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Nicole's Cabaret

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Thanks to my friend MesmerEyes for the cool idea. I've revised it slightly with an old character and a reference to my interlude in Carnage Jackson's excellent Journal of an Agent series. Inspired by her new movie. Enjoy.

It would have been easy to think that Nicole Kidman's current outfit might have been seen as a sign that she had finally snapped. It wasn't as if she didn't have good reason. She was in the middle of the biggest high-profile Hollywood couple meltdown in memory, her seemingly picture perfect marriage to Tom Cruise turning into an ugly shouting match between the two. The revelation that she had suffered a miscarriage added to the hype and to top it all off, she was expected to go and do the usual press interviews for "Moulin Rogue," with every reporter concentrating less on the movie and more on her and Tom.

So, there might have been an explanation for the outfit Nicole wore, which was revealed as she stepped out of her car and onto the driveway of the expensive Bel Air home. It was a very small and very tight outfit that her character in "Moulin Rogue" would have loved, a tight black and silver bustier with no shoulder coverings, a nice shot of cleavage and a thong style bottom.

Her long and smooth legs were covered in black fishnet stockings and long black gloves covered her hands up to the elbows. She wore black high heels that clicked on the driveway and her long red hair was done up in a bun and put under a black top hat.

Actually, there was a method to Nicole's madness, which she reviewed as she headed up the driveway. She walked up the steps to the front door and knocked on it, stepping back as she adjusted her hat, tilting it an angle to enhance the effect as she waited for the door to open.

Victor Nourding opened the door and was stunned to see the sight of Nicole Kidman in an incredibly sexy dancer's outfit standing before him, giving a sly smile. "May I come in?" she said in a sexy voice, her accent hanging in the air.

"Ah, ah, um, sure," Victor finally got out, stepping aside to let Nicole enter, his eyes automatically drifting to her nice ass, the cheeks visible from the outfit. Nicole walked into his living room, rather surprised at how nice it was. Still, that shouldn't be too surprising seeing as how Victor was one of the hottest agents in town, with several actresses having agreed to see him and his connections to studios. Hell, he was even helping Christina Agurielia get back in the game after that whole topless photos incident so he was connected and just the person Nicole wanted to see.

"So......" Victor said, still thrown by the sight of Nicole in that outfit. "To what do I owe this incredible honor? As far as I'm aware, you're not a client."

"No, I'm not," Nicole nodded, shifting to a business tone. "But I heard of your connections to the studios and I was wondering it would help me out. I've heard they're doing a new film version of 'Cabaret' and thought I could show you I'd be a good pick for the lead."

"Well, you've got the outfit down pat," Victor nodded. "But, why a musical? Why come to me?"

"Well, I did such a good job for 'Moulin Rogue' that I think another musical wouldn't be a bad shot," Nicole shrugged. "You know all about all the personal stuff I've been going through and I figure I could use a little lighter fare for me right now."

"I have to agree there," Victor nodded. "Again, though, why me?" "Well, I heard you were connected to the producers of the film," Nicole said. "And, frankly, I thought showing up on their doorsteps wearing this outfit might send just slightly the wrong impression but with you, it can be enough to let them know I've got the stuff."

"I can't fault the logic," Victor said. Evidentially, the whole divorce thing had made Nicole a little more outgoing and her in that outfit was definitely making an impression on him. "All right then, Nicole. Show me what you've got."

"Have a seat, sir, and we'll start," Nicole smiled as Victor took a seat on the couch. She moved across from him, smiling as she put her gloved hands on her hips and started to sing. "It's too darn hot, it's too darn hot------"

"Um, that's from 'Kiss Me Kate,' Victor had to point out.

"Yes, well, I'm working on the 'Cabaret' numbers, I just wanted something to audition." Nodding, Victor watched as Nicole went at it, dancing about the carpet before him as she sang. She was good, no doubt about it, thrusting her hips in and out at the right time, her legs flashing with every dance move, her voice carrying a sultry tone that enhanced ever sung word. Midway through the number, Victor knew exactly how he was going to help Nicole out here, a method that would bring more pleasure than she would ever know.

He waited until she was done, throwing her arms out and falling to one knee, smiling up at him. "Well?" she said, a bit out of breath.

"Not bad," Victor nodded. "But it could use a little work."

"What do you mean?" Nicole frowned. "I thought I was great!"

"You were, you were," Victor told her. "It's just-----well, frankly, you just needed a little more focus. Here, let me show you the source material."

Victor moved over towards his television, moving through his DVD collection until he came up "Cabaret." He slid it into the player as he told Nicole, "Take a seat and I'll show you what I mean."

Nicole sat down, shuffling a bit in the seat as Victor surrpetiously hit a switch to hit a special feature that was just for his television. Victor moved back, hitting the remote and keying up a sequence with Liza Minelli singing. "Okay, Nicole, you just have to focus on what she does here. You really have to focus and see how Liza does it, just focus on that, Nicole."

Nicole sat back and watched the scene unfold, Liza's singing soon filling the room. She did what Victor suggested, focusing solely on the scene itself, not really noticing when he drew the curtains slightly, the better to help her watch, she assumed. She watched Liza sing, the movements, the confidence she carried and realized what Victor was saying, she needed to be like that, she needed that sort of style. She felt herself settle in the seat and watch the film, unaware, she was watching much more.

It hadn't been easy for Victor to set into his television screen a secret scanner that would flash subliminal messages onto the screen, no matter what was showing. It worked though, allowing him some interesting entertainment and definitely brought new life to his parties. Right now, one party was high in his mind as he watched Nicole view the film, unaware of the messages that were secretly telling her to relax, to open up her mind, to trust and listen to Victor.

"Just relax, Nicole," Victor said, coming up behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders, giving them a slight squeeze. "Just relax, watch Liza, Nicole, watch how relaxed she is during this, despite what she's doing, she looks so relaxed, Nicole, she looks so relaxed even during this, she looks very relaxed, Nicole, she looks very relaxed. You have to be that relaxed, Nicole, you have to be that very, very relaxed. Just let it flow through you, Nicole, let that relaxation flow through you."

Victor's hands lightly but firmly rubbed Nicole's shoulders, giving them a small squeeze as he heard her sigh, her eyes fixed on the screen as his sublinimals continued, shifting from trusting Victor to relaxing, to letting her mind go blank, Victor's soft voice soon drifting into her ears to continue the thought. "Just relax, Nicole, let yourself relax. You've been so tense, Nicole, you've been so very, very tense, so very tense, Nicole, so tense. Let it leave you, Nicole, let all the tension leave you, let all that tension flow out of you, out of your body, Nicole, let all that tension flow right out of your body, Nicole, let it flow right out of your body. Relax, Nicole, just relax, all you want to do is relax, Nicole, all you want to do now is relax, to close your eyes and relax, Nicole, just close your eyes and relax."

Nicole's eyes fluttered closed, sighing as Victor's hands kept at her shoulders, his voice lulling her deeper and deeper into a trance state as the sublinimals weakened her mind all the more. Soon, Victor was satisfied Nicole was under deep enough and he turned off the TV as he faced her. "Just let yourself relax totally, Nicole, let yourself relax totally. Be totally relaxed, Nicole, you want to be totally relaxed, you want to let go of all the tensions and just relax totally, Nicole, just relax totally. Are you totally relaxed, Nicole?"

"Yes....." she whispered. As he'd suspected, Nicole was even more open to relaxing given her recent massive troubles which helped him all the more. "You want to relax even more, Nicole," he said. "You want to relax even more and you can't relax totally as long as you have that tight outfit on, Nicole. You want to get it off, Nicole, you want to get that tight, tight outfit off now, you want to get that tight outfit off, don't you?"

"Yes....." Nicole moaned. "Please.....get it off....."

That was all Victor needed to hear, his hands moving down to Nicole's outfit. He had her stand up so her could untie the back and pull it apart and then off, exposing her body. She was naked underneath, her firm breasts coming free as her reddish tuft was exposed. Victor sat her back down, moving up to take off her hat, then freed her hair, allowing the red curls to flow free around her, touching her breasts as he sat her back down.

Victor knelt before the hypnotized Nicole and spoke softly. "Nicole, it's been so long since you've had pleasure, so long since you were made love to, hasn't it?"

"Yes....So long......" Nicole sighed, hands drifting to her breasts.

"You would like to be made love to, wouldn't you, Nicole?"

" much....." Nodding, Victor took her fishnet-clad legs and put them up and onto his shoulders, moving his face in towards Nicole's waiting pussy. His face slid into her pussy, tongue reaching out to start to lick her lower lips, parting through her pubic hair to go at her. Nicole moaned louder, her legs hooking around Victor's head, holing him in as he started to lick away at her, tongue sliding in and around her clit, his hands moving up to cup her breasts, squeezing them as he licked her. Nicole moaned louder, her thighs moving around Victor's head, heels touching as Victor kept going right at her, giving her pleasure she hadn't felt in far too long a time. Nicole leaned back, her hair flowing over the couch, top hat dangling near it as Victor licked and palmed her, tongue diving in and around her pussy with wild abandon. Nicole's legs clamped tighter around his head as she came, shrieking as her juices spilled onto Victor's face.

Victor hurriedly licked away all her cum before standing up, facing Nicole. "Do you want to feel my cock in you, Nicole?"

"Please....Yes....." Nicole moaned. Victor was undressed in a flash and pushed her down on the couch, her top hat still on as they kissed. He parted her long legs as he slid his cock into her passage and started to work at her, pumping in and out of her as he pushed his face to her chest, kissing her ample breasts, which she proudly thrust at him. Nicole moaned long and loud as Victor's cock went at her, turning her on so bad. It had been a very long time since she had felt someone make love to her like this and it was pure electricity, her entire body feeling more alive than ages as Victor fucked her, his mouth moving over her chest as he suckled on nipple, cock working like mad in her. Her moans grew louder and more intense as Victor kept at her, pushing his meat into her pussy, his semen starting to enter her. Nicole threw back and cried out as he came, the two of them enjoying a terrific orgasm, the couch shaking underneath them.

Victor got up and picked up Nicole, moving them towards his bedroom, kissing her all the while. Victor wasn't usually one for selfless actions, but he figured helping Nicole forget all her tensions for a while was a nice thing to do. He wasn't sure if he could get her the part but she had definitely passed her audition with him with flying colors.


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