Emmy Grows Up
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

July 11, 2018

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Chapter 20: Surprises

Chapter Cast (at the end of the chapter)

Emmy's eyes were drawn to the lovely curves of Alexis' jeans-covered backside as they walked down the sidewalk to the pizza place from the rec center. The teen had given quite the show in the shower area, seemingly enjoying allowing Emmy and her friends a few seconds here and there to admire her naked young body, and boy, was Emmy really enjoying her! The trimmed fur above Alexis' pussy was adorable and Emmy really wished she could have touched it. Plus, it really drew her eyes down to where the girl's labia were displayed, the somewhat-protruding lips much more purple and red than the teen's pale skin above.

And those boobs! So similar to Emmy's, she thought, though much paler and the nipples were darker, but about the same size. Emmy just wanted to press herself against the pretty teen and kiss her and feel her all over.

Emmy wasn't the only one, of course. Alice had gotten a nice eyeful right at the end of the shower, and the redhead had whispered to Emmy on the walk over how Alexis had been staring at Alice's hairless slit the whole time, making Alice tingly and wet and excited. Emmy figured it was just a matter of time before Alexis was coming over to join the girls in their fun times.

Deuce was a bit of an unknown. He sure seemed to have trouble knowing just where to look, but Alice had also caught his attention, it seemed. Emmy knew that might be because he'd already seen the cute preteen's buttocks in the bathroom the other day and then jerked off in the stall. He was a little shy, though his age made him seem less so to Emmy, the boy older than everyone else and therefore a little bit glorified to the giggling young girls who followed behind Deuce and his sister.

- - -

Alice took a seat right beside Deuce and noticed that the older boy seemed to be pretty nervous. The six of them had gotten a round table with three-quarters booth seating, and Alice was in the middle next to the cute boy with Jersey on her other side, Emmy further that way, Chrissy on Deuce's other side with Alexis at the end.

Deuce had his hands clasped together in his lap, legs shaking a bit. Alice thought he looked rather sheepish.

Alexis said with a grin, "Want to just share one of the big pizzas? I'm sure my brother is buying."

Alice saw Deuce's eyes dart up, briefly, towards his sister, quickly moving back down again, a rosy blush spreading on the boy's cheeks. Alice couldn't figure out what had him so nervous, but he did nod and agree he would take care of their lunch.

- - -

With the round booth seats fairly full, Chrissy was rather enjoying having a hint of Deuce's leg against hers, and even a bit more of Alexis' thigh right along the other side. Chrissy had changed into a pair of jeans and even remembered panties this time, unlike earlier that day when she'd put on her clothes and forgot her underwear. There'd been a noticeable wet spot right in the crotch, even a little creamy discharge from her pussy. Chrissy was mostly thankful no one had noticed, though, she admitted that having Deuce or Alexis see signs of her arousal would have been really exciting.

They ordered a pizza and sat chatting together, Alexis joining the girls as they talked about rec center fun and how they were planning to spend the summer. Chrissy figured it was just a matter of time before one of the four friends slipped up and mentioned their intimate games.

- - -

Deuce listened to each girl's words but was still so worked up about seeing his sister naked that he was mostly speechless. His boner had hung around and he did his best to keep it hidden under his folded hands. He swore Alice kept peeking down as if she knew he was hard, but she didn't mention it, thankfully. He flashed back to seeing the slender young redhead's bald little slit and groaned quietly to himself when his cock responded by throbbing precum into his underwear.

He couldn't even meet his sister's eyes. Seeing Alexis like that was an amazing thrill, one he'd never known. Deuce knew she was sexy, sure, but the thirteen-year old was his sister! He wasn't supposed to get excited to see her, ever, but once or twice he'd had a chance to see her in panties and a bra, and those times led him to beat his meat really rapidly as soon as he had the opportunity. He knew he'd fire off a big, thick load once he got home and found some privacy. His sister's trimmed bush, her reddish-purple lower lips, wow, would those fire his imagination later! For now, he just had to wait it out as best he could while the girls were quickly becoming friends.

- - -

Alexis caught her breath when Emmy asked her question. "Uh," the thirteen-year old paused, "am I a virgin? Uh..." She glanced at her brother, uncertain how to proceed with him sitting right there, blushing and looking down at his lap. "Um... yeah... I am."

The most Alexis had ever done was tease her brother a bit, and one time she'd let a girl at the rec center touch her budding boob. But that had just been for giggles and not really sexual. Alexis hadn't really thought too much about sex beyond her awareness of men and boys and some girls who liked to look at her. Alexis wasn't naive, she knew about penises and vaginas and whatnot, she knew the mechanics of it. She'd surely seen enough pornography since she'd hit puberty to get it. But she'd not really made it too personal, not really seeking out her own fun. That's why Emmy's question, made out of the blue as the blonde twelve-year old grinned broadly at her, made her hesitate, especially when admitting such things in front of her brother.

"That's cool," Emmy replied, giggling as Alice did the same nearby.

"Uh... why did that come up?"

Emmy shrugged, whispering, "Oh, I dunno. You're just really cute, so I bet there are loads of boys and girls who would love to do it with you."

Alexis blushed and drew inward a bit, embarrassed. "I suppose..."

"Oh, trust me," Alice spoke up, "I know a few girls for sure who would love to see you like we did in the shower."

Alexis grinned and blushed deeper. "Okay..." She could tell her brother had become very uncomfortable, his eyes wide but steadily held towards his lap. What was he thinking? Alexis did like to tease him sometimes at home, but did actually hearing someone talking to Alexis about sex cross the line? Alexis wasn't sure, but her young body was beginning to hum like when it did before she needed to touch herself down there, and the thirteen-year old wasn't about to cut off her new friends' interest in the subject just yet. "What about you, Emmy? Are you a virgin?" Surely, Alexis thought, twelve was too young to have sex yet, right?

Emmy beamed, "Nope."

- - -

Deuce groaned audibly between Chrissy and Alice, and Jersey wondered if this was a bit much for the boy. She actually felt a little sorry for Deuce given that there were now five clearly horny young girls talking about sex at the table, one of which was his own sister, and Jersey imagined the fifteen-year old's cock was probably hard and throbbing by that point.

"No?" Alexis spat. "You mean... you've had sex?!"

Emmy nodded, "Sure have. It's great!"

"With who?" Alexis queried.

Jersey wondered how truthful Emmy was going to be at that point, worried that revealing the truth about Emmy's incestuous activities with adults and others might get them all in trouble.

"My cousin, for one!"

"Your... cousin?" Deuce said after such a long period of silence from him. "You let your cousin do you?"

Emmy grinned, "Yep. He was my first. But not my last."

"Jesus, Emmy," Alexis breathed, "but you're twelve! How many guys have you had?"

"Well..." Emmy replied, pausing. Jersey saw her counting them up in her head. "Guys... I'd say... four?"

Jersey grinned, remembering the girls talking about how Emmy's cousin Kenny had taken her cherry, and she'd also fucked her own father and Alice's dad, plus she'd sucked off an old guy named Gus at the campground.

Alexis' eyes went wide, "Really?!"

Jersey heard Deuce groan again as the boy shifted his legs and looked really nervous.

- - -

It was definitely freaking Deuce out to hear that the pretty blonde, Emmy, not only wasn't a virgin, but also that she'd already been with four guys! How is that possible?! Worse, Deuce's pecker had really throbbed when his sister had admitted she was still a virgin. He'd wondered, given how flirty the girl had been lately with him, though she always seemed to ignore boys when they were out together. But he suspected his little sister had started wetting her panties over the last year or so and she might have taken her urges farther than he might have noticed.

But she'd never fucked a guy! Why did that turn him on so much, just knowing his sister was still a virgin? He flashed heavily back to the shape of her swollen slit in the shower and his cock throbbed a glob of precum into his underwear as he imagined what it might feel like to slide inside.

- - -

"Well... uh, what about the rest of you?" Alexis asked looking right at Jersey.

The dark-skinned girl smiled and shrugged, "No virgins here..."

Alexis was so tingly she really wanted to touch herself right then. She'd never had such frank and honest conversations with anyone before, not even the couple of close female friends she loved dearly. She looked at Alice and then Chrissy, "You two, too?"

They both smiled in response. Two eleven-year old non-virgins?!

"I can't believe it! Now I feel like I'm missing out!" Alexis exclaimed.

"What about you," Jersey asked Deuce, "been awfully quiet."

Alexis could see her brother blushing furiously.

- - -

Deuce didn't want to tell the truth. He felt so childlike in that moment, surrounded by four girls, all younger than him, who had had their cherries popped already. He'd never so much as touched a girl's boob! How could he be honest and say he'd not even come close?

He shrugged and mumbled, "I dunno..."

"You dunno?" Jersey replied, "How could you not know?"

"I dunno," Deuce repeated.

He didn't meet anyone's gaze.

- - -

Alexis felt sorry for her brother. He wasn't responding because the truth was he'd never been with a girl. Not that Alexis had been sure before that moment, but she'd always been able to read her brother and it was clear on his face that he had never had sex. "It's okay," she tried to assure him, "I'm a virgin, too, it's not so bad..."

She saw Deuce flinch.

Before he responded, Emmy jumped in, "Oh, I know! No one's judging at all. Before two weeks ago or so, I was a virgin, too! Nothing wrong with it at all."

"Wait," Deuce spoke without thinking, "you've been with four guys in two weeks?"

Emmy actually blushed, "Yeah..."

"Holy shit..." he breathed.

"Anyway, Alexis is right. It's cool," Emmy said, grinning at him. "You have sooooo much fun waiting when you're ready for it, though!"

The pizza arrived and the table grew hushed. Alexis knew her panties were wetter than they'd been in a long time.

- - -

"Surprise!" Three voices called out from the front porch as Julie walked up towards her house. She and Bob had knocked off work early that day and had just noticed a familiar vehicle parked on the road out front.

Three smiling faces greeted her. Julie's sister Diane leapt into her arms, "Oh, Sis!"

"Diane!" Julie exclaimed. "What on earth are you doing here?"

As they hugged, Diane explained, "Just missed you all so much that we decided to head out early so I could spend some time with you before I had to head back to work."

"Oh, wonderful!" Julie grinned. "Oh, this will be fantastic!"

- - -

Bob was just turning from shutting the car door as a slender warm body slammed into him and wrapped him in a tight hug. "Uncle Bob!"

"Charlie!" he yelped in surprise. "Oh, my!"

The thirteen-year old's lovely boobs squashed against his body and Bob could tell the girl was not wearing a bra by the way her hard nipples pressed into him. He kissed Charlie's forehead but avoided anything overly familiar since they were in his driveway and neighbors might see.

She grinned at him and then skipped off to where the girl's brother was just about to embrace Julie.

- - -

Damn, Aunt Julie is so hot! Kenny wrapped his arms around the woman and gave his redheaded aunt a healthy squeeze. Knowing she'd love it, he pressed his hardon right against her thigh and felt her grinding him a few seconds before finally pulling back.

"So happy you're all here!" Julie told them as Kenny shook Bob's hand then gave him a hug. "Did you leave the others back at the campground?"

"Sort of," Diane explained, "Joe was still there, but Kimmy's mom had some emergency and sent for her daughter, so the girl left before we did. Gus, Harriet, and Candy were still there, and there was a really nice looking black family pulling in just before we drove off, two young daughters and a healthy teen son in tow."

"Will have to call Harriet and get the scoop soon," Julie replied, "Sounds awfully interesting!"

Kenny grinned at his sister. He knew she was as horny as he was. She'd jacked him off slowly for miles on the trip, and he'd fingered her while their mother drove and kept an eye in the rearview mirror to watch. Neither had orgasmed, though, and Ken could feel his load churning for release.

- - -

Diane hugged Bob tight as they gathered up their luggage. "Missed you so much, Bob!"

"Missed you, too! That week with you was something else!" the man grinned.

"Well, I never thought my sister would find a man we could share again, but damn did she hit the jackpot with you!" She lowered her voice and whispered, "I cannot wait to take you inside me again... and then I want to watch you fuck my daughter!"

He purred, "I'm about to nut in my pants just thinking about it."

- - -

Charlie's crotch was drenched from letting her brother edge her the last few miles. She'd gotten close to orgasm but he'd just stopped moving and laughed. It didn't annoy her, honestly. She was dying to have Aunt Julie between her legs again, and Charlie was craving being split open by Uncle Bob's nice wang. She was practically vibrating she was so turned on.

The girl followed the group into the house and carried her bags into the spare room. They'd be sharing it, the three of them. Well, sort of, Charlie realized. They'd surely be sharing beds all over!

"Where's Emmy?" she asked when she ran into Julie in the hallway.

"Out with friends. They went to the rec center, she said in her message."

"Ah, rats," Charlie replied, "wish I could see her again. I know Kenny does, too!"

Aunt Julie laughed, "Oh, don't worry, I'm sure she and the girls will be quite happy to return tonight and give Kenny all he can handle. That is, if you and I and your mom don't wear him out first!"

Charlie giggled, "I'm willing to try!"

- - -

Emmy followed Alexis when the teen got up to use the toilet. The girl washed her hands and Emmy walked up. "Hey, sorry if we weirded you or your brother out back there... like... we're just kinda pervs, you know?"

Alexis smiled a little sheepishly. "It's, uh... okay. I'm cool with it, really. My brother's pretty shy, though. He, uh, he didn't want to admit he's still a virgin."

Emmy nodded, "Yeah, I could tell. It's really okay, like, nothing to be ashamed of. He just hasn't had the right chance, right?"

Alexis shrugged, "I dunno. He's kinda quiet around most everyone, but especially girls. I kinda wondered if he might be gay last year, but then I saw that he had some porno mags under his bed, and they were all chicks, so..."

"So he jerks it, at least."

Emmy saw Alexis blush.

"Hee. Kinda weird talking about your brother jerking it?"


"I bet he wouldn't mind if you wanted to jerk it for him..."


The blonde twelve-year old laughed lightly, "Sorry. I'll stop."

- - -

Alexis was truly shocked by Emmy's imagined scenario, but also incredibly aroused. Would she really jerk her brother's junk? Would he like that? It wasn't a repulsive idea like she thought it should be. Her mind snowballed, envisioning doing more than jerking him. Putting Deuce's cock in her mouth. In her gash. Maybe even that really dirty place which was even smaller.

Alexis shuddered, blushed, and grinned broadly without thinking.

"What is it?" Emmy smiled.


"I think it's so hot that you just got wet thinking about your brother!"

Alexis sucked in her breath, "W-what?" How had she known?

"Trust me, I know that look. See..." Emmy paused, leaning closer and whispering, "My cousins, Kenny and Charlie, Charlie's a girl, they... they've done it."

"Are you serious?"

Emmy nodded at her. "Like, and they loved it!"

"She let her brother... fuck her?!"

"Uh-huh, and... Kenny fucked me, too... He was my first."

Alexis drenched herself. "Oh, God, Emmy! You let your cousin put it in you and pop your cherry!"

"Uh-huh," the girl repeated, "and several more times, too!"

"Did... did it hurt?"

Emmy shook her head, "Nah, well, just a little, for, like, ten seconds, but then it was just awesome! It was even better when my Dad fucked me!"

- - -

Oops! Emmy thought. She hadn't meant to let that slip out. She saw Alexis trying to comprehend those words.

"Your... Dad?!"

Emmy sighed. The truth was out, no need to hide it further. "Yeah. Not long after Kenny did me the first time. Oh, it was lovely, Alexis!"

"And... you wanted him to put it in you? Like... did he nut in you, too?"

"Mmm-hmm," Emmy purred, turning a little rosy, "I love letting Dad shoot in me."

- - -

Alexis was at a crisis point. Her nerves were a wreck, overwhelmed, out of sorts, but so turned on that she knew her panties were coated with little girl cream. She lost control of herself a moment, thrusting her hands into her jeans, sliding past the tight waist and under the edge of her panties. Soaked! Just as she'd expected, she felt sticky, slippery cream covering the fabric and her puss.

Even with Emmy watching in awe, Alexis couldn't stop herself. Fingers twirling, twitching, her body jerking and rocking, Alexis started to orgasm quickly. "Nnnuuuuuuhhhhhhh!" she moaned.

- - -

Before her eyes, Alexis brought herself to orgasm. Her moan echoed in the bathroom, and Emmy acted quickly, covering the girl's mouth as she came.

"MmmMMmmmMmmmmm! MMMmmmmmMmmmmMmm! MMmmmmmm..."

Emmy was pressed against Alexis and could feel the girl's arm shaking and moving more slowly as the teen's orgasm peaked and washed through her. It caused Emmy's legs to part slightly, her crotch riding right along Alexis' thigh.

Emmy was so turned on that she rode the thirteen-year old's leg rapidly as Alexis tore her hand from her crotch. The smell of the girl's cunt was strong and intoxicating. Without a thought, Emmy grabbed Alexis' hand and brought the sticky fingers into her mouth, sucking away the pungent cream and moaning as quietly as possible.

- - -

Emmy humped her thigh like an animal. Alexis felt raw and vulnerable and powerful all at once. Her orgasm was the best she'd ever had, images of her brother in her mind, but also of Emmy's gorgeous puffy mounds pressing out the shirt. It was raw and animalistic and so incredibly arousing to have Emmy riding her thigh. Alexis kept her knee out so that the girl had a firm base. Whatever compelled her to do so, she ripped her finger from Emmy's mouth and pushed her lips right onto Emmy's. She felt the girl try to suck in her breath, then she shuddered wildly, rocking, rocking, grinding herself down on Alexis.

- - -

Emmy flushed and rolled into orgasm in rapid waves matching her hips as they slammed and jerked along Alexis's leg. She held onto the girl as they kissed deeply, the teen's mouth capturing most of the volume of her cries. Emmy could feel the wet spot forming between her legs even before she started to slow her grind.

The two held together several moments, kissing passionately.

"That was so fucking hot..."

- - -

Jersey grinned as Alexis started to panic and jumped from Emmy's arms. Only after a few seconds did she seem to find herself and not look like she was about to run out of the room in a rush. Still, Alexis did look rather embarrassed and a bit frightened at having been caught.

Chrissy grinned next to Jersey, "That was amazing!"

Emmy grinned, licking her lips, "Completely spontaneous, too... Alexis just... just had to get off!"

Alexis looked down at her fingers, some white cream still on them, then quickly hid them behind her, embarrassed again.

Chrissy stepped closer and Jersey did the same. "Don't worry, Alexis," Chrissy told the girl, "we won't tell anyone, but that was really hot! I loved your face when you came, so beautiful!"

The teen looked quickly at Emmy, then started laughing. "That was so weird!"

"Weird?" Emmy replied.

"Well, not weird," Alexis added, "like... awesome! I've never done anything like that... with anybody."

"So you like girls, then?" Emmy asked, and Jersey knew it was a rhetorical question.

"Mmm-hmm," Alexis purred, stepping back towards the blonde with a little confidence returning, "a lot." Jersey grew wet watching the girls kissing again. She figured Chrissy was likewise aroused and in seconds, she and her girlfriend were matching the passionate frenching.

- - -

"They've been gone an awful long time," Alice said, wondering what the other girls were up to.

Deuce had sat mostly silently, looking anywhere but at Alice. She asked a few simple questions, but he mostly just nodded or gave one-word answers. Alice decided to be a little forward. "It's cool that you've never had sex, Deuce. Like. I kinda like that about you..."

"Uh, why?"

She grinned as his eyes drew up a little. "Cause... it means I might be the first to suck you off."

"Whu?" he gasped.

"If you want," Alice smiled, "like... I know you jerked off the other day when you saw my butt, so I know you think I'm sexy..."

- - -

Deuce blushed, "Uh... Uh..."

"It really turned me on, too. I got so wet!"

"Uh..." Deuce was flustered more than ever before.

"Like, I'll stop if you don't want to talk about this stuff..."

Deuce wanted to keep going even if it made him so nervous. "No, uh... it's fine... uh..."

"Want me to show you what it's like?"


"What it feels like to let a girl blow you."

His eyes moved up and met Alice's briefly. "Are you jerkin' me?"

She giggled, "Not yet, but I can do that, too, if you want..."

"You're serious."

The redhead blushed a little, then leaned in, sliding her hand down onto his lap. She was just inches away from where his young cock was throbbing precum. "Serious. I want to suck it."

"Like... right now?"

"This place is pretty empty... maybe... in the restroom? Come on!" Alice said with a big smile, grabbing Deuce's hand and yanking him out of the booth.

Deuce's body might have been slow to respond, but he was much too horny to resist the preteen's advances, and seconds later, Alice was pushing him into the women's room.

He froze immediately. Inside, Jersey and Chrissy were making out and fondling each other's asses. To his further shock, just beyond them were Emmy and his sister doing the same. What's going on!

"Oh," Alice giggled, "now we know what was taking them so long!"

- - -

Alexis froze when she saw her brother. Emmy's hands were still caressing her bottom but they stilled when the blonde twelve-year old turned to see Alice and Deuce enter the restroom. She should have been embarrassed and scared, but instead, the fantasies Emmy had inspired in her moments earlier, along with the lovely buzz of her recent orgasm, left her feeling mellow and more open to letting the moment play out.

"Well," Alice told them, "we, uh, were looking for a little privacy, but... I suppose we could use the boy's toilets..."

"Oh!" Emmy laughed, "And what were you two planning to do?"

Alice grinned, "I was going to suck him off..."

Emmy laughed again.

Alexis started to protest something, though she knew not what. No, instead, she said, "You don't have to leave..."

- - -

His sister wanted to see?! Deuce couldn't believe it was Alexis who had said such words.

Alice turned to him and smiled, "Up to you," she said.

Deuce couldn't respond. Didn't know how. His feet didn't move, so apparently Alice took that as agreement because before he knew it, Alice was on her knees in front of him and drawing down his zipper.

- - -

There it is! My brother's cock! Alexis swooned in Emmy's arms and she heard the blond giggle in her ear. "He's got a lovely one, Alexis!" the twelve-year old whispered, "And Alice is gonna suck him right in front of you!"

Alexis was struck dumb as she watched the long, thick dick throb in Alice's thin fingers. She had no idea what her brother's cock might look like, but from movies Alexis had seen, it was a real nice one! Alice started to stroke it faster and Deuce groaned.

She looked up at his face and for a moment lost herself in his gaze. He was staring right at her! He likes that I'm watching. Oh my god, my own brother!

- - -

Alice slid the boy's cock between her lips. Boy, it's a mouthful! Thicker than the ones she'd tried before, longer, too, she thought. Her thin fingers looked so small holding it, and with just the head in her mouth, it already felt like it might gag her. She had no idea what she'd committed to handling!

But her body took over, relaxing muscles, humming lightly. Little Alice could taste Deuce's excitement in the sweet, light precum smeared on the tip, more drooling out onto her tongue. He tasted like honey!

- - -

Deuce's whole world centered on two girls: the beautiful eleven-year old redhead Alice, the one wrapping her fingers and lips around his cock, and his thirteen-year old sister, whose eyes were moving from his face to his groin. She likes watching! Oh, this is so amazing!

Deuce started to groan louder and he felt like he did right before he lost control.

"Gonna... uh... gonna... nut..."

- - -

Alice redoubled her efforts, trying to take Deuce even deeper. She felt the glans press against the back of her throat and reflexes kicked in, gagging lightly before controlling the sensation. Alice could feel Deuce swelling in her mouth and she had no doubt he was about to let go.

- - -

Alexis drooled cream into her panties. Her brother was starting to rock his hips forwards and back, in and out of Alice's mouth. He had to be close. Was he really going to cum in that girl's mouth? Cream drooled as her brother started to orgasm.

- - -

Fire and pressure and tremendous euphoria burned into Deuce as he released, emptying his nuts into Alice's mouth in several long, powerful spurts of thick, milky jizz. He couldn't even think of anything else, just the overwhelming pleasure of spurting his load down Alice's throat. Deuce could feel her swallowing to keep from choking, but that was distant to the warm, wet lips drawing out every drop of cum from his balls.

- - -

Alice's mouth was coated with sperm. Deuce had cum so much and so forcefully that she'd gagged while he ejaculated, spitting cum out around his shaft to drool down her lips. Alice tried to catch it all, but it overflowed. She swallowed hard a couple times, the cock still jumping in her mouth, a shot or two bypassing her tongue and sending globs of semen right down her throat.

By the time she pulled back, Chrissy and Jersey were beside her, lapping up the cum which had drooled down her chin and onto her shirt. Deuce fell back and slumped against the wall, his cock still mostly hard, cum still leaking from the tip.

- - -

Emmy knew things might really have gotten interesting had they not heard footsteps just seconds before the bathroom door opened. Like kids everywhere who sense they are about to get caught, they were a blur of motion, putting away cocks, straightening shirts, trying to look casual.

The woman who came in was poking a cane out in front of her, dark glasses over her eyes. The girls shooed Deuce out as quickly as possible, then escaped themselves just seconds later.

Together, they tumbled back into the booth, some laughing, many sweating. Emmy couldn't believe what had just taken place.

- - -

Alexis was both horny and more than a little scared by what had just happened, and how she'd reacted. I watched my brother cum in an eleven-year old girl's mouth! And I liked it! What's wrong with me? Her young pussy wasn't asking such questions, already back to demanding attention. If they weren't somewhere so public, her fingers would have been once more coated in her girl cream and bringing herself to orgasm.

- - -

"Shit," Deuce exclaimed, checking his phone. "We're late to meet Mom and Dad..."

He really didn't want to go. So much had changed for him. Little Alice had sucked his dick! He'd cum right in a girl's mouth! He felt so grownup suddenly, and the last people he wanted to see then were his parents.

"Do we have to?" Alexis pleaded.

"You know we do..."

She pouted, then said, "Alright."

They all stood after Deuce paid the bill. They exchanged cell numbers and Alexis and Deuce gave everyone big hugs, promising this wouldn't be the last time they had some fun. Just before he and his sister left to go meet their parents, Emmy whispered to Deuce, "So... you and your sister are gonna fuck soon, right?"


Emmy grinned and said, "You'll see... she wants you..."

Deuce swallowed hard, staring at Alexis the way he had when he was filling Alice's mouth with his cream. He saw in his sister's eyes that Emmy was right. Gulp!

- - -

Ken's hot cock slid easily into Julie's cunt and she moaned, smiling. "God, I've missed feeling you inside me, Kenny!" He split her open just perfectly and Julie pushed back against him until her lips were pressed right against the fur around his shaft and balls. She could feel the boy pulsing inside of her.

"Aunt Julie, I've missed you, too!" he exclaimed as he started to mate with her.

"He sure does have a nice one, right?" her sister laughed. Julie looked over at Diane, the woman on her back on the bed next to her, Charlie over Diane in a sixty-nine with Bob kneeling down to alternate licks of Diane's pussy with the thirteen-year old. Bob's chin was wet and shiny.

"Oh, yes," Julie purred, grinding against Ken's body. His hands grabbed her ass and the boy fondled her buttocks as he started to pick up speed. "Sure wish I had a son of my own to fuck me like this, but I'm sure not complaining to be so lucky as to have a nephew to do the deed!"

- - -

"Stick it in her, Uncle Bob!" Charlie breathed, her tongue coated in her mother's cunt juice. "She's ready!"

Her uncle kissed Charlie's lips and they shared the sweet, pungent pussy juice a moment before he stood up and pressed his glans right against the woman's splayed lips, the head disappearing inside seconds later. Charlie loved having a close look at her uncle's cock sliding into her mother's vagina. The woman slid her tongue deep into Charlie's pussy as Uncle Bob fucked Charlie's mom, and the teen began rocking her hips around her own mother's face, her clit tingling and swollen and starting to hum.

"How's my sister's cunt, Bob?" Uncle Julie breathed as Charlie's brother fucked the woman.

"So perfect!" the man replied, one hand holding Charlie's mom's thigh, the other curling around to press Charlie's face real close to the action. The teen could smell the rich scents between her mother's legs and she inhaled deeply. God, she loved the smell of pussy, but she really loved the way her mom's odors rose up so nicely when a hot cock was plunging deep inside her.

- - -

Ken was close faster than he might have liked, but he just couldn't help it. Aunt Julie's cunt was lovely and slippery, such a nice hole to fuck, and she could feel her tightening up a bit as she grew louder and more vocal. "Fuck me, Ken! Fuck me, sweet nephew!"

"God, yes!" he growled, grabbing his aunt's waist and slamming himself against her body, her cream already smearing along his length. He looked over as Uncle Bob pulled out of Ken's mother and offered his cock to Charlie, Ken's sister slathering around the man's glans before sucking it a moment and then pushing the dick right back up into the mature pussy inches below her face.

Ken squeezed his muscles as his load threatened to let go right then, barely holding off by slowing his motions and trying to deliver long, deliberate strokes into his aunt's sweet pussy.

"Uhn... Gonna... cum... Kenny!" Aunt Julie's body moved without him and slammed back time and again, forcing his cock deep into her cunt. She started to orgasm and Ken was unable to keep his grip on his load.

"Me too! Ohhhh... Fuck! Aunt Julie! Cuuuuumming!" Ken let go and started spurting his load into Aunt Julie's creamy, spasming hole, emptying his nuts into his aunt in several thick ropes of semen. He could feel her vagina clenching as she came, and his spasms were matching hers, erupting for long seconds as his seed launched out of his dick and splashed inside the woman's body.

- - -

Bob just about couldn't hold back when Diane orgasmed with his dick plunging into her depths. The woman moaned into her daughter's crotch and Bob could tell Charlie was getting close, too, the teen's face a mask of concentrated pleasure from the way her mom moaned while eating her pussy. Bob just had to dip his rod into the hot teen before he released his load, so as Diane's orgasm faded, he stepped back, stood up on the bed, then got behind Charlie, squatting down right over Diane's upturned face, and slid his cock into the tight pink flesh between the thirteen-year old's legs.

"Ohhhhhh!" Charlie moaned in pleasure as Bob entered her from behind.

He could feel Diane's tongue working along his shaft and over his balls. She breathed, "Fill her up, Bob! Squirt your nut in my daughter!"

Bob was all-too-happy to oblige, so close to orgasm that each thrust was already sending out thin spurts of precum mixed with the top of his load. He looked down to watch his cock disappearing in the teen's sweet cunt, holding her ass tight as he started to drill her. Charlie's orgasm came hard and fast, cream forming along his shaft as she came, and Bob stopped resisting what his body really wanted to do in that moment.

Sperm shot out of his dick and started filling the girl, one thick spurt after another, pleasure rippling through his body as he came in his niece. He soon overflowed her young cunt and Bob knew his cum was drooling down right into the girl's mother's mouth. He could hear Diane smacking as she lapped it up. Bob's nuts empty finally, he drew back and slumped down beside his wife who was making out with Kenny. Bob watched Charlie draw up a bit and then press her little pussy right down on her mother's face, letting the big load Bob had shot in his niece's cunt slide out and onto Diane's tongue.

- - -

Diane swallowed every drop and more. She loved the way Bob's cum tasted when mixed with her daughter's cream. What a load he left, too! It seemed to come out in big globs, one after another, a stream of thick semen running onto her tongue. Diane soon flushed his seed down her throat and cleaned up Charlie's small but gaping hole, licking away all the drops of cum still caught in her pubic hairs and along her labia.

- - -

"Who's spent already?" Julie asked the room after the five of them had settled down a bit, Kenny resting over top of her, his cock half-hard but, for now, resting along her inner thigh. Bob was making out with Charlie and Diane next to them.

"Not quite spent," Bob admitted, "but in need of a rest, I think."

"We have a few days," Diane called out, "maybe an early dinner to recharge?"

"Sounds good," Julie agreed, "plus, I expect the girls will be back before long, and, well, you know Emmy!"

Kenny laughed, "Oh, I sure do. Can't wait to see her!"

"Me, too!" Charlie replied, "I want to hear about everything she's been up to. You said the girls will be coming, too? Alice, I expect, who else?"

Julie grinned, "Chrissy and Jersey, as well. Things have gotten rather involved since we've been back, and, well, Emmy's done what Emmy does and gotten them all into the act!"

"Sounds delicious!" Diane purred. "Think any of them might be up to playing with us, too?"

Bob laughed, "How about we get some dinner going and Julie and I can fill you three in on just how much those girls enjoy joining in..."

End of Chapter 20

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Chapter Cast:

Emmy, Female, 12
- Daughter of Julie and Bob, cousin of Ken and Charlie, niece of Diane
- 5'0, 100lbs, beige skin, straight blonde hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Alice Davis, Female, 11
- Best friend of Emmy, daughter of Will
- 4'6, 75lbs, pale freckled skin, orange-red hair to shoulders
Will Davis, Male, 32
- Father of Alice
- 6'1, 200lbs, tanned beige skin, short dark-brown hair
Sharon Connors, Female, 41
- Neighbor of Will, mother-grandmother of Chrissy
- 5'7, 150lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Chrissy Connors, Female, 11
- Daughter of Sharon, sister-daughter of Bret
- 4'11, 115lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Jersey Parker, Female, 13
- Daughter of Paola and Lowell
- 5'4, 130lbs, dark-mocha skin, semi-wavy black hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Bob, Male, 38
- Father of Emmy, husband of Julie, brother-in-law of Diane, uncle of Charlie and Ken
- 5'11, 180lbs, beige skin, cropped blonde-brown hair
Deuce (Keith), Male, 15
- Brother of Alexis
- 5'11, 150lbs, pale beige skin, unkempt black hair
Alexis, Female, 13
- Sister of Deuce
- 5'5, 110lbs, pale beige skin, blue eyes, black hair past shoulders
Charlie, Female, 13
- Daughter of Diane, sister of Ken, cousin of Emmy, niece of Julie and Bob
- 5'1, 105lbs, beige skin, wavy brown hair
Ken, Male, 14
- Son of Diane, brother of Charlie, cousin of Emmy, nephew of Julie and Bob
- 5'10, 165lbs, beige skin, short brown hair
Diane, Female, 37
- Mother of Charlie and Ken, sister of Julie, aunt of Emmy, sister-in-law of Bob
- 5'8, 140lbs, pale skin, golden-red hair