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devil picture While the Girlfriend's away...

By dotcom

While I was stationed in Korea, Chuck, a guy I worked with, was living with a Korean girl named Haijin, a dancer from one of the clubs downtown. Haijin was about 5' tall, probably weighed all of 95 pounds fully dressed and sopping wet, with long black hair and brown eyes (like all Korean girls). She had nice-sized tits, not too big, but bigger than average for a Korean, and a truly gorgeous ass.

Chuck used to rave about what a good fuck she was, and how she gave great head. One night, while we were out drinking and carousing, he told me that she was the only Korean girl he knew who really liked to give head and take it up the ass.

After he finished his tour in Korea and went back to the States, she went back to work dancing at the club again. One Friday evening, about a week after Chuck left, I was setting in my apartment, debating if I wanted to go downtown and cruise for some pussy. My girlfriend and I'd had a big fight a few days earlier, and she'd moved out. I was getting horny, but I was really too tired to go out.

The doorbell went off, and I went to see who it was. It was Haijin. She asked where Uni was, and I told her that we'd fought a few days earlier, and she'd moved out. (I figured that she already knew this, 'cause anything that happened, everyone in the ville knew by the end of the day.) I invited her in, and offered her a beer. We went into the living room and talked for a bit. After a while, she said that she was lonely, and could she stay over for the night. I said that would be fine with me.

We kept talking and drinking beer, and the next thing I knew, it was after midnight. I told her that I was going to take a shower and hit the sack. She asked me where I wanted her to sleep, and I told her that I was sleeping on the futon in the big bedroom, but she could sleep anywhere she wanted. I showered and went to bed. Haijin showered after I was done, then went into one of the other bedrooms. Damn, I'd hoped I was going to get some of that ass. Oh, well.

Just as I was starting to drift off to sleep, she slid into bed with me and said, "I'm lonely. Can I sleep with you?" Of course! She was only wearing a pair of panties, and I sleep naked, so there was a lot of skin on skin. We snuggled up for a few minutes, then started kissing. I was running one hand up and down her back, and getting a good handful of ass with the other. She reached down with one hand and got hold of Mr. Happy and squeezed tight.

After a bit, I put my hands on her shoulders and gently urged her downwards. She slid down until she was at face level with my dick. She licked the head with the tip of her tongue, then popped it into her mouth and sucked on it for about a minute. Just as I was about to come, she swallowed me all the way down to the base. Having my dick that far in her was more that I could stand, and I shot my load straight down her throat. She swallowed it all with my dick still lodged as deep as it would go, and the feel of her throat muscles rippling along the head of my cock drove me wild, and pulled even more cum out of my balls. When she finished, I was completely drained.

As soon as I caught my breath, I rolled her over onto her back and kissed my way down to her cunt. I found that she had shaved her pussy, and was perfectly smooth. She was already wet when I got there, and I think she'd already come once. I started to gently rub her clit with my fingertip, and she got even wetter, and started to pump her hips. I easily slid two fingers into her sopping pussy and began slowly finger-fucking her. She came almost instantly and soaked my hand to the wrist. As soon as she stopped thrashing around, I leaned down and started tongue-fucking her, and lashed her clit with my tongue until she came again. I kept it up for about another twenty minutes straight, until my tongue ached, and she could barely move. She tried to get away from my merciless tongue, but I had my arms wrapped around her hips so she couldn't get away. She was wet as a swamp, with her pussy-juice running down her legs and ass, and my face and the bed under her was soaked.

When I finally stopped, she just laid there for a bit, then slid back down until we were face-to-face again. She licked all her juice off my face, and we tongue wrestled a bit, then she reached down and grabbed my dick, which was hard as iron again. She rubbed the head up and down against her slit, then slowly inched her way down onto it, until she had it all packed as far up her cunt as it would go. Then she started to rock back and forth on my dick, rubbing her clit against my groin. I got a good grip on her ass and started sucking her swinging nipples as best I could. She came after about a minute and a half. After she finished jerking around, I sat about halfway up, got my legs under me and my arms around her ass, put her arms around my shoulders, then stood up.

The weight of Haijin's body wasn't enough to really bother me (I knew that weight-lifting would come in handy!), but it drove my dick even deeper into her cunt. I could feel the head press against the end of her pussy, and her womb opened up to take it. She gasped, then hunched herself down even harder, for even deeper penetration. She was babbling in Korean and English, and as best I could make out, she had never had anyone so deep into her before. The tight squeeze of her womb-mouth on my dick-head was an incredible sensation. I was glad that she'd blown me before we really got started, so that I'd last longer.

I got my arms under her legs and my hands around her ass and started to lift her up and down on my shaft. She was getting so wet that it was running down her thighs and my legs. I'd never seen anyone get so wet before. She came again, and the spasms in her womb felt like they were going to suck the head off my dick. Blowjob or no blowjob, that was enough to trigger another load of cum, and I was having too much fun to stop now. I pulled her off my dick, and set her down on the futon. Then I rolled her over onto her face, put some pillows under her hips, and slid back into her cunt from behind. I was playing with her ass while I slammed the meat to her, and she was rubbing her clit with both hands. Her ass was covered in cunt-juice, absolutely soaked in it. I ran a finger up and down her crack, pressing lightly against her pucker every time I passed over it. She jumped every time I touched it, and started fucking back at me even harder, until we were both moving so fast that I had to give up playing with her ass so I could get both hands on her hips, just to stay in. She came, and that triggered my load. I remembered just as I was about to let loose the first spurt that I wasn't wearing a rubber, and I didn't know if Haijin was on the pill, so I pulled out and jerked an enormous load of hot white cum all over her ass and back. Then I collapsed over her, with my prick pressing into the crack of her ass. We fell asleep that way.

When I woke up a bit later, I found that we had moved some in our sleep, because now we were spooned together, front to back, with my dick still poking between her cheeks, and my hands wrapped around her tits. I drowsily pulled a blanket over us, and drifted back to sleep.

When I finally woke up, I just lay there for a bit, enjoying my memories of the night before, and having a babe in my arms. My dick, which was already half-hard, got harder, or tried to. It was wedged between Haijin's cheeks, and couldn't quite straighten out.

I started to softly rub the palm of one hand over Haijin's left nipple, while gently running the fingertips of the other hand over her slit. She got wet almost instantly, and her nipples started to get hard, while her hips started working around. Not quite awake, she started pinching her other nipple with one hand, while reaching around with the other 'til she found the woody between her cheeks.

Then she woke up and turned around, so we were face to face. We kissed for a bit, then she said that she had to go to the bathroom. I agreed that sounded like a good idea, because I had to piss like a racehorse myself. I let her go first, then went in myself when I heard the shower start up.

The bathroom in my apartment was pretty small. Sitting on the toilet, I could lean over the sink, and reach into the shower. There wasn't really a separate shower, just a corner of the room with a drain and a shower head. There wasn't a shower curtain or door, so I could watch Haijin while I pissed. She was washing her pussy, and I told her to make sure she rinsed it good, because I didn't like the taste of soap. She laughed so hard that she almost fell down.

I joined her in the shower and took the soap from her. I lathered my hands up, then started washing her back, beginning at her neck and working my way down to her ass. When I finished that, I started again on the front, reaching around from behind her. I remembered that Chuck had told me that having the back of her neck and along her spine licked drove her crazy, so I did just that. I kissed her on the back of the neck, then slowly started to kiss and lick my way down her back. While I did this, I made sure to reach around front and play with her tits and clit. The lower I got, the harder she was breathing, and the wider she spread her legs. By the time I was licking the small of her back, she was panting, had her legs about as wide apart as they'd go, and had to put both hands on the wall of the shower to hold herself up. When I started wiggling my tongue in the crack of her ass, she just collapsed, and I barely caught her in time.

I asked her if she was OK, and she murmured that she was fine, that she'd just cum so hard she couldn't stand up. I suggested that we dry off and go back into the bedroom, and she agreed. I toweled her off, then dried myself off, then carried her back into the bedroom. I laid her down, and she promptly rolled over and just about stuck her ass in my face.

I ran one hand over her ass and said, "You liked that, didn't you?" She didn't say anything, but blushed beet-red. I put a couple of pillows under her hips and gently spread her legs apart, then knelt between them. I rubbed her ass for a while, reaching underneath her to play with her clit and pussy from time to time. Then I spread her cheeks apart and started licking the crack of her ass. After working my way from top to bottom a few times, I zeroed in on her asshole. While I started to tickle it with my tongue-tip, I was working three fingers in and out of Haijin's cunt and rubbing my thumb against her clit. I don't know how many times she came, or if she was just having one long orgasm. She soaked half the bed with her juice, and was so worn out that she could hardly move.

After about ten minutes of that, I started to thrust my tongue in and out of her asshole, fully intending to follow it with my dick, which was so hard that it almost hurt. Soon enough she started gasping, "Fuck me! Fuck me up the ass!"

I reached into the night stand, pulled out a bottle of hand lotion and squirted a generous amount onto her ass. As I started to slowly ease a finger into her tight hole, she squealed with pleasure and started thrusting her ass back at me even harder than before. Her ass was as tight as a vise, but my finger slid right in to the base. I started to finger-fuck her asshole while I reached under her to play with her clit. After a bit, I went to working two fingers in and out of her asshole.

I was ready to fuck her in the ass, but I was so hard and turned on that I knew I'd blow my wad as soon as I touched the head of my dick to her pucker. I told her, "Haijin, I want you to suck my dick, then I'm gonna fuck your ass." "OK." I knelt down in front of her. I rubbed the head across her lips, then she opened her mouth and slid her lips down the shaft. As soon as she had it in her mouth, I lost control and dumped a huge load of cum onto her tongue.

"OK, now I'm gonna stick this dick right up your ass!" I got back behind her and lubed my dick real good. Then I placed the head right at her back door and started leaning into it. Her pucker resisted for a moment, then opened up and my dickhead popped right in. I held there for a moment, while I reached underneath Haijin and rubbed her clit some more. She was bucking so hard that I didn't need to force my dick any further into her ass, since she was slowly impaling herself on it. I grabbed hold of her hips and eased myself the rest of the way in, until I was balls-deep in her ass.

I started to slide my cock out, then back in, slowly at first, then picking up speed, until at last I was pounding Haijin's tight backside as fast and as hard as I had worked her cunt over the night before. She was panting and moaning and telling me to fuck her harder and faster yet, while she was rubbing her clit and finger-fucking herself.

After a bit, I decided to try something a little different. I pulled out of her ass and rolled over, and told her to sit on my cock. As she eased her ass back onto my meat, I reached around her and played with her nipples. She was pounding herself up and down on me hard, and started cumming almost at once. I finally lost it, and came so hard into her ass that my balls hurt afterward. After she stopped churning on my cock, she laid back on top of me. I reached around her and started fingering her clit, until she came again. My dick was still trapped in her ass, but it slowly went soft, and I was too cummed-out to get hard right away.

We repeated this at least once a day for the next week. Then Haijin heard through the grapevine that Uni was going to move back in with me, and stopped coming by. A week after that, Chuck came back on leave to find Haijin again and marry her. I got a final parting shot at her ass one day while Chuck was in Seoul filing paperwork, and Uni was downtown shopping. Uni gave me hell for fucking Haijin while she was gone, but it sure was fun while it lasted.


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