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What-All Is Changing 'Round These Parts

11.28.11 - I promised you updates. I give you updates. I have three bits of collected nonsense to show off today. One is called The Baby Dilemma and will probably be self-obvious once you read it. One is called A Family Christmas and has been sitting around on my hard drive for actually quite a while now. And the last one is called Tidal. It's an experiment and is much a departure for me, so if you have thoughts, feel free to articulate them. Oh, and, as mentioned elsewhere, I am on Facebook now.

11.17.11 - Hello again, however many readers are still out there. Two? Three? I know it's at least one, because that's why I'm updating. A fellow going by the screen name of Rick in Eureka MO has been tearing through the archives here, and—unbelievably—has chalked up every error he could find. He's been doing so much work I feel like I owe him a paycheck or something. So, long story short, no new content for the nonce, but a bunch of fixes: not just the errors he's found, but standardizing the back-end HTML, which has gone through a number of formats over the years as I shifted software. (I do have a couple stories I've been sitting on for a while, one of which is Christmas-themed, so those may go out too at some point in the near future. —Oh, and, I finally fixed the goddamn link for "The Story of My First," so now y'all can access it.) Thanks, and happy holidays!

06.02.11 - Hello again, here we go again. So, I've updated the copyright notices in a way that makes it unnecessary for me to, you know, update them anymore. Maybe I should've done this a while ago. I've also 1) added a Workshop article on character development; and 2) added two new stories. One is about the Stanfords, and another is, well, much more personal. It's about how I lost my virginity. I can't claim I'll be back with more material any time soon, because this is only one part of my life, but there it is. Hopefully something will turn out well soon.

04.19.10 - Hello, here we go. So, I've updated all the copyright notices (finally), and I'm introducing a whole new section of the site called the "Workshop". This where I'm archiving all the how-to's and theory rants I posted on SOL. I also plan to add more content in the form of further rants, guides to additional resources, and etc. And hopefully one day I'll have actual fiction to post here; I've gotten started on a story, but been stymied (or rather distracted) by several other ideas, one of which I'm currently developing in the hopes that it can be a salable novel. My New Year's Resolution, incidentally, was to finally market my first novel out to publishers. Boy, I need to get started on that at some point soon! The point is, I'm busy. Just, not with stuff that shows up here. (Sorry, faithful readers. This is just one corner of my life.) And, yes, I'm aware that all the pictures in the Characters Corner don't work anymore. The site I had them hosted on closed. Nothing to be done about that.

10.26.09 - And The Honeymoon is wrapped up just in time for me to work NaNoWriMo (if I decide to; who knows). If not, I'll see you folks next year.

10.19.09 - Starting job training on Thursday. Whoo me! Here's Part 4.

10.12.09 - Things come to a head after head has come. Part 3 of... ...Okay, see what I mean? I can't do this PR / spin thing to save my life. I'm trying to do a snappy tag line here and what comes out is crap. Anyhow, here's Part 3 of the story.

10.05.09 - Another Monday, another chapter. Part 2 of The Honeymoon has landed.

09.28.09 - So, here comes a new story. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to at all, but I think the story I wanted to tell is circumstantially impossible anyway. (That's the problem with being a deconstructionist & realism junkie: a lot of great ideas get torpedoed. You guys have no idea how much trouble I've been having with my latest one, and that's after figuring out how to make it jive with reality.) Anyway, this is here, and it's called The Honeymoon. Give you three guesses as to what it's about, and the first two don't count. Hope you enjoy it.

09.21.09 - Well, I'm a bit behind schedule on some of these reposts: the new versions of "Against The Black Night" and "Across The Way" have been up on Literotica for a few days now. So, in consolation, you guys get the new story early. It's called "What Comes Back to Haunt You." (I must take this opportunity to apologize for the titles of my stories. I am terrible at naming. I'm sure you've all noticed.) I'm hoping to get another story finished up this week, though I'm also hoping to get a job this week so we'll see how the two conflict.

07.02.09 - Part 14. The end. Happy birthday.

06.29.09 - Here's Part 13. Boy, am I glad I decided to release bi-weekly. Can you imagine only being up to Part 7 by now, instead of only having one chapter left after this one?

06.25.09 - Here's Part 12...

06.18.09 - As a vocalist, I am sometimes hired to sing at weddings, as I was this weekend. Coincidence of coincidences, the bride and groom had the names of one of the couples in this story. Will wonders never cease. In honor of that, have Part 11, in which everyone is single.

06.18.09 - It has been brought to my attention that the cliffhanger of Part 9 was inconclusive. Upon further study, I have discovered that, for some reason, the last 100 words or so of Part 9 were simply not included. Part 9 has thus been re-posted, along with Part 10.

06.15.09 - Part 9...

06.11.09 - In two days a bunch of my friends graduate from college. In celebration, have a story segment. Part 8 of Broken Up is here.

06.08.09 - A lot has happened since I last published something. But hopefully things will continue in a generally positive vein. Here's Part 7. Now excuse me, I'm going to try finding a job.

06.04.09 - Here's Part 6.

06.01.09 - Good god, is it June already?! Here, have Part 5 while I panic.

05.28.09 - Part 4 is up. Now excuse me, I have three more tracks to finish before 7:30.

05.25.09 - Part 3 is up. Cross your fingers for us, we haven't had a decent practice since April.

05.21.09 - As you can see, I've decided on a twice-a-week update schedule for Broken Up. This is one of the advantages of having the whole damn story done already. Part 2 is now available. Check back Mondays and Thursdays. (Unless it slips my mind some day. Entirely possible. Thursdays are bad to begin with, and next week my vocal band is heading to the studio to record a CD. I may cease to have a life from then on, much less time to distribute porn stories.)

05.18.09 - I wroted a thing. It called Broken Up. Check it out.

01.01.09 - Although it's been said, many times, many ways: Happy New Year to you. (...Wait, was that right?) In celebration, a double post: the remaining two parts of The Wrong Side Of Pink. I've got a couple other one-shot stories finished that I should really post, but as usual, things are moving slowly on this site; most of my creativity nowadays goes towards a number of other projects (songwriting, managing an a cappella group, video games theory, and occasionally even some writing, but generally not of the type that will show up here). I will try to keep posting, but I make no guarantees.

10.24.08 - The First Ninety Days Part 16 has been uploaded. The story is now, finally, finally complete.

10.17.08 - 90Days Part 15 is up. I'm not sure what I'll post once the story is done. I've got some one-shots lying around which I could put up, and I need to plot out the rest of The Wrong Side of Pink, which has unfortunately proved very difficult to write. We'll see where we go.

10.11.08 - And the character-bio section is completely and fully updated. All the images should work now too.

10.10.08 - 90Days Part 14 is up. As you can see, we're moving towards the ending. I hope people are enjoying the story.

10.03.08 - 90Days Part 13 has now been posted.

09.26.08 - 90Days Part 12 is now up. I've also been (slowly) upgrading the Characters section, and we should get a major release there soon. (Keep in mind that classes started this week, so my time is now limited to a certain extent.)

09.20.08 - 90Days Part 11 is now up. The story is actually completely written now; I am releasing it piece by piece because a) that's what I always do, and b) it gives me time to edit (which I think I may need in some cases). But what that means to you, my good readers, is that you will have your complete story. (I simply can't vouch for how good it'll be at first.)

09.15.08 - I have begun the process of totally revamping the Characters section linked off the main stories page. There's now a frontpage with capsule bios, and then more-in-depth pages with summaries and some pictures. In deference to ASSTR's request that we lay off the images, I have taken efforts to keep all of them under 50KB in size, so don't expect sparkling, crystal-clear images; these are just to give you an idea. (Also, don't expect any for the guys, 'cuz that's not what crosses my computer screen most of the time. I'll be keeping my eyes open, though.)

09.14.08 - 90Days Part 10 has been posted here, on SOL and on Literotica. I will finish the story this time. (I've been writing like a madman for two months, and it's actually almost finished right now. To all of you who have kept pace and been patient with the chaos in my life, thank you.)

09.06.08 - I will be posting something soon. If you look around the site, you may be able to figure out what it is. (If you're a Literotica reader, you can also find some details there...)
06.21.08 - Go figure that the instant I establish a schedule, I immediately break it. Well, once you read this new chapter, you'll understand why I sat on it for a little while. The Wrong Side Part 4 is here.

05.29.08 - The Wrong Side Part 3 is up. (Anybody noticing the pattern yet? I'll give you a hint: every other Thursday.)

05.15.08 - The Wrong Side Part 2 is up.

05.01.08 - mmmmmmmmmMWAAAA-HA-HA-HA, I LIIIIIVE! ...Okay, sorry about that. It's been a while, but I finally got my writing muscles to work. Here's a new story for you. It's called The Wrong Side of Pink.

11.13.07 - The First Ninety Days is not going to be finished. I have posted a short synopsis of what the remaining chapters were to contain. See the story's Notes page for details.

10.19.07 - 90Days Part 9 is here.

09.21.07 - Two updates in one week!—you lucky bastards. I've just completed a one-shot called When The Time Is Right, feel free to check it out.

09.17.07 - Stealing the Thunder and Across The Way have been re-uploaded, reflecting aforementioned name retcon. I may have another one-shot done by the end of the week. Why no, I'm NOT procrastinating on 90Days, why do you ask?

09.07.07 - The entirety of Jane has been re-uploaded, reflecting aforementioned major name retcon as well as re-designed characterization. Next week I'll do some of the one-shots, and then it's back to the grindstone with 90Days.

08.31.07 - The entirety of Meredith & Derek has been re-uploaded, reflecting aforementioned major name retcon as well as re-designed characterization.

08.24.07 - The entirety of Zach & Christa has been re-uploaded, reflecting aforementioned major name retcon as well as re-scripting some of the characterization.

08.16.07 - The entirety of Arie & Brandon has been re-uploaded, reflecting a major retcon in the form of changing Mr. Crane's first name to Zachary. There has also been some minor editing, including weaving Christa into the story (very loosely; if I had needed her then I would've introduced her then, but now at least she's a part of the cast by the end of Monday). Also, I have updated the "Cast" page with some screenshots I took in The Sims 2 of Sims based on my primary characters.

08.09.07 - How time flies. On July 23rd I celebrated my one-year anniversary with "Caitlyn." Unfortunately, due to circumstances of extreme drama and parental anger, we were forced to celebrate seperately, and in fact we have been unable to contact each other since July 12. Partially out of frustration with the situation, and partially because of the creative urge building up to critical mass inside me, I have resumed work on The First Ninety Days. Part 8 has been posted.

03.23.07 - In celebration of people beginning to critique my first (hopefully salable) novel, I am posting a short story from that family of characters, Whitebread Plain. Enjoy, but Jeremy Spencer is advised not to read it if he hasn't at least gotten to page 300, unless he wants to risk the spoilers. ;) Also, I would like to announce a cause for celebration: the real-life "Meredith" was proposed to by her Brandon a few weeks ago. Of course, she said yes. Congratulations, RB and MB! (Now I guess the pressure's on me and "Caitlyn"!...)

03.01.07 - In lieu of reader feedback, I have decided to leave 90Days up. I have also just finished and posted Stealing the Thunder, which was started on February 19, 2006, when the real-life Zach & Christa announced their engagement. It is thus dedicated to them, MSF and BL, with love and best wishes. Now if only I'd finished it a tad sooner than this...

02.05.07 - I'm not going to be able to finish The First Ninety Days, so I'm posting what I have and then I'll take it all down after a month or so. Here's Part 7.

01.04.07 - Updated copyrights.

01.01.07 - Happy Holidays. Here's 90Days Part 6.

11.25.06 - Happy Thanksgiving. Uploaded Part 5 of 90Days, and re-uploaded the previous parts in an effort to firm up the chronology (which I only just got worked out in my head).

11.18.06 - Ah, a reprieve. Here's Part 4 of 90Days.

11.09.06 - Here's Part 3 of 90Days.

11.03.06 - God, what a week. I wrote an e-mail to "Caitlyn" earlier about how, totally by coincidence, many bits of our relationship resemble the bond Brandon and Meredith share. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn towards the Jon-and-Caitlyn too. Remember when real life wasn't a war zone? Did such a time as that ever exist? Anyway: reposted Part 1, and Part 2 of The 1st 90 Days is up as well.

10.26.06 - It's taken a while to recharge my batteries, hasn't it. Well, I'm back, and so's the writing. Here's some new thing. It's called The First Ninety Days.

01.02.06 - Happy New Year. Here's a bunch of updates and a new story! It's called "Across The Way." Also, I've updated a few of the image pages with better icons and photos of Jeff and Meredith. And, finally, it's time for me to announce a temporary retirement from the written word--or at least from any sort of regular updates. When I started NiS, I was already ears-deep in another project, and it has languished in exile for two and a half years. I've decided to finish it, once and for all, a process which may take a year or so. If you'd like to check it out, contact me--I can always use readership. =) There will probably be some updates here; just don't expect anything of length or intensity.

10.17.05 - The end of an era. "Jane" Friday, and with it, my entire series of Naked In School stories, is complete. And I started this little corner of ASSTR for my NIS stories, so this is a huge, huge milestone. Two years, 380,000 words (plus the extra 50K on "Meredith & Derek" that got lost) and a lot of sweat, blood and tears--most of them the good kind. I just wish I could publish these stories in treeware, because I know--I KNOW--that this is as good as it gets. So long, Mount Hill. It's been real.

10.09.05 - You guys are spoiled. I posted "Jane" Wednesday because I knew it would force me to start writing again, and it did. I finished the whole fucking story over the course of a week. But you guys don't get Friday until later. In the meanwhile, have Thursday. Hopefully it'll hold you off for a bit. =P

10.04.05 - Okay, guys. I stripped out my backlog. Here it is. "Jane NIS" Wednesday. Hopefully there'll be a Thursday before the end of the year. No guarantees though. I'm having lots of problems finding an equilibrium that allows me to write when I get home.

08.16.05 - It's 1:30 AM and I have to be at work in less than eight hours. So I hope y'alls appreciates it when I says: "Jane NIS" Tuesday is now published and available. "Jane" Monday has also been reposted with a few fixes and comments.

07.31.05 - Gah-lee, it sure has been a while. But I've been busy: hanging out with friends, enjoying my summer, finding a job now that I've graduated from college... And writing. I am proud to announce that the first chapter of the final chapter of this chapter of the Naked In School universe is now available for perusal on this website. It is called, "Jane Naked In School: Monday." Enjoy.

06.09.05 - As the next part of my campaign to get everything in shape for my upcoming projects, I have uploaded the edited version of "Zach and Christa." I wrote Sajel completely wrong this entire time, is the simple fact, and now I have to go back and change everything she ever said. Also, I modified part of "Arie & Brandon," specifically the conversation in which Brandon and Meredith get together--it never played very well to begin with, because at the time I was writing Meredith totally wrong too. Now she and I have a better understanding, and I think the new scene is a major improvement. If I fail my final because of this, you guys will undoubtedly hear about it.

06.07.05 - Gosh, what a numerically interesting date. Anyhow. "Arie & Brandon Naked In School" has been edited and entirely re-uploaded, mostly to facilitate recently-discovered changes in Sajel's personality. The things that happen while you're procrastinating on your finals.

05.31.05 - Right, so. There's been problems here at ASSTR with logins, accessibility, etc, with the end result that I haven't been able to update this site since May 19th. (It must have been Star Wars's fault. The Force was clearly strong with that one.) Anyhow. The last two parts of "A Love For The Ages" are now available. I'll almost certainly do a full edit and retcon. Then we move on to "Jane NiS." I hope you guys enjoy part 9; one thing, right at the end, took me by such total surprise that I was struck dumb for ten minutes.

05.08.05 - "For The Ages" Part 8 is now up. Also, another retcon: Eretria is no longer ruled exclusively by women, though all monarchs have Lances regardless of their gender. (Also, all Lances are men, with maybe a few exceptions over the hundreds of years of Eretria's history.) The story works better this way.

05.01.05 - "For The Ages" 7 is up. Now it's time to get back to my midterms.

04.09.05 - "For The Ages" 6 is up.
04.10.05 - And then, he had to re-upload it, because he forgot to apply Moya Tilmitt's Senecan grammar.

04.02.05 - Retcon again: changed Hester Stelmarine's private name after deciding the current one didn't fit her. Watch for other additions in future: I just noticed I've totally neglected religion, which should be downright pervasive, not blankly missing the way it is now. Let's hear it for historical accuracy, ladies & gentlemen. Part 6 close to finished; there will be a minimum of 8 parts and almost certainly 9.

03.29.05 - Added prologue of "Jane NiS" as sort of promise to myself that I WILL write it one day. However, don't intend to seriously contemplate it until "For The Ages" is done.

03.25.05 - "For The Ages" 5 is up. If Catheryne's description of the way she healed Jordan seems inconsistent with that of Pt 4, it's because I changed Pt 4 three days ago and you haven't been paying attention. =P (Sorry for being insulting, but Eon's fans have convinced me that sometimes, horses aren't smart enough to notice when you pour the water for them.)

03.22.05 - Reposted "For The Ages" Part 4, because while writing Part 5 I discovered that I needed to change some of the details of the spell Catheryne uses to heal Jordan.

03.16.05 - "For The Ages" Part 4 is up. In other news, finals have me by the throat, and are not evidently inclined to let go.

03.04.05 - Now that I've finally got a bit of time, "A Love For The Ages" Part 3 is up. And I've got to redo some bits and pieces of Part 1 as well, eventually...

02.21.05 - Holy crap, some of you, like, read it. I had no idea anyone actually checked this site on a regular basis! In any case, "For The Ages" pt 2 is now up (don't worry, it picks up 'round now); I've also re-uploaded pages with various error fixes.

02.11.05 - Oh, thank the lord my university's opera is done with. Now I get evenings to myself again! Some random updates left and right; and also the beginnings of a new story, to be updated intermittently. Check it out.

01.31.05 - Wow. Happy Birthday, this website!

01.15.05 - All copyright notices updated. Also, a second Bonus Page has been uploaded, this time with a more behind-the-scenes look at what goes on between the characters on an everyday basis. See if you can find it.

01.14.05 - My God. Has it really only been two weeks? Seems like more of an eternity. Well, there isn't really anything to say, except that I'm going to busy and don't expect anything in the way of writing from me for... God, I dunno. Maybe until summer? I did, however, just upload a Bonus Page containing pictures of some of the NiS characters--actual photographs this time, not dinky icons. However, I'm not telling you where they are. I've already told you how to find them, so, take a look around and e-mail me if you find 'em. And if nobody figures it out, hey, maybe I'll tell someone. *grin*

01.02.05 - "Meredith & Derek" Sunday is up; the story is now (OMG OMGWTF OMGWTFninja) complete. Happy New Year.

12.28.04 - "Meredith & Derek" Saturday now available. No, you're not seeing things. As I've been saying, over and over and over: Once I get over the hump, I expect it to flow as if from a water spout. Well, I got over the goddamn hump. And it's all downhill from here. Having said that, I'm not sure we'll see the final day before New Year's, because, for the past three days, if I haven't been sleeping I've been glued to this computer, and I think it'd be nice to maybe stand up for a few minutes, possibly even walk around a little. Maybe some post-Christmas shopping would be nice.

Amusingly enough, December 5th was the 1-year anniversary of me beginning to write "Arie & Brandon".

12.25.04 - "Meredith & Derek" Friday now available. Merry Christmas. Also, several new faces added to the little capsule-bio page. I swear, I will get a better Meredith picture up there one day.

11.21.04 - It's Thanksgiving Break now, thankthelordfinally. Unfortunately, I've not got anything new for you folks, but I did run across a really great author on Stories Online: his name's "Pleasureboy_1" and I highly, highly recommend his story Charlotte's Movie; he's the only author alive who might possibly be a better writer than Nick Scipio. Seriously. Go read it. Like, right now. It'll distract you from how I haven't written anything recently. ;)

10.24.04 - I stayed up until 4 AM finishing "Meredith & Derek" Thursday, which is now available for all. I hope you're happy now. =P

10.18.04 - In the meanwhile, though, I re-uploaded "M&D" Tuesday because I added a few new events to Arie's adventure. There's actually been progress on Thursday, and maybe I'll be able to make it through the story. It appears I spoke too soon. --Or perhaps not soon enough. Perhaps it's having to admit failure that's gotten my spirits back up. We'll see. At least I'm writing again.

10.14.04 - It has been a while, and is liable to be even longer. I'm back in college now and extremely busy; plus, contrary to expectations, "M&D" Thursday has not been easier to write--in fact, it's been quite a bit harder. I'm still working on it, as well as other stories, but not on any regular basis, and I certainly don't have any prognoses on when any of them will be finished. On the other hand, the Arie & Brandon notes page has been updated with information websites similar to the non-existent Candlelight Vigil community, since a number of people have written me asking for information on it.

09.03.04 - "Meredith & Derek" Wednesday up.

08.09.04 - "Meredith & Derek" Tuesday is up. God, but this one was a pain to write. Because I'm heading out on vacation soon (and because a dear friend of mine is returning from an extended vacation at about the same time), progress may be slow until I get Wednesday up, at which point I will finally have reached the point where I'm writing new story instead of rewriting old story. Keep your fingers crossed on my behalf. Also, yesterday I fixed all (hopefully) the typos and errors in "Arie & Brandon" and re-uploaded the entire thing.

07.31.04 - Reconstruction proceeding apace; results have been verified and posted. Monday of "Meredith and Derek Naked In School" is now available. Further details within.

07.15.04 - Well, today's my birthday. I'm turning 21. Scary, huh. As a fitting birthday present, I've discovered that I was nominated for a couple of Golden Clitoride Awards. Whichever crazy visitor did that: wow, thank you very much! It's both flattering and alarming. Also, as a birthday present, I treated myself to a computer upgrade, specifically a new CPU and motherboad... Which eventually necessitated reformatting my hard-drive. ...Which resulted in, because I'm totally stupid, the loss of almost all my writing files. If anyone was expecting an update soon, well, you're gonna have to keep expecting for a while; I got a lot of rebuilding to do. Sigh. Them's the breaks, I suppose.

06.18.04 - A little bit of new material: some little icons I made of the Naked in School characters. Most of them are accurate--except for Meredith's, which is ironic because her highly unique appearance is why I put these together. But such is life. View and enjoy.

06.07.04 - And the fourth (and last) day of "Zach and Christa" goes up. Cripes, and me having gotten basically nothing written in the past God-knows-how-long. I'd better get cracking. Good thing summer vacation's kicking in soon...

05.31.04 - Sorry for lack of updates last week. Long story short: my modem broke and I had no Internet access from the 22nd on until now. "Zach & Christa" Tuesday and Wednesday now up.

05.17.04 - Why yes, I am alive, why do you ask? Minor bits and pieces of updated pages (most specifically the "More Than Friends" homepage), and... A new story! Please join me for the continuing adventures of Mount Hill High: "Zach and Christa Naked In School." And, in an unrelated note, I've been B-dotted. Or... Something like that.

04.11.04 - Yay, we're... Oh, wait. Sorry, I had just gotten too used to ASSTR going up and down like some deranged see-saw. Anyhow. Various minor page updates; "Arie & Brandon" Friday; and an older story of mine (no sexual content) called "The Fear Inside" that I decided to share. Hope y'all like it.

04.02.04 - Yay, we're back! "Arie & Brandon" Thursday up. For those who have gotten impatient, I've begun crossposting to Stories Online as (of course) CWatson.

03.13.04 - Yay, we're back! In honor of the occasion, "Arie & Brandon" Wednesday is up. Be warned: it's even longer than Tuesday.

02.26.04 - Continuing to refine the little form e-mail thing.

02.22.04 - Added one of those nifty little feedbackie formie thingies at all appropriate locations.

02.18.04 - "Arie & Brandon" Tuesday has been released to the public. Cripes, it's over twice as large as Monday by bytes!

01.31.04 - Lots of minor alterations to all pages, including font changes, altered page layouts, etc. "Arie & Brandon" Monday finally judged ready for public consumption after seven or eight weeks of work. Anyone hoping for the next chapter, however, should probably set in; I have a TON of rewrites to do. Also, started this Updates page b/c thought should have more links on the top menu. ;)

01.30.04 - Started this website.

All content copyright CWatson, 2003 - present (unless otherwise specified). All rights reserved.