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Sweet Lamb

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Thanks to MesmerEyes for the suggestion, amending it slightly but I still think it's good. Hope you agree. Enjoy.

Consciousness came slowly, a sea of muddled images and shadowy thoughts brightening into her mind. Slowly, her eyes came open but it took a few moments before anything she saw really impacted. It was a slow and somewhat painful process but in a few moments, Julianne Moore came awake.

She lay there, trying to figure out what was going on, her mind a blur, trying to grab hold of something, anything to focus on, unable to cut through the fog waiting in her mind. Slowly, she started to become aware of her surroundings. She seemed to be inside a bedroom, lying on a bed. It was a small room but had the feeling it wasn't used a lot.

Julianne slowly rose up, wincing at the pain in her head. She tried to focus again, the memories slowly coming over her. She had been coming back to her hotel, fresh off promoting "Evolution" when someone had grabbed her. She remembered a cloth being pressed over her face with a stinging odor to it, felt her struggles weakening and that was all.

Julianne suddenly became aware of what she was wearing. She was dressed in a loose black evening gown, the straps on her shoulders showing a cleavage that nearly reached to her belly. She wore black high heels and her red hair was done up in a bun. It was a rather familiar outfit but Julianne was too muddled to concentrate on it.

She stumbled to her feet, staggering towards the door, holding onto every support she could. She glanced over and saw a wallet nearby, not hers. She flipped it open and came across what appeared to be an ID card for a medical student. It showed a nice young and handsome man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. The card identified him as Stuart Manners, age 29 although that didn't explain anything to Julianne about how she came to be here.

A smell seemed to flow down the hallway and Julianne stumbled through what appeared to be a rather nice house, coming to the main kitchen area. Inside was the man she had seen in the ID, Stuart, dressed in a nice suit, standing at the stove, evidentially cooking something in a pan. He glanced over to see her and smiled. "Ah, hello, Clarice," he said in an accented voice. "Please, have a seat."

*Oh, God,* Julianne thought. It had finally happened. The dress, the dinner, the guy, it all made sense. She'd been kidnaped by some movie fanatic playing out the climax from "Hannibal." Oh, god, this made the bad reviews seem like a picnic. Julianne swallowed, wanting to run but still felt weak from whatever drugs this guy had pumped into her and didn't know if she could get far enough before he caught her. She didn't know if this guy was plain crazy or playacting but she didn't want to take the chance of upsetting him.

Slowly, Julianne sat down, watching Stuart cook at his meal, bringing the plate over to her. "I hope this is to your liking," he said in that same pseudo-Lecter voice. "I'm not used to dealing with ingredients that actually came from animals." He gave her a smile that lacked charm as he put the food down.

Julianne looked at her carefully, trying to tell if this guy had gone all the way and cooked up someone's brains. Instead, it looked like regular meat mixed with some vegetables. Stuart poured some wine into a glass before her and then took a seat, moving in and carving at his meat, chewing on it nicely. He glanced over at Julianne and nodded at the food. "Please, eat up." A hard look came onto his face as Julianne hesitated. "I insist."

Julianne swallowed and decided to play along, give herself a chance to recover and maybe figure a way out of here. She cut up and started to chew at her food. She usually didn't go for meat but when a psychotic cooks for you, it's nice to do what he wants. She slowly chewed at her food and sipped at the wine, trying to cool the apphrension within her.

"I must apologize for my methods, Clarice," Stuart said. "But I hardly thought you'd just come if I called so a bit of chloform was necessary. Oh, and I do apologize for taking the liberty of dressing you. I am a doctor, you know, so it's nothing I haven't seen before."

"No problem," Julianne said, taking a much bigger swig of wine than she intended to, her nerves on edge. "So......"

"You can still call me Dr. Lecter," Stuart answered, chewing on his food and letting his wine spin a bit in his glass. "No reason to change that."

This guy had gone around the bend, Julianne decided as she took another bite of food and washed it down with wine. "So.....why am I here."

"Well, it's just been so long since we last met face to face," Stuart shrugged, keeping up the Hannibal act as he carefully watched Julianne eat her meal. "I just felt the need to catch up, to talk, maybe even to....connect and fulfill upon what we had."

"What do you mean," Julianne asked, wishing she had more wine, her glass nearly empty as was her plate.

"Please, Clarice," Stuart said, smiling. "Surely you haven't been blind to that connection we had during my unfortunate stay at the late Dr. Chilton's lovely hacienda for the criminally insane. You intrigued me, Clarice. A woman of such beauty and brains to boot. I truly felt sorry for you with your recent troubles. Not to worry, though, I believe you'll find that irritating FBI superior of yours will be.....unable to block your career anymore."

"Thanks," Julianne said dryly, sitting back in her seat and rubbing her head. "So.....Dr. Lecter.....what is you want?"

Stuart looked at her, seeming surprised. "Why, you of course, my dear Clarice. Why else would you be here?"

Julianne stared as he picked at his meal. "You see, Clarice, while my intellect is usually where I spend my time, I do confess to missing the pleasures of the flesh from time to time. And given how you and I connected so well, I figured you'd be the perfect person to spend time with."

This was worse than Julianne had expected. God, why couldn't this have happened to Jodie Foster? Why her? She suddenly became aware of how light-headed she felt. For a brief second she put it off to simple fatigue and the stress of the situation. Then, her eyes went wide as a horrifying thought struck her and she stared at the smiling Stuart. "My put my food."

"Just a little spice is all," Stuart shrugged. "Your that's where I slipped the main drug. I'm amazed, I thought it'd be kicking in before now. But you should be feeling the effects right about now."

Julianne opened her mouth but no words came out. All she could feel was a buzzing through her mind, her body losing sensation as she slumped in her chair. She closed her eyes as a wave of fatigue washed over her, dulling her senses as well as several sections of her mind itself. She sighed as she leaned her hair back, feeling a tingling all over her skin as the drug cocktail Stuart had developed kicked in.

Stuart smiled, standing up from his seat and looking at Julianne, smiling as he took in her lovely drugged form. He gently blew out the candles on the dinner table and reached down, taking her by the hand and helping her to her feet. "Come with me, Clarice."

The powerful hypnotic drug in her wine had left Julianne unable to disobey, despite the fact her name wasn't Clarice. She stumbled down the hallway as Stuart took her down the hallways and to the bedroom she had woken up in. He shut the door behind them, stripping off his coat as he watched her sway in place. He moved forward, his lips pressing on hers and activating the hidden desires the drug was designed to bring out.

Julianne responded slowly, her tongue snaking into his mouth and playing around inside. She embraced Stuart, kissing him long and hard as he pushed them both down onto the bed. He moved his hands over her body, feeling her sigh as he came to the impressive opening on the chest of her dress. He slid a hand inside, enough to rub over her firm breasts, Julianne moaning louder as she felt his hand on her skin. He slid it down her cleavage, under her dress and towards, her pussy, fingering at her nice soft clit. Julianne moaned louder as she felt two fingers slide inside her, gently but methodically working at her nether regions.

Stuart swiftly undressed, then unhooked Julianne's dress around the neck, pulling it over and dragging it down, exposing her naked breasts. They were wonderful, nice and pointed, the erect nipples nearly an inch away from the aureolas. He slid the dress down, exposing her slowly, her red patch shown to the air, wet from his fingering. He dropped the dress and moved his face to her pussy, licking it slowly with his tongue, causing Julianne to moan in supplication, her mind completely lost to the passion the drugs had unlocked within her.

Stuart let his tongue drag for a few more minutes before rising and bringing Julianne up into a sitting position. He spread her legs outward and slid in his cock, Julianne gasping as she felt his meat enter her. He slowly began to pump at her, cock sliding in and out of her, his mouth going to her chest. Julianne moans grew louder, heightening as she felt his tongue tickle her extended nipples as he kept at her, cock sliding easily in and out of her clit, her passage wet and ready for him. Julianne leaned back, letting him go at her easily, cock working in as he moved his face forward, taking her tit fully in his mouth and suckling on it hard as he kept right on going. Julianne's moans grew louder, her legs tight around Stuart's waist as she welcomed him in, legs pumping along his sides and encouraging him to go at her harder and harder, to which he proudly answered. Finally, Julianne threw her head back and shrieked as she came, Stuart's seed blasting into her, shaking her entire body as the orgasm fully took her.

Stuart wasn't done yet, keeping his cock inside of Julianne and rolling them over so that she was on top. He reached up and undid the bun, letting her long red hair fall free around her flushed face. "Ride me, Clarice." Immediately, Julianne started rocking on him, her moans coming back as she moved back and forth on his rod. As she fucked him, Stuart took her legs and moved them forward, the feet towards his face as he pushed Julianne back so that she was still bouncing on his cock, her hands back to balance herself as she rode him. Stuart's hands went back to her breasts, squeezing them in his hands, encouraging Julianne to pick up the pace on top of him. Julianne obeyed, working her pelvis on his rod, squeezing her thighs to allow him easy access in her, his cock starting to sprout his cum. His hands clutched around her breasts and held on tight as the orgasm hit, Julianne screaming as she felt him hit her again with his wad, going limp, her breasts forming wonderful handholds for him, an experience Stuart intended to enjoy the rest of the night.....

The car slowly slid to the back of the hotel and the door opened. Stuart looked towards Julianne, who stared blankly forward. The drugs had worn off but Stuart had carefully had her in a trance first which explained her submissive attitude. "You will step out of the car and walk away. When you take ten steps, you will come fully awake. You will remember a day of shopping and nothing else. Now, should you every again hear the words, 'sleep my little lamb,' you will once again fall into this trance state and do what I say. Goodbye, Clarice."

Julianne blinked her eyes, focusing on her standing outside the hotel. God, where had the day gone? Why did she ache simply from walking around and looking in stores? And why in the name of God did she suddenly have a craving for of all things, mutton?


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