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First Published: 30 October 2017

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Out of balance
by Isabella

Story Code: M/F, F/F, MF/F, MM/F, Rape, Anal, Oral, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

It was a strangely warm February, not summer warm but warm for February, so warm that I hadn't bothered to put a jacket on for the drive into work. It was my turn to drive this week, I had three friends from work that lived on the estate that had been built on to the side of my village, I'd lived there all of my life but Angela, Sue and Emma had all lived in London and had moved out to Northamptonshire when the estate had been built and the train to London had been up rated so that their husbands could be at their desks in London just one hour after leaving home. You never had to ask why they had moved from London, the houses in our little village were twenty-five precent cheaper per square foot than anything in London and at rush hour they could get into work quicker even though we were almost fifty miles further away.

I collected Angela first, she sat in the front of the car next to me, she was dressed in the same way that I was, it could almost have been a uniform...well, her blouse might be a little thinner than mine, her bra wasn't white and was less utilitarian than mine and it showed through her blouse a little clearer...oh, and her skirt was a little shorter, accentuated when Sue climbed into the seat behind mine and Angela turned slightly sideways on to wish Sue a good morning and I got a flash of her knickers...she was wearing matching knickers and bra...Well, I guess I was too, white cotton utility bra and white cotton granny-knickers.

Emma was the last to be picked up, she climbed in behind Angela but before she put her seat belt on she reached over the back of Angela's seat, pulled the neck of her blouse open wider and said, "I see concealer, one, two, places. I see someone had a good Saint Valentines night last night."

Saint Valentine's Day, it was yesterday and I'd forgotten all about it, my husband Johnny hadn't remembered it either but then he had a lot on his mind, he had to audit thirty shops before the end of March and set up financial statements as well as prepare budgets and targets for the following year. We left home together at six o'clock, Johnny to go to Bristol this morning and me to go to work on my week of early shifts, so instead of a romantic evening on Sunday we'd gone to bed early with no thought of sex either. Johnny had planned to audit his Broadmead Shopping Centre store and head home, he'd be home by seven o'clock in the evening if everything went to plan, he would have Tuesday at home for paperwork before heading back out on the road to Abingdon on Wednesday to audit his Oxford Street store.

Angela wasn't the least bit embarrassed by Emma's exposure if her neck and collarbone and the fact that she had been sexually active with her husband, Ray, the night before...rather she looked disappointed. "He was off his game really last night, he only lasted for ninety minutes and then he blew his top...quite literally."

Angela chuckled at what she'd said, so did Emma and, I just blushed and drove the car and said nothing. I tried to block out my passengers chatter, it had started out with sex and gone downhill from there, all three women comparing their Sunday night's sexual activity. I was in a world of my own, Angela was complaining about Ray only performing sex on her for ninety minutes at one sitting and in my head I was going through my last year's sex life with Johnny, I'd have to estimate that in the whole year we'd probably only had sex for ninety minutes in total.

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I pulled into our parking space by the front door of our office building. We got the best parking space in the car park because we always shared a car to work. The office was a recent build and the planners only allowed one parking space for every ten workers to try and force people to use public transport, use pushbikes to get to work, walk or share cars like me and the girls. Sadly that didn't work at all, every office in the area had a similar shortage of parking spaces so those that didn't get one allocated just parked at the side of the road or on the grass verges all around the industrial estate.

I threw myself into my work, because we started so early our lunch break was at ten-thirty in the morning. Emma and Sue joined me in the dining room but Angela wasn't there, we only got a thirty minute lunch break, just long enough to eat a sandwich, drink a coffee and take a pee. I was walking back to my car when Angela asked me for my car key, she'd popped over to the shop and picked up some shopping, no food, just bags of new clothes that she wanted to pop into my boot for the journey home.

Three PM came around very quickly and the conversation on the journey home was almost as risqué as the conversation on the way into work. I dropped my passengers off in the opposite order to picking them up that morning so it was just me and Angela left, I got out of the car to open the boot for Angela to get her shopping out of it, "What time is Johnny due home tonight?"

"He thinks he'll be home around seven o'clock...why?"

"Well, plenty of time for a coffee and a natter then!"

I followed Angela around the back of her house, the back door was unlocked. When I was a child in the village most houses didn't even have locks on their back doors to lock but since the estate Angela lived in was built we all locked our doors all the time.

I'd been in Angela's house many times, usually with Emma and Sue for a coffee and a natter but never in her kitchen before. Compared with my house, the size of Angela's kitchen was palatial, "Put the kettle on while I try on my new dress would you?"

I filled the kettle and switched it on, I turned towards the door leading through to the dining room and caught a glimpse of Angela in the living room, she was taking her bra off, she was totally naked and stepping into a child's Lycra dress, she wriggled the dress up to her chest, she'd struggled hard to get the rest of her body into her new dress but it looked like it would be impossible to get her breasts into her dress. She looked up and as she did, I looked down at her kitchen floor. The house was only three years old but her ceramic tiled floor was scratched up.

Angela walked in and took two mugs from her kitchen cupboard, "It's a bugger isn't it, I need a new floor in here already but I'm going to have to get a new table first. Ray loves to take me on the table and every time he does it I get four new scratches on the tiles."

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I blushed a deep red and Angela chuckled her dirty laugh, "God Vicky, the look on your face just from me talking about banging on the table top, what would it have looked like if you'd looked this way last Thursday when you were sitting in the corner chair in the living room for our afternoon tea with the girls. I was just glad that Emma was keeping you talking when Ray came home and caught me in the kitchen."

Angela gestured with her head towards the seat in the corner of her living room, I could see it through the dining room and the open archway. "You were wearing that blue, soft cotton, singlet top with the massive sleeve holes and an ivory bra under it..." Angela rubbed her big toe along a particularly deep gouge in the tiles on her kitchen floor. "...he banged me even harder when you leaned forward to put your cup down and he saw the lace around your bra cup, he asked me if I thought you ever wore that top with no bra under it. He really fancies you a lot."

I was watching her toe rubbing along the scratch mark on the kitchen floor and spotted the other three parallel scratches from the other legs on the table.

"As Ray climaxed he was wondering aloud if you were natural, trimmed or bald between your legs, He loves me having a bald pussy."

I was really in a confused state as I drove home thinking about Angela and her husband fucking on her kitchen table while I sat just feet away, if I had looked toward the kitchen instead of at Emma and Sue sitting on the sofa against the back of the wall between the living room and the hall I'd have seen everything. I thought back to Thursday, Angela had been out of the room for thirty minutes and when she came back in her hair looked a little messed up and she had brought a towel in from the kitchen with her and placed it on the seat cushion before she had sat down.

I got home and went to my bedroom to get changed out of my work clothes and into something a little more comfortable. I took my blouse and skirt off and opened my wardrobe door, the first thing I spotted was the blue cotton singlet top, I brushed my hand over the material, it was 'Baby soft' to the touch, it actually felt a little like velvet but without the weight. I caught my reflection in the full length mirror, my reflection and the reflection of my bedroom window behind me and beyond that, the windows of the house on the other side of the street.

I was standing there in my granny knickers and my very thick white cotton bra and felt a little exposed, exposed and embarrassed at standing in my bedroom wearing so little. 'Silly cow, Angela has just got totally naked in her living room without a care in the world and her neighbours that overlooked her were far closer than my neighbours.' went through my head.

I picked up my blouse and wrapped it around my body so I could go over to the bedroom window and close the curtains, just in case Robin from the house at the end of my back garden was in his bedroom and looking out. I went back to my wardrobe, Angela's comment was running around in my head. Ray had fucked her harder when he saw my bra through the arm hole in my singlet top and he had wondered if I'd ever worn that top with no bra under was a moment of madness brought on by frustration and the inequity of marital sex, Angela had over two hours of sex in the past five days and she was complaining about her lack of a sex life while I probably had half of that amount of sex in a whole year, mind you, I didn't know any better, even on our honeymoon I doubt that we had sex for a whole hour in the fortnight that we were away.

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I dropped my bra on the floor and pulled my singlet top over my head, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I rocked my hips from side to side and my breasts swayed from side to side, my nipples responded instantly and swelled, pressing against the soft cotton of my top. I giggled at the reaction of my nipples and then my knickers joined the rest of my dirty clothes on the floor. I stepped into the shorts that came with my top, same soft cotton, same royal blue colour.

As I twisted in front of the mirror again I felt totally different to how I'd ever felt in my life before, the soft cotton swishing and swirling over my body, it felt like I was being fondled by a man with the softest hands in the world. I'd managed to turn myself on to the point that I couldn't wait for Johnny to get home, whether he was in the mood or not, busy with work or not, he would have to do his husbandly duty as soon as he got home from Bristol or there would be trouble and this time he'd have to perform for more than his usual five minutes.

I was totally lost in my own world, I was almost experimenting on myself, moving in different ways and watching my body react and respond to the way the soft cotton brushed over my skin. I almost jumped out of my skin when the telephone suddenly sounded. We had one of those old Bakelite phones with the double external bells on the back, it stood on an old Georgian hall stand with barley twist legs. I ran down the stairs, checking the time as I went, five-thirty, Johnny must be ringing to tell me he was just leaving the shop in Bristol.

After speaking to Johnny on the phone...I have to say that I was severally deflated. Johnny's audit was over running because the stocktaking hadn't been completed correctly and so everyone was working late into the evening to count everything all over again so he would be booking into a hotel in Bristol for the night, then he would drive to Abingdon in the morning to perform the audit there and on Wednesday he would do the administration work on both stores at home.

I wasn't usually the kind of woman that had a big sex drive, I was slow to arouse but because of that, once I was aroused it was like an all consuming passion, it happened so infrequently that I didn't really know how to act or control myself. I'd say that for every ten times Johnny and I had sex, I would only actually be aroused once, I usually just let Johnny have sex with me, lie there and just accept whatever he wanted to do with me. The one time I would actually be aroused I would respond to him, do more than just lie there but he still just did exactly what he wanted to do and finish when he was ready to finish whether I was there or not...even when I was turned on I was often left feeling frustrated...just like now.

Well, I was almost dripping wet as I stood by the front door, I had planned to have a late dinner when Johnny got home, nothing difficult, just steak and chips with garlic mushrooms, I'd bought a large steak that I would cut into two unequal halves, one third for me and two for him. The meal would keep until Wednesday when Johnny got home so I would leave it until then, for tonight I'd need to think of something else for my dinner.

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I slipped my bare feet into a pair of mules with a rubber soul and open toe, picked op a spare front door key and a ten pound note to slip into my pocket and I left the house. We have an eight 'till late store in the middle of the village, my head told me that I'd find a little something in the store for my dinner. I walked up the lane towards the shop and after only a few yards the bus from Kettering stopped just ahead of me. Angela's husband Ray stepped off the bus along with five other men. Ray waited for the bus to pull away before crossing the High Street to walk home but before the bus pulled away Ray spotted me and he changed direction and walked over to me. I watched as he approached me, he was looking me up and down, he tried hard to hide his grin as he saw the way I was dressed.

"Hi Vicky, what are you doing out at this time of day dressed like that?"

I swallowed hard, my mouth was very dry, "Johnny's just phoned, he's stopping in Bristol overnight so now I need to find something different to what I'd planned for my dinner."

Ray's left hand pressed against the small of my back, "Why don't you come to the pub with me for a drink if you've got no other plans?"

"I don't drink but..."

I was about to thank Ray for his offer and refuse it politely but Ray wasn't the kind of man to take "No" for an answer and I was being propelled gently in the direction of Zion Hill and the Royal Oak. We waited at the junction of Sheldons Lane for two cars to pull out into Kettering Road and as we stood at the curb waiting Ray's hand stroked down from the small of my back, his fingertips searching out a bump caused by panties under the thin brushed cotton of my shorts, he rubbed over where my usual granny knickers would have come to, then he passed where the line would have been if I were wearing half size panties and finally where the line of bikini-briefs would have he had found no line under my shorts at all, he turned to look at me with a massive grin on his face.

"Good thing it's the warmest February in recorded history or you'd freeze your arse off."

As he grinned at me he raised his eyebrows twice suggestively. We walked through the pub's car park and entered the pub through the back door to the bar, Ray pushed me over to the table at the side of the dart board, "What can I get you to drink?"

"Just an orange 'J20' or something similar please."

Ray went to the bar and returned with a pint and a tall glass of orange, he placed both on the table in front of me and then he took his phone out of his pocket and dialled a number, "Hi darling, I'll be a little late home for dinner, I met Vicky Clarke out on the High Street and dragged her into the pub for a drink...that's a great idea, okay, I'll see you then!"

Ray smiled at me, "You ever played darts Vicky?"

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I shook my head.

"Perfect, I might just win my first game this year then."

Ray returned to the bar and came back with a large whiskey and two sets of darts, one belonged to the pub, cheap brass body, blunt tip and bent plastic flights, the other was his own set made from tungsten, points that were so sharp they could split the atom and flights made from pure goose tail feathers.

I took a sip of my orange, it burnt the back of my throat a little so I guessed that it wasn't virgin orange but I also guessed that it was all part of Ray's plan to make flirting with me a little easier, it was the same with the game of darts, that was just an excuse to flirt a little more, get as close as possible to me, an excuse to touch me as he was showing me how to play darts.

I stood at the six foot oche on the rubber mat or the ladies line, men would usually stand closer to eight feet away from the board. There was a lot of touching as Ray got me into the right position to throw the dart. I threw all three darts, I actually hit the board with two of the darts and scored six points. Ray had his left hand on my arse as he gave me pointers on how to throw my darts. I walked to the board to retrieve and turned to a shock, Angela was sitting at our table drinking the whiskey.

I had another trial throw, I expected Ray to keep his distance as his wife was sitting three feet away, I thought that her sitting there watching him would put a crimp in his flirting but I was wrong Ray, got even closer to me if that were possible and once again his left hand was rubbing all over my arse as he told me how to improve my aim, this time I got three darts in the five segment of the dart board.

After retrieving the three darts I went back to the table and took a large swallow from my glass of doctored orange juice. Angela asked me if I fancied a game of darts but I pointed out I'd only thrown six darts in my life so I tried to back out of a game.

"We don't have to play five hundred and one down like the men do. We can play for kisses, when I was a child we always played for kisses."

I gave her a confused look, "We used to play where the highest scorer got to kiss the lowest scorer."

I let Angela bully me into playing a game of kiss darts with her and Ray. Ray started to attach his flights to his dart barrels, Angela said, "Oh no mate, if you're planning on using your monster darts then we're all using them...we all play with the same handicap or not at all!"

Ray's darts had been made especially for him. The barrels were made of tungsten and the points were made of surgical quality, stainless steel, and the shafts were two inch long, magnesium alloy with goose feather flights. All in Ray's darts weighed in at forty-five grams, I doubt that if I threw his darts that they would actually reach the dartboard, they'd most likely just nosedive into the rubber mat that linked the players oche to the dartboard.

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All three of us played with the twelve gram brass darts that belonged to the pub with their twisted plastic flights. Ray threw first, his first dart flew well high of the scoring area of the board, his second dard hit just below the double twenty and his third was just above the treble twenty so he scored forty points. Ray pulled the darts out of the board, handed them to me and then he went to the chalk board, he made three columns, R, V and A. Then he put forty under the R.

I threw my first dart, it landed in the single one area, I moved to my left slightly and threw my second dart, this time it went into the single five segment. My third dart split the difference and my final score was twenty six. Ray chalked my score under my initial while I removed the darts and passed them on to Angela. I took a swallow of my drink while Angela took her throw. I was standing close to a brick pillar while I waited for Angela to finish her go. From where I was standing, I could watch Angela play her turn as well as see the bar.

Angela threw her first dart, I thought that it had gone in the triple twenty but it was in the treble five, her second dart landed in the single twenty so any more than a six with her third dart and I'd be kissing Angela in the bar of the Royal Oak instead of her husband.

Angela took an age to line up her third shot and it actually struck the barrel of the dart in the treble five and bounced out onto the floor. Ray went to chalk up Angela's score but she stopped him, "I'll put my score up, you claim your prize!"

Ray was grinning all the way as he walked over to me, I was pushed back against the brickwork as Ray planted his lips on top of mine. I didn't close my eyes as I usually would when being kissed, I watched Angela as she walked from the dartboard to our table, she was alternating between looking towards the bar, looking at me and Ray and drinking her whisky. Ray's left hand was grabbing at my arse and his right hand went to my left hip, it took him just a second to lift the bottom hem of my singlet and he slipped his hand up under it. He rubbed up over my ribs until his palm cupped under my breast, because the arm holes of my singlet top were so wide I knew that Angela could see his fingertips as they appeared through the hole as he fondled my left breast.

Angela left Ray kissing me for five minutes before she suddenly walked up behind him and tapped him on his shoulder. "Time for the next game lover boy!"

I thought that Angela had just had enough of watching her husband making out with me but as Ray stepped away, I noticed the front door to the bar open and two men walked in, Angela must have seen them approaching through the front window.

Ray took his throw, his first dart hit in the treble twenty but it was a bit casual, it didn't have the weight of his usual darts and his second throw caught the flight of the first and caused it to fall to the floor. Ray scored forty with the two darts that managed to stay in the board. I took my throw and got twenty six with my three darts, a single five, single one and single twenty.

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I handed the darts to Angela and then stood with my back against the brick pillar again, I saw Angela's first dart sink into the treble twenty and then looked towards the bar end of the room, the two men had bought pints and were moving to a table in the opposite corner of the bar to where we were playing darts. Ray came into my eye line and he picked up his pint from our table and took a drink, my wrist was grabbed and I was pulled around the pillar by Angela so that the brickwork shielded us from the two men at the other end of the bar. Her kiss was more passionate than Ray's had been and that came as a massive shock to me, Angela's hands started out in the same position as her husband's had been when he started kissing me but her right hand didn't move up to my breast like Ray's had done, Angela's hand headed south, she pushed her upper body against mine, my head was pressed against the brickwork and her right knee forced my legs apart.

I was trying to push her away when I realised where her hand was going but she was too strong for me. I opened my eyes as her fingers rubbed down over my pussy hair, Ray was closer now, because Angela's hand was down my shorts, Ray could see down to my pussy and that bothered me a little more than the fact that Angela's fingers were closing in on my cunt.

Angela's fingers found their target and she started rubbing my clitoris hard and fast. I stopped fighting her off, my hands dropped to my side and my eyes closed, blocking Ray out of my mind as Angela took me to a climax. Ray cleared his throat and Angela almost jumped away from me. I was left leaning against the brick pillar gasping for breath and coming down from 'Mount Climax'.

"Are you guys still using the board?"

My eyes snapped open, one of the two men from the other end of the bar was approaching, hopefully Ray had warned Angela early enough for him not to have seen anything compromising but from the grin on his face, he may have seen something of what was going on.

Angela looked at me, she grinned and then winked her eye before turning to face the man, she stepped forward and lifted her right hand to his cheek, cradling it for a moment before giving it a gentle pat, "I think our dinner is about ready so I guess we've finished here for the evening darling."

I was amazed, the two men weren't local villagers, they were workers from outside the area and were staying at the bed and breakfast next to the pub for a few days while they were working in our area so Angela didn't know them from Adam but she was still very friendly with the guy. I'd never have dared to touch a stranger in such a familiar way, I looked at Ray, he was smiling at the man's reaction to his wife's over familiarity with the stranger.

Angela linked her arm in mine and she pulled me towards the back door of the bar while Ray took our glasses and the darts back to the barman, "Hope you like Pasta and garlic!"

"I can't come for dinner, I have to get home."

"What for, your husband's working away, he won't be home tonight."

Angela was giggling as we left the bar, "Would you like me to go back in and invite those two home for dinner with us as well?"

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I pulled myself away and gave her a know, total disbelief! "Don't look at me like that, stranger sex is the best kind...and anyway, Ray's going to be a little busy with you later so I might need a little something to keep me occupied...or two little somethings!"

Ray came out of the door at that point and he pushed in between his wife and me and we walked to their house with his arm over both Angela and me. Ray went up to the bedroom to get changed out of his work suit and have a shower while Angela finished cooking dinner. The dining table was closed down into its four seat configuration but Angela pulled out one of the leaves to turn it into a six seat table. She laid three places on the same side of the table, lit two candles and turned the overhead light off.

Ray came into the dining room as Angela dished up the dinner, he was wearing a dark blue silk kimono that covered him down to his knees, he pulled me against his chest to kiss me as Angela carried in two plates of pasta bake. Because I was wearing so little in the way of clothing I could feel the heat of Ray's body through the thin kimono, the heat of his body as well as his erection, it was very obvious that he was totally naked under the silk dressing gown. As Angela walked in I felt him inflate against my belly even more, prodding his cock hard against my belly through the silk, he'd actually got more turned on when his wife entered the room than he had been from just kissing me.

Angela placed the two plates next to each other and said, "Put her down, don't let your dinner get cold."

Ray sat on the right seat and he pulled me down into the middle seat. Angela returned with her own dinner as well as a plate of garlic bread, "The pasta bake is heavily garlicked and quite spicy so I chose a fruity white wine to go with the meal, just in case I've put too much spice in it."

There was nothing to cut in the meal so we were all eating with just our forks, I had my fork in my left hand and my right hand was resting on the table as I shovelled the pasta into my mouth. Angela leaned forward slightly and looked across me to Ray, she gestured with her head, a non-verbal instruction to her husband and he swapped his fork into his right hand and his left hand slipped over to my wrist. My hand was pulled down below the table and over to his lap. He uncovered his cock and he placed my palm on top of his cockhead. I just sat eating with my hand now resting on top of Ray's cock until he wrapped his hand around mine and started to masturbate himself using my hand.

I got the message and I took over wanking Ray and then I felt Angela's hand on my thigh and she wriggled it up inside the left leg hole of my shorts and once again she was rubbing around my pussy. Ray's left hand covered my right knee and he was pulling my right leg away from my left leg and as he opened me up Angela took advantage of my openness to slip two fingers into my cunt.

I was still trying to eat as I was wanking Ray and Angela was bringing me off with her fingers. It was actually me that called a halt to the meal as I turned my upper body to the left and kissed Angela first before turning to Ray and kissing him as well. The three of us tumbled up to Ray and Angela's bedroom and I was stripped totally naked by them both. Ray was naked in a flash, all he had to do was pull the end of the belt around the waist of his kimono.

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I was thrown into the middle of their king size bed and Ray covered me forcing his cock into my body. Angela knelt on the bed at our side, "Don't cum too quickly darling, you know how long it takes you to get your second wind!"

Ray was already on the edge of his climax, he taken me into a high orbit already and he panted his response to his wife, "It's...okay...darling...I've...taken...a...Viagra!"

Angela chuckled, "Oh goody, you can cum in her then, we can have fun all night long!"

I felt Ray spill his beans into my cunt, he seemed to shoot a pint up into me as Angela kissed me on my lips. Angela was wriggling her body around as she mashed her lips against mine and when Ray rolled off of me gasping for breath Angela loomed over me, she had a leather harness strapped around her hips with a monster cock attached to it. She took the position vacated by her husband and rammed the fake cock deeper into my body than anything had ever been before. As Angela lay on top of me with the dildo in me Ray climbed onto her back and he started fucking her from behind, he was fucking her so hard that it made the false cock slip in and out of me but just a fraction of an inch at a time, Angela forced her hand between our bodies and suddenly the dildo started to vibrate, sending me through the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had in my life before.

The evening was certainly an eye opener for me. Angela taught me how to suck her husband's cock, I'd never even contemplated doing anything like that in my life before and as I got into the act with Ray Angela taught me another new experience as she went down on me and licked Ray's semen out of my pussy. I was on my hands and knees with my head between Angela's legs as Ray fucked me doggy style when their telephone rang...'Telephone' shouted out in my head as Ray was grunting through yet another orgasm and Angela pulled away from my mouth to go and answer the telephone.

"What time is it?"

Ray looked over at the bedside clock, "Ten-fifteen darling, why?"

"Because whenever Johnny's away over night he rings me just before bedtime. He'll be ringing me in fifteen minutes, I've got to get home now."

Ray and Angela were disappointed that I was going home...I was disappointed as well, this had been an evening of so many firsts for me, I'd even cast all thoughts of guilt from my adultery as the pleasure was so way out of any experience I'd ever had in my life before that I didn't feel the least bit guilty and as I stepped into my shorts with Ray's cum dripping out of my fanny I resolved to do it again...soon and often as I could.

Angela offered me a jacket because the evening had cooled down so much, February was returning to normal, "No! Thanks for the offer but if I'm cold I'll move all the faster to warm me up."

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I ran down Angela's street and out onto Kettering Road, as I passed the pub I spotted the two strangers from earlier, they were standing by the pub's front door smoking cigarettes. As I approached they made a comment in my direction, usually such a comment would have caused great indignation in me but I remembered the flirty way that Angela had spoken to one of them earlier after she'd been masturbating me. I was obviously bouncing as I was running and had no bra on and that had been the centre of their ribald comments. I slowed to a walk so my breasts stopped bouncing and as I slowed to a walk the spunk that Ray had pumped into me chose that moment to fall, turning the crotch of my shorts several shades darker.

Once I'd passed them I sped up again and as I turned the corner into my street I ran again. As I ran up my drive I heard the phone ringing, I left my front door open and dashed to the phone in the hallway as I turned the hallway light on. I hadn't even bothered to close the front door, that could be done after I'd said goodnight.

The conversation was short, over in just thirty seconds as we'd spoken to each other that afternoon. it crossed my mind to return to Ray and Angela's house, he'd taken a Viagra tablet so he'd be hard for several hours yet. I was having that internal conversation as I walked back to my front door, would I go through and back to my friends house, I stopped in my tracks, two orange dots in the darkness at the end of my drive, I was being watched by the guys from the pub. I closed my door and closed the curtain over it to keep the draughts out and stop them seeing in.

I went through to my dining room, I stood there shaking, I was going to close the curtains but I saw the two orange dots again, the men from the pub were now in my back garden, watching me through the window. My body was tingling all over at the thought that two strangers were standing in my back garden watching me. I heard a whisper and realised that I'd left the small opening window at the top of my dining room window open and because it was hinged at the top, it was reflecting a whispered conversation between the two men down into the dining room.

"She looks well fucked!"

"Well, she certainly looks a lot less stressed than she did in the pub earlier, I told you she looked like she needed a damned good fucking didn't I?"

"You did, you certainly did! Do you think she needs a little more?"

"Well, we'll just have to see...she probably leaves her back door unlocked like most of the families do in this village."

"It won't matter, just so long as she doesn't close that little window, people always feel safe leaving those windows open all the time because of the stay lock, they don't realise how easy it is to break them open."

I turned my back to the window, I was salivating and not in my mouth, the mixture of Ray's semen and my inner excitement was now running freely down my inner thighs. It was now eleven o'clock so I should have been in bed already, I walked to the kitchen and looked at the back door, the key was in the lock and as usual the door was locked. I walked through the unlit kitchen, within seconds I saw the two orange dots as my voyeurs came looking for me again. I walked through to the utility room, I washed my clothes over night when the electricity was cheaper so I needed to load it before I could go to bed.

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I emptied the laundry basket into the washing machine...well, not quite empty, a year earlier I'd worn a sexy nighty for St Valentine's Night to try and awaken my husband's interest...the nighty had been given to me by a friend a few years earlier on the day before Johnny and I got married to wear on our honeymoon but the nighty hadn't been needed back then, it hadn't been needed back then and it hadn't worked last year so it remained festering at the bottom of the laundry basket.

I set the washing machine to start washing after one o'clock in the morning and then I looked at the nighty and at myself, the two items of clothing that I was wearing would both need to be washed and there was still a little room in the machine so I stopped the countdown, it would take sixty seconds before I'd be able to open the door. I could go into the kitchen to change into my nighty but that might give it away that I knew that I was being watched so, on the edge of an orgasm from the thought of exposing myself to two strangers I turned my back on the window and started to strip off.

I pulled my sexy nighty on over my head before turning back to face the utility room's window and the washing machine under it. I threw my singlet and shorts into the washing machine and closed the door again before setting the countdown timer running again.

I went into my bedroom, I turned the light on before closing the curtain, my bedroom was at the back of the house with the family bathroom next to it, the two smaller bedrooms were at the front of the house so my voyeurs would know exactly where my bedroom was. In the bathroom I cleaned as much of Ray's semen out of my cunt, as much of my own lubrication as well but because I was so excited my own juice was pumping out faster than I could mop it up.

I climbed into bed and lay there, I should have been asleep ages ago, I had to leave for work before seven o'clock but I just couldn't get the thought of the two strangers outside my utility room window watching me as I stripped off out of my head. I lay there for at least thirty minutes wondering what was going to happen and when. I heard a crunching sound from below the bed. Now I knew something was actually going to happen my excitement level increased, I turned onto my left side to face my bedroom door and pretended to be asleep.

I closed my eyes to a squint but it seemed to take an age before I saw the bedroom door handle turn. The door opened slowly and the two men tiptoed into my bedroom, I almost gasped when I saw them through my half closed eyelids, they were both totally naked, they looked totally different to how they'd looked earlier in the pub one was tall and thin, his erection was a healthy seven inches long but very thin, the other was shorter as was his cock but his cock was much fatter. They crept over to my bed, carefully pulled my duvet off of me and threw it on the floor at the side of the bed.

I chose that moment to pretend to wake up and after a moment's delay to solidify the impression that I'd been sleeping I began to fight the two men off. I managed to get my claws into the skinny man as he was trying to force my arms above my head while his friend was forcing his body between my legs. He cock felt as thick as Ray's had done earlier but it didn't reach as deeply into my body, he grinned up at his friend, "I think you're right Ian, that guy she was playing darts with did give her a damned good fucking earlier."

Page 12

I was kicking and fighting, trying to punch or scratch Ian while his friend fucked me, Ian pulled my nighty up and out of the way, exposing my body but that wasn't why he did it, he pushed the fine material into my mouth to stop me screaming and shouting as well as trying to bite them. I wouldn't have fought so hard but I'd been climaxing since the men's first touch and my fighting was disguising my excitement from them. During the first fucking session Ian called the guy fucking me Paul so now I knew both of their names. Paul grunted into me as he fired his semen into my cunt and then Ian said, "Here Paul, you hold this hellcat's arms down while I look for something to stop her fighting."

Ian went through my drawers; he found two pairs of Johnny's pyjama bottoms and pulled the chords from their waists, he held them in front of Paul like trophies Paul grinned again, "Heads or tails Ian?"

"Well, if I choose heads I'll be following you and that other bloke from earlier so I think I'll have tails."

Paul climbed off of my body and I tried to struggle away from them. Between them they flipped me face down onto the bed and Ian tied both of my ankles around the footboard's supports, pulling my legs wide apart. Two of my scarves were used to tie my wrists to the headboard supports so now I was tied to my bed, spread-eagled so I couldn't move.

Paul knelt between my legs and pushed his arms under my abdomen, he yanked me up off the bed while Ian stuffed all four pillows off of my bed in the space between my hips and the bed and then Ian and Paul changed places. Paul ripped the back of my nighty up to my neck so that I was totally naked but the front of my nighty was still bunched up in my mouth. Ian changed places with Paul and he dredged his cock head through his friend's spunk flooding from my cunt before rubbing the slippery mass between my bum cheeks and against my anal muscle. Ian fell forward with all of his weight, I screamed into my gag as Ian's cock burst through my anal muscle.

I was in a great deal of pain as Ian invaded my arse and I suddenly regretted playing my stupid game with the two strangers. Ian complained that I was too tight and that he wouldn't be able to last very long. I was just starting to lose the pain of my anal invasion when Ian spurted up my bum and it was all over for him. I thought it was all over for me as well as both men had climaxed but watching Ian rape my arse had given Paul his second wind and as Ian pulled his cock out of my bum, Paul was taking his place. Paul's thicker cock up my bum started the pain off all over again for me. Paul wasn't in any hurry, unlike Ian, but then Paul had already climaxed once just fifteen minutes earlier.

Paul spent a full thirty minutes fucking my arse, the first few minutes of pain subsided and by the time Paul was ready to cum I was having my own orgasm. I started to relax thinking that it was all over and that I could finally get some sleep but Ian took a second turn at fucking my bum, after Paul's thick cock had been in my arse I hardly felt Ian's second run but Ian's second run took him over thirty minutes and by then Paul was wanting third helpings.

Page 13

It was three thirty in the morning when I was finally left alone and I couldn't remember just how often each man had fucked me in total. I was left in my uncomfortable position with the chords from my husband's pyjamas cutting into my ankles every time I tried to move. I was laying in a ransacked room, totally naked and unable to free myself at three o'clock in the morning. I finally fell asleep even though I was in great discomfort.

"Vicky...Vicky are you there?"

It was Angela's voice coming from below, "You didn't pick us up, are you okay?"

I was grunting as loudly as I could through my gag to try and get Angela's attention, I heard Emma's voice exclaimed, "It looks like she's been burgled, the dining room window had been broken open and the place has been ransacked. Sue was detailed to run to the village constable's house to fetch him as Angela and Emma climbed the stairs to look for me.

The village bobby didn't live far from me and he ran all the way when Sue told him what they'd found on the ground floor of my house. He walked into my bedroom as Angela and Emma were trying to untie my ankles. Ian had tied my ankles with a knot called a timber hitch, the idea was, the more pressure that was put on the knot, the tighter it got. Fortunately P.C. Green had been a boy scout and he understood how to release enough pressure off of the knot to free it up and release me.

I had a difficult choice to make, I could tell P.C. Green the names of my attackers and the fact that they were staying in the bed and breakfast next to the pub but I didn't really want to go to court, enough people had already seen my dirty laundry already.

Sue and Emma were sent off to work, Angela stopped with me. I had to go to a special clinic to have samples taken of semen from my vagina as well as my anus. I had to tell the police doctor that I'd had consensual sex earlier in the day, Angela was in the room with me at the time when I told the doctor that I'd had sex with her husband after a drink at the pub. Ray would have to give a DNA sample so that his sperm could be accounted for, leaving only Ian and Paul's sperm to be catalogued for evidence.

Angela had used my mobile phone to ring Johnny to tell him what had happened, Johnny wanted to come straight home but Angela talked him out of it, "The doctor is going to give Vicky something to help her sleep and I'm going to stay with her. Ray's going to repair the broken window lock so you just do what you have to do in Abingdon and get home as early as you can this evening."

The doctor scraped under each of my finger nails and put the residue he found there into ten separate pots so that they could be examined in the laboratory later.

"Were all done as far as police work is concerned, I'm going to give you a prescription for something to help you sleep this afternoon but what about the morning after pill?"

Page 14

"I don't need one of those, I'm husband and I have been trying for a baby for eight years now, his bits are all working and I don't even have regular periods, probably only six periods in the last two years."

Angela drove me home, she made me warm and comfortable on my sofa and she sat in the comfortable chair opposite me and read a book while the doctor's magic pill went to work on me, sending me into a deep sleep.

While I slept Angela went around my house, she cleaned all of the finger print dust off of everything that the police thought Ian and Paul could have touched. My own finger prints had been taken as part of my visit to the rape crisis clinic, they would have to take Johnny's fingerprints when he got back home so that our fingerprints could be excluded.

I didn't wake up until Johnny got home, Angela handed over lookout duties to Johnny, she pointed out where Ray had fixed the locking top window stay with longer screws and wider washers so that it wouldn't be as easy to crowbar the window open in future.

"Ray put this lock on the bottom window as well, the burglars prised the little window open and reached in to open the bottom window, after they finished they just unlocked and walked out of the back door, fortunately they left it wide open or Vicky would have still be tied to the bed when you got home!"

Johnny thanked Angela for staying with me and for cleaning up the mess that the burglars had left behind. There was a mountain of awkward silence between Johnny and me during the evening. Johnny made dinner, just a quick and simple thing that we ate in silence. I'd slept all afternoon so at bedtime I wasn't really tired but I was desperate to go to sleep so I could go to work in the morning but Angela had called in to work and she'd told Johnny that I'd been given compassionate leave until at least the end of the week.

Johnny's pyjamas had been taken away by the police as evidence so he had to get into bed totally naked for the first time in our lives together so I didn't bother to put my nighty on either. We both lay on our backs in bed next to each other. Johnny slipped his left arm under my neck and rolled me so that I was laying face down, half covering his body with mine. I placed my left arm over his body, my left hand on his right hip and my forearm resting over his flaccid cock.

"Did they hurt you?"

"Only a little when they both sodomised me!"

As I said that Johnny's cock gave a little jump against my arm so I decided that I'd give him chapter and verse of what they did to me and with me...naturally I didn't mention Ray and Angela's part in my night of sex. Johnny was fully hard before I'd got half way through my sordid story. I was pressing down with my arm against his cock, trapping it against his abdomen as I told him my story. Johnny had started to gently roll his hips up against my arm as I spoke so that his cock was being rubbed off by the soft flesh under my forearm.

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"You want to fuck me darling?"

"God no, after all you've been through...I'd have to be sick to want sex with you at the moment."

"I could use my hand or mouth, neither of those were used by the rapists!"

"That isn't the reason that I don't want to make love to you, you've been through enough."

"I don't want you to make love to me, you have an erection that needs dealing with, you can fuck me or I'll get you off any other way that you want me to."

"When they did you in know...your bum, did it hurt a lot?"

"Only for the first few minutes, after the first hour it felt just the same as if they were fucking me in my pussy!"

I pulled at Johnny's left hip, rolling him on top of me as I rolled onto my back, his cock just seemed to fall into my pussy and he started humping into me with more passion and aggression than he'd ever used on me before. I whispered into his ear, "It seems to have really turned you on, me telling you about the burglars raping me."

Johnny was still fucking me uncontrollably even as he was apologising for getting so turned on by hearing my story of rape.

"Does your bottom hurt a lot?"

"No, not at you want to use me that way?"


He'd been very quick to deny it but just my asking him the question had spurred extra growth in his cock and extra speed in his fucking.

"You can do me there if you want to try it, it won't hurt me."

I lifted my knees higher and hooked them over his hips. I jerked my own hips slightly, pushing Johnny's cock out of my cunt. In my new position his cock lined up with my bum more than my cunt and as he tried to regain his foothold in my body it was my bum rather than my pussy that he shoved his cock up. I gasped in pain because he'd entered my anus as if it was my pussy and he instantly tried to pull out again.

"No, don't pull out, just be a little less aggressive until I get used to you being up there."

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Johnny slowed down and was a little gentler and he managed to sink his cock all the way up my bum. As soon as I got used to his cock being up my bum I dug my heels into his buttocks to spur him on to go faster and harder. When he got into his stride I started to climax and I said, through gasps of pleasure, "Would you have liked to watch as the two men fucked me?"

Johnny gasped, I felt his cock jerk in my body and he let fly a bucket full of seed up my bum. We lay quietly for ten minutes in the dark, both of us on our backs. My hand was resting on his flaccid cock, I knew that it would be covered in a layer of slime and that I'd need to wash my hands before I could go to sleep, wash my hands as well as my bum. "Would you like to watch another man fucking me hard like the rapists did?"

There was no way that my husband would be able to get a second wind usually but my mentioning him watching another man fucking me hard had started his cock growing all over again. "You know that Ray and Angela are swingers don't you?"

"No, I had no idea!"

"Ray would fuck anyone who made the offer, I'm sure that he'd let you watch him fucking me if you'd like to watch...or you could fuck Angela while Ray fucked me."

I'd said enough, Johnny was fully hard again, "If you want me to suck you or use my cunt you'll need to wash your cock first."

Using the 'fuck' and 'cunt' words had Johnny all revved up again and he didn't want to have to leave me to wash his cock so he flipped me facedown, I stopped him until I'd pushed all of our pillows under my hips. "Go slow getting in but then you can go as hard as you like darling."

I really let myself go as Johnny rammed his cock up my bum, I was in an orgasmic fugg and was baying at the moon and the more noise I made the harder Johnny fucked me. It took over thirty minutes for Johnny to climax for the second time and as soon as he finished we went to the bathroom and we took a shower together.

"Did you mean what you said about Angela and Ray? Or was that all just to get me hard again?"

"No, Angela and Ray are swingers, they often swap partners, they seem very open to all things sexual and I'm sure that Ray would love to fuck me while you watched us."

Johnny was getting hard all over again and this time, as we stood under the cascade of hot water I slithered down onto my knees in front of him and sucked his cock.

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