Explicit Disclaimer of Chase Shivers

The stories from the imagination of Chase Shivers often include objectionable and controversial subject matter. Accounts of incest, underage sex, scat, and other topics are often featured. If it is illegal for you to read these subjects, please return to the ASSTR home page and find more appropriate stories.

This is all fantasy and legally protected speech. I believe complete freedom of thought, even of controversial thought, must be absolute even if complete freedom of action cannot and should not be so.

No real people participated in the creation of this work, except for the author, and that participation was limited to a keyboard, a text editor, and a few boxes of tissues to clean up the mess. None of these stories are real, and none of the characters actually exist or are based directly on any real person (unless otherwise noted).

Don't mistake this for anyone's reality. In the real world, many of the events that are found in my stories would probably lead to physical and mental illnesses, unhealthy fixations and addictions, abuse, trauma, and/or prison time for participants. In this fantasy, however, events are allowed to progress without encountering those vastly more realistic outcomes and tragedies.

The author does not condone or support activities which are illegal and/or take advantage of people who are unwilling or unable to consent, and that includes sexual actions involving minors. Do not try this outside of your imagination.