Emmy Grows Up
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

July 11, 2018

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Chapter 19: Accepting the Risk

Chapter Cast (at the end of the chapter)

"Emmy, can we have a word with you a moment?" Julie called out after she and Bob had gotten home from work on Sunday evening. Her daughter was in the pool with Alice, the other two girls nowhere in sight.

"Sure, one sec!" Emmy called back.

Julie waited until her daughter had dried off and then led her into the master bedroom where Bob was changing out of his work clothes, naked, his cock flaccid for the moment. Julie grinned to think about the dirty fun they'd had that day in the bathroom of the cafe, Bob's cock still mostly soiled since they'd only had a moment to try to wipe themselves up after the anal sex. Julie's butthole still burned just a bit, a lovely reminder of how wonderfully her husband had sodomized her that day.

"What's up?" Emmy asked. Julie could see her grinning at her father's cock.

Bob sat on the edge of the bed and Julie joined him. "We have a serious subject we need to discuss with you," he began.

"Uh... okay... is everything alright?" Emmy said.

Julie nodded, "Yes, everything is fine. But we've realized that we're taking some risks together, risks which you might not understand."

- - -

Emmy glanced from her mother to her father, then she understood where this might be going, "About cumming in me and getting me pregnant?"

Her mother's head jerked lightly, "Uh, yeah. That's exactly it..."

Emmy grinned, "I'm cool."

"What do you mean, 'cool?'" her dad asked.

"If I get pregnant, that's alright."

"You're twelve, Emmy," her mom said. "Having a baby is a huge responsibility. It will affect your school, our family... so many things!"

Emmy thought a moment, "So... you would rather I don't get pregnant?"

Her mom hesitated and Emmy knew it wasn't quite that simple. The woman said, "Well... yes... honestly, though... I admit that your father and I... we are very aroused to think you might get pregnant..."

"Very aroused," her father agreed, "but we don't want to ruin your life for a fantasy... So... we want to offer to get you birth control."

"Hmmm..." Emmy thought it over. "Do I have to?"

Her parents looked at each other silently a moment.

- - -

Bob was very torn. He knew the right thing to do, to insist that their daughter immediately start using birth control, but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Instead, Julie replied, "It is your choice," she told their daughter. "If you get pregnant... we can decide what to do then, but it is a big deal, Emmy..."

"I know," Emmy replied, "I, uh... I kinda want to have a baby, you know... and I hope that it will be Dad's."

Bob's erection sprang up immediately, sore as he was there.

Julie said, "Well... it's kinda hard to be certain it would be his, Emmy, if you keep letting other boys and men cum inside you..."

"Oh... yeah, I know," said Emmy, "I... uh... I guess I could stop letting them do that until I'm pregnant with Dad's baby..."

It was like they'd already skipped right past the notion of birth control and were already planning for how to get Emmy pregnant. "Well... that's your decision, Emmy," Bob replied. "We'll support you no matter what."

"I guess I kinda want to just... you know... keep going! Like... if it happens, it happens, right? Whoever it is..."

Bob sighed a little, wishing, in some ways, that he could be the one to set his seed deep in his own daughter's body, but the idea of Emmy getting pregnant, no matter who it was, had Bob's cock pulsing.

"When was your last period?" Julie asked Emmy.

"Umm..." their daughter replied, "it's' due, like, any day now."

"So," Julie said, "we'll know soon enough if you're not pregnant, at least..." Julie shook her head, grinning, "Can you both believe it? One cycle ago, Emmy was an innocent virgin, and now... we're talking about whether her father or some other guy will be the one to knock her up!"

Bob laughed, "Can't say I'm sorry about that..."

"Me either!" Emmy exclaimed, kneeling down and stroking Bob's cock a moment, "I'm, like, really, really sore right now, but... Can I suck you off, Dad?"

"Well, uh," Bob hesitated, about to explain that he'd not really cleaned himself up after fucking Julie's ass earlier that day, but before he could get the words out, his daughter had his glans in her mouth and was soon cleaning up any soiled remains still there.

- - -

Emmy could taste the bittersweet hints on her dad's dick and knew immediately what she was tasting. "Did you put it in Mom's ass earlier? Or someone else's?"

"It was mine," her mom laughed, "we sort of got worked up in a bathroom during lunch... didn't have time to get a full cleaning..."

"I'll take care of you both, then!" Emmy exclaimed, "Take off your pants, Mom!"

- - -

Julie was too turned on by the talk of impregnating their daughter to worry about how clean things were back there. She shucked off her pants and panties, noting only a small, light-brown streak in the underwear, then leaned back on the bed and spread her legs, idly fingering herself while Emmy sucked Bob's cock.

- - -

Alice poked her head around the corner of the door and saw Emmy on her knees, her father's dick in her mouth. Despite her earlier orgasms, Alice couldn't help from growing wet and erect, soon her fingers were between her legs, stroking her throbbing pink nub.

- - -

Emmy slid the hot cock from her lips, running her tongue down her father's shaft and over his hairy balls before moving to the side. She held her mom's legs in the air and began to lap up the juices leaking from her mother's pussy before moving her tongue lower.

Like her dad's dick, there was a hint of bittersweet remains, but it was a little stronger and mixed with the pungent, salty taste of cum which her father had surely shot right up inside the woman's butt. Emmy grinned and licked it all clean, then moved back up to her mom's clit, sucking it lightly before licking circles around it.

- - -

Alice couldn't help herself. No one noticed her walk into the room until she sank down right beside Emmy and started stroking Bob's cock. Her friend grinned at her and kept licking up and down the girl's mom's crack. Alice could smell wet pussy and something a little more sharp in the air, and in seconds, she had Bob's penis between her lips, his meaty, warm flesh a little sweet and bitter and salty. It tasted perfectly wonderful.

- - -

Bob opened his eyes and looked down to see the pretty redhead Alice grinning around his shaft. "Oh, god, yes..." he groaned, starting already to fill his cock with a load ready for release. Alice's lips were thin and wonderful, not better than Emmy's, but different enough to be unique and special. He ran his hand through the redhead's strands and began to thrust up into her mouth gently as she sucked him

Emmy was lapping Julie's cunt and the woman began to hum and moan, "Oh, Emmy... oh, god yes... Mmmm..."

"Eat her, Emmy," Bob encouraged his daughter, "eat your mom's lovely pussy!"

- - -

Alice really wanted Bob's cock inside her right then, remembering how lovely it had felt when the man had fucked her a few nights earlier and spurted his seed right up her cooch. She stood and spun around, bending her knees and taking hold of Bob's dick. She positioned it as she pushed her hips down and let it stretch her wide as it sank deep into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh..." she moaned.

"Fuck him, Alice!" Emmy's mom breathed, the woman nearing an orgasm.

Alice began to rise and fall on Bob's lap, his cock pulsing deep inside her vagina. She felt stretched and a little raw, but the dull ache there felt magical and Alice began to play with herself as she rode the man faster and faster.

- - -

Bob squeezed Alice's buttocks, the slender pale girl so delightfully youthful and fresh, her freckled skin dancing each time she rose up and down on his cock. Her hairless cunt was tight and perfect, barely yielding enough to take him inside, her vagina slippery and forming a perfect sleeve for Bob's penis. He started to strain and groaned, "Ohhh... oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, Alice! I'm gonna cum in you!"

"Fill her up, Dad!" Emmy exclaimed before sliding her tongue into Julie's butthole. Bob loved that sight, seeing his daughter rimming Julie's tight backdoor.

He started to strain and readied for release.

- - -

Julie shuddered into orgasm as her daughter's fingers slid over her erect clit and the girl's slippery tongue probed inside her anus. "Mmmmnnnn... Mmmmm.... Mmm-mmm-mmm! Mmmm... Ohhhh, Emmy!"

Her legs wrapped around Emmy's head and clamped down, trapping the girl's face right against her crotch. Julie rolled her hips and writhed and cried out in the pleasure of her own daughter's oral skills.

- - -

Alice watched Julie orgasm and her own started to rush in. She burned so wonderfully, her vagina slippery and stretched to take all of Bob's dick up inside. She shuddered, Alice moaning, and her climax came in jerky waves. "Oh... Oh... Oh! My Goodness! Ohhhhhhhhhh..."

- - -

Bob ejaculated into the tight vice of Alice's hairless eleven-year old pussy, spewing several strong spurts of semen into the girl, holding her hips down against him as he throbbed thick ropes of cum into her vagina. He breathed heavily, jerking, squeezing out every last drop of spunk he could into the preteen.

With his nuts emptied into the hairless preteen's cunt, Bob's cock began to soften slightly. He leaned forward, keeping his penis inside Alice's pussy, and carefully lifted her so that she leaned back against him, the girl still quivering from her own climax. In one smooth motion, Bob yanked the eleven-year old up and spun her around and to the side, dropping her so that her knees were on either side of Julie's head, the girl's hairless pink gape right over Julie's mouth.

- - -

Bob's cum rushed out of Alice's little raw hole and right onto Julie's tongue. Julie moaned her approval of what her husband had done, lapping all the sticky cream which dripped out of the young girl, swallowing the globs as soon as she could, then darted her tongue inside Alice's vagina to clean out all the wonderful jism.

Alice panted over her, eyes staring down, half-open, mouth agape, a grin planted firmly on her face. "Mmmmm..." Julie purred, enjoying the amazing mix of her husband's pungent, salty semen and the little girl's slippery, sweet and tart flesh.

Briefly, Julie wondered how long it might be before little Alice had her first period. She wondered what Will might think about the risk of Alice getting pregnant and whether he might demand that Alice stop letting Bob and other guys ejaculate inside her when the risk was real. But the thought passed on quickly.

Emmy had crawled over her father and the two were sharing a wet kiss. Julie smiled, the pulled Alice back and down, the girl over her, and the woman locked her lips with Alice's, tasting just a hint of her husband's meaty cock and Julie's own ass in the girl's mouth. It was a rather wonderful, erotic combination.

- - -

"Umm... Bob? Julie?" Jersey said as they finished up the pizza and sodas they'd had for dinner. She and Chrissy had dozed a bit, then found Alice and Emmy and heard about the fun they'd had with Emmy's parents earlier in the evening. Both adults had asked that the girls call them by their first names, so Jersey did so, hoping to broach the subject she'd discussed earlier with Chrissy.

"Yeah?" Julie replied.

"Umm... I, uh... I might have been... uh... ovulating... when Will came inside me on Friday..."

Both adults watched her closely.

"And it's cool, really. Like... I kinda want to get pregnant... and it would be great if it was Alice's dad... or you, Bob," she added. The man's shudder brought a smile to Jersey's face. "I... I don't know if I'm pregnant."

"Well," Julie answered, "probably will have to wait until you miss your period... you say you were ovulating on Friday?"

"I think so... that was, like, two weeks since my last... so..."

"So... we need to wait until you've actually missed your next one. The at-home tests are more accurate if you wait until then... Um... do you want us to take you to get the morning-after pill? It's not too late, I think..."

"It would be close," Bob offered, "but worth a shot if you want to try to avoid it..."

Jersey shook her head, "Nah... I'll wait. Like I said... if I get pregnant... that's cool..."

"Then we just have to wait, I'm afraid. Right now, it is too hard to tell... Give it... say... ten days or so... maybe a little more, just to be sure..."

"Okay," Jersey replied, not really liking the idea of waiting so long.

"What, uh," Bob asked gently, "what will your parents think?"

Jersey replied, "They'll be super pissed. I'm sure they'll make me get an abortion..."

"And that's not what you want, I think?" Julie added.

She shook her head again, "No... no, if I'm pregnant, then... no, I want to keep it..."

- - -

Emmy thought back to the earlier conversation with her parents and took hold of Jersey's hand, "That's really cool, Jersey. If I get pregnant, I want to keep it, too."

Jersey smiled back at her, "Nice."

"We'll figure out how to deal with your parents... Promise."

Emmy saw Jersey's smile fade, then the dark-skinned teen said, "No one called today..."

Emmy's mom replied, "It's Sunday, so I'm not surprised. Tell you what, if we don't hear anything by tomorrow evening, I'll give the attorney a call. She'll have to know something by then, I'd think."

"Thank you, really, thank you," Jersey replied, yawning. "I dunno about anyone else... but I'm wiped out..."

"Me too," said Chrissy.

"I'm good for some sleep," Emmy suggested, "maybe some quick showers and then bed?"

- - -

"I'm good, Dad," Alice told her father as she sat on the toilet, getting ready to shower, "it was a really awesome couple of days!"

"Well, I sure miss you, Sweetie," her dad told her.

"I can come home if you want," Alice said. She would, too, if he asked her to.

"Nah, you're having fun with your friends, and I don't want you to have to leave that," he replied. "Besides, you'll have a lot of new great things to tell me when we see each other again. You planning to stay all week?"

"I'd like to, yeah."

"That's fine. I've got a really busy few days, but hopefully I'll have time Saturday to see everyone again."

"I can't wait, Dad," Alice said, "cause... I sure do want you inside me again!"

- - -

Will was sitting on the corner of his bed, naked and getting ready for a shower, "Mmm... I can't wait!"

"Emmy's dad stuck it in me earlier, and it was good!"

Will groaned, slowly stroking his cock, "Yeah? Bet he enjoyed that!"

"Uh-huh, he came really hard in me!"

He started to jerk off a little faster, "Tell me about it, Alice."

"Well... First, I just watched as Emmy sucked him then started licking her mom, her butthole, too!"

"Oh, god, that's hot. Emmy licked her mom's butthole?"

"Uh-huh. Then I came in and, you know, sucked Bob's dick!"

"You're getting real good at that Alice... tell me more!"

Will listened, jerking off, as Alice replied, "So I really wanted him to put it in me, so I turned around and sat down on his lap, and his penis just went right in me. Like, so deep like that!"

"Mmm... I know how good that feels, Alice, to get to fuck you..."

"And I rode him while Emmy made her mom cum hard."

"Gnnnn..." Will spit on his fingers and slathered up his shaft, "keep going, Sweetie... I'm almost there..."

"Are you jerking it, Dad?"


Alice giggled, "Thought so... So I rode him until I got all tingly and I came hard. He started squeezing my butt, then he grabbed my waist and started thrusting up in me. It got really big, too, Dad. I knew he was gonna squirt!"


"Then he told me he was gonna cum and I kept humping him, Dad. I kept going until I felt him squirting inside me! He came so much it just sorta started squishing out."

"Bob came right up in your pussy?"

"Oh, yeah! Right in me!"

"Oh, god, Alice... I'm so close... Have you showered since?"

"Not yet."

"Is his cum still inside you?"



"Well, when he finished shooting in me, he picked me up and put me over Julie's mouth and I just pushed out all the cum and she ate it!"

Will swelled, stroking faster, straining, "Fuck, Alice! I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum in me, Daddy!" Alice told him over the phone. "I want it all up in my coochie!"

Will's hips rose off the edge of the bed. "I'm cumming! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Will ejaculated in long, thick ropes. "All up inside you, my girl!" Cum splashed all over the floor and against the wall, coating his fingers and balls and part of his thigh. "Ohhhhhh!"

"Mmmm," Alice purred, "wish I could have caught that with my mouth... or my pussy!"

"God, yes... I may have to come over tomorrow or the next day if I'm not too tired... I already miss fucking you girls!"

"Miss fucking you, too, Daddy..."

Will let out a long breath, shaking the globs of cum from his fingers, "Well... now I really am tired, Alice. I suppose I should shower and clean up. Another long day tomorrow..."

"Love you, Daddy," Alice said sweetly.

"Love you, Alice. Enjoy yourself!"

- - -

"You're sure there's not a mistake?" Julie asked as she sat shaking her head. The call had come just fifteen minutes or so before she and Bob had to go to work.

The attorney for Jersey's parents, Marianne Winters, had held a calm, professional tone when she'd told Julie that it was unlikely that Paola and Lowell were going to get a bail hearing for another couple of days, and even then, it wasn't looking great for them short term. "I'm sure. Things are complicated for everyone right now. Obviously, I cannot discuss specifics, but for the time being, I need to ensure that Jersey has a place to stay for a few more days, maybe more. Sharon let me know that Jersey is staying with you and cleared things as best she could. It's a little unorthodox, but there are no other close relatives in the United States, and even so, there are... circumstances... which make even those non-options. You're sure you can care for the girl this week, and possibly next?"

"Absolutely, that's no problem. I just wish I could do more to help."

"I appreciate that," Marianne replied, "and I'm doing what I can on their behalf. If Jersey needs to go to her home to get anything... please call me first... we will need to arrange a police escort."

"What? Why?"

"It's a ... crime scene. I can't go into it. I'm sure you understand. Just trust me that things are a bit dicey for the girl's family right now. I promise I'll do what I can."


"I'll call once I have news, but don't expect anything until at least Wednesday afternoon at the earliest."

"Thank you, Marianne."

The call went dead and Julie just shook her head.

"So?" Bob asked, looking concerned.

Julie conveyed the attorney's words and said, "Poor thing! I wonder what her parents are wrapped up in? To need a police escort to go to her own house?"

Bob shook his head. "Doesn't sound great. Some sort of organized crime?"

"Seems likely..."

"And," Bob added, "that Claudia woman... wonder why she hasn't turned up. Didn't Sharon say she was the one Paola asked to look after Jersey?"

Julie shrugged, "Dunno. Sharon told me before she left that she'd tried to get in contact with Claudia, but had no luck. Maybe her work conference got extended..."

"All very strange. Well, I'm happy we can look after Jersey. Not just because she's a beauty, either. She needs help, and I'm happy we can give it."

Julie smiled and wrapped her arms around Bob's shoulders, "I love you, you know? Not just because you're a beauty and a great lay... You're just a great man and I love you."

Bob grinned and kissed her lips, then said, "That means everything to me."

- - -

"Sorry, Jersey," Chrissy told her girlfriend with an arm tight around her shoulder as they sat on the edge of Emmy's bed. Julie had just shared the information from Jersey's parent's attorney before leaving with Bob for work.

Jersey's head was sagging, but it lasted just a moment before the dark-skinned girl shrugged and kissed Chrissy's cheek. "I'm okay, thanks, just hate having to wait days to find out anything more."

Chrissy looked at Alice and Emmy, silently asking them for help in what to do.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Emmy spoke up, resting a hand on Jersey's thigh, "wanna go down to the rec center in a bit, maybe play some basketball or something? Get out for a while?"

Jersey offered a quick nod, "Yeah, sure, I'd like that."

Chrissy squeezed her friend's shoulder then pressed her lips right onto Jersey's, opening them and sliding her tongue in circles inside her girlfriend's mouth. Chrissy just loved the taste of Jersey's tongue and it always made her feel giddy and horny to share saliva with the teen. She hoped Jersey felt the same and maybe the kiss helped her feel better a little while.

- - -

Alice had worn tight grey leggings with smiling yellow suns sprinkled over the fabric, a pair of darker green panties underneath. It was only when walking into the gymnasium after the mile-long walk from the house that Emmy had giggled and mentioned that she could see Alice's underwear beneath the leggings. Alice blushed again when she saw the eyes of a dozen or more teens and preteens dart in her direction as the four girls made their way inside, some of those looking at her glancing lower than her face. Alice laughed to herself and figured that she liked the attention, and she was surely going to encourage the boys and girls around her to take a look.

Besides, Alice figured, it wasn't like her friends weren't showing off almost as much. Emmy wore spandex which was obviously a little too small for her, and Jersey's lovely backside was framed perfectly by her stretched gym shorts which often fluttered at the bottom enough to make out the white fabric of the teen's panties. Even though Chrissy had opted to wear longer and more loose-fitting athletic shorts, there was an obvious streak of sweat forming between the girl's legs. Alice giggled and didn't recall Chrissy putting on underwear earlier that day.

A few eyes followed her and the other girls as they rounded one end of the basketball court.

"A few are just finishing up their last game," one of the teen boys called to them with a grin when he saw Alice and the girls leaning back against the wall to wait for a game to form, "we could use some replacements, if you want."

- - -

Emmy answered for them, "Sure, sounds good!"

The girls waited until the last basket was scored. Alice leaned over and whispered, "Isn't that the guy from the restaurant? Deuce?"

Emmy realized her friend was right, "Yeah, that's him." The teen boy was shirtless and pale-skinned, slowly dribbling his way from side to side. He had small tufts of black hair around his reddish-nipples and Emmy found the sight of that incredibly arousing. His stomach was flat, more dark hairs forming a light pyramid from his navel down to the waist of this black athletic shorts.

Alice breathed, "Mmm... he's delicious! You should have seen all the spunk he shot, Emmy! Wish I could have seen his dick, too."

"I bet he'd show you," Emmy giggled, "if you ask nice like."

"Maybe I will," Alice laughed. She nodded, "And the girl over there, is that his sister?"

Emmy thought so, "Looks like her." Like her brother, Alexis was pale-skinned. Her athletic top was dark-blue and stretched nicely around her chest, restraining the modest mounds underneath. Emmy felt wetness forming between her legs when she saw Alexis bend over to scoop up a rolling ball, sticking her ass out and stretching the bright-red spandex half-pants wide, two lovely sets of curves offering Emmy a wonderful image to keep forever in her head.

"I'd eat her," Chrissy leaned in, grinning, "look at that butt!"

Emmy was doing just that until Alexis stood straight and seemed to sense the girl's stares, her eyes darting towards them as each of them tried to look away.

- - -

Jersey said, "You three ogling Deuce and Alexis?"

Emmy answered first, "Of course!"

The teen laughed, "Yeah, I've had my eye on them both for some time... He's older, fifteen I think. Alexis is about my age. Something about that pale skin, right?"

"It's lovely," Alice agreed.

Emmy leaned in, giggling, "Not as lovely as yours, though," she told the redhead.

"Agreed," Jersey replied.

One of the players called to them, "Alright, we're ready for you. Got four spots open, so come on over."

- - -

Deuce was trying his best not to stare. The four young girls had come in together while he and his sister played basketball with several others. Deuce somewhat knew the older one, Jersey, from a few conversations in the gym, but he'd been sorta shy about things, plus, he didn't want to be creepy. The dark-skinned girl was only twelve or thirteen, two years younger than he was. That's a big difference, right?

But he couldn't help that he was attracted to the girls. Something about meeting them in the restaurant the other night had left a seed of arousal around for him to grasp on to. He'd already jerked off a couple of times remembering those spare seconds when he'd entered the men's restroom and got to see the woman's bottom and that of the slender, pale young redhead, Alice, as well. He'd been so turned on, Deuce had shut himself in the stall, yanked down his pants, and jerked himself until he came all over. It was quite a mess to clean up, too. He had no idea why the two were in the men's side, but Deuce sure wasn't complaining. Other than a couple of confusing and arousing moments in his own home, when he'd witnessed and heard things he shouldn't have experienced and definitely shouldn't have found arousing, seeing Alice's butt had been the most exciting sexual moment of his life.

The other girls were just as arousing. The blonde called Emmy was maturing. Deuce could see the mounds under the girl's shirt. Not so different, he thought, than the ones his own sister, Alexis, had started sprouting a year or so ago.

And Jersey, hell, he'd jerked off thinking of her many times. The other girl, Chrissy, might have been overweight, and like Alice, quite young, but that didn't stop Deuce from wanting to bury his face between her thighs and eat her out.

No idea where thoughts of girls that age were coming from, Deuce tried to shake off the feeling and get into the next game. At that moment, he saw all four girls smiling and whispering and staring to Deuce's right. The teen glanced over and saw Alexis bent over, tying her shoe, his sister's round bottom spread out wide for anyone to admire. Deuce gulped and tried to tear his eyes away.

- - -

Emmy didn't miss that Deuce's glance as his sister bent over lasted longer than necessary. She wondered if he might be enjoying the view of the girl as she laced up her sneakers. Emmy sure was, and so were the other girls as the two team captains started assigning the replacements.

- - -

The girls had been split across two teams, Emmy and Chrissy on one side, Jersey and Alice on the other. Alice grinned because she was on Deuce's team. She shook his hand, and told him hello.

The boy looked a little hesitant, his pale skin flushed and sweaty already, but Alice thought he might be blushing, as well. "Hi."

"Guess we're teaming up, huh?"

"Seem so."

Alice stared at Deuce's chest just a moment, enjoying the boy's uncovered nipples. "So, uh, what's going on this summer?"

He shrugged, "Not much. I just come down here to get out."

"Well, uh, you should join us sometimes, maybe have some fun," Alice told him. Her forwardness came out of nowhere. It wasn't like Alice to be so direct, especially in such an otherwise-awkward situation.

She could see Deuce working out what that might mean. He finally replied, "Yeah, sure... Uh, I kinda have to keep an eye on Alexis, too, can she come along?" Alice saw Deuce's eyes cast towards where the pretty pale girl was stretching beneath the basket. Alice grinned, "Oh, yes, I think that would be swell!"

- - -

Alexis was all-too-aware of her body by that point. From the moment her boobs had started growing a year or so earlier, boys had often looked her way with interest. Girls, too. At first, it had been kinda overwhelming, especially when she realized it wasn't just boys but men, too. Older men, even, grey-haired types, not just the ones her father's age. They often stared at where her braless puffy tips were pressing out t-shirts, sometimes following her body down to the secret place between her legs.

The gym was no different. Even boys she knew and liked as friends checked her out, especially now that her boobs had gotten a decent curve to them. Not big, certainly nothing like the pretty dark-skinned girl, Jersey's lovely globes, but not just nipples any more, either. The sports bra helped hold back their size from staring eyes, but it didn't eliminate them.

Over the months, Alexis mostly just tuned it out. It was normal now. Not exactly enjoyable, but she could tolerate it.

And she hadn't missed one bit that the four newcomers had all been staring at her butt earlier. She also hadn't failed to note that her own brother had done the same. She'd caught Deuce a couple of times trying to 'accidentally' stumble in on her in the shower or changing clothes in her bedroom. He was much too shy to do it outright, but if she'd forgotten to fully close her bedroom door, it wasn't unusual to find Deuce somewhere nearby soon after.

She grinned to herself. Teasing her brother was kinda fun, actually. It wasn't completely unwelcome. Alexis had let him even see her in bra and panties one night when he was pretending to sleep on the couch. She'd just shed her nightshirt quickly in the living room, yawning, and walked away knowing Deuce's eyes had flickered open to stare at her barely-covered bottom.

"Hi," Alexis said, responding to Emmy's greeting from seconds earlier.

The blonde girl gave her a quick hug.

"Err," Alexis stammered while in a tighter-than-expected embrace, "sorry, I'm kinda sweaty..."

Emmy grinned at her, "No problem, I like sweaty girls!"

Alexis cocked her head at Emmy, but couldn't help smiling, "Okay then..." Sweaty girls were kinda nice, Alexis agreed silently.

One of the boys called out, "We gonna play or what?"

Alexis turned her attention back to the game, but not before giving both Jersey and Emmy a twice-over. Hey, if they could check her out, Alexis could do the same to them.

- - -

The game lasted almost an hour before Jersey's team won. Most of the others started heading to the showers, but Jersey and Alice hung back with Deuce, chatting while Emmy, Chrissy, and Alexis joined them.

"So... any plans?" Emmy asked when she walked up.

Jersey shrugged, looking at Deuce, "I'm game for whatever. Hey, wanna go get some lunch?"

Deuce looked at his sister a moment, then said, "Uh, yeah. Sure. That'd be cool. Uh... I need a shower, first."

"Same," Emmy agreed. "Where should we go?"

"Somewhere close," Alice offered, "since we walked here and all."

"Martinelli's?" Alexis suggested. "It's, like, real close."

Jersey had eaten at the pizza place several times over the years and she nodded, "Perfect. Meet in front in, say, twenty minutes?"

- - -

The girl's showers were rather nice for a community center, Alice thought. There were a half-dozen individual stalls plus areas to dry near the lockers. One-by-one, the five girls, including Alexis, began to take off clothes. Alice blushed a bit with two or three other nearly-naked teens in the shower area, their eyes averted, unlike Alice's which took in the half-clothed bodies of the pretty girls nearby.

She turned towards Alexis to see the teen removing her bra. Two beautiful boobs spilled out, sweaty, flushed, paler even than Alice's flat chest. They were about handfuls, Alice thought, maybe the same size as Emmy's if not finger or two bigger. Alice really wanted to touch them, but then her attention was drawn lower as Alexis pulled down her shorts, rolling a thin pair of grey panties off her body.

The girl's pubic hair was trimmed but not shaved. A narrow rectangle of dark fur hung over the trimmed labia just poking out from between the teen's thighs, Alexis seeming oblivious to the way Alice, and the other girls, were watching closely. Alice thought the view was simply magical.

- - -

Alexis knew the girls were looking at her naked body. She'd been stared at often in the locker room by women and girls alike. It was nothing new. But this felt just a bit different, though she wasn't sure why. Something about the look on Alice's face, or on Emmy's, made her feel extra special in the heat of those gazes. Jersey's mouth hung open just a touch, even as Alexis let her own eyes slide down the dark-skinned girl's body as the thirteen-year old shed her own clothes and revealed a lovely, hairy triangle down below her heavy, pert breasts.

Alice's pale body was rosy and lovely, too, and the thin slit between the girl's legs offered no hint of puberty, though it did appear a little puffy and perhaps lightly-irritated. Maybe Alexis was imagining things.

Chrissy's weight made it harder to see her slit, but that didn't stop Alexis from imagining a lovely view could be had with a better angle. And the adorable Emmy's light fur was something quite amazing. Alexis guessed the blonde was in a similar stage of puberty, meaning that like Alexis and Jersey, Emmy was able to get pregnant. Alexis had had her period for over a year, and there was a growing awareness of her fertility as she grew older and learned more about how boys and girls could fit together.

Suddenly, Alice giggled and said, "Sorry, I think we're all stuck!"

It was true. The five girls had all paused, naked, eyes glancing from hairless crotch to flat chest to furry nethers and all around, the level of interest in what was seen enough to create a spell of sorts.

Alexis laughed, "Well, I guess we're all to blame, eh?"

Emmy nodded, "For sure. Can't help that you're beautiful to look at, Alexis. I mean... really pretty!"

The other girls nodded and Alexis blushed, "Yeah, well... you as well... like, all of you..."

Emmy stepped up to her, "I think you're gonna fit in real nicely, Alexis... real nicely..."

Alexis had no idea exactly what Emmy meant, but something told her it was going to get very interesting hanging around these girls.

- - -

"Check it out..." Deuce heard his friend Andy calling from the shower stall next to him.

They were the last two left rinsing up, and Deuce rolled his eyes. "What this time, Andy?"

"You gotta see this!" Andy replied, an edge of enthusiasm clear in his voice.

Deuce felt sure his buddy was about to prank him, and it probably involved showing Deuce his cock, a prank the guy had pulled twice on other friends. Resigned to getting it over with, Deuce grabbed his towel, wrapped it around his waist, then left the stall, sliding in with a naked dark-skinned Andy next door, the boy with his face pressed up against the wall. "What is it?"

"Duuuuude. Damn, I don't want to look away!"

"Lemme see," Deuce said, brushing his friend aside. A glance down showed him that Andy had his long, dark cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. Deuce flinched but didn't comment. He leaned close and pressed his eye near the small chipped-out tile along the wall.

Light on the other side showed something moving, then it pulled back and to Deuce's surprise, on the other side of the wall was his sister, Alexis. She was naked! Deuce gulped. His sister's breasts were bouncing as she rubbed soap all over her body, and her dark, trimmed fur below then drew his eyes. Is that her pussy?!

"Ha-ha!" Andy laughed behind him, "Gotcha! Fucking perving on his own sister!"

Deuce gulped again, willing himself away only after he saw Alexis bend away from him to spread soap between her legs. "Asshole," Deuce muttered, vibrating.

"Fucking perv!" Andy shoved Deuce aside and resumed looking through the hole. "Goddamn," the black teen groaned, "your sister is hot, Deuce! She'd get it, for sure!"

"Knock it off, dude," Deuce growled, pulling Andy from the hole, "that's not cool."

Andy stroked his cock a couple of times, grinning, then let go of himself and shut off the water. "Just clownin', Deuce."

"Fine, but stop creeping on my sister!"

"Okay, okay," Andy stuttered, shrugging and backing out of the stall.

Deuce took one last look through the hole. His sister had turned off the water and was wringing out her lovely black hair. To his shock, the shower stall divider was open, and just beyond Alexis was the redhead, Alice, the girl's pale body shimmering and wet, her flat chest dotted with lovely freckles and two red-pink nipples. Down below, a smooth, hairless slit was barely visible.

Too quickly, the girls left his view and Deuce hurried out of the stall to gather himself back together, trying hard to keep his obvious erection from being noticed by Andy.

End of Chapter 19

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Chapter Cast:

Emmy, Female, 12
- Daughter of Julie and Bob, cousin of Ken and Charlie, niece of Diane
- 5'0, 100lbs, beige skin, straight blonde hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Alice Davis, Female, 11
- Best friend of Emmy, daughter of Will
- 4'6, 75lbs, pale freckled skin, orange-red hair to shoulders
Will Davis, Male, 32
- Father of Alice
- 6'1, 200lbs, tanned beige skin, short dark-brown hair
Sharon Connors, Female, 41
- Neighbor of Will, mother-grandmother of Chrissy
- 5'7, 150lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Chrissy Connors, Female, 11
- Daughter of Sharon, sister-daughter of Bret, girlfriend of Jersey
- 4'11, 115lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Jersey Parker, Female, 13
- Daughter of Paola and Lowell, girlfriend of Chrissy
- 5'4, 130lbs, dark-mocha skin, semi-wavy black hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Bob, Male, 38
- Father of Emmy, husband of Julie, brother-in-law of Diane, uncle of Charlie and Ken
- 5'11, 180lbs, beige skin, cropped blonde-brown hair
Deuce (Keith), Male, 15
- Brother of Alexis
- 5'11, 150lbs, pale beige skin, unkempt black hair
Alexis, Female, 13
- Sister of Deuce
- 5'5, 110lbs, pale beige skin, blue eyes, black hair past shoulders