel as those would explain how come all of a sudden the town seems to be full of perverts!"

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"I suppose you don't need any help at the moment!"

Johnny smiled at me, "No baby, thanks for the offer but I really drained my balls over you back there!"

"I bloody well know, I didn't have anything to clean it off and now my blouse is sticking to my back."

We drove home and I ran a bath while Johnny went back to work. I'd already packed his case for his trip, he would have to pay hotels to do his laundry as he went around America but that was okay, his company looked after every one of his bills while he was away.

After my bath I took him a coffee into his office, "I'm going to bed now, if you finish before your taxi gets here, wake me up, whatever time it is."

I kissed him good night and slipped off to bed.

I was as horny as a junk yard dog as I slipped into bed, I really wanted to masturbate myself to get rid of my inner itch but I could wait until Johnny finished his presentation amendments, Johnny's cock would be a million times better than my own fingers.

There was a bell ringing somewhere in my dream, was it my front door bell? No! Church bells!

I opened my eyes, the space at my side was unruffled and there was no case in the corner of the bedroom, Johnny had left for America, he'd left a note on his pillow, an apology, he'd been working until the taxi arrived so he didn't wake me.

I clambered out of bed, dressed, walked down to the kitchen, made my morning coffee and my bacon sandwich. I sat in the living room with my book and in the twenty minutes that it took to eat my sandwich I'd managed to read one paragraph in my book ten times. I couldn't settle down, the itch between my legs was driving me crazy. I put my book down, turned the TV on and stepped from channel one to channel one hundred and eighty and didn't find a single, damned program that I wanted to watch.

My problem was that I'd slept for too long over night, not just well rested...I was over rested and my pussy was yowling at the top of its voice that it needed filling. I needed to work off a lot of my tension, I needed to go out for a run. I climbed the stairs back up to my bedroom, opened my bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I pulled my dress off over my head and was about to step into my shorts when I caught my reflection in my full length mirror. I giggled at what I saw, I was wearing my absolutely least sexy underwear, thick white cotton, the kind of knickers that Johnny would call 'Passion killers'. I'd obviously dressed down in my sleepy fog this morning, ninety days without sex would feel like a life time, this wasn't my first ninety day forced celibacy period but usually Johnny had spent twenty-four hours before he left charging my sexual batteries to carry me over the sexual famine.

Page 13

I had my left foot in the leg hole of my shorts and thought, 'What would the schoolgirl whore inside of me do?' I looked over at my bottom drawer again, there was something in there, I just knew there was. When my sister gave me her old school uniform there were other things from her days at school. I dug down into my drawer, I found her sport top, little more that a sport bra in white Lycra with sleeves and her old school logo printed over the left breast, one top but two pairs of shorts...well, I say shorts...just Lycra knickers really, one pair for gymnastics, they were larger than the pair for runners, the gym pants reached p to a girl's hips and the leg holes were lower down so that when a girl did the splits nothing peeped out at the audience. The running pants were more like bikini style knickers, the leg holes were cut higher so that they chaffed less on a long run or a fast sprint.

I changed my mind about the shorts and T-shirt option, I took my bra and knickers off and stepped into my sisters running pants. They were tight, tighter than anything I'd ever worn before, I looked at my reflection, it looked like I was carrying a pair of saddle bags between my legs...God I looked obscene in those pants, I could wear a little wrap-over tartan skirt that came with the sports kit to wear while walking to and from competitions when it was too hot to wear a tracksuit.

It was an art to put the running top on, it was designed to be worn by one of L.S. Lowry's models but being Lycra, it stretched in all directions, including the arms. My breasts were held tight to my body making them look even smaller than they actually were and the waistband of the top came just one inch below my breasts, so tight that it felt like it was cutting off the blood supply between my upper and lower body.

There was nowhere to put a door key or any money so I had to take a bottle of water with me, I had a special jogger's bottle that had a hole in the middle of the bottle to slip my fingers through so I didn't have to grip it too tightly. I left my house through the backdoor and put the backdoor key inside the exhaust pipe of my husband's car. I did a few stretches and considered where I was going to run, I could be in the country in five minutes or I could run the other way into town. I wondered if I ran down Saint Peter's Road, would I find Saint Peter's House where my customers lived. No contest really, I was on-heat, I'd run down London Road to the car park, to the toilet where I'd earned twenty pounds, to where I sucked a stranger's cock for money while my husband watched me.

When I got to the car park I stopped on the opposite side of the road, I sat on a bench outside the cemetery to get my breath back and have a drink of water. I saw a man walk out of the toilet, he looked towards Horse Market and then he turned to look towards Bowling Green Road and he was about to set off walking towards Bowling Green Road when he stopped again and looked in my direction, I saw him smile and then the look of recognition on his face and his smile grew wider as he crossed the road to sit on the bench at my side.

"Well hello my young friend, I didn't expect to see you again so soon and see you dressed like my favourite fantasy girl!"

Page 14

I giggled, I was glad that it was Brian who had approached me, I wouldn't have been as brave as I had been the previous evening when I was approached by a stranger while Johnny was just a few yards away. "I was really enjoying our little conversation yesterday until your father came back from the toilet."

I just nodded my head.

"So, where were we...i think I'd just asked you if you had a boyfriend hadn't I?"

I nodded my head.

"I think you nodded your head to say that you did have a boyfriend, am I right?"

"Well, not officially, my mum thinks I'm too young to have a boyfriend but I do have one."

"Is he a boy from school?"

"No, I go to Southfield School..." I looked down at my school's logo above my left breast." boys, we talked about, we both thought that a mixed school would be more fun!"

Brian reached out and brushed the tips of his fingers over the printed school emblem on the front of my running top, feeling my breast beneath for a fleeting second.

"Ah yes...I remember, where do you and your boyfriend meet?"

"He takes me to ballet class on Wednesday evenings, my mum has to work late on Wednesdays and my father doesn't get home before my class starts."

"And your mother doesn't mind this boy talking you to dance class?"

"Someone has to take me, there's no bus that would get me to Wellingborough by five thirty in the evening."

"Oh, so he's old enough to drive then...who is he, a neighbour?"

"No, he's my mother's brother."

Brian grinned again and he had to cross his legs to hide the erection that started to form inside his trousers. "So...your boyfriend is also your uncle then?"

I nodded my head and I looked down at Brian's ankle, he saw me look, the black webbing strap holding the plastic transmitter of his tracker. He pulled the leg of his trousers down to try and hide his tracker from view.

Page 15

"Does it bother you that I've been a bad boy?"

I looked from his ankle to his face and shrugged my shoulder, "What did you do?"

He smiled at me, "I always fall in love with girls who are too young to have sex...a lot like you and your uncle, I assume that you have sex together!"

I thought about something embarrassing again to cause my cheeks to colour up before I nodded my head.

"The thing is, what I did to you a minute ago when I touched your school badge on your top, if you had screamed or complained to anyone, just that one touch could get me eighteen month in prison, you didn't seem to mind so the same act and nothing will happen."

Brian looked up the road, there was a part time police station, well, full time station but only manned between nine AM and five PM. Two police men were just stepping out of the police station and they were waiting to cross the road.

"You'll have to excuse me for a moment Claire, if you want to keep talking with me, you could take a walk in the cemetery, where the two main paths cross there is another bench, just meet me there in a minute."

I didn't commit myself to meeting him again, I'd run into town to find Saint Peter's House, that and to try and take my mind off of my itchy pussy. I walked to the cemetery gates and looked back, Brian ran across the road and down the passage way to the toilets, 'Fuck it, he's going in the toilet to wank himself off' I said to myself disappointedly as I walked backwards into the cemetery.

Brian was walking out of the toilet again in less than two seconds and he stood at the edge of the pavement and waited to cross the road. I stopped walking and watched the goings on at the toilet. A young man walked out of the toilet, he looked like he could be seventeen or eighteen years old, probably a sixth-former. His face was bright red and he ran from the end of the passageway from the toilet, he ran across the road when it wasn't really safe to do it and he ran past me on the main path in the cemetery. I was about to turn and walk on when another man walked out of the toilet, an older man, almost Brian's age. Brian was now on my side of the road and the second man from the toilet was waiting to cross. Brian walked past me and as he passed me he said, "Don't talk to me here, follow me through the cemetery!" he said that without looking in my direction.

I noticed that the other man was also walking through the cemetery as the two police officers walked down the passageway to the men's toilet. Brian sat on the bench in the centre of the cemetery and I was a few feet away from him when the other man walked past me. When he reached Brian he said, "Thanks for the warning mate, bloody shame though, I'd been working on that boy for two fucking hours and he was just bending down for me when you came in and stopped things."

Page 16

I saw the boy hiding behind a bush and instead of walking to Brian I deviated and walked over to the boy, "Hi, What's your name?"

"Go away."

"What were you doing in the toilet with that man?"

"Mind your own bloody business and piss off little girl!"

"I think he's sad that my friend had to stop him when the police were heading to the toilet."

He looked shocked, he couldn't believe what I'd just said.

"What do you know about anything?"

"I know that he'd been flirting with you for about two hours and I think that you'd just agreed to let him put his willy up your bum when the police headed for you. Are you still going to let him do you?"

He shook his head slowly, "Come on, you must have wanted to feel it up you or you wouldn't have agreed to it, come on, come with me."

I took his hand in mine and I pulled him out from behind the bush, we walked together to where Brian and his friend were sitting. I saw Brian's mouth move, it looked like he had just said to his friend sitting next to him. "Bloody hell I don't believe it, I thought I'd frightened her off and here she is bringing your chicken back to you!"

His friend almost snapped his neck because he turned to look in my direction so fast. I saw a broad grin on both men's faces as I walked up to the bench steadying the frightened rabbit of a boy.

Brian's friend slipped closer to Brian and he pulled the boy down by his side, I just stood there looking awkward. Brian reached out and stroked the back of my leg, "This is my friend Alan, he lives in the same place as me."

Alan looked over at me and said, "Hi, thanks for bringing Tony back to me."

Brian pulled me towards him, he opened his legs and pulled me in between them, eventually hauling me on to his lap, my upper thigh pulled hard against his cock that was hard but had been stuck down inside his left trouser leg so it wasn't standing up like a flag pole.

Alan and Tony were into negotiations, Tony was still willing to try what Alan wanted to do with him but he wasn't willing to go back to the toilet as the police were showing an interest in the place, "So, if you won't go back into the toilet with, me, where can we go?"

Page 17

Alan suddenly turned to face Brian, "Hey Brian, your room's on the ground floor, rumour has it that you can get in and out of the place through your window!"

Brian nodded his head.

"Well, can you get us a little privacy, I can get friendly with Tony here and you could see to Claire's needs!"

"Man, If I get know what it'll mean!"

"Your room is so far away from the staff room that no one will ever know and you know that they are under staffed on Sundays, they never do spot checks on our rooms on Sundays!"

Brian spent at least five minutes thinking about what he should do. As he thought he absent-mindedly stroked his hand o my leg towards my pussy, he only stopped when a woman walked past and tutted at him touching me the way he was in a public place. Brian was spurred into action, "Okay, give me five minutes and then bring Claire and Tony to the back of the house."

Brian walked off towards the exit from the cemetery and out onto Saint Peter's Avenue, I sat in the space on the bench that Brian had just vacated. Alan checked his watch about thirty times in the five minutes that Brian had asked Alan to give him before we were supposed to follow him.

"Right, follow behind me, there's a broken panel in the fence, watch me go through and once I'm in Brian's room, you follow me one at a time."

I walked along with Tony about fifteen feet behind Alan, we were walking down a wide path leading from the grave yard between two big houses that fronted onto Saint Peter's Avenue and backed onto the cemetery. I saw a window open in the house on the right of the path and Alan disappeared through the fence, as he ran across the lawn towards the window, Brian lowered a wooden box to the grass, Alan hit the box with his right foot and without slowing down he was up and through the window.

Tony said, "What is this place?"

"It's some kind of probation hostel I think, men are sent here after being in prison for a long sentence."

"I think I'm more frightened of going in there than going back into the toilet!"

"I'm going next, don't chicken out, if I feel safe going in there, what have you got to worry about?"

I slipped through the hole in the fence and ran fell pelt for the open window. I went through the open window at about ten miles an hour. I looked back at Tony, "I think he might chicken out!"

Page 18

Alan leaned out of the window and gestured to Tony to run. I watched Tony slip through the hole in the fence very gingerly, very slowly and Alan gestured to him again. Tony suddenly burst into life and ran like hell across the lawn, he fumbled the box and took two attempts to get through the window. Brian leaned out of his window and pulled the small wooden box back into his room, he quickly closed the window and pulled a plastic covered wire out of the gap between the window and the frame, he had an Allen key to screw the end of the wire into the hole in the inner window sill, the wire was often used in hotel rooms to stop windows from opening more than two inches wide.

While Brian was screwing the wire down Alan was kissing Tony, I just stood there watching Alan pushing Tony's trousers down as he was forcing his tongue into Tony's mouth.

"Stop a minute, don't make any noise, if there is a knock at the door, you two head straight for the bathroom and keep quiet in there."

Alan pulled himself away from Tony who was now standing with his trousers and underpants around his ankles while Alan turned Brian's TV on to make a little noise to cover the sounds of sex.

Brian came over to me, he pressed his lips against mine and started working on getting my top off, as Brian worked I was watching Alan and Brian, Alan was rubbing Tony's cock as they kissed. I was naked in a flash, not really a surprise as I was only wearing two items of lightweight Lycra.

Alan finished undressing Tony so me and the boy were totally naked and Alan and Brian were both fully dressed still. I was pushed down on Brian's bed and he spread my legs into splits and lowered his mouth down over my cunt, he was licking between my legs, slavering spittle all over my intimate parts, he pulled his head back a little, "You've had anal sex!"

"Yes, my unc...erm, lover likes to do that when I'm on my monthly bleed."

"Good girl!"

As Brian started to bring me to my first orgasm I watched Alan stripping off. Alan was kissing Tony a lot and rubbing over his cock before he started shuffling around behind Tony. I was fighting not to bay at the moon as Brian drove me over the edge. Alan was now behind Tony, Alan's right hand was on Tony's cock as he bent his knees to lower his cock, he rubbed his left hand up over Tony's chest and up to his neck. He grabbed Tony's throat as if he was trying to strangle him and Tony gasped with the pain of Alan's cock slipping up his bum. Brian stripped off and looked at what Alan was doing to Tony, "Careful Alan, don't break your toy in my room!"

I remained on my back with my legs still wide open in splits position as Brian stripped off, he climbed on the bed with me and knelt with his cock close to my crotch, "Put me where you want my cock to go in!"

I reached between us and rubbed his cockhead up and down my gash before aiming it at my cunt-hole. Brian smiled as he leaned forward slowly burying his cock in my pussy up to his balls. He wasn't long but his cock was very fat. I gasped with pleasure as he bottomed out and rocked his hips from side to side. He pulled back out equally as slowly, he was in no hurry to cum himself so he didn't pound his meat into me as fast as Alan was pounding his up Tony's bum as he wanked him from behind

Page 19

"Do you like sucking cock's Claire?"

I was gasping through the foothills of a slowly building orgasm but I still managed to say, "Yes, I love to suck cocks!"

"Will you suck Tony while Alan fucks him?"

I nodded my head and Alan shuffled Tony forward so his shins pressed against Brian's bed before pushing Tony forward until his hands touched the surface of the bed and his cock dangled down in front of my face. I was sucking his cock in deep as we were both being fucked.

Alan climaxed into Tony's bum and as Alan gasped through his climax, Tony shot of in my mouth as well. Alan and Tony then sat watching as Brian fucked me for another thirty minutes before pumping about a gallon of semen into my pussy.

"What time is it?"

Naturally I wasn't the least bit worried about the time but after having my inner needs assuaged I didn't want to hang around to be used by Alan or even Tony.

"Twelve thirty!"

"Shit, I've got to get home for Lunch, my mother will kill me."

Brian unfastened the wire on the window so that it could be opened wide, he dropped the wooden box out of the window while I pulled my running kit back on, he kissed me just before I jumped out of his window and said, "Come and see me again soon baby!"

I ran across the lawn back to the cemetery, leaving the three men naked in Brian's room, at a guess, Tony hadn't felt the last cock up his bum for that day.

I ran all the way home with a pleasant reminder of my fucking in the form of two trails if thick jelly leaking out of my cunt. When I got home I jumped in the bath to clean the sweat off of my body from the running as well as the two rivers of spunk from my legs.

At five o'clock in the afternoon the house phone rang, "Hello."

"Hi baby, I'm finally in my hotel, it's just an airport hotel, not a posh downtown New York Palace but I'll be flying to the west coast tomorrow."

"Did you get any sleep on the flight?"

Page 20

"No, every time I closed my eyes I saw you in tour schoolgirl costume and the guys that you turned on and then I had a problem that I had to hide."

Johnny laughed at the memory of me playing schoolgirl prostitute.

"So, you know how I've spent my day, how about you, what did you do today?"

"I woke up totally horny, my husband chose work over looking after my needs!"

"I'm sorry about that baby, I really wish I'd been able to spend at least a little time with what did you do about it, did you get your plastic friend out to play?"

"I seriously thought about it but I have another ninety days, if I use it too much, by the time you get home it'll be thinner than a pencil because I'll have worn it down. No, I took myself off for a run to try and get my mind off of sex!"

"Did it work?"

"Well, it might have worked if I'd worn my usual shorts and T-shirt to go out running in but I found that school running kit that Mary gave me along with her school uniform."

I heard Johnny groan and then a rustle of clothing being relaxed, "So, how did it feel to go out in the street dressed like that?"

Well, it was cool enough, I could run for ages without sweating at all!"

"Did you wear the big sports knickers or the tiny ones?"

"The big knickers are for gymnastics, if I wore them to run they'd chafe my legs after a few miles."

"Did you take a selfie?"

"No, I didn't have anywhere to carry a phone or anything else in that running outfit."

I heard the rhythmic sound of cloth rubbing against cloth, Johnny was masturbating himself and his shirt sleeve was rubbing against his belly, so he must have still had his shirt battened closed. Johnny was breathing heavily as he said, "So, where did you run?"

"I was curious about that place you were told about last night so I ran into town to see if I could find it."



Page 21

"Did you find it?"

"I did in a way, when I got to London Road I saw Brian and he came over to chat to me, I ended up in his room in Saint Peter's House with another old lag as well as a young boy!"

The sound of Johnny's arm moving up and down came through faster and his breathing increased in speed, "Go on!" he gasped.

"Well, Alan was obviously gay and the boy was very new, he looked about seventeen years old. While Brian sucked me long and slow, I watched Alan break into Tony's bum and I even sucked Tony while he was being bummed."

"Oh God, go on, go on, don't stop now!"

"I sucked Tony until he spunked in my mouth, two minutes later Alan climaxed in Tony' bum but Brian fucked me for another thirty minutes before he pumped a gallon of spunk up me."

I heard the gasp and sigh as my husband shot off in America and as he panted down from his orgasm he said, "What happened next?"

"Nothing, I didn't want to hang around to be passed around the hostel, that place is massive, it has over twenty rooms, so I pretended that it was time to go home for lunch, I left Brian, Alan and Tony naked in Brian's room. Tony was very reluctant to start but I think he hung around to do it again, perhaps he got passed around the hostel, well, all the men who prefer boys to girls."

"A hole is a hole, I'll bet that even the men who prefer girls wouldn't turn an offer to bum a boy down."

"Would you put your cock up a boy's bum?"

"I've put my cock up your bum a ton of times, boy's bum, girl's bum, little difference to me but it's more fun to kiss you after!"

"Another idea for a fun role play when you get back dealing!"

"Well, I hate to shoot and run but...I've got an office booked for one o'clock and I need lunch first!"

We said a quick goodbye and Johnny hung the phone up.

Brian had given me such a long, slow fuck that I wouldn't need to climax again for at least a week but Johnny had reminded me about my vibrator, I'd been to check that I had fresh batteries in before I needed to life my battery powered lover.

Page 22

I started getting bored by Wednesday, bored rather than horny or desperate but I headed for town again, I was wearing my white leotard with no knickers under it, leg warmers and a very small rah-rah skirt with a lightweight jacket, I'd formed my hair into a bun on the back of my head and I'd made my face up. I drove into town in my little Fiat five hundred and parked right at the back of the London Road car park. I looked like a girl fresh from ballet class or rather, as it was five PM, a girl on her way to ballet class.

I spotted Tony heading for the gent's toilet and called out, "Hi Tony."

Tony stopped in his tracks, his head ducked into his shoulders as he turned in my direction. He looked totally relieved when he saw it was me, "Shit Claire, you sounded like my cousin, I thought I'd just been busted!"

"So...what you doing?"

"He gestured with his head towards the toilet, just hanging around looking for..."

A man walked out of the toilet, Tony smiled at him but the guy didn't seem to notice and walked past us. Tony looked disappointed.

"How often have know...been in there?"

"I'm addicted; I've been in there about twenty times!"

"I thought that Sunday was your first time!"

"It first time, my second time, my third, fourth, fifth and sixth times."

"God, all with Alan?"

Tony shook his head, "After Alan had his second go, your friend Brian did it and then Alan went and brought another two men in and Alan had one last go before I went home."

"Well, I'm sorry I stopped you going in then."

"No, but it was good that you did, that bloke wasn't gay, he was just taking a piss."

"Are you gay...i mean properly gay?"

Tony shrugged his shoulders, "When you and Brian were fucking, what you did to me was great but I don't know a single girl that would do anything like that around here, but almost any man will!"

"You want to go get a coke or something?"

"I can't I'm broke!"

Page 23

"I can pay."

"Wow, your family rich or something?"

I reached in my pocket and pulled out my credit card, "My mum's card is contactless, I can spend up to thirty pounds without needing to know her pin number."

"She'll kill you...won't she?"

"Well, she was too busy to give me a lift into town for my dance class and I know where she hides her emergency card, it's her own fault!"

We walked over to the coffee shop, it looked out over the toilet, we sat in the window drinking milkshakes and as we talked, Tony was watching the comings and goings at the toilet. We chatted for thirty minutes after our shakes were finished, five men went into the toilet but before Tony could get out there a second man had slipped in.

Tony was looking frustrated, "I could give you a hand if you just need help!"

"Would you come home with me?"

"Won't your parents be there?"

"Just my mum, she suspects that I'm gay because all of my friends are boys, if you come home with me it might get her off my back."

"Where do you live?"

"Not far, just a five minute walk."

We left the coffee bar and within fifty yards Tony had scooped my hand into his and we walked along swinging our arms as we chattered away, took me back eight years to when I used to watch my friends walking along like that, I never did back then though because I was so small no boy was interested in me back then.

"What's your last name? I can't pretend to be your girlfriend if I don't even know your last name1"

"Don't laugh!"

"I promise I won't."

"My last name is Winterbottom!"

I had to control my breathing so the laugh that was fighting to get out into the open didn't make it.

Page 24

"I'm sorry but...Tony Cold-bum, that's just too much."

"Winterbottom, not Cold-bum!"

"What will your mum think when she sees me dressed like this?"

"I'll tell her that I walked you home from your dance class."

Tony was laughing for most of the walk after that until he suddenly gasped and dropped my hand.

"What's up?"

"My mum is looking out of the living room window, she can see us!"

"Changed your mind?"

He reached for my hand again, "No...but it might be difficult, probably be better if you wait out here until I've asked her if you can come in"

Tony dropped my hand again and walked in his house alone. I saw him walk over to his mother, she grinned and nodded her head but then she said something and Tony looked a little uncomfortable.

He came back out, "My mum said it's okay to come in to listen to music in my bedroom for an hour but she wants to meet you first!"

I remembered back to my first meeting with Johnny's mother, I was nineteen and he was twenty-five but because I looked so young she thought that I was about ten years old, even then, she didn't mention my age, she was happy if her son was happy.

"Mum, this is Claire, Claire, this is my mother, Susan!"

I held out my hand, "Hello Mrs Winterbottom."

"Hello dear, nice to meet you, would you like a drink of anything?"

I wanted to say, 'Yes please, double whiskey if you have any.' but instead I said, "I'd like a glass of water if that's okay please."

Sue gestured to Tony with her head towards the kitchen, Tony returned with two glasses filled with water, "Is it okay to go to my room mum, just to listen to music."

Sue nodded her head and Tony guided me towards his bedroom. We actually sat listening to music for fifteen minutes, Tony was really nervous and kept looking at his bedroom door as he drank his water.

Page 25

"What time do I have to go?"

"My mother said that we had an hour when I asked her if you could come in. What time do you have to be home?"

"I don't have a problem over time. So we only have forty-five minutes left, what did you have in mind to do?"

Tony looked shocked, "I thought that you were just coming with me to get my mother off of my back!"

"Seems a shame to waste an hour, wouldn't you like to play? You must have been horny, you were hanging out at the toilet when I bumped into you!"

"Well, when you sucked my dick, that was magical, a couple of men have done it since but they weren't anywhere as good as you were."

"Just a blow-job?"

"Weeeeelllll! Can I do..." he nodded his head towards my lap, " know, do it to you?"

I stood up off his bed, I dropped my jacket on the floor and unfastened my rah-rah skirt and let it fall on top of my jacket, then I reached between my legs and popped the press studs between my legs and peeled my leotard off over my head and in a flash I was standing in his bedroom, totally naked.

Tony was shitting himself, he was just staring at his closed bedroom door.

I coaxed him into fucking me, he wouldn't take his clothes off though, just opened his zipper.

"Don't finish off's my danger period so I could easily get pregnant, I'll suck you off after."

Tony spent twenty minutes fucking me, he came close to his climax several times so it was a good job that I wasn't at risk of pregnancy or I'd have been screwed. After yet another close shave I pushed him off of me and took his cock in my mouth, I 'd already sucked him once and it wasn't my best work because I was flat on my back and being fucked at the time. He thought that first time was brilliant, I was about to knock his socks off.

I gave him the best blow-job I'd given in many years and when I finally let him hose my tonsils down I got a shock. I was used to spunk that tasted salty or spicy but I'd never tasted semen that was so sweet, his spunk tasted like pure sugar.

I dressed again and stopped Tony following me, "I don't need seeing out, you get ready for bed, I'll say goodnight to your mum and see myself out."

Page 26

We kissed at his bedroom door, he asked for my number but I shook my head, I know your name and your address, if I'm horny, I'll know where to find you."

Tony wrote his number on a slip of paper and forced me to take it.

I walked nervously into Tony's living room, Susan was sitting down reading a book. "Mrs Winterbottom, can I be honest with you please?"

Sue looked worried, "Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Does Tony have any history of sugar diabetes? Or is there a history in the family?"

Sue shook her head.

"This is awkward for me Mrs Winterbottom but, you need to take Tony to see his doctor, his semen tastes very sweet, it was like swallowing honey!"

I left Susan sitting in an almost catatonic state as I left her house. I walked back towards my car, I saw a man watching me closely as I walked towards the car park. I didn't know the man but he could be another of the Saint Peter's House residents. I stopped and looked in the window of the lingerie shop.

"Are you Claire?"

I turned quickly to look at him, "Who are you?"

"I'm a friend of Gary's, he showed me a picture of you on his phone, he said that you charged twenty pounds for oral."

I hadn't planned on going back to playing the schoolgirl whore again until Johnny was home again and I didn't need the fun because Tony had just fucked me. I looked up and down the street, "Where, the back of the toilet?"

"No, it isn't safe, the council put a camera on the lamp post at the side of the toilet, it's pointing down at the passageway to the doors, I thought that we could go into the cemetery."

"The cemetery gates will be locked at this time of night."

"We use the cemetery all the time to come and go from Saint Peter's House."

I walked with him to the cemetery, the gates were locked but there was a weakness in the hedgerow at the side of the gate and we both passed through it easily. Will you undress for me the way you did for Gary?"

Page 27

"I'll undress..." I was going to say that I'd keep my knickers on but I'd come out without any knickers, " can't touch me between my legs, agreed?"

He had his wallet open and peeled out twenty pounds, "Agreed, money up front I was told."

I nodded my head and took my money. I stripped off totally in the graveyard and opened his trousers to get at his cock. I didn't bend down this time, I crouched down with my knees wide apart so he could see my open pussy as I sucked his cock.

He was long gone by the time I'd dressed myself again and walked quickly to my car, I wondered if Johnny would have another wank when I told him what I'd been up to in Kettering again today!

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