Chapter 3 - Jenny Catches Up

Jenny takes a turn with Brad and catches up with Joyce. Now the girls are equal, what else can happen? 

By JimBob

(mg, mast, oral, ped)




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Jenny stared at the fake birthmark for a moment, then she stretched the elastic waistband as far up as she was able, and let it go. 

Snap! The sleeping girl jumped, opened her eyes, then got into a defensive posture as far from her angry twin as she could. "Ouch! What did you do that for?" 

"Oh, I was just admiring my birthmark, and my finger slipped." 

Joyce pulled her pants down and examined the fake birthmark. "How did that get there?" She wet a finger with her tongue and rubbed over the mark, leaving a larger brown smear. "You know, that's what you get for switching drinks. I really just wanted to get to sleep last night." 

"Yeah, I know." 

"I didn't want to, but I had to take your place." 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." 

"I didn't want to disappoint Brad." 

"Did Brad like my birthmark?" 

"Yes, but he hardly looked at it. He was busy looking at something else." 

"Ooh! Your pussy? Tell me!" Jenny forgot her anger. The twins tricked each other all the time, but they had genuine love for each other, and nothing could keep them apart. Jenny jumped in beside Joyce.

"Tell me!" 

"First we kissed for a while. He put his hands under my top and felt my tits... 


"Yeah, he calls our boobs, tits. He felt them, then he took my shirt off, then he touched them and... Guess what! He kissed them and he sucked on them!" 

"Oh, my God! He did? Like a baby?" 

"I don't know about a baby, but Brad sure made them feel good." Joyce rubbed her bosom in fond memory and to make Jenny jealous. 

Jenny rubbed her boobs too, but it is in envy of the feelings Joyce got that should have been hers. Darn it. She got her boobs played with and sucked on yet. "Was that all?" 

"Heck no! That was only the start. While he was sucking my boobs and kissing me, he put his hand on me... Right here!" Suiting action to words, Joyce grabs Jenny's yonie through her PJ's. 

"OH!" Jenny was shocked. "He did THAT?" 

"Shhh! Yep. It's a good thing I went first. You would have screamed and woke up the whole house." 

Jenny had to admit that Joyce might be right. She is kind of inclined to scream at times. "Um, what else did he do?" 

"Took off my pj pants... And my panties." 

"Joyce!" Jenny couldn't believe Brad would do that. 

"Yep. Then he... Um, he stuck his tongue in my yonie." Joyce decided that was as far as this true confession was going. 

"Oh, my gosh! What did it feel like?" 

"A lot like yours did, only more manly. Let's get up, I'm hungry, and Mom and Dad will be leaving soon." 

"Oh, okay. But you got to tell me more tonight." 

"By tonight you might be telling me stuff." 

The girls got dressed and went down for breakfast. They were the last ones to eat, and they had to clean up after themselves. Everyone works on a farm. Then they helped see their Mom and Dad off for their trip. As a big concession to the twins, Brad was freed for four hours in the afternoon to entertain them. They planned a trip to the swimming hole on the river on this nice warm day. The twins did their wash and cleaned the upstairs for Aunt Min, then helped her prepare lunch. These are nice, well behaved little girls on the most part. They just have this mystery they have to solve. Joyce, of course was one up on Jenny, and that is totally unacceptable to Jenny. It was catch up time. 

Lunch over, the twins and Brad were free for the afternoon. They retired to their respective bedrooms. Brad donned an old pair of raggedy cut off jeans, and Joyce and Jenny put on their newest, most skimpiest bikini suits. Then they put on shorts and t-shirts for the walk through the woods. The farm dogs accompanied them as they walked through the woods. 

Brad's mind was on Jenny and last night, and on wondering how much he would see of her body today in her suit. 

Jenny was wondering if she and Brad would have a moment together so she could begin her catch up with Joyce. 

Joyce was thinking about Brad's cock in her mouth last night, how it spurted cum, and how icky that cum was in her mouth and on her face. She was going to be ready next time. 

The swimming hole was a wide place in the river in the woodlot on the farm. It was about a half mile from the house, not too far to walk, but far enough that they didn't worry about interruptions. When Brad and the girls arrived, they stopped at their usual spot to remove their outer garments. 

Brad's eyes bugged when he saw the girls in their swimsuits. They wore different colored suits, but otherwise looked the same. Jenny had a plan though. She was going to adjust her suit while Brad was looking and make sure he accidentally saw her birthmark. And there would be no hot drinks tonight. That manly tongue belonged to her tonight. 

Joyce hoped the cool water would revive her and wake her up. The late hour cavorting had drained her energy, and with a full stomach, she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. 

Brad and Tommy, who lived on the next farm down the river, had built and anchored a six drum diving float in the deepest part of the river this spring. The girls were thrilled and delighted to see it, and they couldn't wait to swim out to it. Once there, the girls dove and jumped several times while Brad sat and watched their lithe young girl bodies, wet and slippery in the bright sun. After five dives, Joyce crawled out, and lay down on the deck for a rest and a tan she told Brad. Jenny went and sat next to Brad. 

"So, Brad. Do you have a girlfriend yet?" 

"I kind of had one." 

"What's her name? What happened? You guys have a fight?" 

"Evie. She had to go back to the city." 

Just then they heard a snore from behind them. They looked around. Joyce was sound asleep, head on her arm. 

Jenny giggled. "Look! She's drooling." 

"Sssh! Let's swim to shore. Come on." Brad led the way and waded out to the grassy spot where the dogs were sprawled on their sides in the sun. 

Brad led Jenny to the towels and they wiped down then went to the log in the shade. Brad sat on the log. Jenny started to sit next to him, but Brad patted his thighs so Jenny sat down there with a thrill warming her below her belly. Brad pulled her close to his body, and kissed her. Jenny remembered just in time to open her mouth, and Brad kissed her with all the passion a teen age boy who had gone without sex for over twelve hours could muster. His free hand roved over her young body that it knew so well from last night. 

Jenny felt excited and scared. She had planned on doing this in Brad's bed tonight, if she had to whack Joyce with one of Brad's baseball bats to get her out of the way. She was scared because she had thought she would have all afternoon and evening to build up her nerve. 

"Jenny! Remember last night?" 

No, Jenny did not remember last night. She debated for only a moment, and then decided the farce had gone on long enough. 

"No, Brad. I wasn't there last night. It was Joyce." 


"It was Joyce who French kissed you first. It was Joyce last night. She gave me sleeping pills." 

"But the birthmark! The ribbon..." 

"We had switched ribbons in the car for a trick and we forgot. Then Joyce used mascara or an eyebrow pencil and made the fake mole. Here's the real one." She pulled her suit down, not caring if he saw too much. 

Brad's one track mind got back on track. "Wow! Jenny! You are just beautiful." His big hand moved to her suit bottom, and starting where she had stopped, he peeled the suit off her bottom and down her legs. Kissing her deeply, he pushed her knees apart and covered her small mound with his big hand. His index finger stroked her clit. 

"Oooh!" Jenny reacted to the first touch of male hand on her clitoris by spreading her legs wider as the fire rushed up her belly and into her chest. Her nipples popped up hard and erect. An arm went around Brad's neck to draw his head down into a deeper kiss. Brad took the small body in his arms and laid it on the grass in front of his seat. He whipped open his shorts and slid them down his legs and off. His erection was free. 

Jenny lay on her back. Brad's cock looked enormous to her, as she only had an eight year old boy two years ago for comparison. Involuntarily, in reaction to the size, Jenny spread her legs even wider, straining as she imagines that enormous cock going... Where did it go anyway? 

Brad is mesmerized by her posture, so much like Evie's that night. He dropped to his knees between those wide spread legs, He leaned forward, clasped the slight body in a one armed embrace, pulled her into just the right position and angle, and when his penis tip feels warm, moist flesh, he thrust. 

The cry awakened the dogs, but not the sleeping girl on the raft.   The dogs looked around, sniffed the air and then put their heads back down. 

The girl rolled her head from side to side, but made no more sound. The boy was frozen in horror. What had he done? He could not move. 

"Jenny? Are you all right?" 

"That really hurt. DON'T MOVE!" 

"I was gonna pull it out." 

"NO! Don't move. It hurts if you move." 

"My gosh, Jenny. You are so tight." 

"Your thing is so big and hot. Why did you get it in there?" 

"I think I slipped or something. Does it still hurt?" 

"Not if you stay still." 

"I know, but it's hard. Your pussy feel like it is squeezing it. 

"My pussy? Oh, you mean my yonie!" 

"Do you girls still call it that? That's a baby name for it. Call it your pussy." 

"Um, Brad?" 


"Could you real slow, push it in a little bit?" 

"In? Oh, Jenny!" 

"Um, a little more. Uh huh, that feels better." 

"Oh, Jenny! I think it's all the way in." Feeling a little cramped in his left arm, which is under Jenny's body, Brad pulls his arm out so he can support his upper body with both elbows. 


"Oh, did I hurt you?" Brad pulls back an inch. 

"NO! Don't move that thing! It is something under my shoulder." 

Brad lifts Jenny's shoulder and pulls a stick out. He also pushes himself back in. "How's that?" 

"Mmmm, much better. It doesn't hurt now." 

"Your pussy doesn't hurt?" 

Jenny considers for a moment. "No, not right now." 

"Jenny? Can I try moving a little?" The tight sheath holding his cock was driving Brad nuts. He had his cock buried to the hilt in his ten year old cousin. His libido was temporarily derailed because of concern for her pain. Now it came roaring back. He had been making fraction of an inch adjustments, and she had not protested. 

"Okay, but if I holler, you stop." 

Brad slowly pulled out an inch. No scream. Two inches. A slight frown, but no scream. Another inch... 

"Hey! Don't take it all out!" 

"Oh! Does it hurt?" 

"No. But don't take it out. Push it back in." 

Brad looked in Jenny's eyes as he pushed it in again, then slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in. 

Jenny sighs and closed her eyes. "Yes. Do that." 

Brad started a steady pace, Trying to keep it gentle for the little girl. She gasped on some withdrawals, and grunted when he seemed to bottom out, but he could not tell if it is from pain or pleasure. But she didn't cry out, nor try to hold him, so he shortened his stroke, and increased his speed. 

Jenny started to pant, and moveed her pelvis and hips to ease some slight discomfort and increase the pleasure each stroke brought her. She even dared to lift one leg and curl it around Brad's thigh just below his butt. She rolled her head to the side. The girl on the raft had rolled onto her back, but was not moving. Jenny closed her eyes again and savored the interesting feelings she was experiencing. This was not half bad. 

Brad started to grunt with each thrust. His time was near. He was a teen, did not know that girls, especially little girls, might have need for a little digital help, a finger on the clit, maybe up the anus, something to bring the crisis upon them. So he reached his peak, made a few more frantic strokes, and grunted out his climax in Jenny's ear. "Oh, Jenny! Oh! What a great fuck! Oh, Jenny!" 

Jenny's eyes opened at Brad's sudden urgency, wondering what brought it on. Then the first pulsating release of semen spurted from Brad's cock as he strained to bury it in her. The hot liquid splashed her cervix, It flooded into the depths of her. It was joined by another flood, and another. She felt warm liquid running down her butt crack. What was going on? Brad was lying on her now, no longer supported by his elbows. He was breathing heavily in her ear. She felt trapped, cornered. There iwas no more pleasure. 

Brad lifted his head and looked into Jenny's eyes. He mistook the look of panic in her eyes for pain. He pulled back and out, and rolled to one side. A flood of semen streaked with blood followed, running down over Jenny's crotch and down over her buns. Brad lay on his back and shut his eyes to savor this last conquest. 

With Brad gone from covering her, Jenny laid on her back; one arm crooked over her eyes, trying to sort out her feelings. Wondering what the heck had just happened to her. 

Old Blue, the hound, lifted his head. Sniffed the air. Sorted out the air currents to settle on the direction and distance. Decideed it was worth the effort of rising. Followed his nose to Jenny's crotch. He extended his long tongue and lapped Jenny's crotch from asshole to top of the cleft. Savored the taste. Did it again. And again. Once more. 

Jenny felt the presence of something between her legs, but thought Brad was back at it, and since he did not seem to be poking anything into it, and whatever it was felt good rubbing over her clit, she waited almost thirty seconds to look. 

Jenny's scream caused Old Blue to do a back flip. It brought Brad and all the other dogs to their feet, looking around wildly. It brought the girl on the raft to a sitting position from a deep sleep. Jenny could not talk. She could only point to Old Blue, who decided he might be in some kind of trouble. He slunk behind Brad, and peered out at Jenny from between Brad's legs. 

Tommy, from the next farm heard the faint cry of a girl, and assumed Brad and the girls were swimming. He decided to wrangle some time off in the afternoons for a little rest and recreation too. 

Jenny was now looking between her legs, which Old Blue had done a pretty darn good job of cleaning up. As if to acknowledge his pride in his work, Old Blue cleaned his jowls with an audible slurp. 

Brad realized what had happened, and broke into laughter. "Aw, Jenny, Old Blue was just trying to help clean you up." 

Thanks to Old Blue, Jenny failed to see any blood, which believe me, was a good thing for Brad. 

He took her hand, helped her up, and led her into the water so she could rinse between her legs. Brad rinsed his cock off too, which had some blood on the underside, hidden from Jenny's eyes. Jenny and Brad got back into their swimsuits. They swam out to the raft. 

"What happened? Joyce asked. "Why did you yell?" 

"Old Blue was... Um, Old Blue scared me." 

"She was dozing, and he gave her a little kiss or two." Brad chimed in. "Hey Joyce, show me your birthmark?" 

"I don't have a birthmark." 

"You did last night!" 

Joyce looked at Jenny. "Did you tell him?" 

"Naw, she didn't have to. You're the only virgin here, after all." 

"Huh?" Joyce looked from one to the other. Something had happened between those two and she will have to get Jenny alone to find outwhat it was.She was kind of warm and sweaty from sleeping in the sun, so she dove in and swam around the raft. All the kids swam for a while, and then toweled off and walked back to the farm house. 

Joyce could hardly wait until they were in the bedroom. "All right! What the heck happened with you two?" 

"I think Brad fucked me. He said it was a great fuck." 

"Jenny! You mean he put it in your hole?" 

"All the way. He said it was all the way in... Oh! And I told him that was you last night." 

"Was he mad?" 

"I don't know. He had my bottoms off, and he looked at me kind of funny, then he laid me on the ground and stuck it right in." 

"Did it hurt?" 

"Do bears go potty in the woods? Yes, it hurt!" 

"Is that when you yelled so loud?" 

"No, that was when that damn dog was licking my pussy!" 

"Your pussy? 

"Yeah. Brad said Yonie is a baby word." 

"Pussy." Joyce commited it to memory. 

"Yeah. That's the right name for it. 

"I wonder why?" 

"Why what?" 

"Old Blue was licking your... pussy." 

"Brad said he cleaned me up." 

"Brad probably got cum all over you too." Joyce thought having Old Blue lick it off would be better than wiping with Brad's smelly under pants. 

"He did that to you? Wait, what is cum?" 

"Yeah, but not down there. Cum is what comes out when he comes. It squirts all over. It is slimy and slippery and gooey." 

"Where did he squirt you?" 

"On my face." Joyce made a face. 

"Joyce!" Jenny was truly shocked. "Why did he do that?" 

"Um... Because I was sucking on it?" 

"JOYCE! Eeeew!" 

"Gee, Jenny! It's a way to do it. Brad said..." 


"He was licking on mine, and it felt really good!" 

"I don't care. Not me." 

That just about ended the discussion that evening. After supper the girls went up to their room. Brad was out of luck tonight. 

Jenny was a little stiff and sore between her legs. Joyce found she was a little sore from too much sleeping in the sun. Brad had to rely on his ten little friends for his release. 


In Chapter 4, both girls might get a virgin hole plumbed.



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