Part 1

Helping the Neighbors

By Lasiter

(Mg, nepi, exhib, voy, fondle)

When your next door neighbor needs you to look after her little girl during an emergency, you help the neighbor...









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I had just gotten out the shower after cutting my grass when the doorbell rang.  Grabbing a pair of lose fitting gym shorts, I slipped them on and answered the door.  It was my next door neighbor, Staci Higgman and her little girl, Lisa.  Staci was definitely distraught and began frantically rambling.

"Slow down, slow down... What's the matter?"

Turns out she'd just gotten a call from the hospital.  Her husband, Mark, was in the hospital and undergoing surgery after being in an automobile accident on the freeway. Bottom line was that she needed to get to the hospital ASAP and could I please look after little Lisa for her.  Of course I would, after all, I have several grandchildren, all a little older, so I knew something about little kids. Besides, how much trouble could a single four year old girl be?

I looked down at the little four year old angel who was halfway hidden behind her mother's leg, peeking out at me.  Kneeling down I greeted, "Hi, Lisa.  Are you going to stay with me today?"  She just batted her big blue eyes at me and retreated further behind her mother's leg. 

"Lisa, say hello to Mr. Bill," her mother instructed.

"Hi," came a small voice in reply.

Her mother extracted the little darling from behind her and told her.  "Now, you be a good girl for Mr. Bill while Mommy's gone." First thing I noticed was that Lisa's hair was wet. The second thing I noticed was the cute little sundress she was wearing, light blue with pink flowers, and the fact that she was barefoot.

Looking up at me Staci explained, "I was giving her a bath when I got the call.  If you will, just comb out her hair and it will be fine. I really appreciate this, Mr. Bill."

"Just Bill, Staci.  It's no problem.  I didn't have any plans for the rest of the day." This was true, other than reading yet another book.  Other than that... zilch, the bane of the recently retired.  "Now, you go on.  We'll be fine."  With that Staci kissed Lisa goodbye and ran back home.

I took Lisa's hand and led her inside.  Hmmm, first things first, I needed to do something with the child's long curly hair.  I took her to my bathroom and searched around for some detangler.  Fortunately I had some left over from when my youngest son and his family had stayed the last time. Picking her up, I sat her on the granite countertop, found a big-toothed comb, then proceeded to spray the detangler and comb out her hair.  I was surprised by how cooperative she was, but then again I made sure I didn't yank on her hair as I combed it out.  Then I took out my late wife's hair dyer and ten minutes later... What a cutie!

With the hair at least presentable, I sat her back on the floor and took her to one of the spare bedrooms where I had a stash of old toys.  All considered, it was a pitiful stash, as it was all boys toys, what few I still had.  I pulled down a box of Matchbox Cars and a box with some Transformers.  We then went back to my den, where I sat the two boxes on the floor and let her have at it. 

So, she's sitting playing with the toy cars while I sat in my Lazy-Boy watching her happily at play.  All was fine and hunky dory until she put two cars between her legs facing me.  Suddenly she lies on her back, flying the little cars in the air over her head and there staring right at me from under her dress was her smooth four-year-old bare pussy.  My eyebrows went up, needless to say.  Then I concluded that her mother, in her rush to get to her husband's side in his hour of need, had forgotten to put panties on her little girl. 

I felt guilty for gawking at the little angel, but... 

Just as suddenly as she had exposed herself to my gaze, she sat up cutting off the view.  Next thing I know, she's on her hands and knees pushing the cars around.  I'm not sure if at that moment I was relieved to see her dress covering her again, or disappointed. Whichever it was, I watched her more attentively while she played.  Every so often, I caught a glimpse of her pussy or her smooth little butt cheeks, and with each glimpse, I found myself waiting, wanting and watching for more.

She was playing with the toys one moment, then I noticed that she was sitting facing away from me, rocking back and forth.  It was kind of odd, but I really didn't think much of it.  After several minutes she went back to playing with the toys.

She soon grew tired of the toys I had and coming up to me as I sat, asked if she could have a cookie.  "Cookies?" I replied while thinking, 'Why didn't you buy some damned cookies?' "Hmmmm, let's go see what we can find. Okay?"

"Kay!" she replied brightly. She followed me into the kitchen where I looked and looked, and was rewarded for my diligence with a forgotten box of Animal Crackers. Hoping they weren't stale, I handed the box to Lisa whose eyes lit up along with a huge smile.  I, of course, had to open the box for her. She held up an animal of some sort for me to see, and in a moment of grandfatherly playfulness, I bent down quickly and bit off the head. 

Instantly, I regretted doing that as she looked at me, frozen in place, with a very peculiar expression. 'Oh, lord, she's gonna cry,' I thought to myself.  But she burst into a fit of giggles instead.  Saved!  Of course she wanted to do it again, and again and I put on quite a show, and in the process determined that the cookies were thankfully still fresh.  I sat her down at the table on a stack of books, and gave her a half a glass of milk.  Good thing I had the sense to put a hand towel around her neck, secured with a clothes pin, for she immediately spilled the milk down her front.

Whereas before she was mostly silent and hardly looked at me, she was now a chatter box and was very interested in showing me all the things she could do, ABCs, name of all the planets, count to twenty, etc..  I was truly impressed.

With snack time over, we returned to my den.  I had hardly sat down when she says, "Watch me, Mr. Bill!"

She then proceeded to do a somersault, her loose dress flying up over her head and totally exposing her.  Of course one somersault wasn't enough and she did it again and again, hysterically laughing each time she found her head covered by her little dress.  I guess I should have put a stop to it, but... She'd put her head between her legs and roll, ending up flat on her back with her dress covering her face and naked from the neck down. 

After a dozen or so of those, she changed to doing a head stand.  She'd put her head down and spread out her hands and try to rise, but only managed to expose herself briefly before crashing over. 

"Can you help me, Mr. Bill?"

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Hold my legs."

So I stood and held her legs, looking down at her nakedness while her dress covered her head. Out from under the dress I heard, "Now, let go."  I let go and stepped back while she balanced herself briefly before toppling over. 

On the third attempt I playfully lifted her off the floor by the ankles, my view of her nakedness unhindered. Howls of delighted laughter came from somewhere under the inverted dress. I set her back down partially and then lifted her back up with her wiggling about and giggling uncontrollably.  In a moment of insanity on my part, I lifted Lisa high enough to put a loud raspberry on her very exposed tummy.  The giggling and wiggling increased three fold.  I lowered her briefly. lifted her high and blew another wet raspberry on her tummy.  She was positively shrieking by then and as she trashed about inverted in my grip, the sun dress that was hanging on by a tread, came off completely and dropped to the floor.  Oops!

I put her down and releasing her ankles, she crumpled into a naked pile of flesh at my feet.  She wiggled onto her back, lifted up her legs and implored, "Do it again!  Do it again!"  So, with her now totally nude, I lifted her by her ankles once again, only this time it wasn't her bare tummy facing me, but her bare rump.  Now, I've always been an ass-man.  I love a good shapely butt on a woman or a girl, and her plump well rounded ass was inches from my face.  Casting caution to the wind, I blew a raspberry on one delectable cheek, then blew one on the other cheek, all to her howls of delight.  I lowered her enough that she could touch the floor.  "Do it again!" she managed through her merriment. Immediately I raised her again, slightly spreading he legs apart to improve the view and this time blew one right between the cheeks. Predictably she howled in delight as she wiggled like a fish on a hook  upside down with me blowing raspberry after raspberry on her butt. 

I sat her back down and carefully released her. Once again she was a naked pile of flesh at my feet.

"Do it again!" she pleaded. 

Somewhat exhausted, and coming to my senses, I said, "You know, maybe you should put your dress back on."

"NO!" she shot back. I picked up the little sun dress and held it up to her.  You would have thought I was teasing her with a live scorpion.  "NO!" she shouted and then ran off.

Chasing after her, we played a kind of slow motion game of tag, where I would lumber about like a demented goofus and she would run away laughing.  I caught her, put her over my shoulder and rolled her over my back where she would make good her escape only to be caught again and again until I had to say enough and went back to my Lazy-Boy to recuperate.

The game over, she back to playing with the toys, her dress discarded on the floor.  I suppose I should have at least suggested that she put her dress back on, but...

After fifteen minutes or so of playing on the floor nude, she was once again just sitting and rocking back and forth.  This time she was sitting at an angle to me and I could clearly see that she had her fist pressed up against her sex as she rocked back and forth.  She was masturbating!  I didn't know that little girls did that sort of thing.  Little boys played with themselves all the time, but little girls?

Lisa stopped and sat perfectly still for few moments before she spied a story book under a side table.  Retrieving it, she came, crawled up onto my lap and asked me to read it to her.  Keep in mind that I still hadn't put a shirt on.  I held the book in one hand and had her turn the pages, my other hand firmly supporting her naked butt while she nestled into my bare breast. The skin to skin contact was, let's just say, memorable.  A naked little girl, smooth skinned and flawless, safe and secure in the arms of a half nude man as he read a story to her about a bunny... it was enough to give me a raging hard-on, not that I wasn't hard earlier during the gymnastic exhibition.

By the time the story had ended, I wasn't just supporting her naked butt with my hand, but my fingers were lightly stroking her, going from cheek to cheek. I let the book fall away and she snuggled in and went to sleep while I molested her cute little ass.  After a bit, I began to feel a bit guilty and decided that maybe I shouldn't be rubbing her like that, nor should she be naked in my arms.  Careful not wake her, I stood, groaning under the dead weight, then carried her to a spare bedroom where I laid her upon the bed and covered her up. 

With my angel fast asleep, I was now able to tend to my own needs.  I made it to the hall bath, dropped my shorts and proceeded to unload my balls. Relief was quick in coming. 

So, there I was with a handful of nut juice when I heard behind me, "I got to tinkle." She then brushed past me and climbed up onto the toilet.  She sat tinkling away, smiling at me while I frantically thought what I should do... first thing was to wash my hand, second was to... She hopped off pot and came up to me holding her hands up, her face eye level with my nasty old cock, wanting to wash her hands. 

"What's that?" she pointedly inquired about my semi-flaccid organ.

"Uhhhh, that's my thingie."

"Oh, okay," she replied showing not the least concern for either her own or my nudity. 

"I can't reach," she says still holding her hands up, but looking right at my dick. I picked her up and held her so that she could wash her hands.  With her now bent over the sink washing her hands, I was pressing up against her, or rather my semi-flaccid cock was pressing up against her butt crack, the still wet tip depositing my DNA laden goo in a place that would be impossible to explain away.  Setting her back down, she went right to the towel to dry her hands.

"Read me another story?  Please?"

"Okay, baby, go find another book and I'll be right there."

She wasn't having any of that and took my hand, dragging me back to the den with my still wet dick swinging in the breeze.  She found another book, something about a lady bug, which gave me the chance to wipe my dick with the loose arm cover of my Lazy-Boy.  Moments later she was up in my lap, only this time we were both totally naked.  Once again I held the book with one hand and she turned the pages, my other with a handful of bare little girl butt.  Either the story wasn't all that interesting or the funny thing between my legs was more interesting to her.  I was praying that she wouldn't reach down and grab it, knowing that I had already let things go much too far... I was too old to go to prison. But... curiosity got the best of her and she reached down and touched it. 

Coming to my senses, I bolted out of the chair and carried her back to the spare bedroom.  "I think you need to take a nap," I told the naked cherub as I put her down.

I was expecting a fight, but she just flipped onto her tummy, looked over at me and said, "Daddy rubs my back.  Will you rub my back?  Please?"  I was ready to get the hell out of there and get some clothes on, but...

With her mane of blond hair framing her pretty face, she had the most peaceful smile as I sat and gently stroked her back, her bright eyes looking trustingly into mine, while I rubbed her bare back. Initially I kept my hand on her upper back, but gradually its orbit took in her lower back as well. Her eyes drooped and gradually closed completely. I stopped rubbing and her eyes opened. I resumed rubbing and her eyes closed once again.  Pretty soon, without me being conscious about it, my hand was gliding over her buttocks. I looked to see where my hand was and confirming its position on her rump, I looked to see if she was alarmed.  Her eyes were open again and I froze. For a moment, there was an impasse of sorts, she staring at me while my hand remained on her naked butt.  Then the little nymph wiggled her butt, encouraging me to continue rubbing her where I shouldn't be rubbing.  Damn! So, I continued feeling up her ass and eventually she was went to sleep.

Easing off the bed, careful not to wake her, I went to my room and put on some clothes. For the next hour or so while she napped, I fretted about what had happened.  How do explain what had happen should she tell her mother? It's not like I stuck my finger up her twat or up her butthole and it's not like I tried to get her to play with my dong, but... how in the hell would I explain what had taken place?

I must have fallen asleep myself as I was woken by her crawling up into my lap. She was still naked and a quick glance confirmed the little blue sundress with the pink flowers was still on the floor where it had been earlier abandoned. She put her face just inches from mine and said, "I love you, Mr. Bill," then kissed me on the lips.  Not a tongue grubbing kiss, just a chaste peck. 

"I love you too," I replied with a warm smile. 

"Can you be my granpa?"

"Well, you already have two grandfathers, don't you?"

"No, they died."  I felt so bad for her. She then added in a matter-of-fact manner, "They died a long time ago."

"Oh, I see.  Well, if you want..."

"Yea!  I have a granpa!" she erupted excitedly.  "I have a granpa!" She then kissed me again with a longer tight lipped smacker. 

"Tell you what, sweetie.  Don't you think you should put your dress back on?"

She blinked a few times, her nose practically touching my nose while my hands held her by the bare butt once again.  Then with a big grin she said, "Kay!", hopped down and pulled the discarded dress over her head.  There was a 50-50 probability that she'd get it right.  She didn't.  It was inside out. 

"Come here," I told her.  She came to me and I pulled the dress back over her head, turned it inside-inside and dropped it over her arms and head again.  It felt like a triumph to have her back in clothes once again.  She then wanted to watch cartoons, so I turned the TV on and with her lying on my lap, we watched a hour or so of mindless drivel.  Is it my imagination, or nostalgia, that cartoons these day are so piss-poor and stupid?  What happened to animators?  I concluded that it was the same thing that happened to Hollywood movies and TV, a total lack of imagination and talent. 

After a while, the inane drivel didn't hold Lisa's attention anymore than my son's old Transformers and MatchBox cars had. She turned her head and looked up at me asking, "Can we go outside and play?"

"Sure, baby girl."  She slid off my lap and trotted off to the backdoor.   I opened the door and she flew outside with me following behind.

It was early-afternoon by then and rather hot, but for the next ten minutes or so, she ran around in circles, burning off energy at a fast clip and getting red faced and sweaty at the same time.  It occurred to me that with her fair skin that she would burn to a crisp if I didn't get some sunscreen on her.  She wasn't at all happy that I was dragging her back inside so soon. 

"I wanna go play outside!" she wailed and wailed.

Thankfully I had some sunscreen and quickly located it. It was a few years out of date, but it would have to do.

"I don't want you to get a sunburn, sweetheart," I told her as I unscrewed the bottle.  "Now, I'm going to put this on you and then we can go back outside.  Okay?"


I did her face, her arms and whatever skin the little sundress wasn't covering, including her lower legs and cute little feet.

"Okay, baby girl," I said, "that should do it.  Ready to go back outside?"

"Yea!" she shouted and took off for the back door.

Nice thing about my backyard, the landscaping was mature, lush  and low maintenance, with lots of shade and a nice expanse of soft grass, but best of all was the eight foot privacy fence; up until now the main benefit being that I didn't need to look at my neighbors' houses, especially the unkempt pig sty directly behind me. When I was back there in my private oasis, it was if there was no one else was around... unless someone nearby cranked up their lawn mower or a gas-powered weed eater.

Of course she wanted to explore into the deep flower beds and came out with a fistful of flowers.  These she was particularly proud of, so I found a container to put the flowers and water in. 

It was while I was filling the plastic container with water, that I remembered that I had bought a Slip'N'Slide when my elder son and his family were here a month or so ago.  I went to the shed, found it and set it up. 

"What is it?" she kept asking.

And I kept replying, "It's a Slip'N'Slide."

"What's that?"

"You'll see," I'd reply.

"But what is it?"  I liked to have never gotten the thing set up with all the questions and her "help".  Even after I turned on the water, she didn't get it.

"Okay, you start at this end," I explained, "then run, flop down your belly and slide to the other end."

"I'll get my new dress wet," she replied.

"Well, you don't do it wearing a dress, silly."

"Kay!" she said brightly holding her arms up for me to strip her naked. Good thing I have that high privacy fence around my property. 

That of course exposed more bare skin to harsh rays of the afternoon sun, and necessitated more sun screen.  I had thought to bring the bottle of sunscreen out with me, so I was able to proceed forthwith.

"Okay, baby, we need to put more sunscreen on. Is it okay if I put it ALL over you?"

"Kay," she replied holding her arms up.  Such a cooperative little angel.

I slathered her back and chest, finding her skin to be incredibly smooth and flawless.  Everything was going just fine and Lisa was fully cooperating.  I steeled myself to do her below the waist, telling myself that it had to be done and just be quick about it.  Well, that's all fine in theory, but as I worked her tummy below her cute little navel and over her dainty hairless mons, I found myself going rather slowly while she trustingly stood perfectly still.  I was feeling a bit guilty at this point as as I worked her inner thighs real good, repeatedly grazing he sweet little clam shell in the process.  I forced myself to work down the front of her legs to her little feet.  Then it was up the back of her legs and to firm rounded globes of her naked bubble butt. I did her butt really good... better than was required. 

It was over and I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't taken more time, but I knew I had already taken too much time where I shouldn't have.  Finished, I was expecting her to dash off ready to play, but she stood there waiting for me to either put more sunscreen on her or to tell her I was done.  Pushing aside my guilty feelings, I slid my hand on and around her cute butt applying more unscreen. Damn! Then I did a second application on her mons and inner thighs.  She just stood there, looking at me unconcerned that I had perhaps (perhaps?) done more than was necessary.

Moments later my yard was filled with her laughter and squeals of delight as she ran and slid down the wet sheet of plastic, over and over and over.  Meanwhile, I sat in the shade enjoying the sight of the wet naked little girl having a blast.  We stayed outside for quite some time while she played on the water slide. I had to get her to stop a couple of times while I retrieved a cold beer, but other than that, she was in constant motion. 

Eventually she ran out of gas.  I dried her off as best I could and we went inside where she once again fell asleep naked in my lap, my hand lazily stroking her ass.  And once again when she was in a deep sleep, I got up and took her to the spare bedroom.  I then went outside to retrieve the only clothing she had before setting about fixing us some dinner. 

What do you feed a little kid?  If my own grandchildren were any guide, I knew I was in trouble.  Most likely, she would be as picky as they were. Fortunately, had some mild cheddar cheese, left over from my son's visit, and I could fix her a grilled cheese sandwich.  What kid doesn't like a grilled cheese? All I needed to do was cut off the greenish white mold.

She didn't sleep all that long and was soon asking for something to eat.

"Do you like grilled cheese?"  I asked my still naked cherub. 

She nodded her approval.  Good thing as my other options were very limited.  Besides, I had everything ready... just heat up the griddle and...  She really liked her grilled cheese and I liked watching her eat it without a stitch of clothes.  With dinner done it was back to the Match Box cars for a while. 

After a while she was once again happily rocking back and forth with her hand in her puss, only this time she was more or less facing me and I had an unobstructed view of what she was doing.  A quick flash of light from outside caught my attention. Glancing out the window and through the nearly closed blinds I caught sight of her mother's car pulling into the driveway next door. 

"Time to get dressed, Lisa," I told her after retrieving her dress.

"I wanna play," she replied ignoring me as she continued playing with herself.

"You need to get dressed," I replied.

"No!  I wanna play!"

"Your mother's coming," I said with urgency. 

Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! 

She was up off the floor in a flash with her arms raised so that I could slip her sundress over her head. 

With the child dressed once again, I answered the door. "Oh, hi, Staci," I greeted hoping I didn't look guilty of something.  "How's Mike?"

"He's okay, thankfully.  A broken arm and some stitches, but other than that, he's fine.  It could have been a lot worse.  He should be coming home tomorrow."

"Mommy!  Mommy!" little Lisa cried as she ran to her mother and gave her leg a hug.

Ignoring her little girl Staci proceeded to thank me profusely while I graciously told her that it was my pleasure... which it was.

"Mommy, Mommy!  I had so much fun!  I went on the slippery slide."

Staci's eyebrows crunched up.  "Slippery slide? You mean a Slip-N-Slide?"

"Yeah!  I had so much fun, Mommy!"

Staci looked up at me and I knew I was in deep shit trouble. "Uh, you let her go in just her panties?"

"Well... when she got here she wasn't wearing any panties..." 

Staci's jaw dropped and she looked flustered.  I expected her to explode in justified indignation, but she looked down at Lisa and said, "You little scamp!  What did you do with your panties?" Lisa broke away from her mother and ran back inside my house like a scalded cat.

The mom looked back up me, looking mortified and apologized profusely, "I'm so sorry!  I have such a hard time keeping clothes on that child.  Her father lets her run around... Says it's no big deal.

"Oh, my god!  This is just so embarrassing!" Poor woman looked as if she might start crying.

"It's perfectly alright," I assured.  "I have three boys and five grandchildren.  Believe me, four year olds are pretty much all alike.  I've seen it all before.  Believe me, it's perfectly normal."

"That's what Mike says."

I'm not sure who was more relieved, me or Staci.  Actually I think we were both somewhat flustered.   

Gathering her composure, she sternly called for Lisa and the child went to her mother.  She thanked me once again and with a firm grip on her daughter, hauled her off next door.

For the next two weeks, I was in constant fear that the police would show up at my door, but nothing happened.  But I did see little Lisa now and then.  I'd be outside puttering around in my front yard and she's be coming or going somewhere with her mother and she'd run over to me shouting, "Granpa!  Granpa!" and throw a bear hug around my leg.  Her mom would wave at me and call for Lisa to leave me alone; Lisa would then run back to Mommy. I always wondered if she had panties on, but never determined that one way or the other.


I had a sinking feeling when I got phone call late one morning.  It was Mike Higgman from next door, Lisa's dad. He wanted me to come over while his wife was at work to have a talk with me.  I couldn't help but think, 'Oh, shit.  This is it.'

Fearing the worst, I dragged myself next door to face the music.  At the sound of the dead bolt turning, I had visions of being greeted with a baseball bat, never mind Mike's one broken arm, the other was still good.   Mike answered the door, half dressed, wearing a cast on his entire right arm and sporting a nasty looking set of stitches across his forehead.  He wasn't wielding a baseball bat. To my surprise he warmly greeted me, "Bill!  Come in.  Come in."

As soon as I stepped inside and front door closed behind me, I heard, "Granpa!  Granpa!" and little Lisa, wearing a short tight t-shirt and nothing else, hurled herself across the room and up in my arms.

Mike explained that he had been going stir-crazy these past two weeks while he was off work healing and that he just needed some adult company.  He further explained that he couldn't very well ask just anybody over, not with Lisa running about naked all the time.  He then said that he hoped I didn't mind him calling.

"Uh, no not all.  It's my pleasure, Mike," I said while palming his little girl's naked ass. 

Interesting neighbors I have.

The End of Part 1

In Part 2 - The neighbors are indeed interesting...



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