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Saving Silverstone

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Thanks to MesmerEyes for a suggestion that made this all the better. Enjoy.

On the face of it, it was a very simple assignment, the kind that came to tabloid reporters all the time. "Whatever happened to.....?" was simply a way to let the public know about a one- time big name star who had dropped out of the spotlight. For Roberta's editors, it made it all the better if the star was in jails, on drugs or a combination of the above, to sell papers better.

Even after a few years covering the misbehavior of celebrities, it still amazed Roberta how easily these stars could let fame and money get to their heads. They hit it big once and they think they own the world. But all it took was a few bad projects and interest dropped like a rock. A great case in point was her current assignment: Alicia Silverstone.

Talk about having it all. Boosted to fame as the sex kitten of Aerosmith videos, Alicia had a major hit with "Clueless," becoming the new hot babe in Hollywood, with any pick of projects at her feet and a major fan base.

Then came "Batman and Robin" and it all fell apart. The movie was a critical bomb, a financial disappointment and the stories about her temper and weight gain on set had made her sound too much a problem to touch. She practically fell off the Hollywood scope after that, minor projects here and there but nothing big. Just another star who burned herself out before reaching her prime.

Roberta thought it would be a simple job. From what she heard, Alicia was trying to move more projects and get back into the game. She doubted she'd be strung out on drugs or anything, although one could never tell. Still, it couldn't be hard to find out.

But as she started to dig, something started to bug Roberta. True, she may be working for a tabloid, but Roberta still had reporter's instincts and they were telling her something was off about this. She shouldn't have to dig for a star that, while not exactly world-famous, still had a rather notable name. But Alicia didn't have an apartment and her agent said they only talked a few times a month, that she had been acting odd ever since "Batman and Robin," not really seeming to want to get back in the game.

This sudden modesty didn't sound like the Alicia most described and Roberta's curiosity was piqued. She soon found herself checking out various hangouts in L.A., clubs, bars and some of the more risque establishments, looking for something that could lead her to the star. She finally got a break when someone at a massage parlor said they had seen Alicia with some guy. It took some bucks, but Roberta managed to get an address and was checking it out now.

She was a striking woman in her mid-twenties, Hispanic features, her great body well tanned, long black hair flowing behind her, wearing a professional suit, high heels clicking on the stairway as she made her way up the apartment block to the apartment this man had. His name was Carristers and he and Alicia had been some sort of item for a while. Roberta wasn't sure what she expected to find but she hoped it would be a big story.

She just didn't know how big.

Breaking and entering may not have been one of the tenets of journalism classes but it meant a lot for Roberta when she started on her work. She slipped into the apartment, sliding her credit card back into her purse and began to search. She made a beeline for the den, since nine times out ten that was where the dirt was. She looked about, the desks, mildly surprised to see none of them were locked. This guy obviously wasn't one for security. She came across what appeared to be a small journal. Opening it, Roberta quickly skimmed the chapters. The skimming soon became heavy reading and that turned into a detailed analysis as Roberta realized she was on the story of a lifetime: Carristers turning Alicia Silverstone into his hypnotic love slave.

The story was unbelievable, the journal reading like one of those crappy mind control stories on the Web. Carristers had first hypnotized Alicia a few years earlier, after "Batman and Robin." From that one encounter, he had brought Alicia back to him time and again, deepening his control over her until it was dominating her life. It had been a slow process but apparently a long-lasting one. From what Carristers said, there were whole weeks where Alicia couldn't remember her being at his beck and call, making love to him fast and furious over the years in more positions than Roberta could count. And his obsession with her had stymied her career as well.

Roberta was in shock as she read this. She had never expected this. Damn, not even Alicia deserved to be turned into a slave like this guy did to her. And the thing he'd made her do......

A cry suddenly drew Roberta's attention and she glanced upwards, towards the bedroom. She moved up the stairs to the second floor, keeping her footsteps soft as she finally came to the room she was looking for.

Roberta slowly pushed the door open a crack and peeked inside, the sight before confirming all her fears: Alicia sitting on Carrister's lap, apparently on his cock, her hands moving over her chest, her eyes staring blankly at a spinning spiral before her. Alicia looked quite attractive, in wonderful shape, her full breasts bouncing slightly as she moved up and down on Carrister's rod, the tip pushing into her, moaning slightly as he went at her. Her long blond hair flowed behind her, Carrister's face in it as he worked his way on the star.

Roberta felt a sudden fury overtake her as she saw Alicia used like this. Before she could stop herself, she burst into the room, using the journal to smash Carristers over the head. He fell down, stunned, Alicia falling off of him. Roberta lashed a kick out to Carrister's face, knocking him down. She picked up a nearby robe and threw it onto Alicia, then took the still entranced women and snapped her fingers rapidly before her face, slapping her to boot.

Alicia blinked her eyes rapidly, looking at Roberta. "What----what's going on?" she slurred, obviously still under the effects of the trance.

"I'll explain on the way," Roberta said. "Come on, we gotta move." She grabbed Alicia by the hand and the two tore out of the apartment.

The ride to Roberta's modest apartment was mostly in silence. Apparently, Alicia had some memories of what had happened and was a bit withdrawn. Roberta got her into her small apartment, leading her to her bedroom. "You okay?"

"I guess," Alicia said softly, brushing back her long blond hair. "It's just-----weird. I know what happened, I really do but all I can really remember is bits and flashes and stuff. It's hard to explain."

"It's okay," Roberta said, squeezing Alicia's hand. Her thoughts on a great story were now secondary to making sure Alicia was okay. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

"But I do," Alicia said, looking up and gazing into Roberta's eyes. "I want to talk about how good it felt."

"Good?" Roberta was stunned, her mind unable to comprehend the idea that any woman could feel good being used like that.

"Yeah, good," Alicia answered, keeping her gaze right on Roberta's eyes. "Really good, really, really good. At first, I felt good when he was hypnotizing me, when he had me look into his eyes, he had me look deeply into his eyes, deeply into his eyes and it felt good to do that, it felt good to look deeply into his eyes and let him hypnotize me, it felt good for him to hypnotize me. As I kept looking deeper and deeper into his eyes and he kept right on hypnotizing me, hypnotizing me, I felt so good, so very good, I just felt so very good as he kept right on hypnotizing me, he kept right on hypnotizing me and it felt so good, it felt so very good to be hypnotized, it felt so good to be hypnotized, so good to be hypnotized, it felt so good to be hypnotized, to keep looking deeper and deeper into his eyes and let him hypnotize me, let him hypnotize me and it just felt so good for him to hypnotize me, so good for him to hypnotize me.

"You feel good being hypnotized now, Roberta, I know, you feel good being hypnotized, so good to be hypnotized, Roberta, it feels so good to be hypnotized. As you gaze deeper and deeper into my eyes, Roberta, deeper and deeper into my eyes, as you become more and more hypnotized, you feel more and more good, Roberta, so good being hypnotized, Roberta, so good being hypnotized, so very, very good being hypnotized, Roberta, so good being hypnotized. You are now hypnotized, Roberta, you are now deeply hypnotized and doesn't it feel good, Roberta,
doesn't it feel good to be hypnotized, Roberta, to be hypnotized, doesn't it feel good to be hypnotized?"

"Yes......" Roberta whispered, her eyes wide and glassy as she stared into Alicia's brilliant orbs. The actress smirked as she undid the robe and slid it off, revealing her naked body. It was a shame Roberta hadn't read all the way through the journal. If she had, she would have discovered that Carristers had managed to turn Alicia into a willing sort of slave. He had managed to alter her personality so that Alicia enjoyed their lovemaking and had given her lesson on hypnosis, turning
her into quite the hypnotist, as Roberta was proof of.

Smiling, Alicia kept staring into Roberta's eyes, her terrific hypnotic skills a testament to Carrister's programming. "Yes, Roberta, you are now hypnotized and it feels good, Roberta, it feels very, very good to be hypnotized, Roberta, very good to be hypnotized. Being hypnotized is very good and obeying me is very good. You want to continue to feel good, Roberta, you want to continue feeling good and the only way to feel good is to obey me, Roberta, you must obey me,
Roberta, you must obey me. Obey me, Roberta, obey me."

"" Roberta nodded, her will now gone as the actress took control.

"Stand and remove all your clothes, Roberta. Underwear too." Alicia grinned as Roberta did so, revealing her nice body. Thin but shapely frame with firm breasts and a great ass, dark hair brushing near her breasts. "Give yourself to me, Roberta," Alicia said. "Give yourself to me and love me."

"" Roberta whispered, allowing Alicia to bring her in for a long, slow kiss, her tongue sliding into the other woman's easily as she brought them down to the bed. Alicia moved on top, moving down Roberta's body, licking at the soft curves of her breasts as she tasted the other woman's tits with long, slow licks. She continued to move down Roberta's body, reaching her lush pussy. She let her tongue drag along the pubic hair for a long moment before
entering the lips, sliding her tongue around Roberta's pussy, licking in and out of her with expert speed and care, licking away at Roberta easily. Roberta moaned as she lay back, feeling Alicia's hands move to her breasts, squeezing the ripe tits as she lapped away at Roberta's clit, her tongue easily sliding in and out of her pussy, pinching the nipples as she went at Roberta. The reporter was lost in pleasure now as well as trance, enjoying the feeling of the actress licking away at her
pussy, the orgasmic joy like nothing she could have imagined, her thighs moving around Alicia's head as the actress ate her out. Alicia gave Roberta's melons a final squeeze as she jabbed her tongue in hard, causing the Hispanic woman to scream in ecstasy as she came onto Alicia's face.

Alicia broke off and moved onto the body of her "rescuerer." She pushed her ample breasts in Roberta's face. "Lick them," she commanded and Roberta was swift to obey, sliding her tongue all around Alicia's tits, licking away at the soft curves and tight nipples, suckling one in her mouth for long moments, tickling the nipple with her tongue as she ran her hands over Alicia's tits.

Roberta was even aware of Alicia moving. One moment she was suckling a nipple, the next she was licking Alicia's pussy. The blond sat on Roberta's face, moving her hands up to her own breasts, squeezing them together as she felt Roberta lick her out. Roberta's hands snaked around to Alicia's ass, squeezing the cheeks as she licked away, her fingers sliding into Alicia's asshole as she licked away. Alicia moaned over and over again, clenching her thighs against Roberta's face, making the younger woman lick her away. Alicia pushed her tits harder together, loving the feeling of control she had, the fact that Roberta thought she was a mere slave making it all the better. She threw herself back and cried out as she came, releasing her juices onto Roberta's waiting face, the other woman, swallowing and licking with pleasure as they fell into
her mouth.

Alicia moved off the exhausted Roberta, her ass in the air. "Lick me from behind, Roberta," she commanded. As the reporter pushed her face into Alicia's round ass. Alicia moved over and picked up a phone, dialing a number. She waited until a groggy voice said, "Yeah?"

"You all right, lover?"

"Hey, what happened?" Carristers said.

"Ah, this reporter lady thought I was a total slave, wanted to 'save' me."

"How is she now?" At that moment, Roberta's tongue slid into Alicia's asshole, causing her to moan in pleasure. "Okay, I can imagine," Carristers said with a grin. "Wanna bring her over for fun?"

"A little later," Alicia smiled. "Right now, I think she should learn the facts of what being a slave is." She hung up and pushed herself on the bed, moaning as she felt herself licked out, loving the feeling as Roberta got more involved with a star in a way she would never remember.


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