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The Stories
(The Stuff What I Wrote)

Here are all the things that I have writted. Some of them are available on Literotica and others at StoriesOnline. There's even a little bit of stuff that's only available here.

If you don't understand what the story codes mean, read the descriptions instead.

Finally, a note that I was inspired to add by fellow author tenyari: I do not, in any classic sense, write pornography; nor do I even necessarily write erotica. My stories fall into a strange middle ground, perhaps most accurately described as "highly descriptive romance." There is sex, and it's an important part of the writing, but it is by no means the theme or center of the stories; in fact, most could probably survive without it, or with at least the far more toned-down descriptions one generally finds on the Romance section shelves. What this means is that those searching for thrilling, arousing descriptions of hot, steamy, humid, scorching, and (in my experience) re-warmed-in-the-microwave sex... Should really look elsewhere. What I write are stories about interesting characters who have interesting problems and who also have sex. And people seem to like that. If you're one of them, stick around. If you're not, you'll probably be happier elsewhere.

The Mount Hill Stories

Character Reference

It's not quite appropriate to call these "Naked In School" stories anymore, because they keep going even after the characters have left high school. What we have, now, is a collection of stories, focused loosely on eight people (who just happen to be the main cast of the NiS stories). Expect a certain amount of wandering. Stories are listed in chronological order.

Arie and Brandon Naked In School (mf teen humil slow rom oral m-1st CAUTION: triggery)
My most ambitious work to date. The Program has come to Mount Hill High School, and Arie and Brandon have been chosen as the first students to go through it. But neither is exactly a model student, and Arie has secrets to keep. Will they survive The Program? Will The Program survive them? While rather dark in tone, this story is definitely of the Frank-Downey flavor, so don't expect a lot of diabolical sex. Updated 16 August 2007.
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Zach and Christa Naked In School (mf teen slow rom oral f-1st)
A much more straight-forward NiS story than Arie & Brandon. In fact, this is a return to the formulaic romance between Program partners. Plain vanilla by anyone's standards, but hey: would we keep writing romances if nobody read them? Updated 24 August 2007.
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Meredith and Derek Naked In School (mf teen slow rom oral possible trigger etc etc etc)
They knew it was coming: they knew they were going to get called. It was the only thing they predicted accurately. Updated 31 August 2007.
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Jane Naked In School (mf m-1st f-1st teen slow pett reluc)
The one they thought would never join The Program... Has joined it. Jane Myers is Naked in School. No one knows how she'll deal with it all, but one thing is certain: her life will never be the same. Updated 7 September 2007.
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Across The Way (MF fant)
He's single. She's not. She's in a bad place. He's not. He loves her. Now to prove it. Updated 21 September 2009.

Stealing the Thunder (MF cons)
What happened at Brandon and Meredith's wedding. Updated 17 September 2007.

The First Ninety Days (MF M-1st F-1st slow safe)
"Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back," right? Not so when vows are exchanged.
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When The Time Is Right (MF no-sex)
Sometimes, if you're lucky, you just know. Or, if your name happens to be Jane Myers.

Alone and Not Alone (MF rom tears)
Just another night in the Stanford household.

Other Stories

The Baby Dilemma (MF cons)
What's a married couple to do when everyone thinks they should be getting knocked up?

A Family Christmas (MF cons 1st)
On being apart from your beloved for the holidays.

Tidal (MF cons)
Sex happens. (No, seriously, that's the whole story. It's a pure stroke tale written entirely in descriptive language, with no characterization or even dialogue. Since this is the exact opposite of how I normally write, I cannot guarantee quality, but I think it turned out well. Great thanks to Literotica author sunny55235 for helping me iron out the kinks.)

The Story of My First (MF 1st true)
This one is a bit of a departure in that it is not so much a story as a memoir. It's a retrospective on (as of its writing) my most recent relationship, wherein I misplaced something important: specifically, my virginity. I lost it in some girl's pussy. Click to learn more.

The Honeymoon (MF no-sex)
Amanda Daniels has married the love of her life. Otherwise, nothing else is working out right at all.
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What Comes Back to Haunt You (MF oral)
Some mistakes you can't undo. But some of them you can.

Broken Up (mf 1st)
Danielle Mayer has loved David Glass since they were eight. But all good things come to an end.
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The Wrong Side of Pink (no-sex)
This is the story of a girl named Madison, who found out one day that she wasn't.
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A Love for the Ages (mf rom f-1st medieval fantasy)
It's the story of a princess growing up. It's the story about what a princess is to the society she's from. It's a story about learning to change for the better, and recognizing when you've changed for the worse. It's a story about the sociopolitical climate in a very odd world, where water is life and conformity is the order of the day, where the nail that sticks up gets pounded down and any oddity is cause for immediate panic. It's an experiment in writing, to push myself in new directions of research and characterization. And, above all, it's about a man and a woman, because that's really where most of my stories start.
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Against The Black Night (MF rom)
This one's weird. I'm not really sure where it came from. I've used these two characters quite a bit (they featured quite prominently in a novel I'm currently working on) and I wanted to explore their relationship, which is sometimes very strained, because of the circumstances that brought them together. This was the result. Updated 21 September 2009

Whitebread Plain (nosex pett caution)
Related to the above story (Against the Black Night), concerning echoes and history repeating itself.

Free-Falling (mf rom oral)
These two characters are actually from the same novel as the other two--well, a form of them. The male character, in the novel, is one of the few people who has memories of his past reincarnations, and this is one of those memories. (Yes, it's possible for him to remember an incarnation that takes place a thousand years after his death. Time, a wise man once said, is a face on the water.) On the whole, I guess it's appropriate that these two star in a work of erotica, since their novel was inspired by one.

More Than Friends (MF rom oral slow)
This is mostly a very long, very drawn-out literary masturbation session--a fantasy involving someone long gone. But when I posted it at Literotica, people liked it, so I thought I'd share. It's a celebration of a woman--well, a girl, really, since it's not like we were anywhere near grown-up when we knew each other--who has been important in my life. And no, it's not a coincidence that the male lead shares my first initial and last name.
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The United Federation of Planets Dildo Catalogue
Silly, tasteless, pointless Star Trek humor. My best friends and I (including one non-Trekkie) managed to have this discussion in a restaurant, while eating. In retrospect I'm not quite sure how we did it. If the aliens in Star Trek had dildos, what would they be like? Here are the results. Take a look if you dare.

The Fear Inside (nosex CAUTION: teen angst)
I wrote this in a few frenzied weeks of my junior year of high school, zoning out of class to scribble on binder paper, and when it was done, it was my life's story. Not a story about me, but the story that had evolved out of my then-sixteen years of life. Now I have more stories, but this is still a landmark--the first story I was ever really, truly proud of. And also the most complete story: it has never been rewritten and only slightly edited, because there's nothing more to say. Take a look.

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