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Save The Last Trance

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. An old idea of mine I'm finally getting to after the film. Enjoy.

Julia Stiles placed one leg onto the bar before her, stretching it out. She was clad in a simple black leotard, a white sash around her waist, white stocking on her feet, her blond hair wrapped in a bun behind her. She balanced herself on the bar for a bit, feeling her leg stretch out, then repeated the movement with the other leg, trying to get herself into the dancer's mind-set.

Having become a teen starlet with the hit "10 Things I Hate About You," Julia was now preparing for her first major starring role in what she hoped would be her major break. "Save the Last Dance" was a romance with Julia as a young dancer moving to an inner city high school and, while trying to break into ballet, got caught up in hip hop dancing and an interracial romance. Julia had some good feelings about the film, that it really could be a big hit and open new doors
for her.

Of course, to make it work, she first had to learn how to dance.

She had some experience, sure, but her character had to look like she'd been learning ballet for years and that wasn't as easy to just pick up as it might have seen. Fortunately, in L.A., there was no shortage of dance coaches and Julia's agent had managed to find one in particular that could give her the practice she needed.

Olga Kurinev was the epitome of the ballet teacher of your nightmares. Firm, cool, exacting with a barking tone and she even held a small crop which she would occasionally use to give a light but sharp whack to a student when she didn't hold the proper posture. She had been a star in the Russian ballet circuit but came to America about ten years before after some sort of scandal, no one quite knowing the details. She had gone into business and, despite her sometimes
exorbitant fees, she maintained a large stable of students, her methods effective if slightly difficult, her students turning out for the best through it all.

"Enough warm-up," Olga said as she entered the dance studio, the shafts of morning light cutting through the large windows on the side. A glass wall covered one end, containing the bar that Julia was leaning against. Olga was wearing a similar leotard, only a darker color than Julies. Her red hair was tied into a severe bun, framing her hard, yet somewhat attractive face. Although she showed a few pounds more than in her prime, she still kept in good shape, the leotard clinging tight to her lithe body. "We need to begin," she continued in her accented voice.

Although she had been training with Olga for a few weeks now, Julia was still a bit nervous about following her demanding routines. Olga was a stickler for perfection, finding flaws in Julia's posture, movements and even her breathing routines. Although Julia had improved, Olga still found a little flaw every now and then to berate her on. As Julia went through her dance routine, Olga kept an eye on her, gauging her.

Although she wasn't one to admit it, Olga was quite impressed by Julia's progress. She had thought the actress would just try to breeze through things and not give the dance the respect it deserved. Instead, Julia had truly put her best into this and Olga had to admire her dedication to the craft. So much, in fact, that she was prepared to give Julia a lesson that she only bestowed upon her best students.

"Come here," Olga commanded and Julia stopped her routine, heaving with breath, tiny drops of sweat on her face. She brushed them away with a towel as she faced the teacher who appraised her with that same critical eye. "You have improved," she said. "Moderately."

Julia resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She'd been busting her ass for weeks to try and get in shape and she still wasn't ready? Like hell. But she'd learned the hard way not to talk back to Olga when she got going.

"I believe you can accomplish this," Olga continued. Julia was amazed. That was the closest thing to a compliment Olga had ever given her. "You have to get the passion from within yourself to do so."

"I think I have that," Julia replied.

"Do you?" Olga asked. She took Julia and turned her so that Julia was looking into the mirror. "The passion lies within you," Olga said in a slightly softer tone. "You can see it, Julia. You can see it in yourself, you can see it in your eyes. You have to look into your eyes, Julia, you have to look into your eyes, you have to look deep into your eyes, Julia, you have to look deep into your own eyes to see the passion within yourself, Julia, you have to look deep into your eyes to see the passion, Julia, just keep looking deep into your eyes, deeper and deeper into your eyes, Julia, deeper and deeper into your eyes, you have to keep looking deeper and deeper into your eyes, Julia, you have to keep looking deeper and deeper into your eyes, deeper and deeper, Julia, deeper and deeper into your eyes, deeper and deeper into your eyes, Julia, deeper into your eyes, look deeper into yourself, Julia, deeper and deeper into yourself, Julia, look deeper and deeper and into yourself, Julia, look deeper into yourself."

Olga moved her hands to Julia's face, fingers gently rubbing at the temples. Julia wasn't paying much attention, her eyes glued to her mirror image, looking deeper and deeper into herself as Olga rubbed at her temples, her soft, accented voice relaxing Julia as she continued to stare at herself. "Focus on your eyes, Julia, deeper into your eyes, deeper and deeper into your eyes, looking deep into your eyes, Julia, deep into yourself, deeper and deeper into yourself, Julia, deeper and deeper into yourself. You want to find that part of yourself that has passion, Julia, you have to find your passion and you have to look deeper and deeper into yourself to find the passion, Julia, deeper and deeper into yourself. Feel yourself go deep, Julia, deeper and deeper into yourself, deeper and deeper, Julia, deeper and deeper, deeper into yourself, Julia, deeper and deeper into yourself, so deep, Julia, so very, very deep. Tell me when you have gone deep enough to find your passion, Julia, tell me when you've gone deep enough to find your passion, tell me, Julia, tell me."

It was a few moments before Julia whispered. "I've.....found it....."

"Good, good," Olga said, still rubbing at Julia's temples, watching Julia still gazing into her blank and glassy eyes. "Now, Julia, you have found the passion within you, you have found that passion, Julia, you have found the passion within you and you love it, Julia, you love the passion within you. You want to feel the passion within you, Julia, you want to feel it within you, correct?"


"Yes, Julia, you want to feel that passion within you, you want to feel it within you. When I snap my fingers, you will begin to dance, Julia and you will dance with all the passion you have within you. And as you dance, the passion will go stronger, Julia, the passion will turn to arousal, Julia, it will turn to arousal and you will want to let all the passion and arousal loose as best you can." Olga snapped her fingers and stepped back to watch.

Slowly, Julia moved back, her movements a bit slow and awkward at first but she was soon moving into her dance routine. Only now she had a jump to her step that wasn't there before, the movements a bit more smooth and even. And there was something else too, an excitement on her features as she danced about, an arousal kicking into her mind as she danced. She moved about to the open area before the window and Olga watched as Julia slowly moved the straps to her leotard down. She was topless, her pert breasts exposed to Olga's view, the nipples already tight as she danced before the windows. Olga smiled as she thought of any office worker lucky enough to look out his window just now and catch the terrific strip show as Julia moved her ass from side to side as she slid off the rest of her leotard, taking her panties with
them. She moved forward, leaping in the air, legs spread briefly to show off her pussy, her stocking-clad feet all the clothing she wore as she moved back toward the mirror.

"Stop," Olga called out. Julia did so, her arms falling limply to her sides as she stood naked before the teacher, eyes closed, breathing heavy, her chest heaving with each breath as she the passion flew through her. "Very good, Julia," Olga said in a husky tone. "Very, very good. You feel so good now, Julia, so very good, so very good. You feel the passion within you still, Julia, you feel the passion within you still and you wish to release it, Julia, you wish to release the passion within you, you want to release the passion within you, Julia, you need to release the passion within you. Don't you, Julia, don't you want to release the passion within you?"

"Yes......" Julia whispered, nodding.

"Put your left leg up on the bar, Julia," Olga commanded. Julia did so, spreading out her pussy. "You will not move from that position," Olga continued to command. "You cannot move from that position, Julia," Olga commanded. "You cannot move at all. Just relax, Julia, just relax and let me alleviate your passion." With that Olga moved down onto her knees, her mouth moving up to Julia's pussy, the tongue sliding out to lick at Julia's clit with long, slow drags, Julia moaning as she felt the woman go at her like that, her tongue sliding along her pussy with long, slow strokes.

As she licked the starlet out, Olga moved her crop up Julia's body, past her breasts, pushing against each one. Julia moaned as she bent back slightly, foot still frozen on the floor, her balance assured because of it. Olga's tongue slid in and out of her pussy, while she continued to roam the crop around Julia's breasts. After a few moments, Olga moved the crop down, moving it around so it slid around Julia's asshole. The starlet's moans grew louder as she felt both her ass and pussy being assailed by Olga's expert tongue, pushing aside her spread lips to lap away at Julia's clit, her tongue tickling the nub as she went at her student without mercy. Finally, Julia cried out as she came, her juices easily falling into Olga's mouth and eagerly swallowed by the Russian.

Olga took the towel Julia had used earlier and wiped off her pussy. "Redress, Julia," she commanded, watching as Julia padded across the studio, her ass prominent as she bent over to pick up her discarded panties and leotard, sliding them back on. As soon as she came back, Olga took her and turned her back towards the mirror, Julia immediately looking back into her own eyes.

"You have done well, Julia," she said in a commanding tone. "Very well indeed. You will remember this passion when you dance. You will not remember this lesson but you will remember the passion of dancing, you will remember how good it felt to dance. Whenever you dance now, you will feel the passion and arousal within you, driving you on and making you more dedicated to your craft. You will remember that but you will not remember what happened between us here. You will not remember that. You will remember the passion when you dance though, you will remember the passion and you will love it. Remember that but nothing else. Awake."

Julia blinked, clarity returning to her features as the spell was broken. "Whoa," she said. "That was a hot practice. Really hot."

"Hot and cold have nothing to do with it," Olga said, back in her teacher mode. "What matters is how you feel about the dance. Your passion for it."

At the word 'passion,' Julia perked up a bit. "Oh, I think I can handle that," she nodded. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Indeed," Olga said, expertly hiding the smile she wanted to give. Julia was coming along quite nicely. Perhaps the next time, she could relieve Olga's own long-hidden passions. And maybe then the two of them could learn a few new dance moves together.


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