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Trance Star: Holly Marie Combs

By Tranceman

Author's Notes: Usual crap about how you shouldn't read this if you're not supposed to. Thanks to Echso for inspiring another piece in this little "Charmed" theme.

There were some days that just started out shitty and went downhill from there. Holly Marie Combs was having one of those days.

Things on "Charmed" had been tight for a while. Just when it seemed all was well with Shannen out of the picture and Rose working well with the cast, Alyssa goes and gets herself arrested for indecent exposure. It was a miracle that she wasn't fired but frankly, the producers just couldn't go through another cast change so soon, although Alyssa was getting a lot of flack.

Holly couldn't understand it. Sure, Alyssa had doffed her clothes so often it was hardly even a thrill anymore but this was different. She'd talked to her and Alyssa had sounded honestly confused as to how it had happened. She told Holly she'd been out for a walk, it'd been perfectly normal and the next thing she remembered, she was wet and covered in mud and being handcuffed. She was sober, no drugs and didn't remember ever taking her clothes off or why.

Holly had been understanding even if she thought Alyssa was hiding something. Still, it didn't bode well for the work week and this morning was proving it. She'd been out the night before, just a quick run to a nearby diner for a bite to eat after shooting and she'd gotten the idea of walking through a park.

That was the last thing Holly remembered clearly as she woke up in the morning to find herself lying on a park bench. She couldn't remember lying down or anything or even feeling tired. One minute she'd been walking, the next she was on the bench, feeling a slight chill as she tried to get back to her apartment.

At which point, things went downhill. She'd gone to her home, only to find it locked and her unable to get in. She'd then tried to go to some neighbors and a couple of open stores which was when things got weird. Most people would take one look at her and slam their doors in her face. When she went into a convienience store to ask for help, the female clerk had immediately yelled at her to get out while a young man gawked at her openly. When she'd walked out, a man entering openly leered at her and actually hit on her.

Getting out, Holly walked down the street a bit, still the object of some stares. She couldn't understand it, she wasn't usually ogled like this on the street. She glanced at a window she was passing, just seeing herself. Short dark hair framing her face, blue sweater vest, white skirt, perfectly normal. She just couldn't get why------

A horn honked and Holly started, spinning around to see a car pull up behind her. A man stuck his head out and smiled at her, Holly staring back at him. He looked vaguely familiar but she couldn't quite place him. "Hi, Holly," he stated. "I'm Sean."

"Oh. Hi." Holly said, unsure as to why she was walking towards the car, Sean wearing a huge grin on his face. He took in her appearance, her full and pointed breasts erect and showing clearly under her vest, no shirt underneath. She walked to the car as Sean looked her over. "It's time to go."

Without a word, Holly opened the door and stepped inside, looking over at him and then frowning. "Wait. Where are we going?"

Without a word, Sean held up a bright pendant. The moment Holly watched it spin before her, her eyes went blank and then shut, her head slumping on the back of the seat as she fell into a trance. Sean pocketed the gem, remembering how it had served him well during his terrific night of making love to Holly under the stars in the park. He glanced at the backseat where her shirt was, her completely unaware she wasn't wearing it. Pulling the car into drive, he started to move, talking to Holly carefully as he did.

Holly blinked her eyes open, gazing about as she found herself standing before a large building. She glanced back, watching a car pull away and shook her head. Who was that guy? Why had he seemed so familiar? And why was Holly suddenly walking right into the building, as if having a sudden idea of where she just had to be right now?

She caught a few glances as she walked in, her breasts still showing but the security guard just nodded and buzzed her in, as if expecting her in just this state. Holly walked over to the elevators and hit one button. The doors shut and she was on her way. She found herself unconsciously brushing at her hair and adjusting her skirt as if getting ready for something, even if she didn't know what.

The doors opened, letting her out at an otherwise empty floor, her heels clicking towards a large door at the end. She knocked on it and waited. The door opened and a man appeared, looking Holly over once and then stepping back. "Come in," he said in a commanding tone.

Holly did so and saw she was in a large photo studio, a shooting area set along one wall, a large light stand covered with bulbs and a blue shirt hanging from it. "What you need to wear is right there," the man stated, nodding towards the shirt. "Just that."

Holly moved her hands to her vest, pulling it away completely, then undid her skirt. Her panties hit the floor, showing off her dark bush as she walked over and pulled on the blue shirt, stopping it just above her chest so her breasts clearly showed.

Holly turned as the man took up a camera and started to take photos. She went through a few poses, the usual publicity crap, carrying on as if she wasn't almost completely naked. She turned around, showing her round ass off as the photographer kept on taking photos of it.

"Rub against the post," he said and Holly did. A small part of herself was asking why she was doing all this but the more overwhelming parts of her psyche said that it was all right and perfectly natural too. So she did, rubbing the front of her body against the light post, feeling one light slide around her pussy.

"Oooh....." Holly sighed as she pushed against it harder. Her eyes were shut and she was enjoying it as her pussy rubbed against the lights. She pressed against the post, the pole shifting in between her ripe breasts as she kept working herself against the light stand. It just felt so good to just rub herself against this stand, so nice for the lights rubbing on her pussy, it just felt so very, very good.

Without warning, a pair of hands snaked around her body, cupping her breasts. "Ah!" Holly gasped as she felt the photographer clasp her from behind. She could feel him behind her, his hard cock pressing against one buttock as he rubbed at her tits from behind, squeezing the lush mounds in his hands as he kissed at her neck. "Ooooh...." Holly sighed as she felt him kiss her nape, loving the touch of his lips on her like that.

Without warning, the man turned her around and lifted her up, his hands grasping her buttocks and squeezing them hard as he picked her up. "Ahhh...." Holly groaned as she felt herself being brought onto the man's hard cock, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist as he started to go at her hard, his cock pressing into her pussy. "Oooh," Holly sighed again as she felt his hands squeeze her buttocks as he pressed her against a wall hard, pushing her into it as he started to work his cock in and out of her snatch.

Holly pressed her head back against the wall as the man's face went to her chest, his tongue licking at her erect nipples. It felt so good to feel that warm tongue on her sensitive areas, almost as good as the man continually pumping away at her, pounding her pussy with his cock hard, licking at her chest as he did. Holly's groans started to grow louder as she felt herself start to build, knowing she was close to coming loose on this man. His mouth encircled one breast and sucked on it and that was it. "AHHHHH!" Holly yelled as she came, the man blasting his wad into her, her head slamming on the wall with the force of the orgasm.

The man slowly let Holly down, pulling the shirt off her head so she was completely naked. "Kneel," he said and Holly did so, her eyes looking right at the man's still-erect cock. "Suck." Obediently, Holly moved in and took his rod into her mouth, licking the tip and running her lips down the shaft, getting so into it that she didn't even hear the clicking of the cameras capturing every minute of the long afternoon of fucking ahead of her.

"No. No, trust me, this will do the job. It will. Look, I saw a couple of tourists taking photos of her topless on the street, they'll sell them to the tabloids for big bucks, that'll get the public humiliation you want. As for private, trust me, I know this guy, he'll make sure those photos get around to the right buyers. So, you want the last one? Okay, you're the boss. Not sure how I can get her to do anything crazier in public than that dress from a few years back but I'll try. Thanks for the cash, Miss Doherty."

Sean hung up the phone and smiled. He glanced over the proofs he'd just gotten and knew he was looking at a very handy windfall for this. As he flipped through the shots of Holly taking it up the ass, he thought about the last "Charmed" one and how she'd feel under his little spell.

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