Part 2

Getting to Know the Neighbors

By Lasiter

(Mg, nepi, voy, exhib, mast, fondle)

Helping the neighbors can be rather enlightening...









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My daily visits with Mike while he was in recovery from his injuries were definitely the highlights of my days.  Mike was good company and we had several interests in common, like fishing.  We agreed to team up once he was able and hit the water in my modest johnboat.   But what I looked forward to the most was seeing little Lisa.  She was a delightful charmer and almost always nude.

I remember from my own kids and to a much more limited extent, from my grandkids at that age, that the occasional nude streak through the house after a bath was not unheard of.  It wasn't common either, but not totally unheard of.  With Lisa, the nudity was an everyday state of affairs.  Even when I was there and she happened to be clothed when I got there, it wasn't long before her clothes were shed.  At first Mike gamely tried to keep his young daughter dressed, but was unsuccessful. 

According to Mike, both he and his wife, Staci, were at a loss as to what to do. I assured him that I didn't mind in the least and to stop beating himself up on account of it.

Mike admitted to his permissiveness when she was much younger and acknowledged that now that she was older, it was at the root of the problem. Thankfully she was cooperative when it came to going out to restaurants, or a movie, or simply out in public, but at home, it was hopeless.  The worst part was that she tended to undress when she was at daycare, and had been told by numerous care facilities that they couldn't accept her if she couldn't keep her clothes on.  With both parents working, that was indeed a big problem.  With Mike at home recuperating, daycare wasn't a problem for the time being.

Lisa liked to crawl up in my lap so that I could read a book to her. According to Mike, that had always been one of their favorite times, but nude or not, with him in the full cast, it was just easier to let me do it. 

One day I was over and Lisa was doing her rocking game.  I pretended not to notice.  Mike hopped up and with his good arm scooped her up and took her to her room.  I could hear him lecturing her, threatening her if she took her clothes off again. They came back out.  Lisa was visibly unhappy, but dressed and she stayed dressed until I went home. But a few days later...

"What am I going to do with her, Bill?" he asked while she openly did her thing sitting naked on the floor, her fist pressed against her cunt, rocking back and forth and obviously masturbating.

"I'm no child expert," I told him, "but kids go through phases.  This is probably just a phase. She'll out grow it."

"You think so?"

"Hell, I don't  know."  My sage grandfatherly advice given, we just let her do it.  However, I was afraid to stand, lest my boner gave me away.

Of course I did more than just ogle her and hold her reading a book while she was nude.  Mike needed my help with mundane things like giving her bath.  The girl's mother was fine with that too, as it meant she didn't have to also do that too once she got home from a long arduous day at work. The baths were particularly enjoyable for me.

Under her daddy's supervision, I would draw the bath and then bathe the child, my soapy hands going where ever they needed to go to get her squeaky clean.  More than once when I was between her legs, I glanced over at Mike, who was sitting on the toilet watching, and saw that he had major boner.  He never said a word and neither did I, even though I probably took longer cleaning her little snatch than was necessary.  Lisa, for her part, didn't mind me hand washing her cunt.  Indeed, she always opened her little legs for me, pausing from playing with her waterlogged Barbie dolls and boats until I finished before resuming her play.  Same reaction from her father when I washed her ass.

Then there were the times when she wanted to go to "Granpa's" and play on the "Slippery Slide".  It was amazing, but she understood perfectly that to go to next door to my house that she needed some clothes on.  This she would do without any cajoling on my part or her dad's part.  But once inside my house, the garment (she usually just threw on a sundress) was left practically at the front door.  She loved the Slip'N Side, darting through the old whirly sprinkler I still had or playing in the blowup kiddie pool I had bought for her.  We passed many hours sitting in shade working on a six pack, watching her playing naked in the water or just running about kicking a rubber ball.

Of course being naked outside in the hot sun necessitated applying sunscreen to her bare skin, and just like with the baths, Mike let me do the honors,  Keeping her from getting a sun burn was the perfect cover for surreptitiously molesting her. I was careful not to over do it with her father sitting there watching, but never once did her father object when I was getting into all the creases, nor did he object to the amount of time I spent doing so.  Usually by the time I was finished Mike had a raging hard-on (as did I) that he made no attempt to hide.

And of course Lisa liked for me to toss her up in the air and blow raspberries on her bare skin.  Mike just let me do whatever I wanted to do with her, watching and grinning as his little girl giggled during the sometime borderline inappropriate play.

Mike and I were talking one day and not paying much attention to Lisa when she crawled into her father's lap.  He held her like he often did while we talked.  Then to his surprise, she took his free hand and stuck it in her crotch.  Mike jumped up and made her get dressed.  She did, but the damage was done.  It was now apparent to me where she learned to rub herself. Of course I said nothing.    

Six weeks after his accident, the full arm cast was removed. Mike went back to work and my days of ogling and playing with the nude little darling in the presence of her father was at an end.  Mike went back to work and that was that.  Lisa was placed with yet another daycare facility. As far as I could tell, everything was a normal as it could be for about three weeks.  Then I got a phone call from Staci, Lisa's young mom, and could she and Mike please come over. 

"Sure, anytime, Staci," I told her.

"How about in fifteen minutes, Bill?"

"I'm here.  Come on over."

Ten minutes later the three of them arrived.  I was surprised that Lisa didn't just strip off as soon as she was inside, but I suspect her mother had read her the riot act.  Turns out, they had a problem, a big problem.  Lisa had been kicked out of yet another daycare because she wouldn't keep her clothes on. I wondered if that was the only reason. By then, Lisa had been sent packing by every reasonably available daycare center and now they needed to find someone to babysit her on a permanent basis.  They had found a lady, and that worked for a few days, but out of frustration, the woman had quit that very afternoon.  They then asked if I would watch after Lisa until they found another sitter for her.  It was, we all agreed, a temporary arrangement. 

I offered Mike and Staci a drink which they accepted.  As we stood about my kitchen sipping our cocktails, little Lisa made herself at home, stripping off everything and happily running about.  No one said a thing about her nudity.


So the next morning, bright and early, my first day as Lisa's care giver began. Her mom brought her over, dressed in play shorts, a t-shirt and shoes and socks. Me, I was barely moving and only semi-dressed without having finished my first cup of coffee.  Within a minute of Staci's departure, the clothes were coming off as Lisa happily went from room to room.  My only request was for Lisa to gather up her things and put them all in one place. 

She wanted to go outside and play with the ball I had bought for her; it was one of those multi-colored rubber balls about 6 inches in diameter.  She had a great time kicking the ball around and tossing it back and forth to me, and I had a great time applying sunscreen before hand, especially on her ass.  Losing interest in playing with the ball, she practiced her somersaults in the grass for a while.  After a while she was tired, dirty and ready to come inside.

"I think you need a bath," I told her once inside.

"Kay!" she happily agreed.

So I drew her bath and helped her into the warm water.  She played for a while with some bath toys I acquired the night before and a pitifully abused Barbie doll I had found abandoned by a granddaughter under the sink.  Pretty soon with all the splashing, she had my shirt wet.  Shedding the wet t-shirt, I began to wash her.  As always, she was most cooperative. And like it was at her house, when I washed her pussy, she stopped playing and spread her legs for me.  I washed her pussy for a long time.  When I stopped, she said, "Do that again!"  So I washed her pussy again.  It was obvious from her contented facial expressions that she enjoyed my handy work. 

"Do that again!" she asked when I had stopped molesting her.

"I need to wash your butt," I told her.  Normally she would stand up or rise up on her knees for this part of the bath, but I had her get on all fours this time.  My slippery soapy hand went right between her smooth hairless buttocks and to her anus where I made sure she was clean.  Then I slid further between her legs to her pussy once again, my finger gliding down between her demure baby labia lips. 

"You like that?" I asked as I fingered her young cunt without attempting to penetrate her. She silently nodded her head.  After a moment or two, I stopped.  Little bugger wiggled her ass to get me to continue, so I did.

Having gone way past anything remotely appropriate, I stopped and removed my hand.

"Do it again!" she demanded while wiggling her naked ass.

"The water's getting cold and I bet your fingers are all wrinkly by now," I told her. 

She rocked back, sitting up on her heels and inspected her fingers.  Sure enough they were water logged. She held up her hands to me to see.

"Yep, time to get out," I told her.  Reaching up to me to lift her from the water, I picked her up, stood her on the bathroom rug and dried her. With the bath completed, she was ready for me to read her a book.   

She found a story book for me to read to her and we settled in on my Lazy-Boy.  It wasn't a very good book, some sort of PC drivel, and before we were finished she had lost attention and was focusing on my exposed man-nipples.  I let her play with my nip while I finished the story.  With the god-awful book read, I put it aside and let her explore my body, or at least that much of it that was uncovered, which was most of it.  She played in my chest hair, rubbed my nipples, rubbed my tummy and drew circles with fingers around and into my navel.  Generally she just felt me up while I allowed her explore to her heart's content. 

Suddenly she stopped touching me and lay back in my arms with her legs spread.  Grasping my free hand, she put it between her legs.  It was obvious what she wanted.  I didn't know that little girls could be so sexual. "Rub me, Granpa," she asked batting her baby blues at me.

I had presence of mind enough to tell her, "I don't think that's such a good idea, sweetheart."

"But it feels good," she replied.

"Your mom and dad wouldn't want me to touch you like that."

"Daddy touches me down there all the time," she replied.  I nearly fell out of the chair.  No wonder he didn't object to me washing her between the legs!

The only thing that came to mind for me to say was, "I'm not your daddy."

"Daddy said it's okay if you touch me like he touches me.  I won't tell anyone."

"Your daddy didn't tell me it was okay," I replied.

"But you've touched me down there before and Daddy was there."

"Yes, he was," I replied, my mind having been completely blown away.  "But... that was just when I was bathing you. I had to touch you then."

"Pleeeeease?" she begged as she wiggled her cunt against my hand.

Up until this point I had always told myself that the only reason I touched her pussy was to wash her.  I knew that was only partially true, but it was a fiction that let me sleep at night. 'Well, if it's alright with her and if it's alright with Mike...' I now silently rationalized.  My fingers began to gently caress her smooth tightly closed clam.

Watching her facial expressions, I rubbed her vulva for quite some time, resisting the urge to penetrate between her demure folds and into her silky pinkness. She liked it, having her pussy gently rubbed, liked it a lot, and eventually Lisa closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep.  I then came to realize that it wasn't so much sexual pleasure she was receiving, rather it just simply felt good to her.  Why it felt good didn't come into her equation, just the fact that it did feel good.  I let her sleep in my arms, my hand resting on her bald baby puss, taking the opportunity to catch a quick nap myself.

I woke up with her still soundly sleeping.  By then my arm had gone to sleep as I held her, her naked buttocks still filling one hand and the other resting between her legs.  If my arm hadn't gone numb, I would have let her be, but I needed to change the position on my arm, so I carefully rose from the chair with her in my arms and took her into the back and lay her upon my bed. 

Just as I was about to make good my escape, I heard her call out, "Granpa, come stay with me."  I probably should have kept going, as she would have probably dozed off, but I stopped, turned and crawled up beside her.

"Rub me, Granpa," she said with sleepy eyes.  So I rubbed her. Not between the legs this time, but her  chest. Eventually I rubbed her tummy and her legs and let my hand glide up into the nexus of her legs and over her puss.  By then she was sound asleep again, allowing me to make my escape.

I made us lunch, turkey sandwiches and ABC soup, then waited for her to wake up from her nap.  When she woke, about an hour later, she was starving.  While she munched away on half a turkey sandwich, I heated up the soup in the microwave and poured her half a glass of milk.  Like every kid I've ever been around, she loved Campbell's Vegetable Soup.  God help the parents of little kids if they ever stop making the stuff.   With her fully served, I sat and ate my sandwich and a half, saving the remaining soup to serve to her the next day.

Of course she managed to dribble both milk and soup down her bare chest and tummy, necessitating yet another bath. When I put her in the warm water, I was anticipating a quick rinse off, but she had other ideas and took the opportunity to repeatedly drown the poor Barbie doll and sink her boats.   This time I didn't think it necessary to molest her and just watched her play until the water grew cold. 

After drying her, it was back to the living room where I gave her a toy car to play with, one of those that you push back to wind up, let go and it races away.  She had a great time with it, but like most things, it only held her attention for a little while.  Time for Plan B.  I asked her if she wanted me to read a book to her.  I was surprised when she wasn't interested in doing that.  Go to Plan C. 

I pulled out the coloring book I acquired the night before along with the new box of crayons and took her back into the kitchen to sit at the table.  For the next hour or so, we colored, with me trying unsuccessfully to teach her to stay within the lines.  She preferred a more free hand approach.   Then it was back to the living room to play with the Transformers and the new windup car.  Then it was outside to play with the ball while I set up the Slip'N Slide.  Ah, sunscreen... great stuff!

By the time her mom picked her up late that afternoon, I was exhausted. It didn't faze Staci that her daughter was naked nor that I was only half dressed.  She just thanked me and managed to get Lisa's shorts back on.  The top and the shoes and socks?  Forget that.  She let the tanned little angel run home barefoot and topless. 

The End of Part 2



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