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The Poems and Stories here include sexual activities involving underage children, bondage, mind control, deviance and bestiality. If that's not your thing, or it's illegal to view this in your country - you know what to do. The stories and poems here are fantasies! Do not confuse any of this with reality.

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Various Ramblings:

5/25/19 The ASSTR main page and recent addition page are showing a lot of background activity. Either someone is trying to hack the system or someone is doing maintenance. Let's hope for the later.

5/24/19 This blog entry is a test. I'm not alone in seeing issues with uploading via FTP. I'm just testing to see if this will upload. Sorry I haven't posted any stories lately - serious writer's block. But I will be back!

3/2/19 The Adventures of Cindy Lake is now all posted (11 chapters, 90,000+ words). Thanks for all the positive feedback about the novel - it inspires me to write more! But it will probably be awhile before I have anything else ready to post.

1/26/19 Today I start posting a novel I wrote a couple of years ago, that I am substantially re-editing and improving now. It's something different. I hope you all like it. I decided to serialize this through the month of February.

12/31/18 Happy New Year! With 'The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines' finally behind me, I'm looking forward to turning my attention back to several other ongoing projects.

11/19/18 This is a totally random observation. I've been writing this porn stuff for about four years now (posting for only three years) and I haven't posted everything I've written. But, I just noticed that I recently surpassed 1,000,000 words of writing. That probably doesn' t mean anything to anyone but me - but there it is.

10/31/18 I've tried to make it a tradition, four years running now, to publish a new Halloween story on Halloween itself. I just barely made it this year. It helps that I'm in Hawaii, or it would already be November 1. Check out the new story. (Note, this was realy rushed. I will probably have to edit it some over the next few days.)

10/22/18 Another short chapter of Bondage Magazines is finished! I won't post it until the next chapter is ready too. But it is coming! It will be no surprise to my readers that I have, a penchant for, using far, far, far,,,, too many, commas,, Yeah, it's really annoying. So, I have decided that November and December will be COMMA PURGE MONTHS. Don't be surprised to see most of my stories get a slight facelift as I, remove, all, those, extra, commas. (If that doesn't sound like real work, think again.)

10/2/18 Amazingly, ASSTR is back up. To celebrate, I'm completely revampig the Stories page of the site. Let me know what you think.

9/22/18 Haven't updated these ramblings since before ASSTR nearly went brain dead. It's still close to dead, but I'm still here and I'm still writing. Long new story posted today.

2/3/18 Trying something new - a novella that will require reader input in order to write the final chapter. The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines. Check it out! This IS the missing Christmas story.

1/1/18 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I hope folks enjoyed the five (count 'em five) Christmas-related stories I posted in December. I have one more, but I just couldn't finish it in time. I'll go ahead and post it when it's done, even though I missed Xmas. I'm still thinking about a total overhaul of the site. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

12/1/17 I can't believe it's already December! Long new story posted today. Love all the email folks! Keep them coming. Hoping to post a lot more soon.

11/16/17 I've posted a lot of new stuff since ASSTR was revived in September, and I have a lot more coming in the near future. However, I feel like the entire site: Alvo Torelli's Emporium, needs a face lift and a complete reorganization. So, if you have any organizational suggestions, please send them to me at the address listed below. I'd appreciate it! Also, I promise a new story this weekend.

10/26/17 In honor of Halloween I'm posting a HUGE new Hallwoeen extravaganza of decadence, mirth and exceeding depravity. 50 pages of nasty fun - enjoy!

9/17/17 Well, it looks like ASSTR is back! Shout out to the moderators/owners of the site. Thanks for bringing us back! I'll post a new story or two soon. It's been so long since I posted anything that I've almost forgotten how.

6/26/17 The phantom proof reader struck again today. Whoever you are you are FREAKING FANTASTIC! Thank you, thank you. thank you.

6/18/17 Lots of writing, not much posting. Posting a short piece today that I wrote for Piper's Domain a few weeks ago. It's silly and fun (and hopefully erortic enough to be worth reading). I'm also hard at work on a full length novel, with several attached short stories.

6/2/17 Time for the latest and possibly last episode of Letters to Levi. We'll see if I come back to this idea. It has been fun.

5/22/17 It's the Frst Anniversary of Alvo's Emporium!!! To celebrate, I started posting a long story set in the Wish Master universe, something I wrote a couple of years ago. Some interesting facts for the anniversary: 650,000 page views and almost 15,000 hours of viewing time (if you believe Google Analytics). Most read story: "His Sleeping Sister," which has been on the site for the whole year. Hands down most popular story: "The Little Girl and the New Year's Eve Party," which has only been on the site since January 1.

If you are desperate for more of these rambling - older entries are archived. But surely you have better things to do with your time!

Thanks for the comments everyone! It's nice to hear that people like the stories.

Please feel free to comment on my site, my stories, my poems or the contest! I really love hearing from you. For the time being, until ASSTR gets the email server back up, please email me here: or you can use the comment form below, which allows you to remain anonymous (if you prefer). I generally respond to comments if you give me an email address.

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