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Vive Le France

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. A little foreign treat for you all. Enjoy.

The high class resort was one of the most popular in all of France. Located on the beaches of the Rivera, it was almost always packed with tourists as well as the rich elite, the kind who could afford the expense-filled and frill packed accommodations. Nude beaches, high-priced meals, room service, the perfect vacation for the rich and famous.

Laetitia Casta definitely fit into that category. After years of modeling and becoming one of the most famous faces (not to mention bodies) in the world, the gorgeous Frenchwoman was taking a break from her grind to unwind a bit and picked the resort as the place to do it. She was afforded a lot of attention and greatly enjoyed the service.

There were some drawbacks of course. After saying she did not plan to do nudity any more in her modeling shoots, she was a tad upset when tabloids started printing photos taken of her on the topless beach. She really couldn't blame them of course. She knew she was news and men just couldn't seem to get enough of seeing her incredible exposed chest. And of course, there were the inevitable requests for autographs, not to mention a few men who had read one too many celebrity erotic fiction stories on the net and thought they had a chance with her.

Thankfully, security at the hotel was just as high class as the service so Laetitia had a lot of time to herself and her own privacy. She also got her own high class suite with a balcony overlooking the hotel terrace, where she could see the lovely beachside as well as the proud flagpole flapping in the breeze.

Laetitia stood there, sipping at her drink, letting the wind flow from the ocean and blow her long dark hair behind her. She was wearing a simple dress, a little light for the cool weather, her nipples on her chest prominent as she drank, taking in the relaxation the ocean view provided.

A knock on the door interrupted Laetitia's thoughts and she turned away, walking through her hotel suite to answer it. She opened the door to see a woman nearly as beautiful as she was. Her chiseled features were highlighted by a pert nose and an air of elegance. She was about Laetitia's height, wearing a thin brown dress that hung well on her body, with a cut to show off some shapely leg. "May I offer a nitecap?" she asked in flawless French, holding up a bottle.

"By all means," Laetitia said, stepping aside to let Sophie Marceau enter her room. The actress and the model had met during the day at lunch and had struck up a nice conversation, sharing the usual pains of being famous around the resort. Sophie was relaxing after shooting a movie and Laetitia found her a refreshing change of pace, a woman who knew exactly what she went through unwinding from the fame game.

"I wasn't sure you were going to accept my invitation," Laetitia said, turning towards the bathroom quickly. She stepped inside to pee as Sophie remained outside and thus missed Sophie dropping a small vial of white powder into Laetitia's drink the powder dizzolving into the drink until it was unnoticeable. Sophie rattled both glasses a bit, quickly sipping hers to make sure which was which. She placed the drink down as Laetitia came out of the bathroom, accepting the glass Sophie gave her and immediately sipping from her drink.

"The place is so beautiful," Laetitia sighed as she walked to the opening of the patio door, looking out at the view, continuing to down her drink. "I should have come here years ago."

"I've been here many times," Sophie smiled as she came up behind Laetitia. "It is awfully relaxing, just the place to unwind after a movie."

"It's even better after a massive modeling tour," Laetitia answered, her drink nearly empty by now. "It's so incredible how much pressure these things can produce."

"I understand," Sophie said, meaning it. After you've come here and unwound and all, you can find relaxation in the simplest things. Even the flag." She nodded to the proud red, blue and white banner whipping in the breeze on the pole before the square. "Even that flag can be relaxing, Laetitia, even the flag can be relaxing. Just look at that flag, Laetitia, just look out at that flag, look at the flag, look at the way it moves as the wind blows it. Look at the way it flaps, Laetitia, look at the way the flag flaps in the air, look at the way it flaps in the air, how it moves, how the colors move like waves, like waves, Laetitia, the colors move like waves, slowly sliding, slowly sliding about as the wind blows them the colors move like waves, Laetitia, the colors move like waves back and forth, back and forth, just like waves, Laetitia, they move just like waves."

The model was gazing at the flag with relaxed eyes, her face slumped as she stared at the waves of color, the glass slipping from her hand. Sophie took it and placed it down with hers, continuing to talk softly into Laetitia's ears, her soft words combining with the drug in the drink to lull the model into a deep trance. "The waves are so relaxing to look at, Laetitia, so relaxing, so very, very relaxing, Laetitia, so very relaxing, you just want to keep looking at the waves of colors, Laetitia, look at the wonderful waves of colors on the flag, it's so relaxing, Laetitia, so relaxing to watch the waves of color, so very relaxing to watch the waves of color, Laetitia, so very, very relaxing to watch the waves of colors moving back and forth, back and forth, Laetitia, back and forth, so relaxing to watch, Laetitia, so relaxing to watch the waves of color, the wonderful waves of color, Laetitia, it's so wonderful to watch the wonderful waves of color. So relaxed, Laetitia, so very relaxed, you want to close your eyes, Laetitia, you want to close your eyes and relax completely, you want to relax completely, Laetitia, you want to close your eyes and relax, relax, relax......"

Laetitia's eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping slightly as she fell back, quickly caught by Sophie. The other woman kept whispering into Laetitia's ear, leading her down deeper and deeper into her trance state. At the same time, Sophie couldn't help but let her hands move up to Laetitia's amazing chest, cupping the large breasts in her hands as she dragged Laetitia down deeper and deeper. Finally, Sophie lowered Laetitia onto a chair, the model slumped in the seat.

Sophie stood up and undid her dress, letting it fall to expose her naked body. "You're so relaxed, Laetitia, so very relaxed, so very relaxed. You enjoy being this relaxed, don't you, Laetitia?"

"Yes....." the model whispered softly.

"Yes, Laetitia, so very relaxed. You would do anything to stay this relaxed, wouldn't you, Laetitia?"


"All right, then, Laetitia, stand up." Slowly, Laetitia rose, swaying slightly before Sophie. The actress moved forward and kissed Laetitia hard on the lips. She stiffened and then relaxed, getting into the kiss as Sophie ran her hands over her ample chest. Slowly, Sophie lifted up the straps and then let Laetitia's outfit drop to the floor, revealing her naked body. The woman was gorgeous, with her famous breasts and round ass ample handholds for Sophie to grip and move about, Laetitia moaning through the kiss as she did so.

Sophie pushed them both onto the bed, landing on top of Laetitia. She moved down her body, her mouth going for her chest, pushing the breasts so she could lick at both nipples, suckling on each breast in turn and loving the moans Laetitia let out as she felt the actress go at her. Sophie buried her head in between Laetitia's breasts, pushing them around her face as she kept going at her breasts, her thighs rubbing against Laetitia's legs as she did. Laetitia withered in joy, her long dark hair whipping behind her as she tried to push Sophie harder onto her chest, the actress' tongue sliding all over her nipples as she drove the model to pleasure.

Sophie moved down Laetitia's body, still rubbing the breasts as she pushed her face into the model's pussy. Her tongue immediately went to work, flicking in and out of Laetitia's pussy with fast and even strokes, moving about her pussy with care, her hands still squeezing at Laetitia's breasts as she continued to lick the hypnotized woman out. Laetitia's hands were on Sophie's by now, helping her knead and pinch her breasts as Sophie's tongue dove further and further into Laetitia, the model's long and smooth legs moving about her face as she did. Sophie hit paydirt, driving Laetitia into a screaming orgasm, the bed shaking under her as she came onto Sophie's face.

Sophie moved up and onto the bed, her face streaked with cum, she turned around, her round ass stuck upwards. "Lick me, Laetitia," she commanded and the hypnotized woman was quick to obey, moving forward to push her face into Sophie's ass, her tongue sliding towards the clit. She took long, slow, licks, her hands moving over Sophie's ass, squeezing the cheeks hard as she continued to lick away at the actress, her tongue sliding in and out of the brown-haired
cheeks. Sophie gripped the edge of the bed, moaning longer and louder as Laetitia licked her out from behind, her grip on Sophie's ass harder and harder as her tongue strokes continued. The feeling of utter control she had drove her to come, letting loose on Laetitia's waiting tongue.

Sophie moved back onto her back, legs spread, still wanting more. "Laetitia, fuck my pussy with your tits." Obediently, the mesmerized woman moved forward, pushing her breast in between Sophie's legs, tickling the clit a bit before sliding the nipple in. As Laetitia put her world famous tits to a use she could never had dreamed, Sophie leaned back, massaging her own breasts together. For Laetitia, this would be an erotic dream, with maybe some unique ideas for the future. For Sophie, she was enjoying a great loving session with a fellow countrywoman that she couldn't wait to repeat. Who said the French couldn't get along?


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