Chapter 2 - Babies or babes?

Here come the twins, and as usual when they visit the farm, Brad's life becomes much more interesting. With the girls new growth and growing interest in boys, watch out! The twins are very competitive, and poor Brad is caught in the middle. 

By JimBob

(mg, mast, oral, ped)




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Brad came out of his reverie as he neared the house. He quickly headed for the upstairs bath and stripped off his shirt so he could wash up. As he finished and went into his room for clean clothes, he heard the car pull up beeping the horn, and heard his father and mother calling out to their guests. He hurried down to join them. Midway through the living room, the twins burst though the front door. 

"BRAD!" they shouted in unison. 

He had a flash impression before he was mobbed. The girls, taller than he remembered, seeming all legs in their shorts, chests in light T shirts showing small bumps he had never seen there before, identical grins, pigtails. 

One twin jumped into his arms, wrapped legs around his waist. The other hugged him around the middle. Brad didn't quite know where to grab their no longer boyish bodies. The one in his arms kissed him on the mouth, pursed lip little-girl kiss. Joyce, he could tell by the ribbon. When she slid down, the other girl changed places. This girl kissed him too. Not the chaste, little-girl kiss of her sister. A little tongue licked the crease of his closed lips and insinuated itself between them. Brad's mouth fell open. The little girl aggressively stuck her tongue in; he couldn't help meeting it with his.  It retreated. His tongue pursued it into her mouth and explored there until it met his again. She broke the kiss. She backed her head away and fixed him with a devilish grin. 

"Hi, Brad," she said softly. 

"Jenny?" Brad said. "Wow!" 'Wow indeed,' he thought. He had to back his pelvis in a little to get his rising cock away from contact with little girl bodies. 

 Joyce had a hard time keeping from reacting. As it was, her hand went involuntary to her hair ribbon. She pretended to adjust it. Damn! The trick! They were going to trick their parents, then they got busy getting ready, and forgot. Too late now. She gave him a big smile and another hug before sliding down out of his arms. "We have to go to the bathroom… right, Joyce?" She gave Jenny a little push and a wink that Brad didn't see. 

 "Yeah. We got to go." Both girls headed for the bathroom. 

Brad went out to greet his aunt and uncle, after adjusting his cock so it was not so obvious. He was wondering about the reason for that hot little kiss. Jenny was usually the quiet twin. Both of those little asses had felt a lot rounder and softer than they had last year when he had seen them at Thanksgiving. He felt a little guilty for squeezing that little ass during the French kiss, but only a little guilty. Wasn't she asking for it? He would soon have to stop grabbing them there when they jumped into his arms like that... Or maybe not. 

In the bathroom, Joyce poked Jenny. "Why didn't you remind me to swap ribbons back? 

Jenny poked her back. "Why didn't you? It was your idea." 

"Well, let's trade back. Did you kiss Brad?" 

"Yes, I did." 

"No, I mean did you KISS him." Joyce wiggles her tongue at Jenny. 

Jenny looks shocked. "No! You didn't! OOH! And he thinks it was me?" she bemoaned blushing at the thought. 

"No big deal. I'll tell him we were playing a trick. Don't say anything." 

"Wait a minute, did he like the kiss?" 

"Yep! He kissed me back." 

"With his tongue?" 

"Yes. He stuck it right in my mouth! Just like in the story. Know what else?" 


"He squeezed my butt. With both hands!" 

"Oh, man. Listen, don't tell him. I'll just kiss him again when we go out." Jenny says. 

"No! I mean someone might see you. It will spoil everything. I'll tell him first chance I get. You can French him tomorrow after Mom and Dad leave." 

The twins finish in the bathroom, and go out in time to get seated at the table for dinner. The girls are across the table from Brad, and Jenny notices that Brad seems to spend a lot of time looking at her. Joyce notices it too, and decides that she will get Brad aside as soon as she can and set him straight. 

After dessert, their Mom volunteers them to clean up the dishes, and so they are stuck in the kitchen for almost an hour. Then Joyce goes upstairs to see if Brad is in his room. Jenny goes out on the porch to see the four farm dogs. Brad is waiting for her. 

"Hey, Jenny!" 

"Yeah, Brad?" 

"Come on over here. I want to show you something. Jenny walks out toward the barnyard with Brad. He takes her to the barn and there is a cat in a cupboard with four little kittens. 

"Ooh! Look at the kittens, so cute!" While Jenny kneels and cuddles a kitten to her chest, Brad watches her. 

"Um, Jenny?" 


"Um, ah, where did you learn to kiss like that?" 

"Like what?" A thrill runs up Jenny's back. 

"You know, like you kissed me before. In the living room. Where did you learn to kiss like that?" 

"Oh, a guy." Jenny is only stretching the truth a little. The book where she and Joyce picked up on French kissing was written by a man after all. 

"A guy?" 

"Yeah. A guy back home." A little more stretching. It was really their library's book. 

"You got a boyfriend already?" 

"Well... I kind of had a boyfriend. He taught me stuff and we did stuff together..." And then Joyce and I had to take the book back. "And then he had to leave." 


"Yeah, kissing and stuff like that." What the hey? It's working, isn't it? 

"Um..." Brad has to think about this. "Ah, Jenny?" 

"Yes, Brad?" 

"Can I have another one?" 

"A kiss? Sure!" Jenny puckers up as Brad bends down to her. Just in time she remembers and relaxes and opens her lips a little. 

The kiss is long, passionate on Brad's part, and leaves Jenny a little breathless as she forgets to breathe through her nose. Brad's hands that started on her back and are now clasping her butt and kneading the cheeks leave her a little breathless too. 

"Jenny! After Joyce goes to sleep tonight, sneak out your window and come to my room. I'll loosen your screen and leave my window open." 

"Okay, Brad. I'll come after Joyce is sleeping." 

"Yes. I haven't seen your birthmark for a long time. Can I see it tonight? So I can make sure it's really you?" 

A thrill runs through Jenny right where her birthmark is. "Yes, Brad.  You can take a peek now. Look!" Jenny inches the waist of her shorts and panties down the two inches it takes to bring the little brown splotch into view. "You can even touch it tonight." Hearing footsteps outside, Jenny quickly straightens her shorts and picks up a kitten. Brad backs up a couple of steps. 

"Oh! There you guys are." Joyce comes into the barn door. "Ooh! Kittens! Can I hold one? What are you guys talking about?" 

"Brad was just telling me about the kittens," Jenny says quickly. 

Brad and the twins spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around and meeting all the animals again. The four dogs follow them on their rounds. After a light supper, the girls and Brad play board games and then the girls begin to yawn and are sent up to bathe and get ready for bed. 

When the girls get back to their room after showers and changing into pajamas and robes, Joyce decides to grill Jenny about the time she spent alone with Brad. Jenny didn't want to tell Joyce anything, but then she realizes she has the birth mark. Joyce doesn't. Brad wanted to see the birthmark. Jenny thinks a little crowing is in order. 

"Well, we did talk a little," she finally admits. 

"Ah, ha! I knew it. What about?" 

"Brad wanted another kiss." 

"Oh, no! You didn't do it did you? You could have spoiled everything." Darn! Joyce thinks. I should have told him it was me in the first place. 

"Well, he really likes the way I kiss." 

"So you did kiss him!" 

"Yep. He was squeezing my butt too, just like he did yours that he thought was mine." 

'Oh crap,' Joyce thought. "Did you do anything else?" 

"No, but he wanted to see something." 


In answer, Jenny flashed her birth mark at Joyce. 

"You didn't!" 

Jenny just put on her most impish smile and started brushing out her hair. 

Joyce went to look out the window while she thought.. She noticed the screen was unhooked and loose. It wasn't that way this afternoon. She remembered how they used to sneak into Brad's room to play games after bedtime when they were all younger. Suddenly, she got the whole picture. She turned and walked over to Jenny. 

"Hey, Jenny, I'm going down and get some hot chocolate, want a cup?" 

"Sure. Thanks." 

Joyce headed out the door and downstairs. She was back in less than fifteen minutes with two steaming cups with little marshmallows on top.  She handed one to Jenny, who was now sitting propped up in her twin bed. Jenny set it down on the common night stand between the beds. 

Joyce set her cup down on the night stand too. She went over to the dresser to brush her hair. Jenny took a sip of her chocolate, made a face, eyed it and then Joyce's cup, and then Joyce's back, then quickly switched cups with Joyce. 

Joyce, who had been watching the reflection in the mirror, smiled a secret little smile. She finished her hair and went over and picked up the cup and took a big sip. She did not make a face at the slightly salty taste. Jenny was steadily sipping from her cup, and then took a couple of bigger gulps as it cooled. In about fifteen minutes the chocolate was gone, and the girls shut off their lamps and said goodnight. 

Jenny decided to play dead and snuggled down as she always did and then listened for Joyce to start to snore. 

Joyce listened too. In ten minutes that seemed much longer to the eager girl, she heard a girlish snore come from her sister's bed. Soon they became regular and louder. Joyce slid out of bed and checked out Jenny. She was in as deep sleep as two of their mom's sleeping pills could put her. 

Joyce tiptoed to the dresser, turned on the light there, reached into her drawer where she had dropped their mom's eyebrow pencil. She pulled her pajamas down so her upper mound was uncovered. She used the pencil to very carefully shade in a little circular shaped splotch, a very good likeness of her sister's defect. With a Kleenex, she carefully wiped off the loose material. Satisfied, she hoisted her pajamas and sliped out the window. 

Jenny snoreed sonorously on. 

Brad looked up at a sound at his window as a pajama clad girl slid through the open pane. 

"Jenny?" he whispered. 

"Who did you expect? Joyce?" 

The twin climbed onto his bed beside him. Brad was in boxer shorts, muscular chest and legs exposed. He is proud of his boy's body that is busy turning into a man. 

"I thought you'd never come." 

"It took a while for Joyce to go to sleep. I should have had some sleeping pills or something." 

"You're here now, and that is all that matters. Slip me some tongue." 

The two locked lips and their tongues did a dance together. Joyce really dug the feel of Brad's powerful tongue thrusting into her mouth. It made her swollen little boobies tingle. Brad had his hands clutching her back, pulling her chest tight up against his. His hands roamed down over her butt, find the hem of her pajama top, and both hands went up under it, to roam over her bare back and sides. He slid one hand around her side to her front, amid giggles as he tickled her ribs. He silenced her with another deep kiss. His hand found one small breast. Only a small bump, not the rather large breasts of Evie, but a lighter swollen areola with small nub like a tiny breast atop the small rise on her chest. He traced it with finger tip. Grasped it. Squeezed it. 

"Oooh!" It hurt a little and tingled a lot. Joyce rolled onto her back. She wanted both little breasts open and available to him. Brad grasped the lower part of her pajama top, pulled it up and over her head as she lifted herself to ease its passage. His reading lamp was on, her skin glistened in the light. Brad leaned over and licked each nipple, then sucked the swollen little tips into his mouth. They had tiny little peaks. Not like Evie's breasts, but somehow even more erotically exciting to Brad. The little girl was so eager to offer them to him, to please him. 

"Oh, Jenny," Brad said. "You have such nice tits. When did you start to get them? I didn't see them last Thanksgiving." 

"I had little ones then," Joyce said. "They started changing in August last year. I was wearing sweaters last Thanksgiving so you couldn't see anything." 

"Mmmm, they are so nice to suck on." 

"They really aren't very big. Joyce has bigger ones." 

"Yeah? Well, you are here. You sure surprised me with that first kiss. Joyce is usually the one who does the daring stuff. You are the quiet one." 

"You would be surprised at who I really am. Yes, Joyce will do a lot more stuff if you ask her too. She said she really likes you and will do whatever you want her to. Anytime." 

Brad lifted his head and looked into her eyes. "How about you Jenny? How about tonight?" 

Joyce was kind of stuck. A bird in the hand?... Or, put Jenny down and build herself up for later, and waste this night? She mentally kicked herself for not telling Brad it was her right away. Now he might get mad at her for tricking him. She decided, as she usually did, to have a good time tonight and let tomorrow take care of itself. 

"Anything you want, Brad darling." 

Brad's lips return to her boobs with renewed vigor, and his right hand slid slowly down her ribs, over her smooth stomach. A finger dipped into her belly button, causing a rather shrill giggle, then down to the elastic band of her pajama bottoms, slipped under it. His fingers slid down another inch to the waist band of cotton panties. Finding no resistance, his fingers slipped under that too. His hand felt cool to her, her flesh hot to him. He went back to her lips to stop another shrill giggle as his hand went over her mound, bare and smooth and hot to his fingers and palm. 

'Oh, gosh,' Joyce thought, 'he is going to touch it! He is going right to my yonie! Should I stop him? What do I do? Say no? Don't? Stop? Ooh! I think 'don't stop' would be best. I like that feeling.' 

While Joyce was thinking, Brad's lips stifled another shrill giggle as the thrill of his fingers touching her THERE, caused her to almost jump off the bed. Now that his hand was actually there, on her yonie, she forgot about stopping it.  She was trying her best to be more sophisticated, and not show Brad what a novice she really was. No amount of self control could stop her involuntary movements from the thrills his fingers brought, but he seemed to expect that. How did Brad learn all this stuff anyway? His fingers, moving over the soft skin of her mound, tickled her little bump... 

'Oh my Gosh, that feels so good!' Joyce decided to try to relax and enjoy the touches. To learn as much as she can. Maybe someday she will tell Jenny… or, maybe not. Jenny hasn't tried to kill her yet, but there is always a first time. She had to giggle at the sudden thought of Jenny snoring away while Brad was doing all this interesting stuff to her. Served her right for switching mugs. Brad kind of nudged her legs apart. She opened them wider. 

"Ouch!" The sharp little burst of pain as Brad tried a finger tip into her virgin hole, brought Joyce back to the present. Brad gave up on that little hole, and his finger moved on. Joyce had no idea that boys would be so interested in all of a girl's parts down there. Now he was trying to get her to spread her legs even more. He just kept nudging them apart. His finger was way down by her butt now. Joyce thought he was getting kind of personal and nasty. He was touching her butt hole! That really tickled. She wiggled away from his finger. Brad got up on an elbow and looked at her. 

"You've got a nice pussy. I want to see it." Brad pulled his hand out and pushed Joyce's pajamas and panties down, finally kneeling next to her and pulling them off over her legs. He was taking a chance, but his door is locked, and he knows he would hear someone coming down the squeaky hall boards long before they got to his room. He stripped her pajamas and panties off over her feet, straightened them out so they wouldl go back on quickly, and put them with the top.  Her body was bare in the light of his lamp. He wished he had a spotlight. She had a perfect little girl body, the first he has seen of it in several years. The girls were not shy when they were little, and he can remember their nudity then, and now here was one of them, nude again. There was only one defect marring this little girl's perfectly proportioned body; the little brown mole down by her pussy, right where he remembered it. 

Brad leaned over her, intending to kiss that little mark, but his lips were drawn to the tiny bit of clit he could see sticking up out of the cleft. She had moved her legs together to facilitate the bottoms coming off, now he had to get those legs wide open again. As he kissed and then sucked on that nubbin of a clit, he pushed one knee and pulled on the other to get the girl almost into a split. 

He swung his body around in between her spread legs. He made a couple of sweeps from perineum to clitoris with his tongue, digging it into the slit to collect every smidgen of the moist fluid that has been seeping from the virgin hole. Joyce was starting to flow a bit of slippery and tasty juice. Not as much as Evie, but an adequate amount, given that there is nothing for it to lubricate as yet. But now the scent and the taste has aroused Brad to explore the possibilities, though he was discouraged by the finger test. He wanted to satisfy his carnal urge, but he did not want to damage his young cousin. 

The tongue is much more sensitive than fingers for investigating, so he stuck it into the hole, and discovered the perforation in the hymen was small, indeed too small for a finger, let alone his cock. Forget satisfaction that way tonight. Maybe her mouth? Probably not. She hasn't even tried to touch him, she was just too much of a little kid. He will just pleasure her and thus himself with his tongue and see if he can make her cum with his fingers and tongue like he did to Evie. Watching her cum was a big turn on. 

Joyce was wondering about the same thing that Brad was thinking about. Some of the stuff she had in mind to learn, what this whole exercise started out to be about, was to gain a personal knowledge of the male organ. Specifically, Brad's male organ. The thought of intercourse had not dawned on the twins. They have no idea what intercourse entails, just a vague, growing awareness that something happens between boys and girls, and that it is exciting to do. They remembered a little "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" episode with a couple of neighborhood boys at around eight years of age. The twins thought that this would be something on that order. This had already gone waaaay beyond what she had in mind when she started this evening with Brad. 

Suddenly Brad stoped. He lifted his head and stared into space. Joyce missed his mouth, and opened her eyes and raised her head to look at him. He met her eyes. 

"Sixty nine," Brad said, more to himself than to her. "Sixty nine... Yes. That will work." 

Joyce had no idea what sixty nine means. Nothing to her, she was sure of that. 

"Yes!" Brad eyes focused on her face. "Jenny, move over." Brad unsnaped his shorts and slid them down his hips. The biggest thing, cock, that Joyce had seen so far flops out and pointed straight at her. Brad sat next to her on the bed and pulled his shorts down and off over his feet. He laid back down on his back, with his head down toward her feet. 

Joyce sat up more so she could watch this. What was he gonna do with his big thing? It was sticking up, and he rubbed it up and down with one hand. She got tingles just watching him. 

"Jenny! Crawl over on top of me. No! The other way. Face towards my feet! That's right. Now slide back a little. More. There." Brad helped her adjust herself, with hands on her hips. 

 Joyce found herself on top of Brad, her stomach on his chest, her legs on either side of his head, her chest on his stomach, and right in front of her face, almost within tasting distance was... his big old thing! Golly gee! What was she supposed to do with that? She could even see big blue veins and everything. And it kept bobbing! All on its own. 

"Hold it, touch it, play with it. Maybe you can kiss the head," Brad answered her unspoken question. Then his lips and tongue glued themselves to her little box, wide open over his lower face. Thrills shot up into her lower belly as his tongue flirted with her clit. 

Joyce lifted her head up a little so her eyes could focus on what was right in front of her. Well, she did want to see what Brad had. Maybe not this close up and personal though. Did he say "Kiss it"? She didn't even know about touching it. But it was really interesting to be so close to one so big. A big droplet of something oozed out of the slit in the tip and glistened in the beams of the lamp. Eeeew. Pee? 

"Brad! There is something leaking out of your... Um, your thing. Is it pee?" 

"No. That is stuff to make it slippery." Brad's hand came down and his finger rubbed the droplet over the tip and made it all shiny. "Touch it now. Come on, Jenny. Don't be scared. Touch my cock." 

Joyce pulled one hand off his thigh where it had been helping brace her, and slowly, very slowly brought it up and touched one finger tip to the purple tip of his cock. It jumped and then bobbed a couple of times. 

"Go ahead, hold it. Put your fingers around it. 

Joyce clasped her hand loosely around the long part. It was hot to her fingers. The skin she was touching was soft and seemed to be loose. She held it a little tighter; it was hard underneath the loose skin. She tried what she saw Brad do and pushed the loose skin down. More of the purple head came out. 

"Yeah! Do that. Use both hands." Brad's tongue went back to lapping against her clit. 

Thrills and tingles and something was making Joyce want to give him some good feelings as well. She rested her chest on his stomach and used both hands. She was over her squeamishness. She only felt curiosity. What a strange and complicated piece of machinery boys carry around between their legs. Brad even had lots of hair down there, but he was fifteen. She had a few already. Jenny had a couple too, but Joyce thought her own were darker and longer. 

She wanted to see more of his purple end thing. In contrast to the loose skin she was sliding up over it and back down, it was slick and shiny. The loose skin did not get all the way off the head. That's what Brad called the purple end. She pulled the loose skin all the way down, and the whole head came out. 

Oops! Now she had done it. The skin was stuck down below that rim, and wouldm't come back. She could still move the loose skin, and Brad didn't seem to mind. She saw more clear stuff come out, and she smeared it around the rim part with a finger. Brad's cock almost jumped out of her hand. Her hand jerked too, because she got startled. But look! Brad was right about that slippery stuff. The skin slipped back over the rim. Brad liked that too, because his hips jumped up like her hips did when he hit a really good spot with his tongue. 

Hmmm. Maybe if she had more slippery stuff, it would make things work smoother down there. She decided to try some spit, because that was always slippery on her yonie. She did some spit on her finger, and smeared it over the purple head. Ah! That worked better already. She needed more saliva. She started to use her finger again, but then had a daring idea. 

Brad said to kiss it. Well, she wasn't about to kiss that thing, but she could just put her mouth down by that purple end and get spit all over it, much faster than with a finger. She did it. Brad reacted by humping his hips and thrusting the head right between her lips just as she was spitting saliva onto it. The saliva did make it slippery! It slipped right between her lips. Her stupid tongue swirled down over it, like tongues do, and she got the full flavor of Brad's precum

Eeeew!... Wait! It wasn't that bad. It didn't taste like pee. She had tasted that, on a dare from Jenny. It tasted... Manly. Yes. It tasted manly, and it had smelled manly when it had been right under her nose. Kind of a manly smell like her daddy smelled when he held her close. She likes that smell, and now she likes that taste. She leaned her head down, and she tasted him again with her tongue, just as a new drop of precum oozed out. Yes! Manly! 

Joyce allowed the head of Brad's cock to slip between her lips again, as her tongue swirled over it and Brad moaned and humped, more gently now that the little girl was actually sucking him. The realization that she could control this big boy by manipulating his tool with hands and lips sent a warm feeling all through Joyce. She came to a small climax, one a clod like Brad did not notice, but one that branded the feel of lips on her clit, and her lips on erect cock into her brain as a source of intense pleasure. 

Intense pleasure is what both kids are feeling, Joyce from Brad's tongue swirling around her clitoris, pummeling it lightly, stroking it, slowly bringing the little girl atop him to her first orgasm by tongue.  She had never dreamed that people could or would do this to each other. The twins had masturbated singly and together since about six, when they had discovered their pleasure spots. They had masturbated each other. They had each smelled and tasted the others sparse juices on their fingers. But lick one another? Down there?  They tried it a couple of times, but it was way too nasty for a city girl to contemplate. 

Brad, on the other hand, was a farm boy, used to seeing animals lick their own and other animals in those "nasty" places. He, like many farm boys had even experimented with having animals lick him. A calf, for instance, presented with a small cock dripping from being dipped in a bucket of milk, now that could be a kick. Even farm dogs and cats would respond to that stimulus. (And now you still wonder why farm dogs come up and sniff your crotch?) Brad was used to the idea of pleasure, and had been recently schooled by an expert girl. Brad knew how to give pleasure and he knew how to receive pleasure. He had brought the little girl right to the brink, and now he was there too. It was more the idea of the innocent girl licking his penis, than her technique that was testing his control. It was time... 

"I'm cumming!" 

The words meant nothing to Joyce. Something great was happening to her, she had no idea what. She had been striving to reach a summit, only to slip back, and now here it was! She made it! She was bathed in heat and pleasure... The cock in her hand and in her mouth jerked. It swelled. It spat into her mouth while Brad groaned again... "I'm cumming!" 

Joyce jerked her head back. Just in time to receive the second spurt spread from lips to eyebrows. She attempted to aim it away with too slow hands. The third one went from cheek to ear. The forth one, fifth and sixth were feeble little spurts out an inch or so and back to dribble down her fingers. She spat out the dollop of cum in her mouth into the hair at the base of his cock. 

"Ugh!" She rolled her tongue around her mouth, trying to clear it all out, but now getting her first taste of boy cum, and swallowing what remained in her mouth and throat. Her sense of euphoria had disappeared faster than Brad's erection was going. 

"What happened to you?" Some of the junk on her face was dripping in long strings down onto Brad's now smaller tool and his pubic hair. Joyce wanted to wipe her face, but she had the same slimy stuff all over her hands. 

"I told you I was cumming." Brad set her legs to one side and sat up.  When he saw her face he almost laughed, but then he saw her expression and thought better of it. He could feel the cum oozing down off his bottom onto the sheets. He needed something to wipe up with. His boxer shorts, or her PJ's? Boxers, he decided. He picked them up and wiped the cum off Joyce's face before she could get a hand up to stop him. Then he got most of the rest around his cock and balls. Then he offered the shorts to her. 

Joyce took them gingerly and wiped her hands. Then she tried to find a dry spot and wiped her face and her ear out better. Then she took a closer look at what she was using for a towel, and screwed up her face as she dropped the shorts. 

"Why did it do that? And what happened? Look!" Joyce points at his flaccid little organ. 

"I told you I was cumming! Wait. You didn't know boys cum?" 

"No. I've never done this before." 

"But... This afternoon. You said you had done stuff with somebody." 

"I did? No I di..." Oh No! That lying Jenny! What did she tell him? "Well, I didn't do that. Just kiss and stuff." 

"Oh. I thought you meant a lot more. Okay, when guys cum, they shoot it out their cock. I tried to warn you. I'm sorry, Jenny." 

Joyce looks down to see if her "birthmark" is gone or smeared. It looks okay to her, but she better not press her luck. 

"I'm gonna go wash my face." 'And rinse out my mouth,' she didn't say. Joyce slipped on her panties, and then she carried her pajamas out the window and back to her bedroom. Jenny was still snoring  .Joyce tiptoed out to the bathroom and washed her face and hands and brushed her teeth again. Then she put on her pajamas and slipped into bed and was asleep in seconds. 

Jenny stirred and sat up in bed. She glanced over at Joyce's bed. Joyce was sprawled out, snoring. Ah, time to get in to Brad's room. She looked at the window as she swung her legs over. It was light outside! Rats! She went to sleep and missed going to Brad's room. She hoped he wouldn't be mad at her. Well, she had to pee anyway. 

As she came out of the bathroom, Brad came out of his room. He was all dressed. 


"Yes, Brad. I'm sor..." 

"Wow, Jenny. That was some night we had! You were great! I'm sorry I got my cum all over your face. I'll see you later, I gotta go help milk the cows." Brad gave her a hug and a quick kiss and patted her butt. Then he went downstairs in a big hurry. 

Jenny stood there for a full minute. Then she walked into the bedroom, and went over by Joyce's bed. Joyce was on her back, the covers were off, and her pajamas were partially down. Jenny hooked a finger in the waistband and slid them down another inch. There, staring up from Joyce's mound of Venus, was her very own birthmark! 


In Chapter 3, does Jenny get even? 



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All of my characters and what they do are pure fiction. This is an erotic fantasy. Do not try to emulate the characters. 

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