The Silver Clitorides Awards
Archive of Nominees by Title

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Abducted and Enslaved Mark Merereau, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
The Accidental Sappho The lizard king January, 2002 Nominee
Adele Connie Lee January, 2002 Nominee
The Adventures of Maytag and Stanton Jimmy Hat July, 2001 Finalist
Afraid Dryad April, 2003 Nominee
After Lunch Matti Jackson February, 2003 Nominee
Aftermath There Is No (Number 6) April, 2003 Nominee
AfterShock (completed January 2004) .B September, 2004 ineligible
Ahead of the Game Night Wolf aka Yellow Snowx) November, 2003 Nominee
Ahead of the Game Night Wolf aka Yellow Snowx) August, 2002 Finalist
AI Girl Tenyari July, 2002 Finalist
Alice Arty February, 2004 Nominee
Always and Forever Girl Friday September, 2003 Finalist
Always Loved Her General Principle, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
Amarillo by Morning Heathen January, 2004 Nominee
Amy and Friends Dorsai March, 2002 Nominee
Anatomy of an Orgasm Pami July, 2002 Nominee
Angel Arty July, 2004 Finalist
Angel of the Night Oosh July, 2003 Nominee
Anticipation Like a Drug Nick Scipio December, 2002 Winner
Art of Her Desire Purple Herald July, 2002 Finalist
Artifact Wiseguy November, 2001 Nominee
as falls cuyahoga so falls cuyahoga falls Nicholas Urfé January, 2002 Winner
as falls cuyahoga so falls cuyahoga falls Nicholas Urfé February, 2002 Nominee
as falls cuyahoga so falls cuyahoga falls Nicholas Urfé April, 2002 Finalist
Ascenscion of the Alpha Male GoldenMage October, 2004 nominee
Asian Beauty's Dark Desires Black Demon October, 2002 Nominee
The Ass Menagerie Jimmy Hat October, 2001 Finalist
Associations AstridL March, 2002 Finalist
At the Fence Lovejoyman December , 2003 Nominee
At The Violet Hour Kalisha Connors May, 2003 Nominee
Atlanta Mtnz, Stories Online March, 2002 Nominee
Avacodo Pair DrSpin December, 2002 Finalist
Babysitter Brad Kari Gold December, 2001 Nominee
Back home Harriet January, 2002 Finalist
The Bargain Anoninsac August, 2001 Finalist
Bedtime Stories with Kelly 18 Kelly Adams July, 2001 Nominee
Before the Storm Ann Douglas September, 2002 Nominee
Beggars Can't Be... Kenny N Gamera November, 2001 Nominee
Behind the Scenes of Raping Michael Wifey December, 2001 Nominee
Bellaire Belles Book One Mr. Freeze April, 2004 Finalist
Bent Kien Reti October, 2004 nominee
Betsy's Finest Hour Alexis Siefert July, 2002 Finalist
Betting on Nine Ball Jimmy Hat August, 2001 Finalist
Big Mutha Truckers Hungry Guy October, 2004 finalist
The Big O2 Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) July, 2002 Finalist
A Bigger Man Bronwen September, 2001 Finalist
Birds of A Feather Ann Douglas January, 2004 Nominee
The Birthday Gift Girl Friday October, 2003 Nominee
Black Spider in B Cup, White DrSpin July, 2003 Winner
Blow Job Alexis Siefert September, 2001 Finalist
Blowing Off Betsy BJs Father Ignatius October, 2002 Finalist
Bondage Daddy Father Ignatius November, 2001 Nominee
Bowling for Hearts Rare Dream April, 2004 Nominee
Boy Meets Girl Meets Girl Pescador del Valle December , 2003 Nominee
Boystown Bobfr, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
Brooke, Kayla and Me anoninsac May, 2002 Finalist
Bus Ride Mike Kimera June, 2004 Nominee
Bus Ride to Passion Julie Hypnotic June, 2003 Finalist
Business Class Wiseguy September, 2001 Winner
Business Lunches S. Jacobin November, 2002 Nominee
C3 Artie September, 2004 finalist
Callie Deana Johns July, 2003 Withdrawn
Cammie Sue RealLifeDragon October, 2003 Finalist
Camping Victoria Manley June, 2003 Winner
Carl Naked in School Peregrinf October, 2001 Finalist
Carmen Learns the Subway Master Z January, 2002 Nominee
The Case of the Picky Customer: A Lady Sally Story DB_Story December, 2001 Finalist
A Cat's Tale Catmandu99 October, 2003 Nominee
The Catch Paul Story June, 2004 Nominee
Caught Oosh March, 2002 Finalist
Celebration of a Sexual Life GM TH February, 2002 Nominee
The Chair Miss Behavin' December, 2002 Finalist
Change of Life Ann Douglas June, 2003 Nominee
Chat Passing4Human November, 2002 Nominee
Chicago Hotel Adventure Lothario the Great July, 2004 Finalist
Chocolate and Toffee Pussy... Sven the Elder February, 2003 Finalist
Chocolate Covered Cherries Desdmona February, 2003 Winner
Christmas Break (doorknobs) Mat Twassel August, 2002 Nominee
Cold Stone Julie Hypnotic August, 2003 Nominee
Come in from the Rain Arty February, 2004 Nominee
Coming Home Rod Ramsey September, 2003 Finalist
Cone of Silence There Is No (Number 6) November, 2003 Nominee
Considering Marriage There Is No (Number 6) September, 2003 Nominee
Copy Shop There Is No (Number 6) May, 2002 Finalist
Crush Uther Pendragon April, 2003 Nominee
Curse of the Bambino Frank Downey October, 2003 Winner
Curtain Drawn Alexis Siefert January, 2003 Nominee
Curtains Selena Jardine March, 2002 Finalist
Dance of a Lifetime Frank Downey April, 2004 Not eligible by author's request
Dance of a Lifetime Book 4: Betsy Frank Downey August, 2003 Nominee
Dance With the Deacon D.K.N. Burke, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
Dancing Lessons Holly Rennick June, 2004 Winner
Darrell Finch Jane Noel May, 2003 Nominee
The Date Jules November, 2002 Finalist
The Day Santa Got Naughty Victoria Manley December , 2003 Nominee
Death of Innocence Night Wolf aka Yellow Snowx) July, 2002 Nominee
Deep in the Woods Henrik Larsen July, 2001 Nominee
Deep Sea Fishing Dryad July, 2004 Finalist
Diabolus in Musica Souvie November, 2001 Finalist
Diary of an Unfaithful Woman Gwen Masters September, 2004 finalist
The Distance Between Frank Downey October, 2003 Nominee
Don't Sit Under the Palmetto Tree Cait N. September, 2001 Finalist
Door to Door Naive July, 2003 Nominee
Double Dealing Vulgar Argot April, 2003 Nominee
Dragonseekers Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) May, 2002 Winner
Dragonseekers Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) July, 2004 Finalist
Dress Code JSZ July, 2004 nominee
Easy artie August, 2003 Nominee
Ed And Natalie Naked In School Frank Downey June, 2003 Nominee
Eddies Dryad August, 2003 Finalist
Elementary Adultery Marc October, 2004 nominee
Emergency Parthenogenisis August, 2003 Nominee
Empirical Research Wiseguy January, 2002 Winner
Enchante There Is No (Number 6) October, 2002 Winner
The End of the Dry Spell Al Steiner, Stories Online August, 2002 Finalist
Escape From Chattel Acres A-Non-eMouse June, 2004 nominee
Episode 36: Lust for the Aliens Jimmy Hat October, 2002 Nominee
Escape Dryad March, 2003 Finalist
The Eve of Victory Oosh February, 2002 Winner
Evilena: Sweating in the Doctor's Office Mistress Evilena's Servant April, 2003 Nominee
A Fall in Antioch Smilodon March, 2004 Finalist
Fall of the House of Whores Mr. Slot September, 2002 Nominee
Fallen There Is No (Number 6) December , 2003 Nominee
Fallen Angel Jay Lance January, 2003 Nominee
Fast Forward There Is No (Number 6) January, 2004 Nominee
Favor, The MWTB July, 2004 incomplete
Fear of Flying Souvie March, 2003 Nominee
Female Plumbing Problems Vulgar Argot April, 2003 Nominee
Fiona's Faraday's Fables - Volume 1 Julie Hypnotic August, 2003 Nominee
Fire Island 1974 James Williams at Mind Caviar May, 2002 Finalist
First True Love Mr. Freeze December , 2003 Nominee
Flagrante Delicto I: Velvet iambe September, 2002 Winner
Flash Meme Misspelt February, 2003 Finalist
A Fool Such As I DrSpin October, 2002 Finalist
Footloose Females Graphic Text January, 2003 Finalist
For Sharon Wiseguy April, 2004 Nominee
Force-ful Dorsai June, 2002 Finalist
Foreshadow There Is No (Number 6) August, 2004 finalist
Forward and Backward in White with Buckles Alexis Siefert March, 2003 Finalist
Four and a Half Uther Pendragon January, 2004 Finalist
Four Stories Jack L Potter August, 2001 Finalist
Free Babes On Cam Kenny N Gamera March, 2003 Finalist
Friday Night at the Adult Bookstore Mike Kimera, Clean Sheets September, 2002 Nominee
Friends and Lovers Girl Friday November, 2003 Finalist
Frigid Carlos Malenkov February, 2004 Nominee
Fucking Forever Mike Kimera March, 2003 Nominee
Fuiste Polvo, Polvo Eres celia batau October, 2001 Finalist
Gambler's Run D.K.N. Burke, Stories Online May, 2002 Finalist
The Game Girl Friday August, 2003 Nominee
A Garden Called You Jamie Joy Gatto March, 2002 Winner
Geek Goddess Trybble November, 2003 Finalist
The General Girl Friday August, 2003 Winner
A Gentle Lady Rellik September, 2003 Nominee
The Ghosts Of Christmas Past Frank Downey December, 2003 Winner
The Gift Jules October, 2002 Nominee
Giggle Frank Downey August, 2003 Nominee
Giggling Nicholas Urfé March, 2002 Winner
The Girl from Molly Malone's Harriet April, 2002 Nominee
The Girl Next Door Ann Douglas March, 2002 Nominee
The Girl With a Bicycle Wandering Lanes August, 2001 Finalist
The Girl With a Bicycle Wandering Lanes September, 2001 Finalist
The Girl With a Bicycle Wandering Lanes October, 2001 Nominee
The Girl With a Bicycle Wandering Lanes November, 2001 Nominee
Going Greek Smilodon August, 2003 Finalist
A Golfer's Dream The Caddy April, 2004 Nominee
Gone Dryad July, 2002 Finalist
Good Deeds on Bad Days TooMuchTime March, 2003 Nominee
Good Morning Babe Girl Friday September, 2003 Nominee
Grandma's Getting Naked On The Cam Again Desdmona November, 2001 Nominee
Guaranteed Delivery Souvie March, 2003 Nominee
The Hangover Bonfils February, 2003 Nominee
Havana Club Strickland83 June, 2004 Winner
Haunted Jordan Shelbourne November, 2001 Winner
Have You Ever R J Elmer July, 2001 Nominee
The Healer Sven The Elder January, 2002 Finalist
Heart Ball Uther Pendragon February, 2003 Finalist
Heroes Poison Ivan September, 2001 Finalist
Hide and Seek There Is No (Number 6) September, 2004 finalist
History There Is No (Number 6) August, 2003 Nominee
Hjemve Parthenogenesis (aka threefriedeggs) October, 2002 Finalist
Hole In My Soul Wiseguy February, 2002 Finalist
Holiday Fireworks
(5 parts: see author's link, /lesbian/authoritarian)
sonya kininski June, 2004 Nominee
Home Safe Selena Jardine March, 2002 Finalist
Homecoming Ann Douglas July, 2002 Nominee
Homecoming Dryad December, 2003 Finalist
Homeless Doctor Pinch, Stories Online May, 2002 Finalist
Honey Mine Oosh June, 2003 Nominee
Horse Racing Sven The Elder November, 2001 Nominee
Hot to Frott Mike Kimera May, 2003 Nominee
Housewife 1946 -- Franschhoek Father Ignatius November, 2002 Finalist
How I Spent My Summer Vacation Rogue Writer November, 2003 Nominee
Howl at the Moon Desdmona October, 2001 Finalist
Hype Jolie du Pré September, 2003 Nominee
I Know What You Did Katie McN February, 2003 Nominee
I Love Her So Much Mark Smith November, 2001 Nominee
I met my old lover Strickland83/ April, 2004 Nominee
I Taught Her That Alexis Siefert December, 2003 Finalist
I Was a World Cup Widow Souvie July, 2002 Nominee
In His Pants Lana Taylor in Clean Sheets January, 2002 Nominee
In The Blood the Gyre Surfer, Stories Online June, 2002 Finalist
Inappropriate Behavior #6 January, 2003 Nominee
Independence Day Mike Kimera July, 2003 Nominee
Inheritance Aphrodite August, 2001 Finalist
Innocence and Experience Mike Kimera May, 2003 Nominee
Innocent Young Wife Black Demon August, 2001 Finalist
Interstellar Defense League Immodicus Furor April, 2004 Nominee
Into the Palms Holly Rennick July, 2003 Nominee
Intrigued There Is No (Number 6) November, 2002 Nominee
Inventing The Bicycle Valery Saint-Garnon, Cleansheets February, 2002 Nominee
Invitation & Revelation OneIdleHand February, 2004 Nominee
Island Paradise: Eternity HighlanderJM January, 2003 Nominee
It Ain't Halloween Aeralyndal February, 2003 Finalist
Italian Vacation Walt9899 July, 2001 Nominee
It's All Academic parthenogenesis February, 2004 Nominee
Jack and Jill Study the FAQ--!, @, o, * Mat Twassel November, 2003 Nominee
James Mike C December, 2001 Finalist
James MikeC July, 2002 Nominee
Jamie and Cindy Naked in School Teri Li September, 2004 nominee
Jane's Lesbian Slavery Sarah Socks June, 2004 Ineligible
Jared And Amanda Naked In School Frank Downey June, 2003 Finalist
Jason & Jennifer Naked In School Jeremy Spencer March, 2004 Finalist
Jazz Ukulele Holly Rennick March, 2004 Nominee
Jenny's Bath Wizard March, 2004 Nominee
Jenny Arty June, 2004 Finalist
Jenny's Ordeal Zairuthsa February, 2004 Nominee
Jesus Mary and Joseph Jeremy Spencer February, 2004 Finalist
Jimmy Bot and Me Anais Ninja November, 2003 Nominee
Joey's New Pad aacool October, 2004 finalist
John Carter part 3 Lazlo Zalezac November, 2003 Nominee
joss johndear November, 2002 Nominee
Jost Van Dyke: A Jim and Mary Story Jim Dogget December, 2001 Nominee
Jump Start J. D. Roman at Mind Caviar May, 2002 Finalist
Justice 7 Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) May, 2002 Finalist
Justice 7 Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) June, 2002 Finalist
Karen Naked at the Mall sevispac August, 2001 Finalist
Kelli and the Seven Dwarves JK Demon September, 2001 Finalist
Kevin & Keli's Ski Trip sunshowergurl August, 2004 Winner
Keys Miss Behavin' November, 2002 Finalist
Kissing Counts There Is No (Number 6) August, 2002 Nominee
LaDonna and Sparky Cal Ritter October, 2002 Nominee
Lady Guinevere (In Progress) Dark Vision September, 2004 Ineligible
Lamentation There Is No (Number 6) February, 2004 Nominee
Languid Alexis Siefert September, 2004 finalist
Language Barrier Souvie March, 2003 Nominee
Lap Dancer KatieMcN April, 2003 Finalist
Late Arrival 1 Jack C. Lipton April, 2004 Nominee
Leah Simon September, 2002 Nominee
Let It Snow Nick Scipio December, 2002 Finalist
Let Yourself Go Selena Jardine October, 2002 Winner
A Letter from your Worst Nightmare Admiral Cartwright September, 2001 Finalist
Letters to Myself Mike Kimera April, 2003 Nominee
Letters to Myself: Kissing Kathy Doyle Mike Kimera July, 2003 Finalist
The Life & Death of Edward Grable Adhara Law at Mind Caviar May, 2002 Finalist
Life on Bedlow Street Knave of Hearts May, 2003 Finalist
Life Out of Balance There Is No (Number 6) April, 2002 Finalist
Lifeguard's Fetish Jingo March, 2003 Nominee
A Lifetime in One Moment C.C. Rider June, 2004 Ineligible by date
Light Duty Part Al Steiner January, 2003 Nominee
Like Father Like Son Smilodon November, 2003 Finalist
Lisa, the Copier, and Me Alex February, 2002 Finalist
A Little Bit of Kink Gina Regetti February, 2003 Nominee
A Little Naughtiness Courtney Sweet September, 2002 Nominee
Locksmiths Uther Pendragon February, 2004 Nominee
Losing It Smilodon November, 2002 Finalist
The Lottery Dark Vision May, 2002 Finalist
The Lottery Dark Vision June, 2002 Finalist
The Lottery DarkVision December, 2001 Nominee
The Lottery Dark Vision August, 2004 incomplete
Louise's New House Jeansweb_uk December, 2001 Nominee
Louise's New House JeansWeb_UK January, 2004 Nominee
Love At First Sight Jeremy Spencer February, 2004 Winner
Love Conquers All Night Wolf aka Yellow Snowx) June, 2002 Finalist
Love in the Sun Bluepen March, 2003 Nominee
Love On The Run Lessa and Takara Soong December, 2003 Finalist
The Lover's Dance Harriet November, 2002 Nominee
Lucky iambe January, 2003 Winner
Lucky Family Frank McCoy January, 2004 Nominee
Lust and Murder in Small Town X DKN Burke, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
Maddie and the Dust Motes Souvie October, 2002 Nominee
Maid Elizabeth smilodon July, 2002 Nominee
Maid Elizabeth smilodon August, 2002 Finalist
Make Me Selena Jardine March, 2003 Nominee
Making Amends Frank Downey February, 2004 Nominee
Mandy DB Story September, 2002 Finalist
Many Consequences Hephaestus August, 2002 Nominee
Marigold Vulgar Argot May, 2003 Winner
Marilynn DB Story September, 2002 Nominee
The Marital Truth Gwen Masters October, 2004 finalist
Mark Tells His Story Pookie November, 2002 Finalist
Mating Calls Mike Kimera March, 2003 Nominee
Maytag, Where Are You? Jimmy Hat November, 2001 Nominee
Meeting A Deaf Submissive Tendal Braxis November, 2003 Nominee
Mel Gibson's Love Child Mat Twassel December, 2001 Nominee
Memorial Day Mike Kimera May, 2003 Finalist
Memories and Illusions Katherine T February, 2002 Finalist
The Memory Star Desdmona September, 2003 Finalist
Memories of Flight 109 Ann Douglas August, 2003 Finalist
Menage a Noir There Is No (Number 6) September, 2002 Nominee
meredith Katherine T January, 2002 Nominee
A Midmorning Snack Pami May, 2002 Finalist
Midnight and Shadows Mike Kimera March, 2003 Nominee
Mike And Lily Naked In School Frank Downey June, 2003 Nominee
MiLady and the Dragon Book 16, Choices Krystelflame December, 2001 Finalist
Milagritos celia batau January, 2002 Finalist
Mind Fuck Zebulon August, 2002 Nominee
Minivan "J" December, 2001 Nominee
Miss Blind America Rachael Ross September, 2004 finalist
The Missing Mail Al Steiner October, 2002 Finalist
Mistletoe Wiseguy December, 2002 Finalist
Mistress Micah's Visit Ray1031 November, 2001 Nominee
Modern Day Fairy Tale Girl Friday March, 2004 Winner
Molly Malone 3 Harriet November, 2002 Nominee
Molly's Fortune Ann Douglas April, 2003 Finalist
A Momentary Lapse Souvie March, 2003 Nominee
Monsters Alexis Siefert December, 2001 Winner
Moon Ghosts and Memory Boxes Desdmona June, 2002 Finalist
More Sluts are Born Hephaestus August, 2002 Nominee
More than a Tree Shon Richards December, 2001 Finalist
The Morning After Souvie March, 2003 Nominee
The Morning I Had A New Penis Sydney Lauren Beier October, 2003 Nominee
Mother's Day Jessy19 May, 2003 Finalist
Mothers In Law Ann Douglas September, 2004 finalist
Mrs. Claus`S Cookies Ann Douglas December , 2003 Nominee
My Brother, My Lover Jessy19 July, 2003 Nominee
My Condition Nightshade August, 2002 Finalist
My Daddys Little Sports Ho Kenny N Gamera May, 2002 Finalist
My Daddy's Slave Kenny N Gamera September, 2001 Finalist
My Least Favorite Aunt TooMuchTime January, 2003 Nominee
My Life catmandu99 December , 2003 Finalist
My Life ... Starring - Me Kari Gold December, 2001 Nominee
Naked in School: Bobby and Kathy Night Wolf aka Yellow Snowx) November, 2003 Winner
Naked in School: Susan .B August, 2003 Nominee
Nano Virus cmsix June, 2002 Winner
Nano Virus cmsix July, 2002 Winner
Naomi Ensani October, 2004 nominee
Need-Leash Mike Kimera July, 2004 nominee
The Neighbour's Daughter Henrick Larsen October, 2001 Nominee
Nervepath Al Steiner, Stories Online May, 2002 Finalist
The New Partner Net Wolf aka Ice Phoenix) December , 2003 Nominee
Never Any Excuse Uncle Sky August, 2004 winner
Newton's Laws of Emotion Mike Kimera April, 2003 Finalist
Next Sunday parthenogenesis August, 2004 finalist
A Night at Imagio's (© 2003) flibinite September, 2004 ineligible
Nine Minutes Terri Madison January, 2003 Finalist
No Mercy Sydney Beier January, 2004 unavailable
Not Right Qickless June, 2002 Nominee
Now What? There Is No (Number 6) July, 2002 Nominee
Ocean Mists Dryad January, 2004 Finalist
The Office Harriet January, 2002 Nominee
Office Games Dark Pen August, 2002 Finalist
On a Boat Meem17 December, 2001 Nominee
On my university campus Emi Tsuruta February, 2002 Finalist
Once and Future Lovers Paul Story February, 2004 Nominee
Once More With Feelings Night Hawk August, 2004 incomplete
One Night Stand Mr. Freeze October, 2004 Winner
Only A Make Believe Girl Hartford April, 2003 Nominee
Ostriches There Is No (Number 6) February, 2003 Nominee
The Other Side Of The Coin Ann Douglas July, 2001 Nominee
Over the Hill There Is No (Number 6) October, 2004 nominee
Overdue Walt9899 November, 2001 Finalist
The Overzealous Narrator: A sex story with no sex in it Vinnie Tesla December, 2001 Nominee
The Package Maria Gonzales October, 2001 Finalist
Painting Over There Is No (Number 6) July, 2004 Finalist
The Palmetto Underwear Incident Jimmy Hat July, 2001 Finalist
Papists and Studious Caramel Mark Aster July, 2001 Finalist
Paradise Ranch Bobfr, Stories Online July, 2002 Nominee
Parent/Teacher There Is No (Number 6) May, 2003 Finalist
People are Strange Bradley Stoke December, 2002 Nominee
A Pepsi Kenny Gamera September, 2002 Finalist
Perfect OrcRist747 May, 2002 Finalist
Petunia NightShade September, 2002 Nominee
Photo Club Jimmy Hat November, 2002 Nominee
Picturesque Harry Tasker April, 2002 Finalist
The Pirate Queen Nick September, 2001 Finalist
A Pirate's Party Dryad July, 2003 Winner
Plastic Ashley Young April, 2004 Nominee
Playing the Game Reverend Cotton Mather December, 2001 Finalist
Playing To Win: Playing The Game, Book II Reverend Cotton Mather April, 2003 Winner
En Plein Coeur de la Nuit Richard Packer August, 2004 finalist
Pogo Stick There Is No (Number 6) October, 2002 Nominee
Point Of View 2: Amy's Return Girl Friday December , 2003 Withdrawn by Author
Politics Of Control Nick Scipio January, 2003 Finalist
Portrait R. E. Buckley, Ophelia's Muse April, 2002 Finalist
The Price and The Cost Uther Pendragon August, 2003 Finalist
Priceless Nick Scipio November, 2003 Nominee
Princess Zowie and the Royal Wedding Simplex March, 2003 Nominee
Protective Custody Dorsai June, 2003 Finalist
The Question of a Third One Idle Hand October, 2002 Nominee
Raconteur (Star Trek: VOY) Cait N July, 2002 Nominee
Rain harriet January, 2004 Nominee
Rebecca Selena Jardine September, 2003 Finalist
Red Heels Swingingpuss October, 2004 nominee
Red Revenge Frances LaGatta June, 2002 Nominee
Red, Light Selena Jardine September, 2002 Finalist
The Repairman BlackJackDavy April, 2003 Nominee
Reunion Girl Friday August, 2003 Winner
Ridiculous There Is No (Number 6) January, 2004 Nominee
Riptides Souvie August, 2004 finalist
Road Trip Dorsai June, 2004 Nominee
A Rocky Relationship theGreatxIam February, 2002 Nominee
Rosie the Riveter Holly Rennick June, 2004 Nominee
RP III Julian D'Angelos November, 2003 Nominee
RP IV Julian D'Angelos December , 2003 Nominee
Rudy Wins The Grand Prize the Troubadour, Stories Online May, 2002 Finalist
Rum-Soaked Chocolate Cake There Is No (Number 6) June, 2002 Nominee
The Russian Front H Jekyll November, 2002 Nominee
Russian Radiance DrSpin September, 2002 Nominee
Ruthie's Hair Selena Jardine April, 2002 Finalist
Samantha's Secret Frank Downey November, 2003 Nominee
Sand Like Frozen Light Mat Twassel February, 2002 Nominee
Sandy Greendog May, 2003 Nominee
Santa Claws Mike Kimera December, 2002 Finalist
Santa Claws Mike Kimera December , 2003 Nominee
Saturday Afternoon in the Suburbs Prima C, Ophelia's Muse April, 2002 Nominee
School Daze Sassy November, 2003 Nominee
Scouting Alexis Siefert January, 2004 Winner
Scratch my itch John Michaels January, 2003 Finalist
Scroll To My Spartan Lover ~Or~ Song Of Tymareta Planet Dweller August, 2003 Nominee
Sea Cruise Warlord April, 2004 Nominee
Second Best Thinking Horndog December , 2003 Finalist
Secret Admirer Anoninsac October, 2001 Nominee
Seduces Me the secret grrl September, 2002 Finalist
The Seduction of Charlotte, my Housekeeper's Daughter Norm DePloom October, 2001 Nominee
The Seduction of Laurie Charlotte North October, 2001 Nominee
The Seduction of Simone Harriet January, 2002 Finalist
Serena Arty February, 2004 Finalist
Seven Lovers ezwritr July, 2003 Finalist
Shannon's Shadow Alexander Renault, Ophelia's Muse April, 2002 Winner
Silver Blade Selena Jardine October, 2003 Finalist
Silver Surfer #1: Wisdom theGreatxIam December, 2001 Nominee
Silver Surfer #2- Crying Out Loud theGreatxIam, Stories Online January, 2002 Nominee
Sister and Her Friends stosh79_00, Stories Online June, 2002 Nominee
Sisters of the Cincininnati Ann Douglas February, 2004 Nominee
Six Times A Day Spacer X July/October, 2004 incomplete
Ski Trip: Skies Optional Fable February, 2004 Nominee
A Slight Change Of Plans... Souvie April, 2003 Nominee
The Slut Hephaestus August, 2002 Nominee
Sly And Nam PlanetDweller October, 2003 Nominee
The Smell of Sex Couture December, 2001 Nominee
The Smell Of Sex Couture March, 2002 Nominee
S'mores Souvie January, 2003 Winner
Snapshots Dryad June, 2002 Nominee
Solo Camping Lawrence David January, 2004 Nominee
The Song of India Katie McN November, 2002 Finalist
Song of the Soul duana anderson April, 2002 Finalist
Souvenir from Westworld DB_Story August, 2001 Finalist
The Spell Lon Ryden August, 2003 Nominee
Spirit Renewed Heathen February, 2004 Finalist
Spitfire and Messerschmitt Gina Marie Wylie August, 2004 incomplete
Splat! GentleButFirm October, 2004 nominee
Stacy’s Mom Frank Downey December , 2003 Nominee
Star Dancer Ellagon December , 2003 Finalist
Stepsister H. Jekyll January, 2002 Nominee
Still Together OOSH June, 2002 Finalist
Straight Up Nick Scipio May, 2003 Nominee
The Stripper Who Knew Too Much Neil Anthony/DrSpin May, 2002 Finalist
Stuck in the Storeroom Rod Ramsey January, 2004 Nominee
Submission 113 celia batau September, 2002 Finalist
Subway Series #2: Thanks for the Memories theGreatxIam December, 2001 Nominee
Subway series #3: My Eyes Adored You theGreatxIam, Stories Online January, 2002 Nominee
Subway Series #5: The Key to the Whole Thing theGreatxIam, Stories Online March, 2002 Finalist
Subway Sweetness Ray1031 (Stories Online) November, 2001 Finalist
Sully Paris Waterman, Stories Online February, 2002 Nominee
Summer Camp Book 1: Susan Nick Scipio November, 2002 Winner
Summer Camp Book 2: Gina Nick Scipio October, 2003 Winner
The Sunstroke Cure Oosh March, 2003 Winner
Taboo Diary Brad Johnson April, 2003 Finalist
Taffy Pull Jimmy Hat July, 2001 Finalist
Tag Shon Richards October, 2002 Finalist
Taking Care of Mom Phil Phantom August, 2001 Finalist
Taking the Edge Off Phil Phantom August, 2001 Finalist
Teacher's Conference MsTyreeGrl January, 2004 Nominee
Tempest Frank Downey August, 2003 Nominee
That Perfect Place Where All the Lines Meet Sam Cornell February, 2002 Nominee
That's What Friends Are For .B September, 2004 Winner
Thigh Vs, Thigh: Someone Wicked This Way Cums Shon Richards October, 2001 Nominee
Thigh Vs. Thigh: The Magnificent Seven Blowjobs Shon Richards September, 2001 Finalist
Thigh vs Thigh: The Series Shon Richards July, 2001 Finalist
Thigh vs Thigh: The Series Shon Richards December, 2001 Nominee
Thigh vs Thigh: The Series Shon Richards February, 2002 Nominee
Think Of It Jordan Shelbourne March, 2003 Finalist
The Think System Desdmona February, 2002 Finalist
This is Not a Story About Andrew Vinnie Tesla November, 2001 Finalist
Tidal Wave Sara H April, 2002 Finalist
Tight Alexis Siefert July, 2004 Winner
Til Death Do Us Part Desdmona August, 2001 Winner
Til Death Do Us Part Mike Kimera January, 2003 Nominee
Time There Is No (Number 6) November, 2002 Nominee
Time and Distance Cait N. December, 2001 Nominee
Time To Protect Earth PT Brainum June, 2003 Finalist
Tired of Being the Nice Guy MWTB March, 2004 Nominee
Tom's Diary Gina Marie Wylie April, 2004 Winner
Topped Katherine T January, 2002 Winner
Training Vanessa Phil Phantom September, 2001 Finalist
Triangle World Sydney Lauren Beier July, 2004 nominee
Trick Or Treat TooMuchTime November, 2002 Nominee
True Love Midsummer June, 2003 Nominee
The Tutor Dorsai April, 2003 Finalist
The Tutoring Session Ann Douglas October, 2001 Finalist
Twelve Nights Wiseguy December, 2001 Nominee
Twice Lucky Joe J November, 2003 Finalist
Twin Brides Jan Vincent September, 2003 Nominee
Twins There Is No (Number 6) May, 2003 Finalist
Two Grand Orgasm Alexis Siefert April, 2003 Nominee
Two Minute Penalties be287m June, 2004 Ineligible
(Late for May)
Two Nudes Holly Rennick June, 2004 Nominee
Under The Bed Vulgar Argot October, 2003 Nominee
The Unexpected Physical TooMuchTime December, 2002 Nominee
Valley of the Centaurs Michaelmt1 November, 2003 Nominee
The Venus Triangle Allison George July, 2002 Nominee
Victim/Victorian Vinnie Tesla January, 2002 Finalist
Victim/Victorian, the Series Vinnie Tesla March, 2002 Nominee
The View From Inside Alexis Siefert August, 2002 Winner
Visions of Johanna Jeremy Spencer June, 2004 Nominee
Walking the Dog Smilodon March, 2003 Winner
Wanderings Anais Ninja April, 2002 Finalist
War Secret Oosh October, 2001 Winner
The Way To Pittsburgh Mat Twassel November, 2001 Winner
The Wedding Night Jordan Shelbourne March, 2003 Nominee
Wednesdays and Fridays Krystoff Vagabond June, 2002 Finalist
Wesleyan Partners Holly Rennick April, 2004 Finalist
What Do You Dream Of? Frank Downey September, 2003 Winner
What We Shared Cait N May, 2002 Finalist
When the Lights Go Down Gwen Masters September, 2004 Nominee
White Stucco Walls Alexis Siefert October, 2003 Winner
Who Do I Love Thee? Lessa and Takara Soong November, 2003 Finalist
Who On This Newsgroup I'd Like to Fuck Poison Ivan December, 2001 Nominee
Why I Swallow Mike Kimera June, 2003 Nominee
Why the Bride was Late OOSH July, 2001 Winner
Wicked Lies Selena Jardine February, 2003 Finalist
The Widows Severe Lon Ryden August, 2003 Nominee
Wilderness Ordeal Luckier Dog November, 2003 Finalist
Winsome Willie Dr. Spin June, 2003 Finalist
Winter Wonderland Surprise Dave1, Stories Online May, 2002 Finalist
Wynter King 3: Mother's Little Helper Russell Hoisington December, 2003 Nominee
Year of the New Phone There Is No (Number 6) July, 2003 Nominee
Yellow Rose There Is No (Number 6) December, 2002 Nominee
You Dance Frank Downey November, 2003 Nominee
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