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About The Dude What Stuff You'se Reading
(In Really Bad Grammar)

CWatson is what I call myself. I don't intend to tell you my real name. "CWatson" is what I chose to call myself, and you'll just have to accept that. At least I'm not trying to go by "Hyper Man Bubba Zero X Gold Mega Phoenix Three."

I'm a college graduate somewhere in that overcrowded mecca of excess we call the San Francisco Bay Area, and sometimes I worry about my future. Currently I work as a member of the caretaker staff at a house where six people with developmental disabilities live. I cook, clean, give showers, change diapers, take out the trash... What I do at home, basically, but I get paid for it. (As you might expect, I don't get paid much.)

I enjoy games of all sorts, both the playing and the designing. I enjoy singing, especially in choirs, and am working on composing and striking out with a band of my own. I enjoy reading and writing. I enjoy certain sports, sword-fighting, a number of martial arts. I enjoy being a helping hand and a supporting shoulder; I enjoy listening to people, trying to understand how they tick. But of all those hobbies, only the last is likely to provide a steady income, which is why I'm now a psychology major. I once knew HTML (this entire webpage is hand-coded), but I'm since hopelessly out of date. Cascading Style Sheets? VRML? Flash? I feel as obsolete as a dinosaur. If I can find a way to make the other hobbies pay the bills, though, the Psych department will have to hold me back with a leash.

I believe in true love, in soul mates, in fantastic, life-changing romance, and I believe that I have what it takes to become involved in one. The real trick is to convince someone else to believe. Thus far, efforts are inconclusive, but hope springs eternal.

I believe in storytelling, in all its forms. By a variety of circumstance, I cut my story-reading teeth on sci-fi, and speculative fiction (otherwise known as Sci-Fi & Fantasy) is my home genre; it's where I started and will probably return many, many times. (I am indeed a Trekkie. Or at least was, before the atrocity known as Voyager. Good Trek died with DS9.) In a way, spec-fiction is like erotica—readers will accept a higher level of unreality than normal. It gives you a lot more room to play in. I value that freedom. I like a lot of overhead.

Here are my stories. I hope you like them.

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