Emmy Grows Up

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

Series Launched: January 2, 2017
Latest Chapter Added: August 26, 2018

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Emmy Grows Up is the rewrite and extension of the classic story May Grows Up by author Kathleen. Chapter 1 holds the same story as the original, with a few changes. Meet Emmy, daughter of Bob and Julie, and Emmy's cousins, boy Ken and girl Charlie. They share a fun vacation together at a campground and explore each other as a family.

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Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Anonymous 6 July 2018 I'd love to be in that family! (rating: 9) Hee, wouldn't we all!
Anonymous 12 June 2018 What's up with the asstr site? Nothing has been posted in two months. I like your stories, particularly Emmy Grows Up. Emmy and her cousin Charlie seem like they have such great fun together. Thanks! Unfortunately, since April 25, the FTP functionality authors rely on to upload new stories or to edit our sites has been broken, so no one is able to upload anything right now. We've had zero contact from ASSTR admins about the situation. Until the FTP is fixed, nothing new can be posted on ASSTR.
Ivor Seymour 6 May 2018 I hope I can see the "room" being used in chapter 14. especially if all the others from the camp-site are involved too. Thanks for commenting, Ivor. What are you looking forward to seeing in the play room? I've only started using it, so there are a lot of possibilities.
Tom 5 May 2018 Many thanks for the creation of Emmy and Alice! Started out with a bang and it just continues. What a perfect, devious, sexual mind that girl has, eh? She has become a favorite, and I love the dynamic between the parents.... It really is remarkably written, and I am still in awe of your output. Thanks! Yes, I really enjoy that series. I don't have to worry about the usual moral concern and just get right to the hot sex. And Emmy is a perfect vehicle for everything. She brings in other characters, like Alice and Will, effortlessly. I'm looking forward to continuing to expand the scenarios to include more characters and new combinations of old ones, as well as introducing a new kink/fetish or two along the way.
Anonymous 30 March 2018 Can't wait for the next chapter of Emmy's adventures! Hope you enjoy the new chapters!
Anonymous 25 February 2018 Love the story. Can we expect any more chapters to be released soon? Yes, sorry for the delay. I posted two new chapters (12,13) just a day or two ago. Enjoy!
Anonymous 21 February 2018 I really like this story- are they're going to be more chapters with Alice and Chrissie ? Definitely! I love both Alice and Chrissie, much more to come for both of them!
Skip 27 January 2018 The last 2 chapters were NASTY (refers to 10 and 11); love this epic tale! You have a hit here! Thank you, Skip! The Emmy story is a rather fun one to write since I have to do much less 'rationalizing' about the things going on and the characters are generally free to ignore taboos and real concerns and get right to the nasty times! :)
Skip 27 January 2018 Dear Chase: This volume of work is so nasty, it makes my cock so hard; it makes me feel good, I start the first chapters again. I'm ready for new chapters as well. I think "Emmy Grows Up" would make a great comic magazine!! I also have enjoyed all your works of art!! Thanks again, Skip! I expect to have more Emmy coming out when I get time to write and publish again over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
sara 6 January 2018 Ah, read from the second chapter up until this one. Very brilliant. This chapter is my favorite (refers to chapter 6). And to know that my orgasm was occupied by a rather loud fart...ops! Thank you so much, and that sounds like an amazing way to orgasm :)

I hope you continue to enjoy this series. Hopefully, when I've got some time, I'll be adding more chapters to Emmy soon.
Anonymous 31 December 2017 excellent. more Mgg is always good (rating: 10) Thank you!
Shaved Seven 10 December 2017 Simply a wonderful story with something for everyone. Youthful nonstop sex including young friends and daddys. You can bet if I had daughters like that i’d be plowing their sweet holes too.

Would love to see more.
Thanks, Shaved Seven! More Emmy will be on the way soon!
RS 5 December 2017 Damn Chase you hit on one of my hottest fantasies here, I have always wanted to do my daughter and her friends, she had some really fine ones too. From the time she and her girl friends were hitting 8 and up they were huge flirts I saw so much pussy that I was terrified to touch it was unreal. But thank you for this drift into the fantasy realm. :) I hear you, Ron. Such temptations are not easy to resist, but I'm glad you did. The sweet fantasy remains intact and no little girls got scarred for life. Win-win in my book.

If you liked Chapter 9, you're gonna love Chapter 10. I just finished writing it and I'll be editing it shortly, should have it up before long.
Count 3 December 2017 Good build up, with subtlety teasing of the very fetishes which make your writings so erotica.

The musings about taste and smell as females sexually mature is so erotic and rarely gets explored in erotic fiction. The heat, sounds bodies exhude in post coital relaxtion never get mentioned.

Keep up the great work. Also follow you on Tumblr.
Thanks again, Count!

I definitely try to include tastes and smells, not just because they are so hot, but because that was one of the reasons I started writing erotica n the first place: odors, especially, almost never get described in stories and I wanted to change that.
Stevd 18 November 2017 Wow so hot could not stop reading Got very excited it was almost like one was right there. So real like Thanks so much! Emmy is a fun little tale and one I hope to return to in the future once other priorities are out of my queue. (FYI, the email bounced when trying to reply to your submission.)
Darkman600 16 November 2017 Can't wait to wait for chapter 8. possibly how they interact when they return home. Thanks, Darkman600! I'll definitely return to Emmy at some point, though I'm not sure when. I'm trying to finish up Run and get a couple of other series updated with chapters, but I hope to get Emmy back into the queue soon.
Wey 26 October 2017 I was backpacking during my vacation for a few weeks and at those alone times I stumbled on your stories. I've been a patron of asstr for many years but I never really looked at the *last updated* but relied more on the ftp sort by last updated. Happening on your stories I felt great, I read one complete storyline in one sitting (Emmy grows up) and I adored it. I love how you chose the character dynamic towards each other. It wasn't as predictable as 90% of the stories are on asstr. I found a new favourite author which on top of that is an active writer still and not a dead account. I'm looking forward to your new releases. Thank you so much, Wey! I really enjoyed writing Emmy and being able to play more fast and loose with the 'rules' than is usual for me. All the original thought in that long first chapter goes to the author, Kathleen. I rewrote her great story May Grows Up in a new voice as Chapter 1, then expanded into where I wish her story would have gone. I'm going to revisit that series in the future once I've caught up and expanded some of my other stories.
essdubyaeff 25 October 2017 I just wanted to shoot an email to you and tell you how much I'm enjoying your Emmy Grows Up series at ASSTR. It's very hot stuff. I also wanted to see if you were interested in reading my stories. You can catch my stories at https://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/essdubyaeff/

Hope you to heard from you. Keep up the great erotica!
Thanks so much for reading Emmy! It has been a very fun little story to write. I'll get back to it at some point, but I'm trying to get caught up on editing and publishing chapters/stories I wrote during ASSTR's downtime first.

Thanks, also, for sharing your stories! I read several earlier and really enjoyed them. Even the story about Jack and his father, which isn't normally my thing, was very, very arousing and well done. You write very concise, enjoyable fap stories!
Anonymous 13 February 2017 Love this series. Can't wait to read the start of Part 2. Maybe Emmy or her cousins get pregnant or at least have pregnancy scares? Thanks Anon! I won't reveal the upcoming scenes, but I think you'll enjoy where things go when I pick up this series again.
Anonymous 16 January 2017 Well done story,hope you continue Thank you! I will have more chapters soon, thanks for reading!
Anonymous 11 January 2017 Hello, great story, but Ken did Emmy's butt already in chapter 1. Damn! How did I forget that scene! Thanks for catching it! I've edited that part of Chapter 7 to reflect the earlier scene. Thanks again!
Anonymous 8 January 2017 Sorry but it is very inferior to your other stories, especially Flower Petals. There is no sense of evolution of the plot, just go into fucking straight off, and as a result reads seriously fake Emmy is a remake of the classic story May Grows Up. I know this is a very different style than my usual, and as I explained in the Intro and my Chapter 1 author's note, I wanted to try to keep the same spirit and style as the original. This meant not dwelling or even mentioning the moral/ethical/risky behavior concerns and just diving into the sex scenes, just like the original.

I definitely did this on purpose, trying to see if I could do a pure fap-story instead of a morality play. I have no intention of trying to turn Emmy into one of my usual stories, sorry. I certainly understand this isn't to everyone's liking, especially those who read my stories like Flower Petals or Groundhog Nights. Still, I have some readers who are enjoying Emmy and it has been very fun to write because it is more of a stream-of-consciousness rather than a plot and character-driven story which requires a lot more concentration from me. Sorry this isn't something you like. Perhaps you might better enjoy my other new series, Ahead of the Curve, which is a light-sex redemptive romance.
Anonymous 5 January 2016 Great story. There must be more you could write about this family. Maybe more relatives? Thanks! Plenty more to come, I promise ;)
Anonymous 4 January 2017 Very hot Thanks!
Gary 2 January 2017 I have just read the intro, and if your rewrite is as good as the rest of your work, then you will revive a classic from the mud. Great, hot story that suffered from misspelling, repetitive language, disconnected narrative and other distractions. I will write further after reading. Thanks, Gary! I definitely would love to have your feedback since you are familiar with the original. I thought the Ozman edited version of the original did a pretty good job of cleaning up a lot of those issues without messing up the story itself.