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TimeStop Movie Reviews!!
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Nanpa's R229: The Time Stop Device Part 1
Nanpa's R255: The Time Stop Device Part 2
Nanpa's R272: Time Stop-Special Order
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We Have A New Artist Onboard!!

Everyone, please welcome A Delightful Mind as he entertains us with his pictorials
Pushing Back

Just added 2 more pictorials School Discipline and The Catalogue

In case you do not know, Nanpa has a sale going on his site on every movie he has.
Just take off $5 dollars from the movie price. Not bad at all.
Plus if you order more than $100 of movies, take an extra 10 percent off your order.
And remember there is no S/H, shipping is included in the price. WHAT A DEAL!!

But this is until the end of December, so hurry!!

Nanpa's Movie Site

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The IRON NICK Story Writing Contest #11 is over.
Dedicated to Iron Nick, the one who inspired me to write and post.
I am sorry to say but there were no entries submitted.
Click -> HERE <- to read all the contest rules.

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