Chapter 4 - Picking Cherries Down on the Farm

The twins and Brad continue their incestuous relationship, and Tommy joins in.  The young twins education and exploration is coming along nicely.  Last chapter of this story.

By JimBob

(mmgg, 1st, inc, oral, ped)




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The next day, Joyce and Jenny have to make their way to the pond alone.  Brad had to run an errand into town for his Dad, leaving the girls to amuse themselves until he returned.  The girls were escorted to the pool by Old Blue, who has become a not so secret admirer of Jenny. She smelled and tastes good!

“Jenny, I think Old Blue has a crush on you.  He follows you around all the time now.”

“The darn dog is a pain in the behind!  I wish he would go away.”  But Jenny was secretly amused and she loves the male attention, even if it is a male dog.  After all, they had been rather intimate yesterday.  And perhaps the dog's tongue had curative powers, because her pussy was feeling fit and raring to go again today. 

Once at the pond the girls stripped down to their brief bikini suits.  There wasn't really that much difference between their  bikini and birthday suits, just two small triangles on top and one on the bottom, front and back.  Not a great deal left to the imagination.

They decided to explore on down the river to the next farm. They knew from Brad that there was a fourteen year old boy there now, as Brad had told them that the widower who had owned the farm had found himself another wife.  She came complete with a strapping young farmhand son.  The girls were going to see if maybe they could scope this guy out.  He was a male, after all.  That counted for a great deal with the little twins.

So they meandered down the river, and through the fence that separated the properties.

Tommy was making his way up the river to check out the swimming at the pond.  He had an open invitation to use the float that he had helped build, as he and Brad had become good buddies in the last six months.

And so it was that the girls came upon Tommy as he watched a water snake he had startled swim out across the river.  The girls hung back, and did not see the snake, or they would surely have shrieked at the sight and refused to swim in the river again.  They watched the good looking boy in his cut off jeans swimsuit,  He had a tanned face, chest and arms, but his calves were kind of pale.  He worked shirtless a lot, but not pant less.  At least, not until now...

“Hi!”  Joyce called out, and the boy turned and looked.  Then he looked again.  He thought he was seeing double.  Two little girls in almost nothing.  This must either  be Brad's cousins, or he had died and gone to heaven in the last two minutes..

“H-H-Hi.”  Tommy tended to stutter a little when he was distracted.  The twins in their bikinis qualified as a major distraction.

“I'm Joyce”

“I'm Jenny”

“I-I-I'm T-T-Tommy.  Y-You M-Must Be the t-t-t-twins.

“Are you coming swimming?”  Joyce stepped forward.

“Y-Yes.”  As Tommy got more or less used to what he was seeing a lot of, he had less of a tendency to stutter.

“How old are you?”  Joyce asked.  “I'm ten, going on eleven.”

Yeah, in eight months, Jenny thinks.

“Oh?  I-I'm fourteen.  I'll be f-fifteen in September and I can get my d-drivers license.  I already know h-how t-t-to d-d-drive.”

Joyce noticed Tommy's preoccupation with something behind her. She turned to find Jenny examining an insect bite right at the edge of her bikini bottom.  She had the little triangle pulled down, so she could see better.  So could Tommy.  Joyce moved over to place herself between them.  Tommy reluctantly met her eyes again.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Naw.  It's h-hard to have a g-girlfriend in the country if you can't d-drive.  Wait until I get a car though.  I've g-got some money saved up f-for one.”

Joyce had exhausted her conversational gambits for older boys.

Jenny saved her.  “Come on guys.  Let's go swimming.”

Tommy was smart.  He let the little girls lead the way.  With their skimpy bikinis pretty well up in their ass cracks, their little round globes wiggled and jiggled in front of him.  Jenny led the way, with Old Blue close behind her, then Joyce and then Tommy, who had to adjust his hard on several times so he could keep up. 

When they reached the pond, Tommy and the girls swam out to the raft.  Old Blue curled up to wait for Jenny. 

Tommy allowed the girls to proceed up the ladder first. Naturally, he had a really neat view of some very pretty rear ends. He debated about getting out, because of his erection, but decided maybe he could quick lie down before the twins were aware of his problem. They were just little girls anyway.  He figured they wouldn't even notice...  Wrong! 

Joyce sat on the float and waited for Tommy to come up the ladder.  She had quickly but carefully arranged her little triangle below her navel to show as much of her two lips down there by giving it a quick tug up into the cleft.  As Tommy's head cleared the deck, she causally let her knees fall open.

Tommy missed a handhold and almost fell back into the water. 

Jenny giggled.  Boys are so easy!  She had to admire Joyce's handiwork.

Then she heard Old Blue give a low “woof” of greeting.  She looked, and Brad was coming down the path.  She dove in and swam to shore.

When she got to shore Brad and Old Blue were waiting for her. She patted Old Blue, but she kissed Brad. 

“I see Tommy came.”

“Yeah.  I think Joyce likes him.”

“Wait a minute, You aren't pulling tricks again, are you?  Let me see that birthmark!”

Jenny giggled, and pulled the bikini down much farther than it needed to go to show him the birthmark.  Brad's eyes bugged out.  There was no outward sign that he had fucked that ten year old pussy only twenty four hours ago.

"By Golly Jenny, you look good enough to eat."  And that is what he decided he was going to do.  He got hold of Jenny and sat her down beside him on the soft, mossy log while he pulled her already part way down bikini bottoms right down her legs and off over her bare feet.  The bra followed in just the pull of one of the string ties.  Then he pushed her around so she was sitting astraddle of the log, and then pushed the unresisting girl down so she was lying on the log with a leg on either side.  Then he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and dove his face into her pussy, tongue first.

Old Blue growled.  He considered that his pussy to lick.

Brad turned his head just long enough to say, “shut up, Blue!”

Old Blue shut up.  Brad had proven he was the alpha male, and besides, that there is only pussy, and Brad usually supplied his food.

Jenny's shrill laughter alerted the two kids on the raft that something was going on up on shore.  Joyce just glanced.  Tommy looked longer.

“W-W-What are t-t-they d-doing?”

Joyce glanced over again.  “I think Brad is eating her pussy.  She always gets that shrill laugh at first.”

“Uh...  Eating h-h-her p-pussy?”

“Yeah.  Brad does that to us all the time.  Wanna try it?”

“T-try it?  Us?  Y-Y-You b-bet!”

“Take my bottoms off.”  Joyce rolled over on her back.


“Sure.  Nobody will come around. go ahead, take my suit off.”


"Like this."  Joyce figured she had to show Tommy what she meant.  Since she was thrilled at the prospect of a boy pulling her pants down, she unfastened her bra, and tossed it to one side.  "Now you do the bottoms."

With a big gulp and a glance toward the shore, where he could still hear delighted laughter coming from Jenny, Tommy grasped Joyce's swimsuit and began to slowly pull it down.  Joyce lifted her hips to help him. The bottoms slid down enough to expose all of the little girl pussy in front of Tommy.  Not the first one he has seen, but close.  His cousin Jean, had played doctor with him a couple years ago.  She was eight...

"Oh my gosh!"  A phenomenon occurred that neither child noticed at the time.  When Tommy spotted that bare little pussy before him in all its glory, his nervous system took such a hit that his stuttering was cured forever. (Hey, I am getting damn tired of doing all the dashes.)

"Are you going to take them off, or what?"  Patience was not Joyce's strong suit.

"Oh my gosh!"  Tommy repeated, but he hastened to get that little bikini bottom down over her feet.

Joyce opened her legs wide for Tommy to crawl between, but he just sat on his heels and looked. 

“Oh my gosh!”

“Will you quit saying that!

“Oh...  Um, er.  You are so pretty.”

“Why don't you do something?”  Joyce was not used to Jenny having all the fun, and from the shrieks of laughter coming from shore, Jenny was having a lot of fun.

“Um, what should I do?”

“Take your damn shorts off, and let me see you.  I'll show you.”  Joyce's voice was sharp with exasperation. 

Tommy got the message, and was quick to strip off his shorts.  He had a fair sized cock for his age.  Joyce mentally compared it with Brad's cock and found it only slightly lacking.  “Okay now,  Lie down on your back.”  Though Joyce professed to be so worldly, her only sex experience was her sixty nine episode with Brad.

Tommy was quick to comply.  His cock stuck straight up.

Joyce mounted him in the classic sixty nine position. She grasped his cock and jacked it a few times as she saw Brad do, then she pulled the foreskin down off the head, and then swirled her tongue over the tip as she took the head into her mouth. 

Tommy gave a surprised start, and then looking at the lovely little spread open slit a couple of inches from his eyes, he stuck his tongue into the moist pink recess. Pheromones designed to drive men crazy drifted the split inch from her little girl cunt into his nose. Those, along with the ones imbibed with her girlish juices, hit Tommy's brain like a train taking out a stalled car at a RR crossing.  His cock became harder than it had ever been before.  He suddenly realized that there is another place for that cock than between his two hands.  He knew where that place was now.  He vowed to himself that his cock was going to be lodged to the hilt in the little hole he was staring at with crossed eyes. 

Joyce sensed a change in Tommy.  The cock between her lips was harder, and throbbed with life.  Tommy's hips bucked and tried to thrust more into her mouth.  His licking of her pussy became more focused.  He found her clit!  Joyce was beginning to think she had created a monster.  But she didn't care.  What Tommy was doing had become very satisfying to her.  As he humped her face, she ground her pussy into his mouth.  Tingles ran down to her toes.

Tommy's tongue exploreed all of the delicious cleft, and encountered Joyce's clit.  He knew instinctively that this was a special place.  Joyce's reaction to his tongue touching it left no doubt in his mind.  This corresponded to his dick, and he knew what stimulation was doing to that thing. He concentrated on working that clit over with lips and tongue.

The fire in Joyce's loins spread through her whole body.

“Ooh!  Tommy!  Ungh!  Joyce climaxed.  A fresh spate of her love juice poured into Tommy's mouth and down his chin, before Joyce rolled off of him, to lie on her back. She was almost out of it.

Tommy had been deprived of his stimulation, and his instinct was to follow it.  He crawled between Joyce's outspread legs.  His thought was to kiss her and comfort her.  He didn't know girls could have an orgasm.  As he crawled up over her body, that super hard erection aimed itself between those spread thighs, which were nudged even farther apart by his knees.

Joyce felt Tommy's lips on her lips through her daze. She automatically opened her lips to him.  Her tongue flicked out, touched his lips.  Tommy was clueless about French kissing, but his tongue came out to test his lips, see what the heck was touching them.  Their tongues touched, and a shock of passion flowed between them.  The kiss deepened.

At the same instant as the tongues touched, the tip of Tommy's penis touched Joyce on her cleft right outside her virgin hole.  Nature told her to open for him.  Nature told him to thrust.  The deed was done.  The cherry was gone. The pain was sharp and fleeting.

Joyce could not even disconnect her lips to yell, it came and went so fast.

Tommy suffered no pain, only the most wonderful feeling that he had ever felt with that part of his body.  Hot, moist, pulsing, living, tight little girl pussy surrounded him.  His foreskin was already below the corona of his little head, and now all the loose skin had been pulled so far back it almost tore loose.  As he paused to wonder what had happened, the skin slowly eased back due to the pulsating action of the tight little sheath, and the slippery juice pouring out of glands surrounding it.  He backed it a little way out so it eased the strain, and that felt so good to him, he pushed it back in, so he could pull it out again.

Joyce had been riding high on the euphoria of her cum, and was engrossed so in the French kiss with Tommy, it took a few seconds to realize she had a full vagina, and the fire was back in her loins, but in a different way.  Not a bad way, just different.  Unlike her sister, her hymen was ruptured in such a way that all the torn pieces retreated out to the dge, and there were no big pieces of skin to be rubbed and irritated by the hard shaft inside her.  There were a few drops of blood flowing, but no pain.  It just felt good!

Joyce sighed.  She made a minor adjustment of her hip angle to ease the passage, then with her hands on Tommy's butt, encouraged him to move that shaft on into her.  Tommy didn't need much encouragement.  He began a steady stroking. 

“Ah, yes!”  Joyce sighed.

Tommy couldn't speak, he was concentrating on enjoying his first fuck.

By using her hands on his butt, and later on his shoulder blades, digging in what fingernails she had, and using crossed legs around his hips, Joyce controlled Tommy's enthusiasm until she caught up with him.  Then both kids fucked with abandon, as were Brad and Jenny on the grassy spot by the log.

Joyce reached her second orgasm a few short seconds after Tommy's cock spurted hot semen up to splash against her cervix.  Alas, all his little warriors died in vain on this day as there were no fertile eggs up there yet.  All of Tommy's sperm is wasted, as the semen and blood were washed off as the children cavorted in the nude for the rest of the afternoon.  Old Blue, however was allowed to clean both Jenny and Brad up in his own way, just for being a good dog.  They hugged,kissed and giggled as he licked away.

So passes the rest of the visit of the twins.  The girls snuck into Brad's room for some threesomes, And Tommy got some threesome action when Brad had to work.  So good clean fun was had by all, and two wiser and contented little girls rode home with their parents.  They didn't even bother Dad on the way home. 


This ends my tale of the twins.  Both girls and boys lost their virginity.  I could continue it but then it would become a stroke story.  I don't like to do stroke stories.  I just tell it like it is. Enjoy! 


The usual disclaimers apply. My stories are pure fantasy. Enjoy them. Do not try to emulate any characters. They are all figments of my overactive imagination, and do not exist in real life.


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