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devil picture Married Taiwanese Woman

By gonZo, aka Swen2A61

Subject: I got my dick sucked in PUBLIC! 
Date: 24 Oct 1995
02:47:26 GMT 
Organization: The Black Box, Houston, Tx (713) 480-2686 

Part I

Hello all, gonZo here. I feel it's my duty to go out, experience life, and then come back to asfo ng and tell you guys all about it. hehehehe. I went out with this taiwanese woman sunday night. Before I went out, I pulled a Trojan condom from my desk drawer...almost choked on the dust that was on it. We ate mexican food and then I took Jenni to see _Rob Roy_. What a weird movie. During the entire movie Jenni was continuously stroking my hands and my arms. I was kissing her neck and rubbing my nose up against her cheek, but no kissing, I'm not sure if she wanted too since she is married..heheh. I wonder what Jenni thought of the rape scene on _Rob Roy_, she didn't say much about it when that guy was just pumping the crap out of Jessica Lange =)

After the movie was over, we went to her car and just leaned up against it. Too my surprise, she had her arms around me. I figured it was time for some kissing so I went for it. I don't know if she used her tongue much because it sure was hard to to get her mouth open, but gradually she opened a little more. We must have been making out against her car for 20 minutes or so in front of God and everybody. The wind was blowing really hard too so her long black hair was in our faces most of the time, not to mention getting in our mouths. So now I decided to cut to the chase, I asked her if she wanted to make love. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to get a motel. and she said no. She was grinning though, strange. Anyway, I just started giving her my tongue again. Had it all over her neck too. She then said she wasn't sure she could see me again, and I thought, gosh, ending it before it even gets started (I knew I wasn't going to get laid!). But I managed to get her to go out with me next monday to this garden place (her idea) after I call her next sunday night. Well, that's a start I guess, but I was already thinking of following up a phone number of this viet. girl... Heck, it's a start though, next week maybe I'll get laid I thought. Betttter than nothing I suppose..=P Anyway I helped her inside her car, kissed her some more (very passionately) and said goodbye. Kind of makes me wish I had my own place =P I went home. Pulled this ancient Trojan condom out of my pocket and put it back in the desk drawer, My brother was there playing games on my computer and I told him 'Looks like I'm not gonna score after all.' I took some benadryl for this damned allergy, read some PKD, and went to sleep.

I hear someone banging on my door. It's my Mom telling me that some oriental girl is on the phone. I look at the clock and it's 10:00 in the morning. I answer the phone, and it's Jenni, she says no one is home and she wants me to come over! Her English isn't that great but I try to follow it because it's apparently complicate to find her house. hehehe. I thought to myself: shit. I'm tired, it's raining REAL bad outside, and I'm gonna have to explain some excuse to my Mom where the hell I'm going (esp. when I need to be looking for a job!), her husband could come home, or her 18 year old son..(Hell, I'm only 24!). SHould I go? I grab the trojan out of my drawer. I ran upstairs and ran a bath, I want to smell clean for my baby, I stole some expens. cologne from my brother. I grabbed some books and explained to my Mom that I had to turn in an overdue library book and look in the career services area for new jobs that might have popped up. I go to my car and fuck it if I didn't leave the window down enough to have the seat soaking wet! I ran in and got a towel but it didn't help that much. I proceeded to haul ass, a 20 minute drive plus how long it would take for me to find her place. I had 0.0 problems finding her place! Cool, eh? She told me she wasn't rich yet she lives in a $200k home! It may not be 'rich' but it's damn good, I'd say. She opens the door and leads me to the couch. She asks me if I want a drink...

I started nudging my face against hers..slipping her the tongue. Yep, she likes lot's of foreplay I guess, I was trying to figure out how I could convince her to make love to me, should I just take off my clothes? Nah, I thought that might be bad. So I asked her after tonguing all over her neck. And she still says no! Impasse. She keeps moving my hand away from her crotch...I'm thinking to myself, what the fuck does she want? So I give her more foreplay, the whole time her backyard patio sliding doors are open for anyone to see. Shit what should I do? There was one strategy, one last resort effort I could do: go down on her. I went down on her with her clothes on to see what she would do, and surprisingly she did nothing! So I gently started pullying her pants down, she wore these black, very thin stringy panties, I felt like a carpet munching cat burgler because I knew any minute now, if I go to far, like a policeman around the corner, her hands will come and try to drag me away. I licked at the top of her pubic hairs. I don't think I really wanted to munch carpet, too afraid of the smell hehehe..She pulled me up and I told her that I wanted her real bad, I started to make out with her some more except I was dry fucking her pussy and she liked this a lot while we were making out. I pulled her pants and panties down (finally) and I knew what I had to do.

I started licking her pussy. I didn't like it but I did it anyway. Just tried to keep it on the flap of skin instead of the hole. After a few minutes I got up and pulled my dick out. I told her I wasn't gonna put it inside her but I just wanted to rub against her pussy. She was nodding her head no but at the same time she was playing with my dick, jacking it off. So I rubbed it against her pussy for a long time, I was even popping the head inside of her, rubbing around the lips..So good it was..Then she told me to put it away..or something..I couldn't put it away just yet, the head was erect and I wanted to wait until the foreskin could cover it before putting it I let it hang there for a minute. I wasn't sure what she said, so I asked her 'You want me to put on my condom?' And she said YES. Finally.

So I put my old Trojan on she laid back on the couch and I slowly dipped it inside of her. Damn, it was pretty tight for a married woman, that or I was limp or too big. So I got it all the way inside of her and then I slowly brought it out and back in..back and forth, the usual...only slowere than most people I guess. Man, the look on Jenni's face as I dipped it in was incredible. Realizing my inexperience, I asked her to get on top after about 15 minutes. She was riding it so good and she was sucking on my neck (for the first time!). She took off her shirt and I could see that she was wearing a black bra..maybe she didn't want to take it off because, like most asian women, they just don't have large tits to grab on to. We were working up a sweat for about an hour and then we decided to move to a bed.

We went upstairs to her son's room. I had taken off all my clothes and left them in the bathroom, that could've been a major mistake. Her son's room had a ton of HK actress celebrity posters on the wall. Man, those women looked so good. It was like a love room..hehehe. We had stopped to drink some orange juice before continuing on, and I had my dick sticking out with a condom attached to it just walking around the house drinking OJ.

We went to her son's room and I got on top of her again. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and just went to town pounding the hell out of her. Then she turned around, without my asking, and I did it to her doggy style for awhile. Then I let her get back on top. As much as we were doing it, I was surprised that I still had an erection. She was going nuts..actually hurting my dick even though it was giving her all kinds of pleasure..though she wasn't wailing and I hadn't came yet (which figures because I always get too excited to come). We settled down again and she just laid up against me with a big smile on her face. She said she was tired, I still had an erection and I still wanted to come..hmmm...what could I do?

We laid there for awhile with my condomed dick hitting against her belly and we just talked and made out. She was telling me that she wanted me to forget about it all after today and I was asking her why. Why, don't you want to go to the Moody Garden next monday? We quibbled about this for a bit, but I wanted my dick back inside her. So I asked her to start riding it again. She was going nice and slow too going up enough to move my skin back and forth, I was really getting into it. Wouldn't be long now, but since it was feeling so good I wanted her to feel real good too and I thought of a way I could make her mind blow... I started shouting:

"I want to come inside you...I want come all over you.. I want to make lot's of babies..we'll have lot's of children..I make you come."

She went off the deep end. She was riding it real hard, so hard I couldn't enjoy anything but watch her enjoy herself. She was wailing and by God, that's the best I've ever done to bring enjoyment to a woman! She just drove my dick hard! Harder than I've ever been driven and she was moaning the whole time. She had her body completely arched and moaning. It reminded me of that Heavy Metal cartoon where the cabbie got mounted by that woman, with her back all arched. The cabbie then said 'I was giving her the Stars and Stripes forever'. Nothing like improving Asian-Anglo relations I always say. Stupid me, thinking of a damn cartoon in a climax. Jenni has such a thin waist too, I just grabbed a hold of it while she was riding it. She was almost drooling and I realized that I had done a good job. It was about 2:00 pm and she said someone might be home at 2:30 so we stopped and I went to the bathroom and put my clothes on, flushing the condom down the toilet and making sure it flushed. She wanted to go get something to eat with me, so we went to Burger King down the street. I only had $2 so she paid for my meal. How do you like that? Love making for free and then a free meal, will life ever get any better that this?

Part II

Well, I went to the movies and saw DieHard 3 with the married Tai =P I'm not sure she wanted to pay attention to the movie, she just wanted to cuddle up to me..hehehe..

I was really curious to see what her kids looked like. The night before, I called over to her house and her daughter answered the phone, and she sounded like a typical american. At this point it kind of sank in at what I was dealing with, a teenage girl and I was sleeping with her mother. Naturally I was feeling revulsion =( It also seemed as if she knew what was going on and she just told me that her MOm was busy, I tried to disguise my voice a little bit. I called an hour later and Jenni answered the phone, we weren't sure what we were going to do tomorrow. I figured we would just go see a movie and come back to my room, hopefully no one would pay much attention to us at my house. We saw the movie, and then went to eat at a resteraunt, of which she paid for everything =P I wanted to see what her kids looked like so she showed me some pictures. The first was of her 18 year old son who was handsome, but didn't even look like her in any way. Jenni has a pointed-like nose, his was more stubby like an asian nose of the southeastern variety. I looked at him and thought 'What if this guy ever found out that I was sleeping with his Mom?' Obviously he'd probably be scarred for life, hurt beyond hurt, I felt so ashamed of myself. And then I saw her daughter, and she looked ok, but not as beautiful as I was hoping she'd be, same stubby nose with a round face, gathering a little fat I guess. I could see some of Jenni but not much in there. But for the sake of their minds, I don't think either kid should know about anything that has transpired between Jenni and I.

And then we were about to go back to my house to make love. And I thought of a good ASFO question that I could ask her =P I said "Jenni, does your son like/go out with white girls?" and she said "When my son was 14 he told me that he really liked American girls and I told him that he could not date them, only asian girls." She wouldn't explain why she said this to him, but she did admit that she was wrong in saying it, but he only goes out with asian girls by his own choice now anyway according to her. So I thought, hmmm, if her husband is as racist the same way that she only wanted her son to go out with asian women (probably agreed upon by both parents) then Jenni having sex with me and him finding out would add severe disgrace to him, especially if all his friends and relatives found out. He would be filled with shame. So it would make sense that even if the husband found out he would probably conceal it just to save his reputation in the Asian community. I guess to most of the racist Asian population out there, this affair is the same as if a 'nigger' was having an affair with a white woman who was married to a white man, and both of them were racists. Not too mention our age differences! If she didn't look so young I would probably have not even bothered asking her out in the first place. With all this going through my head I wasn't even sure I was going to have sex with her this time. But what the hey. I brought her in, my Dad was home, I introduced her to my Dad and I told him we were going to my room to watch X-files. hehehe..We have every episode recordeed and that takes up 7 hours per tape, I figured that would be great for cover, plus if we got bored we could watch the show =P I also turned on a fan to keep us cool but add to the noise. So we started making out and the next thing you know our clothes are piled up on the floor. We were giving ourselves the usual 'pillow' talk of how we love each other and how we want to make babies, when she was having orgasms she would say stuff like 'fuck me!' and ' inside me' though it must have been some Chinese word for come cuz I didn't quite make it out. Not only that but she has this really attractive 'twirl' of how she moves her head from side-to-side while she while she was kissing me. We worked up a sweat, I got my arms underneath her back on the bed and just made her moan, screwing her hard and fast the way she liked it obviously. The sweat between our bodies was sticking to each other and making these funny noises. Her eyes had narrowed the whole time, and she looked as if she was half-asleep except for her mouth twitching and opeing up as I made love to her, covered in sweat. I was getting really tired and I pulled it out once to quit and she started jacking it off and put it right back inside of her. We did it, and kept doing it for the exact same amount of time as usual (anyone know that time? ASFO trivia..heheh) AND when she was tired of doing it, she apologized! I couldn't believe she was apoligizing to me because she was tired. I just said I was tired too, to make her feel better. I was real tired, my arms were sore, my legs were stiffened up and crampy, and I felt fatigue, (ie, being so tired but not being able to sleep). I stood up on my knees in the bed and just looked down at her and then she gave me a blow-job =P After that we just laid in each other's arms for awhile and every time she tried to get up to leave we would be laying on the bed again. Until finally, I pushed her to get going, it was 6-something pm and I'm sure her whole family would be home by now. After she left, my Dad made some snide remark: 'Hey, why didn't you give her something to eat, we have some rice and fish-heads in the fridge! We got some dog meat.' I just ignored him, I was too tired to be pissed off. I had a lot of trouble sleeping that night too. Not only did I notice Dad's offensive remark. But there's something else I've noticed. Whenever Jenni and I were in public, people would stare at us. It was very annoying except for this black man who was scoping out my 'china' girl, and also a few older white men were looking at her, but I didn't mind. I'd rather she was appealing to people instead of somebody staring at us as a whole. Like these old white women were doing, it seemed embarrassing, when it should be ordinary, ideally anyway, but what else can you expect on Monday mornings and afternoons, nothing but retired old people walking around set in their ways, it wasn't like a standard weekend crowd. Maybe that's why.

Part III

Jenni came over after she was done working that afternoon. It was perfect timing too, the whole family went to see "Braveheart" a 3 hour long movie, except for my Dad.

We had our usual amount of sex, this time she wanted me to come in her mouth, cuz I was jacking it off in there. But I couldn't, so I went back to screwing her. I had know idea that women love to be man-handled the way I was screwing her! I was on top just hammering away and she just came her head off! I could tell she was really getting into it the way she'd move her hips closer to me and then nearly strangle me with her arms, jeez.

At one point I was about to start laughing. Her face was completely contorted. Her lips were moving in two different directions, one eye was squinted and the other was wide open. It was the funniest fuckface I've ever seen..heheh. And I can't emulate it, I went to a mirror and tried to. I didn't laugh because I knew that she was just enjoying the hell out of herself and I didn't want to distract her enjoyment =P

Afterwards I asked her few questions: 1.) Do you and your husband still have sex? Ans: Once a week. So she still has sex with her husband. 2.) Is your husband cheating on you? Ans: No. Not that I'm aware of. 3.) What do you like about me? Ans: I like your smiling face =P (this viet girl liked my eyes, there's always something about me that a gal likes) And then she asked me a question. A good one: 1.) You knew that I was married. Why did you ask me out? Ans: I don't know. One of my asian male friends said you looked about 25 and said you were probably lying. I could see in your face that you liked me and maybe it was your parents that you were worried about and so you made that silly excuse that you were married. But I was wrong, still this question made me feel funny. Did I force her to go out with me? Is she obligated? All she had to say was no. Hmmm.. Further pondering required here.

I got my dick sucked in PUBLIC!

Lately, I've been taking my Tai gf to the skyline in Texas City. You can see the Gulf Coast and get right next to it by walking down a steep hill and sitting on rocks right next to the water. About 100 yards away there was three people fishing. The sky was blue, the sun blazed and their was a breeze. It was fucking beautiful. Cars would pass by at hill above and we would just sit there looking at the sea and the speed boats an sails in the water.

We started making out on the rocks. She'd sit in my lap and I'd sit on the rock they were big blocks of rock so it was pretty easy to sit on them. After awhile making out, my dick was really hard. The day was beautiful. In a whim, I unzip my pants and whipped out my dick. She started playing with it. Playing with it really hard. And she covered it with her body, so no one could really tell what going on. After awhile, she voluntarily crept down and started sucking my dick. I'm sure was obvious to anyone in distance who could see us! I wasn't sure if the fisher were watching us or not, they were far enough way, but they could probably make two people with one person's head bobbing up and down between the other person's legs.

At this point, life seemed complete. I looked around as I was getting my dick sucked, it was a beautiful day! And I was feeling good from the cock-sucking. sucked it for about 20 minutes. And I just reveled in my feelings. It was so perfect, even if people could see what was going on, I didn't care. The day was beautiful and a dick-sucking was called for. *sigh* I gotta do that again!

After that, she drove me to my parent's house and while we went there we talked her family. Why they moved to Texas, etc. Interesting stuff.


From: (SWEN2A61) 
Subject:  Re: Which would you rather fuck: Chinese or Japanese? 
Date: 27 May 1995 14:58 CDT
Organization: University of Houston - Clear Lake 

In article, (Peter Payne)writes... >Last Saturday was really cool,

I like Koreans myself. They're somehow a lot more exotic looking than Japanese women. This could easily because I live here. When I was going to SDSU (#2 party school in the USA, lotsa babes) I got used to seeing them too, and didn't notice them after a while. Yes, you are right, Korean women can look so goddamn good. Reminds me of those Korean whorehouses. I ate some dried squid with 4 hookers once and just ttalked to them for awhile. One of them was so hot, I could just stare at her all the time, but she was so busy jacking people off that I couldn't talk to her like the others so I usually got another woman to jack me off =P And then the hot Korean, Anne, would come over and watch. One time she helped out, getting jacked off from two for the price of one. *sigh* I haven't been there in over 2 months.

Married Taiwanese Woman Part III

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